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Fake It Until You Mate It

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Rough is how Jimin would describe his next day of classes. Waking up alone and sore in the morning put him in a grumpy mood. It didn't help that his cramps had kicked it up a notch.

If he hadn't accidentally slept through some of his classes the day before he probably would have just stayed in bed. Instead his ass was parked in a chair during a lecture while he rubbed at his stomach.

Wanting to keep Yoongi's scent strong on him he'd also skipped his usual morning shower. The downside to smelling like Yoongi was that it also turned him on. He couldn't stop thinking about everything they'd done and what the alpha's knot must feel like.

Halfway through the day he ended up texting Yoongi, not able to take it anymore.

Jimin: Want you

Yoongi: I'm in class

Jimin: :(

Yoongi: Sorry

Jimin: Later?

Yoongi: I promised Joon I would help him with a track

Jimin: Ugh you're killing me

Yoongi: I'll make it up to you just try and rest today

Jimin: Not likely, when I get home I'm going to finger myself and pretend it's you

Yoongi: Damnit Jiminie now I'm getting hard in class

Jimin: Welcome to the club :(

Yoongi: Maybe if it doesn't take long with Joon I can come over later? I'll text you

Jimin: Okay

Unfortunately for Jimin his day doesn't get any easier. After managing to frustrate himself by texting Yoongi he had to sit through another class before he could head to the apartment.

Even though he’d talked a big game while texting Yoongi, he ended up crashing into his bed as soon as he got to his room. His aches were starting to grow into sharper pains and he knew it wasn’t a good sign. Not wanting to bother anyone, he popped some pain medicine and hoped that it would do the trick before letting himself close his eyes and drift off.

At some point he thinks Hoseok came home and started to shake him, but Jimin just groaned and pushed him away.

“You’re burning up Jimin!” Hoseok was touching his forehead.

“It’s fine, I took medicine,” Jimin swatted at his roommates hands.

“Your heat will probably hit soon. Have you talked to Yoongi today?”

Jimin just nodded but didn’t give any details. Instead he turned to lay on his stomach and push his face into his bedding, hoping the beta would leave him alone already.

The next time he was woken up, Hoseok was putting a bowl of soup on his bedside table.

“You need to eat something, you’ve been asleep for hours.”

Wincing, Jimin leaned up in bed and rubbed at his midsection some more. Though the medicine had helped the sharp pains to die down he was still feeling aches.

“I’ll try to eat a little,” He knew Hoseok wouldn’t leave him alone until he tried.

Once Jimin started to slurp down the soup he found that he was hungrier than he’d thought. The chicken soup went down easily, thanks to it being more broth than anything.

“Let me get you a drink and you can take some more medicine,” Hoseok said before leaving the room.

Jimin pulled out his phone from the charger and checked to see if he had any notifications but his screen was empty. Which meant that Yoongi must still be busy, not that he was much company right now anyways.

He sighed and took another spoonful of soup before Hoseok returned with a glass of juice for him. The beta sat down on the bed and watched as Jimin finished up most of his soup before popping some more medicine.

“Thanks, I’m feeling a lot better now. I might actually try to get some studying done while I still can.”

Hoseok nodded, “Let me know if you need anything else and take it easy.”

Since his professors knew that Jimin had a medical leave coming up for his heat, they’d given him some assignments early to work on. He pulled open a book for his history class since the work wasn’t too difficult and got to reading while he laid propped up in bed.

At some point his phone went off with a notification and Jimin stopped reading to check it. Just like he’d promised, Yoongi had texted.

Yoongi: Almost done, are you around?

Jimin: I’m actually not feeling very well now, sorry :(

Yoongi: It’s fine. Do you need anything?

Jimin: No, Hobi is babying me

Yoongi: Oh good

For the rest of the night, Jimin alternated between resting and studying until he was too tired and turned in for the night. But every few hours he kept waking up from the pains and had to take some more medication which meant he didn’t end up getting much sleep that night at all.

In the morning Hoseok came in to check up on him, but Jimin had already decided to take the day off. The beta continued to worry and fuss over him, making sure that Jimin ate some breakfast before he left for his own classes.

