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jimin boards the train as the only person on the platform. there’s something relieving about it, but being alone sets him on edge. he sits near the back of the car, on a bench because there’s actually a free space.


the train takes off after sitting at the ghost station for a few more minutes. jimin waits until they’re moving to pop his headphones in. he enjoys the soothing tones of iu, nearly drifting off when the train jerks on the tracks. it's a hard jerk and jimin notices they’ve stopped in the middle of a tunnel.


he looks out the windows but only dimly lit stone faces him. he sighs, looking for the time on his phone. it's close to two a.m. now. no one will probably be out until morning. he looks for signal, but being in the middle of the tunnel means he can’t even call for help.


he’s so goddamn tired. he throws his phone down on the bench and paces the length of the car. he’s trying to think of a game plan when he sees something out of the corner of his eye. he stills, unsure if the darkness is playing tricks on him, but he sees another flicker of motion. he looks around the car but there’s no place to hide.


the door dividing cars tears open and jimin scrambles back. something almost as big as the doorframe stalks into the car. a mass of pitch black muscles and teeth covered in spidery white lines.


there’s no mistaking it. even though jimin wasn’t employed at the life foundation the horror stories had traveled. symbiotes, beings that meld with humans and either kill them on the spot or live in a perfect match, he’d heard it from an intern. this one must have been a match.


it’s only a few feet away from him. every step backwards that jimin takes is met until his back is at the wall. cornered like prey. he stares into the creature’s milky eyes and finds no readable emotion in them. a blank, but menacing canvas.


“please-” jimin’s words are replaced with a scream as the monster rushes him, slamming him hard into the wall. his head makes a loud snap as it hits the metal and stars fill jimin’s vision.


he’s fading in and out, only catching some parts as the being maneuvers him like a rag doll. when he fully comes back, he’s covered in the same stringy black substance that the monster was made of. petrified tears gather in his eyes from the sudden limit of his mobility.


he’s stuck with his legs spread and arms stuck to his sides. vulnerable to whatever comes. his pants go first, torn off and thrown aside. his shirt goes next. jimin looks down at himself. bare in his tighty whities and his tennis shoes.


he pauses his lamenting when something touches his neck. jimin bites back a whine. it feels so much different than the sticky cling of what’s binding him. warm breath fans across his neck then human lips drag over the skin. jimin sags into the familiar sensation. human fingers crawl up his chest as inhuman ones spread over his thighs. when one broaches the hem of his underwear, jimin struggles with renewed fervor.


his body thrashes as best as he can manage with his hands glued to his sides. he resorts to biting with wild teeth but a rough hand comes around his jaw and forces it shut. jimin’s heart putters in defeat. there’s one final tug on his underwear, then he’s left totally exposed. his whole body burns with shame even as his cunt grows wet. he waits for them to notice, wishing he could cease to exist.


two voices react in sync, “oh, pretty boy aren’t you?”


jimin tries to reign in his whimper, but the pair are determined to drag every bit of humiliation from him. two thick fingers rub over his lips, toying with his clit with enough pressure to have slick leak out of him. a two toned chuckle echoes out at that.


“p-please,” his voice shakes and he hates it, “please s-sir don’t.”


“that just won’t do.” the stranger clucks his tongue disapprovingly, his fingers circling jimin’s entrance before finally plunging in as he speaks again, “i’m jungkook and this..”


his fingers suddenly thicken inside of jimin, growing long enough to press uncomfortably inside him. “ venom.”


there’s a little slack where his mouth is held and jimin uses it to glance back at jungkook, finding almost all of him encased in venom’s skin, only parts of his face unveiled. jimin can see his dark eyes and the hook of his nose before his mouth and jaw are replaced by a million needle teeth.


as hard as jimin tries to deny it, his body floods with heat, opening up and accepting as their fingers fuck him. shamefully, his orgasm builds fast from the abuse. he half expects them to keep him from coming, but instead they practically rip it out of him.


