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What was I thinking.

The round purple figure was floating out in the middle of space, surrounded by broken mechanical parts of what was once the wish-granting comet, Galactic Nova. He didn’t know how long he’d been there- hours, weeks, months. He just knew why he was there. He had lost a battle to the star warrior, who didn’t look like more then an over-sized pink marshmallow.

Stupid Kirby… how did you beat me? Marx thought. I had it planed perfectly! I made the sun and the moon fight, I tricked you into summoning Nova, I stole the wish! Though I didn’t expect…

He shivered, feeling a ping of pain run through him, though he wasn’t sure if it was from the memory or the fact that he was floating around in below freezing temperatures. It wouldn’t be long before said cold got to him permanently, after all.

…Heh. So this is how I’m gonna go, huh? How boring…

He closed his eyes as much as his muscles would allow him, waiting for the cold to take him, but after who knows how long what little light there was in space was suddenly blocked by shadow. Marx opened his eyes a little, and would have screeched if he weren’t too weak to.

There, floating above him with a sorrowful look on their face, was the star warrior themself. Kirby was gently shaking Marx to presumably check if he was alive, and upon seeing him open his eyes his expression softened to one of relief. Marx’s expression would have been quite the opposite, that is if he had even the slightest amount of energy to move.

Kirby grabbed on to the boy, which he would have struggled against given the chance, and swam through space until their warp star flew in front of them. Jumping on to the warp star they headed to Kirby’s home planet, Popstar. The jester turned to Kirby with confusion, to which, when they noticed, Kirby returned with a soft smile before turning back to make sure they were on course.

Why are they doing this? Marx thought to himself, still staring at Kirby. Why?


The jester drifted to sleep.


“Pleeeeaaaase Dedede? Meta Knight? I know I can help him, I know it!”

Kirby was standing in the throne room of King Dedede’s Castle, trying to convince said king and Kirby’s own mentor to let Marx stay with one of them. They were failing so far.

“Pinky, ya know he was tryin’ ta destroy Popstar, right?” The king said, gesturing to Marx, who was still asleep and currently trapped in some kind of electric cage guarded by Sword Knight and Blade Knight.

“No, he just wanted to control it! Just like you two did, really recently! I don’t know why yet but that’s all he wanted!” The star warrior insisted. “He’s only a kid, like me! I can’t just leave him to be miserable…”

“Kirby, his way of ‘controlling Popstar’ was a lot more aggressive then both Dedede’s and my own attempts” The mysterious knight scolded. He was never one for second chances. “The best I can suggest for you to do with him is to leave him on a planet very very far away from here and-”

“Mety, stop.” Dedede spoke solemnly. Before the knight could retort he pointed towards Kirby, who was on the brink of tears. They were a powerful galaxy saving hero, yes, but as they said earlier they were still a child. “Just… lets let him try. If anyone can make a monster like that regret ‘is actions, it’s Kirby.” Dedede whispered to the knight. “'Sides, if that little gremlin trys anythin’ we can clobba ‘em up.”

After a moment of silence, Meta Knight finally spoke up.“…Fine. Me and his majesty will watch Marx and make sure he doesn’t t-” Dedede elbowed him.“Er, make sure he’s ok. But know that I will not hesitate to use Galaxia against him should he try to hurt anyone.”

Dedede was face palming, but Kirby seemed happy with that response. “YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thank you, Meta Knight! Dedede!” The orb was giggling happily now, and the duo’s hearts couldn’t help but melt at the sight. 

Kirby walked up to the cage Marx was sleeping in, nodding to Sword and Blade as they did, and peered through the bars at him. “I promise that we’ll be friends, Marx…”

“I promise.”


“Ugghh…” Marx groaned as he woke up. He was on a soft bed he didn’t quite feel like getting up from, still pretty sore. “Where… am I…”

The boy looked around the room, it looked as if it was set up for some royalty to visit. Fancy red curtains hanging from the windows, a red and gold oval carpet on the floor, dressers with a red and gold cover styled like the carpet on them, potted plants in different corners of the room, it truly looked as if this belonged to a king or queen. The only thing that was off was that the door’s lock seemed to be on the other side. So why was Marx here?

A knock on the door, well, knocked Marx out of his thoughts, a familiar and aggravating voice sounding through it. “Ay, gremlin, ya awake yet?” Dedede shouted. Marx let out a small surprised screech in response. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

The king let himself inside the room, only to see Marx huddled in the corner of his bed, seemingly trying to be as far way from Dedede as possible. He could almost laugh at how pathetic the jester looked, but refrained. “Relax kid, I ain’t gonna hurt ‘cha.”

Dedede started walking towards Marx, to which the grape-like individual hissed and went further back into his corner. Ok, this is just sad… Dedede thought. He continued approaching the jester, who continued to hiss, and finally stopped to set some food down on the bed. A full dinner, with steak and salad and bread. Marx finally stopped hissing and just looked confusedly at the king. Dedede snorted. “Look gremlin, that lil puffball wants to try an’ 'help’ you for whatever reason, I’m just tryna help 'em out with that. 'Least I could do with what they’ve done for me.” He started walking towards the door. “Just don’t go 'round thinkin’ I trust ya or somethin’, 'cus believe me, none of us do.” And with that he closed the door behind him.

Marx was more confused then ever, but he wasn’t about to turn down free food. Without a second thought he scarfed it down in record time, looking almost like a wild animal while doing so. After a bit he started thinking about what Dedede said again. “'Just don’t go 'round thinkin’ I trust ya or somethin’, 'cus believe me, none of us do.’ Ha, was that supposed to hurt me? As if I care whether some dumbass king and his idiot followers like me or not.” He chuckled to himself. But the other thing…

“That lil puffball wants to try an’ 'help’ you.”

What did he mean by that? Was Kirby gonna try and brainwash him to be as stupid as every other Dreamlander? Did they randomly decide that Marx was right and want to help him control Popster again?

Just as Marx started seriously pondering it, he heard footsteps heading for his door.