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Primary Ingredients
9 Guam Leaves
4 Harralander
4 Marrentill
2 Tarromin
6 Sprigs of Snake Grass

Secondary Ingredients
1 Limpwurt Root
4 Redspider Eggs
5 White Berries (Crushed)

Scratched into the yellowed old paper with black ink, the ingredients required for the monthly charming ward was practically memorized, but Bakugo always kept his book out, just in case. He would glance at it while collecting ingredients, double-checking in the privacy of his own home where no one could tease him about it. It had been years since he actually needed the book out— his claims to be perfect weren’t false, he just felt better knowing he was within reach of the original source. Maybe he was a tad traditional in practice, it got the job done and that’s what mattered.  

His hands moved like clockwork while he rattled through his workspace, pulling out each necessary jar, box or container that was required. It takes him less then a minute to place each item down on the table and mere seconds to know something’s off. This is why he does everything early, because the sight of two empty containers already gifts him a headache. Of course he was out of Limpwurt Root and Guam Leaves, two of the very things he can’t simply rummage around in the forest for.

He already loathes the situation, grumbling already as he shoves all the jars but the empty ones to the back of the table; might as well keep them out. He’s going to have to order the herbs, his anger already perforating through the room without thought- his phone starting to vibrate in the next room over. That’s all it takes, his anger and there’s the muted smack of something falling off the kitchen counter. Apparently two rooms away still isn’t enough distance. Smacking the book closed, Bakugo slams the door of his workshop shut, stomping over to the cause of the noise, glaring holes at the vibrating mess that is currently his cellphone on the floor. The expensive phone case was worth it, the infuriating piece of technology still intact despite its tumble.

This is why he hates technology, or rather why technology hates him. Magic, his magic specifically and the modern age don’t get along. He picks up the device, his anger rising, as it continues to vibrate in his hand, the screen flashing between its wallpaper and a blank white.


It won’t, it’s a machine and Bakugo is magic. They will never get along. He knows out of habit that he needs to calm down to get it to fucking stop. He gently places the damned thing back down on the counter space and exhales a long breath before rummaging through the kitchen to get a glass of water. By the time the cup is empty, the phone sits still, screen black as if it had never done anything but work perfectly. A sneer slips over his lips before he picked up the offending piece.

Bakugo only had a few contacts in his phone, his parents, his regrettable friends, a few regular clients and the shop . The Adipem Emporium sells a great many oddities but its main purpose was the closest supply shop for the odder ingredients nature produced—the ones witches needed for spells, potions and charms. The location of the shop wasn’t perfect, too far in the city. Making a trip is a lot on the witch, it has to be worth it, the idea of traveling that far into town just to find out the ingredients are out of stock is a whole other headache on its own. So the blond decided calling ahead to make sure Taishiro had everything was the wiser option. If his phone could make it through the conversation, that is.

“Hello! Adipem Emporium, home of everything under the sun and moon and then some, Taishiro Toyomitsu speaking.”

“I’m going to hang up.”

“Bakugo? Kid? That you?”

“I am not a fucking kid.”

“Then you should know a slogan is a slogan and if I don’t answer the phone properly I get in trouble.”

“You own the place.”

“Yah yah, what can I do the local Witch for?”

“Tsk. Don’t say that so casually. You got Limpwurt Root and Guam Leaves? I need to replace the wards soon and I’m not walking all the way into town if you’re out of stock.”

“Calm your broomsticks I got plenty, and don’t you worry, you don’t even need to walk we just hired a delivery boy I’ll send it on his route today.”

“Oh. Okay fuckin’ fancy set up you’re starting and here I was almost worried I was your own customer.”

“Boost in population equals more customers. That new division of the residential area is all settled now. You don’t have to be a local witch to want oddities. Anyway that going to be it?”

“Yeah yeah that’s all.”

“Okay, he should be coming in for his shift soon so I’ll get that ready, see you whenever Kid.”


The line went dead leaving the blond seething, his phone cutting his and Taishiro conversation short. Tossing the phone back down he made his way upstairs to his room to get the cash needed for his usual payment. How was a fucking delivery boy even supposed to find his way out here? Bakugo didn’t particularly live that much out of the way, but it was a little far. Where the city devolved into suburbs and then farm land, a few hours scattered about, and then at the end of that, laid Bakugos’ house. It was a old two story cottage, decent in size, old with paint chipping at the edges, but clearly lived in. The woods started right outside, a necessity for Bakugo’s occupation. With his ‘electronic drawback’ as his father liked to call it, living farther away from the technological advancements of the city was better for him and everyone else.