“Text me if you need anything,” Hoseok pointed at his friend after making sure he got back into bed.

“I will, I promise.”

“And don’t forget to eat some lunch. You’ll be needing your strength.”

“I know Hoseok!” Jimin threw a pillow at his roommate and laughed.

“Okay, okay I’m going!”

With the pain medication working less and less as time went on, Jimin ended up cuddling into his bed to watch some Netflix.

Eventually he became restless though and had to get up to start fixing his bed. He knew it was just nesting behavior, but it bothered him so much that he couldn't get his pillows to fluff just the way that he wanted them.

It annoyed him even more when he brought his blankets up to his nose and realized that Yoongi’s scent had been completely replaced by his own again. More than anything he wished he had something of the alphas to cuddle up to.

Thinking about the alpha only made him feel needy and then frustrated because it was the middle of the day and he didn’t want to bother Yoongi again.

But he couldn't stop obsessing over the feeling of the alpha’s mouth on him, and he wanted it so badly that he started to whimper even though no one was around to hear him.

When a razor-sharp pain ripped through his body, Jimin cried out and clutched his body. Moments later, another pain hits him before a sudden wave of intense arousal came over him. His body felt like it was on fire, like he would just burn up and die if he didn’t get a knot in him right then.

Dizzy and disorientated, Jimin reached out to grab his phone but only ended up knocking it off the nightstand. Another flash of pain coursed through his body and he could only writhe in pain and cry out.

He didn’t know how much time passed, he could only focus on the pain and hormones wreaking havoc on his body. Suddenly he realized that his door was bursting open and someone was yelling at him.

“Jimin! Oh my god why didn’t you pick up your phone!” Hoseok was trying to roll him over but Jimin cried out at the betas hands on him. They felt wrong.

“Don’t-” Jimin whined and tried to twist away from Hoseok.

“I’m going to text Yoongi, don’t worry Jimin.”

The sound of pacing and muttering filled the room, while Jimin tried not to cry out from the pains. He could barely stay conscious, but tried to pay attention to what his roommate was saying to him.

“I’ll go grab you some water, hang in there buddy.”

Jimin wanted to tell him not to bother, but all he could manage was a soft whine as more pain hit him. When Hoseok was out the door, Jimin gave in and let his body slip into unconsciousness to avoid the pains.

The next time Jimin opened his eyes he heard more yelling, this time there were several voices in the apartment. He couldn’t make out what they were saying though, but they sounded angry and it made him whine. His inner omega sensed the voices as a threat and it only made him anxious on top of everything else.

The door opened again, and Yoongi’s scent instantly seemed to take over the room. It was tainted by his anger and something else the omega couldn’t focus on.

“Yoongi wait, you need to calm down first!” Namjoon was yelling as Jimin turned around to look at them.

Namjoon, and Hoseok were by the door watching Yoongi who had turned to look back at them.

“He’s in pain!” Yoongi pointed at Jimin on the bed. “I won’t calm down until he’s fine.”

“Maybe you should listen to Namjoon, you don’t want to hurt Jimin more hyung.” Hoseok said in a soothing voice.

Yoongi just growled at the both of them, “Why did you ask me to come if you were going to be like this.”

He sounded angry as hell, but he started towards the door like he was going to listen to them anyways. The sight of Yoongi walking away made Jimin panic, and he whimpered out.

“Yoongi,” He cried reaching towards his alpha.

Immediately, Yoongi froze and slowly turned to look at Jimin.

“Jiminie,” He spoke softly like it pained him and his fists clenched at his side.

“Don’t go,” Jimin whimpered.

“Fuck,” Yoongi made a dash for the bed before the others could stop him.

“Yoongi!” Namjoon yelled out but it was too late, the alpha was already on the bed and leaning over Jimin.

The omega realized too late that Yoongi must have felt threatened in some way by the others being close to him during his heat.

As Hoseok and Namjoon took a step further into the room Yoongi was growling at them, but Jimin pressed himself closer to Yoongi not even caring about the beta and other alpha.

