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Star Crossed

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A loud explosion followed by a loud rumble. Fire clashed against darkness. Ice clashed against wind. Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza and Wendy were in a heated battle against a very strong dark guild called Soul Eaterz.

“Ice make LANCE!” Gray shouted as a bunch of ice lances appeared and flew towards his opponent.

His opponent smirked as she easily evaded his attack. “I told you, you can’t hit me. I’m as light and nimble as air.”

It was Gray’s turn to smirk and he gave a slight nod towards the back of the sorceress. “I wouldn’t be so cocky if I were you.”

The woman looked behind, but it was too late. As she evaded his oncoming lances in the beginning, she failed to notice that Gray had altered the trajectory of some of the ice lances; they went around her and struck her from behind. The woman screamed in pain. Two ice blades formed on both his forearms.

“This ends here!” Gray shouted as he charged towards the woman, “ice blade: seven slice dance!”

He rapidly slashed his opponent seven times and landed on the ground as his blades disappeared from his forearms, leaving the woman lying unconscious and injured.

“Wow Gray! That was one cool attack!” Lucy said in awe.

Gray gave her a confident smirk but then his eyes widened in horror. “Lucy!”

Lucy turned in the direction Gray was looking, and her eyes widened in terror.

“Should have paid attention blondie,” a burly man said as he was about to impale her with his sword.

The other members of Fairy Tail stopped mid-battle and watched on in horror as their team-mate was about to be struck down by one of the Soul Eaterz members.

“Oh crap…” Lucy muttered as she did the only thing she could do at a time like this: close her eyes and hold her arms up in defense as she screamed.

Suddenly, a burst of light appeared and the man was seen flying in the opposite direction. Wondering why she hasn’t died yet, Lucy cautiously opened one eye and instead of seeing that burly man from the dark guild, she saw her friend and celestial spirit.

“Loke!” Lucy said, relief evident in her voice as she was glad he showed up just in time.

Loke dropped his battle stance and turned around, relieved that he had shown up in time.

”That was really close…”  he thought to himself and he smiled at his owner, friend and love of his life.

“The power of our love trumps again,” he said proudly.

“Not this power of our love stuff again…” Lucy muttered and sighed, trying to ignore her rapidly beating heart, “why must he always affect me like this?

She looked at her savior and smiled regardless. “Thanks Loke. If you hadn’t shown up when you did, I would have been a goner.”

“Think nothing of it beautiful,” he replied and smiled.

Lucy’s heart skipped a beat. She’s seen his smiles multiple times and could always tell that those were for picking up girls. But for some reason, this smile was sincere and she could tell it was meant only for her and her alone.

“Has his smiles always been like this?”  She unconsciously continued staring at Loke, leaving Loke worried. He walked towards her and kneeled in front of her.

“Hey Lucy, are you alright?” he asked in concern.

Lucy blinked as she realized she had been staring longer than she intended. She didn’t realize their close proximity to one another either. Lucy felt her cheeks heat up and she backed away slightly.

“I-I’m fine,” Lucy managed to say, trying very hard not to let Loke’s closeness affect her.

She looked up to see Loke’s smiling face as he offered to help her up. She smiled and took his hand. He pulled her up in one swift motion. The two stood there, smiling. They were completely unaware of a certain blue furball, who was sporting a huge grin, fly towards them.

“Look at the cuuute couple,” Happy cooed as he flew above them in circles, “Lucy loooves Loke! Loke loooves Lucy! Lucy loooves—”

“Shut it cat or I’ll rip your wings off!” Lucy shouted to the annoying exceed flying above them.

“Regulus Impact!” Loke shouted.

A glowing ball of light formed around his fist, which then collided with Happy, sending the exceed flying in the direction he originally came from.

“Loke! You didn’t have to do that,” Lucy said and sighed, “although I am very grateful for that..”

“I did it for you, Lucy,” Loke said and he draped an arm casually over her shoulder, “you cannot deny that that was getting on your nerves.”

Lucy blushed at the sudden contact, but tried her best not to let his closeness affect her. “You’re right Loke, thank you. But you do know what will happen next.”

She nodded towards a cloud of dust rushing towards them.

“LOKE!!” an angry voice yelled in the distance.

Lucy sighed, “Looks like Happy told on you.”

“I guess it can’t be helped,” he said as he removed his arm from Lucy and prepared himself for the incoming hot-headed fire dragon slayer.

Lucy pouted slightly when Loke moved away from her. Before she could let her heart sink deeper, she caught herself and shook her head, trying to clear her mind. “Wait a minute! What am I thinking here?”

Thankfully, Natsu arrived, albeit angry though. Fire surrounded his fists and one could swear that angry flames were dancing in his eyes as well. Behind him was a very upset Happy.

“Loke! How dare you hurt Happy!” Natsu shouted angrily.

Loke shrugged, “Well it couldn’t be helped Natsu. Your little friend of yours was being a bit excessive.”

“You still didn’t have to hit me,” Happy cried from behind Natsu.

“Yeah!” Natsu agreed, “come on! You’ll pay for hurting Happy!”

Loke gave his arms a good stretch, “It’s been a while since I’ve had a good brawl. Give me your best shot Natsu.”

“Loke!” Lucy shouted. She didn’t want her friends to fight one another, especially after their battle with a powerful dark guild, “just leave it alone. This is totally unnecessary!”

He flashed her his most dazzling, yet reassuring smile, leaving Lucy speechless. “It’s okay gorgeous. This won’t take too long. We’ll be fine.”

“Alright, Fire Dragon ROAR!” Natsu shouted and a raging fire came out of his mouth.

Loke dodged it with ease. “The zenith of Regulus…Lion Brilliance!”

A blinding light surrounded Loke and the rest of the surroundings, leaving all those on the battlefield shielding their eyes. He came at Natsu with a glowing kick, which Natsu blocked easily.

“You know, even though I can’t see you,” Natsu said and smirked, “I can smell you. Fire Dragon Talon!”

His flaming foot collided with Loke in the stomach, sending Loke flying a few feet in the opposite direction.

“Loke!” Lucy shouted with worry.

Loke stopped himself mid-air and light surrounded his fist, “Regulus Impact!”

An image of a lion engulfed in light emerged from his fist and struck its target head on. Lucy continued watching the two fight, wondering how it all led to this and what a waste of time and magic it was. A hand landed gently on her shoulder. Lucy turned to see who it was.


“Let them be,” Gray said, “you know how hot-headed Natsu is. And Loke could use the exercise. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him enjoy himself like that.”

Lucy looked at her lion celestial spirit and smiled. “He’s right. Loke looks like he is enjoying himself.”

Loke looked at Lucy and returned a smile back, leaving the girl blushing slightly and her heart beating a million miles per minute. “Okay…something’s not right here…d-don’t tell me...”

As she continued watching Loke, a thought had suddenly occurred to her. “I think I…I think I may be in love with Loke!”