Bakugo was a witch. His family was old magic, everything he didn’t learn through his mother passed down teachings, he learned through family books hand scribbled in ink.. He didn’t attend schools or colleges, for regular humans or magic users, he simply learned . Everything was homeschooled and presented in a neat package by his parents. The world was aware of witches, in the same ways they were ignorant about them. They saw them them as rarities, and a blessing if towns had them; they would be respected them from afar. Known, but not talked about. If you didn’t have a local witch, you likely didn’t know about them. They kept the town ‘ safe ’, kept the crops growing well without trouble, provided health care through old practices for those who couldn’t go to doctors and for treatments doctors couldn’t give.

He remembers being younger, no older than seven, watching his mother act calm and polite in a way he didn’t think was possible while talking to Ms. Chizuru the older hag that lived in one of the farm houses closer to their home. She had a cough, always did, but the doctors weren’t helping. His mom was kind though, gentle, he followed her into the workroom and helped her measure out leaves, salts and herbs crushing them into a thin powder, he didn’t understand it back then. She only let him measure, not allowing a seven year old to fully make a remedy—at least not one anyone would actually drink yet. He was fascinated, watching it glow and spark in her hands as she finished it. At the time it was the concept of magic that was exciting, not the idea of helping people. He wanted to know everything and anything. It was the process of learning that set his perspective.

When he was older, he made the medicine for Ms. Chizuru his mother retired after deciding he was finally capable of taking over, the minute she announced the news it was obvious she had been waiting for that day for a while. Eventually Ms. Chizuru passed, but that didn’t stop Bakugo from keeping the ingredients stocked, ready for the next elderly someone to come along with the same problem.

He had multiple clients now though; rich business types who wanted charms to keep their jobs up, their sales high. Older women who were worried about their youth, who wanted to know the future despite the amount of times Bakugo told him he couldn’t do shit because that wasn’t his area of practice. Every so often a college student or even someone in high school would wondered this far out to see if the town really did have a local witch, always shocked and curious enough to come back a couple times after and purchase something to test its legitimacy. Regardless of the fact that he was still a young adult, he knew he was accomplished, amazing, and worth more then this damn town.

The bitterness at his location was hollow, he rather enjoyed his odd life. He was diligent on everything, and he wasn’t the only witch in the area, so he had to be the best. He felt something hit his leg, a brush of soft fur and looked down to see big orange eyes staring up at him impatiently, a long meow demanding food and attention, but mostly food.

“If you showed up properly in the morning then this wouldn’t be a problem Teekl.”

His familiar just hissed, leaping into Bakugo’s arms when he outstretched them. For a familiar, the cat was aggressively independent. Teekl liked to roam at night, keep watch over everything, especially when the wards were weakening to make sure nothing went wrong before Bakugo had time to replace them. The black Bombay crawled up his arm onto his shoulder, his favorite place to perch, and the blond moved to the fridge to get his wet food. He emptied it into the cat’s bowl stirring it in with the dry food that was always there, a happy meow following before the cat jumped down to the ground to start feasting. The blond sat down, watching the cat, mildly entertained at the way it scarfed down its breakfast despite always having dry food available for itself. Dramatic little furball.

Teekl had been a surprise to the family. His mother familiar a Shih Tzu who rivaled her own self absorbed arrogance never got along with Bakugo. His father’s familiar, a Tibetan Mastiff, a huge dog that would often carry Bakugo around as a child, completely soft to the family but a terrifying guard should anyone try to break in to their family home. Both had expected their son to summon another dog, possibly a Doberman or even a Rottweiler, but instead the spell had brought a furrball that was horrifically perfect for him, as his mother loved to tease. Red eyes glanced to the small black cat before him.

“You are the most non threatening in the world you fucking hairball.”

