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Any Excuse Will Do

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Pulling the towel away from his face, Kiryu cocked his head. That's definitely my phone. Shit! Striding from the bathroom as quick as he could, the phone was jammed against his ear.

“Bro! Where are you?”

“Nishiki, you know the answer to that. I'm at home, where I said I was staying.”

“Aw, come on! You got to come out with us! It's New Year's Eve tomorrow, man!

“I know what day tomorrow is. I don't really care, I'm just not in the mood.”

“Bro, you got to get out and enjoy yourself more! We're in Shine, come and join us!”


“Yeah, man! Me, Yui and Rina! Come on, bro! You know Rina's got the hots for you! Plus, she's wearing that sexy little pink number, eh?”

“No thanks. You're starting early. It's only just gone 5pm.”

“What do you mean, no thanks? Bro, this is Rina!! And hey... Start as we mean to go on, eh? Heh!”

“She's not my type. You have her. Anyway, is that all you wanted?”

“Not your type... She's smokin'!! Kiryu, what's up? You've been like this for a while now... You're getting worse... I'm worried about you, bro!”

“Nishiki, look. I'm fine, there's nothing wrong. Just enjoy yourself and have a great night okay? Have a drink or three for me.”

“You already spent Christmas alone. That's it, I'm coming over. We can talk and drink 'til we pass out, just like the old days, huh?”

“No! Nishiki... I just want to be alone. Please, stop fussing and have fun. Tell me all about it when I see you next, okay? Anyway I have to go.”

“No, bro, wai-” Pressing the end call button, Kiryu switched the phone off. That's the problem, Nishiki. I just don't know what's wrong with me. I just want to be alone. You just don't understand, no matter how I try to explain it to you. Even though I have people around me... I feel so goddamn alone. Walking back to the bedroom he pulled on some loose fitting jogger bottoms. I'm not going out so this will do. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, Kiryu flopped down on the couch, sighing as he flicked through the channels, finally settling on an action movie. This should do the trick, should be just what I need to take my mind off things. What the hell is wrong with me? It's been over a year since Tachibana... I can't stop thinking about him... Shit! This should be easier, damn it!! Instead of being out enjoying myself with friends, I'm sat in this damn apartment again, feeling sorry for myself... I've done nothing but snap at Nishiki... Kashiwagi-san... Majima-san... Even Reina, for months now. Tch, snap out of it Kiryu!!

A few hours later, Kiryu sat snoring lightly on the couch. A gentle rapping on the door snapped his head up. Huh? The door? Shit, Nishiki if this is you... I told you! I goddamn told you to leave me alone!! Rubbing his eyes as he shuffled towards the door, Kiryu pulled it open, immediately blowing a fuse.

“Nishiki I told you! Just leave me the hell alone! Go- Huh?” Finally looking at the person standing at the door, he was surprised to see Majima.

“S'up, Kiryu-chan? Haw... Did I wake ya?”

“Majima-san? Yes... I mean not really. The hell are you doing here...?” Shrugging, Majima smiled.

“Jus' bummin' around an' thought I'd come see ya.” Gripping the door, Kiryu went to slam it shut. Unexpected and unwanted. Go away.

“No thanks. Goodbye, Majima-san. Eh?” Placing his foot across the threshold, he winced as the door bounced hard off his foot.

“Nope. One way or another, yer gonna let me in. We got some shit ta talk about.” Pushing past Kiryu, he barged inside, whistling while he looked around. “Man, kinda bare, ain't it?” Lighting up a cigarette, Kiryu threw himself back on the couch in annoyance, looking up at Majima, his jaw clenched tightly.

“Well, my apologies, Majima-san, but since my last apartment was burnt to the fucking ground, this was the best I could do.” Cocking an eyebrow, Majima sat down on the chair opposite, elbows resting on his knees, hands clasped under his chin.

“Fair enough. So. Ya gonna offer me a drink or somethin'?” Nodding to the kitchen, Kiryu spoke bluntly.

“Kitchen's through there. Beer in the fridge, help yourself and get out.” Opening the fridge, Majima sighed. A few bento boxes on one shelf and the rest of the shelves were filled with alcohol.

“Man... This ain't no way to live...” The hell did he just say?? Tch, what does he want to talk to me about anyway. I have nothing to say to him.

“Did you say something?”

“Eh? Yeah, jus' mumblin' ta myself.” Returning to the chair, Majima sat down, staring at the tv screen. “Oh, hey man, I've seen this one! Best bit's comin' up! He's on top of the buildin' right, an' the guy that's been after him goes ta shoot him, so he jumps outta the way an'-”

“No offence, Majima-san, but I'm guessing you didn't come here to watch movies with me. What do you want. I don't have time for this.”

“Oh yeah? So ya got better things ta do then mope around an' feel sorry fer yerself?” Who the hell does this asshole think he is!? Taking another swig of his beer, Kiryu's temper rose, irritation getting the better of him.

“Fuck you. You don't know shit about me.” Placing the bottle on the table, Majima spoke calmly, almost nicely.

“'Kay. So tell me. What's goin' on?”

“And why the hell would you care? What's wrong, Majima-san? You really don't have anything else to do other than play the concerned friend? Not that we are friends anyway.” Stop it. You're being an asshole for no reason.

“So, what's havin' a go at me gonna do? Ya jus' gonna push everyone away man. Yer gonna end up on yer own.” Smirking, Kiryu nodded.

“Good. That's what I want.”

“Nah. Ya don't mean that. I can see through it, ya know.” Rubbing his head, Kiryu sighed angrily.

“See through what?? What are you talking about?”

“This whole act. Yer hurtin'. An' yer doubtin' everythin', includin' yerself. Ya thinkin' if ya push people away, ain't no way anyone can get hurt... I get it man.” How does he know? How does he get it? No. Don't know, don't want to know. I just don't care. Kiryu snorted, shaking his head.

“Look, I don't know what you think you know, but you're wrong.”

“Okay, so whatcha doin' stuck in here tonight? Yer boy is out drinkin' havin' the time of his life with a few girls down at Shine.” How does he know what Nishiki's doing?

“Great for him. And not that it's anything to do with you, but I just didn't feel like going out.”

“When was the last time ya got out? Had some fun?” Stubbing out his cigarette, Kiryu shrugged.

“Why the fuck do you care?? Goddamn it, Majima-san! I went out with Nishiki... End of November I think... Is that good enough for you??”

“Kiryu-chan, talk ta me. What happened... It wasn't yer fault. Tachib-” Jumping up from the couch Kiryu was in front of Majima in a flash, gripping his jacket tightly. Pressing his face against the other's, he stared at him with anguish filled eyes.

“Don't you dare!! Don't you fucking dare say his name, Majima!!”

“Tachibana didn't die 'cause of ya.” Straddling his knees, Kiryu pulled back his right fist, punching Majima as hard as he could. Raising his left fist, he pummelled him until strong hands wrapped around his wrists. Looking into his eyes as blood trickled from his nose and lip, Majima remained calm, his voice soft and gentle. “It wasn't yer fault, Kiryu.” Grinding his teeth hard as tears welled in his eyes, Kiryu breathed hard, his chest heaving up and down. It fucking was!! It's my fault he's not here right now! It's my fault he suffered the way he did!! I cared about him so fucking much... And it's my fault he's... Fuck!! You know nothing!!

“And how the hell would you know that?? If Tachibana hadn't of helped me...” Pulling his face close, Majima exploded, spit and blood spraying into Kiryu's face as he raged.

“Oi. Kazama made the call an' ya know it. Ya really think if he hadn't of bothered with ya, he would'a still been alive? What would'a happened when they found out he was after the lot? Or that he was related to the owner? Eh? The fuck ya think would'a happened?? They would'a fuckin' killed him anyway!! Tachibana knew there was always a chance he was gonna die, but did he let that stop him? Did he fuck!! He knew the goddamn risks, Kiryu!! If his own sister can get through this, ya can too!! Ya really fuckin' think ya the only one that's lost someone? Stop with the fuckin' self pityin' attitude an' step the fuck up!! Who are ya helpin' bein' this way? Ya think Tachibana would want ya like this? Pretty sure Kazama an' yer bro are worried fuckin' sick about ya, 'cause I know I am!! Get yer goddamn head outta ya ass!!” Letting go of Kiryu, he lowered his head, his voice filled with anger and pain. “In a way, yer fuckin' lucky, ya know that? Tachibana is gone. But ya got the memory of him, the good times ya had with him, every little fuckin' thing ya both went through together... He's dead an' that fuckin' sucks, man. But ya can grieve. Heh. Ya gotta any idea how fuckin' hard it is ta walk away from someone who's still alive? Someone who ya love? All ya want is that person, but too much shit has happened fer ya ta ever be happy with them. So ya walk away an' give them a second chance. An' the thought of them out there... Livin' their life... Wonderin' every goddamn fuckin' second what they're doin' or if they're thinkin' about ya... Man. Damn near enough ta drive ya fuckin' crazy. I mean how the fuck do ya grieve fer someone who's still alive?? Shit.” He's worried about me...? Why... He really does get it... Wait, he must be talking about Makoto... I had no clue he felt this way about her... I've been that busy feeling sorry for myself I haven't even noticed what's going on around me... Goddamn it... Letting out a shaky sigh, it was as if all of the anger, pain and doubt Kiryu had been holding onto for the past year just melted away.

“Majima-san... I... I'm sorry.” Chuckling, Majima raised his head, a warm smile on his face.

“Nah. Ain't nothin'. Jus' tryin'a make ya see... We all hurt, Kiryu-chan. We all go through pain. But man, we fuckin' get through it.” He's right... We get through it... I've wallowed enough. Tachibana... Forgive me... Get through... Did he get through it...?

“Do you still think about her? Makoto, I mean...”

“Sometimes, I guess. At first, it was all the fuckin' time. An' now... Rarely I s'ppose. But it ain't the same. I hope she's alright, an' she's happy an' all that bullshit. But the more time that passes, the more I realise this is fer the best. We never could'a worked. I didn't jus' give her a second chance when I walked away... I gave myself one too. I moved on, Kiryu-chan.” I can't even imagine how hard that would be... He's right, Tachibana is dead and that kind of makes things more final? I can't change what happened, and I can't bring him back. If that makes sense... I just wish I could talk to him one more time... There's so much that was left unsaid... But Makoto. She's out there somewhere and Majima has to live with that. The constant what if... I never thought Majima-san could ever feel this way or... Shit. Why is my heart beating so fast. I just want to comfort him, and make him forget about everything bad. He looks so... Sad.

“I had no idea you felt this way about her. I had no idea that you were hurting like this. I didn't think you could feel that way... Not with the way you act. Love doesn't seem like your thing.” A thoughtful expression set on his face as he lowered his hands from Kiryu's wrists, placing them on his thighs instead. Ngh, his hands... The hell?

“I ain't. Not no more. Got it outta my system. Heh, ya think I'd let sappy feelin's keep me down that long? Truth is I loved her, man. I used ta think ta myself at night when I couldn't sleep sometimes... Could she ever love me back? Would she only love me 'cause she knew I'd tried ta protect her? If I didn't walk away an' we got together... Would we spend however long we were together lookin' over our shoulders? Nah, man. Jus' wasn't worth it. An' eh? Whatcha mean? Nah man, course I gotta heart. Heh. I feel jus' like everyone else, Kiryu-chan. If I'm honest with ya, when I walked away, I made the decision ta live fer myself. Jus' like yer doin' now. But instead of becomin' a loner like yerself, I jus' decided I was gonna do whatever the fuck I wanna do. Fuck anyone else. I'm through carin' about people or what they think of me.” He's through caring about people? So... Why is he here?

“Love is always worth it. It's always worth fighting for.”

“Eh? Whatcha talkin' 'bout? Fightin' fer? Hehe! This is comin' from the guy that's decidin' ta be a total recluse now. Shit.” Majima grimaced, squeezing the other's thighs, throwing his head back as Kiryu looked on with a mix of worry and confusion in his eyes. What's going on? He's gripping my thighs hard... That feels really good... He looks really sexy like this... Pushing down his excitement, Kiryu kept his voice level.

“What's wrong?”

“Kiryu-chan, as much as I'm lovin' ya sittin' on my knee... Yer fuckin' heavy.” Smirking slightly, Kiryu slid backwards, grabbing his beer and returning to his seat on the couch.

“I didn't know you felt that way about me, Majima-san.” His eye crinkled as he let out a high giggle.

“Yeah, man! This is what I mean! Good ta have ya back, Kiryu-chan!!” I can't lie... I feel better. How has he done it? Nishiki has tried for months... My own brother. And he couldn't pull me out of it. Yet, Majima-san... I wonder why... I have to ask him. Taking a quick drink, Kiryu cleared his throat.

“Can I ask you something?”


“You said before you're through caring about people.” Majima nodded, downing the last of his beer. “So... Why are you here?” Eye twinkling as he tilted his head to meet Kiryu's, he shrugged.

“Man, yer different, Kiryu-chan. Yer a whole different kinda different.” What's going on... He looks so... Mischievous. There is something different about him tonight. Something really intriguing. I just can't put my finger on it.

“What does that mean?”

“Don't worry. Ya gonna find out. Maybe. Hehe!” Raising an eyebrow, Kiryu disappeared to the kitchen, grabbing another two beers. Placing one in front of Majima, he sat down, eyes widening slightly as the other got up and sat next to him instead. “So. This mean ya don't want me ta go?”

“I'm not stopping you. But you can stay for a while if you want. I'm... I'm sorry for how I acted with you before. Everything you just said... You're right. This self pitying isn't me. It stops now.”

“Ya not wanna head out an' catch up with ya bro? Surely that's gotta be better than sittin' in with a buttbrain like me, heh... But goddamn, 'bout fuckin' time man! Course I'm right, duh! I'm fuckin' great.”

“Not really. I'm actually enjoying myself with you. It's like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders... I feel like I can talk to you. Be myself. No matter what I say, you don't... You just get it. I don't understand how, or why... But I like this, Majima-san. Plus, Nishiki's got his hands full with Rina and Yui. It's good you have such a high opinion of yourself. Even if I don't.” Chuckling as Majima's eye widened, Kiryu felt a light punch to his bare chest.

