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Fake It Until You Mate It

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Chapter 1

“Just to let you know Yoongi is on his way over,” Hoseok informed Jimin as soon as the omega walked into their apartment.

He was still a little breathless, after having walked from campus to their apartment but his lungs seemed to freeze altogether. It was so rare that Min Yoongi ever came over to their place.

“Is something going on?” Jimin couldn’t help but be curious.

“Yeah, it actually sounds like his father is going to force him to take part in the mate hunt.”

Jimin felt his eyes go wide, that was a big deal. Alphas, and omegas looking for a mate would go on the mate hunt single and usually leave it with an intended mate.

“But he doesn’t want to? What’s he going to do?”

Hoseok looked sympathetic, “I’m not sure, he didn’t say much over the phone.”

Jimin nodded and bit down on his lip, there was a pit in his stomach over the news that Hoseok had just delivered to him. The omega was anxious to get more details when Yoongi arrived, and tried not to overthink things. But it sounded like the alpha he had been crushing on for years was about to be taken off the market.

“Maybe if you just admitted that you like him then -”

“No!” Jimin yelled in a panic. “We’ve gone over this before, Yoongi is not interested in me that way.”

“You could be wrong though. Yoongi is such a closed book most of the time,” Hoseok pointed out.

“I used to flirt with him all the time and he would always shut me down,” Jimin ran his hand through his blonde hair nervously.

He didn’t like to think about that, it really depressed him to remember all the times he’d been so hopeful that Yoongi would flirt back with him just a little.

His roommate kept pressing about it though, “But you never tried talking to him about it upfront.”

“Why would I? He’s never given me a reason to believe otherwise Hoseok.”

“What if I had an idea for a way for you to figure out if there is something there without having to admit the truth to him?”

Jimin shook his head, “That’s so cryptic Hobi. I don’t know, maybe.”

The beta clapped his hands excitedly, “Cool! Why don’t you go freshen up since Yoongi will be here soon!”

Knowing he wasn’t going to get any more information out of his roommate, Jimin just shuffled off to his bedroom. He did want to change his clothes before the alpha arrived. No matter how hard he tried he’d never been able to shake the instinct to want to impress Yoongi. And the athletic wear he’d worn to class today wasn’t cutting it.

He could still remember the first time that he’d met the alpha, after being introduced to him by Hoseok when they became roommates his freshman year. Hobi had let him tag along to hang out with his friends at a bar to celebrate the start of the new school year and Jimin had instantly felt a draw to Yoongi.

In hindsight, it might have seemed weird to others that he’d felt an instant attraction to the alpha. After all, Yoongi had barely spoken a word that night. There was something about his quiet confidence that had Jimin following him around like a lovesick puppy since day one.

Over time, he’d only grown to admire the alpha more and more each time they hung out. Here they were years later and Jimin still hadn’t been able to shake the crush, even when it had never given him anything but disappointment.

Shaking off his sad thoughts, Jimin finished changing into some skinny jeans and a v-neck shirt before dashing into his bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face.

By the time he was done getting ready, he could hear voices talking out in the open living space of their apartment. He had to let out a few calming breaths before leaving his bedroom. Which ended up being a waste of time because as soon as he left his room the heavy scent of Yoongi’s anxiety washed over him and worked him all up again.

The inner omega in him wanted to rush over and soothe the alpha. But he had to force himself to walk over slowly to where Yoongi and Hoseok were talking in the living room. Mostly it was Hoseok trying to encourage the alpha not to feel so bad.

“It will be okay hyung,” Hoseok tried patting the alpha on the back.

Yoongi just rubbed his face and groaned in response. Jimin wanted to sit next to Yoongi and comfort him too. He really didn’t trust himself to keep his hands off the alpha though. So instead he sat in the armchair across from their sofa.

“Hey Yoongi,” Jimin said softly.

The beta and alpha both looked over at him then, and it broke Jimin’s heart to see the distress on Yoongi’s face. He still looked as attractive as ever to the omega, even though his usual mouthwatering scent was tainted with despair.

“Hey Jiminie,” as always, Yoongi’s voice was gruff but soothing.

Hoseok spoke next, “Yoongi was just explaining that his father threatened to stop paying for school if he didn’t do the mate hunt.”

Jimin gasped, “That’s harsh, any reason why?”

“He said he wants to make sure that I’m going to settle down and be serious about carrying on the family name.”

Unfortunately for Yoongi, he came from a long line of powerful alphas and since he was the only son that put more pressure on him. He didn’t often talk about the issues in family, but all their friends knew that Yoongi and his father had a strained relationship at best. Even on holidays Yoongi usually avoided going home if he could.

“Maybe it could be a good thing. Maybe you’ll actually find someone you like,” Jimin tried to offer, though the words made him feel awful inside.

“I just want to focus on school right now, that’s why I don’t date. Going right into courting would be even more stressful than casually dating,” Yoongi groaned and coverd his face again.

Hoseok gave Jimin a quick look before speaking to Yoongi again, “What if you could just trick your father into thinking you’re courting someone? Then you could skip out on the mate hunt all together.”

“I can’t just say I’m courting someone, I would need proof. Which I don’t have because I’m not,” Yoongi sighed.

“Right,” Hoseok nodded. “That’s why you need an omega to pretend to court. Someone you can trust to make it believable.”

Yoongi frowned and looked over at Hoseok, “First of all that sounds crazy and secondly I don’t have anyone.”

“That’s not true, both Jin and Jimin are single. I’m sure either of them wouldn’t mind helping you. Isn’t that right Jimin?”

Before Jimin could even respond, Yoongi made a sound of disgust that made Jimin want to crawl underneath the furniture.

“There’s no way you’re convincing me to court Jin even if it’s for pretend,” Yoongi said seriously.

Hoseok laughed, “That would be weird. Why not Jimin then?”

Yoongi didn’t even look over at Jimin before waving his hand in the air, “Jimin must have a bunch of alphas knocking on his door, he doesn’t want to waste his time with me.”

Jimin frowned at that. Just at a friendship level it bothers him that Yoongi didn’t think he’d want to help. He knew that they weren’t the closest, mostly because of Jimin’s constant worrying about embarrassing himself in front of the alpha, but it still hurt that Yoongi would immediately write him off like that.

“I’ll help hyung, I mean if you want me to that is.”

The alpha finally looked over at Jimin with a blank expression on his face like he was confused or didn’t know what to say.

“See, you can just pretend to court Jimin and get your father off your back.” Hoseok patted Yoongi on the back like it was all set.

But Yoongi started shaking his head again and looked at Hoseok, “I don’t know. He might think I’m full of shit, which of course I would be. I mean, it’s not like I’m even on Jimin’s level. Doesn’t that make it seem obviously fake?”

“What does that even mean that you’re not on my level?” Jimin demanded before Hoseok could respond to Yoongi.

“You’re, you know,” Yoongi just pointed at Jimin like that was supposed to explain things.

“No I don’t.” Jimin crossed his arms over his chest.

Yoongi sounded annoyed when he spoke again, “Don’t play stupid Jimin, every time we go out as a group alphas are hitting on you even though we’re with you. And I’m just me.”

Jimin jumped up from his chair, “I have told you so many times you’re cute, and I’ve had omegas ask about you too so that’s not even fair.”

“Yeah, okay.”

The alpha didn't look like he believed Jimin at all, and it was totally frustrating. He knew that he shouldn’t let his emotions get the best of him, but it seems like this conversation was poking at all of the wrong nerves.

“You know what, if you don’t want my help that’s fine. But just say it, don’t start making excusing about my looks.”

He ended up going to his room before the other males could respond. Obviously Hoseok’s idea wasn’t going to work. Once again, Yoongi had brushed him off. His roommate must have known that he needed some time to calm down because they didn’t try to come get him.

Hours later when the apartment was quiet and Jimin was just laying in bed looking at his phone he got an alert on his phone.

Yoongi: I’m sorry I made you mad. I’m obviously not good company right now

And now he felt bad for blowing up on Yoongi, it wasn't not like he had purposely tried to hurt Jimin’s feelings.

Jimin: I’m sorry if I was over sensitive. I can be too self conscious sometimes

Yoongi: Hobi said I should think more about what he said, but I wasn’t kidding I can’t do that with Jin

Jimin: I volunteered too, you were the one that said no

Yoongi: But it would need to be convincing, like dates and stuff

Jimin: Okay, take me on dates

Yoongi: By stuff I mean PDA

Jimin: That’s fine hyung

He was already blushing at just the idea of getting some affection from the alpha though. Yoongi really wasn’t a touchy person in general. Jimin could think of only one time that Yoongi had given him a quick hug on his birthday, and maybe a few touches on the arm to get his attention.

Yoongi: I guess I’ll think about it more then...

Jimin: Okay

It was even harder than normal for Jimin to fall asleep that night. The possibilities of what might happen next, and whether this was really a good idea kept turning over in his head.

It might be his only chance to get closer to Yoongi, and maybe convince the alpha that they could be good together. Or it could also end up with Jimin falling for the alpha even harder only to have his feelings never returned.

So which was worse, never knowing what could be or putting yourself out there with the chance to get hurt? Jimin honestly didn’t know the answer. But he did know that it would break his heart to see Yoongi start courting some other omega if he went through with his father’s plan.

When he did finally fall asleep, nightmares about running through the forest chasing after someone that could never be caught plagued him.

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Chapter 2

After not hearing from Yoongi for a few days, Jimin assumed that the alpha had already decided not to go with Hoseok’s idea. Despite trying not to get his hopes up, it was still a blow to Jimin. He had already been sure that Yoongi would never see him in that way, and not even being able to fake it seems like a pretty good confirmation.

As always, Jimin threw himself even harder into dance that week to try and distract himself. Most days he was exhausted by the time that he got home, practicing even longer hours than his roommate who tried to convince him to take it easier. But it was easier not to think about Min Yoongi when he was dancing, or too tired from dancing to even think.

He was surprised when he randomly got a text from Jungkook one night while he was heading back to the apartment after leaving the dance studio.

Jungkook: Why did Yoongi ask Tae and I what we would think if you guys were courting?!

Jimin: What did you say?

Jungkook: We said it would be cute, but he didn’t say anything else!

Jimin: Oh, are you still with him?

Jungkook: No, otherwise I wouldn’t be texting you about it! We met up with him for dinner and he dropped the question right before he left!

It came as a total shock to Jimin that Yoongi must still be thinking things over, and he was kind of talking about it with some of their other friends. Did that mean he was leaning towards a yes? Surely there wouldn’t be a reason to bring it up to anyone else if it wasn’t a possibility.

Jimin’s heart was racing so fast the rest of the way home he barely noticed the multiple notifications going off on his phone.

Jungkook: Are you going to explain this or what?

Jungkook: Jimin?! Don’t leave us hanging!


Jimin: Sorry I was walking home!

Jimin: I don’t really know what to say though JK, we’re not courting right now if that’s what you’re asking

Jungkook: Right now? Way to be cryptic

Jimin: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jungkook: (-_-)

Jungkook probably hated him right now, but Jimin didn’t feel like it was his place to explain Yoongi’s situation. And he didn’t want to give off the wrong impression either if nothing did happen. After all, Jimin still hadn’t heard a peep from the alpha since he’d last texted the night he’d been at their apartment.

Since he was tired and just wanted to get to bed, Jimin let the conversation with Jungkook end. Plugging in his phone to charge, he grabbed his towel and went to his bathroom. He ended up staying in the shower longer than he meant to, the possibilities of what was going on in Yoongi’s mind running over and over through his head.

When he was out of the shower, he even went into Hoseok’s room to see if he’d heard from Yoongi but the beta was already passed out in bed.

So Jimin went back to his room, frustrated that he was in for another long night of obsessing over all the questions he had. Shockingly, he discovered that there was a text waiting for him on his phone.

Yoongi: Are you free tomorrow night?

Once again his heart started to race and he typed back with shaky fingers.

Jimin: After my classes I am, why?

Yoongi: If it’s a dumb idea you can say no

Yoongi: But I thought maybe we could go out on like a date and see if it would be too weird or not

Jimin: That’s a good idea, anything specific you want to do?

Yoongi: A movie maybe? Nothing crazy

Jimin: I haven’t seen the new Marvel one

Yoongi: Me either, we can do that

Jimin: Okay, it’s a date :)

Now Jimin wouldn’t be up all night worrying about what Yoongi was thinking, but he would be up all night obsessing about going out with him tomorrow night. At least, when he did fall asleep it was with a smile on his face.

The next day, Jimin just wanted to get his classes over with as fast as possible. But it only seemed to make them drag on even longer. The bright side was that since he’d practiced so much lately, he could skip out on doing it tonight. That gave him plenty of time to figure out what he was going to wear and get ready.

Luckily, when Jimin got back to the apartment after his classes Hoseok was already there fixing himself a sandwich in the kitchen.

“Oh good you’re here! I need your help picking out an outfit for my date.”

“Date?!” Hoseok dropped his sandwich in shock.

Jimin laughed at his roommates reaction and pulled out his phone to show him the texts from Yoongi.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe he didn’t tell me!” Hoseok complained.

“Focus Hobi, what should I wear?”

“Something cute but not so cute that it scares him away,” Hoseok said with confidence.

“I don’t even know what that means,” Jimin sighed.

“Come on let’s check your closet!”

The beta headed for Jimin’s room without even waiting for permission.

“Where are your sexy jeans that you wear to the club?” Hoseok was already looking through a pile of them when Jimin came in.

The omega grabbed a few of his favorites and the beta was quick to point to a pair of ripped jeans that were definitely on the tighter side.

“These aren’t a bit much for the movies?” Jimin said unsure of the pick.

“We’ll even it out with what you wear on top. I think a comfy hoodie will look good,” Hoseok assured him.

“That’s a very weird date outfit,” Jimin said wearily as Hoseok pulled out one of his plain blue hoodies.

“Knowing Yoongi he’ll wear something similar, and it will totally weird him out if you out dress him.”

“Alright, if you’re sure.”

With his clothes picked out, Jimin jumped in the shower so that he will look nice and fresh. He even took the time to blow dry his hair so it styled nicely with some light eyeliner on to accentuate his eyes.

After throwing on the clothes Hoseok had picked out, he still wasn’t totally satisfied. It wasn’t really what he’d want to wear to his first date with someone he’d liked for so long. But Hoseok had known Yoongi longer than Jimin had so he hoped his roommate was right.

He was just brushing his teeth again when his phone went off with a notification.

Yoongi: I’m downstairs

Jimin: Be down in a second!

As quickly as he could, Jimin finished up in the bathroom and rushed to throw on his shoes while Hoseok wished him good luck. It was easy to spot Yoongi’s car when he was outside but he didn’t really see the alpha until he opened the passenger door and slid inside.

The first thing he noticed was that Hoseok had been right, Yoongi was wearing jeans and a hoodie. He was also in a grey beanie that covered the top of his dark hair and his glasses, and it was really hard for Jimin not to swoon on the spot.

“Hey hyung!” Jimin sounded a little breathless and he hoped the alpha didn't notice.

“Hey, ready to go?”

Jimin just nodded and then the alpha was pulling out of his parking spot and driving down the road. He’d actually only been inside of Yoongi’s car once before, and he’d been in the backseat thanks to a few of them having to squish in. It was nice to see the view of Yoongi driving up close. There was something about the power that the alpha gave off so effortlessly without even trying to.

“So Jungkook texted me yesterday,” Jimin decided to tell him.

Yoongi didn’t take his eyes off the road, “I’m not surprised.”

“Why’d you ask them?” He was actually really curious.

“This wouldn’t just affect you and me, it could change things in our group and I didn’t want to be selfish.”

“I hadn’t even thought of that,” Jimin admitted. “That’s actually really selfless of you.”

The alpha just shrugged, “It’s not a big deal.”

Jimin disagreed but he didn't say so, he knew that the alpha wasn't always comfortable having the focus on him like that so instead he started to tell Yoongi about how boring his classes had been that day.

After a few minutes of driving they were pulling into the movie theater parking lot. It actually threw the omega off guard when Yoongi held out his hand for Jimin to take as they were walking up to the door. It only took Jimin a moment to take a hold of it and lace their fingers together, smiling.

The spark that ran over his skin when they made contact sent a thrilling rush through the omegas body. Somehow his hands felt even smaller in the alphas grip, but he loved how warm and strong they felt. Now that he knew what it felt like to hold hands with Yoongi he wasn’t sure he’d ever want to let go.

It was hard to tell if Yoongi was feeling any kind of way about it though. As usual, Yoongi has a poker face and he kept walking without saying anything. There was a bit of a crowd when they got inside, which made Yoongi tighten his grip around Jimin’s as he weaved through everyone to get to the ticket machine.

Before Jimin could even offer to buy, the alpha had already started to let go of the omega’s hands to grab his wallet. Since he didn’t want to offend him, Jimin just let Yoongi buy them. But when they headed over to the snack booth next Jimin tried his luck.

“I can pay for these,” He offered before they stepped up.

But Yoongi pushed Jimin’s hand away from his pocket, “No, it’s fine. I asked you out remember? Just tell me what you want.”

“Okay, I usually just get popcorn and soda. But we could share a soda if you want, the sizes here as so big.”

Yoongi nodded and gave the attendant their order when it was their turn. Then he loaded Jimin’s arms up with the popcorn box and carried the soda. The omega was already taking bites of the popcorn as they walked over to their theater, though he was a little bit sad that the food meant no more hand holding. He was a sucker for affection, no doubt about it.

“Do you want to sit up there?” Yoongi pointed out some spots on the top row that hadn’t been filled yet.

“Sure,” He followed the alpha up the stairs and tries not to ogle his ass.

They both happily munched down on the popcorn while they waited for the previews to start. Admittedly, Jimin had been so worked up all day waiting for the date that he hadn’t eaten much. But since Yoongi was eating along with him he didn’t feel like a pig.

By the time the previews started rolling Jimin was already feeling like he ate too much popcorn and took a break to sip on some soda, passing it over to Yoongi when he was done. Something about the way the alpha didn't hesitate to wrap his lips around the straw that was just on his lips really did it for Jimin. He could feel little butterflies going crazy in his stomach again.

Even as the movie started to play, all Jimin could think about is how he can get his hands on the alpha again. Since Yoongi kept snacking away on the popcorn and watching the screen, he didn't think it’s even on his mind. Deciding to just go for it, Jimin shifted in his seat so that he can lean towards the alpha and tries to slip his hand onto Yoongi’s thigh as casually as possible.

He half expected Yoongi to push his hand away, but the only response he got was a quick twitch of the alpha’s muscles. It was definitely the most intimate touch they’ve ever shared. Even though Yoongi’s leg was covered in his jeans, Jimin could feel the warmth of the alpha’s body underneath his fingertips.

It made a different kind of heat spread throughout his own body. He knew it was silly to let himself get so excited about just the simple touch. But the awareness that the alpha’s crotch was right there was too much for him, and he was glad that the theater was too full of other scents to make his arousal noticeable.

As the action of the movie starts to pull him in, Jimin was able to calm himself down a little bit. It wasn't until Yoongi leaned forward sometime later to put the popcorn by his feat that Jimin’s attention was brought back to him again. He ended up pulling his hand away when it started to slip up the alpha’s thigh as he moved.

Once the alpha was shifting back into his seat he grabbed onto Jimin’s hand and laced their fingers together again like earlier. Jimin couldn’t keep the smile off his face and was glad that Yoongi didn’t look over at him to see it. At least he seemed to know now that the alpha was fond of holding hands.

When the movie was over, Jimin was sad again that they have to pull away from each other to clean up their trash so that they can leave the theater. He managed to wrangle Yoongi over to the movie poster and take a selca with him before they left, pressing their sides together and smiling for the camera.

Jimin didn’t even complain when Yoongi grabbed onto his hand so that he could get them away from the crowds as quickly as possible afterwards.

“What did you think of the movie?” Jimin asked happily once they were outside and walking back to the car.

“It was pretty good, that ending was crap though.”

“Yeah it’s too bad it kind of ruined the movie,” Jimin agreed.

They got to Yoongi’s car and climbed in, both checking their phones as they waited for it to heat up. The omega debated if he should ask Yoongi what he thought of their date so far, but he didn’t want to kill the good vibe.

It felt like they were having a great time even though he worried that it could just be his feelings clouding his judgement. Still, he happily posted their selca to his Instagram account knowing their friends will probably have a field day with it.

Then he noticed that a text from Hoseok had come in while they were in the theater and his phone had been on silent.

Hoseok: How’s your date going?

Jimin: Why were you even texting me during a movie

Hoseok: Why are you avoiding the question!

Jimin: I’m not! I think it’s going good

Hoseok: You think?

Jimin: I mean it’s good for me, but is that really a surprise?

Hoseok: I guess not! I’ll have to text Yoongi too then ;)

Jimin: OMG at least wait till I’m not right next to him

When Yoongi started to pull out of the parking lot, Jimin put his phone away not wanting to be rude. The ride was pretty quiet on the way back to his apartment and the omega had the feeling they were both a little lost in their thoughts so he doesn’t mind. Sometimes it was nice to just be able to enjoy someone’s company without the pressure of having to fill the space with words.

Before Jimin went to bed that night, he pulled open his Instagram account to scroll through it. Of course he wasn’t surprised to see that his friends had gone crazy on the picture he posted and started to reply.

Hobi_on_the_street commented: Look at these cuties!

TaeTae commented: Aww <3

ChefJin commented: Yoongi can smile??

MoonChild commented: :D


Jiminie commented: @JungKookie You’ll have to ask @MinSuga ;)

JungKookie commented: @MinSuga ????

MinSuga commented: Way to feed me to the wolves @Jiminie

Jiminie commented: Sorry xoxo @MinSuga

JungKookie commented: Just answer the question or I’m storming over to your place @MinSuga!

MinSuga commented: It’s okay baby @Jiminie

JungKookie commented: aaskdjksdkjadsfioefkldsfkdf

Jiminie commented: :D <3 @MinSuga

JungKookie commented: I’m dead

Jimin was cracking up in his room when his roommate started to bang on the door.

“Come in!” He called out.

“What is going on!” Hoseok yelled excitedly and jumped on Jimin’s bed.

“I think we’re just having fun messing with Jungkook,” Jimin laughed again looking at the comments.

Hoseok grinned like a crazy person, “Or maybe this is Yoongi’s way of saying he’s in with the plan!”

“Maybe. We didn’t talk about it today,” Jimin nervously clutched his phone now.

“Well he told me he had a good time when I texted him so that’s a good sign.”

“I guess we’ll find out eventually.”

When Jimin’s phone sounded off with a notification, Hoseok squealed and tried to grab at Jimin’s phone but the omega pulled it away to safety.

“Chill Hobi!”

“Sorry I’m just so excited!”

Laughing, Jimin unlocked his phone and was surprised to see it was a text from the alpha.

Yoongi: So are we doing this?

Jimin: I’m in if you’re in

Yoongi: Okay I’m in

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Chapter 3

The next day, Jimin headed over to Yoongi and Namjoon’s apartment. It was a little nerve wracking considering he’d never been over there without Hoseok before. He wasn't even sure if Namjoon would be there or not which made the butterflies in his stomach even more out of control than normal.

Since he already had the passcode to their building, he was able to head right in and take the stairs up to their floor. He’d always loved their place, it was much nicer than his and Hoseok’s which was built specifically to be for students. While this building had more young professionals than anything.

When Jimin finally got up to their door and gave it a knock he only has to wait a few moments for Yoongi to open.

“Hey come on in,” Yoongi left the door ajar as he walked away from it. “Do you want ramen? I was just making myself some.”

“Sure,” Jimin replied as he slipped his shoes off by the entryway.

Since the apartment was silent other from the sounds Yoongi was making in the kitchen, Jimin assumed that they were there alone. Taking a seat on the couch, Jimin played on his phone to distract himself until the alpha was coming back in the living room to hand him a bowl of steaming hot noodles.

“Thank you,” He took the bowl carefully with one hand and grabbed a pair of chopsticks from Yoongi with the other.

Yoongi clicked on the tv before sitting down and starting in on his noodles. For a few minutes they just watched the tv station that had already been on and slurp away at their food.

Honestly, Jimin hadn’t even been that hungry but ate most of the noodles anyways just because Yoongi had made it for him. There was a simple gratification in knowing that the alpha had taken care of him in that small way and he wasn’t going to turn it down.

As Jimin was standing up to put his bowl away, he heard Yoongi’s phone go off and the alpha groaned.

“Jungkook won’t stop texting me,” he explained as he looks at his phone again.


“Here,” Yoongi handed over his phone to Jimin to look at while he heads into the kitchen himself.

It felt a little weird to be looking through his phone but Jimin did anyways and saw that the texts from the youngest alpha in their group had started texting Yoongi last night.

Jungkook: omg hyung that picture

Jungkook: We can double date now!

Jungkook: Yoongi did you die? Why aren’t you responding!

Jungkook: Plz tell me this isn’t a joke I’m already emotionally invested in having another couple in our group :(

Jimin almost felt bad for Jungkook but he also kind of loved how the younger alpha was excited for them. Even though it technically wasn’t real.

“So why aren’t you texting him back?” Jimin asked.

Yoongi was sighing and sitting back down on the couch facing Jimin, “I wasn’t sure what to say until we talked more.”

“Oh I guess that makes sense.”

“I feel like it would be easier to just keep this between us, and Hoseok obviously. But then we’d kind of be lying to our friends too and I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about that.”

“I mean, I don’t think it’s really lying it’s more like just not telling them everything right? It might be safer to keep them in the dark.”

Yoongi nodded, “Yeah that’s what I was thinking too.”

“So we can just tell them last night was our first date, it’s the easiest answer. What about your father? When are you going to tell him?” Jimin asks.

“I was thinking of waiting until the festival next weekend. We could go together and then it would look more serious when I told him.”

The omega bit down on his lip, he liked the idea of going with Yoongi a lot. Usually only couples that were planning on mating would go together.

“That sounds like a good plan.”

Yoongi looked nervous again, “And we can hang out more and stuff until then?”

“By stuff do you mean PDA again?” Jimin laughed a little at how Yoongi was trying to avoid talking about it.

The alpha didn’t even look him the eye but he nodded.

“Here, why don’t we get some practice and take a cute selca.”

Jimin was already scooting closer to the alpha before he even had a chance to respond. Since he still had Yoongi’s phone in his hand he turned the camera on and turned it towards him. As soon as he felt Yoongi’s arms wrap around his shoulder he leaned back into the alpha’s chest.

They took a few pictures like that before Jimin turned his face up and pressed his lips gently against Yoongi’s jawline. The butterflies in his stomach were instantly awake again at the feeling of the soft skin and sharp jaw beneath his lips.

He attemptted to take a picture like that but apparently failed because the alpha chuckled and grabbed onto the phone.

“Your aim is a little off,” Yoongi said before the sound of the camera went off again.

“Oops,” Jimin pulled away and laughed too.

“I think you’re more photogenic than me,” Yoongi commented as he scrolled through the images they’d taken.

Jimin disagreed immediately, “No way, these are cute!”

Yoongi was shaking his head like he didn’t agree but was smiling anyways, “Do you want to post one on Instagram and see how long it takes Jungkook to reply?”

“Go for it,” Jimin was smiling widely and watched as Yoongi pulled open his account.

In the end, the alpha put up two of the pictures, and before he could even click his phone off there was an alert.

JungKookie commented: I ship it

JungKookie commented: Also wtf hyung answer your phone

TaeTae commented: Chill @JungKookie they’re never going to double date with us if you stalk them

JungKookie commented: :(


Over the next few days the two learned how to fit each other into their lives with ease. Sometimes it meant just grabbing coffee or lunch together, other nights hanging out with their friends.

Jimin learned that Yoongi wasn’t a morning person and was grumpy until he got some caffeine. But he also learned just how the alpha was dedicated to his studies in Music technology. If he wasn’t working hard studying, he was in the school’s music studio writing songs.

He also loved the way Yoongi always automatically laced their fingers together whenever they held hands. It warmed him from the inside out and he hoped that it meant the alpha liked the small affections too.

Though Jimin couldn’t stop himself from adding little touches here and there, Yoongi didn’t make any other moves on him.

It made the omega nervous that he’d be stuck in the friend zone forever but he didn’t want to seem overeager for more either. He was constantly bouncing between feelings of joy over what he was getting from Yoongi, and longing for what he wasn’t getting.

With the festival right around the corner, Jimin was also wondering if they were going to be able to pull off their plan to convince Yoongi’s father. If the older alpha thought they were faking it, that was it, Yoongi would have to do the mate hunt and then Jimin would lose out on his only chance to be with him.

He was actually really shocked when the night before the festival Yoongi texted him with a question.

Yoongi: Want to do a sleepover tonight? I thought it might be a good idea to get you nice and scented.

Jimin: Can we do it at my place? That way I don’t have to lug all my beauty products to yours.

Yoongi: As long as you don’t try to use any on me

Jimin: Don’t worry you don’t need any ;)

As soon as Jimin got home after his classes and dance practice, he spent the rest of the afternoon trying to make their apartment as presentable as possible. It was silly since Yoongi had been over there before, but this felt different and Jimin wanted to make a good impression for some reason.

He was especially careful to clean up his own bedroom and bathroom since the alpha had never really been in there before. Even taking the time to change the sheets on his bed so they would smell nice and fresh for the alpha.

Wanting nothing to do with the cleaning, Hoseok holed away in his bedroom when he got back home. But that was just fine with the omega. Satisfied with the place, he jumped in the shower to clean the grime off his own body.

When Jimin got out of the shower he discovered that the alpha had already arrived and was sitting on his bed looking at something on his phone.

“Hoseok let me in,” Yoongi explained with wide eyes when he looked up and saw Jimin only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Oh, I must have been in the shower longer than I thought!”

The omega scooted over to his dresser to pull out some night clothes and promised to be back quickly. He barely dried off before shoving his clothes on and rubbing the remaining water out of his hair with a towel.

When he got back into his room for the second time, he was surprised to find that the alpha was still acting a bit off. It was the first time he’d ever seen Yoongi looking flustered in that way and it totally threw him for a loop.

“Sorry you had to wait for me,” Jimin said.

“It’s fine I wasn’t here long.”

“Do you want to watch some Netflix? I’m not really tired yet.”

Yoongi nodded, “Sure put on whatever.”

The omega started up his favorite drama before going over to click off the light in his room. Meanwhile, Yoongi had made himself comfortable on the bed and put his phone to the side. Jimin started to nervously babble about the show, explaining what was going on in it so that Yoongi would be up to date.

Mostly he wanted a distraction from the fact that he was climbing into bed next to the alpha. Though Yoongi nodded along to what Jimin was saying, he didn't really look that interested in it.

“Are you nervous about tomorrow?” Jimin asked.

“Yeah...I am,” Yoongi admitted.

“I’ll do whatever I can, I promise.”

The alpha looked nervous a second before speaking again, “Would it be okay if I scented you now? I think it would help calm me down.”

Jimin nodded and presented his neck without hesitation, “Yeah of course.”

It was surreal to have Yoongi leaning over to trace his nose up Jimin’s neck, ghosting over the skin there until he seemed satisfied with the spot he wanted to mark.

At first Yoongi just gently nuzzled over the spot at the base of Jimin’s neck. Rubbing his nose and face there a few times over, until stopping to check his progress by inhaling deeply. Having wanted this for so long, it was unreal to Jimin to have the alpha this close to him.

Practically shaking with the effort it took to lay still while the alpha marks him, Jimin cupped the back of Yoongi’s neck to encourage him on. What he wasn’t expecting was to feel Yoongi’s mouth press an open kiss there, his flat tongue licking across the skin briefly.

Too surprised to stop himself, Jimin let out a soft whimper and clutched onto Yoongi’s neck tighter which inadvertently caused the alpha to pull away.

“Sorry...I have a really sensitive neck,” Jimin explained softly while blushing.

The alpha had a questioning look in his eyes, but when Jimin pressed back down on his neck, Yoongi willingly continued his marking.

He tried his best to stay quiet, but it was so difficult when his body was buzzing from the all the sensations on that sensitive area. Biting on his lips helped keep the sounds in, but he knew it wouldn't stop the change in his scent as the arousal stirred in his stomach.

When Yoongi’s large hand pressed against his neck to move to the over side Jimin did it again. The feeling of being handled by Yoongi that way was too much for the omega, the sound that came out of his throat was something of a mix between a moan and a whimper.

“Fuck you smell good,” Yoongi’s eyes were half lidded when he pulled away to look at his work on Jimin’s neck.

The omega can only imagine what he looked like, the skin on his neck must have been reddened from the alpha’s mouthing. And he could feel the swelling on his bottom lip from biting it.

The alpha must have liked what he saw because Jimin could smell the difference in Yoongi’s scent too. It was subtle, making his scent seem just a bit heavier than normal, but it was there.

“Maybe you should kiss me...for practice?” Jimin suggested softly.

“Okay,” Yoongi nodded and leaned back down like he was going to scent Jimin’s neck again.

This time though, he trailed his mouth up Jimin’s neck and jawline until he was ghosting his lips over the omega's. He nipped playfully at Jimin’s already abused bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth.

The omega was barely aware of the whimper that escaped from him this time, too wrapped up in the feeling of Yoongi’s lips pressing against his own. Mouths fitting against each other like they’d done this a million times before.

The first touch of the alpha's tongue against his own had Jimin desperate for more. Right away he knew that he would never be able to get enough of this feeling.

When Yoongi pulled away to catch his breath he’s panting lightly, “Jimin…”

Instead of responding though, Jimin pulled Yoongi closer. Daring to flick his tongue against the alphas earlobes before sucking them into his mouth.

Finally, a growl escaped from deep in the alpha's throat.

“You like that?” Jimin couldn't help but smile.

Yoongi quickly wiped the smile off his face by covering Jimin’s mouth with his own. There’s no hesitation before he was plunging in deeper like he was trying to punish him. But in reality Jimin was in heaven, his body was on fire as it tingled and sparked to life everywhere.

The alpha’s kiss was so aggressive this time that Jimin barely felt like he could keep up. Rather, he was at the mercy of Yoongi’s stroking tongue taking total control of the kiss.

It reminded Jimin of sex, the way the alpha plunged into his mouth to sweep against his tongue. Only to retreat again and start the process all over again, it made him want more. More kissing, more touching, more of everything Yoongi had to give him.

When Yoongi pulled away a second time he was panting heavily. His lips look swollen and glossy, making Jimin want them even more. But he was also trying to catch up on his own breath so for a few moments they just ate each other up with their gazes.

Then the alpha was shaking his head, like he was trying to snap out of it.

“I’ll be right back,” he mumbled before darting off the bed to slip into Jimin’s bathroom.

The sound of water running filled the air and it seemed like the alpha was plashing his face to calm down.

Confused, Jimin sat up in the bed and ran his hands over his face. He could feel just how heated his skin was and his hair felt a little crazy so he tried to smooth it down.

Eventually Yoongi came back out, still looking a little disheveled.

“Umm maybe we should watch your show now.”

Jimin was totally confused but didn’t want to look weird and disagree. So instead he shuffled off to the bathroom himself to try and calm down as well.

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Chapter 4

Waking up is never easy for Jimin, ever since he was child he always clung onto sleeping for as long as possible. Even if he started to wake up, he would just lounge in bed with his eyes still closed to soak in the comforting feeling that can only be found in warm blankets.

At first, Jimin didn't even realize anything was different when he woke up. His brain was still fuzzy as he started to come to awareness but the first thing that he noticed was his favorite scent filling his lungs as he breathed slowly. Then he realized that his bed wasn't as soft as usual, but it was somehow warmer.

Struggling to figure out what was going on, Jimin managed to crack open his eyes and the first thing that he saw was the pale skin of Yoongi’s slender neck where he’d shoved his face into the crook.

Half of his body was tossed on top of the alpha who was laying on his back with one hand resting gently on the back of Jimin’s head. Fingers just barely twisted into the hair there.

At first Jimin just closed his eyes again. Yoongi was breathing in and out deeply, still fast asleep, and it was just so nice. The omega wanted to cling onto that moment as long as possible. He was so sure that if Yoongi was awake he wouldn’t be into this, but that didn't stop Jimin from relishing the moment anyways.

Unfortunately, there was a loud knock on the door not much later that pulls Jimin out of his happy place and makes the alpha under him groan sleepily.

“Wake up kiddies,” Hoseok’s voice called from the hallway.

“Go away,” Jimin said back as he forces himself to pull away from Yoongi who grumbled more.

As soon as Jimin was off of him, Yoongi turned onto his side and started to reach for the blankets that had basically been shoved to the side. Carefully, Jimin tucked him back in, marveling at how soft the alpha looks in his sleep. It made him want to trail his fingers over the skin there to test how it would feel.

Instead, Jimin rubbed his hands over his own tired face trying to wipe away the remaining drowsiness. Worried that Hoseok will come knocking again, Jimin battled his tired body to get up and head out into the common space of their apartment.

The beta was happily cooking when Jimin entered the kitchen and gave his roommate a look for being so cheery in the morning.

“There you are sleepy head,” Hoseok said as he turned to grab something and spotted Jimin.

“Thanks for the wakeup call,” Jimin said sarcastically.

The beta chuckled, “Where’s Yoongi? Still asleep?”

Jimin nodded, “You only succeeded in waking me up.”

“Ah well, I guess we can get him when this is done. Do you want to start some coffee for him? He’ll be grumpy without his caffeine fix.”

“Sure,” Jimin headed over to their coffee machine, crossing paths with Hoseok as he did so.

“Woah! You really reek of Yoongi’s scent,” Hoseok paused to look at Jimin carefully as he spoke.

If Jimin wasn’t so tired he probably would have blushed, but instead he shrugged and continued to get the coffee machine set up.

By the time Hoseok had finished cooking and Jimin had the coffee brewed, the sleepy looking alpha shuffled into the kitchen. His eyes were still half closed but he walked over to the coffee as if it was by instinct.

Laughing at how cute he looked all messy from being sleepy, Jimin held out a cup of coffee for Yoongi. The alpha didn't even say anything until he’d had a few sips of the black nectar.

“Thank you,” Yoongi mumbled.

Jimin pushed the alpha towards their table, “Go sit and I’ll bring you some food.”

Hoseok was already making his way to the table with his own plate, arriving before Yoongi did. While Jimin started to pile some eggs and sausage onto a plate for the alpha, the beta started talking to Yoongi.

“Huh you really smell like Jimin,” Hoseok commented before taking a bite of food.

“Well we did sleep in the same bed,” Yoongi deadpanned.

Of course, it helped that Jimin had practically used Yoongi as his personal mattress. He had no idea if the alpha was even aware of that since he didn’t really wake up when Hoseok had knocked earlier.

“Just saying, it’s a good thing right?”

When Jimin was bringing the plates to the table he saw that Yoongi was nodding a little towards Hoseok. He stopped to mumble a thanks to Jimin before digging into the food. And they all started to feel a little more awake with food in their bellies. Minus Hoseok who was already loud and alert from the moment he opened his eyes.

Since they were running late from sleeping in, Jimin was the first to head back to his bedroom to start getting ready. Knowing that it would take him the longest, he pulled the clothes out that he wanted to wear before heading into his bathroom.

He was already knee deep in his beauty products when Yoongi came around the corner.

“Do you mind if I brush my teeth?” The alpha asked as he watched Jimin trying to tame his blonde locks.

“Sure,” He stepped away from the sink a little to give Yoongi room and continued to play around his hair using his favorite product.

Satisfied with his hair, he moved on to start taking care of his skin that was still puffy from sleep. He became aware that Yoongi was watching him when he started to apply some face cream on.

“Don’t judge me, it takes a lot to halfway decent before I leave here.”

Yoongi shook his head before spitting out the toothpaste in his mouth, “I’ve just never seen you get ready before. And you look perfectly fine first thing in the morning.”

Jimin narrowed his eyes a little bit, “I can’t tell if you’re poking fun at me or not.”

Yoongi chuckled and literally poked Jimin on the cheek with his forefinger, “I’m not. You’re adorable with bed head.”

The alpha was walking back out of the bathroom before Jimin could reply, not that he even knew what to say to that anyways. Yoongi liked how he looked in the morning? He was used to getting hit on when he was all dolled up. But getting a compliment on how he looked naturally was new territory.

It made him wonder what Yoongi preferred and he called out to him from the bathroom, “Should I wear makeup or not?”

But the alpha didn’t sound interested at all when he replied, “I don’t know, whatever you prefer.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin whined.

He heard the alpha sighing before he came back to leaned against the doorway of the bathroom, “I like your face just fine without makeup.”

“Okay,” Jimin flashed an uncertain smile.

Admittedly it was harder for him to focus with Yoongi standing there watching him with a gaze that was hard to read. Eventually Jimin shooed him away so that he could change.

It wasn't always easy picking out outfits for these type of events. They were meant to be a little more dressy than usual but it was held outside so they couldn't go all out. Jimin had settled on a silky white top that was teasingly cut low and dress slacks. Afterall, he did want to look nice when he met Yoongi's father.

Finally ready, Jimin left his bathroom and had to go out into the livingroom to find the others. His eyes first landed on Hoseok who had donned his favorite sparkly top, and shifted over to Yoongi before his heart started beating erratically.

A leather jacket he'd never seen before stole all of Jimin's attention. An all black outfit was normal for the alpha, but the jacket really upped the ante. It wasn't even that dressy, with just black jeans and a shirt underneath. But Jimin was positive he wouldn't see a more attractive alpha out there.

“Oh good there you are! Are you ready to go Jimin?” Hoseok's sudden comment drew Jimin out of his thoughts.

The omega had to blink a few times before he could respond, “Yeah i'm ready.”


It was a bit of a drive to get to the festival, which meant time to try relax a little. Hoseok was the king of winding down, as luck would have it, and forced Jimin to sing along with him to different songs that came up on the radio.

No matter how hard Hoseok tried Yoongi refused to join in on the game. That didn’t stop him from laughing at them though.

Almost as soon as they arrived, Jimin felt his nerves bubbling up. Hoseok was quick to hop out of the car and start calling the others to try and figure out where they were at but Yoongi stayed seated even after he’d shut off the car.

“You okay?” The alpha asked.

“Just a little nervous,” Jimin admitted knowing that there was no use in trying to hide it.

“It’ll be fine,” Yoongi assured him as he reached over to pop open his glove compartment.

