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Buns Are Sensitive

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He had always been careful, with everything. Absolutely everything.

Jungkook always was especially careful about his tail too but Taehyung had been holding back and they had already stepped over many boundaries. He can't deny Taehyung anything now and he doesn't want to.

So when Taehyung grazes his tail while brushing over his rim, he only hides his face in the pillow trying to hold back his moan. His tail was so sensitive.

His long ears are down side by side his head slightly shaking, a clear sign of how excited he is. Even in this situation when Taehyung has already seen him completely naked, he manages to be shy.

"So it's really sensitive, uh? That's really cute, baby. Such an adorable bunny." Taehyung's lips brush his ear and his fingers keep teasing his entrance. He's so embarrassed, Taehyung's fingers must be soaked with his slick.

As a bunny, he produces more slick than most hybrids. It has been always been so embarrassing for him but when Jungkook matured Taehyung had only said it was cute and that it only made him more special than he already was. Jungkook almost cries, cute, Taehyung thought it was cute. Jungkook tried to not masturbate to that thought when his hormones were wild. He tried.

Taehyung went back and spread his cheeks wider, fully revealing his entrance.

Taehyung couldn't believe how everything about his bunny was so cute. It was pink and swollen and waiting. Waiting for him.

Unused, Taehyung knew. Taehyung just knew. He had given Jungkook many liberties in his life, he was very independent but Taehyung knew Jungkook was waiting for him. Jungkook had never dated anyone even when Taehyung had always said it was okay and Jungkook wasn't one to sleep around.

He had to be careful, his bunny was very sensitive. He had been only teasing, not even letting a finger in and it was already so swollen.

"H-hyung... Stop s-staring!"

But how could he? When everything about his bunny was so mesmerizing.

"Sorry bun, you're just too cute. Everywhere."

Jungkook moaned a soft 'hyung' at that. How could Taehyung say something like that and why every word affects him so much.

"I'm gonna get a finger in, okay baby?" Taehyung says softly while putting a hand in his lower back reassuring him. Jungkook only nods.

When the tip of the finger slips in, Jungkook gaps. He has fingered himself many times, more than most hybrids probably since he was a bunny. But it was the fact that this was Taehyung, this was Taehyung's finger. Taehyung's fingers were going to be inside him. He feels like he could just come at the thought.

Taehyung slowly push the finger all the way, stopping just a little when it reached the knuckle and going all the way afterwards. It feels so good already and Taehyung hasn't done anything.

When Taehyung starts moving Jungkook moans, Taehyung's fingers are so long and they just feel perfect, right.

After some minutes Taehyung adds another finger, waiting for Jungkook to adapt but after a while the bunny whispers a soft 'Keep going...' and if Taehyung wasn't so deeply in love and paying attention to every detail, he wouldn't have heard him.

He does has he's told, scissoring and going in and out. Crooking his fingers, Jungkook is so, so tight but it's not too hard since he's so wet. Adorable. His bunny is perfect.

Jungkook's moans are muffed by the pillow and as much as Taehyung wants to hear them it's fine for now. Jungkook is going to be screaming soon, anyway.

Getting a little braver, he does what he has been thinking since he brushed Jungkook's tail accidentally. He pushes a third finger in while simultaneously using his thumb to rub at the base of Jungkook's tail. It's a easy task honestly, Jungkook's tail is just adobe his hole.

"A-ah! Hyung! Hyung! H-hyung!"

And there it is, Jungkook's beautiful voice filling his ears pleasantly. And he hadn't even found his prostate yet.

He was trembling, his skin was flushed. His shoulders so pink. His tail was twitching so cutely but it was so hot too, a clear sign of arousal. Taehyung wanted to ruin him.

Bunny's tails are sensitive and Taehyung loves it.

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Jungkook waited for this all his life, well, since he knew what sex mean, what sex involved. That sex could mean everything or nothing at all, he wanted his first time to mean everything and he wanted it with Taehyung.

He was going to wait all his life if necessary because his heart knew there's no one else for him if it's not Taehyung. He doesn't have to dwell in such ugly thoughts anymore because he has Taehyung now. After so many years longing for him they're finally going to be together in the most intimate way. Jungkook was so ready for him.

There's so much slick, it's dripping down his thighs and the sight it's so sinful. Taehyung wants to taste it so bad but that's for other occasion.

"All wet and pretty..." Jungkook moans at the comment. Why his hyung wants to tease him so much?

Taehyung's right hand is caressing his ears sweetly while his other hand is aligning his dick at his entrance, finally.

Just like the tail, bunnies' ears are so, so sensitive, any slight touch on the delicate fur and Jungkook is squirming. However, bunny ears are very easy to hurt and irritate if you play with them too harshly.

The mere touch of the base of his ears is enough to make him squirm and gasp. It feels wonderful and Jungkook can't believe he was missing out on this for such a long time.