“Ah, so this is it, is it? Take the time ta come fuckin' see ya... An' ya put me down? Real dick move, man. Yer lucky I'm such a nice guy, otherwise I could'a really fucked ya up fer sayin' that. Man, that's exactly what ya need man. Go get yer hands full with a hot lady! From what yer bro was sayin', Rina's practically beggin' fer ya ta give her the ol' Dragon of Dojima special, eh? Hehe!”

“Heh. You know I was only joking. For the record, I don't think you're a buttbrain. But trust me, it's really not what I need. As much as I love hanging out with Nishiki, I don't see why everything we do has to involve women. Wait, you've spoken to him? When? What the hell is a Dragon of Dojima special...? You know what, I don't even want to know. Majima-san, that is fucking awful, even for you. Like I said to Nishiki, Rina not my type.”

“Eh? She ain't yer type? She ain't too bad on the eyes, what's wrong with her? Hmm... Ya got some kinda problem with girls, Kiryu-chan? Hehe, ya can tell me!! So, what is yer type? Ya got me pretty curious. I bumped inta yer bro in Shine. Was lookin' fer ya an' figured he'd be there so jus' thought ya would'a been with him. Like I said, I want ta talk ta ya. Hehe!! If it was so awful, whatcha grinnin' fer? Ya fuckin' love it!! Look at yer face, blushin' like a little girl ya are! Uwaaa, yer so cute, hehe!!” Shaking his head, Kiryu felt his face heat up as a grin crept onto his lips.

"Knock it off, Majima-san. I just..." Hmm. Problem with girls? No... I'm just not interested. I've always been too busy to think about things like this. But now I am... Do I have a problem with girls? No matter how busy I am, I always manage to spend time with Nishiki... And even now, I could be out with Rina, but I'd rather be here with Majima-san... I'm sure I thought he was sexy before. Wait... No. Can't be. Can it? Could that be why I took Tachibana's death so hard...? Because I had feelings for him...? I guess it makes sense. Shit. Tachibana... I guess I'm... Wait, wait, what? He went looking for me? Because he wants to talk to me... But I thought we just spoke about things? Unless there's something else he wants to talk about? Like what though...? Hang on. Did he just say I was cute?

“Kiryu-chaaan? Earth ta Kiryu-chaaaan? Ya okay over there? Yer grinnin' like a moron.” Shit, why am I grinning? Because Majima-san called me cute? Ngh... Why the hell did I have to question my lifestyle choices right now with him sitting watching me? It feels like everything is fitting into place and making sense. Because of him... How the hell did he do that!? But what the hell do I do now?



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“Yer kinda freakin' me out, Kiryu-chan. Whatcha grinnin' at?” Shaking his head, Kiryu swallowed hard. I don't know. I don't know why I'm grinning. I don't know why I can't stop staring at you. I just don't know what's hit me. It must be like you said. You were wondering whether Makoto would harbour feelings towards you because you helped her... This must be it. I must be feeling gratitude towards you, mixed with... Relief? To feel like my old self again? Because I've never thought about you in this way before. Tch. I just want to- A sharp clawing at his chest pulled him from his thoughts. Focusing his vision on the body next to him, Kiryu smiled. “Oi! Watch this bit! It goes in super slow motion, look at the blood splatter!! Hehe!!” Majima pointed towards the tv screen excitedly, re-enacting the moment the man got shot, giggling maniacally as he did so. He's such a goof ball. Damn childish is what he is. Does that make me as bad as he is for laughing along? “Hehe. This is more like it, man! Ya dunno how good it is ta see ya smile again! Ya were really bummin' me out bein' so pissed off all the time. Yer welcome!” Chuckling, Majima wrapped his arm around Kiryu's shoulder, pulling him close. Suddenly aware of how naked his top half was, Kiryu tensed, letting out a shaky sigh. Damn it, why didn't I put on a shirt?? Strange... I don't feel uncomfortable like this... More... Excited? The hell... Flashing an awkward grin, he nodded, trying to slightly distance himself from Majima.

“Sorry. I know the way I've been behaving has probably pissed everyone off. I need to apologise first thing in the morning. I'll start with Nishiki and work my way through the rest.” Sighing loudly, Majima threw his head back, his voice whiny as he spoke.

“Maaaan, him again?”

“Huh? What do you mean, him again?”

“Kiryu-chan, I came here ta talk ta ya about somethin'. I don't wanna sit an' talk 'bout yer bro. We done that way too much already.”

“I don't understand, Majima-san. I thought we already talked?”

“We did. I got through ta ya. I think. Hehe! But we still gotta talk 'bout somethin' else.”

“And what's that?”

“Not jus' yet. Let's talk about shit an' drink more before we move onta the serious stuff, eh?” Serious stuff? What does he mean by that? I can't help but feel worried... Hmm. “So. I believe we were discussin' what yer perfect type of woman is?” Oh no. Not this again. Do I lie? Do I have a chance in hell of him believing me? He seems to be able to see straight through me. After helping me out... Which I still don't understand how he managed to do what everyone else couldn't... Don't I at least owe him some honesty? But, would he mock me? Or use it against me? Or- “Ya ignorin' me on purpose? Or ya jus' spacin' out 'cause I'm borin' ya?”

“N- no. I was just... I haven't really thought about it. How about you?” He's not going to believe that.

“Whatcha mean? Ya really expect me ta fall fer that?” Shit. Okay, let's do this diplomatically.

“It is actually the truth. Kind of.” Noticing the way Majima was staring at him, he quickly continued. “I've never really found it easy bothering with women. Not like Nishiki... Now there's a guy that makes it look easy. He's got it all. The good looks, the golden tongue, the swagger... Everything. Whereas me? Hm. You're probably going to ride my ass for this. But, it's just so strange to me. I get nervous. And I get awkward. It just doesn't feel right. I can't explain it. So, there it is.” Shrugging, Kiryu lowered his eyes, not daring to look at the face in front of him.

“That the kinda thing ya like then, eh?”


“A damn hot guy with an eyepatch ridin' yer ass?” Head snapping up, his eyes finally met Majima's face, a deadly serious expression on it. Stammering and stumbling over his words, Kiryu desperately protested.

“Huh!? What?? I n- never said that! No!! I mean... T-the hell!?” Pulling him closer, Majima shrugged, tilting his head to the side. His eye lowered from Kiryu's face, roaming to his chest instead.

“Ya jus' said I was probably gonna ride yer ass for that.” Wide eyed, Kiryu nodded, his face quickly reddening.

“Yes, but I meant... Oh. Haha, very funny Majima-san.” Just catching the corners of Majima's mouth turning upwards, Kiryu breathed out a sigh of relief, shaking his head in mild annoyance. Goddamn it! What a stupid joke!! The way his face was so serious when he said it... Why did it bother me like that?

“Hehe! Man, ya jus' way too fuckin' easy! Don't worry buddy! I ain't gonna ride yer ass. Well, not unless ya ask real nice like! I getcha, I getcha. Heh, ain't nothin' ta be embarrassed about. So... Are ya even inta women?” Raising his head, Kiryu looked at Majima with a pleading look. Please, just drop this. Just drop it, Majima-san. I don't... I don't know what. Ngh... Please. “I get it. Heh. Can't say I blame ya. More trouble than they're worth!” …!? Does this mean? No, he's got to be just trying to make me less uncomfortable. Leaning back into the cushion, Kiryu smiled.

“How about you then? What's your perfect type of woman?” Tilting the bottle to his mouth, he drank slowly as Majima turned to face him, wiping away the dried blood from his face.

“Who says I got one? Maybe after everythin' that happened with Makoto... It put me off. Maybe... Jus' maybe... I'm jus' like yerself.” Choking slightly, the bottle was removed from his lips as he coughed, beer trickling down his chin and onto his chest. Spluttering, Kiryu shook his head. Shit! What an ass. I'm soaking, it's on my trousers and- shit! It better not go onto the couch, I only just got this!! Tutting in annoyance, Kiryu sighed hard, trying to get up as carefully as possible.

“Again with the jokes. You're on fire tonight, Majima-san.” Grabbing Kiryu's wrist, Majima pulled him back down and placed his knees on the couch, leaning forward so his nose was almost touching the other's.

“Hey, man. Maybe I ain't jokin'.” Heart rate going through the roof as Majima's hot breath tickled his face, Kiryu kept calm, trying to play it cool.

“Whatever. Are you going to move? I don't want what I've spilt going on the couch.” Nodding slowly, Majima's face remained serious.

“Here... Lemme get that fer ya.” Lowering his head down towards Kiryu's crotch, he let out a series of small tuts. “Man yer so messy. Oi. No lookin' at my ass either.” Automatically his eyes flashed to the ass sticking straight up into the air. Inhaling sharply, Kiryu twitched as a warmth touched his stomach.

“What... Majima-san, the hell are you doing?” He told me not to look at his ass, knowing I would do just that. Shit, maybe he isn't joking. His ass looks really good in those pants though... Wait... He's not just breathing on me... Is he- Huh!? “The hell!? Are you licking me!? Majima!!” Pulling his head up, he gripped it tightly so that Majima was looking up at him with squished cheeks and pursed lips. Goddamn it. He looks fucking adorable.

“Lemme go an' shhhh.” Hands dropping to his sides, Kiryu nodded dumbly while the other lowered his head once more, dragging his tongue slowly up his stomach. Clenching his fists as hard as he could, desperate to keep his breathing calm as Majima licked up his chest, alternating between light, gentle laps and harder, more purposeful strokes. Pushing his chin back with two fingers, his tongue scraped against stubble as he made his way up Kiryu's neck, stopping when he reached his chin. Tipping his head back down, Majima looked him straight in the eye. “Ya okay there?” Slapping Kiryu's hand lightly, he continued. “Relax man. Easy... Eh?” Relaxing his hands, he winced as the whiteness began to fade from his knuckles. “Only one place left ta clean.” Kiryu's chest tightened instantly as Majima locked his eye onto his own momentarily before gazing at his lips. Time seemed to stop, everything went silent and still around them, the only sound he could hear was his own heart hammering in his chest. Mouth hanging open as he inhaled shakily, Kiryu held his breath, warmth and wetness tickling his bottom lip. Tracing his lips gently with his tongue, Majima sighed gently. “Mmm... Jus' one more thing.” Closing his eye, he pressed his lips against Kiryu's softly, his hand reaching up to stroke Kiryu's cheek as he shuddered beneath him. Allowing his own hand to cradle the back of Majima's head, Kiryu angled his head slightly. What am I doing... Do I push him away? Is that what I want? Tch, no. I don't want to push him away. I want him... I want him so bad. I don't know why, but after tonight... I feel differently about him. I never expected him to treat me this way... To show me his softer side... He's just full of surprises. I wonder if he'd mind if I held him close... Majima seemed to read his mind. Breaking their kiss, a gentle push on his chest and Kiryu was laying down, his body trembling as Majima climbed on top of him, bare chest meeting his own. Smiling warmly, he buried his face in the crook of Kiryu's neck, fingers trailing up and down hard chest muscle. “So, ya still think I'm jokin'?” Raising his trembling hand, Kiryu cradled Majima's head once more, stroking his hair lightly.

“Maybe? No. Why though? Why now? Why me?” Chuckling lightly, Majima kissed his neck softly.

“Yer heart is beatin' so fast... Calm down, man. It's alright. It's okay fer ya ta feel this way. Ain't nothin' bad gonna happen.” Feeling tears prick in his eyes, Kiryu let out a small laugh. Why the hell am I crying!? Shit. Is it really okay for me to care about him? He gets me. And I think... I get him. “Why? 'Cause I wanna. Why now? Heh. I knew I had ta get through ta ya first. Couldn't jus' rock up months ago an' say hey Kiryu-chan, how ya doin'? I know yer stuck in a pit of depression but hey, wanna hang out 'cause I kinda got a thing fer ya? I may be a fuckin' asshole, but I ain't no fuckin' prick. Why you? Now ain't that a question. Everythin' we both went through... Man. We get each other, Kiryu. We understand each other. That's how I feel anyway. When the dust settled an' I heard what ya had been through... It jus' hit me. I couldn't help myself man. I got more an' more interested in ya... I jus' wanted ta help ya. At first. The more I saw ya... The more I... Heh. Ya helped me get over Makoto. Even if ya didn't know it. An' honestly, I can't thank ya enough fer that. All the times I've talked ta ya, an' ya done nothin' but lash out at me... It helped me. 'Cause I knew I wasn't alone. I knew ya were goin' through the same thing I was. An' it made me feel better. You made me feel better. Ya made me able ta live again, Kiryu.” Tears ran down his cheeks as Majima finished, burying deeper into Kiryu's neck. I had no idea he could feel or be this way... With me. Able to live again? Maybe I can live again now. With Majima by my side, I feel like I can do anything. He's right... We understand each other. Where do we go from here...? “Did ya... Do ya love him? Tachibana I mean.” Stiffening slightly, Kiryu sighed.

“I don't know. If I'm honest with you... I didn't know how I felt about him. Not just that but about women too... I guess I've always had a feeling that I was different, but talking to you... A lot of things just make sense now. I- I don't think I was in love with Tachibana. I think that's why I took his death so hard, because I know I loved and cared deeply for him... But I don't think I was actually in love with him. If he had of lived longer and we... Who knows.” Lifting his head, messy hair hung over his eye. His face was practically glowing as he smiled, Kiryu's stomach somersaulting immediately. Oh, wow. I've never seen this look before. Damn it, Majima-san... “I've never seen this...” Murmuring quietly, Kiryu lifted his hand, placing it against the others face. Majima's eye fluttered shut as he rubbed his face gently against the warm hand that rested on him.

“Never seen what?”

“You. Like this. So honest. So beautiful.” Placing his mouth against Kiryu's hand, Majima let out an excited, shrill giggle, his face reddening ever so slightly. I feel like my chest is going to burst. So damn adorable.

“Maaaaaan!! Me? Beautiful!? Hehe! Kiryu-chaaaaaan ya so sweet! Okay! I've decided. It's New Year's Eve tomorrow right? I'm takin' ya out. No ifs or buts!” Chuckling happily, Kiryu nodded.