The omega’s eyes followed the alpha’s hands as he reached in and pulled out a velvety bag. Without saying anything, Yoongi loosened up the drawstrings and reached inside to pull out a golden medallion strung on red silk.

Jimin immediately recognized what it is and started laughing, “You were really keeping that in your car?”

Yoongi laughed a little, “Yeah. I tossed it in there right after my father informed me I had to do the mate hunt and handed it over to me.”

If someone had tried to tell him that Yoongi would be giving him the Min family medallion to wear as a symbol of their intended mate-hood, Jimin wouldn’t have believed them and probably would have gotten really upset at the cruel joke.

Even though Jimin knew that it didn’t really mean anything to Yoongi, it was a big deal in their community. It was basically the first official step any alpha would take in claiming a mate.

When Yoongi held the medallion up, Jimin quickly ducked his head down so that it could easily be slipped over his head. The bright red silk stood out against Jimin’s golden skin as the medallion marked with Yoongi’s family name on it rests on his chest.

Jimin wasn't really surprised at all at how much he likes the sight of it on him. It was a little surprising for him to see how Yoongi’s gaze lingers there on his neck too, making him wonder what it means.

Too bad Hoseok interruptted them by knocking on the window before Jimin could think too much on it.

“I got a hold of Joonie! Let’s go!”

As usual, the festival was crowded with everyone that had come to celebrate. The air was was filled with the scents of all the excitement, nervousness, and lust that came along with this many unmated alphas and omegas in a space knowing what was to come later on.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Jimin that Yoongi was sticking close by him, his hand finding Jimin’s to lace their fingers together to make sure they didn’t get seperated.

For the first time, the omega could feel other’s eyes on them in interest. They had been out together in public before, but now they were being recognized as something significant thanks to the medallion hanging off of Jimin’s neck.

Somehow, Jimin realized that Yoongi’s scent had grown stronger. As though his body was reacting to a threat that wasn’t there, unless it was just because he was nervous about his father. Yet, it made Jimin feel safer and also proud to be linked to such a strong alpha.

After searching through the crowds for what seemed like forever, they finally spotted their friends with drinks in their hands hanging out in the shade of a tree.

“Thank fuck, I thought we’d never find you!” Hoseok said as they sidle up to the group.

“Maybe you should have come earlier,” Namjoon suggested.

Hoseok threw them under the bus, “Well these two decided to sleep in so don’t blame me.”

“Look at you Chimchim,” Taehyung smiled as he reached out to touch the medallion Jimin was wearing.

“Stop it, you have your own!” Jimin laughed as he swatted Taehyung’s hand away.

It was a relief to be surrounded by all their friends, who’s crazy antics acted as a distraction from everything else going on. The booze they started to drink didn't hurt either, though they were all careful not to drink too much.

They eventually wandered around and checked out the different pop up shops and entertainment going on. Jimin and Hoseok marveled at some of the dancers that were putting on shows of traditional dances reserved for the fall festival. Namjoon gave them his yearly lesson about the importance of the festival to their culture.

Jin forced them all to take a picture together claiming they need to document them all being dressed nicely. Jungkook tried and failed to convince Yoongi they should enter one of the competitions for alphas.

“I don’t need to prove anything,” Yoongi was rolling his eyes as Jungkook’s pout.

Jungkook wasn’t giving up though, “Hyung it could be fun!”

Yoongi opened his mouth to respond when he paused and frowned before pulling his phone out of his pocket.

“My father’s looking for me,” Yoongi reads the text on his screen before looking over at Jimin.

“Ohhh, does he know Jimin’s wearing that?” Taehyung clearly read their sudden nervousness.

Yoongi didn't answer Taehyung but held his hand out for Jimin, “Let’s go.”

Gulping, Jimin gave Hoseok a quick look and gets a nod of encouragement before he took Yoongi’s hand and lets himself be led away. His heart was already beating wildly, and he could feel a pit of nervousness settling in his stomach, but he didn't say anything as Yoongi works his way through the crowd again.

They don’t go too far before Yoongi slowed down and turned to look at Jimin.

“He’s right over there, are you ready?”

Jimin just nodded because he didn't know what else to say. He wasn't actually sure he was really ready, but he trusted Yoongi to make this work.

“Yoongi,” The older Min called out to them, forcing Yoongi to start heading that way again. Jimin was actually a little surprised to find that the alpha didn't look like his father much at all, aside from having the same dark hair color.

“Father,” Yoongi said firmly when they reached him. “I want you to meet Jimin.”

It didn’t take long for his father’s eyes to pass over the omega, his eyes landing on the medallion without a reaction. It seemed that Yoongi’s famous poker face was a family trait.

“Explain,” The older Min said simply.

“It’s a little complicated,” Yoongi sighed and turned to look at Jimin.

“I was upset when he told me,” Jimin bursted out, something inside of him realizing that his explanation might be a little more convincing because it was actually true. “I liked your son for years, sir, and when I realized I was about to really lose him I had to tell him about my feelings. I just didn’t know he felt the same way.”

That last bit wasn’t exactly true, but Yoongi was nodding along with what Jimin was saying anyways.

“So we started courting and I hope you won’t make him enter the mate hunt because what we want is each other.” Jimin added on as he wrapped his other hand around Yoongi’s arm.

“Why don’t you both just enter the mate hunt then?” Min asked, seemingly not affected by Jimin’s story at all.

“Look at him father, you really think I’d be the only alpha after him?” Yoongi said firmly.

Jimin whimpered and turned around to press his face into Yoongi’s chest, “But I don’t want anyone else. I only want you.”

The alpha had no idea it was the truth though.

“It’s okay baby,” Yoongi’s long fingers ran through Jimin’s hair in an act of comfort.

Jimin’s heart nearly skipped a beat hearing the term of endearment slipping from Yoongi’s mouth so sweetly.

“Okay Yoongi, you can skip the hunt. But we’ll be having a talk more about this later. You better be serious about this omega.” He pointed at the two of them with a warning.

Without waiting for more from Yoongi the older alpha walked away and Jimin felt the stress leave both their bodies.

When they made their way back to their friends no one asked what had happened, but Jimin discreetly gave Hoseok a thumbs up after getting a look from the beta.

It felt like they were able to relax more then. Yoongi didn’t hover around Jimin as much as he had been before, finally agreeing to go off and check something out with Jungkook. While Taehyung dragged Jimin off to look at a performance some kids were putting on.

“Ugh I want one,” Taehyung whined while they watched the adorable little ones.

Jimin couldn’t help but start laughing, “At least wait until Jungkook officially mates you.”

Taehyung shoved at his friend’s shoulder, “Pfft maybe you’ll be me there. Yoongi is older than us afterall.”

“Yeah right Tae! You and Kookie have been together forever.”

They were still shoving at each other playfully when a voice suddenly interrupted them.

“Hey there Jimin, I was hoping I’d see you.”

Jimin turned to see another alpha he’d once gone on a date with before, “Oh, hi Sungwon.”

“You’re looking really pretty today,” the alpha reached forward like he was going to try touching Jimin’s face but the omega flinched away.

“Um, thanks but I’m taken now.”

The alpha raised an eyebrow, “Well I don’t see anyone here with you now. Any good alpha knows not to let their omega out of their sight at a festival like this.”

Jimin couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “I can go about as I please Sungwon.”

Sungwon clucked his tongue and tried to grab at Jimin again, “You’re a feisty one huh.”

“Don’t touch him,” Yoongi’s voice boomed out of the crowd as he approached them.

It was a relief to see the alpha, even though Jimin liked to think he could keep himself safe. Some alpha’s didn’t know how to respect others and that made them a little more dangerous.

“I guess that’s your supposed alpha?” Sungwon crossed his arms over his chest.

Yoongi checked on Jimin first when he finally gets close, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay,” Jimin nodded.

“Good,” Yoongi touched Jimin’s arm lightly before turning to look at the other alpha. “Back off already.”

The growl that left Yoongi’s throat was nothing short of threatening and the look on Sungwon’s face shifted to one of surprise before he narrowed his eyes.

“You can’t have been together long since I just went out with Jimin a few months ago,” Sungwon started and stepped closer to Yoongi. “Are you willing to prove your devotion?”

Yoongi didn’t even hesitate to take off his jacket, without removing his eyes from Sungwon.

“Hold this Jimin,” he handed over his jacket to Jimin who took it carefully.

“You don’t have to do this Yoongi,” Jimin whined.

Jungkook started to pull Jimin and Taehyung back away from them, “Yes he does Jimin, it’s an alpha thing. If Yoongi doesn’t stand up to Sungwon’s challenge he’s basically saying he doesn’t actually want you and you’re free game.”

Jimin felt helpless as he stood by and watched as the alphas started to circle around each other. They started to growl as the tension rose and the crowd watched on waiting to see who would make the first move.

It ended up being Sungwon who lunged first, but Yoongi was quick to dart out of the way and swing around to grab onto the other alpha before launching his fist at him. The sound of his punch landing across Sungwon’s skin made the omega cower.

He’d never seen Yoongi looking so vicious as he did in that moment. His teeth were bared as he growled at the other alpha who made his own swing and just barely clipped Yoongi on the chin. That only seemed to anger Yoongi more though, and he roughly put all his weight into tackling Sungwon.

The alpha tried to cover his face but Yoongi was too quick and started landing punch after punch, until they could see blood spurting out of Sungwon’s nose. Suddenly, there was a commotion of people yelling for someone to stop the fight.

It took both Jungkook and Namjoon to pull Yoongi off of the bloodied Sungwon. Yoongi looked wild with the strength that was radiating off of him, and though it probably scared some of the other omega’s Jimin just saw how powerful the alpha was in that moment.

Yoongi was shaking his head at whatever Namjoon said to him, then he made his way back over to Jimin. The omega assumed he was coming to collect his jacket, instead Yoongi reached forward and wrapped his hand around Jimin’s neck.

Without warning Yoongi’s lips came crashing down on his, making the omega whimper. He could feel Yoongi’s claim in the kiss, making sure everyone around them knew who Jimin belonged to. He loved it.

His hand came out to clutch onto Yoongi’s shirt, feeling like his knees might give out at any second. Too soon, the alpha was pulling away and his gaze practically ate Jimin up on the spot. His scent mixing with the anger from his fight and the arousal from the kiss was enough to drive Jimin crazy.

“We should go,” Yoongi was saying as he looked around before calling out again. “Hoseok, let’s leave.”

The alpha let go of Jimin’s neck to grab onto his hand and start pulling him through the crowd with Hoseok trailing behind them.

Yoongi was still tense when they arrived at the car and he threw his keys at Hoseok.

“You drive,” Yoongi was climbing into the backseat of his car before Hoseok could respond.

Jimin and Hoseok traded looks of concern as they watched the alpha lay down in his car, covering his eyes with both his hands like he’s trying to block out the world.

“He’ll be okay,” Hoseok assured Jimin before going to get into the car as well.

The car ride home seemed even longer, thanks to the quiet and tense mood. Yoongi didn't say a word the whole time, and each time Jimin looked back to check on him the alpha wouldn’t meet his eyes.

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Chapter 5

Outside it was getting colder and colder by the day, but everyone’s schedules were just getting amped up. Between Jimin and Yoongi’s busy schedules it seemed like they only saw each other when they were hanging out in a group with their other friends.

It gave Jimin a bad feeling that nothing was really going to change between them after all. He’d been so full of hope with everything that happened at the fall festival, but now it felt like Yoongi wasn’t trying to spend anymore one on one time with him.

The few times Jimin had suggested they do something together alone, Yoongi had claimed to be busy and eventually the omega stopped asking. Here he was again chasing after Yoongi’s attention only to get shut down, the only difference being that everyone else thought they were supposedly courting.

When they were around their friends, Yoongi acted like nothing was going on. The small touches and good times just left the omega more confused than ever. Was Yoongi faking it all? It always felt so real in the moment, and then just had the omega obsessing over it later when he was alone again.

The alpha wasn’t much of a texter either, he never ignored Jimin but he wasn’t the type that wanted to just talk. If he needed something, Yoongi would get in touch with Jimin. Otherwise it was like radio silence in their chat.

He didn’t know what to do about the situation and whenever he complained to Hoseok about it, the beta told him to give it more time. But Jimin wasn’t really a patient person, he didn’t want to wait forever. He just wanted Yoongi.

The closer the dance program got to their first showcase of the year, the more practices Jimin and Hoseok had to fit in after classes. Which at least made it easier for Jimin to keep his mind off things, though for the first time he wished his schedule didn’t make it harder for him to see Yoongi.

The week leading up to their showcase it felt like Jimin was practically living in the dance studio and he didn’t manage to spend time with any of their friends let alone Yoongi.

When everything had started with their plan, Jimin hadn’t stopped to consider how the stress of it all would weigh on him at times when he was also worried about other things. It was never easy on Jimin as they got ready for a showcase.

Being a perfectionist was one of his downfalls, and it made him work himself to the bone at times trying to get every little detail right. This was hard enough without the extra issues surrounding the not-real-relationship that he wanted to be real.

He didn’t even end up telling Yoongi the details of the showcase because he was so freaked out that he would get his hopes up that the alpha would come and then leave him disappointed. He didn't want to get upset about Yoongi’s lack of feelings for him, so he avoided giving the alpha a chance to prove it.

The day of the showcase, Hoseok and Jimin actually had the day to relax their bodies and try to rest up from all of their practice.

Mainly Jimin spent the day in bed catching up on his shows and trying to figure out what Yoongi had been up to all week without him. But since the alpha so rarely posted anything on his account, all Jimin could manage to find was a picture of him Jungkook had posted of them working out together.

An hour before the showcase, Jimin and Hoseok went over to the school to get ready with the other dancers in their program. They had their hair and stage makeup to do as well as outfits to prepare.

Jimin was standing off stage stretching with his group that was set to go on first, when Hoseok came over to him. He was a little jealous that Hoseok’s first outfit looked so comfortable while his consisted of tight pants and nothing else for the contemporary routine.

“Taehyung texted me they got first row seats so keep an eye out for them!”

“Okay thanks,” Jimin said as he cracks and stretches out his neck.

Before going out, their dance teacher spoke to the crowd about the programs the dancers had prepared. Nervously, Jimin walks out on stage with the others to get into their first position. Before putting his face down like their choreography calls for, Jimin let’s his eyes run over the crowd before he spots their friends.

Shock hit him hard as he realizes that they all came, including Yoongi. The alpha was sitting right there next to Jungkook and Taehyung who wave excitedly at him. He offers them a shaky smile before putting his head down as the music starts playing.

His mind was still whirling with the thought that this was the first time he’s seen the alpha at one of their showcases when the cue to start their routine hits his ears. Instantly, he has to let all thoughts of Yoongi clear out of his mind so that he doesn’t miss any steps.

Once their song was over, they have just a minute to bow on stage and wave to the crowd before rushing off. Jimin only gets a quick look at his friends and avoids looking at Yoongi as to not get worked up.

“Yoongi’s here!” Jimin yelled at Hoseok as he runs past the beta to his outfit change.

“Really?!” Hoseok sounded surprised too but they didn’t have time to talk now.

Jimin was still fussing with his outfit change when Hoseok came over to the area after his dance, already sweaty with exertion.

“You’re right, the whole gang really came.” Hoseok smiled widely at Jimin.

Jimin nodded, “I might have a heart attack during the next dance, thank god there’s a lot of us.”

Hoseok laughed as he finished changing while Jimin waited for him, trying to think of the choreography instead of the dark haired alpha in the crowd.

As they started to walk back towards the stage side together, Jimin could feel himself becoming more and more nervous.

Hoseok must have noticed his nerves because he put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

“You’ll be fine Jimin.”

“What if he thinks I suck? This is the one thing I’m supposed to be good at Hobi!” Jimin whined.

“He won’t think that, I promise.”

Jimin did manage to get through the rest of their show without embarrassing himself. No matter how desperately he wanted to gauge the alpha’s reaction to his dancing, he forced himself to avoid looking over at his friends. Knowing that he saw anything other than appreciation from Yoongi it would just gut him.

But the anxiety of his insecurities remained bubbled up in his gut even after the show was done and they were changing back out of their outfits into street clothes. Jimin did his best to freshen up and clean off some of the makeup that had been caked onto his face.

Luckily, Hoseok knew he was nervous and waited for him before they went out to greet their friends. The beta kept a calming hand on his shoulder as they gathered their stuff and made their way out where the crowd of friends and family were waiting outside the auditorium.

They were greeted with a loud chorus from their friends once they were spotted, “Hey!”

“You did so good guys!” Taehyung was practically bouncing on his feet.

“Thanks Tae,” Hoseok rubbed the omega’s hair playfully.

Jimin was momentarily distracted by the two and almost didn’t notice Yoongi sliding up to him until he felt a touch on his arm.

Turning slightly, Jimin saw Yoongi pulling out a small bouquet of flowers from behind him wordlessly.

The omega could feel his eyes widening, “Are those for me?”

“Well they’re definitely not for Hobi,” Yoongi replied cooly.

“Rude,” Hoseok acted offended and the others laughed.

Jimin could barely believe it as he reached out and takes the flowers, “They’re so pretty. Thank you hyung.”

“You deserve it, you’ve been working so hard.”

Blushing, Jimin pressed his nose into the bouquet to smell them.

“Okay, can we go celebrate and eat now? I’m starving!” Hoseok complained.

After some bickering, they ended up deciding to go get some barbeque so that they had plenty of options for everyone.

Since Yoongi drove them over to the restaurant, Hoseok and Jimin got to dump all of their stuff in there so they didn’t have to lug it around. Though he was sad to have to leave the flowers behind, which he’d kept resting on his lap the whole ride over.

“I can’t believe you guys aren’t exhausted,” Namjoon said as they all took their seats at the restaurant.

Hoseok laughed, “The adrenaline will keep us going for a little while and then we’ll crash later.”

“I’m sore already though,” Jimin rubbed his neck as he spoke and was surprised to feel Yoongi’s long fingers brush his aside to work on the muscles there.

“How’s that?”

“Mmm, that feels amazing.” Jimin couldn’t help but close his eyes at the touch.

“So what was your favorite dance Yoongi?” Hoseok asked the alpha.

“The first one,” Yoongi didn’t even hesitate.

“Oh, the one where Jimin was half naked? Good choice!”

Jimin was blushing, “Hobi!”

The alpha narrowed his eyes at his friend, “I liked the style Hoseok. It was pretty.”

Hoseok was nodding, “Yes very pretty, just like Jimin.”

“Oh my god,” Jimin tried hiding his face in his hands and the others just laughed.

Yoongi sighed, “Jimin is stunning, is that what you want to hear me say?”

“Yup, thank you.” Hoseok smiled and then looked around at the rest of the group. “Now that that’s done I’m also accepting compliments.”

Could one die of embarrassment? Jimin thought that he might, though he did love to hear the praise coming from Yoongi. It lit him up inside, even if part of him did think Yoongi was just trying to get Hoseok to move on to a different subject.

When their meat was brought out Yoongi got busy grilling with Jin. Everyone always agreed they were the best at it, so they usually ended up taking on the job. Jimin didn’t mind though, it gave him a chance to admire the alpha was he was distracted.

“Here try this,” Yoongi held out the first bite with his chopsticks, so Jimin leaned forward to take it into his mouth.

“Mmm, it’s good!”

A small smile curled on Yoongi’s lips, and Jimin loved being the one to cause it. The alpha fed him a few more pieces directly as the food finished cooking. It was oddly intimate being fed by another, seeing how carefully Yoongi brought the food to his mouth and watched his lips taking the first bite.

“I hope you know the food is for everyone!” Jin complained after Yoongi gave Jimin more.

Yoongi narrowed his eyes at the elder, “Are you really going to complain that I’m taking care of my omega.”

Jin let out a loud laugh, “Sometimes I still forget you’re together.” He hit his head like that would bring the memory back.

After that, more of the meat finished and the others got to eating as well. Jimin actually wasn’t able to eat that much more, his stomach still a little worked up from the roller coaster of emotions from the day. That didn’t stop Yoongi from trying to feed him a few more times until the omega whined he was full.

While the others kept eating, Jimin leaned his head against Yoongi’s shoulder and wrapped his arm around the alpha’s shoulder. Now that he had eaten and the adrenaline from earlier was wearing away, he was starting to feel sleepy.

They didn’t linger once dinner was done, and quickly said goodnight to everyone before getting back into Yoongi’s car to head home. Though Jimin was able to keep his eyes open during the short ride, he couldn’t stop yawning. A few times, he saw Yoongi looking over at him with what looked like concern.

“Let me bring your bag up,” Yoongi offered once they parked in front of the apartment building.

Before Jimin could argue, Hoseok was grabbing both of their bags and handing them to the alpha.

“How nice of you Yoongi,” The beta smiled brightly and went off to put in the code to their building.

Yoongi was rolling his eyes and Jimin couldn’t help but let out a little giggle. They were up the elevator and into their apartment in just a few minutes and Yoongi tossed Hoseok’s bag onto the couch.

“Thanks cutie,” Hoseok winked at Yoongi before going into the kitchen to grab a drink.

Without asking, Yoongi headed towards Jimin’s room and the omega followed him in there. The alpha was placing Jimin’s bag on the bed just as Jimin walked into the room.

“Thank you for everything,” Jimin said as he placed the flowers on his dresser until he can get them in a vase.

“Of course, I’m sorry I never came to see you dance before today.”

Jimin raised his eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

Yoongi closed his eyes for a moment, “You’re just so’s beautiful.”

The omega was definitely blushing again and feeling much less tired. Now that they were alone and Yoongi was praising him like this, Jimin was less focused on sleeping and more on his desire for the alpha.

“Umm..I have some videos of other performances if you’re interested.”

“Yeah, show me.”

Jimin pulled his cell phone out of his jeans and pulled up the videos of his dances he’d saved there. They ended up sitting side by side on Jimin’s bed, leaning against the headboard as they both watched the phone’s screen.

As Yoongi watched the screen, Jimin watched him. The way the alpha reacted to his movements lit him up from the inside out and he was greedy for the compliments. Instead of feeling guilty about wanting Yoongi to find him attractive he let himself live in the moment and feel his heart swell at the possibilities.

Yoongi shook his head in disbelief, “I will never understand how you move your body like that.”

“Years of practice,” Jimin laughed.

“You should be proud.”

“Thank you,” Jimin whispered as he blushed more.

Yoongi started to lean up, “I should get going so that you can get some sleep.”

Now that he had the alpha there with him, Jimin didn’t want him to leave. It felt so good to have him close after so much time apart but the omega was too much of a coward to ask for what he wanted.

There was no good reason the alpha needed to stay over, the last time had just been to make sure Jimin had Yoongi’s scent on him for the festival. Tomorrow was just a regular old day with no one to prove anything to.

“Yeah you’re probably right,” Jimin said instead.

They said their goodnights and then the alpha was out the door to head back to his own place. While Jimin was left alone, wondering once again what he’d gotten himself into.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6

It turned out that Jimin didn’t have to wait long before he heard from Yoongi again, but he wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about it.

On one hand, he was glad that he would have the chance to see the alpha so soon. On the other hand, he wasn’t very happy that the reason he’d reached out was because of his father.

As it so happened, Yoongi’s father had texted his son to let him know that he planned on stopping by his basketball game. Something that didn’t happen very often, according to what Yoongi said. Since they were supposed to be courting, it was only natural that his father would expect to see Jimin there.

Of course Jimin had agreed to go, he was actually excited to get the chance to see Yoongi playing anyways. Though it would have made him happier if the alpha really did want him there and wasn’t just inviting him there to show him off.

It made it a little bit easier that Taehyung would be there was well, since Jungkook played on the same intramural basketball team as Yoongi. The two omegas met up to grab some coffee beforehand as well, it had been so long since they hung out alone without Jungkook tagging along too.

“So how’s it going with you and Yoongi?” Taehyung innocently asked once they had their drinks.

Jimin took a sip of his cappuccino before answering, “Good for the most part.”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow “For the most part?”

Sighing Jimin thought of how to answer without giving too much away, “It’s been hard figuring out how to spend time together. And also…” Jimin trailed off before running his hand through his hair. “He’s hard to read, you know.”

Taehyung laughed, “Min Yoongi hard to read? You don’t say!”

Jimin laughed too and hit his friend, “Don’t make fun!”

“Sorry! Is there something specific you’re worried about?”

Jimin played with his cup a little bit, “It’s just that sometimes I can’t tell if he really likes me or not.”

Taehyung looked confused, “I mean you’re courting so I would assume he likes you.”

“I guess it’s complicated to explain,” Jimin sighed. “I know how I feel about him, and my feelings are strong, but it doesn’t seem like it’s the same way for him.”

The other omega nodded with a sympathetic look on his face, “To be honest sometimes I’m worried that Jungkook and I will never get mated after all. He’s happy just the way things are but it’s hard being an omega and not feeling that security.”

“I’m sorry Tae,” Jimin took his friends hand to comfort them both.

“It’s okay, it feels silly to complain about it really. I mean there’s nothing wrong in our relationship, I just don’t want to be stuck in the same place forever.”

Jimin was nodding with Taehyung’s words. It was a little comforting to know that even the two that seemed to have a perfect relationship had their own issues.

Not that he would say that out loud to his friend because it seemed awful. He wished he could really open up to him about the whole truth, but he couldn’t do that to Yoongi either.

For now it looked like Jimin was just going to have to be a little stuck until things got better or worse.

After the two had finished up their coffees, they headed over to the school. Bundled up in their winter jackets thanks to the chill in the air. There was a small crowd of people heading into the school’s athletic center where the gymnasium held the basketball court.

They’d still arrived early enough to grab good seats and snap some selcas together while they waited for the game to start.

When the players started to come out onto the court, Taehyung perked up and started waving. Jimin followed his line of vision and saw that Jungkook was waving back and grabbed Yoongi from behind him.

Jimin felt his whole body tense up at the sight of Min Yoongi dressed in matching basketball shorts, shirt, and headband. He had not been prepared for the sight of the hotness that was his alpha ready to play basketball.

The two alphas quickly made their way across the court to come in front of them.

“Hey,” they greeted with easy smiles on their faces.

Without thinking how he might react, Jimin grabbed onto the front of Yoongi’s jersey and tugged the alpha closer to him. Yoongi’s eyes widened for a moment but he quickly realized what Jimin wanted and tilted his head to place a soft kiss on the omega’s lips.

It’s ridiculous how just the barest of touch from the alpha’s mouth on his sent a jolt of electricity through his body. He wanted to whimper when Yoongi was so quick to pull away but managed to keep the sound in.

“You look hot,” Jimin admitted knowing that Yoongi would assume it’s for show.

The alpha let out a laugh and let Jimin pull him in for another kiss. If the omega had an excuse to get Yoongi’s soft lips on his, he was damn sure going to use it. Already he wanted to drag his mouth all over Yoongi’s exposed neck.

It broke his mood when Yoongi looked over his head and gave a curt nod to someone above them in the stands.

“Your father?” Jimin asked without turning around.

“Yeah,” Yoongi said quietly.

As the whistle sounded, Jungkook and Yoongi took off to get in their positions. Jimin was reluctant to let the alpha out of his reach but he was also extremely curious to see Yoongi playing. And it didn’t take him long to realize just how good Yoongi was at this too.

His teammates never hesitated to pass him the ball, and he could get it into the hoop with almost every shot he took. Even if he was making the shot from the side, it seemed like the alpha had no problems with his accuracy.

“Fuck I think I’m in love,” Jimin commented when Yoongi made yet another goal.

Taehyung let out a loud laugh, “I’m so glad you came.”

Jimin was modding dazedly and pulled out his phone to take a video so he could watch it later. At half-time they took a break to rehydrate and the alphas waved over at them again.

“What is it about watching guys play sports that’s so hot?” Jimin said idly as the game started back up.

“All the muscles on display and the sweating, it’s like watching porn.”

Now it was Jimin’s turn to laugh, “That’s quite the comparison!”

“And you’re not disagreeing with me,” Taehyung pointed out.

The game was over before Jimin knew it, and they made their way down the stands as soon as the crowd let them. At the same time, they could see Jungkook and Yoongi making their way over.

Yoongi was busy wiping his face with a towel as they walked over, and Jimin hoped that he wasn’t drooling.

“Good job boys!” Taehyung said excitedly as he jumped on Jungkook.

“That was amazing,” Jimin added as he wrapped his arm around Yoongi’s waist and started pressing kisses on the alpha’s neck.

“Gross I’m all sweaty,” Yoongi laughed but didn’t pull away.

“Mmm that’s the point,” Taehyung defended his friend as he nuzzled into Jungkook’s neck as well.

“How about you two let us go shower and then we can all go grab something to eat,” Jungkook suggested.

Jimin pointed at the younger alpha accusingly, “You just want to sneak in a double date! Maybe I want to steal Yoongi away for myself today.”

“I was trying to be subtle Jimin,” Jungkook rolled his eyes.

Taehyung was laughing, “I don’t think it worked babe.”

“How about showers then we can all argue,” Yoongi suggested.

Eventually the two alphas were able to pry away from the omegas. They didn’t make it long before Yoongi was stopped by his father though.

Jimin watched with curiosity as the alpha waved Jungkook to head off without him so that he could listen to whatever his father wanted to say to him. Yoongi’s face was hard to read, as usual, and it seemed like he was barely responding back.

“I wonder why Yoongi’s father came to a game,” Taehyung said and Jimin just shrugged.

As the crowd of people leaving got in their way, the two decided to go outside for some fresh air. They roamed around on campus for a little while taking selcas until Jungkook called Taehyung to figure out where they were.

Yoongi came out looking like he was in a grumpier mood than he’d been just minutes prior. It made Jimin worry that something had gone wrong, especially when the alpha told the others he just wanted to get Jimin home. Jungkook didn’t complain and then Jimin was following Yoongi to his car.

“Did something happen?” Jimin asked when they were in the safety of the vehicle.

Yoongi sighed and leaned his head back in his seat, “My father was just complaining that I’ve been avoiding him.”

“You have?”

Yoongi nodded, “He keeps asking me to bring you to the house and I’ve been making up excuses.”

“Why? I wouldn’t mind going if you needed me to,” Jimin said.

“Well I don’t even like going over there but I know I won’t be able to avoid it forever. It’ll start to look suspicious I’m sure, but he did comment that you were there today so thanks for coming.”

“You don’t need to thank me, I had fun, and you really are good!” Jimin was sure that he had heart eyes and was glad that Yoongi had started driving.

“I’m alright, I just do it for fun.”

Jimin smiled at how Yoongi never liked boast, “Well I’d love to come to another game anyways.”

“And we’ll have to give Jungkook his dumb double date.”

“You never know it could be fun,” Jimin suggested.

Yoongi grimaced a little, “I feel bad dragging you to all these different things still.”

Jimin leaned over to put his hand on Yoongi’s thigh and felt the alpha’s muscle twitch underneath his fingers, “Don’t feel bad. I promise I’ll tell you if I don’t want to do something.”

Yoongi nodded but didn’t say anything else.


It had been awhile since they’d had a family home cooked meal, as Jin liked to call it, which was why the group had gathered together on a random chilly day at Namjoon and Yoongi’s apartment. Even though Jin was the one doing most of the cooking he said the alphas had a much better kitchen than the one he shared with Taehyung and Jungkook.

Jimin had woken up that morning feeling a little off, but he knew that if he tried to skip out that Jin would have his throat. He assumed that it was because of the late nights he’d been pulling getting ready for a difficult exam.

Normally when he knew he was going to be seeing Yoongi he was sure to dress well. Today, he ended up just going in the joggers he wore to class. He even threw on a beanie to cover up the fact that he didn’t want to deal with his hair.

When Jimin arrived, Namjoon opened up the door for him and let him know that Yoongi had been courrelled into the kitchen. So he ended up just hanging out in the living room for a little while watching Taehyung and Jungkook play video games with Hoseok.

He didn’t even pay attention to how long it was before Yoongi came out of the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel like he’d just washed them.

“Hey I didn’t know you got here,” Yoongi sounded apologetic as he ditched the towel and made his way over to Jimin.

“Just got here not too long ago,” Jimin explained and fiddled nervously with his hands as the alpha eyed his outfit.

“Did you have practice today?”

“Ugh sorry if I look awful,” Jimin looked away from the alpha embarrassed.

“No you look cute,” Yoongi leaned in to press a kiss to Jimin’s cheek.

Of course the living room had to break out into a chorus of, “Awww”

“I just threw these on. I’m not feeling great today actually,” Jimin pouted.

Yoongi was still giving the others a dirty look but responded to Jimin, “You didn’t have to come.”

“And have Jin hyung come after me? No thanks.”

Yoongi leaned in closer to Jimin with a weird look on his face, “You smell a little different today..maybe you’re coming down with something?”

“What!” Taehyung was leaping up from the couch and shoved Yoongi to the side to practically tackle Jimin.

“Tae what are you doing he doesn’t feel good,” Yoongi was trying to pull at Taehyung’s arm but the omega was insistent on pressing his nose into Jimin’s neck.

Jimin was giggling though, “Tae that tickles!”

Taehyung ignored Jimin and Yoongi though, “JIN!”

The older omega poked his head out of the kitchen, “What?”

“Come here!” Taehyung motioned for the omega to head his way.

“Seriously what are you guys doing?” Yoongi sounded annoyed when Jin took over Taehyung’s place to smell Jimin who was still trying to push them away.

“Oh shit,” Jin looked at Taehyung who just nodded. “You’re heat’s coming early isn’t it Jimin?”

“What? It can’t be that,” Jimin slapped his hand to his neck like he was trying to cover up his own scent.

“The scent is barely there. You must just be starting your preheat,” Jin explained.

“It’s too early!” Jimin frantically pulled out his phone to check his tracker app.

“Maybe it’s all the stress from school triggering it early,” Taehyung suggested.

“Maybe,” Jimin whined. “Should I go back home? I don’t want to make your heats go off early too.”

Since Taehyung and Jin lived together their heats usually set each off anyways, but if they spent too much time with Jimin when he was in his pre-heat they could all sync up. Which wasn’t really fun for any of them.

“It’ll be fine, you’re so early right now.” Jin patted Jimin on the head and started to go back into the kitchen.

“Okay, I’ll just stay for dinner and then go back home.” Jimin let himself be pulled to the couch where Taehyung continued to fuss over him.

“So I guess Yoongi hyung is going to have to get ready for it too,” Jungkook brought the attention over to the alpha who looked alarmed.

“What?” Yoongi asked.

“To serve Jimin through his heat,” Jungkook frowned like the answer should have been obvious. “You’ll need to take time off from classes probably.”

Yoongi was frowning at Jungkook and the younger alpha was frowning right back at him.

“Ah don’t forget hyung has never done this before Jungkook. You’re our expert.” Namjoon laughed.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, “Don’t act like you haven’t served Seokjin before.”

Namjoon instantly started to blush, “Umm this isn’t about me it’s about Yoongi.”

Yoongi turned to Namjoon, “When did you-”

“Wow you really are clueless huh Yoongi,” Hoseok sighed while the omegas broke out into a giggle fit on the couch.

“You’re supposed to be on my side,” Yoongi pointed at Jimin.

“Sorry, sorry!” Jimin covered his face as he laughed.

“Why is everyone laughing out here!” Seokjin poked his head out of the kitchen again.

“Nothing hyung!” A chorus of voices called back and made the older omega look at them all suspiciously.

“Like I was saying, when Jimin’s heat hits you’ll need to stay by his side until it passes and probably a day afterwards. So just email your professors now so they know ahead of time that you’ll be out.”

“I’m not,” Yoongi held his hands up. “I don’t think...I mean...”

“What?” Jungkook looked so confused.

“I think we can figure this out in private Kookie,” Jimin hit his friend.

“It’s not a big deal,” Jungkook shrugged. “It’s totally normal, you don’t need to feel shy Yoongi.”

“Are you really going to give hyung a birds and the bees talk?” Taehyung poked at Jungkook’s side.

Suddenly Jin burst out of the kitchen with a steaming pot, “Dinner is ready freaks! Yoongi come help me get it on the table.”

The alpha was quick to leave the living room to go assist the the omega. Taehyung gave Jimin a look and the smaller omega just shook his head not wanting to get into it.

It wasn’t like he could explain that Yoongi didn’t want to knot him because they weren’t really courting.

Food was great at distracting everyone, thankfully. As soon as everyone sat down at the table, they all started to shove their faces full of food. Jimin still didn’t feel great though so he ate less than normal to avoid upsetting his stomach.

Next to him, Yoongi felt tense through the meal but ate up the food anyways. Jimin wanted to comfort him but he couldn’t say anything and he wasn’t sure if Yoongi would like any touching right now.

At least he wasn’t at the point where he was feeling needy, that would have made the whole dinner a lot more frustrating.

After dinner, Jimin told the others he was going to head home to rest and Yoongi volunteered to drive him. The alpha said it was so that Hoseok could stay longer but Jimin knew he was probably also avoiding Jungkook’s questions.

It felt like the longest, most awkward car ride the two had ever taken. Jimin ended up playing with his phone just to try and distract himself.

“Do you want me to walk you up?" Yoongi asked when they pulled up to Jimin’s building.

“No I’ll be fine,” Jimin opened the car door quickly, not even bothering to try and sneak in a kiss goodbye. “I’ll talk to you later.”

Yoongi waited in the car until Jimin had the security code in the front door and it opened up for him. He gave another little wave and then the alpha’s car was pulling away.

When he was back up to his room Jimin texted Hoseok.

Jimin: That car ride was tortureeeee

Hoseok: Why did he say something bad?

Jimin: He didn’t say anything until we got to the building!

Hoseok: Yikes.

Jimin: He’s clearly not happy about my heat, so much for them being seductive :(

Hoseok: You’re not even at that point yet Jimin! Tae and Jin said your scent has barely changed. I didn’t even notice it and we live together!

Jimin: Ugh but I don’t he’s going to want to stay with me anyways. I guess it’s a good thing I know sooner rather than later

Hoseok: I know he has his reasons for not serving an omega before, I’ll try to talk to him about it when the others leave

Jimin: ??? What does that mean ???

Hoseok: !!! I’m not telling, it’s Yoongi’s business to tell you !!!

Jimin: Rude

Hoseok: <3 <3 <3

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Chapter 7

The next few days weren’t very fun for Jimin, not that it surprised him at all. From the first day where he didn’t feel good it just got worse each day the closer he got to his heat.

It was a lot of random body cramps, tiredness, and bouts of arousal as his body geared up for what was going to come.

Worst of all, his scent got stronger and stronger each day which meant more looks from random alphas that were trying to figure out if he was single or not. Even though Yoongi had basically gone missing in action on him, Jimin had gotten Hoseok to steal a hoodie from the alpha so that he could wear it to school to feel a little safer.

He didn’t even bother bringing up the topic of his heat to Yoongi, he already knew that the alpha wasn’t interested in helping him. It actually ended up starting to depress him a little bit. Despite the fact that he hadn’t asked Yoongi it still felt like a rejection.

If an alpha wasn’t interested in an omega when they were the most fertile, smelling and looking their best, than they wouldn’t ever be interested. Of course, Hoseok tried to cheer him up and say that it didn’t have anything to do with Jimin. It didn’t help though.

That’s why he was so surprised when he was heading back home from classes one day and spotted Yoongi’s car outside his building. The alpha actually came out his car as Jimin walked up the doors.

“Hey I was waiting for you,” Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck.

“You could have texted me,” Jimin said and then realized how snappy he sounded. “Sorry I’m not feeling great.”

“You’re right, sorry. Can I come up and talk?”

Jimin nodded and opened up the doors with the code, Yoongi following silently behind him. He noticed the alpha was looking at the stolen hoodie that he was wearing when they were on the elevator, but he still didn’t say anything.

The omega tossed his backpack to the side when they got inside the apartment and headed into the kitchen to grab a drink.

“Do you want anything?”

“No I’m fine,” Yoongi shook his head and started to go towards Jimin’s bedroom.

Jimin took a few more sips of his drink to settle his stomach before following the alpha. He found Yoongi pacing in his bedroom, looking more anxious than JImin had ever seen him before.

“So Jungkook and the others keep trying to talk to me about serving you during your heat cycle and I thought you deserve an explanation as to why that’s not a good idea.”

“Okay,” Jimin said softly.

“We probably should have talked about this long before we ever got into this situation with my father,” Yoongi sighed. “But I was being selfish and didn’t want to scare you.”

“I’m not scared of you.”

Yoongi continued on like he hadn’t heard Jimin, “You must have noticed I’m not exactly a normal alpha.”

Jimin shrugged, “I know you come from a very strong line.”

Nodding Yoongi explained further, “I do but that's not all. It's like our alpha instincts are stronger than they should be, and it's harder to control.” He paused to rub at his neck. “Sometimes it just takes over when I don’t want it to and I hate not being able to control the urges to be so violent.”

Yoongi was putting his face in his hands, like he was ashamed of himself. This must have been the reason that Hoseok had hinted at. The omega couldn’t help but want to comfort him. He was wrapping his arms around the alpha without taking a moment to even think about it.

“I know you’d never hurt me though Yoongi,” Jimin assured him.

“You don’t know that though!” Yoongi said, his voice full of frustration and he pulled away from Jimin. “I can’t make that promise so you can’t either.”

“You haven’t done anything to scare me before.”

“You don’t understand. I lost control that day at the festival with the other alpha, and the night before I almost lost it when we were in bed together.”

Jimin’s eyes went wide, that explained a lot of things.

“Is that normal for you?” He couldn’t help but be curious since he’d never known this about Yoongi before.

“Yes and no, I’ve gotten used to knowing what will trigger my alpha side from taking over. You know that I don’t date and there’s a good reason for that.” Yoongi sighed again and rubbed at the back of his neck. “But I didn’t expect to have a problem controlling myself just from something like kissing you when it hasn’t been an issue before. Your drives me wild.”

Jimin’s heart was racing, even though the alpha was annoyed with his behavior the omega couldn’t help but take this as a good sign. Surely it meant something that he affected the alpha in a way no one else had before. Unless it was just that Yoongi was out of practice from being single for so long?

“If it’s a family issue, what do the other alphas in your line do?”

Yoongi shook his head, “I think they just find an omega that can put up with it. But I don’t want to be a burden like that, I don’t want to be this way.”

Jimin chewed on his bottom lip, not sure if he really wanted to ask his next question or not. It hurt his heart to think of Yoongi with anyone else but he wanted to know as much as the alpha was willing to share with him.

“Is there a reason you’re so scared? Did something happen with another omega?”

