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Our Little Wonderland

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Often times, change could be a wonderful thing. Change for the better was always more welcome than change for the worse of course. Like joining a dance with lobsters out to sea, or a nice hot cup of Oolong tea, things in Jervis Tetch's life had been more than welcoming since he'd left the Asylum.

The building needed some work, there were a few holes in the ceiling that could easily be patched, and some broken windows that would need replacing. All in all though it was perfect. It was an old performance theater with a stage at the back, and on the second level had been the balcony seating at one point. The workers wouldn't care where the money came from, as long as they got paid, and it would be remodeled in no time as the newest night club in Gotham. Sure there had been a fair few clubs in Gotham, often little home away from homes for the less than savory of the criminal underworld. From Fish's place, to the Iceberg Lounge, to The Siren's, but there was always room for more... and this, this would be like a bite of a shroom in the drab pool of night life. A classy, and chaotic little trip down the rabbit hole for all to enjoy.

The once balcony seating would be turned into an office, with large glass windows to look down on the stage and tables, a circular bar near the entrance of the building, and a statue of the caterpillar to greet customers.... he could see it in his minds eye and his excitement about his future plans was palatable in the air. The Tweeds tended to cleaning up the place to make room for the workers that would be hired, dragging out trash and the old theater seats that wouldn't be required. Crane looked around as his friend led the way, their boots slid on the dingy concrete that wood and tile flooring would soon be lain over.

He couldn't quite picture how it would look, like Jervis could but he didn't mind too much. The pay he'd been getting helped him in furthering his studies on fear and making his toxin better, maybe one day he could even break Gordon with it.... oh. Jonathan pulled back his thought process on that one. No matter how tempting it was, Jervis would literally kill him if he used the man as a test subject despite their status as friends, he needed to be more aware of that... so Jim was off limits but he doubted that meant the rest of the GCPD was. However, as long as the money kept coming in to help them with the drugs and getting what was required for his research Jervis could bang any cop or buy up any building he wanted without a word of protest from him. It had already been a few months since he and Jim had been seeing each other, and Jonathan was still surprised there hadn't been a veritable bloody in flames breakdown as of yet... but good for them... he guessed, he didn't really care to be honest, maybe it was his adolescence that had some factor in it, but he'd never really been interested in dating himself let alone hearing about other peoples relationships.

Jervis sighed, a charming little smile coming to his full lips, his gloved hand running over the stage before he lifted himself up onto it. They'd need to do some painting, put in a proper backdrop brandishing the clubs new name; he was ticking off mental boxes of things to be done as he stepped across the wood paneled stage. Face lighting up he giggled suddenly as he thought of showing off the place to Jim, oh he couldn't wait... next time his lover was given a bit of time away he'd bring the man to show it off.... and the physical christening of a new business venture was always welcome in tandem. "Well?" The showman held out his hands in presentation as he turned back to his best friend, a smirk on his full lips. "I don't know much about owning a night club to be honest... I'm sure you'll do fine." The older man gave a small chuckle. "Oh very well, I suppose that's fair."

The hatted man stepped backstage looking over the walls and checking the state of things. He wondered if Alice would have liked the club he had in mind, a slice of childhood brought into adulthood. How he missed her, he'd been considering asking Jim if her body had finally been laid to rest.... was there a chance he had a grave to visit at this point, or were they so cold as to study her under a microscope even after her blood was gone? Her lovely blood he'd secreted away with such power in it. Sure he'd sworn to his boyfriend he wouldn't go after his friends, but that left everyone else free game... and what games they would be... hypnotism, hallucinogenic drugs, the Tetch virus... there were so many ways to play, and it would be conveniently hidden behind a new business. Once finished he walked back out and hopped off the stage, simply some pigeon's to push out from the rafters backstage.

As he stood there contemplating the future of the old theater and his ideas for twisted street games he recalled an old acquaintance. If anyone could give he and Crane an idea on how to make the place all that it could be, it would be the lovely Mrs. Kean... ah one of the times he last he saw her she'd held a broken glass to his throat under hypnosis... memories. "Dee, Dum, keep it up. When through, do us a favor and lock on up. Crane and I are off to see a friend." Deever lifted up some old broken boards and nodded to the Hatter. "Right boss." Giving a wave of his hand, Jervis was joined by the Scarecrow, the younger man catching up to him as they walked out.


The Siren's club was empty for the time being, quiet as the two women that owned it had settled in to eat lunch. Tabitha took a sip of her iced tea and picked at her teeth before taking another bite of her sandwich. "You think it's too crowded in here?" Barb asked her and glanced around the club from where they sat at the bar. "Maybe, but it's difficult with a place like this to really give it any more room." Tabby said between another bite. This was good, they should order from that sandwich place again. "Yeah I guess so huh... there's not really a chance of knocking out a wall this many floors up..." The blond leaned her head on a hand looking disappointed. "I would say we could move, but I kinda like it here... it's home ya know.." Tabby looked around as well with a small hum of agreement, nodding her head. "Yeah, it really is." She finished off the last of her sandwich before dabbing her lips with a napkin. "I don't know, I think it kinda has a charm to it... but maybe we could mix it up... fancy drink menu maybe?" Barb's brows curved in thought as she sipped her soda. "Hm... that's an idea."

