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Heating up

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Midoriya was already unlucky enough to be born without a quirk but he was even more unlucky to be born as an omega as his secondary gender. His luck seemed to be running short and fairly sad but then he met All Might, Got into UA and started his path to becoming the worlds best hero. His secondary gender was never a problem... well it wasn’t until a very unfortunate day came.

Midoriya awoke to the sound of a familiar strict voice calling his name from outside his door.

“Midoriya! Hurry and wake up! We have to get to class soon early!” A glasses wearing beta said knocking on his door with some force.

Midoriya grumbled and got out of bed with a large groan. “Yeah, Yeah I’m coming Iida.” He then proceeded to get dressed in his uniform and pack his bag with all of his notes he took for homework. Midoriya felt the familiar burn inside of him when he was starting a heat so he quickly popped some suppressants that mask the smell of his heat into his mouth, put some more pills into his blazers pocket and head out. He met the glasses wearing beta and the half and half alpha near the front entrance of the dorms.

“Oh sorry! Were you guys waiting long for me?” Midoriya fiddled with the strap on his backpack.

“Not at all Midoriya.” Iida said fixing his glasses that were sliding down his nose. Todoroki just shook his head no.

“Shall we get going? We don’t want to be late.” Todoroki added quietly.

“Yep!” The omega agreed and started walking towards the school building. The beta and alpha in front of him. Midoriya hummed a mindless tune while thinking of random things that crossed his mind and he wasn’t paying attention and ended walking straight into Todorokis back. He fell backwards from the surprise and landed on his butt.

“Ow.” He said. “I’m sorry Todoroki!” Todoroki extended a hand and Midoriya took it wordlessly. “Thank you..: Midoriya peeked down to look if he had dropped anything and of course his extra suppressants had fallen out of his pocket and had been crushed. ‘Shit, There goes my suppressants... Hopefully the ones I took this morning will last until after class.’ He thought.

“Midoriya, are you okay?” Todoroki asked. His body was admitting a worried scent.

“I’m fine.” He said scratching the back of his neck. ‘Should I tell them about my suppressants? No I would make this awkward...’ He thought.

The group started off again, hopefully making it to class in time without anymore accidents.


Midoriya only told Uraraka, a fellow omega, that he had ruined his suppressants this morning on the way to school.

“That horrible. I’d offer my suppressants but I know your only supposed to take prescription ones.” Uraraka said shaking her head.

“This is the worst.” He said placing his head on the cafeterias table.

“What is the worst?” Todoroki said arriving to the table and placing his Soba down.

“Midoriya is having his he-” Midoriya placed his hand on Uraraka mouth and shot her a ‘please don’t tell him look’ and she just huffed and pulled his hand away from her mouth. “Fine, how about you tell him then?”

Midoriya just buried his head in the crook of his elbow shaking his head no. Todoroki just shrugged it off and went to chow down of his soba. Midoriya caught a quick sniff of Todorokis scent, it was always so calming to him, Todoroki smelled like a fireplace and cinnamon and it made Midoriya feel calm. (Todoroki always thought it was weird that Midoriyas scent changed to admitting a calm scent whenever Todoroki came near him. Todoroki is dumb and never thought it was because of him or his smell.)

Everyone quickly finished their food and the bell rang to get to class.

‘I feel the suppressants wearing off.’ Midoriya thought nervously.


It was finally the end of the day and his heat was finally starting to get worse, he started to feel like he was actually in heat instead of feeling like he was in pre-heat. He was dumb and didn’t walk back to the dorms with Uraraka where he probably feel safer instead of walking with Todoroki, and alpha, alone. Its not like he felt unsafe with Todoroki, actually he did feel very safe with Todoroki because he could probably ward any alphas away if they caught onto Midoriyas heat scent. He did feel safe it was just that he was worried that Todoroki would smell his heat, And he was right. Midoriya looked up to see Todoroki covering his nose with his ears pointed high up in alert and worry.

“Todoroki, are you feeling alright?” Midoriya asked dumbly. He didn’t realize how intense his scent was getting.

“Pardon me if this is crossing a line or something but are you in heat?” Todoroki said avoiding Midoriyas gaze.

“Ah yes... I took suppressants to stop the smell but I didn’t use enough today so its kinda wearing off. I’m sorry if the scent is too much. I cant help it though.” Midoriyas cheeks turned bright red. He felt his mind start to feel cloudy. ‘I should get to my room fast.’ He thought.

“Midoriya, if you don’t mind, I’ll let you wear my blazer to cover your scent until you get to your room. I don’t want any other alphas to smell your heat.’’ Todoroki said already taking off his blazer and handing it to Midoriya. He blushed and wrapped it around his shoulders. ‘God it smell so good.’ He thought. He accidentally nuzzled into the sleeve of the blazer mindlessly. His heat was getting worse to the point where he felt like he wasn’t walking straight. He stumbled over nothing and Todoroki caught his by the waist midfall, pulled him into his chest and sighed.

“You seem like your heat is getting bad. I’ll carry you so you don’t fall.” Todoroki said putting one arm on Midoriyas back and one on the back of his thighs and lifted him up.

Midoriya felt overwhelmed now, the hazy fog over his brain getting worse and being so close to Todoroki and his scent was not helping him control himself. Midoriya didn’t even notice that they were already in front of Midoriyas dorm room, Todoroki fished Midoriyas keys out of his backpack and unlocked the door. Todoroki placed Midoriya onto the bed.

“Uh Midoriya... Is it a bad time to tell you that I don’t know how to help you in your heat?” Todoroki said, though it sounded muffled in Midoriyas brain he still recognized what he was saying. Of course his inner omega just wanted to get fucked by this alpha in front of him.

“Todoroki...” Midoriya said lustfully, his scent becoming more and more full of that same lust. “You can help me by mating with me.” If Midoriya wasn’t in his heat he would have cringed and scolded his inner omega for even asking his crush, an alpha aka Todoroki to mate with him.

“M-Midoriya.” Todoroki said, Midoriya could smell the lust coming of of Todoroki now. Todoroki quickly rushed to Midoriyas side. He pulled Midoriya up and helped him out of his clothes until he was down to his underwear, Todoroki did the same striping down the just his underwear too.

Todoroki wasted no time to insert himself into Midoriya and rutting into him with a face pace. All that filled the room was quiet moans of pleasure and wet slapping sounds. Todoroki and Midoriya reached their climaxes quickly, Todorokis knot pushing its way into Midoriya.

“T-Todoroki.. I think its a good time to tell you that I like you.” Midoriya said, he thought it was funny how he was blushing more from this while Todoroki was still buried inside of him.

“Then I like its a good time to tell you I like you too.” Todoroki said kissing Midoriyas neck. This gave Midoriya an idea.

“Shouto! Can you uh... Can you mark me?” Midoriya said feeling self conscious. Just then Midoriya felt Todorokis canines sink into the flesh on his neck, Midoriya yelped in pleasure and in pain. Todorokis know had gone down and Todoroki had pulled out. The two dressed themselves back up into their underwear. Midoriya hugged his new alpha in thanks for helping him with his heat, Midoriya nuzzled into Todorokis chest.

“I love you, my alpha.” Midoriya said looking up to his lover.

“I love you too, my omega.” Todoroki then placed a kiss on his lips.