Yoongi was shaking his head again, “I’m usually able to stop when I feel myself slipping but ever since we started...umm...getting hasn’t been easy on me.”

The omega felt like his head was spinning with all of this new information and all of the lingering questions. His first instinct was to apologize for making it harder on the alpha, but he hadn’t really done anything so that didn’t make sense.

And he wasn’t sure that there was anything he could do differently outside of just going back to the way things had been before, and that wasn’t what he wanted. Was that what Yoongi wanted?

“Are you trying to say...did you come here to end things?” Jimin asked nervously and sat down on his bed.

Yoongi’s eyes widened, “No that’s not what I meant. I just knew I couldn’t keep brushing this to the side.”

Jimin ran his hand through his hair nervously, “The others will think it’s weird you don’t want to be with me during my heat. Unless you want to tell them the truth about why we’re courting?”

“Ugh,” Yoongi groaned as he sat down next to Jimin. “I don’t know what to do. I wish I could just be normal.”

“Maybe we can work through it...I mean you can just tell me what to do now that I know what’s going on.”

The alpha turned his head and gazed at Jimin’s neck, “I don’t know…”

“You can scent me if you want,” Jimin said softly as he tilted his neck to give the alpha a better view.

For a moment, Yoongi seemed to agonize over what to do. Ultimately, he gave in and leaned in to press his face against the crook of Jimin’s neck where the sweet smell of his pre-heat was strongest.

“You smell even better than normal,” Yoongi groaned with frustration.

Jimin was already biting on his lip with the effort it took not to hurry the alpha up and get what he wanted. He didn’t want to push Yoongi past his comfort zone and push him away forever.

When he finally felt the alpha start to nuzzle against him, his lips just barely grazing against Jimin’s bare skin, the omega let out a soft whimper. Almost immediately, Yoongi let out a soft growl and nipped at Jimin’s neck before sucking on the skin.

With the pre-heat making Jimin even more sensitive than normal it was impossible for him not to respond.

Already he could feel the pleasure building up in his body with just the barest of touches. He felt his body going lax as Yoongi started to press him against the bed, tilting Jimin’s neck more for even better access.

“Hyung,” He panted when Yoongi licked his way up Jimin’s neck.

“You’re too tempting,” Yoongi groaned as he moved to lay on top of Jimin.

Jimin couldn’t help but roll his hips on the alpha as he settled between his legs, pressing their bodies so intimately against one another for the first time.

Yoongi grinded back down on him, just enough to make them both dizzy from the feeling of their erections brushing together through their pants.

It was too much and not enough all at the same time. Jimin had to grab onto the front of Yoongi’s shirt to stop himself from touching him anywhere else.

It already felt like his body was on fire and the alpha has barely done anything to him. Was this the same burning desire that drove Yoongi past his breaking point?

“Stop biting your lip,” Yoongi growled out and Jimin quickly obeyed only to have the alpha start licking at them.

Afraid to make the wrong move, Jimin just panted softly as Yoongi continued to tongue at his lips that have plumped up from his biting. He didn’t even know it was possible for his mouth to tingle until it received so much attention from the alpha.

They both moaned when Yoongi finally took pity on the omega and plunged his tongue inside. Jimin wondered if it was possible for his body to combust from the heat that fills his body the moment he feels Yoongi’s tongue touch his.

He could feel the wetness soaking his boxers and the scent of his pre-heat filling the air. His body was biologically trying to lure the alpha in more even though Jimin is trying his best to behave.

Out of nowhere Yoongi’s hand came up to wrap around Jimin’s neck in a move that was startlingly dominant and familiar. At the same time, Yoongi’s hips start rolling against Jimin’s again.

The pressure felt heavenly against the omegas body that was desperate for release. But he didn't want Yoongi to regret anything, which was why he wrenched his mouth away from the alpha's and pushed up on his chest to get space.

It didn't take long for Yoongi to realize what he’d done and moved his hand away from Jimin’s neck before leaning away further. Which left Jimin whimpering at the loss.

“I can’t, it’s too much..” Yoongi’s voice was hoarse with regret.

“Just give yourself a minute to calm down,” Jimin tried to coax him.

Yoongi ended up getting up from the bed completely and going into Jimin’s bathroom to splash his face with water. Frustrated, the omega closed his eyes and rubbed himself over his pants - desperate for any kind of relief from the ache.

The sound of Yoongi walking back into the room made the omega jump and he quickly pulled his hand away.

“Come here,” Yoongi sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled on Jimin’s arm until the omega had crawled onto his lap to straddle his hips.

“Please hyung,” Jimin wanted to do so much but he was scared to make the wrong move.

Yoongi just nodded and brought his fingers down to the waistband of Jimin’s pants, teasing the strip of skin there and making the omega buck his hips. It was pure torture.

“Where do you want me to touch you? Here?” Yoongi dragged his palm across Jimin’s erection. “Or here?” He moved to run it over the omegas ass that was damp from all his wetness.

Jimin didn’t even have to think about it, “I want you to fill me up.”

“I think no kissing this time,” Yoongi said before letting out a breath and letting his hand slide down the omegas pants.

“Okay,” Jimin was already panting again as he felt Yoongi’s finger test his wetness before coming to press against his rim.

“You look so pretty like this,” Yoongi rasped as he easily slid a finger past the ring of muscles, making the omega moan loudly.

He was already ridiculously close, turned on by the fact that Yoongi was even touching him at all let alone fucking him with his fingers.

He wanted to cum then but he didn't want it to end either. And Yoongi seemed intent on torturing him with long, lazy strokes that teased his bundle of nerves.

“Yoongi,” Jimin moaned as the alpha slid in a second finger and growled lightly when the omega's head drops back, exposing his neck. “Please I need to…”

He moaned again when Yoongi picked up the pace of his fingers, and Jimin could feel the pleasure building at the base of his spine ready to blow. He was too sensitive, and knowing that it’s Yoongi touching him makes it all the more pleasurable.

He whimpered, so needy for a release he forgot about being careful for a moment and pulled on Yoongi’s head to bring it to his neck. There was no warning before Yoongi sunk his sharp teeth into Jimin’s neck and it made the omega climax instantly.

“God Yoongi,” Jimin moaned loudly as he bucked onto the fingers a last time and clenched around them.

The orgasm made his whole body buzz and Jimin barely knew what was going on as he melted against the alpha.

After a minute of panting he started to realize that Yoongi was licking at his neck and Jimin brought his fingers up to touch the spot. He could feel the bumps of the teeth marks but there was no blood. It wasn't not a true mate mark but it made him shiver nonetheless.

Yoongi laid back on the bed to rub his face, “Sorry.”

“I’m fine hyung,” Jimin leaned down to drop a kiss to Yoongi’s neck who groaned. “Can I touch you now?”

The alpha didn't respond for a moment, just laid there and breathed deeply with his face covered.

“If I tell you to stop you have to listen to me,” he finally said.

“I will,” Jimin promised and lets his hands run over Yoongi’s chest down to his stomach. “Can I use my mouth?” It was a little embarrassing to ask and he could feel his cheeks redden, but he wanted to so bad.

“Yeah,” Yoongi whispered and tilted his hips up toward the omega.

Licking his lips, Jimin moved to slide between Yoongi’s legs which spread wider for him. The omega as torn between wanting to tease Yoongi and not knowing how much the alpha could really take.

Already it felt like they were on borrowed time as the alpha covered his face with his arm like he couldn't take the sight of Jimin between his legs. But his scent was heavy in the air letting Jimin know just how turned on he was too.

Jimin couldn't stop himself from rubbing his face against the bulge in Yoongi’s pants. Wanting his scent there, wanting Yoongi’s scent on him too. Just that light nuzzle had the alpha trying to rub against him.

“Don’t tease me that will make it worse,” Yoongi rasped sounding agonized.

“I won’t,” Jimin started to tug on Yoongi’s pants and the alpha tilted his hips up again until his dick sprang free and the omega nearly gasped at the sight.

He’d always fantasized what Yoongi looked like here, but the reality was even better than his imagination. The alpha was thick, veiny and perfect. He wanted to lick him up so badly, so Jimin did just that. Yoongi jolted at the feeling of Jimin’s tongue running from his base to his swollen tip.

He lapped at the moisture there and felt a swelling of pride when the alpha moaned deeply. It was still a little crazy to him that after all this time he had Yoongi just where he wanted him.

And he wanted to make sure the alpha would keep coming back for more.

With that thought in mind, Jimin sucked him in deeper, as close to the base that he could get. Relishing the sounds the alpha made as he licked and glided his tongue along the hardened length.

“I won’t last,” Yoongi’s voice sounded tight and mumbled, his whole body was tensing underneath Jimin.

The omega didn’t dare stop though, he only sucked harder. He could feel his spit getting sloppy as Yoongi’s hips bucked into his mouth, trying to fuck it. As much as Jimin wanted to lick at him more, he let the alpha thrust into his mouth taking the pleasure he wanted.

A husky moan was all the warning he got before Yoongi was spilling into his mouth, filling it up with seed. And for a second Jimin imagined what it would feel like if the alpha had taken his ass. It make him clench and whimper as he tried to swallow every last drop.

When the omega pulled his mouth away to catch his breath, he let his eyes wander up the alpha's body. He was shocked to see blood dripping from the alpha's mouth, and a deep bite mark on his arm where it rests on his forehead.

“Yoongi,” Jimin cooed as he moved to look at the wound. It was only bleeding a little but it made his heart hurt.

“It helps to ground me,” Yoongi explained as he twisted his fingers into the omegas hair.

Jimin couldn’t help but start to nuzzle into Yoongi’s neck. More to comfort himself than anything. He felt guilty for pressuring the alpha into fooling around with him now. He could take the pain better than he could seeing Yoongi having to suffer.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have done that,” he said sadly.

Yoongi continued to rub his fingers through Jimin’s hair, making him melt into the alpha's body. The heat Yoongi gave off was so soothing that he wished they didn’t have shirts on.

He couldn’t seem to stop running his hands over Jimin, and pressing soft kisses on his mouth, face, and neck. He liked this cuddly, post coital alpha very much.

“I love your lips,” Yoongi said randomly as he pressed his thumb there.

Jimin had to open his eyes that had gotten sleepy from all the petting, “What about them?”

Yoongi sighed, “They’re so plump and soft, they feel good everywhere you put them on me.”

Jimin smiled, “You can use my mouth anytime.”

“Don’t say that or else I’ll get hard again,” Yoongi rolled them over to press Jimin into the bed.

“Sorry!” Jimin laughed until Yoongi pressed his mouth against his again, licking his way inside just for a little taste.

“I should go,” Yoongi groaned as he pulled away.

“Or you could stay overnight,” Jimin pouted.

“I would end up humping you all night long. Your scent really is too tempting right now.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Yoongi slapped his palm against Jimin’s hip playfully. It was obvious how much more comfortable Yoongi was feeling right now and it made Jimin want to keep the alpha there forever.

“At least let me clean and bandage this up,” Jimin touched a finger to Yoongi’s arm.

“It’s really fine,” He insisted but looked guilty.

“Yoongi come on,” Jimin slid out of his bed and grabbed onto the alpha to drag him into the bathroom.

He got busy pulling his first aid kit out of the cabinet as Yoongi turned on the water and started to wash his hands. Making Jimin remember just where they had been.

A blush was on his cheeks when he looked up into the mirror. He also let out a little gasp at the sight of his own neck. Yoongi’s eyes met his in the mirror and the alpha looked sad again.

“It’s fine,” he wrapped his arms around the alpha quickly to comfort him.

“We keep saying that to each other,” Yoongi was sighing.

“I was just surprised, I like it though. Now everyone can see that I’m yours,” the words twisted in his gut because he wasn’t sure if Yoongi would know how much he meant it.

“Here,” Yoongi pulled away from Jimin to give him his arm which he’d already washed up.

After patting it dry with a towel, Jimin quickly got his arm bandaged up. Before he could even put the supplies away, Yoongi was walking out of the bathroom and Jimin could smell his anxiety. He wished they’d never gotten out of bed.

When the alpha left Jimin felt more confused than ever. He didn’t know where they stood or how Yoongi was really feeling. The alpha had come over to explain why they couldn’t have sex but then they’d fooled around.

It was so confusing to be satisfied from all the loving he’d gotten, but sad about the possibility that it might not happen again.

Along with all the other myriad of emotions that came with liking someone that had no idea how you really felt. He was scared most of all. Yoongi really had the power to break his heart, now more than ever.

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Chapter 8: Mini chapter - Yoongi's POV

Yoongi slammed his fist into his steering wheel as soon as he got inside of his car. He was so angry with himself for letting things get that far. For letting Jimin, the purest person he knew, see that ugly side of himself.

He never intended to taint favorite dongsaeng in that way, and it seemed like everything was out of his control now.

All Jimin ever did was give to him and all Yoongi ever felt like he did was take. It was selfish, and pitiful. He knew it, but that didn’t stop him from keeping coming back.

How could anyone blame him though? It was so difficult to say no to Jimin, even when he knew he should. The moment that omega had titled his neck in his bedroom, Yoongi knew he was in trouble.

He’d always loved Jimin’s scent, which was why he’d always tried to keep the omega at a distance whenever he could. In hindsight he should have known how difficult it was going to be having to spend so much time with Jimin. But he’d never expected to have to deal with his heat.

It made him feel absolutely helpless, even know his alpha side was clamoring at him to go back inside and get closer to the omega.

He was becoming more and more addicted to Jimin and that’s what scared him the most. Because none of this was real, and he knew full well that Jimin deserved much better than him.

If he was a good hyung, he would just leave Jimin alone. But he already knew that he’d be coming back for more. Even if he was ashamed with himself. He did want to find a way to stay with Jimin.

It might be his only chance to get to touch Jimin in all the ways he’d always wanted to. In all the ways that he tried so desperately not to think about when he was laying in bed alone at night.

He already knew that he adored the way Jimin’s tiny fingers felt when they clung onto his, and how his heart raced whenever the omega was affectionate. Kissing him felt like heaven, and even that was almost too much for Yoongi to handle.

They’d only just fooled around a little bit and he hadn’t been able to stop himself from biting Jimin, and from biting himself. The look on Jimin’s face when he’d seen himself in the mirror had been like a stab in the heart.

That dark part inside of him was constantly pushing him to make sure the omega knew he was the one in charge, and that he was the one that owned him. But in reality none of that was true, and Yoongi didn’t ever want to make Jimin feel that way.

At any moment, it felt like he could lose his Jiminie forever. It killed him that he couldn’t just get control of himself and be a regular alpha for once in his life.

Already he was debating taking out his phone to text Jimin and apologize for everything again. But he didn’t know what else to say that he hadn’t already said. And he knew that Jimin would just tell him everything was fine even if it wasn’t.

Because that was who Jimin was, he cared more about everyone else around him than himself. That’s why he was helping out Yoongi after all. Look what good that had done for the omega.

Sighing, he did grab his phone and decided to text Hoseok instead.

Yoongi: Hey, can you check on Jimin when you see him?

Hoseok: Why?

Yoongi: Just do it, okay? Please.

Hoseok: Since you said please I will. Do you want me to report back or?

Yoongi: No that’s fine, knowing you’ll check on him is enough

Hoseok: Okie dokie. You know you can talk to me right?

Yoongi: Goodnight Hobi

Hoseok: Goodnight grumpy

Letting out a deep breath, Yoongi resolved to stop letting his mind run in circles and leave already. Instead of going straight home, he drove around for an hour. Taking in the sights of the city and making himself focus on the road helped calm him a bit.

He still felt incredibly guilty, but knowing he wouldn’t be able to change anything he tried to push thoughts out of his brain.

For the past few weeks he’d been working on a new song that he couldn’t quite get right, and with some ideas starting to pop into his mind he decided to finally head back to his apartment and work on it some more.

Luckily, Namjoon was also holed up in his bedroom when Yoongi arrived. So he didn’t have to explain why the scent of Jimin’s arousal was still lingering on his skin.

His room felt like a little safe haven. He was able to slip away into his world of music, crashing down onto his computer chair and shoving his headphones on before getting to work.

For better or for worse, the song he was working on was about Jimin. It had a sweet melody and it calmed him down whenever he played it. Just like Jimin’s voice.

But it wasn’t quite perfect, not yet. There was something that was off about it, and he just kept tweaking it hoping to get it where he wanted. Every once in a while he was tempted to play it for the omega, to hear his thoughts on it, but it felt like he would be showing his cards.

And he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t put Jimin in an even worse position than he already was in. So instead, he just obsessed over the song while he tried not to obsess over the person it was about.

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Chapter 9

After the way Yoongi left the day before, Jimin half expected him to pull away again. Even though Jimin really just wanted to stay in bed, he managed to drag himself up to get ready for classes.

Hoseok was still in the kitchen eating breakfast when he came out.

“Hey how did it go yesterday with...woah look at your neck!” Hoseok practically jumped out of his seat to get a closer look at Jimin.

Jimin narrowed his eyes at his roommate, “Did you know Yoongi was coming over yesterday?”

“Duh, he asked me when you’d be home so I made myself scarce. Obviously that was a good decision.”

Jimin rolled his eyes, “Well thanks for the heads up!”

“So did you guys actually talk or did he just jump you?” Hoseok laughed.

“We talked,” Jimin sighed. “Still don’t know what it means though. He wasn't exactly happy when he left.”

“Oh? Did you hold out on him?”

Jimin walked over to smack his friend, “First of all that’s rude! Secondly no I didn’t, how do you think I ended up with this mark?”

Hoseok shrugged, “What happened then?”

“I tried to show him that we could be careful but he felt bad about biting me,” Jimin tried to explain without going into too many details.

“It doesn’t look that bad though? Did it hurt?”

Jimin shook his head, “No but he did something else too so I think I failed at proving my point.”

Hoseok looked Jimin up and down like he was trying to figure out what else happened, “That’s very cryptic.”

“I don’t know how much he’d want me to be telling you, that’s his business.” Jimin mimicked what Hoseok had told him before.


Jimin headed to classes that day with a heavy heart and frustrated body. Since he’d gotten a taste of what fooling around with Min Yoongi was like he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

He found himself absentmindedly touching the spot where Yoongi had bitten him throughout the day even though it just looked like a bruise now.

When his phone went off in the middle of one of his classes he assumed it was just Hoseok which was why he didn’t answer it right away. Instead he waited until he was out to check his notifications and was shocked to actually see a text from Yoongi.

Yoongi: Hey, how are you feeling today?

Jimin: Sorry I was in class! I’m alright, a little tired today

Yoongi: Ah I was going to see if I could come over later but if you’re tired never mind

Jimin: I’m actually thinking of skipping lunch to go take a nap but I’ll probably be free after my last class

Yoongi: Okay, just let me know when to come over

Even though Jimin was now worried about why Yoongi wanted to come over again, he was still exhausted and passed out on his bed as soon as he hit the mattress. He ended up accidentally sleeping through his last class of the day when his alarm failed to wake him.

When he woke up it was already dark outside, which left him very confused for a minute. Groaning, he rubbed at his face and typed out an email to his professor to explain so that he wouldn’t marked up for an unexcused absence.

Then he shot off a text to Yoongi before making his way into the kitchen to look for something to eat.

Not wanting to bother with cooking, he ended up making some instant ramen. Yoongi texted back that he was on his way just as Jimin finished eating and went into his bathroom to try and make it look like he hadn’t just slept for several hours.

Of course Yoongi looked drool worthy when he arrived. His tight jeans and black sweater did nothing to help Jimin's overactive libido.

“Feeling any better?” Yoongi looked nervous as he slipped his shoes off by the door.

“Mhm the nap helped,” Jimin replied distractedly as he let his gaze roam over the alpha.

“That's good,” Yoongi was rubbing the back of his neck.

“Do you want to talk in my room?” Jimin wasn't sure what Yoongi had on his mind but the alpha nodded and they went over.

Yoongi didn't look any calmer once they entered Jimin's room. If anything he seemed even more worked up. Jimin could see him clenching his fists and his body tensed up.

“So what's up?” Jimin crossed his hands over his chest.

“I had an idea,” Yoongi rasped out and licked his lips. “But I don't even know if it will work.”

“Is this about my heat?” Jimin asked and Yoongi gave a single nod in response. “You don't have to force yourself Yoongi, I know it makes you uncomfortable and I don’t want to pressure you.”

Yoongi sighed, “It's not like I don't want to, you have no idea how fucking amazing you smell right now. I just don't want to hurt you.”

“What's your idea then?”

The alpha's eyes darted down to Jimin's lips. “You said I could use your mouth anytime...I thought if we started with that it might calm me down.”

Yoongi looked so embarrassed having to say it out loud, he couldn't even look Jimin in the eyes.

It wasn't like the omega had it in him to turn down anything the alpha asked him for. Already he could feel his arousal stirring and they hadn't even touched.

Jimin ran his hands through his hair to try and calm down a little, “If it doesn't work and you leave without touching me I might die of frustration.”

“You don't have to. I can leave right now,” Yoongi was quick to try and make an exit but Jimin grabbed onto his arm.

“Wait I want to try,” he assured the alpha.

Yoongi still looked ready to run, “It was dumb. Just forget it.”

“Oh my god! You can't just come over here and start talking about sex and then leave when I'm about to go into heat, it's not fair!”

Yoongi covered his face with both of his hands and groaned. Already, Jimin could see the alpha was getting hard thanks to the telltale bulge.

While the alpha was distracted with his own embarrassment, Jimin stepped closer to him and dropped to his knees. Yoongi practically jumped when he felt Jimin's hands starting to work on his jeans.

“Jimin,” Yoongi groaned.

“Be quiet and let me blow you,” The omega had Yoongi's jeans open and his leaking erection out before the alpha could try and talk him out of it.

He darted his tongue out to lick the tip, gathering the precious pre-cum up and humming in pleasure at the taste.

“Fuck baby,” Yoongi's fingers tangled in the omega's hair.

Jimin rubbed his lips over Yoongi's length before repeating the process with his tongue. He could feel how tense Yoongi's thigh was from where his hand leaned on it and he looked up to see the alphas heated gaze watching him with his mouth hanging open.

Licking the tip again, Jimin slowly started sucking Yoongi's hardness into his mouth. He could hear the alphas loud moan when he got almost to the base.

The more he sucked on Yoongi's dick the more tense the alpha seemed to get. The sounds that came out of his mouth made it obvious he liked what Jimin was doing but something felt off.

Popping off his new favorite dick, Jimin pulled away to see Yoongi was still clenching his fists tightly.

“What's wrong,” Jimin asked.

“I'm trying to control myself,” Yoongi's voice sounded like gravel and it made Jimin shiver.

“Tell me what your alpha wants or I'm going to stop.”

Growling Yoongi moved his hand to grab Jimin's neck, “Is this really what you want?”

“You don't scare me,” Jimin dared to reply even though he could tell Yoongi was slipping.

“Open up your mouth omega,” Yoongi used his other hand to press down on Jimin's bottom lip with his thumb.

When Jimin licked his lips and complied, the alpha guided himself back into the omegas mouth. He didn't get a chance to try and go back to what he'd been doing before the alpha started pushing his dick down into his mouth.

Jimin gripped Yoongi's thighs with his hands again to brace himself as the alpha started to glide in and out of the omegas mouth.

One hand stayed locked on Jimin's neck, while the other gripped his hair. He was at the mercy of the powerful alpha fucking his face senseless and it was getting him wetter than ever.

When a moan vibrates through his neck the alpha lets out a low growl before picking up his pace.

Saliva was starting to drip down his chin from the quick movements and Jimin was desperate to make the alpha cum.

Sliding his hands up, he gripped Yoongi’s sac and started to massage his sensitive skin. He would have smiled when the alpha moaned if his mouth wasn’t already full.

Yoongi’s hand gripped his neck tighter and pumped into Jimin’s a final time before he was spilling into the back of the omega’s throat. Jimin almost gagged when Yoongi pressed to the back of his throat but he forced himself to breath through it.

When he felt Yoongi’s hands going lax, Jimin pulled away to wipe his lips and rub at his jaw. He could tell when the alpha snapped out of his haze because he shook his head a little bit and then was pulling Jimin off of his knees.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi cupped Jimin’s cheek and his gaze roamed over the omega’s neck which was reddened from his hands.

“That was hot,” Jimin said instead of answering Yoongi’s question and pressed his face into the alpha’s neck to nuzzle at him.

Sighing, Yoongi ran his hands through the omega’s hair and let him have his way with his neck. He was pressing kisses along the alpha’s neck to keep his mind off of anything that would start to make him worry.

Jimin really hadn’t been kidding when he’d said he would die if the alpha left without touching him.

Suddenly Yoongi was picking Jimin up and walking towards the bed, “Alright it’s my turn now.”

Laughing lightly, Jimin wrapped his legs around the alpha and pressed their bodies tightly together. When they were laying down, Yoongi went right for Jimin’s swollen lips and licked at them.

“Your mouth looks even better after you’ve had them wrapped around me,” Yoongi said before sucking Jimin’s bottom lip into his mouth.

All Jimin could do was moan and press his hips against Yoongi’s while the alpha had his way with his mouth. Soon they were ravishing each other, the alpha seemingly intent on kissing the omega senseless.

“Please touch me hyung,” Jimin whined when Yoongi pulled away to catch his breath.

Yoongi licked his lips and leaned up, “Take your clothes off.”

Jimin raised his eyebrow, “Off?”

“All of it,” Yoongi started to tug on the omega’s shirt and Jimin assisted by holding his arms up.

His joggers easily slid off his hips and down his legs and then Jimin was left in only his soaked boxers while the alpha hungrily gazed at him.

“Why-” Jimin didn't get to finish his question before the alpha was flipping him over and pressing him into the mattress.

Yoongi was nibbling and sucking at his neck as he pressed his hips into Jimin’s ass. Lewd sounds were leaving Jimin’s lips but he knew the alpha wasn’t going to try and fuck him since all of his clothes were still on.

That didn’t stop him from pushing up against Yoongi’s crotch and teasing them both.

Those long fingers trailed over his side until they reached his hip and started pushing the boxers down. The omega whimpered when the cool air hits his wet thighs and over sensitive erection.

“Shh I’ve got you,” Yoongi wrapped his fingers around Jimin’s member.

But he didn’t move, just held on and started to lick and kiss his way down Jimin’s back. Panting, Jimin felt like he was ready to explode.

He was burning up everywhere and the moment he felt Yoongi’s tongue come to lick his ass he bucked, bringing friction from the alpha’s hand.

Already mindless, Jimin dropped onto his elbows. He knew it was obscene to push himself into Yoongi’s face like that but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Not when the alpha was pressing his tongue against his neglected rim.

“You taste so good,” Yoongi rasped as he licked at the wetness coming out of Jimin.

In contrast to how rough and fast he’d fucked Jimin’s face, Yoongi licked and sucked at Jimin leisurely like he could stay there all day. Torn between wanting the relief of his climax and not wanting Yoongi to stop, Jimin just took what the alpha gave him.

When Yoongi started to play with his hardness, giving it teasingly soft strokes, Jimin pressed his face into the mattress to hide the loud moan he tried to keep in.

A chuckle left Yoongi’s lips as he pulled away and tugged on Jimin’s body to get his attention, “Let me hear your sounds.”

“It feels too good hyung,” Jimin whimpered.

“Do you want to cum?” Yoongi asked before licking at his rim again.

“Please, I need to.”

Pulling his hand away for a moment, Yoongi brought his fingers to Jimin’s hole to gather some wetness before wrapping his fingers back around him. Moaning, Jimin bucked into Yoongi’s fingers as he started to jerk him off in earnest.

He barely noticed Yoongi shifting, too distracted from the pleasure shooting up his spine. Until his clenching hole was filled up with one of Yoongi’s fingers as it curled around his bundle of nerves, making him shoot his orgasm all over.

“Yoongi!” Jimin moaned as his body shook from the intensity.

The alpha helped him to roll over onto his back, his limbs weak from the climax. He could barely move as Yoongi goes back to nuzzle at his neck sweetly.

“No one’s ever done that to me before,” His voice sounded thick as he mumbled with his eyes closed.

Yoongi stopped and pulled away to look at Jimin, “I’ve never done it before either.”

Jimin turned to look at him, “You didn’t bite me this time.”

“I wanted to,” Yoongi admitted softly. “But you were on your knees for the worst of it.”

“Is it weird that disappoints me?” Jimin ran his finger over Yoongi’s throat as he spoke.

“Jimin,” Yoongi sighed and rolled away from the omega.

“I’m just saying you could do it right now and I wouldn’t complain.”

Yoongi got off the bed and lunged for the clothes he tossed aside earlier, “Okay time for you to get dressed.”

Jimin just laughed and tugged on the clothes, minus the wet boxers because that was gross.

“I slept for hours and I feel like I’m ready for bed already,” Jimin complained as he rubbed his eyes.

“Go back to bed then. You should be resting up,” Yoongi tried to push him back towards the mattress.

“Stay and cuddle,” Jimin pressed his face into the alpha’s chest.

“I can for a little while but only if you promise not to talk about biting.”

Laughing Jimin nodded and dragged Yoongi back onto his bed. He liked the way it smelled like both of them now and sighed happily as Yoongi wrapped his arms around his waist.

Jimin closed his eyes but trails his fingers over the alpha’s chest, trying to memorize the feeling as he starts to feel more and more drowsy.

At some point Yoongi started to play with his hair and it got even harder for him to stay awake. Knowing that Yoongi would leave once he was asleep, he tried to fight it off as long as possible.

Still, it wasn't long before the omega fell asleep and the alpha was pressing a kiss to his hair before pulling away carefully. Even in his sleep, Jimin tried to reach for Yoongi so the alpha rubbed his scent all over a pillow for the omega to cuddle before leaving.

Chapter Text

Rough is how Jimin would describe his next day of classes. Waking up alone and sore in the morning put him in a grumpy mood. It didn't help that his cramps had kicked it up a notch.

If he hadn't accidentally slept through some of his classes the day before he probably would have just stayed in bed. Instead his ass was parked in a chair during a lecture while he rubbed at his stomach.

Wanting to keep Yoongi's scent strong on him he'd also skipped his usual morning shower. The downside to smelling like Yoongi was that it also turned him on. He couldn't stop thinking about everything they'd done and what the alpha's knot must feel like.

Halfway through the day he ended up texting Yoongi, not able to take it anymore.

Jimin: Want you

Yoongi: I'm in class

Jimin: :(

Yoongi: Sorry

Jimin: Later?

Yoongi: I promised Joon I would help him with a track

Jimin: Ugh you're killing me

Yoongi: I'll make it up to you just try and rest today

Jimin: Not likely, when I get home I'm going to finger myself and pretend it's you

Yoongi: Damnit Jiminie now I'm getting hard in class

Jimin: Welcome to the club :(

Yoongi: Maybe if it doesn't take long with Joon I can come over later? I'll text you

Jimin: Okay

Unfortunately for Jimin his day doesn't get any easier. After managing to frustrate himself by texting Yoongi he had to sit through another class before he could head to the apartment.

Even though he’d talked a big game while texting Yoongi, he ended up crashing into his bed as soon as he got to his room. His aches were starting to grow into sharper pains and he knew it wasn’t a good sign. Not wanting to bother anyone, he popped some pain medicine and hoped that it would do the trick before letting himself close his eyes and drift off.

At some point he thinks Hoseok came home and started to shake him, but Jimin just groaned and pushed him away.

“You’re burning up Jimin!” Hoseok was touching his forehead.

“It’s fine, I took medicine,” Jimin swatted at his roommates hands.

“Your heat will probably hit soon. Have you talked to Yoongi today?”

Jimin just nodded but didn’t give any details. Instead he turned to lay on his stomach and push his face into his bedding, hoping the beta would leave him alone already.

The next time he was woken up, Hoseok was putting a bowl of soup on his bedside table.

“You need to eat something, you’ve been asleep for hours.”

Wincing, Jimin leaned up in bed and rubbed at his midsection some more. Though the medicine had helped the sharp pains to die down he was still feeling aches.

“I’ll try to eat a little,” He knew Hoseok wouldn’t leave him alone until he tried.

Once Jimin started to slurp down the soup he found that he was hungrier than he’d thought. The chicken soup went down easily, thanks to it being more broth than anything.

“Let me get you a drink and you can take some more medicine,” Hoseok said before leaving the room.

Jimin pulled out his phone from the charger and checked to see if he had any notifications but his screen was empty. Which meant that Yoongi must still be busy, not that he was much company right now anyways.

He sighed and took another spoonful of soup before Hoseok returned with a glass of juice for him. The beta sat down on the bed and watched as Jimin finished up most of his soup before popping some more medicine.

“Thanks, I’m feeling a lot better now. I might actually try to get some studying done while I still can.”

Hoseok nodded, “Let me know if you need anything else and take it easy.”

Since his professors knew that Jimin had a medical leave coming up for his heat, they’d given him some assignments early to work on. He pulled open a book for his history class since the work wasn’t too difficult and got to reading while he laid propped up in bed.

At some point his phone went off with a notification and Jimin stopped reading to check it. Just like he’d promised, Yoongi had texted.

Yoongi: Almost done, are you around?

Jimin: I’m actually not feeling very well now, sorry :(

Yoongi: It’s fine. Do you need anything?

Jimin: No, Hobi is babying me

Yoongi: Oh good

For the rest of the night, Jimin alternated between resting and studying until he was too tired and turned in for the night. But every few hours he kept waking up from the pains and had to take some more medication which meant he didn’t end up getting much sleep that night at all.

In the morning Hoseok came in to check up on him, but Jimin had already decided to take the day off. The beta continued to worry and fuss over him, making sure that Jimin ate some breakfast before he left for his own classes.

“Text me if you need anything,” Hoseok pointed at his friend after making sure he got back into bed.

“I will, I promise.”

“And don’t forget to eat some lunch. You’ll be needing your strength.”

“I know Hoseok!” Jimin threw a pillow at his roommate and laughed.

“Okay, okay I’m going!”

With the pain medication working less and less as time went on, Jimin ended up cuddling into his bed to watch some Netflix.

Eventually he became restless though and had to get up to start fixing his bed. He knew it was just nesting behavior, but it bothered him so much that he couldn't get his pillows to fluff just the way that he wanted them.

It annoyed him even more when he brought his blankets up to his nose and realized that Yoongi’s scent had been completely replaced by his own again. More than anything he wished he had something of the alphas to cuddle up to.

Thinking about the alpha only made him feel needy and then frustrated because it was the middle of the day and he didn’t want to bother Yoongi again.

But he couldn't stop obsessing over the feeling of the alpha’s mouth on him, and he wanted it so badly that he started to whimper even though no one was around to hear him.

When a razor-sharp pain ripped through his body, Jimin cried out and clutched his body. Moments later, another pain hits him before a sudden wave of intense arousal came over him. His body felt like it was on fire, like he would just burn up and die if he didn’t get a knot in him right then.

Dizzy and disorientated, Jimin reached out to grab his phone but only ended up knocking it off the nightstand. Another flash of pain coursed through his body and he could only writhe in pain and cry out.

He didn’t know how much time passed, he could only focus on the pain and hormones wreaking havoc on his body. Suddenly he realized that his door was bursting open and someone was yelling at him.

“Jimin! Oh my god why didn’t you pick up your phone!” Hoseok was trying to roll him over but Jimin cried out at the betas hands on him. They felt wrong.

“Don’t-” Jimin whined and tried to twist away from Hoseok.

“I’m going to text Yoongi, don’t worry Jimin.”

The sound of pacing and muttering filled the room, while Jimin tried not to cry out from the pains. He could barely stay conscious, but tried to pay attention to what his roommate was saying to him.

“I’ll go grab you some water, hang in there buddy.”

Jimin wanted to tell him not to bother, but all he could manage was a soft whine as more pain hit him. When Hoseok was out the door, Jimin gave in and let his body slip into unconsciousness to avoid the pains.

The next time Jimin opened his eyes he heard more yelling, this time there were several voices in the apartment. He couldn’t make out what they were saying though, but they sounded angry and it made him whine. His inner omega sensed the voices as a threat and it only made him anxious on top of everything else.

The door opened again, and Yoongi’s scent instantly seemed to take over the room. It was tainted by his anger and something else the omega couldn’t focus on.

“Yoongi wait, you need to calm down first!” Namjoon was yelling as Jimin turned around to look at them.

Namjoon, and Hoseok were by the door watching Yoongi who had turned to look back at them.

“He’s in pain!” Yoongi pointed at Jimin on the bed. “I won’t calm down until he’s fine.”

“Maybe you should listen to Namjoon, you don’t want to hurt Jimin more hyung.” Hoseok said in a soothing voice.

Yoongi just growled at the both of them, “Why did you ask me to come if you were going to be like this.”

He sounded angry as hell, but he started towards the door like he was going to listen to them anyways. The sight of Yoongi walking away made Jimin panic, and he whimpered out.

“Yoongi,” He cried reaching towards his alpha.

Immediately, Yoongi froze and slowly turned to look at Jimin.

“Jiminie,” He spoke softly like it pained him and his fists clenched at his side.

“Don’t go,” Jimin whimpered.

“Fuck,” Yoongi made a dash for the bed before the others could stop him.

“Yoongi!” Namjoon yelled out but it was too late, the alpha was already on the bed and leaning over Jimin.

The omega realized too late that Yoongi must have felt threatened in some way by the others being close to him during his heat.

As Hoseok and Namjoon took a step further into the room Yoongi was growling at them, but Jimin pressed himself closer to Yoongi not even caring about the beta and other alpha.

Another lighting bolt of pain radiating through Jimin and he whimpered and fell back onto his mattress from the force. Yoongi stopped growling to bring his attention to Jimin and quickly turned the omega’s neck to the side before leaning down to press his teeth sharply there.

At once, Jimin’s body bucked and the pain was replaced with a rush of pleasure. He let out a moan as wetness poured out of him and he instinctually leaned up on his elbows to present himself to the alpha.

“Maybe we should go,” Hoseok seemed to mutter.

“But-” Namjoon started to argue before Yoongi’s growl filled the air again. “Fine, but be careful Yoongi!”

Jimin barely heard the sound of the door closing again, too distracted by his mission to get as close as possible to the alpha. Rubbing his ass shamelessly against the alpha’s crotch.

The sound of growling was replaced with a groan and Yoongi let go of his bite mark to lick along Jimin’s neck, making the omega whimper more.

“I need you,” Jimin whined.

“I can’t be gentle right now,” Yoongi warned but he was already pulling Jimin’s pants down and the omega just nodded. He didn’t care, he just needed Yoongi’s knot however he could get it.

He felt the alpha’s fingers probing his rim before pressing two inside quickly, making Jimin yelp before moaning. The sudden intrusion burned before it melted into a simmering sensation that had him panting.

Yoongi didn’t waste any time in stretching him, adding a third finger quickly and pumping them.

Jimin’s first climax hit him out of nowhere and he pressed his face into his bed so hide the sounds. Before he’d even recovered from the feeling, he felt Yoongi’s pulling out and then being replaced with the blunt tip of his erection.

“Give it to me,” Jimin pleaded and he felt Yoongi’s hand come down to lock onto his neck before the alpha plunged inside of him roughly.

Yoongi growled out as he started to set a brutal pace, his other hand came to grip onto Jimin’s hip roughly. Dazedly Jimin thinks about all the marks the alpha is probably leaving on his body and it makes him clench his walls even tighter.

The sounds filling the room are obscene. Yoongi’s growls, Jimin’s moans, the sound of their hips slapping against each other forcefully. When Yoongi’s hand comes down to slap on the omega’s ass out of nowhere, Jimin bucks back into him for more.

“Fuck,” Yoongi’s voice was deeper than ever as he continues to pound into Jimin.
When Yoongi leaned his body over Jimin’s the angle changed and the omega could feel the alpha’s knot starting to swell, making him feel even more full.

But Yoongi didn't stop there, he turned Jimin’s neck again and started to bite down on the side that hadn’t been marked yet.

As if his body is trained to react to the bite mark, Jimin climaxed again and moaned in delight. He felt the sharpness of Yoongi’s teeth in contrast with the pulsing of his walls.

The alpha rammed inside of him a final time before they were locked together and he felt Yoongi starting to spill inside of him.

The relief spread through Jimin’s body as the hormones were satisfied from the seed filling him up. He sighed in satisfaction as he felt Yoongi twitching inside of him again and the alpha’s body started to go a little more lax.

Licking his neck, Yoongi tried to sooth the damage his did to Jimin’s skin and the omega wondered what it must look like.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked as he tried to move their bodies so that they could lay on their sides, which was made difficult by the fact that they still had their clothes on and were stuck together.

Jimin nodded and reached behind him to grab onto Yoongi’s arm and curl it around his body.

“Sleepy now,” He yawned before bucking as he felt Yoongi spilling more inside of him.

“Get some rest. I need to text Hoseok that I didn’t kill you.”

“Mmm..I may have died and gone to heaven,” Jimin smiled and nuzzled into his pillow.

“I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.”

Even though Jimin wanted to stay up and enjoy the feeling of Yoongi’s knot keeping him full and satisfied, his body was weary from all the pain it had dealt with earlier in the day.

His eyes were heavier than he could fight off and he fell asleep comforted by the scent of Yoongi’s arousal thick in the air.

At some point he felt the shifting off his bed as Yoongi carefully dislodged from him, his knot having finally gone down.

Though it made Jimin whimper a little, he didn’t open his eyes. After some moving around, he felt the alpha’s body come back to wrap around him and the omega drifted off back to sleep.

Chapter Text

Chapter 11

Cramps woke Jimin up sometime later and he dazedly opened his eyes. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as it was earlier but the rising needing made it seem impossible for him to get any more rest.

He nuzzled into the side of Yoongi's neck before he realized the alpha must have finished undressing them because he could feel Yoongi's warm chest pressing against his for the first time.

The realization made him whimper as he ghosted his fingertips over the alpha's muscled body. Stirring, Yoongi's hand squeezed the omegas ass where it had been resting.

It only made Jimin feel even more aroused and he let his hand trail down until he could grip the alpha's dick which had already started to thicken in response to Jimin's pheromones.

Yoongi groaned lightly when Jimin stroked him, “Already?”

Nodding into Yoongi's neck Jimin replied, “Need you.”

Pushing Jimin's hand away the alpha leaned over to roll them around, “I've got you.”

Gently, Yoongi pressed his lips to Jimin's. He was so careful and soft that it frustrated the omega and had him nipping on the alpha's lips.