“Sounds good, Majima-san.”

“Eh? Ya mean, ya agreein'??”

“Yep. I want to go out with you.”

“I expected more of a fight... But whatever! Hehe!”

“You're such a goof ball.”

“Heh, it's why ya love me baby!!” Shaking his head, Kiryu turned away, anxiety beginning to take hold once more. Tachibana... What if the same thing happens to... Ngh.

“Oi. Look at me. It's okay. It's over. What happened... It ain't gonna happen again.” What the...

“How the hell do you do that? That's exactly what I was just...”

“I know. I could see it in yer eyes. C'mere.” Propping himself up onto his elbows, Majima leant forwards, his lips meeting Kiryu's for the second time that night. The doubt and anxiety hanging over Kiryu like a dark cloud lifted immediately. Warm... He's so soft. Parting his lips slightly, Kiryu sighed as Majima's tongue slid inside seeking his own, playfully wrestling before stopping to massage it slightly. Pulling back, Majima grinned at the disappointment on Kiryu's face, before speaking once more.”I promise ya, it ain't gonna happen again, Kiryu-chan. Man... I sure hope this does though.”

“Hm? What do- Ngh!!” Grinding his hips down between Kiryu's legs, he let out a small groan. “M- Majima-san! Shit!”

“Hehe! Man, ya gettin' me real worked up over one lil kiss. Judgin' by what I felt there, I ain't the only one. Let's slow it down, eh? Don't wanna rush ya inta anythin'. So... Before things get heavier... Ya want another drink?” What? Drink... No. I don't want a drink, I want you. And I want you now.

“What if I don't want to slow it down?” Shrugging, Majima's face turned serious.

“Ya ain't got no choice. I wanna make sure first.”

“Huh? Make sure of what?”

“Relax. C'mon. Let's have another drink.” Pushing up from Kiryu's chest, Majima scooted back to the other side of the couch to Kiryu's disappointment. However, he nodded and headed to the fridge, painfully aware of the tenting in his trousers. These are supposed to be loose even if... Ngh. Pulling out another two bottles, Kiryu held one to his face, desperately trying to wrap his head around the night's events. “Kiryu-chaaan? It ain't nice ta keep yer guest waitin'!” Goddamn it, how am I supposed to slow things down when he behaves like this? Tch.

After he returned to the living room, they sat and chatted a while, mostly about the movie on the tv, and for the first time in over a year, Kiryu felt normal. Stretching out as the movie finished, the tv changed to a black screen. Checking his watch, he stifled a yawn. Shit. 12.27am?

“Majima-san, it's getting late. Do you... Majima-san?” Squinting at the other in the low light, Kiryu could just make out Majima's head tipped back. “I guess you can stay there for tonight. Heh.” Retrieving a blanket from the cupboard in his bedroom, Kiryu leant over Majima, covering him as best as he could with the blanket. Lowering his head, he kissed him gently, careful not to wake him up. Whenever I kiss him... I feel so... Satisfied? Content? Hmm. It's addictive... He's addictive. I need to sleep, I need to think about things. I need to get away from him before I'm not able to stop myself. I know what he said but... Tachibana... How could I ever manage to cope if the same thing happened to Majima-san...?


Chapter Text

Opening his eyes slowly, Kiryu let out a small groan, wiping his sweat covered face. Tachibana... I wish the nightmares would stop... Wait. The hell? My ribs are killing me. Have I been lying awkwa- Casting his eyes down, he froze noticing an arm wrapped around his stomach. Majima-san...? It has to be. But I left him in the other room... Turning around as slowly as possible, Majima snored lightly, moving his arm from around Kiryu's waist momentarily, before gripping him tighter, pulling him closer. Ngh... Not that this is uncomfortable but... Damn. This is going to be hard to let go of. He's going to be hard to let go of. I don't want to... I want to believe what he says... I know I trust him. Why, I don't know... But will it really be okay? Can I really let myself... Love him?? Now facing Majima fully, Kiryu raised his hand, stroking the other's cheek gently as his heart fluttered in his chest. With the way he's behaving... Tch. He's making it so damn easy.

“Hey. Whatcha starin' at?” Majima opened his eye, a sleepy smile on his face. Kiryu couldn't help but chuckle.

“The sexy, half naked guy in my bed. I thought I left you on the couch?” His stomach clenched as Majima grinned wide, shoving his face into the pillow in what Kiryu assumed was embarrassment.

“Hehe! Flattery will get ya nowheres, Kiryu-chaaaaaan! An' eheh... Ya did. But, I was lonely. Woke up an' I was in darkness. Thought ya had gone ta bed so figured I'd join ya. Sorry if I overstepped the mark. Eheh...” Overstepped the mark? I never thought I'd see the day you'd genuinely apologise to me. Even if there is no reason for it, it's pretty damn cute.

“You are so adorable when you're nervous, you know that Majima-san?” Majima turned his head and giggled, staring at Kiryu through messy hair.

“Awww. Only when I'm nervous? Wait. Oi. Who said I was nervous?? Hehe! Don't know if ya know who the hell ya talkin' ta... But Majima Goro don't do nervous.” Rolling his eyes, Kiryu nodded.

“Mnhm. Sure you don't. Just like you don't blush, right?” Pulling him close, Majima pressed his face against Kiryu's, his voice trying to come out warningly, but failing miserably as he smirked.

“Knock it off, Kiryu-chan! Don't make me tell ya again!” Letting out a deep breath, Kiryu kept his face serious, his eyes alternating between Majima's one and his lips.

“Oh yeah? What happens if I don't knock it off? What you gonna do, hmm? Blush at me again? Scary.” Speaking low, Majima nodded.

“Man. Ya gone an' done it now ain'tcha??” Pushing Kiryu onto his back, Majima threw his leg over his waist, lifting himself on top of his body. Gasping slightly at the feeling of skin against his own, Kiryu clenched his teeth. He's in his underwear. I knew he'd taken his jacket off, but I didn't think he'd take his trousers off. Leaning down, he pressed his lips against the other's, grinding down gently as he did so.

“Mmnf!! Majima! What are you... I thought you said you wanted to make sure of something first?”

“I did, man. I wanted ta make sure after ya head was clear ya still wanted this. An' judgin' by this...” Pausing, he ground down down harder, revelling in the breathy moan that filled the air. “Ya still do.” Biting his lip, Kiryu trembled hard as Majima began rocking ever so slightly on his crotch. “Don't ya?” Nodding, Kiryu reached his hands up to Majima's crotch, scraping his nails up his chest until he reached his neck. Throwing his head back, Majima arched his back hard, a loud sigh escaping his lips. D-damn it... Seeing him like this... I can't...

“I've never wanted anything more. Majima-san... I want you.”

“Kiryu-chaaaaaan. Fuck, ya got me. Ya got me fer as long as ya want. I ain't goin' anywhere.” Wrapping his hand around the back of Majima's neck, Kiryu pulled him down, whispering into his ear.

“I hope you mean that. Because you're mine now.” Shuddering, Majima nodded as he returned to kiss him again, his tongue desperate and needy. Rocking slightly faster now, his hands came up to grip Kiryu's face as hands clawed at his chest. Wincing slightly at the sharp scratches raking up and down his torso, Majima pulled back, his face red and sweaty. Grinning at his flustered expression, Kiryu rubbed his thighs gently.

“Kiryu-chan... I want ya ta fuck me. Are ya okay with that? 'Cause we can wait if ya- wah!!” Letting out a panicked cry as Kiryu launched forward, flipping him onto his back so he was now between his legs, tugging at his underwear forcefully.

“Do I look okay with it?”

“Hmm. I dunno, man. I mean, I ain't so sure, maybe if ya give me a more definite sign, then I'll- shit! Holy fuckin' hell, Kiryu-chan!!” Running his tongue up and down Majima's length, Kiryu groaned softly. I feel so perverted. I feel so damn dirty. But it's not enough. I want... Placing his lips around the head, Majima involuntarily bucked, sending his dick further into Kiryu's mouth. Feeling hands tug at his hair, he hollowed his cheeks, slowly sliding down as far as he could, gagging slightly as Majima's dick throbbed hard at the back of his throat. Dragging his lips back up, he let his tongue roam around the head thoroughly, exploring every nook he could. It was like nothing he'd ever tasted before. I shouldn't like this so much... But it's Majima... He tastes... He tastes so goddamn good. “Kiryu... Kiryu, shit, stop!! It's too good... Don't wanna finish like this. Not now, anyway. C'mere.” Shuffling forward as Majima propped his head up with a pillow, Kiryu removed his own underwear and lowered himself on his chest gently, inhaling shakily. “Ya can sit down properly on me ya know. Ya ain't gonna hurt me. Or jus' hover, yer choice. So. Ya ready fer this big boy?” Sighing, Kiryu felt his face burn.

“B- big boy? Shut up, Majima-san...”

“Make me.” Thrusting forward slowly, he shivered, warm air washing over his pulsating length. Leaning down to place his hand behind the other's head, a series of curses were spat out as Majima took him inside, not stopping until his nose was pressed against his stomach. Swallowing rapidly around him, Kiryu felt his knees shake, ready to give way at any moment. Majima pulled him back until only the head remained in his mouth, stopping to give a few gentle swirls before pushing him back inside, desperately trying to coax Kiryu to start thrusting on his own. Luckily it didn't take him long to catch on as he began fucking Majima's mouth, not being able to stop the loud grunts and groans that spilled from him. Continuing until he knew it wasn't going to be much longer if Majima carried on, Kiryu moved back, scooting back to sit between his legs. I wonder if he knows I haven't... That this is... Ngh. Damn it, how the hell do I tell him!?

“Majima-san... I haven't... Do I...” Lowering his head, Kiryu tried his best to shake off the embarrassment as Majima sat up. Fingers lifting his chin, he stared at the smiling face in front of him.

“Kinda knew that. Heh, man, ya don't get it do ya?”


“Yer sittin' here all embarrassed... An' I feel like I'm gonna fuckin' burst.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means I'm yer first. I don't wanna sound like a fuckin' knucklehead... But man! Ya know how much this means ta me? Hehe!! Boy oh fuckin' boy!!” Smiling, Kiryu tilted his head, warm lips pressing against his own, hands tangling in his hair. I never thought of it that way. I guess it is kind of special. I never could have thought in my wildest dreams that Majima-san would be the one to... Heh. I don't know how he does it, but I really do feel like I can do anything. As long as I have him... I can get through anything. Breaking their kiss, Majima placed his forehead against Kiryu's. “So. Ya gonna fuck me now? Ain't nothin' ta worry 'bout. Jus' relax an' we can take this as slow as ya want. 'Kay? Don't worry if ya don't, but ya got any lube or anythin'? I knew ya were gonna be big, but man...” Kiryu nodded, pushing Majima backwards. Reaching into the left set of drawers next to the bed, he pulled out some baby oil.

“Will this be okay? I use it for my skin, before you think anything lewd.”

“Now why the hell would ya assume I'd think lewd thoughts 'bout ya? Hehe, ya right though! The thought of ya usin' that ta jerk off with... Man... Kiryu-chan, it'll work fine, I don't wanna rush ya, but c'moooonnnn!!” Chuckling as he pulled the top off, he squirted some onto his hand, rubbing up and down his entire length. Another quick squirt and his finger was against Majima's asshole, covering it thoroughly. Curiosity getting the better of him, Kiryu slipped his finger inside, shuddering at the tightness and heat he felt. Majima groaned loudly, his voice thick and pleading. “Kiryu-chan... Please... Jus' fuck me already will ya?” Swallowing loudly, Kiryu removed his finger, shuffling forwards. Lining his dick up with Majima's ass, he took one last look at the writhing body below him. I never want to forget this... I never... Changing his mind last second, Kiryu leant forwards, placing a hand under Majima's head, pulling his sweat covered face close to his own. “Ya wanna look me in the eye while ya fuck me? Man, that's real romantic like.” Nodding as his heart pounded hard in anticipation, Kiryu managed to whisper.

“I want us both to remember this moment, Majima-san. I want you to remember how I gave myself to you.” Shuddering, Majima mashed his lips against Kiryu's for a few seconds, nodding as he clenched his teeth. Using his other hand to guide himself inside, he let out a breathy groan as Majima tensed beneath him, his back arching hard instantly.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuckkkk, Kiryu-chaaaaaannn... Keep goin', don't ya dare fuckin' stop!!”

“Hot... Woah... I can feel you stretching around me... You're so hot... You're burning, Majima-san...” Pushing forwards until he was fully inside, Kiryu paused, a low, guttural growl rumbling in the back of his throat.

“Kiryu-ch- fuck... Kiryu-chan... Ya keep growlin' at me like that an' it's gonna be a quick one.” Withdrawing his hips slightly, Kiryu thrust forwards, sweat trickling down his forehead. Sticking with that pace until Majima's nails began to dig deeper into the flesh of his back, he intended to kiss him quickly, changing tacks when the other's tongue began battling with his own sending electricity jolting through his veins. Writhing on the bed beneath him, Majima pulled back, his voice coming out in desperate, short rasps. “Please... Harder, Kiryu-chan. Don't worry ya- shit, ya ain't gonna hurt me, jus' fuck me harder, please... Kiryu please.” Hearing Majima beg was almost too much for him to take as he nodded dumbly, pushing the other's hair out of his face. Pulling out further than he had been, Kiryu remained still for a moment, which seemed like hours to Majima.

“I thought you said we could take it as slow as I wanted?” Kiryu smirked as he thrust his hips forward at a snails pace, watching as Majima dug the back of his head into the bed as far as he could. Feeling him tighten around him, Kiryu chuckled. “Is this okay?”

“No!! Ya drivin' me fuckin' crazy man! Shit!! It ain't gonna... I ain't gonna... Kiryu the fuck ya- please, I'm beggin' ya! More... Fuckin' more!” Shuddering, Kiryu withdrew once more, again pausing. Just as Majima was about to protest again, he slammed forwards as hard as he could, his body landing heavily on top of the other's. Nails stabbed harder into his skin as hands clawed at his back unrelentingly. Trying to make his voice sound as innocent as possible, Kiryu nodded.

