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felix culpa

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There’s a coy, almost demure look in Zhao Yunlan’s eyes as he fiddles with the lollipop in his hands. His fingers are long, graceful, and they make quick work of unwrapping the lollipop before seductively bringing it to his lips.

He taps it against his lips. Once, twice. And then finally takes it into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks as he sucks down on the lollipop.

He twirls the lollipop in his mouth a little, and then pulls it out of his mouth with an obscene ‘pop’, before winking and saying, “You deserve something sweet in your life.”

“Cut!” the director yells, and Yunlan snaps out of position. “This is a good take. You were perfect, keep doing that,” the director says, “but I think the lighting could be a bit better. It’s too sharp. I think it would be better if you looked a bit softer.” He flashes Yunlan an apologetic smile. “Sorry, Zhao lao-shi, would you mind taking a break while we have them fix the lighting?”

Yunlan shrugs, and pops lollipop back into his mouth. He does a quick sweep of the room, and happily makes his way to the side of the room where Shen Wei is standing, observing the shoot.

“What do you think, Shen Wei?” Yunlan asks, when he gets close.

Shen Wei clears his throat. “It was done very well, and was in line with the vision the marketing team had. I’m sure the company will be happy with it.”

“Cool,” Yunlan says. “But what do you think about it?”

“I think you did well,” Shen Wei allows.

Yunlan watches as Shen Wei’s gaze darts around the room, most likely looking for the best excuse to escape Yunlan’s clutches again, which really won’t do. How is Yunlan supposed to get Shen Wei to like him if he can’t even keep Shen Wei’s attention on himself?

“What’s your favourite flavour?” he asks, just to get Shen Wei’s attention back.

Shen Wei turns back to him, and blinks in confusion. “Sorry?”

“Lollipops,” Yunlan clarifies. “You work for the company, surely you’ve tried some before, no?”

“I- Uh, strawberries and cream, probably,” Shen Wei says.

“Ah! What a coincidence!” He pulls the lollipop in his mouth out, and offers it to Shen Wei, eyes dark, grin sly. “Would you like to share?”

Shen Wei goes red, like Yunlan expects him to. Shen Wei also lowers his gaze, exactly as Yunlan thought he would.

He hasn’t known Shen Wei for very long, but so far, Shen Wei’s reactions to his advances have been predictable. Predictable, but also so, so lovely that Yunlan can’t help but to tease him.

But perhaps he’s been playing with fire a little too much. He should’ve known that Shen Wei would snap one day, because he doesn’t expect Shen Wei to reach out for the lollipop, swiping it from Yunlan’s fingers. He’s also not expecting Shen Wei to bring it to his lips, or to actually take it into his mouth.

But that’s what Shen Wei does. He does exactly that, and.

Yunlan’s lollipop. That had previously been in Yunlan’s mouth. Is in Shen Wei’s mouth now.

Yunlan lets out a whine, turned on beyond belief. “Shen Wei.”

He leans forward, intent on getting his mouth on Shen Wei right the fuck now, only to be thwarted when Shen Wei steps aside, drawing the lollipop out of his mouth, swirling his tongue around it.

Yunlan is going to die.

“Shen Wei, why are you doing this to me?” he asks plaintively.

Shen Wei smirks a little. “You started it,” he says lowly, and then turns to walk away.

Yunlan follows behind Shen Wei, sulking as he stares soulfully at Shen Wei’s back. It’s only until he realises that Shen Wei is making his way towards Yunlan’s dressing room that he perks up again and hurries along, dragging Shen Wei with him by the wrist.

He pushes Shen Wei against the door as soon as they’ve closed it behind them, and presses in close. He lets his voice drop an octave, and gives Shen Wei his best bedroom eyes. “Shen Wei-”

“Not here, not now,” Shen Wei says before Yunlan can finish his sentence, which is somewhat a good thing because Yunlan hasn’t figured out if he wants to ask if he can suck Shen Wei’s cock, or if he wants to beg Shen Wei to rim him.

He’s never really been good with options, is too greedy to be able to choose just one option most of the time. Maybe he can talk Shen Wei into doing both.

“But why?” Yunlan reaches behind Shen Wei to lock the door to his dressing room. “If it’s a privacy thing, I’ve literally just taken care of that.”