“You're going to drive me crazy at this pace,” Jimin complained.

Yoongi just smiled and leaned back in to suck on Jimin's bottom lip, “I never get to go slow. Let me play, please.”

Swallowing thickly, Jimin looked up at the alpha. In contrast to how wild he'd looked earlier he looks much more in control now. It was confusing to want to see the alpha lose control even when he knew Yoongi hated it.

“You better knot me good if you're going to tease me,” he finally said.

Yoongi laughed, “You'll get it good just be patient.”

Jimin pouted and Yoongi moved his mouth to kiss over the omega's neck. Thanks to the bite marks he was even more sensitive there and whimpered quickly while his hand dove into Yoongi's hair.

He gasped loudly when Yoongi moved to lick his neglected nipples before sucking one into his mouth. It sent a shot of pleasure through his body and he pressed his hips up to grind into Yoongi.

“So good for me,” Yoongi whispered against Jimin's heated skin as he licks his way over to Jimin's other nipple.

“Hyung,” Jimin whined as he felt himself getting wetter.

“You're doing a good job,” Yoongi promised as he kissed his way down Jimin's chest and stomach until he could flick his tongue in the omegas navel.

Jimin was panting in earnest and squirming as Yoongi teased his abdomen with his tongue.

“What are you-” He moaned when Yoongi suddenly sucked his members and glided his fingers along Jimin's crease.

No alpha had ever done that to him before either, it's a little taboo in their culture. He thinks the wet heat of Yoongi's mouth might kill him and it's unbearable when the alpha slips a finger inside of him.

“I'm coming,” He panted out, giving the alpha a chance to pop off of him.

Yoongi didn't stop fucking Jimin with his fingers as the omega's climax leaked onto his abdomen and he tried to catch his breath.

“Why are you so sexy?” Yoongi leaned up to kiss him again, this time plunging his tongue into Jimin's mouth.

The omega let Yoongi lead the kiss, too blissed out. He loved the way Yoongi alternated between nipping, and sucking, and licking. Until Jimin's lips felt swollen and Yoongi had licked every part of his mouth and tongue.

The orgasm had subsided his needing for a little while but it quickly ramped back up and Jimin grabbed onto Yoongi's dick to try and bring it to his hole.

“Hyung I need you,” he cried again.

Surprisingly, Yoongi pressed forward when Jimin managed to line them up. He gasped at the sudden sensation of being filled and then tilted his face back to moan.

“Fuck,” Yoongi leaned down to nip at Jimin's neck as he slowly pumped in and out of the omega's tightness.

Already Jimin knew he wouldn't last long. Despite his complaints earlier, the slow drag of Yoongi's dick combined with the weight of the alpha on top of him is esquitte.

When Yoongi's mouth drags up his neck again, Jimin turned to press their mouths together. Its shockingly intimate to kiss while Yoongi is fucking him.

He can't pinpoint exactly why, but it feels so much different than the other times they'd fooled around.

Almost like he can feel the emotions pouring out of them into their physical expressions, but it could also be the heat or his own feelings making it feel that way. It sounds corny to say they're making love but that's what it feels like to Jimin.

Pulling away from the kiss, Jimin moaned as Yoongi started to pick up his pace. It was still gentle but it was clear the alpha was chasing his release as his knot started swelling.

As soon as Yoongi’s hand slipped between them to grip onto Jimin’s erection, the omega started to come again and the alpha’s release wasn’t far behind him. The alpha practically collapsed on Jimin and pressed his face into the omega’s neck.

Humming happily, Jimin ran his hands all over Yoongi's back and through his hair. They both moaned as Yoongi spilled inside of him again.

“Sleepy,” Yoongi mumbled against Jimin's neck.

“Stay like this,” Jimin tells him and feels the alpha nod.

Even though his body is exhausted too, his mind as whirling about what just happened. It sure felt like a shift in their relationship but Jimin is worried to get his hopes up. Especially when the alpha's actions could solely be driven by his heat.

The way that Yoongi was serving him was absolutely wrecking his heart for any other alpha though. He knows Yoongi feels guilt over his need to dominate him but then he's willing to pleasure Jimin like no one else can.

If he could keep Yoongi to himself forever he wouldn't hesitate. He just wished he knew what the alpha was thinking.


When Jimin woke up next he quickly realized that he was alone in bed and begins to panic. He whimpered quietly until the sound of some banging around comes from the kitchen.

Pulling on some clean pants, he shuffled into the kitchen and spotted Yoongi leaning over the stove cooking. Trying to calm himself, he quickly approached the alpha and wrapped his arms around him.

“You left me,” Jimin whined and pressed his face into the crook of Yoongi's neck, inhaling the delicious scent there.

“To cook you something to eat,” Yoongi said sounding amused.

Jimin still poutted and nuzzled into the alpha more. He tried to slip his hand underneath Yoongi's shirt to get to more skin but the alpha pulled away from him.

“None of that until you eat something,” Yoongi said.

“That's so mean,” Jimin whined.

“Go sit it's almost done,” Yoongi ignored the omega's complaints.

The omega wasn't happy about it but he took a seat and watches the alpha as he finished cooking. His mind can only focus on the way Yoongi's muscles move and flex beneath his shirt though.

Once Yoongi brings him a plate, the omega's belly rumbled loudly and he realized he might be hungry after all. Yoongi just smiled as Jimin started to dig in and soon the alpha was bringing him a second helping.

“It's unfair that you're a good cook on top of everything else,” Jimin said as he pushed away his plate.

Yoongi raised his eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“How's a little omega supposed to compare? I think the real reason you don't want to settle down is because no one's good enough.”

“That's definitely not true,” Yoongi grumbled and grabbed their plates to bring them to the sink.

For some reason Jimin can't discern, Yoongi seemed a little upset as he cleaned up. He refused to let Jimin help though.

He got his hopes up when Yoongi dragged him towards the bedroom next. But then whined when Yoongi didn't stop at the bed and instead started to head for the bathroom.

“You'll feel better after a shower,” Yoongi explained.

“Nooo I want you now,” Jimin pulled away.

“Well I’m going to shower. You can come and join me and or stay here,” Yoongi kept walking.

Jimin crossed his arms over his chest, determined to stand his ground. Until he heard the water turn on and his mind started thinking about how good the alpha must look all wet and soapy.

His feet were moving a moment later and he peaked into the bathroom to spot the alpha wetting his hair under the water. The glass of his shower stall made the image a little fuzzy, but there was no mistaking the sight of Yoongi’s hands as they trail down his body until he was grasping his dick and giving it a stroke.

“Come on Jimin, get in.” Yoongi rasped out without looking over at him.

Already knowing he’s been defeated, Jimin stripped out of his clothes and tossed them aside before pushing open his shower to slip inside. The heat of the water would normally calm him down, but Jimin is focused on the way Yoongi is washing suds off his body.

Just as Yoongi reached over to grab a bottle of the shower shelf, Jimin leaned in to press his mouth against the alpha’s neck. Licking at the freshly cleaned skin and glad that the alpha’s scent is too strong to be overpowered by his soaps.

Not to be distracted, Yoongi popped open a bottle and squirted some onto his hand. Starting to massage it into Jimin’s hair while the omega kept himself busy playing with Yoongi’s body.

It actually frustrated him that Yoongi was more interested in cleaning him than touching him and he bit into the alpha’s neck a bit rougher than he normally would. But Yoongi just let out a chuckle until Jimin ran his hand over the alpha’s length, making his laugh turn into a moan.

“Behave and I’ll give you what you want,” Yoongi warned.

Sighing, Jimin gave up and went lax as Yoongi finished washing his hair and moved him to stand under the water to rinse off. Annoyed with the alpha’s behavior, Jimin grabbed his own body wash and started to clean himself. Yoongi didn't say anything but kept his eyes on the omega like he wasn't convinced Jimin would do it right.

When Jimin was all rinsed off he huffed out, “There I’m done.”

Yoongi nodded and pulled the omega into his body to lean in for a kiss but Jimin turned his head away, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing I’m just tired now,” Jimin opened the door and grabbed a towel from the rack to wrap around himself.

It was probably a very bad idea to deny his body while the cramps were barely bothering him, but all of the mixed emotions were warring with his hormones. It was impossible for him not to feel self conscious when the alpha was acting like he was barely affected.

Confused and hurt, Jimin plopped down on his bed and closed his eyes. He could hear Yoongi turning the shower off and shuffling around in there. The dipping of his mattress cued him in to the alpha getting on, and he forced himself to stay still.

Every part of him wanted to reach for Yoongi and pull their bodies close, but instead he clenched his fists and kept his eyes closed.


A cry tore out of Jimin’s throat before he was fully conscious. A sharp pain was ripping through his body but he was vaguely aware of his body being pushed down onto the mattress.

“Hold still,” Yoongi said as he tried to maneuver Jimin’s body.

“It hurts,” Jimin whined.

The alpha seems to give up on trying to get him into a good position and wrapped his arm around Jimin’s midsection to pull his ass up in the air. Jimin hissed as the burning sensation of Yoongi’s cock invading without warning.

But his pain dulled the moment the alpha started to move, dragging out to slam back in. It wan't long before Jimin was a mess, moaning as his hormones caught up to what was going on and the wetness was dripping out of him.

“Better?” Yoongi growled out as Jimin was able to prop himself up on his hands and knees, granting the alpha better access.

“Harder hyung,” Jimin whimpered.

He could hardly register the sound of Yoongi’s growls as the alpha gripped his hips tighter and pounded into him, hitting that bundle of nerves with each pass.

Knowing that he won’t last long, Jimin tilted his neck to try and entice Yoongi to give him what they both wanted. By the way the alpha growled at the sight, he knew Yoongi was so close to letting his baser instincts take over.

“Bite me hyung,” Jimin begged.

“No,” Yoongi growled again.

Whimpering Jimin tried again, “I want to cum again Yoongi, make me feel good.”

That seems to do the trick and Jimin felt the alpha leaning over him, using one hand to grab a fistful of the omega’s hair and yank his head to the side more.

The stinging of teeth digging into his skin as the alpha slammed into him made them both climax simultaneously.

The sound of their moans filled the air while Jimin clutched tightly onto Yoongi's head to keep him on his neck longer while his body is soothed by the rush of Yoongi’s cum filling him up.

Eventually, Jimin released Yoongi’s head and the alpha pulled away from him. Only to promptly start swearing.

“Fucking hell, you’re bleeding Jimin.”

Yoongi seemed to panic and try to pull away only to get frustrated by his knot keeping them attached. He ended up reaching for the towel that Jimin had fallen asleep in and using it to wipe at the bite mark.

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Jimin pushed at the towel, not liking the rough feeling of it on his over sensitive skin.

“You shouldn’t ask me to do that,” Yoongi sounded pissed but he leaned down to lick at Jimin’s neck, making the omega shiver.

“I didn’t hurt so it can’t be that deep,” Jimin was getting annoyed now at the alpha’s mood. It was just another reminder that Yoongi didn’t want any permanency with him.

There couldn’t be anything more awkward than being stuck together with someone when you’re both mad at each other. The air was filled with the mixed scents of their sex tinged with the newer smell of their bad attitudes.

Yoongi stayed propped up on his arms the whole time his knot was swollen, not letting his body relax into Jimin’s. It only made the omega more irritated that he was being denied skin on skin contact when his body was craving affection the most.

“Finally,” Yoongi groaned when the last of his semen had spilled out of his knot and he was able to pull out of Jimin.

He quickly darted to the bathroom and came back with a wet cloth and a bandage.

“Stop, it’s fine!” Jimin covered his neck when Yoongi came back to the bed.

“It’s not fine Jimin!” Yoongi tried to pull Jimin’s hand away but the omega slapped at his hand.

“I said leave it,” Jimin snapped and tugged on his blankets to burrow into them.

He heard the alpha sighing and then getting off his bed and padding away. When Jimin peeped his head out he saw that Yoongi had left his room. His inner omega wasn’t happy to have the alpha walking away, but Jimin’s heart hurt too much to let himself whimper out for him to come back.

Burrowing back into his nest, Jimin tried to shut off his anxious thoughts and get some more rest.


“Jimin..Jimin!” Hoseok’s voice became clearer as Jimin started to wake up more.

“What?” The omega said tiredly, confused as hell as to why his roommate was in his bedroom.

“Are you feeling okay?” Hoseok was pulling on Jimin’s blanket and it quickly became clear he was trying to look at the omega’s neck.

“Not you too,” Jimin tossed the blanket back over his head. “What are you doing here?”

“Yoongi called me,” Hoseok said softly. “He was really upset and told me I had to come back.”

“I’m fine, how many times to I need to say that.”

Hoseok sighed, “Will you just let me look, I promised him I would.”

More annoyed than ever, Jimin leaned up and made sure to keep the blanket covering his lower body.

“Here have your look,” He titled his neck to one side and then the other.

The beta reached out like he was going to touch and then stopped when he thought better of it.

“There is a little bit of dried blood but it doesn’t look as bad at Yoongi made it seem,” Hoseok said.

“I think he thought he’d mate marked me and panicked,” Jimin said sadly now.

Hoseok nodded, “That makes sense by his reaction.”

Jimin could feel his eyes watering now, the course of the day had been such a roller coaster of emotions and he’d barely been able to process it all. A sob escaped from his throat before he could stop it and his roommate put a careful hand on his shoulder.

“He’s never going to love me Hobi,” Jimin wiped at his eyes.

“Aww Jimin, don’t cry! You’re breaking my heart!”

That didn’t help the omega, “Fuck I don’t want him to hear me crying.”

Hoseok’s eyes went a little wide, “Um..he won’t because he left.”

“See, I should just give up now.” Jimin wailed harder.

“Don’t say that Jimin,” The beta did his best to comfort Jimin while he released all of the emotions he’d been holding onto.

After his tears had dried, Jimin asked for some privacy and made his way to the bathroom to shower. Wanting to get Yoongi’s scent off him for the first time since they’d started their arrangement.

Then he changed the sheets on his bed and remade his nest before crawling back onto it. He popped some medicine hoping that it would be enough to help him through the last of his heat.

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Chapter 12 (Mini Chapter - Yoongi's POV)

Yoongi managed to make it all the way home before he broke down. As soon as he had the door shut to the apartment, he leaned against it and pressed his hands to his eyes as the tears started to flow from his eyes.

Just when he’d thought he’d had everything under control he’d proven himself wrong and fucked up everything. His worst fear had always been to hurt Jimin and he’d done just that. The image of the blood on the omega’s neck would forever haunt him.

He must have started to sob too loudly because suddenly Namjoon was bursting out his bedroom and running over to him, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m a monster!” Yoongi barely managed to get out.

“Did something happen with Jimin?” Namjoon’s hand come out to grab onto Yoongi’s shoulder but the alpha shook it off not wanting to be touched.

All Yoongi could do was nod as he tried to stop himself from crying, it was embarrassing to do so in front of anther alpha.

“Hyung, tell me what happened.” Namjoon said softly.

“It happened so fast,” Yoongi groaned. “I lost control and I bit him too hard...the blood Namjoon.”

Namjoon didn’t really sound surprised though, of course both he and Hoseok had been worried about Yoongi being able to control himself. Yoongi was quickly becoming just one big disappointment for all of his friends.

“Is he alone now?”

“No, I called Hobi and left when he got there,” Yoongi explained.

“I’ll call him and check in,” Namjoon said as he reached into his pocket for his phone.

Yoongi just stayed where he was. He couldn’t even look at his friend in the eyes. Part of him didn’t even want to know how Jimin was. Already he felt like he wanted to just wanted to run away from all of this.

“Hey Hobi,” Namjoon was saying into his phone. “Yoongi just got home. How’s Jimin?”

Yoongi could hear Hoseok’s voice as he was talking to Namjoon but not clear enough that he knew what was being said. He wiped at his eyes some more, which were red and irritated from all of his crying.

“Okay that’s good,” Namjoon said after a while. “I’ll take care of our hyung here and talk to you later.”

After hanging up the phone, Namjoon put it back away in his pocket.

“He said the bite wasn’t that bad, but Jimin was upset that you left.”

Yoongi shook his head, “I had to. I can’t...I’m not right.”

“It’s okay hyung, Hobi will take care of Jimin now.”

At that Yoongi tensed and started to growl, making Namjoon back up.

“I didn’t mean like that!” Namjoon said loudly.

“Sorry, I’m all fucked up inside right now. I’ll just go to my room,” Yoongi said, frustrated at his lack of control even now.

“Let me know if you need anything, okay?” Namjoon called out as Yoongi headed into his bedroom.

The first thing that he did was head into his bathroom. He couldn’t think straight with the scent of Jimin’s heat still clinging to his skin. As much as he hated having to wash it away he knew that he wouldn’t be able to let go of his aggression until it was gone.

Turning on the water as hot as he could take it, Yoongi stripped and stood under the spray of his showerhead. He took out his anger by scrubbing his skin as hard as he could until it was bright red.

Then he washed his hair before leaning against the tiled wall and tried to calm down in the steam created by the hot water. But when he closed his eyes all he could see was Jimin’s perfect neck marred by his ugly bite.

Frustrated, he turned off the water and got out. He barely paid attention to what he was doing as he went back into his room and grabbed some fresh clothes before throwing them on and crashing into his bed.

Not able to stop thinking about the omega, he ended up getting his phone out to text him. He doubted he’d get a response, but he needed to say something.

Yoongi: I’m sorry Jiminie

Yoongi: Please know that I left because I didn’t want to hurt you again

Yoongi: I’ll understand if you’re mad at me though

It killed him to think of how Jimin would react when he was done with his heat. He wouldn’t be surprised if the omega never wanted to see him again. He didn’t even care about the mess with his father, all he cared about was Jimin. Not that anyone would believe that.

At some point he would have to talk to Namjoon and Hoseok again. Even though he didn’t want to. They were the only ones that knew about his problems, and though Namjoon didn’t know about what was going on his father he hoped that the two would understand that he didn’t want ever hurt anyone.

Sure they were being nice about it now, but he also knew that they were a little scared of him at times. He hated it. He hated all of it.

No matter how hard he tried, Yoongi could barely get any sleep that night. He just kept tossing and turning. One moment he would be obsessing over what had happened and the next he would be fraught with worry over the omega.

A few times he almost wanted to leave and go back to check on him. But he knew that he was the last person that should be going to see Jimin right now and he didn’t even know if the omega would want to see him again.

It didn’t make it any easier on his instincts. Even though he trusted Hoseok, that didn’t stop him from worrying about Jimin during his most vulnerable time. His alpha side just wanted to be locked away with the omega again. His alpha side was an asshole.

He spent hours going over and over all the negative thoughts in his head until he finally passed out from exhaustion. Not waking up again until his phone started to buzz.

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Chapter 13

The last few hours of Jimin’s heat were hell. After getting used to having Yoongi save him each time his needing periods hit, it was rough having to go through them without the relief from his knot.

He ended up going through way more pain medication than he should have, not that it helped much at all. By the time his heat had finally passed, he felt completely wiped out. Barely able to get out of bed to take care of himself.

Luckily Hoseok was there to make sure he got some food and drinks in his body. When he was strong enough, he took another shower to wash the sweat that had drenched his body.

He crashed on his bed again and woke up hours later feeling groggy and sore. It was going to be another day of laying around and trying to recover so he grabbed his phone and checked his notifications for the first time.

There was several texts from his friends from when his heat first hit.

Namjoon: Sorry for what happened today, take care Jimin!

Hoseok: Text if you need anything roomie <3

Taehyung: Hope you’re doing okay! Text me when your heat is done and I’ll bring you some food!

Jin: Hang in there kid! I hope Yoongi hyung takes good care of you or else I will have to kill him!

Jungkook: Please take it easy on hyung, it’s his first time dealing with an omega in heat :P

His cheeks heated up at their words about Yoongi, and it only got worse when he saw Yoongi had texted him more recently.

Yoongi: I’m sorry Jiminie

Yoongi: Please know that I left because I didn’t want to hurt you again

Yoongi: I’ll understand if you’re mad at me though

Running his hand through his hair, Jimin let out a deep breath. He didn’t know what to do about Yoongi. It was all too much for him, being close to Yoongi but not getting the real thing. It was like torture to his heart.

At the same time, it would feel even worse if he couldn’t have it at all. And it wasn’t like he could back out on Yoongi and leave him at the mercy or his father. Jimin was selfish enough to admit that he didn’t want to give the alpha the chance to find another omega either.

Maybe Yoongi didn’t have feelings for him, but for as long as they were faking it the alpha still technically belonged to Jimin.

He also wondered if anyone else besides Hoseok knew that Yoongi had left him during his heat early and how’d they deal with that.

It was totally possible that their secret was already out and the whole thing was ruined. He might have already missed out on his chance with Yoongi.

Deciding to test things out, he pulled up a group chat with everyone and texted them all.

Jimin: Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know I’m still alive ;)

Tae: Yay! Let me know if you want me to bring you any comfort food!

Jin: Or I could cook you something homemade that’s even better

Jimin: LOL I’m fine! Still waiting for my tummy to settle

Hoseok: Annnnnd I left you some extra soup in the fridge already

Jungkook: When are you coming back to classes?

Jimin: Idk I’m pretty wiped, definitely staying in bed today

Namjoon: You should take your time and rest up Jimin!

Jungkook: How’s Yoongi hyung btw? Did he survive too or is he dead?

Namjoon: Umm he’s back home and sleeping

Jungkook: Wow someone tell hyung his aftercare sucks

Jin: I know right?

Tae: Omg I hope Hobi is at least giving you cuddles

Hoseok: What

Yoongi: I’m not sleeping anymore thanks to my phone going off like crazy you crackheads

Yoongi: Fuck off Kook

Jungkook: Yikesssss

Jin: Someone's testy

Jimin: ...I’m turning my phone off again

Jimin had put his phone down on his lap and was rubbing his face. He was debating going into the kitchen and heating the soup up when his phone went off some more. He assumed it was just the group chat, but when he checked his phone there were notifications from Yoongi.

Yoongi: Can you just let me know if you’re okay?

Yoongi: I mean Hoseok told me you were fine but are you?

Sighing, Jimin knew it would be mean to ignore him and started to reply.

Jimin: I’m okay

Yoongi: I barely sleep waiting to hear something

Yoongi: Are you mad at me?

Jimin: I don’t know...It was a lot and I’m really tired

Yoongi: That’s fair

Jimin: I’m going to go eat something...maybe I’ll text you tomorrow

Yoongi: Okay

Jimin really did go and eat some more soup and it helped to make him feel a little bit stronger. He spent the rest of his day vegging out in bed and alternating between getting some studying done, napping, and watching Netflix.


It was a blessing that the next day Jimin only had one class and he decided to give it a go getting back into the real world. He was aware that he still smelled a little bit like his heat, but his neck was still marked up from Yoongi’s bite so even when alpha’s looked his way they ended up dismissing him as being taken.

Though he was still sore, it wasn’t too bad sitting through his class. The professor was aware he’d just gone through his heat so no questions came his way. Sitting down on the hard surface of the chairs was the worse of all but he grinned and beared it.

Afterwards, he hit up Taehyung to get some food and the omega was extra cuddly thanks to his scent.

“Jimin!” Taehyung pulled him into a hug when they met outside their favorite place.

Jimin laughed, “Tae Tae don’t squeeze too hard.”

“Ahh sorry, I missed you this week!”

Since they were trying to be careful not to set off the others heats early too, the omegas had kept their distance from Jimin while he was in his pre-heat as well.

“I missed you too!” Jimin assured him.

Heading inside they grabbed a booth and pull off their jackets as they settled in.

“Wow your neck,” Taehyung pointed.

Jimin blushed and automatically touched it, “ me a favor and don’t say anything to Yoongi about it.”

Taehyung tilted his head a bit, “Why?”

“Umm, he’s sensitive about it.” Jimin really didn’t know how to explain it.

“Does the whole mate mark thing freak him out?” Taehyung guessed.

Jimin nodded, “We got in a big fight about it actually.”

He doesn't really want to go into too many details about the whole ordeal. It’s not his business to talk about Yoongi’s struggle to control his alpha instincts and he doesn’t really want to admit to how much he likes betting bitten either.

“I expect that’s pretty normal. I’m surprised Yoongi even got near your neck since your haven’t been courting long. He must really like you,” Taehyung sighed dreamily.

Shaking his head Jimin replied, “That’s the thing I don’t think he does. Otherwise he wouldn’t have freaked out so much about it afterwards.”

Taehyung shrugged, “Who knows what goes on in alphas heads really.”

“I definitely have no clue,” Jimin said.

“Well you can always talk to me about stuff,” Taehyung patted Jimin’s hand and it made the omega wish he could tell him everything.

They get their fill on comfort food and then split ways after much hugging so that Jimin can head back to the apartment and rest some more. He was surprised to find a bouquet of flowers sitting outside their door when he arrived.

Picking them up, Jimin brought them inside and put them on the counter before pulling the card off.

I hope you’re feeling better today
- Yoongi

Smiling, he found a vase for the flowers before snapping a picture of them. His first thought was to post the picture on his Instagram account. Thinking of how their crazy friends would blow up the comments though has him hesitating.

There was something about wanting to keep this just for himself stops him. If he posted it online then it was like he was trying to show that they’re in a real relationship.

If he doesn’t, than the only people that will know are him and Yoongi which gives it more meaning.

He decided to text Yoongi afterall.

Jimin: I just got the flowers, thank you!

Yoongi: It’s nothing

Jimin: It means a lot to me though

Yoongi: So you’re not mad?

Jimin: I’m kind of confused about it still..I’m not really mad but…

Yoongi: You don’t have to explain, I’m aware of my shortcomings

Yoongi: If you don’t want to do this anymore you can just say it

Yoongi: I won’t even be surprised

Jimin: No that’s not it at all!

Jimin: I wish you were here to cuddle but I’m also sad that you left me

Jimin: It’s confusing me so I don’t even know how to explain it

For a moment he worries that he’s giving too much away about his real feelings. But alphas must be the most dense creatures ever.

Yoongi: Hormones? Jungkook warned me Tae gets really emotional during his heat

Jimin: If I told Tae that he would probably punch Kookie

Yoongi: Oops

Jimin: But yeah, hormones make us emotional

Jimin: Still I feel justified in being upset that you left…

Yoongi: I had a good reason, but I get it

Yoongi: Any other alpha would have been a better choice :/

Jimin: Don’t say that, you’re making me sad!

Yoongi: Sorry

Sighing, Jimin just tossed his phone aside. This conversation wasn’t making him feel any better about the situation.

He wished that his body wasn’t so sore so he could go to the dance studio. His favorite form of distraction from heartache was a no go so instead he got back to catching up on studying and gorged himself on some ice cream.


It was a few days before he was back into the swing of his routine as normal. He caught up with Taehyung and Jin more who seemed intent on babying him until he felt back to his normal self. Not that he was going to complain about Jin cooking special meals for him.

They seemed to sense his overlying sadness and didn’t ask about Yoongi. It made Jimin wonder if Taehyung might have said something to the older omega or if he was just smart enough to tell that Jimin didn’t want to talk about it.

He hadn’t actually seen the alpha or heard from him. It was nice that he had some space to think things through, but really he was just thinking himself in circles.

It felt like nothing was really resolved and that there wasn’t anything he could do. Thinking about it just made him anxious, but ignoring the situation did too.

When Taehyung invited him to go watch their basketball game one day, it threw Jimin for a loop. Firstly because he didn’t know about it, which made him feel guilty. Secondly because Taehyung offered the invite gently, like he knew that Jimin might not want to go.

“Sure I’ll come with you,” Jimin tried to give Taehyung a bright smile but it felt fake.

Taehyung wrapped his arm around Jimin, “Great, it’s better with company.”

That’s how he ended up walking into the school’s gymnasium to watch Yoongi playing even though he hadn’t spoken to the alpha since the flower incident.

His anxiety spiked and he was grateful that Taehyung didn't comment on it and instead tried to distract him by talking about their upcoming holiday break. They chatted about nothing serious while they waited and the stands filled up some more.

When the players started to come out of the locker room, Jimin felt his stomach fill with nervous butterflies. Despite his worries about seeing Yoongi, he was also desperate to lay his eyes on him. He didn’t realize just how much he missed the alpha until they were about to be in the same place again.

As soon as he spotted the familiar head of dark hair, his heart ached. The burning desire to be close to Yoongi and touch him takes over every other thought in his mind. No matter how much it hurt him to know his feelings weren’t returned it didn’t compare to the pain of not being near him.

Taehyung started to wave wildly to Jungkook, and it made the younger alpha spot them sitting there in the stands. Jimin could see as Jungkook elbowed Yoongi and the alpha looked over to where he pointed at them.

The alpha’s eyes widened a little bit, but he didn’t hesitate to follow Jungkook over to see them. It was impossible not to let his eyes eat up the sight of Yoongi, he just looked so good.

Knowing what his skin felt like under Jimin's fingertips made it even harder for him to control himself.

“Our favorite cheerleaders are back,” Jungkook ran his hand through Taehyung's hair affectionately.

Yoongi looked uncertain and rubbed his neck, “Hey Jiminie.”

Instead of responding Jimin grabbed onto Yoongi's jersey and pulled him in so that he could press their lips together, much like he'd done at the last game.

It was obvious that it was the last thing Yoongi expected because he stayed still until Jimin pulled away. A blush filled the omega’s cheeks, worried that he’d made a mistake and the alpha looked more nervous than ever.

Jungkook coughed nervously, “We have to get on the court, see you guys later?”

“Bye Kookie,” Taehyung waved as the alpha’s skipped off to get next to their teammates.

Jimin sighed and ran his hand through his hair, when he turned his head Taehyung was looking at him with a worried expression.


“That was…” Taehyung didn’t seem to know what to say.

“I know, I told you we’d gotten in a fight.” Jimin said sadly.

“Do you want to leave?” The other omega offered.

“No it’s fine, I said I’d come with you.”

The game started and the omegas got too busy watching their alphas to talk to each other any more. As usual, Yoongi did amazing and Jimin did his best not to let himself get too worked up watching.

It was different watching him on the court this time, Jimin was so aware of the fact that they’d been intimate now. Every move that the alpha made seemed to send Jimin’s thoughts straight to a scene from his bedroom.

Yoongi would growl aggressively and shove at another player, and it made Jimin shiver. Or he would lift his shirt up to wipe his face, showing a flash of skin that reminded the omega of what it looked like when the alpha stripped.

It was a weird feeling to be both turned on and saddened by watching the alpha. It was a like a highlight reel of all the things that seemed just out of his reach.

Jungkook and Yoongi ended up going straight to the locker room this time, while Jimin and Taehyung munched on some snacks the taller omega had stored away in his jacket.

When the alpha’s finally came out, they were freshly showered with bags slung over their shoulders.

“Finally!” Taehyung said dramatically and flung himself onto Jungkook. “We were waiting like forever.”

“Do you guys want to go grab some food?” Yoongi asked them as he slid his fingers into Jimin’s without looking.

“Really hyung?!” Jungkook was practically beaming.

“Well not if you’re going to make a big deal about it,” Yoongi made a mock face of disgust.

“Yes, let’s go!” Taehyung pulled on Jungkook’s hand and their group headed out.

It was a little awkward once they got inside of Yoongi’s car, now that they were alone the alpha didn’t say anything. Instead he kept his eyes on the road and Jimin played with his radio nervously.

It made him anxious that Yoongi didn’t seem to know how to act around him. Really, it felt like the alpha was holding back. Was he so freaked out by what had happened during Jimin’s heat that he had to pull away like this?

Sighing, Jimin ended up leaning back in his seat and looking out the window.

“What’s wrong?” Yoongi asked.

“Nothing,” Jimin said quickly.

“Jimin…” Yoongi sighed now.

“Hyung, you’re acting like you’re afraid you’ll attack me at any moment. Is that why we’re going out to eat with Taehyung and Kookie? Because you don’t want to be alone with me?”

Yoongi winced, “Do you want me to turn around and bring you home?”

Jimin shook his head, “No it’s fine.”

He wanted to say more. He wanted to tell Yoongi how sad it made him that he was obsessed with the idea of getting his hands on the alpha again and the feeling wasn’t returned. It was devastating that Yoongi didn’t seem comfortable being alone with him anymore.

Worse, was that when they arrive at the pizza shop they agreed to meet the others at Jimin felt gross when Yoongi took his hand. It felt wrong knowing that Yoongi was only doing it because they were in public.

Which didn't really make sense because that’s exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. But it’s not really what Jimin wants and it makes him feel sick.

Taehyung gave him weird looks while they were eating and talking. Jimin did his best to keep up with the conversation and put on a happy front, but his best friend knew him better than that.

He ended up saying that he didn't feel good, and blamed his body being off from the heat even though it’s a lie. Since there’s still pizza left, he tells Yoongi to stay and gets himself an Uber home.

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Chapter 14

As expected, Taehyung and Jin’s heat cycle hit shortly after Jimin’s finished. It was a little less dramatic for Taehyung, who already knew what to expected with Jungkook. Meanwhile, Jimin worried what the older omega was going to do. Strangely, he didn’t seem to want to talk about it at all.

Of course, Jimin still did his best to be there for his friends. Which was a welcome distraction from having to deal with everything going on with Yoongi. He barely heard from the alpha at all, and had only seen him when their friends had gotten together.

It seemed like Yoongi had zero interest in being alone with him, and Jimin couldn’t muster up the nerve to ask the alpha to spend time with him. It was like being friendzoned all over again and it had him feeling like his heart was constantly on the verge of breaking.

That's why he was shocked when the alpha randomly showed up at their apartment one night. Jimin and Hoseok had been in the middle of demolishing a pizza, both too lazy to cook, when they heard a knock on their door.

“I’ll grab it,” Hoseok offered and dropped his slice.

“Thanks bro,” Jimin winked.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Jimin took another bite of his slice and happily chewed, until he heard a familiar voice once Hoseok had opened the door.

“Hey,” Yoongi said casually.

“Hey, what’s up?” Hoseok sounded as surprised as Jimin did.

The omega turned with wide eyes to see Yoongi walking into their apartment with a bag slung over his shoulders. He didn’t look at Jimin though, instead he faced Hoseok.

“I got kicked out of my apartment by Namjoon and Seokjin, so I was hoping to crash here since I can’t go to Jungkook’s either.” Yoongi said it like he wasn’t dropping a big bomb.

“Excuse me?” Hoseok clutched at his chest. “Jin and Namjoon?”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, “They’ve done it before, it’s not a big deal.”

Hoseok held his hand up dramatically, “Shush, I’m already planning their wedding in my head.”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes slightly, “Can I crash or not you psycho?”

“It’s fine with me, ask Jimin.”

Hoseok started to walk back towards the kitchen table and Jimin bit down on his bottom lip as Yoongi turned to look at him.

“Is that okay Jimin?” Yoongi said rubbing the back of his neck.

The omega started to open his mouth to reply when Yoongi started talking again.

“I can just sleep on the couch,” Yoongi added and looked at the furniture in question.

That made Jimin pause. Really, he shouldn’t be surprised that Yoongi didn’t want to share his bed again. But it still hurt. Even Hoseok stopped eating his pizza to look at Jimin,

“Whatever,” Jimin finally said softly and got up to throw out the rest of his pizza he hadn’t finished. “I’m going to my room.”

He didn’t turn back around but he imagined that the others were watching him.

Back in the safety of his room, Jimin threw himself onto his nest and let out a frustrated groan. When he was done being dramatic he opened up the omega chat with Taehyung and Jin.

Jimin: I heard Seokjin is with a special guest

Taehyung: News travels fast

Jin: Listen pups, we’re not talking about this

Jimin: Hey no judgement here

Taehyung: It’s cuuuuuute

Jin: -_-

Jin: I’m just in it for the knot don’t get emotional

Jimin: LOL

Jimin: When will your heats hit?

Jin: Probably tonight or tomorrow...definitely close

Taehyung: Same :(

Jimin: Let me know if you need anything

Taehyung: Thanks <3

Jin: <3

Jimin tossed his phone aside and clicked on his tv to distract himself when there was a knock on his door. Assuming it was Hoseok he called out for him to come in, for the second time in one night he was surprised to see Yoongi.

“Hoseok went to go shower,” Yoongi said taking only a small step into the room.

“Okay,” Jimin said, not sure why Yoongi had felt the need to come tell him.

“If you want me to leave I can, I’ll just find a hotel or something.”

Jimin shook his head, “It’s not that.”

“What is it then?” Yoongi asked.

Once again the omega tried to figure out how to explain things without really giving himself away.

“I don’t like the way you’ve been acting around me lately. It’s like you’re afraid to touch me, or be near me.”

Yoongi started rubbing his neck again, “I’m just being cautious.”

“I know what our situation is, but to go from spending a heat together to being ignored feels like a rejection and it hurts.” Jimin said carefully.

For a moment Yoongi didn’t say anything and then let out a shaky breath, “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I thought you would want space after what happened and then I figured I couldn’t hurt you if I wasn’t around you.”

Jimin sighed, “I still wish you hadn’t left before my heat was over to begin with.”

“And I still think it was for the best,” Yoongi said.

“I don’t want to fight,” Jimin laid back down on his nest to rub his face.

“Tell me what to do Jiminie,” Yoongi’s voice sounded pained.

“You could come cuddle me, that would help.”

The omega didn’t look at Yoongi, but by the way the alpha stayed silent and didn’t move he assumed that he was weighing his options. Finally, after a few moments Jimin heard his footsteps before the bed dipped.

As soon as Yoongi’s scent hit him, Jimin started to relax. It should have been alarming how tuned in his body was to the alpha. He wasn’t even touching him yet and already Jimin felt like a load of stress had been lifted off his chest.

Yoongi arranged himself in Jimin’s nest and then held his arms open, “Come here.”

Not even hesitating, Jimin turned to lay against the alpha’s side. His cheek rested on Yoongi’s chest and suddenly the sound of Yoongi’s racing heart filled his ears. Once Yoongi’s hand settled into Jimin’s hair to play with the blonde strands the omega sighed happily.

“See this isn’t so bad is it?” Jimin said softly.

“You don’t smell like me anymore,” Yoongi replied instead of answering.

“Do you want me to?”

“It calms me down when you do,” Yoongi answered.

Jimin smiled a little, “Hmm...maybe if you’re nice I’ll let you scent me again.”

“Oh really?”

Before Jimin knew it, Yoongi had twisted and pushed him onto the bed playfully. His hands grabbed onto Jimin’s wrists before he started to nuzzle into the omega’s neck.

Jimin couldn’t help but giggle, both at the alpha’s actions and at the sudden touch on his sensitive skin.

“That’s not fair,” Jimin said even as he tilted his head to make it easier for Yoongi.

Jimin managed to wiggle his hands free to grab onto Yoongi’s hair and move his face to the other side of his neck. The alpha let himself be led and started to scent Jimin there as well. It felt too good and it didn’t take Jimin long to go from giggly to breathless.

His scent became tinged with the shift in his mood, his arousal becoming evident. Yoongi pulled away, obviously having noticed, pupils blown and tension suddenly lining his body.

“Sorry,” Jimin mumbled through his light pants.

He dropped his hands from Yoongi’s hair and let them drop back onto his bed next to face, right where the alpha had been holding them down before.

“You don’t have to apologize,” Yoongi’s voice sounded rougher than before.

Curious, Jimin slowly leaned up until he could press his nose against the alpha’s neck. Jimin saw Yoongi swallow slowly as he drew in a breath. The alpha smelled delicious as always, especially when it had gotten thicker with his own lust.

It tempts him to mark his own scent against the alpha, instead he pulls away. Knowing that he shouldn’t push Yoongi right now Jimin lays back against his mattress.

It’s basically impossible to read Yoongi’s expression. His eyes look a little more intense then normal, but other than that he looks normal. If it wasn’t for his scent giving him away Jimin wouldn’t have guessed the alpha was affected by scent marking him.

“You can sleep in here if you want,” Jimin said and then blushed at the way that sounded. “To really sleep that is, I’m not...umm...pressuring you for more.”

“Maybe,” Yoongi said noncommittally and moves to sit up. “I think I’m going to go check in with Hoseok.”

He stood up and Jimin had to bite down on his lip when he sees the alpha trying to subtly check the situation going on in his groin. No doubt Yoongi was worried about the beta seeing anything bulging.

Once the alpha had left his room, Jimin quickly hopped off his bed and dashed to his bathroom. If Yoongi really was going to sleep in his bed then he needed to behave himself. That meant he needed to take care of his libido now so that he didn’t get worked up later.

It was a relief to pop open his jeans and push them down until his swollen member is free. Closing his eyes, he wrapped his fingers around himself and starts to spread the leaking pre-cum down his shaft.

The first few strokes helped him to unwind, but he knew that it wouldn't be enough. As always, his body wanted to be filled. Wetness was already dripping out of him as well and it’s no problem for him to slip two of his fingers inside himself.

Jimin had to bite down on his bottom lip to quiet the noises escaping his throat. Thinking about Yoongi’s long fingers and how good they feel on him, Jimin quickly stroked his prostate as he jerked himself off.

It wasn't as good as when the alpha touched him, but he was desperate enough to make it work. And after just a few minutes off touching himself and picturing the alpha’s mouth on his neck, Jimin was panting loudly as comes down from his climax.

He was sure to do a thorough clean up job before going back out to his room. Changing into some sleeping clothes, he got back onto his mattress and burrowed into his nest before finding something good to watch on his TV. It pleased him to discover that all that rolling around had Yoongi’s scent lingering in his nest.

For the first time since his heat was finishing, Jimin was actually feeling happy. It probably wasn’t good that his mood depended so heavily on Yoongi, but there wasn’t much he could do about that. He just hoped that Yoongi would show up in his room again tonight so that he wasn’t disappointed.

At some point, Jimin must have passed out watching his shows because the next thing he knew he was being awoken by Yoongi crawling onto his mattress.

“What time is it?” Jimin mumbled.

“Late, go back to bed.” Yoongi said softly as he got under the covers.

“Mmmkay,” Jimin nuzzled his pillow and moved his hand to rest on Yoongi’s chest before letting himself drift off again.


There was a peaceful feeling in Jimin’s room the next morning. Slowly, he started to wake up and realized that at some point Yoongi must have shifted to wrap around him. The alpha’s chest was pressed against his back, arm tossed around his waist, and even his groin was snug against Jimin’s ass.