Across the club the double doors opened, and the two women turned to look up from their lunch. "Mrs. Kean, lovely to see you again." She smiled when she recognized the hatted man and waved as he and his companion walked over. "Mr. Tetch, I heard you'd broken out of Arkham. Aren't you just a smarty. If you're looking for the night life we aren't quite open yet, though if you need some cash I'm sure we could fit you in for a performance." The brunette man shook his head and placed a kiss onto the woman's hand in introduction. "No, that is unneeded Mrs. Kean, however I do thank you. Ah have you met my companion, Jonathan Crane?" He held out a hand toward the younger masked man, who gave a lazy wave of greeting to the women. "Hey." Barb nodded to the young man in the stitched up outfit, looking him up and down. The papers had called him Scarecrow, how aptly named. "Oh and of course you remember Tabby." She smiled to the black haired woman who nodded to the other two. "Hi again Tetch."

"Have a seat, want a drink?" The Hatter removed said hat and took up one of the stools, his younger companion taking up one on the other side of him. Barb walked around the counter to pull down one of the bottles from the wide array and grabbed a tumbler. She filled it two fingers with bourbon and passed it over to him without even waiting for an answer. "So, what can I do for you? Need more muscle, maybe some information on ol' Jim?" She pulled her soda over and popped off the lid to pour some whiskey in, curiosity evident in her voice. "Ah no no, nothing of the sort...." The lavender eyed man took a drink from the offered glass, he wouldn't turn down a good bourbon if given. "And if I must know anything about Jim, I need only ask him.... No, I've a query dearie.." The hypnotist realized he was getting an odd stare from the woman and one brow arched. "I'm sorry, that was a joke right... I mean cause last time I heard you and Jim weren't on good terms like at all... Or did you mean that as a threat, you know like you'd ask him violently?" Tabitha looked curiously to the man as well, brows furrowing as she waited for the answer.

Jervis shrugged, he wondered if he should say anything, this wasn't really what he'd come to Kean for. She was also very delusional in thinking Jim still was madly in love with her, Lee he'd been concerned about... but Barb he knew damn well Jim had burned that bridge, the blond was the only one laughing maniacally as she held onto the floating driftwood of said bridge. Well, if his darling found out he spilled it would make for some fantastic angry sex later so that wasn't a lose situation. The Hatter swirled his drink in his hand then took another sip before speaking. "I suppose you've not been given the chance to hear my dear, no doubt you'll find it rather queer. We're quite serious you see, him and me..... that is to say.. I'm sleeping with Jim Gordon." The reaction wasn't one he expected, but it amused him none the less when she burst into laughter. "Ha... what? You're joking, he doesn't sleep with men... let alone criminals... you.." Her laughter slowly died out though because his satisfied smile hadn't disappeared.

"No... you're joking, you have to" Barbara took the information in, pursing her lips as her brows arched in surprise. "Woah... that's crazy.. wow you and Jim huh?" Leaning on the bar she laughed again and pointed to the rest of her lunch that still sat on the counter beside him. "Well I got a half of a sandwich here, do you want those leftovers too?" Tabby cracked up laughing as Jervis' face fell, but not even Crane could help it as he laughed under his mask. The hypnotist smacked his friends arm in retaliation, and Jonathan almost fell off his stool. "Charming Mrs. Kean..." He huffed with sarcasm, annoyed at being the butt of her joke and that his best friend apparently couldn't help laughing at his expense either. The bond woman smirked to herself and took a drink of her jack and coke before she spoke again. "And you know if you got dicked by Jim, in a round about way that means you slept with me and Lee as well." This earned a snort from the woman's part time girlfriend, and Jervis pinched the bridge of his nose. "Yes, thank you for that rather vivid image.." Fuck, he hoped Jim had used a condom with both women, because he was remembering he and the man hadn't ever used one despite the fact they probably should have, it just felt too good.

"Well I mean all in all, it's not like you can complain... didn't you like sleep with your sister?" Tabitha asked and played with her long black hair an arrogant smirk on her face. Jonathan cringed at the words and looked down at the bar top mentally counting down to when the other man would lose it, it was no longer funny. Jervis lasted all of three seconds before his hands slammed onto the counter and he stared the other woman down with a glare of unearthly eyes. "I did not lay with my sister, and don't you dare destroy her memory by implying such!" The glass went flying and shattered one of the liquor bottles in the process, before Barb rolled her eyes. "Geez, Now I believe you and Jim are dating, he likes to destroy my club too. Cool it, we get it you didn't sleep with your precious sister." Tabby had actually stood up with that rage directed on her, ready to fight him if need be. Slowly the tense energy leaked out of the room and the Hatter retook his seat, Tabitha walking away with a roll of her eyes.

"As I was saying.... I have questions." His tone was more of a snarl now, and the look he shot at the other woman was deadly. "I should like to know some about your business knowledge if I may Mrs. Kean." He finally looked back to the blond and she sighed heavily, taking another sip on her drink. "Fine, what would you like to know?"