“It’s a professionalism thing,” Shen Wei counters. “We’re both here for work.”

Yunlan lets out a noise of frustration. It’s not like he really wanted to do a lollipop commercial to begin with, it’s not even on-brand for him; the only reason why he agreed to take on the job is standing right in front of him, refusing to let Yunlan kiss him. “I’ll just cancel the contract. I’ll pay whatever damages that flow from my breach. Can you just please take your shirt off already?”

Shen Wei leans in close, and noses at Yunlan’s jaw; Yunlan shudders from the effort it’s taking to not kiss Shen Wei.

He’s already hard, just from this. From Shen Wei’s playful teasing, from the heat in Shen Wei’s eyes, from the promise of something more after so many days of play-flirting. It’s been a long time since he’s felt like that about anyone at all, but with Shen Wei, it was almost an immediate reaction. Yunlan can’t wait to get his hands all over Shen Wei, to be allowed to do all the filthy, filthy things he wants to do to the other man.

“Not here, not now,” Shen Wei says again, drawing back.

“Then where and when?” Yunlan asks.

Shen Wei considers the question. “After the shoot,” he tells Yunlan, “at my place.” And then, “If you’re good.”

Yunlan lets out another whine. He wants Shen Wei so much he feels like he is about to die any moment if Shen Wei doesn’t let Yunlan get his mouth on Shen Wei.

“But that could be hours!”

Shen Wei hums. “It could be,” he agrees, and doesn’t look like he’s about to change his mind and ravish Yunlan against the door of his dressing room, which is honestly the most tragic thing.

“Can I at least get a kiss to tide me through the end of the shoot?” Yunlan asks hopefully.

“Mm, one kiss-” Shen Wei says, and it’s all he’s able to get out before Yunlan is already surging up, pressing his greedy lips to Shen Wei’s.

He moans, wanton, when Shen Wei sucks on his tongue, and thinks “fuck it” before he starts grinding down against Shen Wei’s thigh in between his legs. The friction on his cock feels almost as good as Shen Wei’s mouth on his, Shen Wei’s arms around him, and it’s the easiest thing to do to lose himself to the sensations and come just like this, gasping Shen Wei’s name into his mouth.

“Zhao Yunlan, you-”

“You never said I couldn’t come,” Yunlan says matter-of-factly, pleased with the way things have gone. This is shaping up to be a fantastic day, and Yunlan has just the thing to make it an even better one. His hands go to Shen Wei’s belt. “Do you still want to wait till after the shoot or can I just go down on you right now? You can come in my mouth, I’ll swallow it all, there won’t be a messy cleanup, I promise.” He waggles his eyebrows for good measure, only for Shen Wei to sigh like he’s been gravely inconvenienced, before prying Yunlan’s hands off his belt.

“You’ve still got to continue your shoot later,” he says. “Do you have spare trousers to change into?”

“Yes? Maybe? Probably,” Yunlan says, unconcerned, and tugs at Shen Wei’s shirtsleeves. “Shen Wei, may I please, please suck your cock now before I die from the need to do so?”

“I think I still prefer the idea of spreading you out on my bed and taking my time with you,” Shen Wei tells him honestly, which makes Yunlan suck in a deep breath, cock stirring again at the image Shen Wei’s put in his head.

“Those things aren’t mutually exclusive,” Yunlan tells him. “We can do both. We can so do both. I could get you off first now, and then we can take our time later.”

He’s barely finished his sentence, when there’s a knock on his door. “Zhao lao-shi, we’re ready for you again.”

Yunlan curses. “I hate this job,” he grumbles, still eyeing Shen Wei’s belt. Maybe if he just goes for it, maybe if he tries his best, he’ll be able to get Shen Wei off in record time. You’ll never know until you try, right?

Shen Wei just looks amused, like he can guess the thoughts going through Yunlan’s head. “Be good,” he murmurs, leaning in to brush his lips over Yunlan’s quickly before stepping back. “We’ll have plenty time later.”

“Dinner, then orgasms?” Yunlan tries to bargain.

And Shen Wei must be in a very giving mood, because all he does is to duck his head, smile, and then say, “Okay. Dinner, then orgasms.”

Yunlan decides then that he is going to make Shen Wei his boyfriend, or die trying.