They were so close that the omega could feel Yoongi’s breath tickling the back of his neck, and the movement in his chest as his lungs expand and contract. It makes him a little giddy inside to know that Yoongi had started to cuddle him this time without being drawn in a by a heat.

The alpha’s scent was also thick in the air, like he’d been releasing pheromones even in his sleep. He wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, it didn’t really make sense for the alpha to be marking up his room while he was passed out.

It was so cozy and heartwarming that the omega wished that he could stay in bed all morning. But his bladder and stomach had other ideas. Trying to carefully get out of bed was a failure because the alpha’s arms tightened around him as soon as Jimin tried to slide away.

“Yoongi I need to go to the bathroom,” Jimin whispered but when all he got is a grumble in reply he was forced to physically remove the alpha’s arm from his waist.

“It’s too early,” Yoongi mumble complained.

“Go back to bed then,” Jimin pushed up the blankets so that the alpha was still covered before padding off to his bathroom.

Out just a minute later, he found the alpha has rolled to lay on his stomach and had pushed the pillows over his face. It was so cute that Jimin let out a little laugh while he exited his bedroom.

“Good morning there,” Hoseok said happily when Jimin entered the kitchen.

“Morning,” Jimin opened up the fridge to grab some orange juice.

“Is Yoongi still asleep?”

“Mhm,” Jimin said before sipping his juice.

The beta gave him a little smile but didn't say anything else about the topic. Instead he kept on eating his bowl of cereal.

“Namjoon texted me, Jin did start his heat early this morning.”

Jimin choked a little on his juice, “Wow I guess it’s a good thing he went over there last night.”

Hoseok nodded, “I’m assuming he’ll stay there all day and tonight too. Unless Namjoon annoys the crap out of him.”

“I’ll keep my phone close incase he texts,” Jimin laughed.

“Who’s texting?” Yoongi grumbled as he came into the kitchen, stretching his arms over his head.

Jimin couldn’t help but sneak a look at the skin of his stomach that was exposed as his shirt slipped up his torso. It was gone quickly when the alpha dropped his arms and made his way to the coffee pot.

“I was telling Jimin that Jin’s heat did hit today.”

“Oh, good I guess?” Yoongi replied.

“Tae thought his might come today too,” Jimin added. “I’m guessing it’ll just be us heading to classes.”

“Let me drink coffee before you start talking about school,” Yoongi complained.

Jimin and Hoseok just laughed at the grumpy alpha.

After they all quickly got ready for the day, Jimin and Hoseok were treated to a drive to campus. Usually the omega and beta just walked there since they lived so close, but Yoongi put up a fuss about having to walk with his backpack and coffee mug.

Hoseok didn’t linger once they had parked, he made up an excuse about wanting to talk to his professor and dashed off leaving Yoongi and Jimin alone. Even though Jimin was grateful to get some alone time with the alpha, he wished his roommate could be a little less obvious about it.

“Where’s your first class?” Yoongi asked as he locked up his car.

“On the north part of campus.”

“Okay, let’s go,” Yoongi didn’t look at Jimin as he slipped his hand in the omega’s.

It was probably childish of him to get so excited about the fact that Yoongi wanted to walk him to class, but a smile was lighting up his face anyways. It was a chilly morning, but Yoongi’s fingers felt warm and safe wrapped around his own.

Most of all, Jimin liked that he was doing it just because. There wasn’t anyone around them at the moment they had to convince.

It made his heart flutter as they walked silently along the walking path through campus. Students were bustling about on their way to their own classed and barely anyone paid them any mind.

“Do you have dance today?” Yoongi asked eventually.

“Yeah, Hoseok does too actually.”

Yoongi nodded, “I might work on something in the studio today so you could text me when you’re almost done and I’ll drive us all again.”

“I can do that,” Jimin promised and squeezed Yoongi’s hand.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take them much longer to get to the building of Jimin’s class. He was practically pouting when Yoongi stopped by the entrance, a little off to the side so they didn’t block anyone trying to get in or out.

“Text me if you need anything,” Yoongi said as he turned to face Jimin and lick at his bottom lip.

The movement didn’t go unnoticed by the omega, his own eyes dropping to look at Yoongi’s mouth. His desire to kiss the alpha was so strong that his body physically ached.

But the memory of what had happened the last time he’d tried to kiss Yoongi was still fresh in his mind.

So instead he leaned forward and pressed his face into the alpha’s chest. It was a relief when Yoongi wrapped an arm loosely around him and rested his cheek on top of the omega’s blonde hair.

“Thanks for walking me hyung,” Jimin said softly as he started to pull away.

“Sure, I’ll see you later.”

Yoongi gave an awkward wave before turning around and walking back down the path, this time with his free hand stuffed inside his coat pocket. Jimin didn’t go inside the building until the alpha was out of sight.

Chapter Text

Chapter 15

Knowing that he was going to see Yoongi later made the day seem even longer than normal. Usually he looked forward to dance practice and getting all of his stress out through the familiar movements.

But by the time he got to the studio he was grumpy that instead of getting go home with his alpha, he had to spend even more time away from him.

“Aww cheer up Jimin,” Hoseok said as they dropped their bags on the floor near the door.

Jimin rolled his eyes, “Let’s just get through practice quick.”

“Sure thing,” Hoseok promised.

Luckily, since Hoseok was a senior he was leading this practice so at least Jimin didn’t have to worry about it running extra long for no good reason. As long as no one really had problems they should be fine.

Jimin tried his best to stay focused on the routines as they ran through them. His mind was still elsewhere so it wasn’t his best work. Luckily, Hoseok didn’t call him out.

“Okay, let’s take a break before the last one.” Hoseok called out.

They went over to their bags and took long gulps of their water bottles to rehydrate. Jimin was sweating all over and couldn’t wait to get in the shower later.

He pulled out his phone from his bag quickly and shot out a text to Yoongi.

Jimin: We’re almost done here!

Yoongi: Okay, I’ll head over

Jimin: :D

Grabbing a rag from his bag, Jimin did his best to wipe his face and neck to clean up a little bit. It didn’t help that much but it made him feel a little bit better. Then Hoseok was calling for everyone to get back into their starting points before turning on the music.

They started to run through the song, and even though Jimin’s body was tired he was pulling through all right. Until the door to the studio opened and his eyes moved in the mirror to see Yoongi was slipping inside to lean against the wall.

And then Jimin tripped over his own feet. He quickly fixed himself and kept going, but he avoided looking over at the alpha.

“Why don’t we do that one more time,” Hoseok said without explaining why, even though Jimin knew it was because he’d messed up.

Jimin breathed through his mouth, trying to stay calm. He took a peak over at the alpha who was looking down at something on his phone. It actually made him feel a little better that maybe Yoongi wasn’t really paying attention while he wasn’t doing his best.

Hoseok started the music again, and this time Jimin was determined to do well. Since it was a hip-hop routine it took out a lot of energy. But damn if he didn’t put all of his power into those body rolls, transitions, and hip thrusts.

Sweat was dripping down his face again by the time they finished, but he felt a lot better about himself having given it his all. Hoseok gave him a little smile as he shut off the music and closed out the practice.

Jimin was wiping his face with his shirt as he headed over his bag. He couldn’t help but look at Yoongi who was watching him with one of those expressions that was hard to read.

“Who’s the hot alpha?” Jimin overheard one of the dancers whispering to another.

Glaring at them, Jimin grabbed onto his bag. He wasn’t proud of himself for his possessiveness. It wasn’t like he didn’t know Yoongi was a catch, but that didn’t stop him from going right up to the alpha and reaching for his hand.

“Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” Jimin was grateful that Yoongi didn’t hesitate to take hold his hand again.

“Long day?” Yoongi asked.

“Mhm,” Jimin looked over his shoulder like he was checking on Hoseok but he also moved his gaze around the room to see the others were taking an interest in their interaction.

“Good job today Jimin,” Another omega dancer patted his back and gave him a wink before walking out the door.

“Thanks, see you later!” Jimin replied.

“Hurry up Hobi,” Yoongi complained as the room cleared out.

“Alright, alright!” Hoseok finally shut the lights off and they were able to leave.

It was already dark outside but the cold air actually felt nice on overheated skin. Hoseok babbled on about his day while Jimin just smiled over the fact that Yoongi kept holding onto his hand until they got to his car.

“Why don’t we pick something up to eat?” Hoseok suggested.

“Sure,” Yoongi said as he pulled out of his spot.

“I hope I don’t get used to having a chauffeur or else you’ll have to move in with us,” Hoseok laughed.

“You wish,” Yoongi deadpanned.

Jimin laughed, but he wouldn’t mind living with Yoongi permanently for entirely different reasons. Already he was looking forward to talking the alpha into sleeping in his bed again.

After a pit stop at on of their favorite places, where they ordered entirely too much food, they drove back to Jimin and Hoseok’s apartment. Even though Jimin felt gross from dance, he plopped down at their table to chow on their feast of fast food.

“God I love greasy food,” Hoseok practically moaned after a few bites.

“I haven’t gone to this place in so long, I always end up eating too much!” Jimin said before shoving some food into his mouth.

He probably should have been more aware of how sloppily he looked eating the food but he was too hungry to care. But Yoongi was busy eating his own food and it wasn’t like the alpha hadn’t seen him pigging out before.

They didn’t even make it through everything, but Hoseok vowed to eat some more later as they put the leftovers in the fridge.

“I think I’m more tired now after eating,” Yoongi groaned.

“Well I need a shower but you can go to bed early if you want,” Jimin said heading into his room.

He wasn’t sure if Yoongi would follow him or stick around to talk with Hoseok for a while but he really did want to get cleaned up. Going right into his bathroom, he turned on the water to heat it up while he stripped down.

Trying to be quick, he washed his hair first before scrubbing the rest of his body until all the sweat and grime was gone. After wrapping a towel around his waist, he made sure to apply some moisturizer to his face because the cold weather did awful things to his skin.

It felt like he’d only been in the bathroom for ten minutes or so, but when he exited he spotted Yoongi already curled under the blankets. A smile instantly appeared on his face, the alpha was just so cute on his nest.

Not sure if he was asleep or not already, Jimin tried to pull clothes out of his dresser as quietly as possible. He’d wanted to blow dry his hair so it didn’t get all weird in his sleep but he didn’t want to disturb the alpha with the noise.

Instead he found himself turning off the light and slipping into his nest after he’d finished getting dressed. Yoongi kept his eyes closed but he blindly reached for Jimin so the omega let himself be pulled in closer.

“Sleepy,” Yoongi’s said as he nuzzled into Jimin’s neck.

“Go to sleep then hyung,” Jimin toyed with the dark locks on the alpha’s head, hoping that would help him.

“Mmm,” Yoongi hummed into his skin making Jimin shiver at the feeling.

After a few minutes of playing with his hair, Jimin felt he alpha’s breathing even out. His face was still pressed against the omega’s neck and even though it was distracting, Jimin hoped he stayed there all night.

There was something so calming about having Yoongi in his nest that Jimin couldn’t really explain. He wished that the alpha would want to sleep over every night. All of Jimin’s worries about what the future held for them seemed too far away with the sound of Yoongi’s breathing, the warmth of his body, and their scents mingled together in the bedding.

Even though his body was tired from the long day, Jimin stayed up as long as possible just basking in the feeling of having Yoongi next to him.


It was quiet, too quiet. Jimin popped open his eyes and quickly leaned up to find the spot next to him was empty. A sense of worry immediately filled him.

Touching Yoongi’s pillow, he found that the material was still warm so the alpha couldn’t have woken up long before he had.

Practically jumping out of bed, Jimin went into the kitchen to find that Hoseok was already up and eating breakfast. How the heck his roommate managed to always be up early was a mystery to him.

“If you’re looking for Yoongi, he’s taking a shower in my bathroom.”

“Oh,” Jimin went into the fridge to look like that’s what he’d meant to do all along.

“Did you check your phone?” Hoseok asked.

“No I literally just woke up, why?”

“Jin’s heat is done, Yoongi’s going to go pick him up.” It sounded like Hoseok was trying to give him a heads up.

“Taehyung must be done too then?” Jimin tried to keep the subject off of Yoongi because he didn’t want to think about the alpha leaving already.

Hoseok shrugged, “I’m not sure.”

Jimin bit on his lip, “Let me go check my phone then.”

Going back into his bedroom, Jimin snagged his phone off the charger and sure enough the omega group chat had messages waiting for him.

Jin: I made it out alive

Taehyung: Me too

Jin: I want to crash, can I come back yet?

Taehyung: Of course, Kookie is passed out and I’m about to as well

Jin: I’ll see if I can get a ride from someone so I don’t have to take an Uber

Taehyung: I’m guessing Jimin is still asleep so try Yoongi or Hoseok?

Jin: Good idea

Jin: Woke up grumpy boy Yoongi, he’s going to come get me

Taehyung: See you soon!

Jimin: Sorry I missed this! Yoongi is in the shower now so I’m guessing he’ll be on his way soon

Jin: Tell him to hurry! I want to leave before Namjoon wakes up lol

Taehyung: Awkward!

Jin: -_-

Pocketing his phone, Jimin went into the kitchen where the alpha had appeared still looking sleepy but with wet hair. He was chugging some coffee while Hoseok watched with an amused look.

“Umm...Jin told me to ask you to hurry,” Jimin said awkwardly.

Finishing up his cup, Yoongi nodded. “I just need to grab my bag.”

Jimin felt a pang of sadness knowing the alpha was leaving and their little domestic bliss was done. He tried to cover it up by talking to Hoseok next.

“Taehyung is fine too,” Jimin said.

“That’s good! I’m sure they’ll all spend the weekend sleeping,” Hoseok laughed.

Yoongi was putting his cup in the sink to wash it out before he started to head for Jimin’s room. The omega wanted to follow him and try to get a few more minutes of alone time with the alpha but he didn't’ want to look desperate.

He ended up running his hand through his hair in frustration over his own mood. Hoseok must have noticed what was going on because the beta stood up and put his plate in the sink.

“I’m going to head to my room, tell Yoongi I said bye.”

“Okay,” Jimin nodded and decided to pour himself some coffee to keep busy.

He’d only had a few sips when the alpha came back out of his room, with his bag thrown over his shoulder.

“Jin keeps texting so I have to go,” Yoongi said.

“Yeah, I’m not surprised. Here, I’ll get the door behind you.”

Jimin put his cup down to follow Yoongi to the door and opened it up for the alpha. Really it was just an excuse to get close to him.

“Wish me luck,” Yoongi gave him a small smile as he walked out.

“Good luck,” Jimin called after him, softly closing the door and pressing his forehead against it.

Already he missed the alpha, and he hadn’t even walked out of the building yet. It didn’t matter how much he wanted to protect his heart, Yoongi already owned it.

Sighing, Jimin pulled out his phone and shot off a text to Jin to let him know Yoongi had just left so that the omega didn’t bother the alpha while he was driving. Then he went back into his room to shower and try not to mope.

He probably should have gotten some of his homework done, but instead he ended up playing around on his phone. Looking through social media, which was boring thanks to half of his friends being MIA with their heat cycles, and then watching random videos on Youtube.

When his phone started to ring, he was actually startled and nearly dropped it. Yoongi’s picture appeared on the screen and Jimin had to mentally slap himself before answering.


“Hey,” Yoongi replied.

“Is something wrong with Jin or Namjoon?” Jimin asked, not knowing why else the alpha would be calling.

“No, they’re fine. Jin said he was going to sleep all day and Namjoon just got up to shower I think.”

Jimin breathed out in relief, “Oh that’s good. What’s up then?”

“Well you remember I told you before that my father’s been bothering me to bring you to the house?

“Yeah,” Jimin said.

“He just got back into the city after a business trip and called to tell me he was expecting us to come over tonight,” Yoongi sighed.

“Oh,” Jimin said softly, his stomach already filling with nerves.

“I don’t really have a choice, I have to go, but if you don’t want to come I can just make up an excuse.”

“No,” Jimin said quickly. “I can come, it would be weird if I didn’t.”

There was a rustling, like the alpha was shifting around wherever he was.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,” Yoongi finally said.

“I’m sure, just tell me what to wear and when you’ll pick me up.”

“God you’re too good to me,” Yoongi breathed into the phone.

Jimin was smiling like a little school boy, “Anything for you hyung.”

Chapter Text

Chapter 16:

The rest of Jimin’s day was spent trying to distract himself until it was time for Yoongi to pick him up. This meant he ended up taking a special bath to soak in and following it up with his beauty routine.

He took his time styling his hair to get it just the way that he liked it before tackling his closet. Deciding what to wear was tricky. Yoongi had told him just to wear whatever and not to worry about it. But of course he was worrying about it.

He tried on several outfits, making a complete mess of his bedroom, before finally settling on a simple baby blue button up shirt tucked in black jeans. It was dressy enough that it helped him to feel more confident without looking like he was over doing it.

When Yoongi finally arrived to pick him up, Jimin threw on his jacket and raced out. Even though he’d just seen the alpha that morning he couldn’t wait to lay his eyes on him again. Yoongi was adjusting his stereo when Jimin slipped inside the car.

“How’s Joonie?” Jimin asked as he put on his seat belt.

“Still tired,” Yoongi shrugged as he watched Jimin.

“You look good,” Jimin said as he took in Yoongi’s appearance.

Whenever the alpha wore his glasses in favor of his contacts it did something to Jimin. Yoongi looked good enough on any given day, but the intellectual look was delicious.

“So do you,” Yoongi said, bringing Jimin out of his thoughts. “Do you want to ask me anything before we go?”

“What’s your father’s name? I can’t remember if you ever told me.”

“Min Yeonchan.”

Jimin smiled, “Both your names start with a Y? That’s cute.”

Yoongi shrugged, “I think my omega dad picked out my name.”

“You don’t talk about him much,” Jimin said softly.

“There’s not much to say, most of what I know is what I’ve been told by my father.”

Just like any other time Jimin had heard him talking about his omega dad, Yoongi sounded pretty emotionless. He knew Yoongi had been young with his omega dad died but it also made him think that the alpha just kept his feelings bottled up.

“Do you think your father will ask me a lot of questions?” Jimin asked, deciding to change the subject.

“I feel like more than anything he’ll be keeping an eye on me.”

Jimin licked his bottom lip nervously, “You can do whatever you want to me, I’ll just take your lead.”

Yoongi nodded, “Can I scent you?”

Jimin smiled and tilted his neck, keeping an eye on Yoongi as he zeroed in on the exposed skin before leaning out of his seat to press his face there. Sighing, Jimin twisted his fingers into Yoongi’s hair as the alpha started to nuzzle against him.

His favorite thing was when the alpha would brush his lips against his skin as he scented him. The move never failed to make him shiver and it was more of a lovers caress than a way to leave a mark.

When he felt Yoongi’s hand come up to move his head the other way Jimin let the alpha man handle him. It only made him think of the last time Yoongi had his hand wrapped around Jimin’s neck and he was sure his scent would change.

Already he was biting on his lip to stay silent. The alpha didn’t act any different as he worked on Jimin’s neck though. He seemed wholly focused on his task, making sure that his scent would linger on Jimin’s neck.

“Hyung if you don’t stop I’m going to get worked up,” Jimin whimpered.

“Sorry,” Yoongi pulled away and ran a hand through his hair which had gotten mussed from Jimin’s fingers.

“No it’s my fault,” Jimin let out a breath to try and calm himself.

After they had both calmed down a bit, Yoongi pulled out of the parking spot and they were off. His father lived in a much nicer part of the city so it took them awhile to get through the night traffic.

Even though Jimin knew that Yoongi’s father was pretty well off, he was still amazed to see how nice his place was. His mouth practically dropped to the floor. Why wouldn’t Yoongi want to hang around his home when it looked like this?

“Ready?” Yoongi said as he turned off his car.

“Yeah,” Jimin nodded shakily and they both got out.

The alpha waited and held out his hand, which Jimin gladly slipped his fingers into before they started to walk up to the door. His heart was already pounding with nervousness and they hadn’t even gone inside yet.

Opening up the door, Yoongi lead Jimin inside before helping him to take off his coat and shoes. Then he was grabbing onto Yoongi’s hand for dear life again as the alpha called out.

“Father?” Yoongi said loudly.

“In the den,” Min Yeon-Chan called back.

Gripping Jimin’s hand more tightly, Yoongi led him down the hall into the den. The room was beautifully decorated with leather furniture, plush carpets, and floor to ceiling built in shelves around a fireplace.

On one of the armchairs Yoongi’s father was sitting with a book and what looked like a glass of scotch.

“How was the drive?” Min Yeonchan asked he put his book aside.

“Not bad,” Yoongi said plainly.

“Come sit, the cook is still working on dinner.”

Jimin avoided meeting the elders eyes as Yoongi wordlessly lead him over to one of the couches. He sat down as close as possible to the alpha as possible, more so to comfort himself than anything.

He was glad when Yoongi’s father focused on the alpha for a few minutes, asking about how his classes were going and what he was planning on taking in the next semester.

“What are you studying Jimin?” Min Yeonchan turned towards the omega.

“Dance, I mostly focus on contemporary and modern styles.”

The older alpha’s eyebrows raised a bit, “You do look like a dancer.”

“He’s amazing,” Yoongi said giving Jimin a small smile.

“It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I want to open up my own studio eventually, but that will take some time.” Jimin admitted.

Min Yeonchan, “It’s good to have goals though. Have you two discussed what your future might look like together?”

“It is way too early for that father,” Yoongi said frowning at the man.

“It’s better to find out if you’re compatible sooner rather than later Yoongi,” Yeonchan pointed at his son.

The elders words left a pit in his stomach, he wasn’t sure what he’d meant by that but he didn't’ like that the alpha already seemed to worry that they weren’t a match.

When Jimin looked over at Yoongi he noticed the alpha was clenching the fist that wasn’t holding onto Jimin’s hand.

“We’ve always gotten along fine,” Yoongi finally said but it sounded like he was forcing himself to stay calm.

“Friendships don’t always translate to good matehoods though if you want different things,” He shrugged. “Where do you want to live, what kind of life do you want to build, how many children do you want to have? Those are the kinds of things you should be thinking about early on.”

Jimin grabbed onto Yoongi’s other hand to try and calm the alpha before he freaked out, and made sure that Yoongi looked at him.

“I think we’re just trying to let things unfold naturally,” Jimin said softly. “Why worry about the future when we can focus on each other now.”

“A romantic huh?” The elder chuckled.

“Aren’t most omegas?” Jimin smiled.

Yeonchan nodded, “Yoongi’s dad definitely was, sentimental too. He used to save every little thing Yoongi did as a little kid and I have so many pictures from those days.”

“I’ve never seen any baby pictures of Yoongi,” Jimin said thoughtfully.

“God, please don’t.” Yoongi was shaking his head.

But his father was already up and grabbing an album off one of the shelves before handing it to Jimin. The omega let go of Yoongi’s hands to open it up and was already freaking out at the cuteness on the first page.

“You’re so cute,” Jimin cooed pointing at a baby picture of Yoongi in nothing but a diaper.

“He was also such a needy little thing, he always wanted to be with his dad but cried whenever I tried to hold him.”

“Is this your dad?” Jimin asked when he came to a picture of a man holding Yoongi and the alpha just nodded. “You look so much like him.”

“Probably a good thing,” Yeonchan said before chugging down the rest of his drink. “I’m going to check on the food.”

When the older alpha was out of the room Jimin paused what he was doing to look at Yoongi, “Are you okay?”

“He just gets to me sometimes,” Yoongi rubbed on his neck.

“I understand,” Jimin put his hand on Yoongi’s thigh and gave it a squeeze.

“Whenever I have to come back home it always makes me think about how things could have been different if my dad hadn’t died when I was so young. Maybe I would have actually enjoyed my childhood more? Maybe I wouldn’t hate coming back here so much?” Yoongi sighed.

“Maybe next time you can come meet my parents, I bet they’d love you.”

Yoongi turned to look at the omega, “Yeah? Why do you think that?”

Jimin smiled, “How could they not?”

The alpha opened his mouth to reply but then they heard a voice calling out that dinner was ready. So Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin’s hand and led him to the formal dining room where his father was already seated with a fresh glass of scotch.

For some reason, Jimin felt a strong instinct to shield Yoongi from his father and so he took the seat closer to the older alpha. Luckily, food was already on the table waiting to be eaten and Min Yeonchan seemed to be a quiet eater much like Yoongi.

Still, Yoongi felt tense next to him so Jimin did his best to eat with one hand and kept the other on the alpha’s leg. He didn’t know it really helped, but he wanted to try and do something.

When their plates were cleared, and their stomachs were full, Yoongi was quick to speak before his father could.

“I have to get Jimin back early tonight because he has dance practice tomorrow, but could we speak in private first?”

Of course Jimin knew that Yoongi was lying about the practice, he had none, but he had no idea what Yoongi wanted to talk to his father about.

His father nodded, “We can go to my study and Jimin can wait for you in the den perhaps?”

Yoongi touched Jimin’s arm lightly and the omega nodded. He was full of curiosity but went off to the den anyways and busied himself looking at the baby album again.

Since no one was there to watch him, he snapped pictures of baby Yoongi with his phone. Hopefully he didn’t spontaneously go back into heat at the sight of all the cuteness.

Several minutes passed by before he got a sight of Yoongi again, and the alpha looked more upset than he’d been earlier. It wasn’t exactly that he looked mad, he was definitely tense though, like something was really bothering him.

“Ready to go?” Yoongi said.

“Yeah,” Jimin quickly got up and followed Yoongi out to the doorway.

When they were slipping their shoes and jackets on, Yoongi’s father came out to say goodbye to them but the alpha barely said anything. Jimin tried to be as polite as possible and thank the elder for the meal and showing him the baby pictures.

Yoongi ended up opening the front door and pulling on Jimin’s hand to get him to leave as the omega waved bye.

When they got into the car, Yoongi immediately leaned forward onto his steering wheel and let out a shuddering breath.

“Hyung,” Jimin leaned over to put his hand on the alpha’s back. “What happened?”

“I was hoping my father would know some way I could get a better handle on my alpha side but he didn’t really have any good news.”

“You know I’ll help you however I can,” Jimin said softly.

“But you shouldn’t have to, and I don’t want to become this problem you have to deal with. I already feel like you should hate me.”

“I could never hate you Yoongi.”

“You say that now but…” Yoongi sighed.

Jimin really didn’t like when Yoongi was down on himself like this, “Hyung I’m here because I want to be. If something happens it’s my fault too.”

“You’re just trying to make me feel better though,” Yoongi said.

“I mean, I am trying to make you feel better but I’m not lying either.”

“Let’s just go,” Yoongi said as he turned on his car.

As usual, the alpha was deciding to ignore the situation instead of talking about it. It wasn’t like Jimin could blame him though, he was keeping plenty of things from Yoongi too.

The more they drove the more Yoongi seemed to calm down. Maybe he just needed some space to get away from his father to feel better.

Now Jimin was dreading going back to his apartment and spending the night alone. After getting to sleep next to Yoongi for two nights in a row he was feeling greedy for more.

“I don’t have anything else to do tonight if you want to hang out hyung,” Jimin suggested cautiously.

“I was just going to go home to check on Namjoon and then relax.”

“I can come with you,” He knew he sounded lame but he didn’t even care at this point.

Yoongi was silent for a moment before he replied, “If you want to…”

“Good it’s settled then,” Jimin pulled out his phone to shoot off a text to Hoseok and let him know that he hopefully wouldn’t be home tonight.

Jimin: Done with dinner, going over to Yoongi’s now so don’t wait up for me

Hoseok: OOOOHHH! How’d the dinner go?

Jimin: Painful? His father is so...ugh?

Hoseok: YUP

Jimin: But I saw pictures of baby Yoongi and omg I’m definitely in love

Jimin: Like I so badly want a little baby Min of my own :(

Hoseok: I’m going to start checking your birth control daily

Jimin: LOL not right now! But yeah I might literally die if it doesn’t happen

Hoseok: Don’t get emo on me now, you’re supposed to be plotting your way into Min Yoongi’s bed

Jimin: I regret texting you

Hoseok: No you don’t. YOU LOVE ME

Jimin: Goodbye

Jimin pocketed his phone just as Yoongi was pulling into the parking garage for his building. When they got out the alpha held out his hand again for Jimin to take, and then they were heading inside.

Surprisingly, Namjoon was up and eating a bowl of cereal on the couch while watching TV.

“Hey guys,” he greeted them.

“You need to eat something more nutritional than cereal right now,” Yoongi chastised him as he took off his jacket.

“Maybe if you were here to cook for me I would have,” Namjoon smiled.

“Trust me I would rather be here cooking for you than at my fathers.”

“It went that well, huh?” Namjoon laughed and shifted his eyes over to Jimin. “What’d you think of him?”

Jimin shrugged, “If Yoongi doesn’t like him then I don’t either.”

“So loyal,” Namjoon clucked his tongue before taking another bite.

Jimin stuck his tongue out at the alpha but he just laughed.

“I think we deserve a drink Jiminie, do you want one?” Yoongi was heading into the kitchen.

“Sure, whatever you want is fine.”

He ended up pulling out two beers from the fridge and popping off the caps before handing one over to Jimin.

“What about me?” Namjoon complained.

“Beer doesn’t go with cereal,” Yoongi replied and started to head for his room.

“Fine,” Namjoon pouted and ate more of his cereal.

Once they were inside Yoongi’s room the alpha turned on some music before plopping down on his bed. Jimin carefully sat down next to him so he wouldn’t spill any of his drink.

He figured this was how the alpha wanted to wind down after a stressful day so he didn’t bother him with any questions. They drank in a companionable silence and played on their phones. It was nice to just relax together after a long day.

Eventually Jimin started yawning, and put his drink down on Yoongi’s bedside table to lay on his stomach and close his eyes. Even with the music playing Jimin couldn’t help but feel sleepy with the alcohol in his belly, the warmth of Yoongi beside him, and the alpha’s scent all around.

“Do you want to change your clothes?” Yoongi asked eventually.

“Too lazy,” Jimin hummed into the pillow.

Laughing he felt Yoongi get up and heard some rustling before the alpha was back.

“Roll over sleepy,” Yoongi said and Jimin did what he said.

Then he felt fingers playing with the buttons on his shirt and popping them open. Jimin slowly opened his eyes and watched as the alpha carefully undid the rest of his buttons before starting to slide the material off his shoulders.

Jimin had to shift to help and then felt a t-shirt being slid over his head. It was cute how careful the alpha was being with him.

“Umm I’m not undoing your pants,” Yoongi said.

Laughing lightly Jimin laid back down to pop open his jeans and start to slide them off while Yoongi averted his gaze and held out the sleeping pants.

“It’s not like you haven’t undressed me before,” Jimin teased as he put on the pair Yoongi handed him.

The alpha didn’t say anything but went back over to his dresser and grabbed more clothes before going into his bathroom.

A little worried that he might have said the wrong thing, Jimin nestled back into the alpha’s bed and closed his eyes. He heard Yoongi come back out a minute later and turn down his music a little before sliding into bed too.

“I hope today wasn’t too bad for you,” Yoongi said as he started to stroke Jimin’s hair.

“I was more worried about you than me,” Jimin replied sleepily into his pillow.

“I’m used to it.”

“Hmm that feels so nice,” Jimin practically purred.

Yoongi continued to play with his hair until Jimin couldn’t stay awake any longer and succumbed to sleep. He dreamed of little babies with dark hair and dark eyes that snuggled into his arms.

Chapter Text

Chapter 17 (Mini Chapter - Yoongi's POV)

It was probably creepy how much Yoongi enjoyed watching the blonde omega sleeping, especially when it was in his bed. For some reason, it made him feel totally peaceful. Knowing that Jimin was safe and sound and right beside him.

Even his alpha instincts didn’t really bother him when Jimin was like this. Though it hadn’t escaped him that his scent got stronger whenever they were around each other now, even when they sleeping.

Like his alpha couldn’t just rest and always had to find some way to make it known that the omega was his. Which apparently was his entire problem these days.

His instincts were just too triggered by Jimin, and according to what his father had said wouldn’t get any better until he properly mate-marked the omega.

Even then there wasn’t a guarantee that he’d be able to control himself better around Jimin. He could bind them together forever only to ruin their lives with his urges. Not that he thought he even deserved Jimin to begin with.

Still, he couldn’t stop playing the conversation with his father over in his head.

“What did you want to talk about?” His father asked, not bothering to sit down once they entered the study.

“It’s about Jimin and I actually,” Yoongi scratched at his ears. “He went through his heat not too long ago, and I just lost control and I don’t want to hurt him again.”

His father had raised his eyebrows, “If he can’t handle you than maybe it’s better to just move on now Yoongi.”

Already Yoongi was feeling agitated by this conversation.

“I just want to know if you have any advice on what I can do. I’m too drawn to him. Trust me if I could walk away and save him from myself I would. But I’m weak when it comes to him.”

“It’s like that then hmm,” His father smiled a little which annoyed Yoongi. “If you want him so badly it must be driving your alpha instincts wild that he’s not mate marked, that’s why you’re losing control. It’s stronger because you’re trying to fight against what it wants. If you gave in and marked the omega, it might get better.”


His father shrugged, “Or it might not. If he really drives you crazy it could still be an issue. I can’t say for sure.”

“So that’s it then, I can’t do anything.”

“If you’re really worried you can try doing the same thing you have to do for your ruts.”

“You want me to ask him to tie me up?” Yoongi frowned.

“You can’t hurt him if you can’t reach him,” Yeon-Chan said simply.

Yoongi sighed, “Okay so this conversation was pointless. Thanks, I think I’ll get Jimin and go now.”

He really had no clue what he was going to do. It bothered Jimin if he stayed away, and it bothered him too. But ever since Jimin’s heat it seemed impossible for them to be around each other and not to get aroused.

Jimin was an affectionate creature by nature, more so than other omega’s it seemed. And he knew that Jimin thrived off the attention he was getting from him, it was hard not to notice how his scent got tinged with happiness when they cuddled or held hands.

While omegas were naturally drawn to stronger alpha’s, Yoongi couldn’t see Jimin liking dealing with him long term. He just couldn’t. It bothered him to treat Jimin that way so he couldn’t imagine any ending that didn’t have the omega getting tired of it.

Jimin was just too perfect, and Yoongi was too imperfect. In so many ways that mattered in a mate he wasn’t a good fit for anyone.

But like he’d told his father, he seemed too drawn to him to walk away. He should. It would be best for both of them. But instead, here he was petting Jimin’s hair even though the omega had long fallen asleep.

He wished that he could believe that Jimin’s scent would become less of an issue for him. That seemed like such an impossibility in this moment. If the omega woke up right now and started kissing him, Yoongi wouldn’t be able to stop himself. He just knew it.

As much as the memory of Jimin bleeding from his bite mark bothered the logical part of his brain, that didn’t stop his alpha side from wanting to do it harder. To make Jimin his forever. And it was so fucked up.

There wasn't anything he could do about it now, so he gave up on thinking about it and curled around Jimin. Letting the feeling of the sleeping omega calm him down. The sound of his soft breaths making his own weary body get more sleepy.

In a perfect world, they would get to fall asleep together every night. For now he’d just take what he could get.

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Chapter 18

Without ever really discussing it, sleeping together became their new thing. It wasn’t every night, but it was often enough that Jimin felt weird when they weren’t together. He got used to the comforting feeling of having Yoongi there beside him.

Usually they would fall asleep on other sides of the bed, or one of them would pass out first. But they were were always pressed together in the morning, or Jimin would find himself flung across the alpha’s chest.

It was easily his favorite thing the whole world. It didn’t matter if he was having an awful day, if Yoongi texted him to spend the night it made everything better.

Still, he somehow knew that he wasn’t allowed to ask for anything else. Yoongi’s comfort level seemed to be very minimal ever since Jimin’s heat.

Jimin hadn’t even dared to kiss the alpha anywhere other than his cheeks when they were with their friends and didn’t even try that when they were alone.

It probably should have frustrated him more than it did, because he was a male in his twenties with an eager libadido, but he was too far gone in his feelings for Yoongi to not feel grateful that he was getting the cuddles he wanted.

And honestly, his omega side was more than happy with just the affection. He just had to keep telling himself that he needed to be patient and it had to mean something that Yoongi wanted him in his bed.

Even as the term went on and their schedules got crazier, it was nice to be able to crawl into bed together and sneak that alone time after longs days.

It was a Friday afternoon that he’d been planning on going over to Yoongi’s when their group chat started to blow up.

Jin: Listen bitches, hyung needs to go out for drinks and dancing tonight so who is coming with?

Taehyung: I’m in!

Hoseok: Drinks + Dancing are magical words, count me in

Jungkook: I guess I’ll go but I better not be the only alpha there

Namjoon: Count me out

Jimin stared at his phone for a while to see if Yoongi was going to answer. But the chat stayed silent. Finally the omega gave in and texted the alpha privately, not wanting to answer until he knew what the other man is thinking.

Jimin: Did you see Jin’s text?

Yoongi: Yup

Jimin: I didn’t want to answer till I knew what you wanted to do

Yoongi: Oh I was waiting to see what you wanted to do

Jimin: I kind of feel like I should go but I still want to hang out

Yoongi: You could go and come over after?

Jimin: I guess I could do that

Yoongi: Unless you don’t want to come over that’s fine too

Jimin: I might be drunk though, you know Jin hyung likes to get us all boozed up

Yoongi: You can always text me and let me know what you want to do? I’ll be home either way

Jimin: Okay

Honestly, he was a little disappointed that Yoongi didn’t want to go with them. But he wasn’t exactly surprised either. Hopefully, he could just make it work to see the alpha later in the night.

His phone buzzed again and he saw that the alpha had replied to the group chat.

Yoongi: Count me out too

Jungkook: Wtf hyung

Yoongi: You’re welcome to come over instead

Jungkook: And let a bunch of alpha’s hit on Taehyung? No thanks

Yoongi: Suit yourself

Jungkook: What about Jimin?

Jimin: I’ll come!

Jungkook: ...hyung I’m going to text you

Jin: Awesome Jimin! I guess you and Hoseok can meet us there?

Hoseok: Will do

Jimin frowned at his phone, that was weird. He wondered what Jungkook wanted to text Yoongi about privately, but he wasn’t about to ask them.

That night, Jimin dressed in his favorite clothes for going out dancing. Tight jeans with an even tighter shirt, smokey eyes, and a choker around his neck. Hopefully the outfit wasn’t a waste and Yoongi would get to see it too.

Jin and the others were already at the bar by the time they arrived, Jungkook seemed a little annoyed but he got excited when he saw Hoseok.

He wasn’t sure if the beta even noticed it because he was already focused on the music that was playing over the loudspeakers.

“Let’s get a drink so we can start dancing!” Hoseok started to pull Jimin over to the bar.

“Hey, get us a round too!” Jin called after them loudly.

There was quite a long line of waiting patrons at the bar already, so Hoseok and Jimin tried to standby patiently until one of the bartenders was available.

With everyone pressing together, trying to squeeze against the bar top to get a spot, Jimin almost didn’t notice the alpha that had put a hand on his shoulder.

It was very hard not to notice once the alpha was pressing so close against him, that Jimin’s alarm bells went off and he tried to pull away which made him crush into Hoseok.

“What-?” Hoseok was saying as he tried to turn around.

“Back off,” Jimin was trying to pull away further but there wasn’t any space.

“I’m just trying to say hello to a pretty little omega,” The strange alpha was smiling at Jimin and his grip got tighter on Jimin’s shoulder.

Jimin opened his mouth to respond, but the alpha was already being tugged away violently.

“He said back off,” Yoongi was saying in a harsh voice at the other alpha before moving to shield Jimin with his body.

Jimin was shocked to see Yoongi suddenly appearing, “Hyung!”

“Alright, alright!” The other alpha put his arms in the air as he backed away from Yoongi, clearly realizing he was better off not messing with him.

“What the heck?” Hoseok sounded confused.

When the other alpha had finally disappeared in the crowd, Yoongi turned back around and put a hand on Jimin’s shoulder tenderly.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, what are you doing here?” Jimin asked still in shock.

“Jungkook strongly advised I came with and I guess he was right,” Yoongi looked back as though he was checking to make sure the threat was still gone.

“Oh Jungkook warned you that Jimin is always getting hit on, I see.” Hoseok laughed.

Yoongi was rolling his eyes at the beta and moved to wave his hand at the bartender who came right over to him.

“What did you guys want?” He asked before placing all their orders.

When they made their way back over to the table with everyone else, Jin complained about how long it took all of them.

Jungkook was just relieved to see that Yoongi had showed up. Meanwhile, Jimin was still a little shocked that Yoongi had surprised him and come after all.

Basically, he ended up just sitting there in the booth sipping on his drink quietly while the others were roasting each other.

“You’re kind of freaking me out,” Yoongi leaned over to whisper in Jimin’s ear, making him shiver.

“Sorry,” Jimin replied.

The alpha slipped his hand behind Jimin’s hair to play with the hair at the back of his head. It didn’t take much to make the omega start to relax and press himself against Yoongi, seeking more attention.

Eventually Hoseok started to make a fuss that none of them had gone up to start dancing. Not wanting to leave Yoongi’s side, Jimin did his best to protest but it was really difficult arguing with his roommate.

“Jimin we’re dance majors, it’s a sin not to dance in a club!” Hobi wailed.

“Tae Tae will go with you though,” Jimin said pointing at the other omega who was nodding.

“We’ll all go, come on!” Hoseok was already getting up and trying to pull Jimin with him.

After giving Yoongi a pout, Jimin let himself be pulled away by Hoseok. Luckily, the beta didn’t take them far so that Jungkook and Yoongi could keep an eye on them.

It did make Jimin feel a little bit better that he could just look over his shoulder and see them. So he let himself get used to the beat of the song and get loose with Hoseok and Taehyung.

The nice thing about dancing in the club, was that they could let their bodies do whatever they wanted without having to worry so much about form. It was easy to get lost in the feeling of the movements and have fun with it.

Hoseok and Taehyung didn’t take long to let their inner hoes out and start trying to see who could dance dirtier. Jimin mostly just laughed along at them trying to pull out their best moves.

“Come on Jimin, show us something extra sexy while Yoongi is watching!” Hoseok leaned into him and teased.

Jimin laughed, but decided to play along anyways and show off the slut drop a female omega had taught him as a joke once.

Sure enough, it got Hoseok and Taehyung laughing. By the time he was done, Jimin was almost collapsing on the floor laughing as well.

“You’re a bad influence Hoseok,” Yoongi was saying to the beta when he appeared by them with Jungkook at his side.