Ignoring the hiss he got in response, a loud knock startled him, Bakugo pausing in contemplation—he had no appointment today, and the delivery guy likely wouldn’t show up till night considering how far out he had to go to bring Bakugo the ingredients. Slowly standing up from the ground taking, Bakugo took a glance at Teekl to see the cat was uninterested in anything but his food, meaning whoever was at the door wasn’t a threat. Moving through the living room with ease, a quick flick of his wrist sent the front door swinging open as he approached it to reveal a bright set of teeth and a small bag outstretched for the blond. He paused a moment staring at the bag, before snatching the parcel up without thinking.Only after the ingredients were safe in his hand did he allow himself to get a look at the man, a once over that lingered at the surprising size of his arms up to the—
“What the fuck is wrong with your hair?”

A frown, no a pout, followed the unchecked comment ; though in Bakugo’s defense he hadn’t planned on saying it out loud.

“Ah! I thought it was manly, I just redyed it this morning.”

Bakugo huffed, leaning to the side of the door frame to checking inside of the bag to see his ingredients carefully packed, the logo of the emporium branded over the lids sealing everything inside. The tightness in chest lifted, finally turning back to the delivery man, who was standing there almost unsure of himself as if he didn’t know what to do next. New hires, the guy couldn’t be a year older then he was, the signature apron of the business wrapped around his waist, acting more as an extra source of pockets then anything practical. The raglan shirt he was wearing had its sleeves rolled up, clearly Taishiro was keeping up with his laid-back work attire requirements. The loud vibrant hair was tied back into a sloppy excuse of a bun, which had apparently resulted in a black bandana rolled up and tied around his hairline to keep the mess out of his face. It wasn’t the worse appearance, he’d seen.

“Uhh...everything correct? The orders all there right?”

Shit he had been staring. He looked back down at the two jars in the bag— like a fucking idiot it was two fucking jars he could count Jesus fuckin

“Yeah, it’s all there, thanks Shitty Hair, let me get your cash.”

“Shitty Hair? Oh! Okay!”

Bakugo casted one more glance at him before leaving the doorstep to grab his wallet from the living room counter, digging out the paper bills.

“Hey kitty, aren’t you cute.”


The blond had never made it to the door faster, a scene of horror on display in front of his eyes as he watched his familiar happily purr in the arms of this stranger, the redhead slowly rubbing a finger under the cat’s chin much to Teekl’s delight. Groaning Bakugo’s head sank down holding out the money,

“I apologize for my beast.”

That apparently earned him a chuckle, this situation wasn’t amusing.

“Dude you’re fine, cats are great I’ve never met anyone this friendly.”
Carefully placing Teekl on the ground despite the cat’s complaints to the action, the redhead took the money from Bakugo, before digging a small bag out of his pockets and pulling out a small brown piece of kibble and handing it to Teekl.

“Do you fucking carry cat treats in your pocket?”

“Ahh, Toyo owns cat and I forgot to take them out before heading out.”

The memory of the huge orange Maine Coon that constantly jumped on Bakugo whenever he visited the store flashed through his mind.

“Whatever Shitty Hair there’s the money need anything else?”

“Oh!” Cramming the cash into his pocket he pulled his phone from the other one, pulling up a small screen and handing the device over to Bakugo.

“Can you sign this?”

Technology, great. He could do this, he wasn’t a fucking child. He gingerly he took the device from the redhead, quickly scribbling his name over the touch screen before tossing it back, the delivery man (two words) barely catching it, startled that the blond would throw it in the first place.

“Thanks! That’s going to be it, well have a nice day…?”


“Have a nice day Bakugo,” and bowing down slightly, he smiled at the cat curling around Bakugo’s legs quite happily, “and you also have a nice day Teekl.”

The cat meowed happily, traitor.

“Yeah yeah, go do your fucking job Shitty Hair.”

“Ha, my name is Kirishima, you don’t have to call me that.”

Bakugo just huffed picking up Teekl before the fuzzball tried to follow Kirishima back to his— motorbike. Bakugo hadn’t seen one of those in a while but in the five minutes he had known Kirishima, he shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore. A large box strapped carefully to the back likely filled with other orders, the redhead waving goodbye to Bakugo before heading off, the blond stuck in his door way slightly frazzled he had was caught watching Kirishima leave. A meow coming from his arms drew his attention back to Teekl.

“You’re in fucking trouble.”

Teekl’s retaliation was quick and painful sinking a claw into the blond’s forearm making Bakugo yelp, dropping his familiar who landed gracefully, hissed once and then scampered back into the house.