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7.00 AM April 5 2014

“Korra wake up”.

“Ugh mornings are evil” came the reply.

She walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror the lack of sleep could be seen dark rings encircled her eyes. Of course this was because she was 11 and would finally be attending Hogwarts in September.

“Hurry up sweetie” the voice came again.

“Coming mum” Korra replied dragging herself downstairs pushing her longish hair out of her eyes. She reached the kitchen where both her parents were waiting to congratulate her on the day. “Happy birthday” her father Tonraq told her “thanks dad” she said as he gave her a bear hug. “Now for your present” Senna interrupted “me and your father decided to give your 100 galleons for when we go to Diagon alley in August to pick up your school supplies and you can buy something for your birthday but for now you have normal school”

“Aw mum please just one day off” Korra squealed back

“No. Now get ready” she said definitively

9.00 AM

All Korra could think about for the rest of the day was what she was going to spend her money on and what house she would be sorted into. She knew it wouldn’t be Slytherin as she was muggle-born and the was still hate on them, it could be Gryffindor as she thought of herself as quite resilient and brave,except she was still too scared to come out to her parents as bi.

12.00 AM

In the school canteen Korra met her best friend a half-blood name Jinora. “So happy birthday and all that but what house do you think you’re gonna be in i’m gonna be a Gryffindor like my dad” she spoke quickly.

“I’m probably gonna be in Hufflepuff” Korra replied glumly.

“Don’t be like that i’m sure you’ll be great at something maybe elemental studies where we learn to bend the elements from guest teachers”.

Korra smiled “maybe...anyway catch up with you later”.

“Wait you’re not going to sneak off to Sato’s place again are you” Jinora said grabbing Korra’s arm “Because her father is the minister of magic he could stop you from even attending Hogwarts”

Korra sighed “Right as usual” ”It’s just…”

“Korra you can speak to me you know that”

“Okay i haven’t come out to my parents and I hate hiding stuff from them” “Korra” Jinora said soothingly “You’re parents are very accepting people they will understand” “Thanks” She smiled back.

9.00 PM

Korra sat in bed in the dark thinking over Jinora’s words from earlier before making her decision and descended the stairs and entered the living room.

“Mum,Dad I need to tell you something” “I’m bi”.

Her parents turned to face her “We know honey we were just waiting for you to make the first move” her mother spoke softly. “We will always be here for you” her father added.

“Thank you for accepting me I should have told you earlier” as tears rolled down her face as they pulled together for a hug.