“Oh, you mean like that?”

“Fuck!! Jus'- jus' like that! Shit, more! Again! Fuck! K- Kiryu-chan!” Picking up the pace, Kiryu bore into him as hard as he could, the force sending both bodies further up the bed with every thrust. Looking into his eyes, Majima raised his hand up towards Kiryu's face, groaning loudly as he felt his tongue snake between his fingers, sucking on each of them hungrily. “Man, ya- fuckin' so hot, Kiryu-chan! I want ya ta cum inside me... I want ya ta fuckin' fill me, ya hear? Fuck, Kiryu-chaaaaan! Fuck! I ain't gonna last much longer if ya keep- shit!!” Pulling his head back and clenching his teeth, Kiryu grunted loudly, reaching his hand down between their bodies to grip Majima's dick. Burying his head into Kiryu's neck, Majima let out a low, hopeless moan. He knew it wasn't going to be long. Feeling teeth nip at his neck, Kiryu's eyes widened as a loud ringing filled the room.

“M- Majima-san... That's my phone...” Twisting his body to the drawers next to the bed, Majima grabbed it, wiping some of the sweat from his forehead.

“Ah! I getcha, ya want me ta answer it!!” Hissing through his teeth, Kiryu protested quickly.

“N- no!! Majima no!!”

“Helloooo? Ah, shit! Sorry... Yer gonna have ta speak up! Hold on... I'll p- put ya on speaker!!” Feeling his face redden as Nishiki's voice filled the room, Kiryu continued drilling into Majima as hard as he could. Oh shit... I can't stop... I'm too close to stop. Majima why the hell!?

“Who is this? Huh? Majima!? What the hell are you doing with Kiryu's phone??”

“Mmm... I'm answerin' it fer him... The hell it got ta do with ya?? Ah!”

“What's that noise!? What's going on? Put Kiryu on now!!” Raising the phone to Kiryu's mouth, Majima grinned wide, crazed giggling escaping his lips. If I don't speak... He might come over. Shit!! I can't believe I'm doing this... Majima-san...

“Nishiki... I'm a little busy. Can I ca- can I call you back? Ngh...” Majima's face beamed as he flashed Kiryu a wicked smile.

“Kiryu? Are you okay? What's going on, bro? What's all the noise?” Pulling the phone back towards him, Majima let slip a muffled groan as he squeezed his eye shut.

“Man, right there! H- hey, ya fuckin' nosy, ain't ya!? Shit, Kiryu-chaaan...”

“I don't understand why you're there. Why are you talking like that?? Take me off speaker and put Kiryu on properly. Now.”

“Hehe! 'Cause I'm his boyfriend!! Fuckin' fuuuuck man!! Look I ain't got time fer this, we're busy. Ya got- gotta problem with me, meet us... Meet us in Debolah later. Around 6pm.” Mouth dropping open, Kiryu choked back a grunt. Boyfriend!? He's just told Nishiki he's my... I... Damn it. I'm not even mad.

“Busy? Doing what?? Wait... Boyfriend!?”

“Fuckin'. Laters.” Still wide eyed, Kiryu lowered his head, growling. Pulling back his lips, he sunk his teeth into Majima's neck, eliciting a loud squeal from him in response. Ending the call, he tossed the phone to the side of him, hands returning to claw at Kiryu's sweaty skin.

“Majima... Majima I'm going to... Majima!!” Moving his head back, Kiryu locked eyes with Majima, his bottom lip trembling as the other moaned breathlessly.

“Thank fuck... Ya don't know how long I've been holdin' it... Give it ta me, Kiryu-chan. Fill me good... Fuuuckkk!!” A perverse smirk crossing his lips as his body tensed, Majima let out a loud shriek that twisted into a groan, his body jerking violently. Gripping Kiryu's chin, he pulled him close, panting heavily into his face. “C'mon, Kiryu-chaaaaan... Cum inside yer boyfriend... Cum fer me, c'mon, give it ta me... Big boy.” Stiffening, Kiryu slammed himself into Majima one last time, his whole body trembling as he came inside the other. His brow furrowed hard as he gasped for breath, Majima giggling happily. “I can feel it... I can feel ya cum... Holy shit, Kiryu-chan!” Collapsing on top of his heaving chest, Kiryu slid out, chuckling as Majima held him close. That was... Wow. Just... Wow. Shit... Nishiki...

“Majima-san... Why... Why did you say that to Nishiki? Damn... Why did you answer?” Looking up he saw Majima shrug before smiling brightly, his eye shining.

“Ya really wanna know? Well, I wanted him ta know. I want everyone ta know! Hehe! I wanna scream it from the rooftops! Kiryu-chan gave me the ol' Dragon of Dojima special! Hehe!!” Finding himself grinning as his heart skipped a beat, Kiryu slapped his face lightly. No matter how stupid he words it... We did... I did... Heh.

“If you keep saying that, I'm never going to fuck you again.” Eye widening, Majima shook his head, panic set on his face.

“Okay, okay! Man, I'm sorry!” Yeah right, like I could keep myself away from him. Did he mean what he said to Nishiki though...?

“And... When you said you were my... My boyfriend?”

“Well, 'cause I am. Duh. Ya said I was yers, so there we go. Unless ya didn't mean it that way?” Did I? I guess I did. Heh.

“Honestly? I don't know what made me say it. But truthfully... Heh. I'm glad I did. What I've been feeling since last night has taken over me, and I just feel so... Damn it. I'm not sure. I feel like I can do anything with you next to me, Majima-san. I don't feel alone anymore. I want to protect you and look after you. I just want you. Uh... I'm sorry. I... Heh. Um, are you okay? Majima-san..?” Pushing Kiryu off him so he was lying on his back, Majima lifted his arm, pressing himself close to his body. Letting out a shaky breath, he grinned into Kiryu's chest.

“Man... Ya ain't got no idea how long I've been wantin' this. I ain't lettin' ya go, Kiryu-chan. What I said last night, I meant. Ya ain't gonna ever feel alone again. I know it's gonna take time fer ya ta fully trust me. Ta fully trust that it's okay ta feel this way. But I'm gonna be with ya every fuckin' step of the way.” Kissing the top of his head gently, Kiryu pulled him closer, his arms holding him tight, almost to the point he was squeezing him. I don't think I can bring myself to... I'm never going to let him go.

“You... Us. We get each other. You get me on a level nobody else does. In fact, if I'm honest with you... I wouldn't want anyone else to get me. You, Majima-san. You're what I've been waiting for. You're what I need. And I trust you with my life.” A small sniff before Majima spoke, his voice throaty and unnaturally serious.

“Man, this some next level cryin' shit. Hehe!” His laugh didn't sound right... He's embarrassed. I could try... Hmm.

“I get it. Majima Goro don't fuckin' do cryin'. Right?” Grinning as Majima looked up at him with a wide eye, Kiryu chuckled. Well, it got his attention, that's for sure.

“Nah. Man, ya got me this time. Figure it's okay ta cry in front of ya. As long as ya agree ta one thing.”

“I don't tell anyone?” A thoughtful expression on his face, Majima shook his head.

“Okay, two things. One ya don't say a word, an' two... Ya never, ever, eveerrrr imitate my voice like that again. Deal?” Smiling warmly, Kiryu nodded.

“Heh, deal.” Brow furrowing, he shrugged. “I thought I was pretty good...”

“Kiryu-chan, yer fuckin' adorable!! But how do I put this sensitively... Ah! I wouldn't want ya ta have anyone else's voice. I love yer voice, so deep an' macho, hehe!” That means you sucked, Kiryu.

“Okay, I get it. So voices aren't my thing.” An excited giggle filled the silence, Majima running his nails up and down Kiryu's chest.

“Ya got a few other amazin' qualities though... Eh, big boy?” Goddamn it. Really, Majima-san? Ngh. Feeling his face immediately burn crimson, Kiryu turned his head, trying to hide the embarrassed smile that crept onto his lips.

“Again with that? Please don't call me that, Majima-san.” Another maniac giggle as he tipped Kiryu's head forwards, planting a soft, tender kiss gently on his lips before he spoke.

“Ya see, ya say that... But yer grin an' yer cute little blush is tellin' me otherwise. So... I think I'll keep it fer now... Big boy.” Rolling his eyes, Kiryu chuckled softly.

“Tch. So damn immature.” And I goddamn love it. Tch.

“Hehe! Ya know it! Like I said, it's why ya love me, baby! So. Whatcha think. Ya wanna grab as shower an' head out fer somethin' ta eat? If we're headin' ta Debolah at 6pm, we better get a move on!” Debolah... Shit. Nishiki.

“Sure, sounds good. You head in first.” Tilting his head, disappointment washed over Majima's face.

“Awwww. Ya ain't gonna join me?”

“Nope. Not yet anyway. You'd just distract me. And if we're running short of time...” Nodding slowly, Majima smiled sarcastically.

“Well... Yeah, that's the whole point... Man! Hehe, okay. I'll letcha off this time. Ya owe me a shower together though!!”

“Definitely fine by me.” Watching as Majima sauntered out of the room, Kiryu sighed shaking his head. Flopping back on the bed, he felt his face beam. Grinning so wide it was actually a little painful. Tachibana... I know you'd want me to be happy. And I am. Heh... I really am. I never expected it to be with that goof ball... But damn. He's just so... Amazing. Shit. The hell am I supposed to say to Nishiki... Ngh.


Chapter Text

While Majima headed back to his place to change, Kiryu showered and went to get dressed. Standing in front of his closet, he frowned hard. What should I wear? I always wear my white suit... But today, I want to look sharp. I want to look good for Majima-san. I have a black one I've worn only once... I could wear it with a red shirt and mix things up a bit? Maybe leave a few of the top buttons undone so it shows more of my chest? Ngh. The hell am I saying? I've never cared before. Am I really standing here trying to make myself look... Sexy? I never thought I could be sexy... Hmm... Should I? Okay, it's settled. Pulling on the suit, Kiryu tried to push down the doubts that were rapidly rising to the surface. Walking to the mirror, he swallowed hard as he studied his reflection. This feels kind of tight. I'm used to my suits being more... Casual? Tch. No. I'm sure Majima-san will like it. I'm wearing it. Besides, it will be dark in Debolah. Nobody will be staring at me anyway. Nobody except Majima-san hopefully. Heh. Reaching for the jar of gel on top of the drawers, Kiryu scooped out a fingerful, spreading it through his hair as he pushed it back. Damn, this is getting long. It's been a long time since I had a haircut. I wonder if I should keep it like this? Okay, this needs to stop. I've never cared about my appearance so much. Shit, what time is it? I'm supposed to be meeting Majima-san at Pronto in... Shit!! 10 minutes!? Damn it!! Jamming his feet into his shoes, he squirted on some cologne at the same time, before taking one last check in the mirror. I think I'm okay. I hope I'm... Ngh. Grabbing his phone off the bed, Kiryu barely took three steps out of the door when it began to ring.


“Ya gonna stand me up?”

“Huh? Majima-san, no!! I'm just leaving later than I expected. I couldn't decide what to wear so...” Shit. Now I sound like an idiot.

“Eh? I thought ya would be in yer usual suit. Not that there's anythin' wrong with that... Eheh.” Stopping in the street, Kiryu scratched his head. It sure sounds like there's something wrong with my white suit. Hmm.

“Um, no. I thought I'd wear something else for a change. So are you at Pronto now?”

“Yup. Have been fer the past 20 minutes. Hehe!” Huh?? The hell is he there so early for? Damn it!!

“What!? Why? I thought we said 4pm!? It's only just gone that now!!” Shaking his head in annoyance as Majima giggled, Kiryu sighed.

“Heh, it's okay, Kiryu-chan. I jus'... I couldn't wait. I know I only left ya an hour or so ago... But I jus' can't wait ta see ya again!!” A rush of excitement hit him straight in the chest. Me too. I feel like a goddamn fool walking around with this stupid grin on my face. But... It's worth it. Heh.

“Heh... I- I feel the same. I'm on my way, I'll be about 15 minutes.”

“No prob! I'll be waitin'! Kiryu-chan... I... Hehe! I'll see ya real soon!” Ending the call, Kiryu smiled lopsidedly. I can't help but feel like there's something he's not telling me. Hmm, I'm sure I'm just being stupid... I hope. Picking up the pace, he strode past Cafe Alps, sighing when his phone rang once more. Shit. Nishiki... Do I... Do I answer? Ngh. Finger hovering over the accept button hesitantly, he sighed, clicking it.

“H-hello?” Wincing as Nishiki's voice blared through the phone, Kiryu pondered whether to cut him off. I could say I lost connection? But I have to face him later. Thanks again for that, Majima-san.

“The hell is going on, Kiryu!?”

“Uh... What do you mean, Nishiki?”

“What happened earlier on the phone!! Is it true!? What Majima said!? It sure sounded goddamn true!!” Swallowing hard, Kiryu stuttered. Do you really have to remind me you heard that?? Should I lie? Well, should I at least try to lie my way out of it? No. Nishiki would see through it. Besides... I don't want to lie. I don't want to keep Majima-san a secret. But the thought of him hearing us... Ngh. Open and honest, Kiryu. That's all you can do. Majima-san did say he wanted to shout it from the rooftops, and while I don't necessarily agree with his methods... I'm not going to hide what makes me happy. Clearing his throat, Kiryu nodded.


“The hell you mean yes!? You do realise you aren't gay, right bro!? And what about Majima, hmm? He's not gay either! Bro, you were there when we were told about Makoto! As far as I understand, gay dudes aren't into women!”

“We talked about that. It's between me and him, so let's just say he made the switch. And heh. Oh. Really? Hmm. I must have put on one hell of a performance with Majima-san then... Shit, I mean...” Why the hell did I say that?? Tch. What is going on with me!? Nishiki is obviously confused, so why am I being so defensive?? Just calm down and explain yourself.

“What!? Bro... You mean... You were actually having sex when I called you??”

“Y-yes. I didn't intend for Majima-san to answer but... Heh. It's Majima-san.”

“What the hell man... What the... Kiryu, this isn't you. I'm sorry, bro. I think your head is so fucked with the whole Tachibana incident. You're not gay, Kiryu. You don't even sound like yourself anymore!!”

