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Lost Cause

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The clouds rolled over the littered shores of Dagobah Municipal Beach Park.

Izuku thought it was fitting. Here he was, a useless piece of garbage, hiding amongst other garbage while his life was being clouded over. How fan-freaking-tastic. Then again, what else could he do? His mother was dead, there was a villain after his blood, and he had no allies to speak of. All he could do was hide and bide his time. Though, to be fair…

*grumble* His stomach was really making things difficult.

Eventually sighing in defeat, he rose up from the thrown out mattress he was using as a bed. He needed food, and the convenience store wasn’t that far away. Besides, he had some emergency cash he managed to snag from his room before the villain eventually chased him out. It would be enough for some water, a few snacks. He’d have to get by on that for a few weeks. He pulled a hood over his head, and darted out of his hideout on the polluted beach.

…A Few Days Ago...

“Mom? I’m home...:”

It was meant to be a simple greeting, one that he had repeated time and time again. Kacchan had been more… volatile since he had been rescued from the slime villain. Then again, when had he not been volatile? It's like Kacchan had said, nothing Izuku did ever made a difference. Maybe he should give up on everything. Him being a hero? Talk about delusional… He opened the door, expecting his mom to be fretting over him.

Fate would not grant him such a pleasure…

...Present Day…

The cashier seemed disinterested in life as he handed Izuku his purchases.

A few bottles of water, some trail mix and chips, enough to last him a month at least. He muttered his thanks before scurrying out the door. He kept to the side walk, slinging his items over his shoulder. The breeze carried a slight chill with it as it flew across the street, making Izuku shiver slightly. He quickened his pace, occasionally looking over his shoulders. He’s passing by an alley when…

...he hears a scream.

Against his better judgement, Izuku’s body stopped and shifted towards the danger. There’s a girl, about his age, being pinned against the alley wall by an older looking adolescent boy. She shivered in fear as her purple eyes shrunk beneath her long silky black hair. The adolescent’s dagger-sharp teeth glinted in an evil snark as he pinned his victim using his razor sharp claws. His grey hood blocked his other features, while off to the side Izuku started to tremble.

He was charging forward before he even knew what was happening.

Izuku was trying to come up with a plan. One of the downsides of having “heroic” instincts is that they often don’t wait for the brain to catch up. Think, think, what the heck could he- There was a decent sized rock at the side of the alley. He leaned towards that direction, scooped it up, and threw it at the assaulter. With any luck, the resulting blow will be enough for the girl to get away- The criminal claws it into dust with minimal effort.

Then he turned his attention towards Izuku.

Izuku can’t move… he can’t breathe, either.

He’s quivering at the sickening sight before him. His mom is dead, lying in a pool of blood with a pale complexion and glassy eyes. Above her corpse is a figure covered in a simple black hood, with small metal blades the size of switchblades jutting out of it, while two large blades the size of katanas and covered in blood are coming from the top of his wrist. He hasn’t noticed Izuku in spite of his entrance… yet.

That’s all he needs to know before he sneaks elsewhere in the apartment.

Izuku can’t stay here. As lovely as it would be to be done with life and hopefully see his mother on the other side, Izuku’s survival instinct is stronger than he gave it credit for. He quickly darts into his room, searching for the essentials. A backpack he stored underneath his bed with a few changes of clothes, water, snacks, and some emergency money. Izuku’s rations would only last a few days.

He could never dream of staying away from home for long, even with his darker thoughts.

With a non-All Might branded hood, his red sneakers, and emergency provisions in hand, there was one more thing left to do. He snuck his way back into the living room, when he noticed the villain wasn’t above his mother’s corpse. He briefly screamed inside his head, before noticing that the door was still opened a creak. He mentally sighed in relief; the villain hadn’t left yet. He still had a chance.

He didn’t notice a pair of harsh, sharp grey eyes studying him out of his line of vision.

Izuku was fast, but not fast enough.

