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The Goddess And The Chick With The Big Ass Gun

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Calisto rolled her eyes as she sat on the small uncomfortable chair in front of her father's desk, being summoned back home to take up her duty hadn't gone down well with her at all, but her father hadn't cared at all for her protests.

The careful way in which he wrote cast her mind back to her youth on the very rare occasions he helped her with her homework, even the children of Gods needed to complete their homework on time, the rich scent of pine filled her nostrils as she breathed in deeply. 

Hades lifted two deep brown orbs up at his youngest daughter, thick dark eyebrows rising. "You finally made it, I'm glad you decided to leave your hectic lifestyle of womanizing behind for a moment to come and see your father."

Cal rolled her eyes if there was one thing Hades, God of the Underworld was, and that was dramatic. "You literally called me last night."

" After trying to reach you for two weeks! " Her father stressed, trying to calm himself by running his large fingers through his long dark brown hair. 

"Whatever." She had been avoiding him like a medieval person avoids the plague, but as in those awful creatures cases she too had been found her by lurking disease, hers just so happened to be her father. 

The large man stood to his feet, looming over the child he despaired of, of everyone she seemed to fear him the least which had hindered him when she was growing. "It's time Calisto for you to grow up, you have had your time of fun, you need to join finally the family business, and you need to accept the fate that has been set out for you."

Cal scoffed, her deep green eyes shining with mirth. "Set out for me, are you joking or something? talking of fate where is my mother exactly is she with her lover, or is it the wrong time of year?"

Hades frowned, fighting the urge to throw her physically out of his office. "Your mother is busy."

" Yeah in a timeshare with her cousin, renting out a beautiful youth named Adonis, tell me Daddy what would my Mommy dearest say if she knew I'd seduced him from her? " She spat smugly, she'd remembered the first time she had learned of her mother's activities, how devastated she had been and how much of a fool she had felt, when given the opportunity she'd let down her long wavy, luscious raven black hair and set about her seduction. 

"Don't start trouble and deflect the issue, you need to settle down, you need to take responsibility."

Cal sighed falling back into her chair. "Why do you even need me why can't you get Zagreus or Macaria to do this, where are Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone? Let them embrace their fate."

Hades moved closer. "Your brother is doing his duty having married and is creating me heirs to rule the underworld."

" Well done Zagreus for having a dick that works, such a skill to possess. " She mocked.

"Enough!" Hades shouted slamming his fist on the desk sending vibrations through the whole room, while Cal was unaffected, she'd been the cause of more than one meltdown for the God. "You have known what your fate would be since you were a child, now is the time, grab it, because if you do not I will cut you off, you will get no money, no patronage nothing from me or the family, do not go to your brother because you know he has a kind heart, do not prey on your sister because she is weak and leave your three other sisters alone they do not need any more winding up."

Cal glared at her father in disbelief. "You wouldn't dare!"

" Try me. "

"But the place doesn't even sound good, Purgatory this is where I'm supposed to be living, really? I live in a luxury rooftop apartment in Paris, I have a chateau in the South of France and a summer place in Tuscany really father a place called Purgatory?" 

" You know the rules if you wish to disobey me go ahead, but you know what you will lose. " Hades warned harshly.

"Why not send Alecto or Tisiphone there, or maybe both they would be so good doing that job."

" It is not their fate. "

"Fate, fate who cares about fate?"

Hades buried his head in his hands he'd tried to convince his daughter to accept her fate, embrace it wholly for many years, it was very hard to believe now as he took in the sulky woman that she had ever been excited about such an event but she had.

Hades cleared his throat alerting the room almost barren with life that he had arrived, their attention should be on him.

He bent down to the small child he held in his hand, "Go on now little one, go and see what the seer has predicted for you."

She turned big shy green eyes onto the seer, a man in a long black and grey cloak streaked with a frightening deep red, green eyes so much like her mother Hades thought sadly.

In the ancient cave where generations of Godly families had come to foresee their children's fates, the sound of water dripping echoed throughout, as Calisto swallowed hard bravely letting go of her mighty father's hand, trusting that he would save her if these strange looking men were truly bad guys.

Her small feet moved slowly, remembering to be strong she was a Goddess, a Princess her father the mighty ruler of the underworld, he was feared throughout the world and always had been.

The seer held out an old withered hand to her, turning she sought reassurance from her father, he nodded with a cautious smile, content she put her hand in his and despite the great beating of her heart when he clenched his fingers around her hand she kept her courage and waited.

Her brother had done this, her sisters and they had all come out the other end well, there was no reason she would not.

The seer groaned. "I see a woman."

Hades stood stock still awaiting his child's future.

"She is brave, too brave, very stupidly brave, she is a mortal woman she is lost without her fate, Calisto is that fate, the daughter of the God of the Underworld to help the brave woman vanquish demons to Hell." He spoke ominously.

Hades frowned. "My daughter is not the fate of a human!"

"Your daughter is carved differently, she seeks something greater, she will find it, and she is needed for a greater purpose than to be on the arm of a God." The seer bent down to the child. "You will have great adventures but you must not be swayed by what your fears dictate, follow your heart and your fate will be revealed to you."

" Yes seer. " She whispered softly.

Calisto frowned jumping to her feet. "I can't believe you are making me do this!"

"Believe it, it is happening."

Cal sighed. " So I go here fight some bad guys and then I can go on my merry way, right? "

Hades pursed his lips, his daughter's fear of commitment was worrying to him. "Deliver me what has avoided my eternal prison and you will be allowed to do as you please."

Calisto smiled. "Looks like you have a deal."

"Suddenly you are happy."

" Sure, get in do the job get out, and then continue my fun its perfect. "

Hades hid his smile. "Shall we take a look at what is happening there right now?"

Cal shrugged. "Only if there are any naked hot chicks, are there?"

" Can't say as I've looked, one of them is your fate so let's hope for you she is. "

"Yeah, yeah I'm sure even she has better things to do, show me then, old man."

Her father shook his head affectionately, moving his hands in a circle he opened a round portal that acted as a device to see what the humans on earth were doing.

Calisto frowned as she saw one brunette being slammed into a wall like a rag doll. "Holy crap what the hell!' what seemed like a bar brawl was taking place, the brunette jumped back up to her feet and threw herself back into the crowd.

Cal looked to her father. "And you want to send me there?"

" Yes, keep looking." He pointed smugly. 

The same woman who had just been used as a human stick raised a long-barrelled gun into the air. "No one touches my sister!" Firing it randomly into the air she turned it onto the crowd in front of her aiming with precision hitting her targets well and with purpose. 

"Well, all I can say is thank goodness I possess Godly powers, cause it looks like I'm going to need it."

" That's my girl. " Hades proclaimed proudly.