“And how would you know? Bro? If you can call yourself that?? How many times have I tried telling you what's going on with me?? I've tried telling you! And your answer was always the same. Things will get better. Just stop being so down. Let's go for a drink. Let's go see Rina and Yui. It's always the same fucking thing with you Nishiki!! And guess what?? Majima-san isn't like that!! He listens to me! He understands me! And I understand him. I feel like me again. I feel happy, Nishiki. Happier than I've felt since... Shit. Happier than I've ever been. I would of thought you of all people could be happy for me too, and understand... Majima-san is what I need. He's what I want. And if you can't accept that... I have nothing more to fucking say to you.” A long pause on the other end of the line as Kiryu trembled in anger.

“Well maybe I didn't know what the hell to say! I've never seen you like that! It scared me shitless, bro! And I didn't know what to do!! You've always been the strong one, Kiryu! Always! Not me... Shit, I... How could you not tell me this, bro? Your own brother, and you couldn't tell me you're gay? And of all people... You choose him!? Kiryu... He's not... He's not normal. He's crazy, man. He's fucking nuts.” Gritting his teeth, Kiryu's body tensed as he spat anger filled words down the phone.

“You say anything like that about him again... And I won't be responsible for my actions. I mean it, Nishikiyama. And for the record, I didn't choose him. It just happened. But, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. If I had the option... I'd always choose him. Every goddamn time. Fuck, Nishiki!! What is the problem?? Surely you should be goddamn glad I'm happy again? But, no. You're more concerned with my sexual preference. What is the big deal? I don't understand how me telling you would of changed anything!!”

“You don't understand. It's not the fact you're... Suddenly gay, it-”

“Now hold on a goddamn fucking minute! Suddenly? Bastard!! You have no fucking clue, you have no idea what the hell has been going on with me this past year! Maybe if you had of paid more attention to me instead of booze and women, you would have figured it out! Fuck you, Nishiki. We're done here.” Hanging up the phone, Kiryu paused, leaning against a nearby wall, his entire body heaving as anger coursed through his veins. The fuck does that bastard think he is?? If he ever speaks about Majima-san like that again... Tch. He's supposed to be my brother... Why the hell isn't he happy for me? Why the- huh? My phone. No, not again. Nishiki, you... Oh. It's a text message from... Majima-san? Huh? Why is he texting me? He's just called me... Let's see. Clicking on the message, Kiryu felt his face heat up. I miss ya, big boy. Goddamn it, Majima-san... Shoving the phone in his pocket, his anger instantly subsided. I have to get a move on. He's waiting for me...

Finally making it to Pronto, Kiryu walked inside to find Majima with his head down, concentrating on his phone. Instead of his usual snakeskin jacket and leather pants, he was wearing a smart white suit with a black shirt underneath. Eyes wide as he stared hard, Kiryu let out a shaky breath. Shit... I'm not the only one who decided on a different suit... He looks so hot... Shit. I didn't know it was possible for him to look even better. Woah. Gulping loudly, he made his way to the table, arguing internally with himself as he did so. Stopping halfway, his insecurities got the best of him. Turning around, he made a beeline for the door. This was stupid. Why did I wear this?? Why didn't I stick to my regular suit. I bet I look like a goddamn fool. He looks amazing and I... Hmm. I wonder if I can slip back out... Go home and change, say I got caught up or something... Yeah, I'll-

“Oi! Where ya goin'!?” Rotating slightly, Kiryu faced Majima, his head down. “Kiryu-chaaa- haw?? Oh, man!!” There we go. Even he thinks you look like a fool. Goddamn it. Why the hell did I have to- A loud banging interrupted his thoughts, his head snapping up. Rapidly banging his fist on the table hard, Majima threw back his head, letting out a loud wolf howl. Face flushing instantly, Kiryu strode over to the table and sat down, locking his eyes onto his shoes.

“Sorry I'm late, Majima-san... I-”

“Eh? Shut the fuck up apologisin', man!! I get it! It takes time ta look that fuckin' good, goddamn!! Wowwy, wowwy, wow!! Hehe! I feel like a little kid at Christmas! Can't wait ta unwrap ya... Mmm.” Raising his head, Kiryu looked around in panic.

“Majima-san... Not so loud, eh?” Majima's brow furrowed.

“Haw? Ya embarrassed of me, Kiryu-chan?”

“No. Not at all. But some people... Some people might not like this... Do you know what I mean?” Nodding his head thoughtfully, Majima shrugged.

“Well then. In that case. Fuck 'em!! Hehe! I don't give two hot shits, Kiryu-chan! I love this! So if they don't... Ain't that their problem an' not ours?” Smiling, Kiryu nodded. He's right. I don't know how he manages to make me feel so good about whatever I'm worried about... But he's right. Heh.

“You look good, Majima-san. You look really, really good.” Letting out a happy giggle, Majima nodded.

“Hehe! I know it! Nah, I jus' wanted ta make an effort fer ya, man! No matter what ya wear, ya still always look hot as fuck! I ain't got no idea how ya do it... But thought I'd at least try ta look good. Bring the New Year in with style, eh? Hehe! Man... What made ya wear that? I mean... Fuckin' shit, man!! Ain't gonna lie, Kiryu-chan. I'm strugglin' real bad.” Concern sweeping over his face, Kiryu leant forwards.

“Struggling? With what? And I wanted to look good... For you, Majima-san. Heh. I almost talked myself out of wearing it, and then when I came in here and saw how good you looked... I was trying to sneak out and go back home to change.”

“I'm strugglin' ta not shove ya in the restroom an' gettin' ya ta fuck the livin' daylights outta me. Wait, fer me? Shit, Kiryu-chan. Ya could wear a fuckin' brown paper bag an' still be the hottest fuckin' guy ever. I hope yer gonna wear this more often... Damn. I love how it clings ta ya chest an' ya ass...” Trailing off as his eye roamed over Kiryu's chest, Majima swallowed loudly. He really thinks I look good. Heh, I- A loud ringing interrupted the silence.

“Shit. Not again.” Noticing Kiryu was grimacing at his phone, Majima grabbed it from him, sighing when he saw the name on the screen.

“Maaaaaaaan. What the fuck does he want now!?” Speaking low, Kiryu rubbed his forehead.

“He... He called me earlier.”

“Oh, yeah? An' what did he say? Is he still bein' pissy?” Kiryu took the phone back and pressed decline as he nodded.

“Asked if it was true... About us. I told him it was. He then told me I wasn't... I wasn't gay. And neither were you because of Makoto. He tried to say it was because of everything that happened with Tachibana... That I'm confused. And I don't sound like myself. So I told him the truth. I've tried so many times to tell him what's going on with me. But he'd always just basically tell me to cheer up and get over it. Or suggest go out drinking with women. I said you aren't like that. You get me. And you make me happy. That you're what I need. You're what I want. And if he can't accept it... We're done. He started saying things like since I decided I was suddenly gay... Shit. I-I kind of lost it with him... He said you weren't normal. That you're crazy. So I told him if he says anything like that about you again... I wouldn't be responsible for my actions. I think he asked why I chose you, to which I told him I didn't, it just happened. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. If I ever had an option... I'd always choose you. I was too angry at this point, so I hung up.” Majima's lips curled back into a snarl, his fists tightly balled.

“Fuckin' assrat!! Ya wait until I get my hands on that fuckwit!! I'm gonna fuckin' kill him!! The fuck he think he is, talkin' ta ya like that!! Wait... Ya told him that?”


“That ya would go fer him if he badmouthed me again? But he's yer bro. An'... Ya would always choose me?”

“Yes. So what if he's my brother? You're my boyfriend. You question that? Majima-san. Of course I would. In fact, if I'm honest, it wouldn't be a much of a choice. You're not a choice to me. You're a necessity. A need.” Grabbing Kiryu's hand, Majima held it tight, grinning from ear to ear.

“Ya know... Ya know I feel the same. Right?”

“Heh. Sure, Majima-san. Are we going to eat now? I'm starving.”

“Man. Me too. On one condition. Drop the san, eh?”

“Um, okay. If you say so. Do I have any chance of you dropping the chan from my name?”

“Only when we're fuckin'. Hehe!” Chuckling as he shook his head, Kiryu smiled at the waitress who had arrived at the table. A short while later, they sat eating, Kiryu choosing a basil and avocado sauce spaghetti and Majima deciding on the vodka spaghetti and shrimp. Looking up with sauce dribbling down his chin, Majima spoke through a mouthful of food. “So, what's gonna happen if yer bro turns up tonight?” Shrugging, Kiryu leant forward, dabbing at the other's lips with a napkin. I can't take you anywhere. Heh.

“If he's calmed down and is willing to be happy for us, nothing. If he starts trouble... Who knows?”

“I know. I'll fuckin' flatten that shitheel if he starts anythin'. Ya ain't gotta worry with me around, Kiryu-chan! Hehe!”

“I'm not worried. But thanks. It's nice to know I can rely on you to have my back.”

“I can have more than ya back if ya come with me ta the restroom real quick, eh?” Smirking as he finished his meal, Kiryu shook his head.

“Time for that later, Majima-san.” Noticing the other was glaring at him, he corrected himself. “Majima. So, you want to head out now? I could use a drink.” Nodding, Majima stood up stretching.

“Awwwwww. Since ya ain't up fer no fun now, I s'ppose we can go. I hope ya ain't tryin' ta get me drunk so ya can have yer wicked way with me!” Leaning forward, Kiryu spoke into his ear, his voice low and gruff.

“I don't need to. I can have you anywhere and anytime I want. No alcohol needed.” Biting his lip, Majima shuddered slightly.

“Fuck, man... Kiryu-chan. Ain't-ain't no reason ta tease me like this. It's bad enough ya wearin' that damn suit. Shit...” Chuckling, Kiryu walked to the counter and paid the bill while Majima headed outside and lit up two smokes. Joining him outside, Kiryu was handed a cigarette, just reaching for it when his phone began ringing again. Watching as Majima clenched his jaw, Kiryu wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

“Majima-san... Majima. It's okay, calm down. I'm not answering. You said we would be at Debolah at 6pm. It's after that, so I'm guessing he's turned up and is probably wondering where we are. Maybe he's calmed down and just wants to talk to us?” Yeah, like I believe that. Nishiki... I just don't want any drama. I don't want to argue and fight with you. Looking at him hard, his lips curled into a sarcastic smile.

“Mnhm. An' maybe I wear this eyepatch jus' 'cause it looks sexy. Nah. From what I've seen an' heard 'bout an' from yer bro? He's pretty damn immature.”

“Well, it does make you look really sexy, so...” Giggling, Majima wrapped his arms around Kiryu's neck.

“Okay, okay, man. Ya win. I'm calm, I'm totally calm. Nah, I'm actually kinda excited ta tell ya the truth.”

“Hm? Excited? Why?”

“Me an' you! New Year's Eve! Together! Hehe!!” Sticking his face forwards, he planted a wet, sloppy kiss on Kiryu's lips, swaying ever so slightly as he pulled back. “Maaaaaan! Ya smell so gooood! C'mon! Let's go! Let's go, let's go, let's go!!” Grabbing his hand, Majima pulled him along, humming happily.

“Majima, calm down! There's no rush to get there, you know? I mean... Tch. You're not even listening to me, are you?” Goddamn it. It's no use. He's too excited. Heh, I'm pretty excited myself if I'm honest. My first time seeing in the New Year with someone other than Nishiki. Tch. I hope you've calmed down now.


Chapter Text

Standing outside of Debolah, Majima pulled out his cigarettes, just about to light one when a voice spoke behind them.

“Nice of you to finally show up. I've been waiting here for over half an hour.” Turning around, Kiryu placed his arm in front of Majima as he went to charge forward.

“Nishiki. Look, I don't want to argue or fight with you. Why don't we go inside and have a drink, hmm? Majima could you give us a moment, please?” Glaring at Nishiki, Majima shook his head, finally facing Kiryu.

“I ain't leavin' ya, man.”

“I'll be fine. Please? Go and have a smoke. I'll be right there. Majima, I will be fine. Heh.” An unsure smile on his face, Majima nodded. He's worried. I hate seeing him like this. I know. He turned to walk away, stopping when Kiryu grabbed his arm.


“You forgot something.” Moving forward, Kiryu pressed his lips against Majima's, smiling into their kiss as hands came up to grip the back of his head and caress his face. Pulling back, the other giggled loudly, brandishing his middle finger to Nishiki before walking away, sitting on a seat opposite where Kiryu was standing. Walking forward, Nishiki grabbed Kiryu angrily by the arm.

“The hell you playing at, bro?? You're doing this shit in public now? Really??”

“So, it's alright for you to have your tongue down some random woman's throat in public? But because it's two men, it's not okay? Nishiki, fuck you. Get lost.”

“Yes! No? I don't know! Look. I don't know what's going on, but you need to wake the hell up. This is not you.” Turning to walk away, Kiryu chuckled.

“That's where you're wrong, Nishiki. This is me. You clearly don't like it, so fuck you. I can't decide whether you're jealous of the fact I have someone that actually means the world to me... Or you're just a goddamn asshole. Stay the hell away from me.” Tugging his shoulder hard, Nishiki let out a yell as he whacked Kiryu hard in the face, the force of the surprise attack sending him crashing to the floor. Launching up from the seat, Majima sped forwards as Kiryu looked up. Holding his nose, he tried to grab Majima's leg as he flew past him, jumping onto Nishiki. Both bodies tumbled to the floor as Majima laid into him, incoherent, angry shrieking filling the silence around them. People on the street stopped and pointed, some people even pulled out their phones to record the commotion. Finally standing up, Kiryu gasped when he saw both men. Nishiki lay on the floor, hands desperately trying to cover his face as Majima punched anywhere he could. He wore an expression on his face unlike any Kiryu had ever seen before. Oh, shit! He's really mad... He's going to kill him. He's going to kill him if I don't stop him!! Shit!! Running over, Kiryu grabbed Majima's shoulders hard, tugging him off the bloodied body beneath him. Standing behind him and wrapping his arms around his chest, Kiryu held him tight, whispering into his ear as his chest heaved up and down.