Another lighting bolt of pain radiating through Jimin and he whimpered and fell back onto his mattress from the force. Yoongi stopped growling to bring his attention to Jimin and quickly turned the omega’s neck to the side before leaning down to press his teeth sharply there.

At once, Jimin’s body bucked and the pain was replaced with a rush of pleasure. He let out a moan as wetness poured out of him and he instinctually leaned up on his elbows to present himself to the alpha.

“Maybe we should go,” Hoseok seemed to mutter.

“But-” Namjoon started to argue before Yoongi’s growl filled the air again. “Fine, but be careful Yoongi!”

Jimin barely heard the sound of the door closing again, too distracted by his mission to get as close as possible to the alpha. Rubbing his ass shamelessly against the alpha’s crotch.

The sound of growling was replaced with a groan and Yoongi let go of his bite mark to lick along Jimin’s neck, making the omega whimper more.

“I need you,” Jimin whined.

“I can’t be gentle right now,” Yoongi warned but he was already pulling Jimin’s pants down and the omega just nodded. He didn’t care, he just needed Yoongi’s knot however he could get it.

He felt the alpha’s fingers probing his rim before pressing two inside quickly, making Jimin yelp before moaning. The sudden intrusion burned before it melted into a simmering sensation that had him panting.

Yoongi didn’t waste any time in stretching him, adding a third finger quickly and pumping them.

Jimin’s first climax hit him out of nowhere and he pressed his face into his bed so hide the sounds. Before he’d even recovered from the feeling, he felt Yoongi’s pulling out and then being replaced with the blunt tip of his erection.

“Give it to me,” Jimin pleaded and he felt Yoongi’s hand come down to lock onto his neck before the alpha plunged inside of him roughly.

Yoongi growled out as he started to set a brutal pace, his other hand came to grip onto Jimin’s hip roughly. Dazedly Jimin thinks about all the marks the alpha is probably leaving on his body and it makes him clench his walls even tighter.

The sounds filling the room are obscene. Yoongi’s growls, Jimin’s moans, the sound of their hips slapping against each other forcefully. When Yoongi’s hand comes down to slap on the omega’s ass out of nowhere, Jimin bucks back into him for more.

“Fuck,” Yoongi’s voice was deeper than ever as he continues to pound into Jimin.
When Yoongi leaned his body over Jimin’s the angle changed and the omega could feel the alpha’s knot starting to swell, making him feel even more full.

But Yoongi didn't stop there, he turned Jimin’s neck again and started to bite down on the side that hadn’t been marked yet.

As if his body is trained to react to the bite mark, Jimin climaxed again and moaned in delight. He felt the sharpness of Yoongi’s teeth in contrast with the pulsing of his walls.

The alpha rammed inside of him a final time before they were locked together and he felt Yoongi starting to spill inside of him.

The relief spread through Jimin’s body as the hormones were satisfied from the seed filling him up. He sighed in satisfaction as he felt Yoongi twitching inside of him again and the alpha’s body started to go a little more lax.

Licking his neck, Yoongi tried to sooth the damage his did to Jimin’s skin and the omega wondered what it must look like.

“Are you okay?” Yoongi asked as he tried to move their bodies so that they could lay on their sides, which was made difficult by the fact that they still had their clothes on and were stuck together.

Jimin nodded and reached behind him to grab onto Yoongi’s arm and curl it around his body.

“Sleepy now,” He yawned before bucking as he felt Yoongi spilling more inside of him.

“Get some rest. I need to text Hoseok that I didn’t kill you.”

“Mmm..I may have died and gone to heaven,” Jimin smiled and nuzzled into his pillow.

“I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.”

Even though Jimin wanted to stay up and enjoy the feeling of Yoongi’s knot keeping him full and satisfied, his body was weary from all the pain it had dealt with earlier in the day.

His eyes were heavier than he could fight off and he fell asleep comforted by the scent of Yoongi’s arousal thick in the air.

At some point he felt the shifting off his bed as Yoongi carefully dislodged from him, his knot having finally gone down.

Though it made Jimin whimper a little, he didn’t open his eyes. After some moving around, he felt the alpha’s body come back to wrap around him and the omega drifted off back to sleep.