Jimin could see them wearily looking in the crowd, maybe at other alphas, as Yoongi held his hand out to help Jimin up. He let himself be pulled up and into the alpha who was frowning at Hoseok.

“You guys just don’t know how to have a good time,” He stuck his tongue out at them.

“Come dance with me,” Jimin tried to pull Yoongi away before he argued back with Hoseok.

Yoongi’s eyes went wide, “I don’t dance.”

“All you really have to do is stand there and grind while I do the rest,” Jimin was already pulling him into an empty space and pulling Yoongi against him.

“Umm,” The alpha looked nervous but Jimin just ignored him and started to do his thing.

He was already in a good mood from dancing with the others, so it was easy to let his hips swing to the beat of the music. Wrapping Yoongi’s arms around his waist to encourage the alpha to start moving.

Despite what he’d said, it didn’t take much for Yoongi to start dancing along with him. Pressing his front against Jimin’s back firmly, creating a delicious electricity running through the omegas body.

They hadn’t even made it through the first song, before Yoongi was leaning over to press his lips against Jimin’s neck. It was risky to present his neck to the alpha in the middle of a club but he wanted him to know that he liked it since he soft moan would go unheard.

As he titled his neck to the side slightly, Yoongi let his lips slide up to press kisses along the skin that had been made available.

Moving his lips back down to the base of the omega’s neck, Yoongi nipped at the skin there before suckling on it. Jimin’s knees went lax and he already felt like he was burning up.

Aware that they weren’t even dancing anymore Jimin weakly pulled away from Yoongi to grab onto his hand and pull him away from the crowd. There was a dark hallway that was surprisingly empty so Jimin leaned against the wall and pulled the alpha into him.

Yoongi was already zeroed in on Jimin’s mouth when he pressed against the omega once more, his lips leaning to press there once before pulling away to suck Jimin’s bottom lip into his mouth.

This time when Jimin moaned, he was sure that Yoongi heard it because the alpha growled back softly in reply. The next time he pressed his lips against Jimin’s it was to press his tongue inside and the omega didn’t put up any resistance.

His hands were already digging into Yoongi’s hair, pulling the alpha even closer, as their mouths seemingly sealed together.

Even though he could tell the alpha was worked up, he was still being careful with Jimin. Tasting, and controlling the kiss but somehow still managing to keep the strokes of their tongues slower than Jimin would like.

“Fuck,” Yoongi pulled away when Jimin managed to push away from the wall to grind against the telltale bulge in his jeans.

Smiling, Jimin took the chance to take his own nip at Yoongi’s neck.

Leaning his head back Yoongi put a little space between them, “Maybe we should stop.”

“No,” Jimin whined and tugged on Yoongi’s shirt to bring him closer again.

“I’m five seconds away from forgetting we’re in a public place and fucking you against this wall Jimin.”

Biting on his lip, Jimin started to tug on Yoongi’s hand again and lead him further down the hallway.

He just knew that if they left he’d lose his chance to touch Yoongi even more. Back in the real work, the alpha would put up that wall again.

Grabbing onto the first door that they came across, Jimin was happy to find it unlocked. It was pitch black, but the chemical scent let him know that it was some kind of storage room.

“Jimin..” Yoongi said as soon as the door shuts closed behind him.

“What we’re not in public anymore,” He pressed a kiss to Yoongi’s mouth, trying to entice him again.

“I think you deserve better than a creepy room in a bar,” Yoongi said but his hand was back in Jimin’s hair.

“I just want you to touch me,” Jimin whimpered as he pulled Yoongi over to the wall so that the alpha could press against him again.

That’s all it took to convince Yoongi to start kissing him again, this time the alpha let a little of that self control go.

Jimin could already feel himself getting more wet as Yoongi started to grind against him more forcefully. Not even trying to be slow, Jimin dropped his hands to Yoongi’s jeans and started to work on getting them undone.

A loud moan escaped Yoongi’s throat when the omega’s small hands were able to push his jeans open and wrap around his already leaking dick.

“Jimin,” Yoongi pulled away to take a shaky breath as Jimin started to work his fingers against the heated skin of his engorged flesh.

“I can drop to my knees now or you can put us both out of our misery and fuck me,” Jimin said in a braver tone than he was expecting.

“Turn around then,” Yoongi replied without missing a beat.

Jimin didn’t hesitate to follow the order and was practically shaking with anticipation as the alpha quickly had his jeans popped open and pushed down so that he could run his fingers against the wetness that had gathered.

He was moaning eagerly and pressing back into Yoongi’s fingers when he felt the pressure against his skin before it pressed inside of him.

It should have hurt, with how quickly they were moving, but all Jimin felt was pleasure as Yoongi started to stroke him.

“Hurry,” Jimin moaned before biting down on his lip as Yoongi slipped another finger inside, pumping it a few times, and then adding another.

“Ready?” Yoongi asked before nipping at Jimin’s neck again.

All he could do was nod and pant as Yoongi pulled his fingers away and then filled him back up again with his hardness.

The room was filled with the sound of both their heavy breathing as Yoongi gave them a second to both get used to the feeling, his hand snaking around to touch Jimin’s neglected erection.

“I won’t last,” Jimin moaned, already he could feel the tightness in whole body as he tried to fight against his bodie’s desire for release.

“Me either,” Yoongi groaned as he finally started to fuck Jimin slowly, being sure to hit that bundle of nerves with each deep stroke.

“Faster Yoongi,” Jimin tried to thrust back against him, mostly just succeeding in driving himself crazier.

The alpha growled out and started to pump his hips faster, the sound of their skin coming together creating a smacking sound that resounded through the dark room along with the sound of Jimin’s moans.

He ended up swatting Yoongi’s hands away from his erection, already too sensitive and afraid he wouldn’t last long enough.

Every one of his senses is filled by Yoongi, the sight of his hands placed on the wall on either side of his head. The smells of his scent, getting heavier in the room. The sound of his rough breathing, and the feeling of his body completely owning Jimin’s.

“Yoongi,” Jimin whimpered desperately as he lost the struggle to fight his orgasm and feels his walls clenching against the alpha’s hardness inside of him.

“Fuck I have to come,” Yoongi groaned out before pulling out of Jimin to stroke himself to release, the rush of cum landing on the swell of the omega’s ass.

Jimin was still trembling from the power of his release when he feels Yoongi moving away. There was a sound of rustling before the alpha came back with some kind of cloth to wipe up Jimin as best as he can.

Pulling back on his jeans wasn't fun with his skin sensitive, but he had no choice anyways. Yoongi was still standing there with the cloth in his hand looking at like he was trying to figure something out when Jimin turns around.


“I don’t like the idea of leaving your scent behind,” Yoongi explained shaking his head. “I know it’s dumb.”

“It’s cute,” Jimin said before looking around the room. “Look there’s a utility sink over in the corner.”

“Oh,” Yoongi quickly walked over to it and tested out the faucet with made a loud noise before water started to come out. He rinsed off the cloth before throwing it in the trash which made Jimin laugh.

“We probably reek of sex too,” Jimin bit on his lip again and grabbed onto Yoongi’s hand.

“Yeah, let’s just get out of here.”

“What about the others?” Jimin asks.

Yoongi shrugs, “I only came here for you.”

That made Jimin ridiculously happy and he leaned into kiss Yoongi again, surprising the alpha. It’s just a quick brush of their lips, but it has the omega sighing.

“Alright let’s go,” Jimin agreed.

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Chapter 19

None of their friends asked for an explanation when Yoongi brought them back to the booth and explained to them that they were leaving.

Maybe it was because they were drinking some more, or maybe it was because they could already tell what was going on by Jimin’s ruffled appearance.

Either way, Jimin was grateful that they were able to get out of the bar without difficulty. Outside it had started to snow, but since it wasn’t windy the weather was actually kind of beautiful.

“Do you want to walk a bit?” Yoongi asked as he gave Jimin’s fingers a squeeze where they were wrapped around his.

“That sounds nice,” Jimin agreed.

For a while they just walked in silence while others rushed past them. As the scents of what they’d done together started to fade, Yoongi’s scent started to go back to normal.

Though there was a hint of something else there too that he really like, but wasn’t sure what it meant.

He also couldn’t stop thinking about how different Yoongi had been acting at the club, suddenly he’d seemed less cautious than he’d been since Jimin’s heat and he had no idea why. Even now, Yoongi seemed calm and collected.

“Can I ask you something?” He finally asked.


“You didn’t try to bite me or anything this time...did something change?” Jimin asked.

“I couldn’t really smell you that well. The bar was full and then the room smelled like all those chemicals too.” Yoongi sighed. “I did want to, the instinct is always there...but it was easier to control without your scent tempting me so much.”

“You’ll tell me if there’s anything I can do to help, right?” Jimin asked softly.

Yoongi stopped walking abruptly, “Please don’t feel like this is your problem to solve Jiminie. I don’t want you to worry about me.”

“But I do worry about you already,” Jimin stepped closer to put his head on Yoongi’s chest, though their jackets stopped them from really getting close.

“That makes me feel worse,” Yoongi said bringing his hand up to Jimin’s hair.

“Can we just go home and cuddle?”

Yoongi nodded, “Yeah, let’s go to my place.”

Since Yoongi had left his car at his apartment, they had to grab a taxi to take them there. They rode the whole way there without talking anymore and the alpha paid without even asking Jimin.

Namjoon must have already been asleep, because the apartment was silent when Yoongi and Jimin arrived.

“Do you want anything to drink or eat?” Yoongi asked quietly as he padded into the kitchen.

“Noodles and some juice would be divine,” Jimin said happily as Yoongi started to pull things out of the cabinet and fridge.

Comfort food was always what he wanted after drinking, and luckily Yoongi seemed to agree. The alpha had some noodles made in no time and poured Jimin some juice to sip on.

Jimin was moaning happily at the first bite, making Yoongi laugh.


“My belly is so happy now,” Jimin slurped some more noodles.

Yoongi just smiled and kept on eating his too until both of their bowls were empty. With their bellies full, Jimin finally started to feel sleepy and was happy when they could finally go to Yoongi’s room.

Staying over at Yoongi’s was his favorite, because it meant being surrounded by the alpha’s scent and getting to roll around on his bedding. It seemed like he always got the best sleep there.

Already he wanted to dive into bed but Yoongi stopped him by handing him some fresh sleeping clothes from his dresser. Jimin didn’t hesitate to start taking off his clothes.

Usually one of them would go into the bathroom, per their new routine, but since Yoongi had already been inside of him earlier in the night he didn’t see the purpose.

He didn’t peak over at the alpha until he’d already pulled on the sleeping pants and was getting ready to pull on his shirt. Yoongi was just standing at his dresser with his clothes in his hand, watching Jimin with a heated gaze.

“What?” Jimin asked smiling.

Yoongi looked away shifted nervously, “Sorry I haven’t seen all of you in a just...well you know what you look like.”

“What do I look like, huh?” Jimin dropped the shirt to the floor to step closer to Yoongi who kept his gaze averted.


“Hmm?” Jimin grabbed onto Yoongi’s hand and placed it on his bare chest.

“I thought you wanted to go to bed.” Yoongi finally managed to get out as he pinched at Jimin’s side.

“Ouch! Okay fine I’ll go to bed,” Jimin pulled away to jump on Yoongi’s bed and snuggle into the bedding, still shirtless.

Yoongi was shaking his head before he turned off the light in his room and started to get dressed himself.

Jimin squinted but still could only make out the faint outline of the alpha’s body as he changed his clothes.

When he slid into bed, Jimin didn’t hesitate to press against him.

“I’m cold,” Jimin complained as he wrapped his arm around Yoongi.

“You can put your shirt on,” Yoongi pointed at it over on the floor.

“I’ll just use your body heat instead,” Jimin nuzzled into Yoongi’s chest happily.

The alpha just sighed and let Jimin use him as his personal heater. Sleep came easily since it had been a long day for both of them.


Usually Jimin hated waking up in the morning, but it was hard to be upset about it when he was curled up in bed with Yoongi. And this time, he was slowly awaked by the feeling of stroking fingers running over the skin of his abdomen.

At some point, they must have moved in their sleep because Yoongi was spooning him now. He had a feeling that this was the alpha’s preferred way to sleep, and he wasn’t about to complain.

The warmth of Yoongi’s chest against his back was comforting, but the feeling of the alpha’s groin against his ass gave him a much different feeling.

He squirmed just a little bit, brushing back further against Yoongi. Smiling when he heard the alpha hiss in a breath at the friction against his growing bulge.

“Good morning,” Jimin said sleepily as he reached behind him to stroke Yoongi’s messy hair.

“Mmm,” Yoongi groaned through his fingers continued to tease at Jimin’s skin.

At first, Jimin just let him touch. Because he loved getting any kind of small affection from the alpha.

But it quickly started to make him restless, because Yoongi’s fingers were brushing him just too gently and just too close to the waist of the sleep pants.

“Yoongi,” Jimin whined as he pressed back against the alpha again.

“What?” Yoongi still sounded sleepy.

“You’re teasing me,” Jimin complained. “Give me more or -”

“I can stop,” Yoongi started to pull away.

Of course, Jimin didn’t like that one bit. So he did the only logical thing and flipped around to throw himself on top of the alpha.

He was already half hard as he ground himself down against Yoongi who had put both his hands on the omega’s hips.

“Touch me more,” Jimin complained before pressing his mouth against Yoongi’s neck.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” Yoongi said instead.

“Just stop thinking already and give me I want,” Jimin pleaded before leaning up to press his lips against Yoongi’s.

Yoongi pulled away a little, “But I don’t want to hurt you. Last night was probably a fluke.”

“Don’t care,” Jimin tried to kiss him again only for Yoongi to avoid it.

“Well I care.”

Jimin leaned up so that he was straddling Yoongi’s hips and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Yoongi you can’t keep running hot and cold on me. Can you at least let me try before you brush me away again?”

“I’m not doing it on purpose,” Yoongi replied sounding like it pained him.

“Why don’t we go take a shower, huh? Washing up will lighten my scent a little.” The omega got up and started to pull on the alpha before he could disagree.

Afterall, they still had the grime and sweat on them from the night before. Jimin was sure that he probably still smelled a little bit like sex, not that it bothered him, but maybe it bothered Yoongi.

He’d showered here enough by now to know what setting to use on the shower to get the water at the right temperature. Since he’d never put on the shirt last night all he had to do was strip out of his pants before he was under the hot water.

“Come on Yoongi, it’s nice in here.”

He used his hands to get his hair nice and wet while he heard Yoongi sighing outside the shower stall. In the next moment he heard the sound of clothes hitting the floor though and smiled as he started to squirt some body soap onto Yoongi’s shower loofah.

“Here get me nice and clean,” Jimin handed over the loofah as soon as Yoongi climbed in, trying his best to avoid getting too eager by giving the alpha his back.

“Okay,” Yoongi gently started to run the loofah over Jimin’s skin, starting at the top of his shoulders and working his way down.

Jimin had to bite down on his lip as the alpha ran it over the cheeks of his ass, and leaned down to get at the omega’s legs too. He was already feeling needy from Yoongi’s teasing in bed, and the careful attention of the washing made it worse.

When he felt Yoongi’s hand grip his arm to turn him, Jimin obliged but put his hand over his hardness to try and hide the alpha’s effect on him. Yoongi’s eyes dart over his face and land on his mouth, where Jimin was still biting his lip.

He looked like he wants to kiss him, or maybe just play with his lips like Jimin has noticed that he likes to do. But instead he moved his attention back to washing the rest of Jimin up.

“Here you can take care of what you’re trying to hide,” Yoongi handed him the loofah back before reaching for a bottle of shampoo.

Jimin just laughed and quickly washed up his private bits while Yoongi was distracted. The alpha started washing Jimin’s hair before waiting for permission. His long fingers were so careful with the omega, and it felt heavenly to have his scalp massaged.

“I’m not going to want to shower alone after this,” Jimin warned.

“Hmm rinse off,” Yoongi says as he pulled his hands away.

Jimin did what he said, backing up in the spray and letting the water do it’s work. Upon opening his eyes again, Jimin found that Yoongi had already started to wash up his own hair as well.

“I thought it my turn to wash you,” Jimin pouted at Yoongi.

“Don’t pout, you can do my body.”

Yoongi pulled on Jimin’s wrist so that he could move under the spray. Inadvertently causing their bodies to rub up against each other, and Jimin had to hold back the urge to lean into him further.

After he’d finished rinsing out his hair, Yoongi turned to give Jimin his back just like the omega had done.

Already anxious to touch the alpha, Jimin didn’t work as slowly as Yoongi had. He wanted to get the alpha clean as fast as possible so he could get his hands on him instead.

Yoongi didn’t complain though, he spun around when Jimin pulled on his arm and let the omega wash his front. Unlike Yoongi, Jimin didn’t shy away from washing up the alpha’s dick which was still half hard.

Taking some of the suds off the loofah, Jimin ran gripped Yoongi at his base before sliding his fingers upwards firmly.

“Can I touch you now?” Jimin asked hopefully.

“If you want to,” Yoongi replied nervously.

“Thank fuck,” Jimin breathed out before rinsing off the last of the suds on Yoongi’s body and rotating their bodies so he could push the alpha against the wall.

“What are you-?”

Yoongi couldn’t get the rest of his question out before Jimin had dropped to his knees and took as much of the alpha’s member into his mouth as he could. Those fingers he loved gripped into the omega’s hair as Yoongi hissed out at the sudden assault.

Jimin pulled away to look up at Yoongi, “Okay?”

“Yeah,” The alpha nodded with his mouth hanging open a little.

The omega went back to work then, he was already feeling desperate himself and wasn’t in the mood to tease the alpha at all so he wasted no time in sucking on Yoongi’s erection as hard as he could until his cheeks hallowed.

Yoongi let out a low moan and his fingers tightened in Jimin’s hair. When his hips snapped trying to get deeper into the omega’s mouth, Jimin moaned around the heated skin filling his mouth.

Pulling away slightly, Jimin looked up up at Yoongi and touched his wrist, “You can use my mouth hyung.”

Shifting his grip on Jimin’s head to push on the back, Yoongi pressed Jimin forward again so that dick was filling him back up.

It absolutely wrecks him the way the alpha didn’t hesitate to start taking control and thrusting in and out of his mouth. Taking the pleasure that he wanted and turning Jimin on even more in the process.

He dug his fingers into Yoongi’s hips, trying to get a better grip as the alpha picked up his pace. The sound of his moans getting more frequent.

“I’m coming,” Yoongi practically growled out.

Jimin did his best to swallow up as much as Yoongi’s hardness as he could as the alpha throbbed and emptied inside of his mouth.

Once he’s finished Jimin had to catch his breath and pull away, resting his forehead on Yoongi’s hip. But Yoongi’s hands reached down to grip his arms and pull him up and into his arms before he was kissing Jimin.

He barely swept his tongue inside of the omega’s mouth before he was pulling away to bite on Jimin’s bottom lip.

“What do you want?” Yoongi asked.

“Anything,” Jimin said leaning back in for another kiss.

Yoongi kissed him quickly again before speaking, “Let’s get out of the shower before it gets cold.”

He made quick work of turning off the faucet and grabbing a towel to wrap around the omega before getting one for himself. Then he brought Jimin back out to his room and towards his bed.

“I’m probably already close,” Jimin warned when Yoongi pushed him lightly down on the mattress before crawling on top of him.

“That’s okay,” Yoongi pressed a kiss to Jimin’s lips again before moving down to lick at his hardened nipples.

“Yoongi not fair, I didn’t tease you!”

Desperately, Jimin tried to thrust up into the alpha to find relief from the friction. But Yoongi pushed down on his hips and shushed him before gripping the omega’s thighs and pushing them open.

Yoongi didn’t even have to test the wetness there, his fingers easily slipped inside of Jimin and made the omega squirm.

He definitely wouldn’t last. Not with the way Yoongi’s fingers stroked inside of him perfectly while he drove him crazy by sucking and licking at chest.

Conscious of the fact that Namjoon was home, Jimin bit down on his lip but it was no use because his whimpers were still escaping his throat.

“Come for me Jimin,” Yoongi leaned up to press his mouth on Jimin’s as he thrust his fingers deeper. That was all it took for Jimin to climax, his loud noises being muted by Yoongi’s mouth.

When the alpha pulled away to kiss his cheek, then his neck, and shoulders all the omega could do was lay there and take it. He whimpered when Yoongi pulled away to grab one of the towels and clean him back up.

Since they were still naked from the shower, Yoongi pulled the blanket back over them as Jimin cuddled back into his side to press his face into the alphas neck.

“Now I’m tired again,” Jimin said softly.

Yoongi started to play with his wet hair, “Go back to sleep then.”

Jimin just nuzzled the alpha’s skin and took in the post coital bliss. In the back of his mind he hoped this meant they could keep moving forward.

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Chapter 20

As much as Jimin hated it, he had to go back to his own apartment once he woke up. There was a report that he had already been putting off and time was running out to get it done.

It made him feel a little better that he knew Yoongi had something he had to work on as well with Namjoon. That hopefully meant that the alpha wouldn’t start to over analyze everything like he usually did.

He was starting to think that they needed to have a talk, and that Jimin had a lot of explaining to do. The thought of admitting to Yoongi just how much the alpha meant to him was terrifying. Rejection was his worst fear, but he was more scared that it might be worse not to say anything.

It seemed like at every turn Yoongi was coming up with reasons as to why they shouldn’t do something. Faking it just wasn’t working out anymore.

There didn’t seem to be a way around explaining why it was so important to Jimin to find a way to get Yoongi comfortable being with him.

He had wanted to argue back so badly when Yoongi had said it wasn’t his problem to solve or worry about. But he was already ruined for any other alpha, and Yoongi needed to know that.

Feeling like he had to coerce Yoongi into giving in and touching him wasn’t good for either of them. The alpha would need to get more comfortable with the situation for things to work out.

That’s why he knew he needed to talk to him. To find out if it was something that Yoongi even wanted to do. And if he did then they could figure it out together, and maybe the alpha would be less anxious about leaving a mark on him.

Unless of course, he had no interest in being with Jimin at all. His only hope was that all of Yoongi’s comments about his scent really meant something important.

If Yoongi was truly driven by his instincts then there must have been a reason the alpha had such a hard time controlling himself around Jimin specifically.

He thought about asking Hoseok about it but he already knew that his roommate wasn’t willing to share any information that Yoongi wasn’t.

And he wasn’t sure if talking to Hoseok would just end up making him more nervous. Really, he couldn’t afford to lose his nerve and make a move already.

It was tempting to text Yoongi right then and invite him over to talk. But it worried Jimin that the alpha might just think he was confused or acting out of lust. Instead he decided to wait until the next day to see if Yoongi was free to come over.

It was difficult to wait, with all of the different outcomes running through his brain. All he could do was keep plugging away at his studies to try and not get himself worked up over something he couldn’t control.

Since he invited the alpha over under the guise of sleeping over, he had to wait until nighttime to see him.

Even though he threw on some athletic wear to look casual he still nervously messed with his hair and face to look good. He was trying to convince Yoongi to court him for real after all.

It wasn't surprising that Yoongi showed up in his favorite hoodie and track pants either, he looked exhausted as well but it still made Jimin's heart race to see him.

“Tired?” Jimin asked as he closed the door to the apartment after Yoongi came inside.

“I didn't sleep well last night,” He explained as he slipped his shoes off.

“I never sleep well alone anymore,” Jimin gave him a smile and headed off towards his room with Yoongi trailing behind him.

He was already super nervous and all Yoongi was doing was taking off his backpack to put it down by Jimin's desk.

“Did you get that paper done?”

Jimin nodded, “Finished it up earlier today. How'd it go with Namjoon?”

“Not done yet but that's mostly because we disagree on some things,” Yoongi shrugged before coming to lay on Jimin's bed and rub his face. “It'll get there.”

“I kind of wanted to talk to you about something but if you're too tired it can wait,”Jimin said nervously.

“What about?” Yoongi leaned up on his elbows to get a better look at Jimin who was still sitting on the edge of his bed.

“I just,” The omega paused and let out a breath to calm himself before he leaned over quickly to press his lips on Yoongi's.

The alpha let out a little noise of surprise but let Jimin press their mouths together gently. Even bringing his hand up to run through the omega’s hair the way he loved.

Just incase it was his last chance to feel Yoongi's lips on his own his soaked in the feeling. The contrast between the alpha's soft lips with the firmness he used to kiss Jimin. His scent wrapping around both of them as the alphas body reacted.

Before he got carried away and started to deepen the kiss, Jimin forced himself to pull away. Yoongi’s eyes looked heavier than they’d been before but he also looked a little worried, with his eyebrows scrunching.

“What did you want to talk about Jiminie,” He asked again softly.

“I like you, I like you a lot Yoongi. I probably should have told you sooner but I was too afraid. I’m telling you now though because I’m tired of pretending like all of this doesn’t mean anything to me,” Jimin chanced a look at the alpha and was worried to see that he was pressing his lips tightly together. “Well?”

“Maybe...maybe you’re just confused because of your heat and -”

“I’m not confused hyung!” Jimin grabbed onto Yoongi’s wrist. “I’ve felt this way for so long and it just keeps getting stronger. If you don’t like me back just say so, but don’t try to interpret my feelings to be something else when I’m telling you the truth.”

Yoongi sighed, “I’m not trying to upset you. I just don’t know if you’ve thought everything through. You already know better than anyone that I’m not always safe to be around. Is that the kind of person you really want to be with?”

Jimin shook his head, “That’s not even an issue if you don’t have feelings for me, stop deflecting.”

“Of course I have feelings for you Jimin, anyone would have to be blind not to.” Yoongi was rubbing his face again. “Life would be so much easier for me if I didn’t. Then I wouldn’t feel so guilty all the time for putting all of my problems on you. I wouldn’t have such a hard time keeping my instincts under control anytime you’re near me.”

“Please don’t feel guilty Yoongi,” Jimin leaned over to press a kiss to the alpha’s jaw. “I’m so happy when we’re together. It’s when you pull away that it becomes a problem for me.”

Yoongi swallowed thickly, “I just don’t want you to hate me someday. I couldn’t survive that.”

“I won’t. I promise I could never.”

The alpha brought his hand up to cup Jimin’s cheek, his thumb sweeping over the omega’s bottom lip gently.

“Just tell me what to do,” Yoongi said.

Jimin smiled, “First we lay down and cuddle before bed. Maybe tomorrow we can go on a real date?”

Yoongi nodded, “Okay we can do that.”

Jimin leaned down to press a quick kiss to Yoongi’s lips before whispering in his ear, “And then after we can come home and you can knot me really good.”

“Jimin!” Yoongi groaned dramatically.

The omega just laughed innocently, “What?”

“You can’t say that if you want to go to bed!” Yoongi said dramatically.

“Sorry hyung,” Jimin bit down on his bottom lip teasingly.

“You are not,” Yoongi grabbed a pillow and whacked the omega with it until he collapsed on the bed in a fit of giggles.

“This is not how you’re supposed to court someone!” Jimin said through his laughter.

“Oh my bad,” He whacked Jimin again with the pillow before leaning over to press a kiss to the top of his head like he was kissing away an injury. “How's that?”

“Better, now come here and play with my hair until I fall asleep.”

Jimin started to nestle into his bed and waited as Yoongi got up to turn off the light before coming over again to slide in next to him. When the alpha curled around him, Jimin let out a little sigh of happiness.

“I’m really glad that you like me too hyung. I might have died if I didn’t get to touch you anymore,” He spoke quietly into the darkness.

Yoongi started to play with his hair, “Shh go to bed Jimin.”


Something was different in the morning. Jimin knew it must have been time to get up because he didn’t feel sleepy as his eyes started to open. However, his room was still pretty dark and his curtains were open.

Sliding out of the warm nest wasn’t easy thanks to the alpha that was clutching onto him. But eventually he was able to slip away and go to the window to see that it was snowing outside. Already it looked like they had a few inches on the ground.

Jumping back onto his nest, Jimin tried to shake Yoongi awake but the alpha groaned.

“Hyung it’s snowing outside.”

“So?” Yoongi rubbed at his eyes.

“It’s so pretty, come look!”

Begrudgingly, Yoongi got up to look out the window. He definitely didn’t seem as excited at Jimin but he checked out the view anyways.

“Maybe we can go do something outside?” Yoongi suggested while scratching at his messy hair.

“Really? That would be amazing!” Jimin squeezed Yoongi into a hug quickly, making him groan again at the sudden attack.

After they each took a quick shower to try and wake up some more, they got dressed quickly to head out and get something to eat. Somehow they’d managed to sleep in quite late and by the time they’d gotten out the door it was already nearly lunch time.

Since they didn’t know if the roads were slippery or not, they decided to walk to a close by cafe to get something to eat. The way that Yoongi held onto his hand and kept checking to make sure he wasn’t too cold made his heart warm up.

It was just a quick walk, but Jimin actually hadn’t been there before but it was so cute and cozy inside. While he grabbed them a booth, Yoongi went up to the counter and ordered for them.

Since they mostly just ordered a bunch of pastries and coffee they didn’t have to wait much time at all. As soon as he took a sip of his cappuccino, Jimin let out a sound of appreciation.

“This is so good, I can’t believe I never came here before.”

Yoongi nodded his head after he’d taken a sip of his coffee, “I used to come here sometimes when I still lived in the dorms with Joon our first year.”

“Well I’m glad that I got to come here with you for my first time. It’s a cute idea for a snowy day date.”

“This counts as a date?” Yoongi furrowed his brows.

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“I don’t know, it’s like the middle of the day and this food cost me like nothing.”

Jimin shrugged, “So what. As long as we’re doing something together that’s all that matters to me.”

“If you say so,” Yoongi took a bite of his food while Jimin reached for a pastry.

They ate until they couldn’t eat anymore, and then they grabbed some more coffee to go before leaving.

“Do you want to head over to the ice rink in the park?” Yoongi asked as they stepped back out into the snow.

“Yes please!”

Yoongi smiled and zipped up Jimin’s jacket more to make sure the cold didn’t get to him and they headed off to the park while they finished off their drinks. The heat from the cups helped to keep their hands warm while the snow softly fell around them and crunched under their feet.

There were lots of families with kids playing in the snow at the park, which Jimin found adorable. He couldn’t seem to stop smiling at everything, he was just so happy to be by Yoongi’s side for real.

He even let Yoongi pay for their ice skates without making a fuss once they got to the rink. And the alpha carefully helped him to take off his shoes and put on the skates.

“It’s been so long I forgot how tight these things are,” Jimin said as he waited for Yoongi to put on his own skates.

“You’ll get used to it after a minute,” Yoongi replied.

Since it was still snowing, the rink wasn’t too packed which was nice. It took a little bit of time for both of them to get used to being on the ice but neither of them fell on their asses. And it was a good excuse to cling to Yoongi the whole time.

There was some kids on the rink too and Jimin was unable to resist the urge to coo at how cute they were, pushing around their little penguin stabilizers.

“Remember when your father said we should be talking about the future?” Jimin suddenly asked.

Yoongi raised his eyebrow, “How could I forget?”

“Maybe it’s not a bad idea to learn more about what we want down the road.”

“Okay, what do you want to know?” Yoongi asked.

“What about kids?” Jimin pointed to some of the little ones as they slipped on the ice.

“Someday, yeah. But it would have to be more than one because being an only child is lonely.”

“Aww Yoongi,” He squeezed his hand, “more than one is fine with me. You were such a cute little baby.”

“Oh my god let’s not start that again,” Yoongi acted like he wanted to pull away from Jimin but it just made the omega laugh.

“Okay, what about where do you want to live? I like Seoul but I’m not stuck on staying here.”

Yoongi shrugged, “It would be easier for me to find a job here. I’ve already got some connections.”

“See we’re so compatible!”

Shly Yoongi looked down at their feet as they slowed down a bit, “Maybe.”

Knowing that he was getting a little uncomfortable with all of the feelings talk, Jimin let the subject drop and pointed out another little kid falling to distract him.

When it got too cold, they headed off the ice to put back on their shoes and grab some hot chocolate at a nearby vendor.

Chapter Text

Chapter 21

Once they were frozen solid, Yoongi and Jimin walked back to the apartment. It was still snowing out so they decided to just stay put for the rest of the day. But not before Yoongi looked at his car covered in snow sadly before they went inside.

Inside Hoseok was watching some TV in the living room and laughed at their bright red cheeks from the cold.

“You guys are crazy!” He said munching on some chips.

“No way, it was so romantic out in the snow!” Jimin stuck his tongue out at his roommate.

“Don’t tease Jimin or I won’t let you have any of the food I’m going to make,” Yoongi said walking by the beta on his way to the kitchen.

“Oh you’re going to cook something? Maybe you should just move in with us and cook every night!”

Jimin whacked Hoseok on the head this time, “Shut up Hobi!”

He was worried that Yoongi would get self conscious but the alpha didn’t reply and was already taking some things out of the fridge.

“Can I help you with anything?” Jimin went into the kitchen and leaned against the countertop.

“Do you want to boil up a pot of water for me?” Yoongi asked as he pulled some more stuff out of their cabinets.

“I can do that,” Jimin made himself busy getting the pot and filling it up while Yoongi was busy as well.

Even just doing these small domestic things together made Jimin happy. He liked seeing Yoongi in his kitchen and acting like he practically owned the place. It was hard not to drool when he rolled up his sleeves to start grilling on the stove.

“You are making me food, right?” Hoseok called from the living room.

“Yes Hoseok,” Yoongi called back and Jimin laughed.

The alpha was just too cute and too tempting for Jimin. He ended up wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s waist and resting his head against his back as he cooked.

Meanwhile Hoseok gave Jimin a big thumbs up and a wide smile. All he could do was roll his eyes at his roommate. Yoongi kept on cooking but he didn’t try to move Jimin away.

Eventually he did have to let go to the water that started to boil and throw some rice inside the pot. It was an easy task that allowed him to keep admiring Yoongi while he acted as their head chef.

Dinner was delicious, and they all kept pretty quiet while they shoved food down their throats. Going out to eat with Yoongi was fun, but there was also something even better about eating something the alpha had made for him.

It made him feel even more cared for. Even if they were sharing it with Hoseok.

They even cleaned up together before Hobi was smiling at them again and telling them he was going to head into his own room to relax. It was obvious what he was trying to do but Jimin wasn’t going to complain.

The second Jimin heard Hoseok’s door click shut he was grabbing onto Yoongi.

“I had so much fun today,” Jimin said before pressing his lips against Yoongi’s.

“Me too,” Yoongi agreed, tunneling his hand through the omega’s hair.

It was too easy to get lost in their kisses. They must have stood there for five minutes just attacking each other’s mouths. When Yoongi pulled away to catch his breath, Jimin started to pull him towards the bedroom.

“We don’t have to,” Yoongi was saying even though he was letting Jimin bring him down the hall.

“But I want to, so much.”

“Okay,” Yoongi said softly as they entered the room and closed the door.

Jimin was already taking off his shirt, “I want to try something hyung.”

Yoongi tried to drag his eyes away from all the skin on display, “What?”

“Let me be on top this time,” Jimin said without hesitation.

The alpha closed his eyes for a moment and titled his neck back, making Jimin laugh.

“You can try…” He said carefully. “I just don’t know if i’ll be able to stay down.”

“Don’t worry I have an idea,” Jimin approached Yoongi to start tugging on the alpha’s shirt.

Once he had Yoongi’s shirt off and tossed aside, Jimin pressed his mouth against the alpha’s neck. He didn’t really want to tease him, but he was drawn to that spot where Yoongi’s scent was so strong.

Yoongi’s hands came out to grip his hips tightly, almost like a warning and Jimin forced himself to pull away.

“You know my father once suggested that I have you tie me up?” Yoongi’s voice sounded a little pained when it came out.

“Hmm,” Jimin tilted his head like he was thinking. “I like your hands being free but maybe someday if that’s what you want?”

Yoongi was shaking his head in disbelief, “You would actually do that?”

“If that’s what you wanted me to do, of course.”

“It’s not like a kink,” Yoongi sighed. “It’s for safety.”

Jimin smiled, “You still don’t scare me Min Yoongi. But if you ever think that’s what you need you can always tell me. Now let’s stop talking and get rid of the rest of these clothes.”

Even though Yoongi still looked a little weary he let Jimin start working on his jeans before pushing the alpha towards the bed and giving him a shove to sit down.

Then he was attacking his own jeans, not even bothering to try and tease the alpha even though he knew he was being watched.

“What do you think? Can you handle more kissing?” Jimin put his hands on Yoongi’s shoulders as the alpha’s hands came back up to grip his hips.

“Maybe a little?”

Jimin flashed him a smile before straddling Yoongi’s hips, careful to give their bodies space so that he could kiss him without it being too much.

Sometimes he still couldn’t quite believe that he got to kiss Yoongi. A part of him would always melt at the feeling of the alpha’s lips on his. It didn’t seem like it was something he’d ever get over.

But as soon as Yoongi started to bite on his lips, Jimin pulled away. He didn’t want the alpha getting too worked up already.

“Lay back,” Jimin pushed on Yoongi’s chest and was a little surprised that the alpha immediately followed his command.

It was a quite a sight to see all of Yoongi’s chest and stomach bared before him like this. He was so tempted to drag his fingers and mouth all over the skin but he knew that he needed to hold himself back.

He had to get up again to slip off his boxers, his whole body heating up even further as Yoongi carefully watched him. Without asking, Jimin leaned over him to drag Yoongi’s off as well.

Already he was too impatient to feel Yoongi inside of him again, and quickly lined himself up before sinking down onto the alpha’s thick erection.

He had to bite on his lip to fight the whimper that wanted to escape as Yoongi let out a sharp breath, his fingers gripping Jimin’s hips even stronger. Without the prep work, Jimin felt impossibly full and Yoongi must have noticed the extra tightness as well.

“Fuck Jimin,” Yoongi groaned out.

“I know. Give it a minute,” Jimin tried to tilt his hips to get used to the feeling but only succeeded in teasing himself by adding more pressure onto his prostate.

Yoongi’s hands moved to run over Jimin’s abdomen, almost in a comforting way and it just made him want to move more.

Experimentally, he slid up and back down slowly. The angle felt like heaven and Jimin worried he wouldn’t even last long enough to prove his point to Yoongi that they could do this.

If the alpha wasn’t so sensitive about hurting him, he would just ask Yoongi to bite him to help ease the overwhelming feeling of pleasure. So instead he tried to think about anything other than how good it felt while he started to ride Yoongi in a slow rhythm.

It wasn’t long before Yoongi’s fingers were digging into his hips, which actually helped calm him down, but he could also feel the alpha start to tense.

“Jimin,” Yoongi was clenching his jaw when he started to lean up like he was going to try and change their position.

“No alpha,” Jimin stopped his movements to press firmly back down on Yoongi’s chest. “You want to take good care of your omega right?”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes but nodded in reply.

“Stay right where you are then, use all your pent up strength to give me the knot I deserve.”

Something shifted in Yoongi’s eyes, it was like a newfound determination and he nodded again. But instead of waiting for Jimin to make the next move, he used his grip on the omega’s hips to lift him up just enough to thrust inside of him.

Jimin almost toppled over, not expecting the sudden force. His fingers did their best to clutch at Yoongi’s chest and hold on while the alpha took over.

This hadn’t been part of his plan, but now that Yoongi had started he didn’t want him to stop. His moans were getting louder as Yoongi didn’t give him a break from the rush of pleasure that was overtaking his entire being.

Already he was probably biting down on his lip too hard and it didn’t help when Yoongi started to talk to him, the sound of his deep voice making him shiver.

“Tell me you’re mine,” Yoongi begged.

“I’m yours. I’m all yours,” Jimin promised and leaned down to press his lips on Yoongi’s.

That was all it took for his climax to take him by surprise, his body shaking with the effort not to collapse on top of Yoongi as he felt the alpha’s knot starting to thicken in response to the tightening of Jimin’s walls.

With his last bit of strength, Jimin pulled away to lean back up to make sure that he wasn’t tempting Yoongi with the proximity of his neck.

“Please give me the knot Yoongi,” He pleaded, his hands rubbing on the alpha’s chest.

Letting out a low growl, Yoongi bucked into him a final time before they were locked together and Jimin could feel the evidence of the alpha’s own orgasm filling him.

While Yoongi was still panting, Jimin let himself fall onto of the alpha and start nuzzling into his neck. Yoongi’s fingers finally let go of his hips to run through his sweat dampened hair.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked after a minute, his voice sounding like sandpaper.

“I’m amazing,” Jimin practically purred and kissed Yoongi’s neck.

Yoongi stayed silent but kept playing with his hair until he could pull out and go grab a washcloth to clean up their mess.

Then the alpha was crawling back into bed and wrapping himself around Jimin, making the omega sigh happily.

He was so at ease that he almost didn’t want to ruin the moment, but he thought it was important to check in with Yoongi now that his brain wasn’t distracted.

“My scent wasn’t too tempting this time?” Jimin asked as casually as possible.

“You did a good job keeping a safe distance,” Yoongi seemed to hesitate to answer.

“So we now we know showers are good and having me on top is good, right?”

“And it helped...when you told me to stay down,” Yoongi paused for a moment like he was thinking of what to say or how to say it. “I think it appealed to my instincts to take care of you like you said.”

Jimin smiled in the way that it made his eyes almost close, “I thought it might, I know how to handle my alpha.”

“Maybe,” Yoongi relented. “We still need to be careful.”

“I know, we will.” Jimin promised. “We can be safe and work on this together.”

“Okay, enough talking and more cuddling.”

Jimin just laughed and pulled Yoongi’s arm around him tighter. They were already pressed together snuggly in his nest so it wasn’t like they could get any closer. He knew that Yoongi just meant he’d reached his limit on talking about feelings.

It didn’t really bother him that Yoongi had a hard time discussing things. He was used to the alpha showing his feelings through actions instead of words. As long as they could keep making progress without Yoongi pulling away again he was happy.

Chapter Text

Chapter 22: Yoongi's POV

It was weird for Yoongi to feel such contentment with his life. Although he still constantly worried about doing something wrong and what might happen down the road, every moment he got to spend with Jimin felt like a little gift.

As careful as Yoongi wanted to be with their bedroom activities, Jimin seemed eager to figure out what worked for both of them. It was a lot of trying to find out how they could avoid tempting the alpha more than necessary without ruining the mood.