“Hey, hey... Come on, calm down. Majima, calm down, it's okay, I'm okay. Don't make me do an impression of you again. Hm? Do you want me to do that?” Feeling his chest beginning to slow, he loosened his grip, letting him turn around to face him. It was almost too heart wrenching to look at. A mix of anger and sadness filled his eye as he bared his teeth at Kiryu. Why is he looking at me like that? “Majima? Are you okay?” Shaking his head, he gripped onto the other's shoulders hard.

“Nah man. I ain't... I ain't havin' him do that ta ya. I'm sorry... I'm so fuckin' sorry... But... He made ya bleed. I'm sorry, Kiryu-chan. I hope... Shit, I really hope ya can forgive me fer this. But I'm gonna fuckin' beat him until he ain't gonna move again.” I get it. He's angry, but he's worried. He's worried that what he's done is going to make me change my mind about us. Raising his hand, Kiryu stroked his cheek gently, smiling warmly. Trying to keep his voice as soft as possible, he shook his head.

“No, you're not. He's not worth it. Majima. Please. Just leave it. For me? Thank you for having my back. I'll... I'll have to find some way to make that up to you, won't I?”

“Kiryu, I ain't... I can't let him do that ta ya!! Fuck, man! I wanna fuckin' kill him!!”

“Shhh. It's okay. You're really going to let him ruin our night? Our first New Year's Eve together? The first of many, I hope?” Noticing Majima's expression soften, Kiryu pressed his forehead against the other's.

“The first of many... Hehe... Damn right. I told ya, ya got me as long as ya want. An' even if ya don't want me, ya ain't gettin' rid of me. Heh... I-I'm sorry, Kiryu-chan. I jus'... I jus' saw red. Oh, hell no!! Back the fuck off, or I swear, I'll tear yer fuckin' head off!!” Spinning around with wide eyes, Kiryu groaned as Nishiki walked towards them. He was calm! Nishiki, you fucking idiot!! Shaking his head, he winced, wobbling slightly.

“Majima. I don't want to fight you. I'm sorry. Kiryu? I'm sorry. You're right. I've been an asshole.”

“Haw? Are ya fer fuckin' real? Ya mean I just kicked yer ass fer fuckin' nothin'??”

“Nishiki... What is this about? Why can't you be happy for us?”

“Look, try to understand it. I'm your brother. I wanted to be the one to get you through this. But instead it was someone who was practically a stranger to you. Well, not a stranger, but you know what I mean. And then I find out... I find out you're gay? I hear you having sex with him on the phone? Man... I'm not saying I'm against it. In fact, I'm happy for you. I really, truly am! It's just not something I wanted to hear. Just like I'm sure you wouldn't want to listen to me doing some chick. Like I tried to tell you on the phone before you hung up on me. I'm fucking pissed, man. Because... I'm you're goddamn brother, Kiryu. Why the hell couldn't you trust me enough to tell me??” Smiling slightly as it all clicked into place, Kiryu shrugged.

“That's what this was about? Nishiki, goddamn it. You're a goddamn idiot. I didn't tell you, because I didn't know. No, I mean... Tch. When Majima came to see me, we talked. And a lot of things hit me. I took Tachibana's death hard because... Because I had feelings for him. It finally made sense. Why I don't really have any interest in women. Why it just doesn't feel right for me. I only realised myself yesterday. Thanks to him.” Smiling warmly, he pointed at Majima, who waved his hand above his head.

“That's the truth?” Nodding, Kiryu's face turned serious.

“I swear to you. Bro.” Shaking his head, Nishiki came closer.

“Fuck, man! Come here!” Arms outstretched as Kiryu walked forward, they hugged, chuckling lightly. “I'm sorry for punchin' you one, bro.” Shrugging, Kiryu pulled back.

“Lucky for you, you still punch like a child.” Pushing his shoulder lightly, Nishiki let out a small giggle.

“Shut up, Kiryu. Being an asshole doesn't suit you.”

“Real fuckin' touchin' man.” Sighing, Nishiki winced as he turned to face Majima.

“Majima... I'm sorry. Look, man. I'm happy for you guys. Just... Look after him, yeah? Maybe turn down the craziness a bit, eh? I mean, fuck. You sure pack one hell of a punch. Shit, I'm gonna be feeling this for a while.” Eye widening, Majima walked forward, Kiryu's chest tightened. No... Nishiki the hell...? Are you serious!? He's just beaten you to a pulp!!

“Is this guy fuckin' serious?? Man, I should put ya on ya fuckin' ass again, talkin' ta me like that!!” Pausing, Majima stood still, thinking hard. Finally he stuck out his hand. Nishiki grabbed it and pulled him in close, in what was supposed to be a friendly hug. Majima however looked horrified. Shaking him off, he stood next to a wildly grinning Kiryu, shaking his head hard. “Man, an' he says I'm fuckin' crazy? Not bein' funny, man. But jus' 'cause we're all happy an' friends now, don't mean I wanna hug ya. So, we gonna get a drink or what?” Nodding happily, Kiryu entered the club first. Nishiki was just about to step inside when Majima grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back so he could lean forward and whisper into his ear. “Oi. Ya ever lay another finger on him, an' I will kill ya. I mean that. I will fuckin' beat yer ass so hard yer gonna be beggin' me jus' ta kill ya. An' then when ya can't take it anymore, I'll break every bone in yer goddamn body. An' ta finish, I'll slash that little throat of yers from ear ta fuckin' ear. Ya get me? How's that fer crazy?” Swallowing hard, Nishiki nodded.

“I get you. Loud and clear, Majima.”

“Great! Oh, by the way. If ya say anythin' ta Kiryu about this...?” Majima paused, making a strangled, gurgling sound as he ran his thumb over Nishiki's throat. “Hehe! Was real damn nice chattin' with ya, Nishikiyama!” Giggling, he pushed him forwards into the club, following close behind.

A few hours later all three men were sat in Debolah, drinking way too much.

“Maaaaan. Ya both fuckin' slow ta keep up!!” Shaking his head in disbelief, Nishiki pointed at Majima.

“If you hadn't of busted my fucking lips, I'd be able to keep up, no problems.” Shrugging, Majima giggled.

“Yeah, an' who's fault was that? If ya hadn't of been a prick, I wouldn't of had ta kick yer ass. Learn an' grow, man. Learn an' grow.”

“Shit, man. You have to put up with this? I feel sorry for you, bro.” Leaning forward, Majima went to speak, his face twisting in annoyance. Luckily, Kiryu got there first.

“Heh. I wouldn't have it any other way, Nishiki.” Tilting his head to face Kiryu so his hair hung over his face, Majima smiled as he pulled back.

“'Kay. Who's up fer another?” Both men nodded as Majima got up and walked to the bar.

“Nishiki... Thanks.”

“Huh? What for? I haven't done anything, bro.” Smiling warmly, Kiryu nodded.

“Accepting this? Being happy for me? And even though he beat your ass... Being friendly with Majima-san.”

“Man, I haven't got a choice. You're my bro and I love you, Kiryu. But I've been warned.”

“Hm? Warned? About what?”

“Doesn't matter. Let's just say, I stand by what I say. I still think Majima is fucking nuts bro.” Noticing Kiryu's eyes narrow, Nishiki chuckled. “But what I've learnt from his warning... Is that he's fucking nuts about you too. And that's cool with me. As long as you're happy, bro... That's all that I care about.” Warning? I wonder what he said to Nishiki... It must have been something pretty good to make Nishiki see how he feels about me. Heh... To hear Nishiki tell me though... That he can see how strongly he feels about me? I know how I feel about him... But is now the right time to tell him? What if it's too much too soon? Nishiki can help me understand. Clearing his throat, Kiryu faced Nishiki, a worried expression on his face. “What's up?”

“Nishiki... I... Tch. I want to tell Majima-san something.”

“Yeah? So go tell him. I'll be fine here.”

“No... You don't understand. I want to tell him something important. Something I've realised. Something I didn't think possible... Not this soon anyway... But I feel ready.” Raising an eyebrow, Nishiki moved back slightly.

“Uhhh... This ain't something I shouldn't be hearing, is it? As much as I love you bro... I really don't want to know anymore about your sex life.” Feeling his face flush, Kiryu shook his head.

“What!? No!! Why the hell would I tell you- ngh. You know what? Can we please just forget about what you heard? Damn it, Nishiki. I'm being serious here!!” Nodding, Nishiki's eyes widened.

“Yeah, so am I!! As long as it's nothing like that, then you can tell me. What is it you want to tell him?” Looking up at his face with worried eyes, Kiryu spoke slowly, his voice quiet.

“That I... That I love him.” A wide grin spread over the other's face as he chuckled.

“Ah, you're finally in love, bro! Man, I'm so happy for you! Heh, just tell him! I don't know if it's my place to say... But I think it's pretty damn obvious he's head over heels for you.” Stiffening, Kiryu felt his heart skip a beat as his body jolted. What? He is? No, this is what Nishiki thinks. But still... The thought of Majima-san being in love... With me? Shit. I... What do I say to him? When do I tell him? How do- “Hey, man. You okay? You're totally zoned out with a dumb grin on your face. Creepy.” Punching Nishiki in the arm, Kiryu shook his head.

“You... You really think so?” Nodding, Nishiki smiled.

“Yup. You'd have to be blind not to see it, actually.”

“Blind not ta see what?” Placing drinks on the table, Majima sat back down. Eyes widening, Kiryu shook his head quickly as Nishiki winked.

“How bad Rina wants Kiryu.” Clenching his teeth, Majima grabbed Kiryu's thigh hard.

“Tough fuckin' shit. He's mine.” Damn it, Majima-san. Please... Not in public... Don't get me... Excited. Ngh. Nishiki shot Kiryu a told you so expression, before craning his neck and waving his arm in the air.

“Speaking of Rina, here she comes.”

“What?? Nishiki-”

“Relax, man. She's with Yui. I'll get them away from you. I'll come and see you later on. Are you staying until midnight?” Looking at his watch, Kiryu noticed it was only an hour away.

“Yeah, I think so. It depends what-”

“Nishikiyama-kuuuuunnn!!” Now there's a voice that goes right through you. Tch. Yui stood at the table, swaying her hips from side to side as Rina stood next to her, grinning wide. Facing Kiryu, she gave a small wave.

“I was hoping I'd bump into you! Hehe! I haven't seen you in weeks! I've missed you... Have you missed me?” Not knowing what to say, Kiryu gave Nishiki a pleading look.

“Hey, girls. Why don't we head to the bar and get ourselves some drinks?” Rina shook her head, giggling as she chewed her nail playfully.

“Hmmm, nope! I wanna stay here! The view is pretty good here, don't you think? Hehe!” Giggling childishly, she walked behind Kiryu, stooping down to wrap her arms around his neck from behind. Just as her arms touched Kiryu's skin, Majima stood up.

“Oi. Back off girlie. He ain't interested.” Tilting her head to the side, Rina glared at Majima.

“Excuse me? I don't think this has anything to do with you, so... Goodbye!” Shaking his head, Majima chuckled, leaning his face close to Rina's.

“Man. Ya ain't got nothin' in that little head'a yers except air, have ya? It's everythin' ta do with me. Ya see, I'm the one he fucks. Ya see what I mean now? He ain't interested. Move it along.”

“What?? No way...”

“Yup. Move it or lose it, toots.”

“Who the hell do you think you are, talking to me this way? Nishikiyama-kun!!” Leaning over the table, Nishiki sighed, whispering to Kiryu.

“I'll get these out of your hair bro. I'll speak to you later if you're still around. And good luck, yeah?” Kiryu nodded thanks, smiling as Nishiki dragged Rina away, who was still ranting and raging. Poor Yui. She looks so embarrassed. I guess I would be too if the person I was here-

“That's better. Now it's jus' us. Hehe. Man. What a fuckin' headache she is. Ya got a lucky escape from that, Kiryu-chan!” Taking a sip of his drink, Kiryu nodded.

“I'm glad it happened though.”

“Eh? Whatcha... Whatcha mean?” Watching as Majima swallowed nervously, he let out a small chuckle.

“To see you being so protective over me... It's not just really cute... It was pretty damn hot too.” Majima's face lit up, a wide smile on his lips.

“Yeah? Hehe! I aim ta please, baby!” Eye wandering down Kiryu's chest, Majima leant close so he could whisper into his ear. “I can do it right now... If ya want.” Inhaling sharply, Kiryu felt a twinge in his trousers.

“Huh?? What- what do you mean, Majima-san? Do what?” Licking his earlobe gently, Majima placed his hand on Kiryu's thigh, purring into his ear.

“Hey, man. Told ya not ta call me that anymore. An' hehe! Ya said earlier ya can have me anytime an' anywhere... Well, same goes fer me. An' I want ya here. I wanna do somethin' fer ya. No, in fact... I want ya ta do somethin' fer me. Mmmm... Somethin' I can't wait fer.”

“Ngh... What do you want me to do?”

“I want ya cum ta in my mouth.” Letting out a shaky breath, Kiryu moved his chair closer to the table, desperately trying to hide his straining erection that was easily visible due to his tight trousers. I knew it was a bad idea to wear this. This is the worst time to get excited!!

“Majim- Majima, we're in public. There's no way- huh? Majima?? Majima, no!!” Panic rising in his chest as Majima took a quick look around, before getting on the floor. Pulling his chair in behind him, he scooted further under the table, fiddling with Kiryu's belt in seconds. To anyone walking past, it would just look like Kiryu was sitting alone. Damn it! Why doesn't he listen to me!? This could go really wrong!! What if someone catches us!? What if someone sees? Shit!! Squeezing his eyes shut as Majima pulled his dick out of his underwear, Kiryu clenched his jaw. A few seconds later and Kiryu felt a warm tickle running up his length. Shuddering violently, he slid his left hand under the table, frantically trying to push Majima away. That ended however when Majima stopped licking and inserted the head inside of his mouth, sucking with an intensity Kiryu hadn't know possible. Limited room to manoeuvrer, Majima placed his hands on Kiryu's thighs, awkwardly bobbing up and down a few times, pausing occasionally to lap gently at the head. Digging his nails into the other's hands, Kiryu tried his best to keep quiet and act normal. Goddamn it, he is not messing around. Shit, no, please... No!! Planting a fake smile on his face, Kiryu nodded as Nishiki walked over.