He knew he wasn’t physically able to keep up with the criminal forever. His vision blurred as he kept dodging their swift attacks, trying to land a few blows on the criminal with minimal success. He’s yelling at the girl, at the top of his lungs, “RUN! RUN!!! GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE! CALL THE POLICE!!!” But the girl doesn’t run. She’s terrified, frozen in place, slightly shivering but otherwise stiff. Izuku doesn’t think it could get any worse.

Then the criminal claws his chest.

The pain is mind numbing. He only has a few seconds to process it before he’s suddenly in mid-air. The villain drags him down, and promptly pins him to the floor, holding him by the throat. The criminal crouches over Izuku, his free hand raised above him, claws ready to scratch off his face. His hood still blocks his eyes, but the devious grin is large and accounted for on his face. Izuku can’t pry the criminal’s hand off of him as the criminal let’s out a nefarious howl of laughter. “Heh… the hell do we have here?” he asked, his voice deep and scratchy. “Another stupid kid that wants to play hero?” he grunts, spitting on the sidewalk next to Izuku; Izuku winces.

“Kids like you make me sick… so naive… so utterly stupid …”

His grip on Izuku tightens, and the greenette doesn’t think he can hold out for much longer. “Don’t worry kid,” he assures without assurance, “I’ll make your death quick. Can’t guarantee it’ll be painless, though.” Izuku’s vision is darkening. He can’t tell if the criminal’s claws are growing or not. For a moment, he sees his mother’s murderer. “Should of let me have my way with that girl, kid…” he growls, “Maybe then you wouldn't be such a lost cause.” He finally brings his claw down; Izuku braces for the pain. It never comes.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” the girl screamed, her right eye glowing a golden yellow.

Izuku closed the door quietly before he takes out his phone, dialing 911.

“Hello, police? My name is Izuku Midoriya,” he began, unaware of the figure approaching the locked door. “My home has been on the receiving end of a villain attack,” he continues, trying to keep his composure, “M-my mom is… dead. The villain is still in the house. I-I locked him in from the outside.” The police ask him for an address, and he’s about to finish when something whizzes past his head a knocks the phone out of his hand.

As his only means of communication broke upon hitting the ground, Izuku made the mistake of turning around.

The villain is hacking against the door, splinters and wood chunks flying free. His entire hand was now covered in blades, trying to break the door down. Izuku looks in terror for a good few minutes before his feet started running without his input. The villain doesn’t take long to follow after. Izuku doesn’t look back; he can’t afford to look back. He keeps running, pushing bystanders out of the way and dodging the occasional throwing dart.

When he stops running, he doesn’t know where he is.

Then he sees the nearby sign, and the heaps upon heaps of garbage. Dagobah Municipal Beach Park is a second home to Izuku.  He started coming to the abandoned sight a little after starting middle school, but never stayed for long. He quickly makes his way down to the base of the beach, navigating to his own special place. He’s been to the beach enough times to have a preferred spot. The sun is setting by the time he considers himself properly settled.

As he finally manages to close his eyes, he can’t help but feel like he’s lost more than he ever would.

Of all the times he preyed on unsuspecting victims, it never ended for him like this.

They never fought back, at least not much. Given a few minutes they’d whimper and moan and crumble underneath the pressure. Quirks didn’t matter in his arena; fear did, and it worked wonders. Once he had his fun, the victims never said a word. If he was lucky, they’d commit suicide not long afterward. Not like any witnesses would try to do anything. If they did, he killed them, plain and simple. His quirk made it easy, and the police were too bitter to ever connect all the dots. how did two useless middle schoolers get the drop on him?

It should’ve been a simple job. It was the girl’s fault for walking into the alley, and for being decent eye candy. Pinning her to the wall wasn’t too much of a chore, either. He absolutely relished in the fear she was showing. Then the other kid with the green hair showed up. He wasn’t anything new… just another would-be hero who thought he could make a difference. Who did he think he was? All Might ?

Maybe not… the kid didn’t seem confident in the slightest.