jimin comes with a shout, shocking even himself as slick sprays out of him. the continued thrusts of their fingers making a terrible squelch. he wishes he could cover his ears to save himself the embarrassment.


just when he thinks he can catch a breath, he’s jostled around again, body pushed and pulled until he’s bent in half. venom’s got his arms and legs stuck in new places while jungkook’s plain fingers gently play with his pussy. jimin’s insides still feel raw and overstimulated but jungkook is not deterred.


the hands disappear from him but he can’t turn to look. he relies only on sound for any clue of what’s going on and faintly hears the metallic click of a zipper. his body tenses reflexively, but he makes no protest even as the blunt head of jungkook’s cock rubs through his lips. without fully realizing what he’s doing, jimin rocks back onto him, sinking jungkook’s cock a few inches deep.


jungkook lets out another deep chuckle that is solely his own. “are you that desperate for it?”


he rocks his hips shallowly, sinking another couple inches into jimin. “you put up a good fight, but you’re gagging for it all the same.”


with those words, jungkook slams into him, a loud slap of skin on skin. he’s deeper inside of jimin’s cunt than anything else has ever been. the pain of being stretched so thoroughly makes jimin squirm, helpless to the pained noises that come out of him. jungkook doesn’t give him time to adjust, but plows on, each thrust resulting in dirty squelches and slaps.


jimin only realizes he’s crying when a black limb wipes the liquid from his cheek. it rubs his face in what’s meant to be comforting, but as jungkook tears and pounds his insides to mush, it only feels mocking. another flow of slick gushes out of him, making the sound of their sex even louder in his ears.


jungkook goes harder every time jimin’s pussy tightens up around him, laughing and calling jimin names that make him wetter. his orgasm is slowly building up like a coil of tension above his belly, his hips kicking in an attempt to get jungkook at the right angle.


jungkook catches on and grabs him by the hair, “dirty little bitch, are you getting greedy? you take what i give you.”


jimin sobs out when he’s released, voice shredded to shit as he begs jungkook to cum, for more. jungkook laughs again while giving it to him.


jimin’s sanity is clinging on by threads when something about jungkook’s dick sticks inside him, making harder for him to thrust. jimin realizes belatedly that his, no, their dick is...inflating. there’s no way this isn’t a group effort. venom is finally making his contribution. no normal human being has a knot, but now jimin’s tiny cunt is nearly being stretched to tearing as the pair fucks him.


as the knot grows it becomes harder and harder for them to thrust, but the slow drag of it against jimin is just right to send him into another shuddering orgasm. his knees falter with the force of it. what keeps him upright is how the venom has him engulfed in black strands. his orgasm knocks him deep inside of his mind, all that he registers is when they come inside him. jimin has a mild panic upon realizing that he’s been fucked raw, but it’s fleeting.


they come so long and deep jimin’s belly aches. he can feel it distending his stomach. there’s so much of it that when they pull out it floods out in a large push, but a majority is still trapped inside him.


venom slowly releases him and jimin realizes just how weak he’s become. jungkook has to keep him from collapsing into a heap. jungkook’s hands pet his swollen belly as he presses kisses to jimin’s back and shoulders. the kindness twists jimin’s insides up even more.


jungkook’s hands leave him only after gently guiding him to the filthy train floor. it feels like home to jimin now. he’s just as soiled and disgusting as it is. his whole body burns with exhaustion, his cunt is an aching gape between his legs and still a part of him craves for more.


he imagines they will leave him now. let him stay broken and forgotten like trash. left for who ever wants sloppy seconds. part of jimin wishes they would just to get it over with while another begs them not to go.


he doesn’t expect the gentle touches to his hips nor does he realize how they have positioned him until a thumb rubs over his asshole. jimin shudders. arousal is already beginning to churn in his stomach again.


venom’s limbs slowly grow over where jimin touches the ground, holding him in place as if he would even think of running away. jungkook croons as his hands grope the jiggly fat of jimin’s ass, “looks like my toy still has some fun left in him.”