Jungkook had never allowed Taehyung to touch his ears till one day Taehyung, being the stubborn kid he was, couldn't resist anymore and while Jungkook was sleeping peacefully next to him he started brushing his locks and inevitably his hand had made it to the base of Jungkook's ears. Jungkook had pushed his face into the pillow still fully asleep. Taehyung had freak out thinking Jungkook had woken up but he noticed he didn't so he continued. More surely and adding more pressure he started massaging the base of Jungkook's ears. It was so nice, Taehyung thought it was really unfair Jungkook didn't let him touch them. Jungkook had shifted in the bed still fully asleep and now Taehyung could see how his eyebrows were knitted together and soft uneven breaths were coming out of his mouth which was slightly pouting. Taehyung thought it was so cute that he got braver and with his other hand he started softly touching the long expansion of the ears and Jungkook started squirming, he stopped mid movement when he realized what Jungkook was doing. The clumsy movement of his hips against the bed could only mean one thing. At the lost of contact Jungkook had woken up and looked at Taehyung with his eyes open wide, face flushed and eyes teary. He yanked Taehyung's hands away of his ears and left Taehyung's room running.

Jungkook didn't talk to him for a whole month and when he did it was only with the help of Taehyung's mother. Who had made Jungkook blush telling him that Tae couldn't resist because his ears were a very special part of him and Taehyung loved everything about Jungkook. And that Taehyung would have to do everything Jungkook wanted for a whole week. Absolutely everything.

Jungkook being a horny teenager couldn't help but think about all the things he actually wanted Taehyung to do. He didn't ask anything like that from Taehyung obviously.

When Taehyung is ready, he pushes. Jungkook whines when he feels the head of Taehyung's cock pushing inside him. It's not out of pain, it's more like urging him to continue. Taehyung knows that, can understand Jungkook's moans, whines like if it was a language. It's slow, painfully slow. Every inch Jungkook takes it eagerly, engulfing Taehyung in his tight heat. Only mean for him, only Taehyung.

Taehyung keeps going slowly, he's not really afraid to hurt Jungkook, Taehyung knows he's loose enough and the amount of slick he's producing will only make it easier but this is Jungkook's first time and he wants to go slow, wants Jungkook to enjoy every second fully.

Taehyung is still caressing his ears while he goes inside, other hand gripping Jungkook's hips to steady himself. Jungkook wants him to go faster. He needs him to go faster. He doesn't say anything though, Taehyung is more experienced, he knows what he's doing. Jungkook doesn't want to seem too eager. Not yet at least.

Taehyung lets go of his bunny ears to fondle Jungkook's tail. He loves Jungkook's tail so much and he can't help it. Jungkook half moans half whines, always responsive, it's endearing. He's only half inside and Jungkook wants to scream, he wants Taehyung to pound into him right now. He's desperate, it's too much.

He clenches around Taehyung and Jungkook can feel Taehyung's dick twitching inside him and suddenly Taehyung pushes all the way inside.

Taehyung wanted to make it slow for Jungkook but the bunny it's making it difficult. He wants Jungkook so much, has wanted him since always and he can't resist anymore.

He pushes all the way inside and he didn't intent to but he pulls at the base of Jungkook's velvety ears in the process, he's already so gone, he didn't even noticed he had grabbed Jungkook's ears again. Jungkook doesn't seem to mind thought, he only moans. Jungkook feels incredible around him, his baby feels so good.

Taehyung is finally inside him, they're finally connected and that's all that matters.

Jungkook moans loudly at the thought.

"T-tae..." He whines, Taehyung is fully inside now but he won't move. Jungkook doesn't need to wait to adapt to the intrusion but he knows Taehyung won't give in. He pushes back in Taehyung's dick trying to make him move but Taehyung only grips his hips tighter and holds him still.

"D-don't move. Wait a little, baby."

"I don't wanna— Ah!" Taehyung grips his cock hard, his small bunny cock, forgotten till now. That's everything he does though, It's a distraction Jungkook knows but he can't help but wail. Taehyung's big hand on his cock feels amazing, it wraps around it completely.

Jungkook had thought about it many times, thinks about Taehyung taking care of him during his heats just jerking off when his hole feels too abused to continue. Jungkook hates to admit it but he's one to often come untouched. The stimulation in his hole is enough to get him off. While he's in heat he doesn't give his cock that much attention, mostly focusing in his hole. His hole which is now full of Taehyung.

"Tae, please!" He wails, he needs Taehyung to move, now.

Taehyung puts the hand that was on Jungkook's dick to grip at his hips too so he won't move. Jungkook is thankful for that, he would've had come on the spot with just a stroke of Taehyung's hand. He's so worked up already, it's taking him everything to not come yet.

"Jungkook, just wait a bit. Yeah, bun? You can, right?" Taehyung's voice is strained and Jungkook knows if he pushes a little bit more Taehyung will give in.

"I can t-take it, please, please, please! Hyung please!" Jungkook keeps whining, and then "I'll be a good boy, I promise! Bun will— Argh! AH! Ah!"