Mostly he was just glad that they didn’t have to resort to tying him up, because he really didn’t like being restrained.

Everything seemed to be going fine until Yoongi agreed to go home with Jimin to visit his family. It was like as soon as he was surrounded with the omega’s family that he felt more nervous than he’d been in a long time.

“I can’t believe that we finally get to meet you!” Jimin’s mother was wrapping her arms around him and it made Yoongi feel like a fraud for some reason. “Jimin never stops talking about how amazing you are I feel like we already know you!”

“Oh?” Yoongi responded nervously and looked over at Jimin who was blushing.

“Mom, please don’t crowd him!” He tugged on her arm until she let Yoongi go.

“Sorry darling, are you guys hungry? I can heat something up.”

“No we’re fine, I think we’ll just bring our stuff upstairs.” Jimin was grabbing onto Yoongi and ushering him up the stairs.

Yoongi wondered if the omega could tell how nervous he was already. As soon as they were up the stairs he let out a deep breath and Jimin was rubbing at his back.

“You’re doing good,” Jimin smiled.

“I suck with families,” Yoongi knew he was pouting.

Jimin pressed a kiss to Yoongi’s pouty mouth, “I love you so of course my family will love you too.”

Yoongi just blinked at how casually Jimin had thrown out the “L” word. The omega didn’t seem to notice at all what he’d said or insinuated. It couldn’t have been what it sounded like so he just didn’t respond to it.

When they got up to Jimin’s old bedroom, Yoongi noticed that it was still decorated like a teenager might live there. Idol posters were up on the walls, along with some awards on a shelf, and some family pictures on his dresser.

Since it had been so long since the omega had been here it didn’t smell like him at all. Instead it just smelled like clean laundry suggesting that Jimin’s mother must have changed out his bedding recently.

They put their bags down and then Jimin pulled Yoongi over to the bed to lay down.

“It’s okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes,” The omega said as he pressed himself against Yoongi.

“I just know that this trip is important to you,” Yoongi replied softly.

“I’m already happy knowing you’re here. Whatever you need just let me know, okay?”

Yoongi nodded and let his fingers stroke along the sensitive skin of Jimin’s neck until he felt the omega started to shiver.

“If you keep that up you’re going to give me ideas,” Jimin teasingly pressed a kiss against Yoongi’s neck.

Already Yoongi was probably a little too into the idea of being in Jimin’s childhood bedroom.

Before they’d left to come up here the omega had admitted he’d never had any alpha stay there with him before. Yoongi was the first one. It was a fact that he liked way too much but would never admit to it outloud.

“Do you want to take a nap or I could show you the rest of the house?” Jimin asked after a few minutes.

“I don’t know if I’m tired enough to nap,” Yoongi said although he liked the feeling of being tucked away in Jimin’s room.

“Let’s get up then,” Jimin hopped off the bed and pulled on Yoongi’s hands until the older male was on his two feet.

The Park’s house was nice, even though it was smaller than his father's. It had a much more cozy, family feeling to it though. Every room looked like it had stories to tell and was well loved.

Jimin showed him each of the bedrooms, and the bathrooms, the living spaces, and even the old play room that still had their video games and abandoned toys in it.

“I swear my mom is waiting for us to fill this place back up with pups for her to babysit,” Jimin laughed as he picked up a dusty looking stuffed animal that had been sitting on a shelf.

“It’s nice,” Yoongi said. “Are you any good you think?” He pointed at the video games that were still hooked up to a small TV.

“I doubt it but we can try,” Jimin was already walking over to turn the thing on.

It turned out that neither of them were very good at the games. But they had a lot of fun trying. Yoongi was actually able to shut off his brain from over thinking things at they laughed each time they died in the games because they were just that bad at it.

Sometimes when they were like this, just laughing and being carefree it made Yoongi think that they could be together forever and be happy. But he never got to live without his worries for too long before he was reminded that he isn’t good enough for Jimin after all.

They didn’t get to see the rest of Jimin’s family until dinner time. His younger brother and father came home and Yoongi had to go through a whole other set of awkward hellos. Jimin’s father gave Yoongi a much more judgemental once over than his mother had.

Of course it was only natural, alphas were always sizing each other up when they first met. Yoongi did his best not to come off too strong or proud, which mostly resulted in him remaining silent while Jimin talked for him.

“Yoongi writes beautiful music,” Jimin was telling his father at the dinner table when they were talking about school.

“I’m alright,” Yoongi said softly.

“And so humble too,” Jimin leaned on his palm and smiled at him.

It was hard for Yoongi not to notice that Jimin’s parents were exchanging looks and he didn’t know if it was a bad thing or a good thing.

“Don’t you have another dance showcase you’re preparing for dear?” Jimin’s mother asked.

“Mhm...I’ve been practicing a lot lately. This is my first break all week actually.” Jimin said.

“You always work hard,” Yoongi added.

Jimin laughed, “So do you, it’s a good thing we’re both a little addicted to doing our best or else one of us would end up upset at the long hours.”

“Well I hope you’re taking good care of each other anyways,” She said before they went back to finishing up their meals.

The two volunteered to do the dishes since Jimin’s mom had spent the afternoon cooking so much food for everyone. It was actually easy between the two of them and in no time they had it all done.

While Jimin went to go check in what everyone was doing, Yoongi headed to the bathroom. Both to take care of business and to splash his face with some water.

When he left the bathroom to head into the living room where everyone seemed to be, he heard the hushed voices of Jimin and his parents talking.

“I know you’re really into this alpha Jimin, but I just hope that you’re not rushing into anything too quickly.” His father had said.

“I’m not, we’re not rushing anything.” Jimin said sounding annoyed.

“It’s easy to see you’re head over heels darling, we just know you can think too much with your heart sometimes. We don’t want you to get hurt.” His mother added.

“I won’t, I don’t know why you’re making something out of nothing.”

Before they could say anything else, Yoongi coughed and Jimin quickly whipped his head around.

Yoongi’s face must have been easy to read or maybe it was just that Jimin was already annoyed. Because he got up from the couch without saying anything else to his family and grabbed onto Yoongi’s hand before leading him upstairs again.

“I told you they wouldn’t like me,” Yoongi said.

“It’s not that,” Jimin sighed. “They just think I like you more than you like me.”

Yoongi pressed his lips together and sat down on Jimin’s bed, his heart was suddenly thudding loudly in his chest.

“I mean, we haven’t really talked much about it I guess. I probably do like you more but I don’t think that’s an issue,” The omega added.

Jimin kneeled in front of Yoongi to put his hands on the alphas thighs and give them a squeeze. Yoongi didn’t know what to say. He was torn between telling Jimin just how strong his feelings were and protecting himself by keeping his feelings close to his chest.

“Can we not talk about this right now?” Yoongi asked finally. “I’m still trying to make it through meeting your family alive.”

Jimin laughed, “You’re so dramatic.”

“Listen you only had to go to my father’s house for dinner and then we left. I’m trapped here until tomorrow.”

“Fair enough,” Jimin leaned forward to press his mouth against Yoongi’s neck.

“What are you doing?” Yoongi groaned.

“I’m just giving you a little reward,” He said trying to sound innocent but Yoongi wasn’t falling for it, not when his hands were sliding closer up to his crotch.

Yoongi tensed up but didn’t pull away, “Your family is right down stairs.”

“I know so you have to be quiet okay?”

The omega didn’t really give Yoongi a choice, he was already kissing along the alpha’s neck as he worked on the buttons of his jeans. Even as Jimin was spreading his pants open and freeing Yoongi’s quickly hardening length the alpha felt a little panicked.

“This is probably a bad idea,” He warned but his hands came to wrap around Jimin’s neck.

His mind was a mess of emotions right now. It was hard to make sense of all of the feelings when there was such contrast.

He felt like crap at what Jimin’s family had said, but in some way it also made him want to show his mark on the omega more. Which wasn’t good when they were supposed to be quiet and didn’t want anyone to know what was happening.

“You know I don’t care if you leave a mark,” Jimin put his own hand over Yoongi’s and gave it a squeeze, making him put even more pressure on the omega’s neck.

Already Yoongi could see the skin on Jimin’s neck starting to redden underneath his finger tips, and it made him feel badly that he liked it. Standing up abruptly, Yoongi pulled away from Jimin and quickly got his jeans back on right.

“You shouldn’t encourage me,” Yoongi said roughly.

Jimin stood and tried to get closer to him again but Yoongi backed away.

“I’m just saying I don’t want you to feel bad about it when it doesn’t bother me.”

“Let’s just not talk about it,” Yoongi shook his head. “I don’t want to argue.”

Jimin hung his head, “Fine.”

They ended up going to hang out with Jimin’s brother for the rest of their night. It was clear that he looked up a lot to Jimin and had a lot of questions for them about what their school was like and what they did for fun.

Jimin was happy to chat with his brother even though the questions went on and on. Yoongi mostly just watched on, and was secretly a little bit jealous that he’d never had that. Maybe he’d be less awkward if he’d had a sibling too.

He was grateful that when it was time to go to sleep, Jimin didn’t try to press him to do anything else. Even if he was still feeling a certain way about being in the omega’s room, he didn’t want to risk making an even worse impression than he probably already had.

The omega still curled up next to him though, even if they were a little more careful than normal not to press too closely together. If nothing else, having Jimin by his side made things a little bit easier.

Chapter Text

Chapter 23: Yoongi's POV

Things were only a little bit better in the morning. Jimin had woken before Yoongi, and he got the feeling that the omega might have had some more words with his parents.

Though no one actually said anything to him about it, Jimin’s mother seemed overly friendly in the morning. Insisting that Yoongi eat extra helpings of breakfast and fussing over him in a way that he usually only experienced from Jimin himself.

He was glad when Jimin warned his parents that they couldn’t stick around all day because they had to head back to get some things done before their classes on Monday.

Somehow that only seemed to make Jimin’s mom want to smother her son in more hugs and kisses than before. At least Yoongi saw where the omega got his fondness for touching from.

“You’re welcome to come back and visit anytime Yoongi,” Jimin’s mom was telling them as she tried to pile on more food to their plates.

Jimin gave Yoongi a quick glance before responding to his mother, “We haven’t even left yet.”

“I know, I know!” She continued to hovering around them anyways.

After they were finally able to pull away from the breakfast table, Yoongi and Jimin headed upstairs to pack up their things.

They hadn’t brought much but they still had to collect their toiletries from the bathroom and put away the small amount of clothes they’d already used the day before.

“I told you they liked you,” Jimin said as they folded up their clothes.

Yoongi gave Jimin a brief look, “Your mother was just trying to be polite Jimin, that doesn’t mean she likes me.”

“Listen,” Jimin put his hand on Yoongi’s arm. “I talked to them this morning and they felt awful you overheard their worries.”

Yoongi wanted to argue that it still didn’t mean his parents liked him. He still had a sinking feeling in his stomach that Jimin’s parents knew he didn’t deserve their son. But he didn’t want to argue about it so he just shrugged it off.

Seeming to sense that Yoongi wasn’t comfortable with the subject, Jimin let it go and they went back to packing their stuff.

Really, Yoongi couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It made him feel badly that Jimin probably didn’t get to have quality time with his family. Yet the longer he was there the worse he was feeling about himself.

It was a blessing that Jimin didn’t complain because then he would really hate himself.

On the drive back Yoongi tried to let his mind clear of all the bad thoughts while Jimin toyed with their entwined fingers. He wasn't always sure if Jimin was just trying to comfort him or if the omega really did want to be that touchy with him.

Either way it was soothing to feel Jimin running his fingers over the back of his hand, pressing his mouth against the tips, and giving his hand squeezes.

“Are you coming up?” Jimin asked when they got to his apartment.

Yoongi nodded and turned off his car before grabbing Jimin’s stuff to bring inside.

It would probably be safer if he went home but he didn't want to. After trying so hard to hold everything inside he was feeling more restless than usual.

As soon as they got inside the apartment Yoongi checked to see if Hoseok was home. He was relieved to find the place empty and then he was dragging Jimin into his bedroom.

Already the omega was laughing a little bit at him, but Yoongi was too wound up to care. When he pressed Jimin up against the wall, the laughter died inside his throat and quickly turned into a soft moan as Yoongi drove his tongue inside the omegas mouth.

Yoongi was vaguely aware that he was probably being a little too rough already, but it was hard to care when Jimin was egging him on by grinding against him and pulling on his hair to get a better grip.

He only pulled away from the kiss to tug on Jimin’s clothes and start tossing them aside. Pressing his mouth against the new skin exposed on the omega’s neck and chest eagerly.

He dragged his teeth across Jimin’s pretty nipples until the skin around them turned red and the omega squirmed even more.

“Yoongi,” Jimin started to tug on his hair again so that he could pull off the alpha’s clothes as well.

Their overeager hands were working on their jeans before much longer and Yoongi tried to remember that he needed to be careful. It was hard to keep a handle on his thoughts when Jimin was down to nothing, all of his perfection and beauty on display.

All his alpha side could focus on was getting on top of and inside of the omega as quickly as possible. His bare neck a reminder of the fact that he wasn’t marked, and his alpha side hated that fact.

“Get on the bed,” Yoongi gave Jimin’s hips a squeeze and pushed the omega towards it.

Jimin didn’t hesitate to listen and quickly crawled on top of his nest. Only letting out a sound of surprise when Yoongi was suddenly behind him, making sure to press the omega onto his hands and knees like he wanted him.

It was a bad idea, he knew it was. But he just needed to see Jimin like this so badly. He couldn’t deny these instincts even if he tried.

Already he wanted to show the omega who his alpha was and start to knot him. Instead, he forced himself to bring his fingers to Jimin’s crease where the omega was already desperately wet and started to push back into him.

Knowing that he didn’t have much time before he lost it, Yoongi pressed two fingers inside and clenched his jaws at the sound of Jimin’s deep moan. Like this, the scent of Jimin’s wetness kept teasing his nose.

He loved it, but he also hated how weak it made him feel.

“Yoongi just fuck me,” Jimin was whining and all Yoongi could do was let out a little growl in reply.

It didn’t make it any easier when the omega was being just as impatient as he was.

He gave in and pulled his fingers away, rubbing the wetness on his fingers over his thickness before lining himself up and driving into Jimin.

The omega let out another sound of surprise, and maybe he should have prepared him more, but it didn’t take long before Jimin was moaning again.

Already Yoongi felt like he was out of control, he wanted to take it easy on Jimin. But his instincts had him ramming into Jimin at a brutal pace. The sound of their hips slapping together was almost painful.

Just when it seemed like Jimin’s arms were about to give up on him, Yoongi wrapped his fingers around the omega’s neck to keep him just where he wanted him.

His mind was a mess of thoughts. He wanted to make sure the omega never wanted anyone else but him. He wanted to heart the omega moan his name even more. He wanted to fill him up with knot and his seed. He wanted to leave his mark on him forever.

“Yoongi,” Jimin started to pant out. “I need to -”

Before the omega could finish was he was saying, Yoongi had leaned over him and sunk his teeth into the base of his neck.

Relief and satisfaction ran through Yoongi and he was finally able to pump inside of the omega a final time, letting his knot bind them together.

It was only after he’d started to come back to reality after his release that he realized he was biting Jimin, and the omega was shaking underneath him.

He pulled his mouth away quickly, “Fuck are you okay?”

Already he was freaking out but he was glad to see that Jimin wasn’t bleeding this time at least.

“I’m -” Jimin moaned again as Yoongi’s knot released more of his seed into the omega making them both shiver. “I’m great but you’re getting heavy.”

Yoongi quickly leaned off of him and carefully maneuvered them around so that they could lay on their sides until the knot went down.

He was plagued with guilt, but he couldn’t deny that he liked the sight of the bite mark on Jimin. As if knowing where his thoughts were going the omega let out a sigh.

“Yoongi don’t get like this again! I’ve already told you I like it,” Jimin pressed a fingertip to the mark like he wanted to feel it there.

“I’m sorry -”

“No don’t apologize you have nothing to be sorry about. Go ahead and be as rough on my body as you want just don’t pull away from me. That hurts more than anything else you could do.”

“I worry that you’re saying these things to make me feel better,” Yoongi admitted.

“I can’t fake orgasms hyung,” As if on cue Jimin let out a soft whimper as Yoongi’s knot released again. “Trust me, I’m not going anywhere.” Jimin promised.

Yoongi nodded, he really did want to believe what the omega was saying even if it was hard for him. It didn’t stop him from feeling a little guilty as he looked at all of the various marks on Jimin’s body, even if the omega was trying to cuddle in even closer to him.

Instead of focusing on everything that made him feel like he wasn’t good enough for Jimin, he tried to only think about all the things he loved about the omega.

He still didn't understand what he’d done to deserve Jimin’s loyalty and affection. In some ways he was still figuring out just how well the omega understood his moods when others didn’t.

It made him hopeful that what Jimin said really could come true. He still had to do his part not to drive the omega away, and that meant learning to deal with his insecurities.

They ended up taking a quick nap, Yoongi finally letting his mind stop spinning when he heard the soft breaths that indicated Jimin had fallen asleep with his face pressed into the alpha’s chest. Hearing that sweet sound helped him to relax further until he fell asleep too.

When he woke up later, he checked the time and saw that they’d already been asleep for an hour.

“Hey,” Yoongi touched Jimin’s cheek gently where he laid against the pillow until the omega shifted and peaked open his eyes. “I’m going to head out so I can get some stuff done.”

“Okay,” Jimin replied sleepily and brushed his hand against Yoongi’s arm like it was a goodbye.

“Text me later if you want to sleep over okay?”

Jimin nodded again but his eyes were closed so Yoongi hoped that he’d heard him. As quietly as possible he got dressed and headed out.

When he got back to his apartment Namjoon was sitting at their table eating some ramen.

“Hey hyung, how’d your weekend go?” Namjoon asked.

“It went about as well as I expected,” Yoongi sighed as he went into the kitchen to make something for himself to eat.

After everything that had happened during Jimin’s heat, Yoongi had ended up confessing everything to Namjoon about the little arrangement they’d made. So the other alpha knew the unconventional way that they’d come together.

It seemed like Namjoon and Hoseok had become his unofficial cheerleaders trying to keep his spirits up when he felt like he was doing an awful job at really courting Jimin. For whatever their friends really did want them to be together.

He was still wholly unsure about if Jimin could continue it was still worth the effort in the long run.

“So, what happened?”

Yoongi shrugged, “I’m just not good with people you know.”

Namjoon chuckled, “Yeah well it was just the first time, it’s always weird meetings family anyways. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

“They might have said some things about Jimin liking me more than I like him,” Yoongi said nervously.

“And you think that’s true?”

Yoongi shook his head, “Not really. We didn’t talk about it but how can that be true? Jimin is just affectionate but that doesn’t mean anything really.”

Namjoon tapped the table lightly with his fingers, “Maybe you two should talk about it then. Are you ever going to play that song for him?”

“I don’t know,” Yoongi said nervously.

“You might not be good with your words hyung, but you’re good with your music.”

Yoongi made an unsure face, “I’ll work on it some more then.”

Namjoon chuckled, “That’s not what I meant, but if it helps you to work on it then go right ahead.”

After making his bowl of ramen, Yoongi headed into his room to turn on his computer. It didn’t take much time at all for him to finish eating and to start getting to work.

He hit play and let his mind drift back to thoughts about his sleeping beauty as the melody of the song played.

Musically, the song was pretty much where he wanted it. But his lyrics still needed work. So he pulled out his notebook and went over what he’d already written, taking down some more notes on the words he had a hard time saying out loud.

The thought of showing them to Jimin scared the crap out of him, but he hoped that he could someday.

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Chapter 24

Was there anything better than getting to spend the morning in bed when your class got cancelled? Jimin didn’t think so.

To make it even better, it was Yoongi’s bed he was cuddled up in. Getting to enjoy the alpha’s scent covered in the bedding freely was a joy since Yoongi had to head out already.

Jimin had woken up to make him some coffee while the alpha showered, and then hopped right back into bed as soon as Yoongi grumpily headed out the door.

He’d been a little worried after they got back from visiting his parents, with everything that happened. Thankfully, things had pretty much gone back to the normal for them. At the very least, they hadn’t gone backwards again and that was a win in Jimin’s book.

Jimin still felt like there was more that needed to be said between them but he wasn’t sure how to bring it up or what he needed to say to convince Yoongi that he wouldn’t leave him.

He was so deep in his thoughts that he jumped when there was a knock on the door and Namjoon’s voice called out.

“Jimin are you up?” Namjoon asked.

“Yeah, come in!”

It wasn’t lost on him that it wasn’t even his bedroom and yet he was kind of acting like it was. They ended up staying at Yoongi’s more often than his place since Jimin’s scent was naturally stronger in his own nest. It didn’t take them long to figure out that it made things a little bit easier on the alpha when they stayed at his apartment.

When Namjoon opened the door he gave Jimin a smile, “Are you going to stay in bed all day?”

“I’ll get up soon, do you have the day off?” Jimin asked.

Namjoon nodded, “My only class today was cancelled too.”

“I guess there’s a serious bug going around,” Jimin replied.

“Yeah, but it’s actually a good thing because there’s something I want to show you.”

“Oh, what is it?” Jimin sat up in bed, his interest thoroughly peaked now.

Namjoon moved to sit on Yoongi’s desk where his computer was still sitting, “Hyung has been working on this song that I thought you should listen to.”

Jimin wasn’t sure why Namjoon wanted to show him a song that Yoongi hadn’t shown him. It made no sense but he didn’t ask any questions yet. When the alpha clicked on the song, a beautiful and soft melody started playing through the speakers.

Despite the fact that there weren’t any vocals yet, Jimin already loved it. He already knew that Yoongi was talented but he hadn’t ever heard this type of music from him before.

“It’s really beautiful,” Jimin said once it had stopped.

“It’s about you,” Namjoon informed him.

Jimin raised both his brows in shock, “What?”

Nodding again Namjoon added, “He’s been working on it for a while. I helped him with a few parts that were bothering him recently, that’s how I know about it.”

Jimin was shaking his head in disbelief still, “Why didn’t he tell me?”

“I think he’s still trying to figure some things out,” Namjoon said carefully. “You know how Yoongi can be. It’s hard for him to say things out loud but in song and lyrics it all makes sense to him.”

“Did he write lyrics for it already?” Jimin couldn’t help but ask, desperate for any clues on what was going on inside of Yoongi's mind.

“He did. Though he said they’re not done yet,” Namjoon sounded a little hesitant.

“Can you show me?” Jimin asked hopefully.

Namjoon opened a drawer on Yoongi's desk and pulled out a worn notebook. It was obvious that the alpha constantly used it.

Jimin's heart started to race as Namjoon flipped through the pages until he found what he was looking for.

“Like I said he's still working on on it but here,” Namjoon handed over the notebook that was open to a page full of lyrics. In a few places words were crossed out and notes were written on the side with new ideas.

As Jimin read the words in Yoongi's messy handwriting he started to tear up. The word “love” was all over these lyrics, there was no mistaking what the song was about.

“As much as my heart flutters, I’m worried
The destiny is jealous of us
Just like you I’m so scared
When you see me, when you touch me

The universe has moved for us
Without missing a single thing
Our happiness was meant to be
Cuz you love me, and I love you”

Jimin didn't even realize how much he'd started to tear up until Namjoon came over to pat his back. He tried to wipe them away with his hands. It was just such a relief to feel like all his hopes and dreams were coming true.

“I had an idea you might like,” Namjoon said softly as though he was worried Jimin might cry more.

“What is it hyung?”

“I could help you record the vocals for the song and maybe we can fine tune the lyrics to put some of your own words in there for Yoongi.”

Jimin's eyes widened, “How soon can we start?”


As it turned out, song writing wasn’t as easy as Jimin thought. Really, it was a blessing that Namjoon was so willing to help him get the ideas in his mind into the right words so that it worked with what Yoongi had written already.

And then when they started recording the song that was a whole other issue. Jimin had minimal experience with singing, and much like his dancing he was a perfectionist.

That meant that he was recording over and over again until he felt like the product was something they could actually use.

Not to mention that all of this had to be worked out behind Yoongi’s back which made it even trickier. Usually Namjoon and Jimin tried to squeeze in time during their school day while Yoongi was busy with his classes so that he wouldn’t notice the time they were spending together.

It was a good thing that Jimin was spending a lot of time at their apartment, that made it a little bit easier to coordinate things. Jimin was also antsy sitting on the big secret.

Even though he wanted to surprise Yoongi with the big gesture, it still made him feel a little bit bad that the alpha had no idea he knew about the song.

Which was why he tried to get the project done as soon as he could without sacrificing the quality. It was important that he put the effort into the song so that Yoongi would know how much it meant to him.

When it was finally done, Jimin tried to figure out the best way to give the alpha his gift. At first he debated trying to plan a romantic date and do it there. But thinking about how often those things flopped with other people looking on made Jimin think twice.

In the end he decided it was better just to keep it simple at home. That was what Yoongi usually preferred anyways.

Since Namjoon was in on it all, it was easy to get the other alpha to agree to stay away on the night he wanted to do it.

He even got an extra key from Namjoon so that he could take the day off from his classes to prepare everything he wanted. Usually he hated cooking, but he didn’t want to just pick a meal up for them. It had to be personal.

With guidance from Jin, he planned a meal that would be easy enough for him to make.

His first stop was to the grocery store to get all the food that he needed, and then he went to the liquor store to get some nice wine for them to have. If nothing else, the alcohol would give him extra courage.

When he got back to the empty apartment, Jimin got to work cleaning the place up. Because nowhere could be romantic when it was messy.

The part that stressed him out the most was figuring out exactly when he should start cooking. If he started too early then the food could get cold, and if he started to late then he might not be ready in time.

Jimin ended up getting showered and ready first, that way he at least knew that he was ready to go even if his food might not be.

He didn’t want to overdress, knowing that Yoongi would just be coming from campus but he did want to look nice. Which was why he’d packed a simple pair of black skinny jeans with a button up. It was simple, but enough to give him a boost of confidence.

Actually starting to cook was a whole different matter, he kept texting Jin to make sure he was following the recipe right. Not wanting to mess anything up.

Luckily, the older omega was being patient with him and gave him a lot of tips so that it was nearly impossible for him to mess anything up.

When it was almost done, Jimin started to set the table and lit some candles to give the place the right mood. He brought out the bluetooth speaker so that it would be ready to go when the time was right.

Somehow, his plan actually worked and just as he was bringing food to the table Yoongi was unlocking the door to the apartment. Jimin’s stomach suddenly tightened at the sound and he started to fidget with the arrangement on the table nervously.

“Hey, what are you doing here already?” Yoongi sounded genuinely curious as he took off his things and eyed the table.

“I wanted to do something special for you,” Jimin held out his hands over the table that the alpha was already looking at.

“You did all of this for me?” Yoongi asked as he headed over to the table.

“Of course,” Jimin blushed and hoped that the alpha would still be pleased once he actually tasted the food.

Yoongi moved his eyes over to Jimin, taking in his appearance with appreciation.

“Maybe I’ll go freshen up first?” Yoongi asked.

“Sure, I’ll pour the wine while you do that!” Jimin tried his best not to sound like a nervous mess.

Yoongi nodded and headed off towards his room, giving Jimin the chance to try and calm himself a little more with some deep breaths. He did pour the wine and took a few sips of his own before the alpha came back out.

The alpha had ditched his hoodie in favor off a button down, much like Jimin’s, which made the omega smile widely at him. It was cute the alpha was making an effort to treat the dinner like a special event already.

“This looks great,” Yoongi gladly accepted the glass of wine that Jimin handed him.

Jimin shyly smiled at him, “Hopefully it actually takes good.”

“I’m sure it will,” Yoongi gave his hand a little squeeze before they sat down at the table.

For a few moments they were silent as Yoongi took charge of piling on portions of the food to each of their plates before they took their first bites. Jimin was nervous to try it, but took the first bite of his and was surprised that it didn’t taste bad at all.

“Wow I didn’t mess up,” Jimin said.

Yoongi laughed a little, “You sound so surprised.”

“I was nervous to mess up okay,” Jimin stuck out his tongue at the alpha but laughed too.

“You’re cute,” Yoongi reached out to hold Jimin’s hand and kept on holding it as they continued to eat.

Jimin got to distracted eating the meal and chatting with Yoongi about his day, that he nearly forgot about the rest of his plan. Ad when he did remember he got all nervous again and had to chug the rest of the wine in his glass.

“Do you want some more wine?” Jimin asked, already getting up for the bottle.


The omega went into the kitchen to grab the bottle and also turned on the bluetooth speaker on his way back. After filling their glasses back up, and taking yet another sip, he finally pulled out his phone.

“I’m just going to turn on some music,” He tried to sound casual.

Yoongi was already busy drinking the wine again and just gave Jimin a thumbs up.

He was already biting onto his bottom lip before he even hit play, and almost as soon as the music started playing Yoongi reacted.

It was subtle, if he hadn’t been watching he might have missed the way the alpha tensed up a little when he recognized the sound playing through the speaker.

It wasn’t until Jimin’s singing started that the alpha noticeably shifted to look at the speaker and his mouth dropped open a little bit. He looked a little bit in awe and also a little bit confused.

When the song got to the part that he’d changed some of the words, Jimin leaned forward to hold Yoongi’s hand again. The alpha let him even though he was still facing the stereo, like he was intent to take it all in.

“You’re my penicillium, saving me, saving me
My angel, my world
I’m your Calico cat, here to see you
Love me now, touch me now

Just let me love you
Just let me love you
Since the creation of the universe
Everything was destined
Just let me love you
Just let me love you

Now come to me
Come and let’s become a “we”
I don’t wanna let go, no
Just trust yourself
You can feel it even if you don’t say it”


Before the song even finished playing Yoongi was already speaking, “Can you play it again?”

“Yeah,” Jimin hit for the song to replay through the controls on his phone.

This time as the song played, Yoongi looked over at him. The alpha looked nervous before he tugged on Jimin’s hand so that the omega got out of his chair and came over to sit on Yoongi’s lap.

“Do you mean it?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin nodded and leaned forward to press a soft kiss to the alpha’s lips before whispering against them, “I love you Yoongi.”

Yoongi’s whole body seemed to go lax and his arms wrapped tightly around the omega, “I love you too, so much Jimin.”

“We can get through anything together, okay? This is for forever,” Jimin captured Yoongi’s face in both of his hands.

Yoongi nodded lightly, “Forever.”

While the song continued to play in the background, Jimin finally let himself kiss Yoongi in earnest. Perhaps for the first time, the alpha just let the omega take complete lead.

Jimin set the pace, leisurely running his plump lips against Yoongi’s before slowly pressing forward to run his tongue inside.

It wasn’t until Jimin pulled away to try and run his fingers underneath Yoongi’s shirt as the alpha attached his mouth to the omega’s neck that they began to realize the downfalls of making out on a chair.

“Maybe we should move,” Jimin panted out as Yoongi was nipping at his skin lightly.

“Okay,” Yoongi easily wrapped his arms underneath Jimin’s bottom so that he could stand up and bring the omega with him.

Jimin was giggling all the way to Yoongi’s room until the alpha laid him down and promptly pressed against him. From there they were all soft touches, and peeling off clothes until they were skin to skin.

Even though Yoongi let out a little growl as he slowly slid inside of Jimin, his eyes remained calmed and focused.

“Stay with me okay?” Jimin said softly as he leaned up to press a kiss to Yoongi’s lips.

“I will,” Yoongi promised and did just that.

Perfect didn’t even describe it properly. Jimin was in complete bliss by the time Yoongi was collapsing on top of him. Weak from the exertion of trying so hard to stay gentle for Jimin.

The omega’s hands carded through Yoongi’s damp hair as the alpha let his tongue run over the spot where he’d lightly bitten at Jimin’s neck towards the end.

For the first time, it felt like they both totally at peace. Running their fingers along each others skin sleepily as they tried to not to succumb to the desire to fall asleep after making love.

There wasn’t any hesitation or regret on Yoongi’s face as he kept his gaze focused on Jimin. And the omega felt lighter and happier than ever before.

Nothing else compared to having Yoongi by his side, and Jimin just knew that this was where they were meant to end up.

“Are we ever going to tell the others the truth about how we started out faking it?” Jimin wondered out loud.

Yoongi shrugged, “Maybe one day. I don’t really care.”

“It would be kind of funny to see their reactions,” Jimin laughed thinking about how Jungkook and Taehyung might react.

“You’re supposed to be sweet and innocent though,” Yoongi said in mock shock.

“Am I?” Jimin bit down on his lip and ran his hand down the alpha’s stomach teasingly.

Growling, Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin’s hands to pin them above his head and started nipping at the omega’s neck until he was a puddle of moans.

Already Jimin was wondering how long they’d have to wait before he could get the alpha to properly mark him for good. Jimin was ready to spend his forever with Yoongi.

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Chapter 25 - Epilogue

A few years later...

Weekends were Jimin’s favorite part of the week. He hadn’t properly relished them during his college days. But as a new parent he knew how special that extra time was with his little family. He was always busy with his dance studio and Yoongi's career as a producer hadn't slowed down since he'd graduated, adding Jiwoo to the mix made their lives even busier than normal.

Especially when Jiwoo was still waking up for nighttime feedings. Jimin had become so attuned to the little girl that he would wake up even before she would start to cry.

As his eyes started to slowly open, he could see the clock on Yoongi’s nightstand letting him know that it was still the early hours of the morning. But Jiwoo was already starting to move around a little where she rested on top of Yoongi’s chest.

It didn’t seem to matter where Jimin put the sleepy little girl to bed, she always ended up wanting to be near Yoongi. Her puffy little cheeks twitched as her mouth moved in her sleep. While her little hands clutched at Yoongi’s shirt.

One of the alpha’s arms was resting protectively against the little girl’s back, even though he continued to sleep on as she started to wake. It was an adorable sight but he couldn’t lay around and watch them forever.

Slipping out of the nest, Jimin padded into the kitchen to quickly make a bottle for the little one. Even half asleep he could go through the motions without much trouble.

Just a few minutes later, he made his way back into the bedroom and carefully scooped up Jiwoo from Yoongi’s chest.

“What?” Yoongi started to wake up, feeling the loss of his daughter.

“Go bad to sleep love, she just needs a bottle.”

Yoongi nodded sleepily and shifted around to get comfortable again while Jimin whisked her away to her nursery. She did in fact have her own bedroom even though Yoongi never let her sleep in there long.

Since her little diaper was wet, Jimin changed her out as quickly as he could. It wasn’t fast enough for her though and Jiwoo started to let out a little cry in protest at the cold air hitting her skin.

As soon as he got her dressed and settled into the rocking chair to feed her though, Jiwoo settled back down and started to chug her bottle.

He couldn’t help but smile at the little angel. Her hair was still a little wild, not quite filled in all the way. It didn’t take away from her beauty though. From the time she’d been born, Yoongi and Jimin both would just look over her in awe .

Even at times like this, where Jimin was tired in the wee hours in the morning he still liked to gaze upon her while she fed. He’d never realized how much a parent could love their child until she was born, and at the same time it somehow made him love Yoongi even more.

Seeing the alpha with their daughter always made his heart do funny little flips, even though they’d been together for years. And he loved knowing that Jiwoo was part of him and part of Yoongi.

Without the both of them being together she never would have been born. He loved that most of all. She was completely unique because of their love for each other, and now their love for all of them as a family.

As she finished her bottle, Jiwoo started to fall back asleep. Leaving the last bit of formula unfinished. Carefully, Jimin slid her down inside of her crib where she kept her eyes firmly shut and her mouth hanging open a little.

Jimin let himself coo over her sleeping figure for a few more moments before leaving the room.

Back in their own bedroom, Jimin crawled back onto the nest and cuddled right up to his mate. Yoongi’s hand automatically slid into Jimin’s hair and the omega let out a happy sigh.

“Where’s Jiwoo?” Yoongi asked sleepily.

“Sleeping in her crib,” Jimin took the chance to lean up and press his lips to Yoongi’s neck while his hand pushed up the bottom of the alpha’s shirt to touch the warm skin on his stomach.

“Oh?” Yoongi shifted a little as Jimin continued to run his fingers over Yoongi’s body.

“Mhm,” Jimin was already making his way up Yoongi’s neck until he could kiss the alpha.

Even though they were both still a little sleepy, there was a comfort in the way that they knew just how to touch each other. Yoongi didn’t waste any time in kissing his mate back, playing with Jimin’s plump lips just the way he liked before getting a deeper taste.

Never knowing how much time they really had before the baby could wake, Jimin was quick to run his hand over the seam of Yoongi’s pants. Delighted to find that his mate was already hard and ready for him.

A low growl escaped Yoongi’s throat at the touch, and then he was pushing Jimin back down onto the nest and pulling off his clothes with excitement.

Light was just starting to spill into the room as the sun rose, giving their room a cozy atmosphere. It also allowed Jimin to eat up the sight of Yoongi as he whipped off his shirt over his head and tossed it aside somewhere.

“It should be illegal to be this hot in the morning,” Jimin eagerly ran his fingers over Yoongi’s exposed skin and followed the trail of hair that led to his most favorite place of all.

“Hands off,” Yoongi grabbed onto Jimin’s wrists to pin them above the omega’s head.

Jimin pouted, “Why?”

“Because I need to last longer than one minute,” Yoongi laughed lightly and bit down lightly at Jimin’s protruding lips.

“Fine, I’ll behave.”

Yoongi got to work, moving his mouth to suck on the skin of Jimin’s neck where he’d always been extra sensitive as his fingers toyed with the wetness already gathered between the omega’s legs.

It didn’t take long at all for Jimin to start panting, too over excited to get some alone time with his mate to be anything but impatient. He was ready to beg, but Yoongi must have known him well enough to expect it because he was already shifting to line himself up.

As soon as Yoongi thrusted home, Jimin had to press his face into Yoongi’s neck to silence the sounds he was making. Conscious of the fact that anything too loud could wake the sleeping bundle in the room nextdoor.

“You feel too good baby,” Yoongi was murmuring as he kept a pace that had Jimin ready to explode already.

They’d always been amazing together in bed. Somehow matehood and parenthood had made things even better than before. Their connection was stronger and so their bodies became experts of each other.

Jimin always wanted to be as close to his alpha as possible, and having Yoongi inside of him made him feel better than anything else ever would. Already he could feel his release wanting to explode, making him bite down on his lip to try and prolong things.

“Fuck Yoongi,” Jimin moaned and felt his whole body tigtehining as he was on the edge of climaxing.

“Just let go,” Yoongi mumbled as he thrust harder and leaned down to press his teeth where his mate liked it best.

As usual, Jimin was a goner as soon as he felt Yoongi biting over his mate mark. It didn’t matter that Yoongi had gotten better at controlling his instincts over the years, because they both still liked it.

The only difference now was that Yoongi never left Jimin after they made love. Instead they curled up together in their nest even after Yoongi’s knot had gone down.

The alpha would run his fingers through Jimin’s hair. And Jimin would press as close as possible to Yoongi while they both waited for their hearts to stop racing.

“Isn’t your heat coming up soon?” Yoongi seemed to ask out of nowhere.

“Yeah, why?” Jimin asked curiously.

“I can’t stop thinking about how gorgeous you looked with Jiwoo inside of you,” Yoongi pressed his hand against Jimin’s now flat stomach.

Jimin smiled a little, “Isn’t one enough for now?”

Yoongi nuzzled into Jimin’s neck until the omega was sighing again, “But wouldn’t it be nice to have our kids close in age? Then they can play together.”

“I think you just want to knock me up again,” Jimin laughed easily.

“Maybe that too,” Yoongi smiled happily.

“Let’s talk about this later when we’re not both exhausted and sexed out, okay?” Jimin suggested.

“Okay,” Yoongi nodded.

Jimin let himself cuddle into Yoongi more and try to fall back asleep. Already he knew that if Yoongi wanted another baby that it would be happening sooner rather than later.

Another year later…

They were definitely running late, but Jimin figured that was just what came with having two small children. He was just getting the newborn dressed in new clothes, after she’d spit up in her first outfit, when the sound of their doorbell went off.

“Bell!” Jimin heard the sound of Jiwoo’s little voice as she ran down the hall.

“I’ve got it,” Yoongi called out shortly after.

Jimin did his best to finish up in the nursery, while the little one cooed at him happily. Thankfully both of their children were usually in good moods which made life a little bit easier.

“Let’s go see your uncles little one,” Jimin planted a kiss on the baby’s chubby cheeks before cradling her in his arms and bringing her out of the room.

There was already a commotion in their den where Yoongi had let their friends in.

“You get prettier every day little princess,” Taehyung was picking up Jiwoo when Jimin arrived in the room.

“Oh my god, look at this beautiful angel!” Hoseok made grabby hands at the baby as soon as he saw her.

“How does Yoongi make such cute kids? That’s what I want to know,” Jin was laughing at his own joke already.

“Because of Jimin, obviously.” Yoongi smacked at Jin’s arm.

Jimin was rolling his eyes but had to stop to carefully help Hoseok hold the baby.

“What name did you guys settle on?” Namjoon asked as he held out a finger to the little one.

“Yoonhee!” Jiwoo called out happily before either of her parents could answer.

“That’s right princess,” Yoongi smiled at his oldest daughter for saying the name right.

“I love it,” Taehyung gave Jiwoo a high five.

“We brought presents,” Jungkook said as he handed over a giant bag to Yoongi.

“Us too,” Namjoon poked at Jin’s side.

“Well we just brought money because I didn’t want to go shopping,” Jin admitted and handed over an envelope to Yoongi while Namjoon rolled his eyes.

“I appreciate your honesty?” Yoongi accepted the envelope.

Jiwoo ended up bringing out toys to force her uncles to play with her, like usual. Except for Jin who refused to play and instead cooed over the baby after making Hoseok hand her over.

“When are the rest of you going to give the girls someone to play with?” Jimin looked meaningfully at Taehyung and then Jin.

“Well actually,” Taehyung smiled mischievously as Jimin.

“I thought we were waiting!” Jungkook exclaimed.

“I can’t wait! I want to tell everyone I’m pregnant!” Taehyung threw his hands in the air dramatically.

Jungkook was shaking his head but smiling at his crazy mate.

“Wow, congratulations!” Yoongi gave Jungkook a pat on the back.

“It’s still early,” Jungkook said carefully.

“He’s worried something could happen,” Taehyung explained and rubbed at Jungkook’s arm.

“It happens sometimes,” Jin said thoughtfully suddenly and Namjoon moved to touch his arm.