It all went to shit when his hand stopped moving. He looked at the brat he was about to cut into,  but he could tell by the look on his face that it wasn’t him. They both looked up to where the girl is supposed to be. This… this isn’t happening. The girl is standing up… she’s using her quirk… she’s fighting back . He doesn’t know how, but he knows she’s doing this. Her hair is floating threateningly above her. Her right eye is glowing golden, while her left is still the same shade of purple it was before. The grip around his free arm continued to tighten.

In time, both of her eyes glow gold; both of his arms are being pulled against his will.

He’s thrown off of the boy, and before he can get back up again, something’s punching him. Over and over. But all he sees is air. He keeps getting repeatedly bashed until eventually, his consciousness checks out. He’s covered in bruises, and Izuku has a few cut marks, along with the gigantic claw strikes against his chest. The girl quickly rushes towards him, her hair falling under the forces of gravity and her eyes reverting to their default color. She’s about to say something, when he coughs, and manages to croak:

“Are you… alright?”


The girl, whose name is Fuyasuka Mittsukai, invites him to a nearby café after the police apprehend the criminal. They both talk small talk, though Izuku prefers to remain cryptic for Fuyasuka’s sake. Eventually, they get to the topic of U.A. “The hero school?” Izuku asks, though he knows full well about the school. “Yeah,” Fuyasuka confirms, “But I’m more into building than fighting, so I'm gonna apply for the support course. Besides, my quirk works fine in either scenario, so I wouldn’t be helpless. What about you?”

Izuku chokes on his muffin, “Sorry, don't plan to.”

Fuyasuka is now worried, given her guest’s reaction. “Why?” she asks. “Nothing much. I wanted to go, but now I don't see how I can, given that I’m quirkless.” he responds nonchalantly, though there's a hint of sadness in his tone. Fuyasuka stops drinking her tea. “So?” she asks, “You saved me-” “But you had the quirk to back it up,” Izuku counters. Fuyasuka shakes her head, “It wasn’t my quirk.”

“It was the drive that you gave me.”

Izuku blinks, unable to properly register Fuyasuka’s revelation. How did he do anything? He just ran blindly in the face of danger and almost died. “Hey,” she got his attention again, grabbing his hands. “You may not think you can be a hero… but you can still save people, Midoriya. Quirk or not, it's what you do that matters, not what you have.” Izuku is awestruck. He doesn’t notice the tears trickling down his cheeks. He embraces Fuyasuka in a hug.

“Thank you… Mittsukai.”

Little did either of them know that Izuku would go on to do more saving than anyone would imagine.

Author's Note: Hope that was enough to grab your attention! Now a few things:
1) This fic goes up 'till sometime after the second Internship Arc, and may or may not contain spoilers
2) When I say cannon divergence, I MEAN CANNON DIVERGENCE!
3) When I say self indulgence, I mean Izuku might be a bit more OP than he should be.
Anyone gone? No? Okay- oh, one more thing!
4) Like Horikoshi, I tried making my OCs names based on their translations. Sadly, I've forgotten most of them, but they were through Google Transalte, so it probably wouldn't mean too much. Welp, at least I tried...
Speaking of OCs:
-Fuyasuka Mittsukai
Gender: Female
Age: 14 (At the beginning; her age will follow closely with Izuku's)
Occupation: [Soon to be] U.A. Support Course Student
Quirk: Invisible Bodies
I needed a minor OC who would not only serve as Izuku's first rescue, but could also be crucial to the story where it's needed. Thus, Fuyasuka was born. Her quirk is... interesting, to say the least. She can create and control up to three invisible duplicates of herself, which can shift their tangibility (similar to Mirio Togata's Permeation quirk) and they're three times stronger than her. Her glowing eyes and floating hair are a side effect to show that the quirk is active, like Eraserhead's quirk does, though they don't negatively affect her. If she feels the need to, she can create even more invisible duplicates, but this decreases their strength (4 duplicates= 2.25 times stronger, 5=1.8 times, 6=1.5 times, and so on) and puts strain on her body. She's in the support course because she likes to build things, and having a few invisible assistants doesn't hurt, either. But enough of my rambling. See you all in the next chapter! PLUS ULTRA!