“Sorry, forgot Majima got me a drink. So, where is he?” Hearing a small giggle come from under the table, Kiryu pointed towards the restroom. Majima, you sadistic bastard! I'm going to get you back for this!! Gasping loudly as Majima took one of his balls into his mouth and began sucking on it gently, Kiryu tensed his fists. “Oh, the restroom? Uh, are you okay, bro? You look like you're in pain.” Smiling, Kiryu waved his hand.

“No, I- I'm fine! I'm fine! All good! Heh! It's good, Nishiki! I'm good!” His voice coming out panicked and flustered, Kiryu stuck his thumb up. Another small giggle from under the table as Majima kissed the head of Kiryu's dick, swirling his tongue around it at a speed which was painstakingly slow. Nishiki looked at him with a quizzical expression. I can't keep this up... Shit, he's going to realize!! Repeating the action, only this time taking both into his mouth, Majima used his tongue to roll them around, sucking gently as he paused, causing Kiryu to launch forwards slightly.

“Woah! Are you okay, there? You can't be drunk already, heh!” No, I'm not drunk. I'm getting my dick sucked by a goddamn pervert!!

“I'm... Fine! Nishiki, just go! I'm honestly g-good!”

“Uh... Okay. If you say so. Do you want me to keep you company until Majima comes back? I'm sure the girls will-”

“No!! No! Um, heh! No, I'm fine! You go back to them! I'll s- shit!! Uh, I'll see you later, okay? Nishiki!” Opening his mouth to protest, Nishiki shrugged, deciding against it. Smiling, he nodded and walked away as Kiryu breathed a huge sigh of relief.

“Majima! That was too fucking close! Shit, Majima, please! Stop!! Shit!!” In response to Kiryu's pleas, Majima turned his attention to the shaft instead. A few dragging licks and he pulled back completely. Huh? He's stopped? Good... I guess. I mean- “Ngh!! Fuck! Majima!!” Letting out an audible groan, Kiryu felt his face burn, Majima shoving his entire length down his throat. Small gagging noised came from below him while nails clawed at his thighs, he knew he was close, almost to the point of no return. Majima kept perfectly still, not moving an inch as Kiryu throbbed hard in his throat. What is he playing at? Strong muscles contracted around his dick, almost as if his throat was trying to milk him, the need to push him over the edge too strong. Stomach clenching hard as his legs shook, Kiryu raised his hands to his mouth, biting his finger hard as he came in Majima's mouth, his entire body shaking with the force of his orgasm. Sweat trickled down his face as his chest heaved, Majima spluttering and coughing beneath him. Finally Kiryu began to calm down and come to his senses enough to reach down and tuck himself back in, Majima scooting back. “It's safe, come back up, quickly!!” Managing to pant out, he pulled the chair back, allowing Majima to surface, his face red and very sweaty, but beaming. Realizing he was smirking himself, Kiryu shook his head, Majima rambling excitedly.

“So! Whatcha think'a that? Eh? Was it everythin' ya ever dreamed of? Hehe!! I know it was a quick one, but man! Pretty fuckin' fun, huh??”

“Majima, you can't keep doing stuff like this!!”

“Haw? Why the fuck not?? I can do whatever the fuck I want ta my property!” His property? Damn it, I shouldn't like hearing him say that so goddamn much... Heh.

“Tch. It's pointless, isn't it.” Nodding, Majima threw his head back, a piercing giggle escaping his lips.

“Maaaaan! Ya fuckin' loved it! Ya ain't foolin' anyone with this act, Kiryu-chaaaaaaaan!! Hehe!”

“Okay, so maybe I did. But, what I'm trying to say is... Even though you really shouldn't have! Not here, anyway... You didn't have to.”

“Heh, ain't no need ta thank me. I wanted it more than yerself I think. I just had ta feel ya blow yer load in my mouth. Fuuckkk man. Ya know how fuckin' good ya taste?” Shaking his head, Kiryu looked away in embarrassment. Pulling his face towards his own, Majima smiled. “Oi. Ain't no need ta be embarrassed. Here. Taste fer yerself.” Pressing his lips against the other's, Majima slipped his tongue inside, rubbing it thoroughly over Kiryu's. I'm getting the faintest taste... This is so strange... So damn perverse. But so damn good... Pulling back, Majima nodded happily. “Ya see? See how fuckin' good ya taste, eh? Mmmm. Can't wait ta do that again. But I know I didn't have ta, ya fuckin' bonehead. Tell ya what. Think of it as a New Year's gift, eh? Hehe!” New Year's gift? I do have one for you actually. Swallowing hard, Kiryu grabbed Majima's hand.

“I have one for you too.”

“Eh? What's that then?”

“You can't have it yet. You have to come back to my place if you want it.”

“Oh, yeah? I was plannin' on comin' back anyway, but man. Ya got me intrigued now! Tell me! C'mon, tell me, Kiryu-chaaan!! Tell me, tell me, tell me!!” Looking into Majima's eye, Kiryu allowed a lewd smile to cross his lips.

“I want you... To fuck me.” His eye widened as he let out a shaky gasp.

“Ehhhh!? I always assumed ya would be a top, not a... Shit! Man!! Now this is one fuckin' gift I can't wait fer!! Kiryu-chan, I... Fuck, man!!” Chuckling, Kiryu stood up.

“I'm heading outside for a moment. I need some air and a cigarette. Are you coming?” Nodding dumbly, his jaw still slack, Majima stood up, following Kiryu out of the club. Walking outside, it was pitch black and freezing cold, but that didn't bother any of them. Leaning against the wall outside, Kiryu titled his head back, closing his eyes as a loud commotion came from inside the club. They're counting down in there. It must be almost midnight. 5...4...3-

“Oi.” Lowering his head as he opened his eyes, his chest tightened instantly. Majima stood in front of him, a warm smile radiating from his flushed face. He's so fucking beautiful... So damn perfect. Placing his hands on Kiryu's face, he pulled him close. “Happy New Year, Kiryu-chan.” Warm lips tenderly touched his own. Slowly, he allowed his tongue inside, playfully wrestling with the other's, butterflies running amok in his stomach. Wow... I've never... He's never kissed me like this... So passionate. So... Wow. Heh. Finally breaking their kiss, Kiryu stared hard at the face in front of him. Yup. Now's the time.

“Happy New Year, Majima. I- I love you.” Majima's mouth fell open, his eye widening as a slight redness crept onto his face.

“Ya... Ya do? I love ya too, Kiryu... Of course I do. Man, ya- ya dunno how long I've been dyin' ta tell ya... I love ya, Kiryu!!” Grinning awkwardly, Kiryu's breath was taken away as Majima pressed his lips to his own once more, the force jolting him backwards. How the hell could things change so much in two days... Damn. Stepping back, Majima squealed happily. “So, ya wanna head back ta yers now?” Head back to mine? But, it's only just gone 12. Shaking his head in confusion, Kiryu grabbed his hand, tugging him towards the club.

“It's still early, Majima. I thought we could head back inside, have a few more drinks?” Whining instantly, Majima threw back his head, stomping his feet.

“Nah, man! I don't want ta drink anymore. I want ta go back. I want my gift from ya now, Kiryu-chan! Don't make me wait!! Pleaaseee? Kiryu-chaaaaaan?” Chuckling loudly, Kiryu pulled him closer, gripping his chin tightly.

“Listen to me. You're coming inside with me. There is plenty of time for what will come later. Good things are worth waiting for, Majima. So stop your pouting and your whining or you'll be sorry.” Smirking as Majima let out a shaky breath, Kiryu took a quick look around. Coast is clear... Tch, what the hell am I doing?? Reaching his hand down, he cupped the other's crotch firmly. “If you want to fuck me, you'll behave yourself.” Squeezing tighter, Majima gasped, gripping Kiryu's shoulders hard. “Do you understand?” Nodding quickly, he spoke fast, flustered words tumbling from his lips.

“Ya... I understand. Kiryu-chan... Fuck, I- I... Yeah. Man. Okay.” Heh, it's quite fun to see him like this. I have to remember this. How he behaves when I'm more... Strict with him. Intertwining his fingers with Kiryu's, Majima smiled, following him slowly back into the club.

“There ya are, bro! I thought you'd bailed!” Shaking his head, Nishiki pulled him in close. “Happy New Year, man!!” Letting go, he turned to Majima, who gave him a questioning look. “Majima... I know this isn't your thing. But Happy New Year.” Kiryu giggled quietly as Majima tensed, Nishiki's arms wrapping around him. Giving a few swift slaps on the back, Majima pulled back, nodding.

“Same ta yerself. So, we gonna get this drink or what.” Grumbling, he darted forwards towards the bar as Nishiki and Kiryu returned to their seats.

“What's his problem?”

“Uh... Heh. Probably best you don't know. Let's just say he wants to go home now, and I wanted another drink or two.” Raising an eyebrow, Nishiki shrugged.

“Okay. So, how'd you get on? Did you tell him? I looked around for you when we were counting down, but there was no sign of you.”

“We were outside. Heh, I... I told him.” Giggling, Nishiki shoved Kiryu playfully.

“Annnnd? Man, judging by your face... I'm guessing it went well?” Nodding as his face beamed, Kiryu chuckled.

“You guessed right. Heh. So. How's thing's with you and Yui?” Shaking his head, an embarrassed look washed over his face.

“Uh... There's no me and Yui anymore.”

“Hm? The hell happened??”

“She caught me kissing Rina? Eheh... I know. Asshole move, but I think she's on the rebound from you, and if a lady is practically offering it to me on a plate... Who the hell am I to say no?”

“Nice going.”

“Yup. The best part is... They've went off together, proclaiming what a scumbag I am... And I'm left alone. Talk about a double whammy, man.” Chuckling, Kiryu shook his head.

“That's what happens when you don't think with your brain.”

“I know, I know. We can't all be love's young dream.”

“Eh? Who can't be what?”

“Nishiki is pissed because Yui gave him the elbow.”

“Yeowch. Sounds real painful, man! Hehe! How comes?”

“He thought it would be a good idea to kiss Rina.”

“Man, ya really are a shit fer brains, ain't ya?”

“Look, I've just gotten this from Kiryu. I've got a pounding headache, and my face is twice it's normal size, thanks to you. Can you just lay off me a bit? Damn.” Wincing as he rubbed his chin, Nishiki let out a sigh. Majima and Kiryu giggling happily. “Seriously? You're like two goddamn school kids.”

“Hey, man. Least we ain't alone on New Year. Jus' yerself an' ya hand again tonight, eh dude? Hehe!” Smirking, Nishiki shook his head.

“I can't catch a break. Well, I'll leave you two alone. Pick on somebody else. I'm gonna find a good looking lady, and forget about you two idiots for tonight.” Standing up he hugged Kiryu one last time. “See ya later, bro. I'll give you a call sometime tomorrow. Later, Majima.” Giving a quick salute, Majima turned to Kiryu as Nishiki wandered away.

“So. How's it been fer ya?”


“Tonight. Ya enjoyed yerself?” Grinning from ear to ear, Kiryu nodded.

“Definitely. I was telling Nishiki how I've never been this happy. Heh. How about you? I hope you aren't pissed off at me about before...”

“Man! Best. One. Ever! Well. Nah. Best one so far, I should say, hehe! Haw? Pissed off? 'Bout what?”

“Outside... When you wanted to leave and I-” Waving his hand, Majima shook his head, the corners of his lips twitching into a smirk.

“Hell naw!! Ta be honest, hearin' ya talk like that? Ya turned my knees ta jelly, Kiryu-chaaan!! Hehe! I didn't know ya had it in ya! I always took ya fer the romantic type. Didn't think dirty talk an' rough sex would be yer thing.” Huh? Why not? I can do that. Can't I? Hmm.

“You haven't seen nothing yet. Sure, I can be romantic. But there's a whole side of me... That you haven't seen yet.” Shuddering, Majima tipped his drink back.

“Kiryu, I can't take this man. Please, no more talkin'. Can we go now? I'm beggin' ya!” Letting out a deep breath, Kiryu stood up and walked to the exit. Turning around, he saw Majima still sitting there, an unsure look on his face. Heh, he's still trying to behave himself. This is cruel. But what he did to me under the table was fucking cruel.

“You going to sit there all night? Or you coming back to mine?” Jumping up, Majima strode towards Kiryu, a wide smile on his face. Bubbling over with excitement, a shrill giggle escaped his lips as he clapped his hands.

Walking back to his apartment, Kiryu sighed.

“Ya okay, Kiryu-chan?” Bouncing next to him, Majima swung his hand back and forwards happily. No. Yes? I don't know. The thought of you leaving me tomorrow... Maybe not seeing you for days on end... Tch. I don't want to worry you...

“Sure. Heh, Majima, you should calm down. You're going to tire yourself out. As adorable as you are like this-”

“Nah, what's wrong? Kiryu, I know ya. Are ya havin' second thoughts? 'Bo- 'bout us?” Shaking his head quickly, Kiryu smiled.

“Are you serious?? Of course not. This is the only thing in my life I've ever been truly sure of. I was just wondering after tomorrow... When we'd see each other again. Heh.” Breathing out a sigh of relief, Majima tugged him close, wrapping his arm around his shoulder tightly. Giggling nervously, he used his other hand to rub the back of his neck.