Jimin gave Yoongi a look, it was definitely news to him that something had happened to Jin and Namjoon. By the look on Yoongi’s face he was surprised too.

“When the time is right it will happen,” Namjoon said softly and Jin just nodded.

All of their friends took turns holding Yoonhee and Taehyung even took the chance to feed her a bottle. But when it came time to change her diaper everyone was suddenly busy playing with Jiwoo.

“I can take her,” Yoongi offered after pressing a kiss to Jimin’s cheek.

“Thanks,” Jimin gave Yoongi a bright smile.

He had been a little worried what it would be like getting used to having both of the girls. It seemed like Yoongi was always up to taking over doing something for them, even if he was just as exhausted as Jimin.

He hadn’t known how full his heart could really get until they’d added Yoonhee to their family. Seeing how happy having both the girls made Yoongi made it even better for Jimin.

Sometimes he would just get all teary eyed watching Yoongi taking care of Yoonhee with one hand and using the other to play with Jiwoo. Jimin was sure that he never would have been able to find a better mate or parent for his children.

It was still odd for him to think about how far they’d come from. It seemed like a hundred years ago that they’d been just friends and timid about admitting their feelings for each other.

Even if it had been something of a rough ride, it was all worth it to see where they were now.

When Yoongi came back into the room with a clean and sleepy baby, Jimin stepped closer to press a proper kiss to his alpha’s mouth.

“I love you,” Jimin said softly.

“I love you too,” Yoongi smiled sweetly.

“Oh my god I really need stop being single!” Hoseok exclaimed and the rest of their friends laughed.

The end.

Chapter Text

It had been a very long week. Every part of Jimin’s body was ready to get back home and snuggle into his nest.

He needed rest, and more importantly he needed Yoongi.

They talked every day while Jimin was gone on his trip but that didn’t compare at all to being with his alpha.

He just kept telling himself all he had to do was get through this final train ride and he’d be back in Yoongi’s arms.

Back to the one person he loved more than anyone else. Not that he admitted that to his other hyungs, of course.

He kept looking over their texts from the past few days. Butterflies already filling his stomach at some of the things Yoongi had promised him.

It didn’t matter that they’d been together for a while now, Yoongi still just did it for him.

Yoongi would always do it for him.

It would probably be best if he took a nap before they arrived. But he was just too excited to finally get home to let his eyes close.

Instead he tried to distract himself with music, playing some of his favorite songs that Yoongi had written.

Already the alpha had made a name for himself in Seoul in such a short amount of time since he’d graduated.

Jimin was just so proud of him all the time. Even if they were both working crazy schedules to get their careers going.

Yoongi was driven and talented, it made Jimin want to do even better himself.

That’s why he even accepted jobs that required travel. He needed to keep doing the dance jobs that paid the best so he could save up for his own studio.

With Yoongi by his side he knew he could do it.

Of course that didn’t make the separation any easier. It always seemed to make them both a little anxious.

Jimin would get extra clingy whenever he got home. Which didn’t seem to bother Yoongi because he got extra protective for a while.

They always got through it.

Admittedly Jimin kind of liked the way Yoongi would get when he got home. He didn’t like being away but he liked the end result.

He loved the attention. Being scented all over. Yoongi’s dominance coming back out to play until his alpha was satisfied.

Sometimes it did make him on edge too. Yoongi still got worried about being too much for Jimin sometimes.

Especially since Jimin’s source of income was his body. Having Yoongi being rough had caused some issues for him in the past if he got too sore.

But Jimin still loved it.

He got so lost in his thoughts about everything that Jimin almost didn’t realize they were close to his stop.

It was only the afternoon so Jimin had told Yoongi he would get himself home. That way he didn’t have to leave work early.

But he hoped it wouldn’t be too late of a work night. Jimin wanted his cuddles after all.

He was used to grabbing a taxi and getting himself back to their cute little apartment.

With just one bedroom it was perfect for them.

Learning to live together had been interesting in some ways.

Jimin was a bit messier than Yoongi. And Yoongi was often more tired from his weird work hours when Jimin was full of energy.

In other ways they matched well together as domestic partners.

Jimin sucked at cooking but Yoongi was great at it.

Yoongi hated decorating or doing any kind of shopping for the things they needed. So Jimin did all of that.

They were always filling in the gaps for each other.

He wasn’t surprised at all to find a note from Yoongi on their kitchen counter when he got home.

The alpha had already made him dinner and put it in the fridge to be heated up when Jimin got hungry.

Right now he just wanted to pass out though.

Jimin quickly sent a text to Yoongi to let him know he was home before going into their room.

The sight of their messy nest was already calling his name.

Putting his bag aside, Jimin resolved to unpack later. He had more important things to do now.

He didn’t even bother changing his clothes before diving into the nest.

Smothering his face into Yoongi’s pillow and taking in as much of the alpha’s addicting scent as he could.

Sometimes it was hard to tell what he missed more, Yoongi’s touch or his scent.

Jimin didn’t even remember falling asleep. Whether it happened quickly or not he really couldn’t tell.

One moment he was relishing in the feeling of his nest that smelled freshly of his alpha and the next moment it was dark.

When he started to wake up, Jimin was aware that he wasn’t alone though he wasn’t sure what exactly woke him up.

He could hear shuffling in the corner of the room that sounded like Yoongi was getting ready for bed.

“Yoongi?” Jimin asked still half asleep.

“Shh, go back to sleep.” Yoongi’s rough voice was already doing things to Jimin’s body.

“Come to bed,” Jimin whined. He didn’t care if he sounded needy.

“I am,” Yoongi promised.

Jimin kept his eyes closed as he felt a dip in the bed. He could smell Yoongi’s scent getting stronger as he leaned closer and ran his hand through Jimin’s hair affectionately.

It had always been Yoongi’s favorite way to pet him. And he did love it but he wanted more right now.

Even sleepy Jimin knew how to get Yoongi’s attention. He shifted until he could tug his shirt aside and tilt his neck so that it was fully exposed.

Of course Yoongi took the bait and leaned right in to nuzzle Jimin there. Partially laying onto of him in the process.

Jimin had just let out a little noise of content when he felt Yoongi freeze against himself.

“Jimin?” Yoongi asked as he tugged more on the omega’s clothes.

“Hmm?” Jimin wasn’t sure exactly why Yoongi was trying to undress but sounded off.

“Why do you smell like another alpha?” Yoongi was leaning up now, his voice sounded as confused as Jimin felt.

“What?” Jimin’s sleepy mind couldn’t seem to come up with a better response.

“It’s all over you,” Yoongi’s voice had quickly gone from confused to annoyed.

“One of my partners was an alpha, I didn’t tell you?” Jimin rubbed at his eyes trying to get the last of the sleepiness to go away.

Even in the dark of the room he could see how serious the look on Yoongi’s face was.

“No I would definitely remember if you did,” Yoongi said.

Jimin could tell that Yoongi was struggling with this. His hands were clenched into fists and he'd started breathing through his mouth like he couldn't even stand the smell anymore.

"It was just for the performances," he tried to reach out to grab onto Yoongi but he pulled away.

"It smells quite strong Jimin," Yoongi's voice didn't sound quite accusatory but there was definitely something in the words he'd spoken.

"Don't be jealous, all I wanted all week was to get back to my alpha."

Jimin started to peel off his shirt while Yoongi watched silently.

"Why don't you do something about it then?"

Jimin tossed his shirt somewhere to the side. He could take care of that later. Right now he was more interested in calming down Yoongi and getting what he wanted at the same time.

"I don't want to smell it," Yoongi shook his head.

"Let me," Jimin tried to reach for Yoongi again, and this time he was glad when the alpha didn't pull away.

He grabbed onto Yoongi's shirt and pulled it off to toss it aside too. He had to lean on his hands and knees to press his face against Yoongi's bare stomach.

His scent wasn't as strong there, but it was the only way he could think to do it without offending Yoongi's senses with another alpha's scent.

Yoongi's hand came to his hair while he was busy nuzzling. It didn't take long for Jimin to realize he'd unintentionally teased him.

Jimin was licking his lips when he looked back up at Yoongi to see he was watching him carefully.

There was no missing the pressure that Yoongi put on his head though and Jimin didn't hesitate to lower his face to the bulge he found in Yoongi's pants.

It wouldn't be the first time he found himself nuzzling Yoongi there, and it probably wound't be the last either.

The sound of Yoongi's growls filled the air and Jimin had to clench his thighs to control himself.

He was starting to wonder if Yoongi would let him take them off when his alpha seemed to change his mind.

Pushing on Jimin's neck this time, Yoongi pinned him to the bed until the omega let out a whine in excitement.

"Don't move," Yoongi warned him.

"Please Yoongi," Jimin whined and was already trying to press back into the alpha when he felt him moving behind him.

"You didn't let anyone touch you here, did you baby?" Yoongi ran his hand down Jimin's ass as he pulled down his pants.

"Never, that's just for you." Jimin was already feeling impatient.

A week was too long to go without feeling his alpha inside of him.

But Yoongi was leaning in to give him a lick, already finding Jimin wet. Somehow Jimin forgot how easily he could start making obscene noises.

He was already moaning when Yoongi pulled away, "I like how you smell here."

"I know how you can get your scent all over me," Jimin really didn't feel like he had the patience to wait.

By the sound of Yoongi's renewed growl he might not have to wait though.

"You want me to fuck you while you smell like someone else?" Yoongi didn't sound happy though when he leaned back over Jimin.

He loved the weight of Yoongi's body on top of him. For some reason he was shivering at the sound of his alpha's rough voice despite what he was saying.

"Get your scent all over me," Jimin tried to reassure him even though his brain was losing to the lust. "That's what I want."

"I don't know," Yoongi didn't sound convinced and Jimin tried to twist to get a better look at him but the alpha kept him pinned down by his neck.

"Fine, I guess you just want me to keep smelling like this." Jimin was frustrated and it was probably a bad idea to provoke Yoongi.

He knew he couldn't be happy about it later. But it wasn't like he was being left with many options here either.

As soon as Yoongi growled again he knew it had worked.

The hand on his neck gave a little squeeze as he felt his pants being pulled down. The sudden feeling of being filled by Yoongi's cock had him gasping.

"You're supposed to smell like me," Yoongi growled as he pushed in.

If Jimin was being honest, his body really hadn't been ready. It stung at first but he welcomed the feeling of having Yoongi on top of and inside of him.

"I will," Jimin mumbled as he gritted his teeth a little.

Thankfully, he was already responding to his alpha. He could feel himself getting wetter as Yoongi started to get into a rhythm that had them both fighting to catch their breath.

When Yoongi released his neck to grab onto his hips, Jimin was grateful he could lean back up.

The only thing he didn't like was that Yoongi was still keeping his distance from the back. He really wasn't being touched anywhere else. And he didn't like it even if he knew why Yoongi was doing it.

Ever since they'd moved in together Yoongi had seemed to learn how to deal with Jimin's scent affecting him. Which meant Jimin got more of the neck play that he wanted.

Right now more than anything he wanted to feel Yoongi's mouth on him.

Somehow he managed to push himself up onto his knees so that he could lean his back against Yoongi.

The alpha had to stall his pace for a moment to realign and slam back inside of Jimin. The new angle felt heavenly and it almost distracted him for a moment.

But Jimin wasn't to be deterred for long, he figured out how to reach for Yoongi's hair and steer him where he wanted him.

He was surprised that Yoongi didn't put up a fuss. He was even more surprised when instead of teasing him, Yoongi's teeth sunk sharply into his skin.

It didn't matter that they'd barely been going at it for a few minutes, Jimin came as soon as he felt the bite mark on his neck.

No matter how often Yoongi bit him, Jimin always reacted the same. He couldn't help but love it instinctually.

He always wanted to be marked by Yoongi, even if it was just temporary.

It took Yoongi slamming into him a few more times before he felt the alpha's release filling him up. At the same time, Yoongi's teeth only seemed to tighten on his neck.

Jimin just whimpered and melted into him.

When Yoongi pulled away, Jimin practically just flopped onto the nest. But the alpha wasn't done with him just yet.

He got busy touching Jimin where they'd just been connected. It made him whimper even more.

It wasn't until Yoongi's dripping fingers came out to slide the mixture of their fluids against his chest that the omega realized what he was doing.

Yoongi was making damn sure Jimin didn't smell like anyone else. And he didn't even care. He would take whatever Yoongi wanted to do to him because he always ended up loving it anyways.

"Can I have a kiss now?" Jimin complained.

Yoongi didn't respond but he did lean over to give Jimin what he wanted.

Jimin immediately tasted the coppery tinge on Yoongi's lips and sucked in a breath. Yoongi was either too distracted to notice or didn't care because he didn't stop kissing Jimin.

He was actually thankful for that. Jimin didn't think he could take any more strain right now. That bit of jealousy had been enough for one night.

Jimin let Yoongi kiss him until they both got too weary from the long day and settled in to rest.

Sated and finally back in Yoongi's arms it was easy for Jimin to start falling back asleep.

This was what he'd missed so much. The comfort and closeness that came with getting to sleep with Yoongi each night. Maybe he'd had enough of job's that needed travel.

Jimin felt like he was forgetting something but he couldn't remember what. His eyes felt too heavy and the scent of Yoongi all over him was too comforting.

He passed out before too long.

In the morning Jimin was actually the first one to wake up. Even though he didn't want to pull away from Yoongi he felt sticky all over.

A shower was badly needed. He barely had his eyes open before he was stepping under the spray of the water.

He tried to wash up as quickly as possible. Already wanted to get back to Yoongi's side as soon as possible.

He went through the motions of washing and rinsing while cataloguing some of the places he felt sore from the night before.

Already wondering if he could convince Yoongi to go again this morning. All thoughts of that vanished though once he was out of the shower and got a look at his neck in the mirror.

Somehow he knew right away this bite was different.

He gingerly touched the mark with his fingers, and he could see just how deep it was. Really he hadn't been paying attention in the shower to see how much blood might have washed away.

Even with the fresh wash and his own scent, Yoongi's was so much stronger on him now.

His stomach twisted. Not because of the mark itself. That he loved, so much. He'd long dreamt of what Yoongi's mark would look like on him.

But he already worried how Yoongi might react. It wasn't something he'd be able to hide either.

Yoongi was still asleep when he made his way into the bedroom. He was tempted to crawl back into the nest with him and just try to cuddle his worries away.

He needed time to figure out what to say to Yoongi though. So he got dressed and headed into the kitchen.

He was in the middle of attempting to make some breakfast when Yoongi was suddenly there.

"Are you burning something?" Yoongi asked sleepily while he tried to comb his bed head with his fingers.

"Um," Jimin whipped around like he'd been caught doing something wrong.

He was glad to see that Yoongi was busy looking at the mess he'd made on the stove instead of him.

"Let me," Yoongi came closer and Jimin got more nervous.

It didn't matter that he'd been focused on the mess at first, because he quickly realized something was up with Jimin.

"What's wrong?" Yoongi was frowning at him.

He tried to reach over to touch him but Jimin backed away, worried Yoongi would figure out his scent had changed.

Clearly Jimin sucked at this because Yoongi only looked more concerned and hurt that he'd backed away from him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Yoongi was nervously rubbing his neck now and Jimin's heart broke a little bit.

"No you didn't do anything wrong," Jimin stepped closer to him now wanting to reassure him.

But that backfired on him when Yoongi's eyes locked in on his neck, that he knew probably still looked worse than it felt.

Yoongi's mouth dropped open a little before he covered it up with his hand. Now it was the alpha that was backing away from Jimin.

"It's alright-" Jimin tried to talk but Yoongi quickly cut him off.

"How can you say that? Look at you!" Yoongi was already panicking.

Jimin closed his eyes and tried to think of what he could possibly say that would be able to calm Yoongi down.

"It's..." Yoongi's voice became louder as he stepped a little closer. "Oh my god."

His hands moved up to cover his face in horror.

"Yoongi please don't freak out," Jimin tried tell him.

"You can't tell me not to freak out when I did that to you, there's nothing worse than forcing a mate mark on someone." He was already turning to walk out of the kitchen and Jimin tried to grab him only to be shaken off.

"But I'm not mad!" Jimin demanded, even though he was raising his voice now.

"You're just trying to make me feel better," Yoongi was putting on his shoes by the door.

"Are you really going to run away now?" Jimin couldn't believe it.

"I need to think," Yoongi really didn't give him an explanation before he was out the door and closing it behind him.

Jimin's first instinct was to run after Yoongi, he was his mate now after all. But the burning smell coming from the kitchen reminded him that he couldn't.

His best hope was that Yoongi would go out for a walk and then start to miss him and turn right back around.

When an hour passed and he hadn't come home Jimin started to worry. After a few hours he started to text their friends to see if anyone knew where he was.

He spent all day by his phone, obsessing over trying to get an answer from the alpha who wouldn't reply to him.

Still exhausted from the day before of traveling, and all the stress of Yoongi going missing Jimin had a hard time staying awake.

He ended up curling up in the nest, hugging Yoongi's pillow close to him again so that he would be comforted by the smell of his mate.

It also just made him want to cry though, he didn't really understand how after all of this time Yoongi still wouldn't just listen to him sometimes.

He knew that Yoongi's insecurities still plagued him at times but it broke Jimin's heart to be left alone. He just wanted Yoongi.

Finally, his body was gave in and let him sleep.

He knew his face probably looked like a hot mess from all the dried tears but there wasn't much he could do. He'd been too tired to get up and wash up before passing out.

What must have been hours later, Jimin heard rustling in the room that woke him. For a moment he thought it was deja vu from the night before.

But Yoongi really was there again, this time coming over to his side of the bed to brush his hair back.

His fingers trailed over Jimin's hair until they skimmed down his neck, gently touching the mark he'd put there.

"It doesn't hurt," Jimin spoke softly and reached out to grab Yoongi's hand. "Where did you go?"

"I went to the studio to write, I had to clear my head."

"You were gone all day," Jimin whimpered sadly.

"I know," Yoongi was sighing and leaned over the bed until he could press a kiss to Jimin's hair. "I'm sorry I just freaked out, I thought you would hate me and I can't handle that."

"No, never" Jimin cooed and grabbed onto Yoongi's face to stroke his cheeks.

"I didn't even look at my phone all day. But when I did I came straight back," Yoongi explained softly.

"I'm not mad," Jimin assured him and leaned up to kiss him. "I just wanted you here."

"I'm here now," Yoongi kissed Jimin back,

"You can't just leave anymore, we're mates now." Jimin warned him. "

Almost," Yoongi replied, which confused the omega.

Jimin scrunched up his face, "What do you mean?"

The alpha leaned back up and started to pull off his shirt. Always weak for Yoongi, Jimin was already gulping at the sight of Yoongi's exposed skin as he took off his pants next.

"You still have to mark me," Yoongi explained as he came over to kneel on the bed.

His rough voice still did funny things to Jimin's insides, even after all the time.

"Oh," Jimin breathed softly and reached out to touch the unmarked skin of Yoongi's neck.

He wanted his mark there so badly too now.

It didn't even take long for Jimin to get all wet when Yoongi started kissing him.

Even though they were desperate for each other after the long events of the day, there was still a softness that hadn't been there the night before.

Neither of them were jealous. Neither of them were mad. They just wanted to be together now, forever.

"Faster Yoongi," Jimin was whimpering and trying to get his clothes off even when Yoongi seemed determined to take his time undressing him.

But Jimin was not to be ignored, "Alpha aren't you going to take care of your mate?"

Of course he still knew just how to push Yoongi in the right way when he needed too. Without fail Yoongi let out a low growl and practically ripped off his pants.

He couldn't help but laugh lightly at his win, until Yoongi was back on top of him and crashing their mouths together.

Jimin was wet and aching long before Yoongi was sliding inside of him. He was already lost the moment the alpha had appeared by the bed, to be honest.

It was hard to remember what he was supposed to be doing when Yoongi was making him lose his mind. The alpha ran his lips overs the mark he'd left on Jimin's skin and he nearly came just from that.

Yoongi had to tilt his neck and bring it right in front of Jimin's face before he recalled why the alpha had started to touch him in the first place.

Without any hesitation, Jimin latched onto Yoongi's neck and dug in his teeth in as deep as he could.

It wasn't the first time he'd bitten Yoongi either, but it had a surprising effect on both of them. Knowing why Jimin was doing it, and knowing it was the final step to bond them forever wasn't lost on their bodies or minds.

Jimin practically blacked out from the force of his own climax. When he came back to it, he realized that Yoongi had collapsed on top of him as well.

They were both breathing heavily and Jimin could taste the blood on his lips. That didn't stop Yoongi from kissing him though.

He wanted to turn the light on to see the mark but his body was exhausted. And he tried to remind himself that it would still be there in the morning and every day after that to look at.

Somehow they managed to shift around enough so that Jimin wasn't being crushed and they could peacefully fall asleep together.

"I love you," Jimin mumbled before he passed out again.

"I love you too," Yoongi replied immediately.
As soon as Jimin woke up the next morning, the first thing he did was lean up to look at Yoongi.

Still covered in blood and red, it looked a little awful. Jimin was surprised by the wave of guilt that hit him first, he hadn't been expecting that at all.

He ended up getting out of the nest to go into the bathroom and grab a washcloth. After he'd ran it under warm water he went back to gingerly clean up Yoongi's neck.

"What?" Yoongi started to wake up from the feeling.

"Shh, I'm taking care of you."
"Okay," Yoongi yawned but didn't move while Jimin did his thing.

After he'd taken care of the blood it did look a little bit better.

His heart still hurt a little bit knowing that he'd hurt Yoongi and suddenly he realized all the guilt his mate must carry around constantly.

"It doesn't hurt," Yoongi assured him and tugged on Jimin's arm to bring him back down to cuddle.

"I'm sorry if I ever get impatient with you sometimes," Jimin apologized.

"You're the most patient with me," Yoongi kissed him. "We'll both heal up and then everything will be fine."

"Now you really are stuck with me forever," Jimin smiled at him and touched the mark again.

Yoongi mirrored the touch, and reached out to do the same to Jimin's.

"Forever," Yoongi nodded and smiled at Jimin.

Chapter Text

Jimin had been through countless heats and yet this one felt so much different than all the others.

He was off birth control for the first time since he’d first begun getting them. Which had him nervous but he was also anticipating it.

For so long going into heat was just something he felt like he had to go into defensive mode for. This time he was wishing it would hurry up and hit already.

Not because he wanted it done, but because he couldn’t wait to try and breed.

He’d been dreaming about having Min Yoongi’s babies since before they’d even gotten together. And he was closer to that dream than ever.

Even now he could feel himself getting wet just thinking about the idea of Yoongi fucking him with the purpose to fill him up with his seed to get pregnant.

It was a struggle not to touch himself as he changed out of his clothes from work and slipped into some fresh joggers without bothering to put a shirt on.

As soon as he heard the door to their place opening, Jimin made his way to the kitchen.

Totally ignoring the fact that Yoongi had his hands full of bags, Jimin quickly latched onto his alpha to kiss him.

Yoongi grunted at the impact of Jimin grabbing him and nearly toppled over, but he didn’t complain at all and let the omega attack him.

“Let me put these down,” Yoongi told him.

Even though he didn’t want to, Jimin pulled away to grab one of the takeout bags and put it on the counter nearby.

He was happy to find that Yoongi only wanted to put the bags down so that he could get his hands on him.

“You’re smelling especially good today,” Yoongi ran his mouth over Jimin’s neck as he wrapped his arms around the omega.

Jimin let out a whimper and titled his neck to encourage Yoongi on.

“I think my heat will come soon,” Jimin felt like he could barely get the words out as Yoongi pulled him closer.

“Are you already wet for me?” Yoongi sounded smug as he dipped his fingers into the waist of Jimin’s pants to touch the curve of his ass.

Jimin just nodded and whimpered again, he already get like his body was burning up. His hormones sky rocketing in reaction to his mate being near.

“Don’t you want to eat though?” Yoongi asked teasingly. “I picked up from your favorite place.”

Jimin shook his head, “We can heat it up later.”

“You’re not too tired from work?” Yoongi asked even as he let his hands push down Jimin’s pants a little more.

“Please Yoongi,” Jimin took matters into his own hands and spun around.

Placing his hands on the wall, Jimin pushed out his hips to present himself. It didn’t take long at all before he felt Yoongi stepping closer again.

“I’m not going to fuck you Jimin,” Yoongi’s voice got a little deeper even as he pushed Jimin’s pants the rest of the way down.

“Why not?” Jimin whined and pushed his hips out more.

He could feel the wetness starting to drip down to his thighs.

“Because,” Yoongi ran his fingers up Jimin’s thigh to touch the wetness and spread it around his fingertips. “I’m going to save myself so when your heat does hit, I can make sure to breed you nice and good.”

Jimin let out a moan as Yoongi dragged his fingers up to tease between his legs, tracing around the hole that wanted to be filled.

“You want me to have my babies?” Yoongi asked and leaned over to run his teeth over Jimin’s neck where his mate mark stood out.

Jimin shivered and nodded his head, “Yes alpha, I want it so bad.”

“Then you’ll have to be patient for my dick,” Yoongi pressed two fingers forward, knowing Jimin could take it.

Immediately Jimin’s head rolled forward as he tried to push back even more into Yoongi.

“I’ll be patient,” Jimin promised as Yoongi reached around to tease the omega’s neglected erection.

Jimin was so worked up from his pre-heat and Yoongi’s hands filling him up while jerking him off that it took no time at all for his orgasm to hit.

He nearly fell over from the force of it but Yoongi caught him easily.

“You alright?” Yoongi nuzzled into Jimin’s neck until the omega nodded.

“I’m great,” Jimin was blushing though, sometimes it still embarrassed him how easily he was affected by his mate.

Yoongi helped him to stand back up on his wobbly legs before going to grab a cloth to wipe Jimin up.

“What about you?” Jimin was biting on his lip while looking at the bulge straining the front of Yoongi’s pants.

“I was serious,” Yoongi leaned forward to kiss Jimin quickly. “I’m not going to waste a drop of seed until you’re good and fertile.”

Jimin felt his blush get deeper, “That’s not too extreme?”

Yoongi frowned a little bit, “No it’s not. I’ll get you off any other way.”

The omega made a small sound of displeasure though, “It’s just that it makes me think of when we weren’t together and you didn’t want to have sex with me.”

“Jiminie,” Yoongi cupped his face. “There has never been a time when I haven’t wanted you.”

Jimin still pouted though.

“I promise if you’re patient I’ll have you carrying our baby by the time this heat is done,” Yoongi kissed Jimin’s pouty lip.

“Patience,” Jimin repeated but didn’t stop himself from rubbing himself into Yoongi’s hardness.

“Patience,” Yoongi repeated and nipped at Jimin’s lip before pulling away to go the bags. “Now let me feed you.”

For some reason Jimin was still feeling needy. He assumed it was because he could still smell Yoongi’s arousal so he tried to ignore the feeling as they sat down to eat.

“Have you been cramping at all?” Yoongi asked as he piled some food onto Jimin’s plate.

“Not too bad,” Jimin didn’t want him to worry but he could already tell by the look that Yoongi was giving him that he wasn’t very believable.

Thankfully, Yoongi didn’t question him. But that didn’t stop Yoongi from babying him.

From making sure that Jimin ate enough, to running him a bath afterwards, and then offering to rub his shoulders.

“I think I just want to lay down now,” Jimin finished drying off his hair from his bath and then collapsed onto the nest.

He’d already messed with a little bit earlier, but even now he wanted to fluff up the pillows some more and fix the blanket.

Jimin was distracted when Yoongi put one of his knees on the bed to look down at him.

“Do you want me to stay or go?” Yoongi asked.

Jimin reached out his arms, “Come here.”

Because he had the best mate of all, Yoongi did exactly what he wanted. It calmed Jimin down to feel the weight of Yoongi’s body against his.

He tucked his face into the alpha’s neck and let himself indulge in breathing in Yoongi’s heavenly scent.

The omega was so exhausted that it didn’t even matter that having Yoongi this close usually made him want to turn over and present himself.

Instead his eyelids were heavy from the day of working and dealing with his pre-heat.

Once Yoongi started to stroke his hair, it was basically over for Jimin. He closed his eyes and the rest of the world went blissfully black.

At some point in the night, Jimin was awoken from pains shooting through his body.

Assuming that his medicine had just worn away, Jimin tried his best to slide out of bed to grab his pills off of the nightstand.

Unfortunately, he only managed to stumble and knock everything off the nightstand instead.

“Jiminie,” Yoongi’s sleepy voice filled Jimin’s ears.

“Sorry,” Jimin grimaced through a fresh jolt of pain.

“Let me help,” Yoongi got out of bed to pick up the items and handed Jimin the pills in the process.

Jimin couldn’t even mumble out a thanks as he twisted the top off the bottle to take a few of the pills with a dry swallow.

Yoongi was taking the bottle out of his hand and putting it back without him even asking.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked and ran his hands down Jimin’s chest.

He managed to shake his head a little, “It hurts.”

“I know,” Yoongi cooed. “I think your heat will hit soon. Can you sleep some more?”

Grumbling in annoyance at his own body, Jimin crawled back into bed and tried to settle down.

Yoongi came close enough that he could rub at Jimin’s abdomen where the pains always hit him the worst.

He knew that Yoongi meant to help, but it ended up just causing Jimin’s hormones to go haywire at the touches.

His hips were shifting tirelessly soon, forgetting about the pains as his blood was set on fire.

“Jimin,” Yoongi inhaled sharply, no doubt smelling the change in Jimin’s scent. “You should sleep.”

Whimpering, Jimin tried to push Yoongi’s hand lower until it was brushing against his growing hardness.

At first he thought that Yoongi might pull away and insist that he try to rest, but instead Yoongi pushed on his hip.

“Roll over then,” Yoong told him.

Jimin immediately followed the order and lifted his hips to help the alpha pull down his pants.

Distantly, he heard the the sound of them being tossed to the side of their nest but he was too busy squirming to really care.

When he felt Yoongi’s hands gripping his hips Jimin let out a whimper that only turned into a deeper moan as his mate leaned over to lick at the wetness that had already started to drip down onto his thighs.

“I don’t want you to get sore already, okay?” Yoongi spoke before before he leaned down again to lap directly at Jimin’s rim.

What Jimin really wanted was to feel Yoongi inside of him, filling him up and stretching him out. Yet, his body still responded to having Yoongi’s mouth on him.

Even as he could feel his tunnel clenching around nothing he moaned at the sensation of his alpha teasing his entrance.

Unable to control himself, Jimin began to rut into their nest. Trying to get himself closer to the edge in any way that he could.

The sounds that were coming out his mouth sounded awfully obscene, he couldn’t stop moaning even when he tried to bite down on his lip.

And Yoongi only picked up the pace and pressure of his tongue, keeping a brutal pace that had Jimin feeling like he was becoming breathless.

“Yoongi, please I need more!”

Jimin heard the smacking sound of Yoongi’s palm before he get the sting on the skin of his ass. Yoongi was already running his fingers over the spot to ease the feeling as Jimin moaned loudly.

“You’ll come just like this,” Yoongi warned him before running his teeth down the curve of Jimin’s ass so that his sharp teeth dug into his skin.

“I can’t,” Jimin whimpered and tried to rub against his nest some more.

“You can,” Yoongi told him firmly.

There was no warning before Yoongi brought his mouth back to Jimin’s rim. This time he could feel Yoongi putting more pressure on his entrance, until his tongue was sliding inside.

Calling out his mates name, Jimin finally felt his climax hit him seemingly out of nowhere.

Yoongi kept lapping at his wetness until Jimin’s body had finally stopped clenching as his orgasm faded away.

As he started to catch his breath again, Jimin was able to weakly turn around with help from Yoongi.

“All better?” Yoongi pressed a kiss to Jimin’s stomach where some of his cum had shot onto.

Jimin watched as Yoongi licked at his lips and felt his body clenching all over again.

“A little,” Jimin admitted and reached down to run his hand into Yoongi’s hair.

“Can you sleep now?” Yoongi asked as he leaned over their nest to grab a tissue off the nightstand.

“You won’t let me touch you?” Jimin asked instead, dragging his hands down Yoongi’s body as the alpha cleaned him up.

“Not yet,” Yoongi confirmed as he tossed out the tissues and grabbed onto Jimin’s hands to hold them instead.

The omega pouted but at the same time he could feel his body begging for more sleep.

Even though he knew his full heat would be even more intense, he was praying for it to come so he could finally have all of his alpha again.

Who knew his mate would get so serious about getting pregnant?

Yawning, Jimin nestled into bed next to Yoongi. Sighing as his alpha curled around him and started to play with his hair again.

The next time Jimin woke, it was because Yoongi was nuzzling at his neck while his hand skimmed down the omega’s side.

All at once Jimin realized just how wet he’d become in his sleep and the hum of arousal that had already stirred low in his belly.

“Yoongi,” Jimin whimpered.

“Thank god you’re awake,” Yoongi’s voice sounded pained. “The smell of your heat woke me a few minutes ago.”

As Yoongi was explaining, he pulled away to start taking his clothes off.

Even though he’d only had to move a few inches away, Jimin couldn’t help but let out a helpless sound at the loss of Yoongi’s hands on him.

Yoongi ignored his whines as he finished pushing off his pants, “Roll over.”

It only took Jimin a moment to follow his mates orders and was up on his elbows and presenting himself faster than Yoongi had undressed.

“Fuck you’re pretty when you’re soaking wet,” Yoongi gripped Jimin’s hips to pull him closer.

Another whimper left Jimin’s mouth before he felt the alpha pressing forward in a quick motion that had him gasping.

It didn’t exactly hurt, his body was relieved to be filled, but it was still a shock.

As Yoongi was holding completely still, his hands gripping onto Jimin’s hips tightly, it gave them both time to get used to the feeling again.

The omega was the first one to feel restless, trying to move enough to get Yoongi going. His mate let out a low growl though and brought a hand to Jimin’s hair to grab a handful.

It caused Jimin to arch his back in a way that rendered him unable to move, but in the next moment Yoongi took pity on him and pulled out slowly to push back inside of him swiftly again.

The resulting feeling of Yoongi’s cock filling him and his hips slamming into Jimin’s body had the omega ready to crumble forward from the shocks of pleasure.

If it wasn’t for Yoongi’s grip on him, he would have melted into the nest and just let the alpha have his way with him.

Instead Jimin was forced to stay in the position his mate wanted him in while the alpha continued to slam in and out of him.

Already, Jimin could feel his first orgasm building up even without Yoongi touching him anywhere else.

The added pressure of Yoongi’s knot growing, and the sounds of his mates low groans made it impossible for Jimin to hold on any longer.

He was moaning out loudly, as his whole body started to tighten up as he finally let go.

In the next moment, Yoongi released his grip on Jimin’s hair so that the omega could collapse on the nest.

That didn’t stop Yoongi from pulling up Jimin’s hips enough that he could pound into the omega until his knot swelled all the way.

He was leaning forward to run his teeth over Jimin’s neck as his seed filled the omega up.

Without even meaning to, Jimin let out a whimper each time a fresh wave of Yoongi’s cum hit his tunnel.

His mind was already thinking of the chances of getting pregnant and suddenly he was grateful for Yoongi’s insistence on holding out during his pre-heat.

The only downside was that it seemed to take longer for Yoongi’s knot to finally go down.

By the time the alpha was able to crash next to him, they were both too exhausted to bother even trying to clean up.

Over the next day, Jimin reached for Yoongi so many times that he lost count. Even when he started to get sore from the exertion on his body, the omega didn’t complain.

All he had to think about was what his stomach would like rounded with Yoongi’s baby and could find the energy to pull through the rest of his heat.

He was so exhausted that he felt like he could sleep for the next week, but instead he made himself get out of the nest to clean himself up.

“I’ll be right in,” Yoongi called after him and Jimin saw as the alpha started to pull off the sheets to change them.

Usually, Jimin hated to let Yoongi change anything on their nest because he’d always end up having to fix it.

But he was too tired to care at the moment and padded into the bathroom to turn the shower on.

As he waited for the water to heat up, Jimin turned to the vanity and leaned on the sink.

He wasn’t surprised to see the numerous bite marks lined up over his beck and shoulders.

Despite the fact that they wouldn’t last like his mate mark, Jimin still liked to look at them.

Coming up behind him, Yoongi ran his mouth over Jimin’s neck lightly.

“Are you alright?” Yoongi asked.

“Mhm,” Jimin sighed and leaned back against the alpha. “Can you check the water?”

Yoongi somehow managed to lean towards the shower and reach his fingers inside until he could touch the stream of water shooting down.

“It’s good,” Yoongi helped Jimin into the shower by letting the omega lean against him.

Under the spray of the water, Jimin’s body started to relax even further. He felt thankful that Yoongi helped him to stay standing and took over the job of cleaning his body up.

Basically the omega just had to lean against him and try not to fall asleep.

He wasn’t sure how long they stayed in there, but at some point Yoongi shut off the water and helped Jimin back out.

Then the alpha was rubbing his body down gently with a towel until he was dry enough to bring back to their nest.

Jimin was frustrated that the nest smelled like fresh laundry instead of his mate but he burrowed into the clean linen anyways.

“Sleep for a little while and then I’ll wake you to eat,” Yoongi was running his fingers through Jimin’s damp hair.

“I need you,” Jimin whined.

Yoongi smiled down at him, “Alright fine. But I’m still going to get up in a bit to cook for you.”

He didn’t love the idea of Yoongi sneaking out of their nest while he was asleep, but Jimin knew that the alpha couldn’t help but want to take care of him during this time.

Instead of complaining, he sighed happily when Yoongi slid onto the nest and pulled Jimin close.

The omega tucked his face into his mates neck and let himself fall right into a peaceful rest.

Even though Jimin knew it would be a few days before the scent of his heat would fade and they’d be able to tell if he was pregnant or not, he couldn’t stop obsessing over it.

Not only because he knew that if it hadn’t happened then they’d have to wait a while before his next heat hit, but also because he was worried about letting Yoongi down.

It just so happened that on the morning Jimin realized the heat scent had passed, Yoongi had gone into work early.

He really couldn’t tell if his scent he changed at all though, so he called Taehyung in a panic.

“Tae, can you meet me at the studio this morning?!” Jimin asked as soon as his friend picked up the phone.

“Uh sure,” Taehyung responded. “Is something wrong?”

“I need you to smell me,” Jimin said without explanation as he continued to get ready for the day.

“What?” Taehyung was totally confused.

Jimin sighed, “I need you to tell me if you can smell any pregnancy hormones.”

Taehyung was yelling excitedly, “You're trying to get pregnant?!”

Jimin was kind of regretting this now, “Yes but don’t tell anyone! It might not have even worked.”

“I’ll be there as soon as possible!” Taehyung sounded like he was rushing around now too.

The omega was really thankful that his friend showed up at his studio just a few minutes after he had gotten there.

“Alright come here Jimin!” Taehyung spoke loudly as he entered.

“Wait,” Jimin held out his hands towards his friend. “Can you tell me something nice first in case it’s bad news?”

“Like what?” Taehyung asked curiously.

Jimin wrung his hands nervously, “Like that it will be okay if I’m not pregnant and Yoongi won’t be sad?”

“Aww,” Taehyung came closer to put his hand on Jimin’s shoulder. “Yoongi loves you, he won’t care if it doesn’t happen right away.”

“But he really wants this!” Jimin pouted.

“Why don’t you actually let me smell you before you get yourself all worked up for no reason,” Taehyung tried to convince him.

Jimin bit down on his bottom lip but gave his friend a nod and titled his head.

It felt weird to have another person get so close to his neck, but at least he was used to Taehyung being a cuddly omega.

Taehyung pressed his nose as close as he could get to Jimin's neck without an ally touching him and inhaled deeply.

“Jimin,” Taehyung sounded a little amazed. “I can smell it!”

“Really?!” Jimin didn’t believe it.

“It’s faint but it’s definitely there,” Taehyung pulled Jimin into a tight hug without warning.

“You’re sure?” Jimin squeaked out.

Taehyung pulled away, “Yes! Ask someone else if you want a second opinion!”

Jimin shook his head, “No I need to talk to Yoongi before anyone else finds out!”

Unfortunately Jimin had to stay and teach some classes before he could slip away.

Instead of texting Yoongi and possibly giving away his big surprise he decided to just head right to him. He knew the alpha had to still be at work anyways.

The whole way there Jimin could feel little butterflies in his stomach and he tried to get there as quickly as possible.

Security in the building was already familiar with him so Jimin was able to head right up.

“What are you doing here Jiminie?” Yoongi looked confused when Jimin knocked on the door to his office.

“I wanted to come see you,” Jimin couldn’t help but beam at his alpha as he dropped his bag on a chair.

“Oh?” Yoongi pulled away from his desk a little so that Jimin could come closer.

Jimin didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around Yoongi’s neck as the alpha stood up to embrace him.

He was too nervous to say the words out loud to instead Jimin tilted his neck to the side and pulled on Yoongi to invite him even closer.

It wasn’t surprising that Yoongi moved right into tuck his face into Jimin’s neck.

At first Yoongi was distracted his running his mouth over Jimin’s skin, making the omega shiver in the process.

It didn’t take long for the alpha to freeze though, as his nose brushed against the spot on Jimin’s neck where his scent was strongest.

“Your scent…” Yoongi sounded both shocked and in awe.

“I know,” Jimin couldn’t stop smiling at Yoongi as he pulled away to look at him.

It took a moment for Yoongi’s shock to clear up before he was smiling right along with Jimin.

And then he was tugging the omega in for a tight hug as they both let out a little relieved laugh.

They only broke apart so that Yoongi could push his hand underneath Jimin’s shirt and touch the omega’s stomach that was still flat.

“I almost can’t believe it,” Yoongi said in wonder. “We get to have a little piece of me and you.”

“I can’t wait,” Jimin grabbed onto Yoongi’s shirt to tug him closer for a kiss.

His intention had been to keep the affection sweet, but that was difficult when Yoongi seemed to want to run his hands over every part of Jimin’s body.

As soon as Yoongi’s hands gripped onto Jimin’s ass to draw him even closer, Jimin let out a moan as their bodies ground together.

Yoongi pulled away to look at Jimin with hooded eyelids, “Why don’t we get home so we can properly celebrate?”

“Yes please,” Jimin was already pulling Yoongi toward the door.

If this was any indication of how things would go, Jimin was sure he would love being pregnant with Yoongi’s baby.