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Fake It Until You Mate It

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Chapter 1

“Just to let you know Yoongi is on his way over,” Hoseok informed Jimin as soon as the omega walked into their apartment.

He was still a little breathless, after having walked from campus to their apartment but his lungs seemed to freeze altogether. It was so rare that Min Yoongi ever came over to their place.

“Is something going on?” Jimin couldn’t help but be curious.

“Yeah, it actually sounds like his father is going to force him to take part in the mate hunt.”

Jimin felt his eyes go wide, that was a big deal. Alphas, and omegas looking for a mate would go on the mate hunt single and usually leave it with an intended mate.

“But he doesn’t want to? What’s he going to do?”

Hoseok looked sympathetic, “I’m not sure, he didn’t say much over the phone.”

Jimin nodded and bit down on his lip, there was a pit in his stomach over the news that Hoseok had just delivered to him. The omega was anxious to get more details when Yoongi arrived, and tried not to overthink things. But it sounded like the alpha he had been crushing on for years was about to be taken off the market.

“Maybe if you just admitted that you like him then -”

“No!” Jimin yelled in a panic. “We’ve gone over this before, Yoongi is not interested in me that way.”

“You could be wrong though. Yoongi is such a closed book most of the time,” Hoseok pointed out.

“I used to flirt with him all the time and he would always shut me down,” Jimin ran his hand through his blonde hair nervously.

He didn’t like to think about that, it really depressed him to remember all the times he’d been so hopeful that Yoongi would flirt back with him just a little.

His roommate kept pressing about it though, “But you never tried talking to him about it upfront.”

“Why would I? He’s never given me a reason to believe otherwise Hoseok.”

“What if I had an idea for a way for you to figure out if there is something there without having to admit the truth to him?”

Jimin shook his head, “That’s so cryptic Hobi. I don’t know, maybe.”

The beta clapped his hands excitedly, “Cool! Why don’t you go freshen up since Yoongi will be here soon!”

Knowing he wasn’t going to get any more information out of his roommate, Jimin just shuffled off to his bedroom. He did want to change his clothes before the alpha arrived. No matter how hard he tried he’d never been able to shake the instinct to want to impress Yoongi. And the athletic wear he’d worn to class today wasn’t cutting it.

He could still remember the first time that he’d met the alpha, after being introduced to him by Hoseok when they became roommates his freshman year. Hobi had let him tag along to hang out with his friends at a bar to celebrate the start of the new school year and Jimin had instantly felt a draw to Yoongi.

In hindsight, it might have seemed weird to others that he’d felt an instant attraction to the alpha. After all, Yoongi had barely spoken a word that night. There was something about his quiet confidence that had Jimin following him around like a lovesick puppy since day one.

Over time, he’d only grown to admire the alpha more and more each time they hung out. Here they were years later and Jimin still hadn’t been able to shake the crush, even when it had never given him anything but disappointment.

Shaking off his sad thoughts, Jimin finished changing into some skinny jeans and a v-neck shirt before dashing into his bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face.

By the time he was done getting ready, he could hear voices talking out in the open living space of their apartment. He had to let out a few calming breaths before leaving his bedroom. Which ended up being a waste of time because as soon as he left his room the heavy scent of Yoongi’s anxiety washed over him and worked him all up again.

The inner omega in him wanted to rush over and soothe the alpha. But he had to force himself to walk over slowly to where Yoongi and Hoseok were talking in the living room. Mostly it was Hoseok trying to encourage the alpha not to feel so bad.

“It will be okay hyung,” Hoseok tried patting the alpha on the back.

Yoongi just rubbed his face and groaned in response. Jimin wanted to sit next to Yoongi and comfort him too. He really didn’t trust himself to keep his hands off the alpha though. So instead he sat in the armchair across from their sofa.

“Hey Yoongi,” Jimin said softly.

The beta and alpha both looked over at him then, and it broke Jimin’s heart to see the distress on Yoongi’s face. He still looked as attractive as ever to the omega, even though his usual mouthwatering scent was tainted with despair.

“Hey Jiminie,” as always, Yoongi’s voice was gruff but soothing.

Hoseok spoke next, “Yoongi was just explaining that his father threatened to stop paying for school if he didn’t do the mate hunt.”

Jimin gasped, “That’s harsh, any reason why?”

“He said he wants to make sure that I’m going to settle down and be serious about carrying on the family name.”

Unfortunately for Yoongi, he came from a long line of powerful alphas and since he was the only son that put more pressure on him. He didn’t often talk about the issues in family, but all their friends knew that Yoongi and his father had a strained relationship at best. Even on holidays Yoongi usually avoided going home if he could.

“Maybe it could be a good thing. Maybe you’ll actually find someone you like,” Jimin tried to offer, though the words made him feel awful inside.