“Eheh... 'Bout that...” Pausing, he stared at Kiryu thoughtfully. I don't think I like the sound of this. Damn it, my stomach is twisting into knots... I feel like I'm going to throw up. “Man, I hate this shit. Okay, so feel free ta shoot me down in flames... But, eh... I kinda... Fuck! What I'm tryin' ta say is... I don't really...” Letting out a loud sigh, he turned his head, concentrating on the familiar buildings that surrounded Kiryu's apartment. Why can't he look at me? Ngh... “I don't wanna leave ya. I was hopin' maybe I could crash at yers fer a while. Don't worry man, ain't gotta be anythin' permanent. Unless ya want it ta be. I mean, not that I'm assumin'... Shit. I mean...I'd make any excuse... As long as it means I don't have ta leave ya. Hehe...” Kiryu's heart hammered his ribcage as he stared at Majima hard, his mouth hanging open. Is he being serious? Damn it, Kiryu! Look at his face! He's terrified... Just like I was to tell him... He's really worried I don't want this? Goddamn it, you fool. This is exactly what I want!! Heh. This may be really terrible. But I think I can get him back for before... I hope it's not going too far... Placing a frown on his face, Kiryu kept silent. Finally Majima got the courage to look at him. “Kiryu... Say somethin'... Please...” Pushing open the gate to his apartment, Kiryu headed up the stairs, his head down as Majima stood at the bottom. “Kiryu? Kiryu!” Unlocking the door, he walked inside, listening carefully as quick footsteps thudded up the stairs. Wiping the smirk from his face as Majima walked inside, he remained still, facing away from him. Placing his hand on his shoulder, Majima's voice came out quiet and shaky. “Look... I'm sorry. I didn't mean ta push it, I'm sorry... Damn it, Kiryu! Say somethin'!! Anythin'!!” Turning around slowly, Kiryu walked forwards, pushing his face into the other's. Brows furrowing, he let out a shaky breath, going to speak again until Kiryu placed his finger against his lips. Okay, enough is enough.

“Welcome home, Majima.” Eye wide, he tilted his head.

“H- haw?? What? Ya mean...?” Letting out a booming chuckle, Kiryu shrugged.

“I did say I'd get you back for what you did to me in Debolah. Heh.” Majima's lips twisted into a relived smile. Punching Kiryu hard in the chest, he giggled, pulling him back quickly. Wrapping his arms around his neck, he kissed him gently.

“Ya dick!! Man!! Fuckin' hell, Kiryu-chan! Ya surprisin' me more an' fuckin' more! Who knew ya had such a fuckin' evil streak? Hot damn! Hehe! So... Ya mean it?” Nodding, Kiryu smiled wide.

“Mnhm. Stay here as long as you want. You don't have to leave. If you want it to be permanent? Heh. That is more than okay with me.” Squealing excitedly, Majima hugged him tightly.

“Then I ain't! Ya definitely stuck with me now!” Shrugging, Kiryu reached his hands down, squeezing the other's ass gently.

“I could think of worse people. I suppose you'll do.”

“Ohhh, ya jus' can't help yerself, can ya??” Pulling back, Kiryu stroked his cheek gently, staring at him with heavy lidded eyes.

“How about I make it up to you?” Cocking his head, Majima bit his lip.

“Oh, yeah? How ya gonna do that, then?”

“By giving you your gift now. Come on. Come to the bedroom. Come and fuck me, Majima.” Smirking as he watched his body tremble, Kiryu took his hand, pulling him towards the bedroom.

“Kiryu-ch- Kiryu-chan... Are ya sure? This is gonna hurt, ya know.”

“As long as it's you, I don't care. Come on, what are we waiting for? Look.” Pulling his hand down to his crotch, Kiryu sighed as Majima gripped his bulge tightly, letting out a small moan. “This is how excited I am thinking about you fucking me. Can you feel? Can you feel how hard I am?” Breathing hard, Majima nodded.

“Kiryu... I don't know where the fuck ya pulled this attitude from... But shit, man...” Before he could say anymore, Kiryu was at him, biting and sucking at his neck, stomach clenching as Majima let out a series out loud squeals. “Fuuuck, man! Fuck!” Pushing him away, Kiryu smirked at the surprised face in front of him. “I ain't seen this look on yer face before... Shit.” Taking a deep breath, Majima studied Kiryu's face hard, groaning as he took it all in. He was bright red and sweaty, hair messily hanging over his eyes, a lewd smirk on his face. Raising his hands to Majima's chest, he gripped his suit hard, spinning him around and shoving him into the bedroom. Tearing off his own jacket, he watched impatiently as Majima did the same, only slower, still clearly in shock. He's really enjoying this. Heh, we haven't even started yet. I have so much more to show him.

“Too fucking slow, Majima. Here, let me.” Pulling him close, he roughly tugged Majima's jacket off, giggling at the pained grunt that filled the room.

“Ah, shit! My arm, man!” Leaning forward, Kiryu sunk his teeth into the other's earlobe firmly.

“Baby.” Hissing through clenched teeth, Majima jerked violently. “Get the rest of your clothes off. Fast.” Nodding obediently, Majima did just that, matching Kiryu's speed. Standing in front of him now fully naked, he shuddered hard as Kiryu's hands ran up his chest. “I've been dying to do this all goddamn night. I'm not waiting anymore.” Pushing him back hard, Majima landed on the bed, bouncing as he hit it. Before he could move, Kiryu was on top of him, pushing him back, his hands roaming all over his sweaty skin.

“Shit! The fuck is goin' on with ya, man? Fuuuck! Kiryu-chaaaan!” Glancing down, Kiryu smirked at Majima's oozing length.

“By the looks of things... You're loving it. Unless I'm wrong, and you'd rather just go to bed?” Giving him a sarcastic look, Majima shook his head hard. “Okay. Tell you what. We can either go to bed and sleep. Or you can watch me gag on your dick for a while.” Throwing his head back, Majima let out a loud moan.

“Shit, Kiryu!! T- the second one!” Shrugging, Kiryu nodded.

“If you say so.” Making sure Majima was centred on the bed, he got between his legs, pausing to admire the view. “Wow... Now this is pretty.” Reddening slightly, a grin crept onto his face momentarily before his knees were pushed to his chest hard.

“Ah! The fuck, that hurt!!”

“Good. Now shut up and watch me.” Goddamn it, this is making me too hot. Lowering his mouth, Kiryu kissed the head of the pulsating dick in front of him, sliding his tongue down the length slowly. Stopping he lowered even further, running his tongue around Majima's asshole, taking a quick breath before sticking it inside slightly, his own dick throbbing hard as the other's back arched.

“Kiryu!! Kiryu-chan! Fuck! The shit?! Fuuucckk!!” Smirking, he circled the entrance a few more times before dragging his tongue back up the shaft. Looking Majima dead in the eye, he flashed him a wide grin. “What the fuckin' fuck...” Okay, I've got this. Time to be as vocal as I can be, I want to make him hotter than he's ever been before... Shit... I can't believe I'm doing this. Opening his mouth wide, he took the head into his mouth, pushing down as far as he could. Trying to relax, he swallowed while pushing down further, gagging instantly as Majima's dick went deeper in his throat. Hands gripped his hair hard, grinding his head down further as Majima panted hard, legs trembling violently. “Holy fuckin' shit, man!!! Kiryu!!” Swallowing again, Kiryu let out a choked moan, reaching his hand down to his own dick as Majima writhed hard on the bed. Pulling his head back, he looked at Majima with teary eyes.

“You like this? Hmm? Look what you're making me do, Majima... Look how excited you've got me... You make the cutest noises...” Gasping loudly, Majima quickly wiped the sweat and sticky hair from his forehead.

“Kiryu... If ya keep... I'm gonna end up...” Feigning surprise, Kiryu shook his head.

“We can't have that. Okay, let's get down to it.”

“Haw? Get down ta it?”

“Mnhm. Fuck me, Majima. I want to feel your dick inside me. I can't wait... Mmm, fuck.” Groaning, Majima nodded, using shaky arms to push himself up on the bed. “How do you want me? Back, stomach or knees?” Majima shook his head hard, his words mumbled.

“Uh... I dunno... I- I... Shit! Kiryu-chan!! Ya gotta warn me when ya gonna be like this!! Fuck, man! Ya know how hard I'm fuckin' tryin' not ta blow my load already!?” Looking at him with the same lewd smirk, Kiryu shrugged. “Uh, okay. Back. This is yer first time, right? Like ya said ta me, I want ya ta remember this. When I slide my dick inside ya, man... I want ya ta realise... It's only ever gonna be me doin' this. I wanna make ya feel better than ya have ever fuckin' felt man. I ain't gonna stop until I hear you scream my name.” Kiryu grinned wide. Goddamn... I can't take this. I need him inside me.

“Looks like you're getting into this. Heh. So what are we waiting for?” Nodding, Majima leant forward, his lips pressing against Kiryu's hard. Snaking his tongue inside his mouth, he moved fast and hard, shuddering as Kiryu let out a muffled groan.

“Get on yer back.” Eagerly laying down, Kiryu grinned.

“I'm ready, come on.” Grabbing the bottle of baby oil, Majima squirted a decent amount into his hand, rubbing two of his fingers into it, coating them thoroughly. Bending down, he traced Kiryu's asshole a few times, before inserting his finger inside slowly. “Shit! Majima...” Sawing his finger in and out slowly, Majima let out a shaky breath.

“Ya ready fer another? Fuck, man...” Nodding quickly, Kiryu writhed in desperation.

“More... Another... Majima!!” Grinning wide, he inserted a second finger inside gently, watching as Kiryu tightened around him. Sighing gently, he withdrew his fingers and squirted more oil into his hand, covering his length entirely.

“I'm real sorry... But I jus' can't wait anymore. It's okay... I'll go real slow.” Spreading his legs wider, Kiryu nodded quickly. A deep breath and he was inside, teeth clenched as Kiryu let out a pained moan.

“Fuck!! Majima!! You- You're splitting me open!” Shaking the sweat from his head, Majima giggled.

“Nah, man. I ain't even halfway yet. Jus' calm down an' breathe. I promise it's gonna feel real good, real soon.” Nodding, Kiryu desperately clawed at the other's thighs, his face twisted into an expression of pain. Majima pushed slowly until he could push no more, sitting in awe as Kiryu tightened and throbbed around him. “It's in. Fuck, it's fuckin' in, Kiryu. Let me know when yer ready fer me ta move.” Pushing his hair back, Kiryu nodded.

“It's okay. I think... Shit. Move, Majima. And come here.” Slowly pulling out, Majima lowered his head to allow Kiryu to wrap his arms around his neck, biting and sucking at whatever flesh he could as he thrust back inside gently.

“Kiryu! Shit, slow down! Fuck, man! Jus' look at me. Here.” Pulling back, Kiryu's face gleamed with sweat. Biting his lip hard, Majima chuckled. “Man... So fuckin' sexy.” Moving his hips forward, he thrust inside slowly, but forcefully, Kiryu's body jolting hard.

“Ngh! Ah! Again... Please... Don't stop!” Sticking at that pace, Majima gripped Kiryu's face hard, watching every expression he made.

“Shit... Yer so fuckin' beautiful, ya know that? Fuck... An' yer mine. I ain't... Shit! I- I ain't never lettin' ya go, ya hear? Ya belong ta me. The only dick yer ever gonna suck, fuck or be fucked by... Is mine! I love ya, Kiryu... I fuckin' love ya.” Groaning loudly, Kiryu raised his legs, wrapping them around Majima's ass, gasping as his dick went deeper with every stroke.

“I wouldn't w- want it any other way. Fuck! Fuck me harder, Majima. Do me as hard as you can... Shit! Please!” Panting heavily, Majima shook his head, sweat landing on Kiryu's already covered chest.

“Nah. I ain't... I ain't gonna hurt ya. I can't bring myself ta- ta hurt ya.” Growling, Kiryu pulled his head down so he could reach his ear.

“I'm telling you to fuck me harder. I need you... I need you to fuck me harder! Fuck me harder, goddamn it!!” Nodding dumbly, Majima gave him a quick kiss, locking his eye with Kiryu's.

“If it's too much... Ya fuckin' tell me an' I'll stop.” Withdrawing, Majima gave Kiryu a quick nod before plunging inside to the hilt, Kiryu's body jolting hard, his feet digging into Majima's ass.

“Majima!! Majima, like this! M-Majima please!!” Feeling his stomach tighten at Kiryu's loud moans, Majima gripped his shoulders hard, picking up the pace as he slammed into the body below him. Noticing Kiryu had moved his hand down to jerk himself off, Majima swatted him away, taking over instead.

“Yer fuckin' drippin' man! Shit... Ya really inta this, eh, big boy?” Cursing, Kiryu turned his head to the side as he gripped the bed sheet hard, redness creeping over his cheeks.

“Fuck, Majima... I'm going to cum! You're going to make me cum! Majima!!” Hollering out his name as loud as he could, Kiryu pulled his face down towards his own, moaning into his mouth as he came hard into Majima's hand. Staring at him with glazed over eyes, he repeated his name over and over again softly. It was too much for him to take.

“Kiryu... I'm gonna cum now. I'm gonna cum inside ya... Ya ready? Fuck! Here I fuckin' come, big boy! Shit!! Kiryu!!” Gasping as his body shook hard, Majima slammed in to him as hard as he could, riding out his orgasm as Kiryu moaned beneath him. When he could thrust no more, he withdrew, collapsing next to Kiryu as he panted, sweat pouring down his face. Turning his head as he heard a small chuckle, Majima's brow furred. “So damn funny?”

“Did you enjoy your gift, Majima?” Grinning wildly, Majima nodded hard, lifting Kiryu's arm as he snuggled close.

“Man! Best present I ever got! I can't fuckin' wait ta see what comes next!” Shrugging, Kiryu held him tight.

“I'm sure we'll both have fun discovering that. Heh. Thank you.”

“Eh? What for?”

“Everything. For being you. For showing me it's okay to love. For being so damn easy to love.”

“Hehe... I love ya too, Kiryu-chan. I really fuckin' love ya.” Enjoying the warmth radiating from the other's body, Kiryu felt a wide smile cross his lips. I... I can't believe how happy I am. I just... Tch. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring, with him by my side... Heh. Idiot. Noticing Majima had went quiet, Kiryu lifted his head slightly. He's sleeping. That must have really tired him out. Can't say I blame him, sleep does sound really good right now. Closing his eyes, Kiryu fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. And in the morning when he woke with his arms still wrapped tightly around Majima, he realised that for the first time in over a year, he didn't have any nightmares. Feeling a clawing at his chest, he looked down, still half asleep.

 "Hm?" Majima grinned up at him. I can't take him looking so goddamn cute this early. Shit.

"Kiryu-chan? Ya ready fer another go? Hehe!" Chuckling, Kiryu nodded.