“I just want to focus on school right now, that’s why I don’t date. Going right into courting would be even more stressful than casually dating,” Yoongi groaned and coverd his face again.

Hoseok gave Jimin a quick look before speaking to Yoongi again, “What if you could just trick your father into thinking you’re courting someone? Then you could skip out on the mate hunt all together.”

“I can’t just say I’m courting someone, I would need proof. Which I don’t have because I’m not,” Yoongi sighed.

“Right,” Hoseok nodded. “That’s why you need an omega to pretend to court. Someone you can trust to make it believable.”

Yoongi frowned and looked over at Hoseok, “First of all that sounds crazy and secondly I don’t have anyone.”

“That’s not true, both Jin and Jimin are single. I’m sure either of them wouldn’t mind helping you. Isn’t that right Jimin?”

Before Jimin could even respond, Yoongi made a sound of disgust that made Jimin want to crawl underneath the furniture.

“There’s no way you’re convincing me to court Jin even if it’s for pretend,” Yoongi said seriously.

Hoseok laughed, “That would be weird. Why not Jimin then?”

Yoongi didn’t even look over at Jimin before waving his hand in the air, “Jimin must have a bunch of alphas knocking on his door, he doesn’t want to waste his time with me.”

Jimin frowned at that. Just at a friendship level it bothers him that Yoongi didn’t think he’d want to help. He knew that they weren’t the closest, mostly because of Jimin’s constant worrying about embarrassing himself in front of the alpha, but it still hurt that Yoongi would immediately write him off like that.

“I’ll help hyung, I mean if you want me to that is.”

The alpha finally looked over at Jimin with a blank expression on his face like he was confused or didn’t know what to say.

“See, you can just pretend to court Jimin and get your father off your back.” Hoseok patted Yoongi on the back like it was all set.

But Yoongi started shaking his head again and looked at Hoseok, “I don’t know. He might think I’m full of shit, which of course I would be. I mean, it’s not like I’m even on Jimin’s level. Doesn’t that make it seem obviously fake?”

“What does that even mean that you’re not on my level?” Jimin demanded before Hoseok could respond to Yoongi.

“You’re, you know,” Yoongi just pointed at Jimin like that was supposed to explain things.

“No I don’t.” Jimin crossed his arms over his chest.

Yoongi sounded annoyed when he spoke again, “Don’t play stupid Jimin, every time we go out as a group alphas are hitting on you even though we’re with you. And I’m just me.”

Jimin jumped up from his chair, “I have told you so many times you’re cute, and I’ve had omegas ask about you too so that’s not even fair.”

“Yeah, okay.”

The alpha didn't look like he believed Jimin at all, and it was totally frustrating. He knew that he shouldn’t let his emotions get the best of him, but it seems like this conversation was poking at all of the wrong nerves.

“You know what, if you don’t want my help that’s fine. But just say it, don’t start making excusing about my looks.”

He ended up going to his room before the other males could respond. Obviously Hoseok’s idea wasn’t going to work. Once again, Yoongi had brushed him off. His roommate must have known that he needed some time to calm down because they didn’t try to come get him.

Hours later when the apartment was quiet and Jimin was just laying in bed looking at his phone he got an alert on his phone.

Yoongi: I’m sorry I made you mad. I’m obviously not good company right now

And now he felt bad for blowing up on Yoongi, it wasn't not like he had purposely tried to hurt Jimin’s feelings.

Jimin: I’m sorry if I was over sensitive. I can be too self conscious sometimes

Yoongi: Hobi said I should think more about what he said, but I wasn’t kidding I can’t do that with Jin

Jimin: I volunteered too, you were the one that said no

Yoongi: But it would need to be convincing, like dates and stuff

Jimin: Okay, take me on dates

Yoongi: By stuff I mean PDA

Jimin: That’s fine hyung

He was already blushing at just the idea of getting some affection from the alpha though. Yoongi really wasn’t a touchy person in general. Jimin could think of only one time that Yoongi had given him a quick hug on his birthday, and maybe a few touches on the arm to get his attention.

Yoongi: I guess I’ll think about it more then...

Jimin: Okay

It was even harder than normal for Jimin to fall asleep that night. The possibilities of what might happen next, and whether this was really a good idea kept turning over in his head.

It might be his only chance to get closer to Yoongi, and maybe convince the alpha that they could be good together. Or it could also end up with Jimin falling for the alpha even harder only to have his feelings never returned.

So which was worse, never knowing what could be or putting yourself out there with the chance to get hurt? Jimin honestly didn’t know the answer. But he did know that it would break his heart to see Yoongi start courting some other omega if he went through with his father’s plan.

When he did finally fall asleep, nightmares about running through the forest chasing after someone that could never be caught plagued him.