Taehyung gets almost all the way out, only the tip in and then he pushes all the way in harshly. He repeats the action numerous times. Jungkook had won. Sometimes using his hand to squeeze Jungkook's tail since apparently the little bunny likes a bit of pain.

It's maddening, the feeling of Taehyung moving inside him, filling him up. He can feel the heat of Taehyung's cock inside him and it's just amazing. He keeps going, thrusting in and out of him, Jungkook enjoys every moment, every feeling. He tries to focus in every detail, Taehyung above him, the heat of his body, how Taehyung feels inside him, the feeling of being so pleasantly full.

Jungkook doesn't care about size or if Taehyung is a hybrid or not. Everything that matters is that is Taehyung but he can't help but notice how Taehyung doesn't have anything to envy from hybrid breeds like dogs or wolves, who usually are bigger than the average human. Taehyung being a human doesn't have anything to envy from them, he's bigger.

Jungkook can't think about anything besides Taehyung inside him so it's a bit hard to understand what Taehyung is saying at first.

"Bun, answer. Y-you made hyung lost it. Did it worth it? Does Bun feel good? Do you feel good, sweetheart?" Taehyung has slowed down a bit and Jungkook is able to clear his head a little.

"Yes, h-hyungie~ it— it feels a-amazing!" Jungkook emphasizes pushing back in Taehyung's dick, clenching around him and the older groans.

"F-fuck. Always so eager, baby..."

He shifts a bit and a loud wail can be heard through the room, he found it. It was so easy to do so, he can't help but think how they are perfectly made for each other. Now that he has found his baby's sweet spot he's going to take special care of it.

When Taehyung pushes at it again, Jungkook's arms gave in and he grips into the sheets for support, with his upper body now fully laying on the bed with every movement his nipples get attention too and the friction it's so delicious.

He should be embarrassed, he can already feel the boiling feeling in his stomach. He doesn't want to come yet but he can't help it. Everything is just too much.

Taehyung seems to sense it, maybe it is the way Jungkook is clenching around him or the way he's trembling but the point is that Taehyung knows and he's whispering softly in Jungkook's bunny ears, brushing his lips on the soft fur.

"Don't hold it back, bun. Come for me."

Jungkook isn't even surprised at the power Taehyung's words have on him. All it took was Taehyung's command for him to not be able to fight it anymore. He throws his head back when he comes untouched, just by the stimulation of Taehyung inside him and his voice. Taehyung's beautiful deep voice, the voice Jungkook has been fantasizing about for all those years. The white substance falls onto the bed under him soiling it and Jungkook had always had a thing for cleanness but he couldn't care less now.

His dick is still fully hard and if he didn't know the situation he's in he would be surprised because he's not in heat but he's with Taehyung, with Taehyung deep inside him so that makes sense.

"Ah—!! H-hyung!" Taehyung had slowed down while Jungkook ride out his orgasm but now he's picking up his pace again.

Watching Jungkook come made something to him, watching him trembling, moaning blissed out in pleasure. All because of him.

He wants to see that again.

Taehyung goes all the way out and he can see Jungkook's hole gaping, clenching around nothing. Missing Taehyung. Fuck, he's so eager.

"God, you're so cute."

Jungkook whimpers at the praise, he always loves when Taehyung praises him and now in such an intimate setting... It's perfect.

"Want to see your face baby. I'm gonna turn you around, okay?"


When Taehyung pulls out Jungkook whimpers and Taehyung can hear the faint whisper of 'D-don't like the empty feeling, hyung...' And he blushes. The things Jungkook does to him.

When Taehyung lays Jungkook on his back the sight is just too much. His skin all flushed and his eyes teary but Taehyung could see the happiness in them, high in pleasure, his nipples perky asking for attention and his toned stomach, oh so beautiful. Taehyung couldn't help but stare.

He looks lower and sees his bunny's small cock, is cute as everything else about Jungkook. It's pink and despite his size is standing proudly up his stomach, painfully hard Taehyung can see. The tip is glistening with pre-cum and the remains of cum. Taehyung feels the urge to taste it but that's a task for another time.

When Taehyung looks at Jungkook's face again his ears are hiding his face.

"Hyung~ d-don't stare. I-inside, get inside again."

Yes, Taehyung is utterly whipped.

Taehyung doesn't answer with words instead his puts the velvety ears aside, kisses him and pushes back in.

Taehyung swallows Jungkook's moans, slowly pushing his tongue in while he thrusts into him, Jungkook allows Taehyung to take charge. Taehyung's warm tongue explores all of him and his soft lips feel like candy against Jungkook's. They have always been his weakness.

When they pull away, both are panting. Maybe because of the kiss or maybe because of the rough pace Taehyung is keeping.

Jungkook can already feel his second orgasm approaching.

Taehyung keeps slamming into him earnestly. Jungkook loves it. How even when Taehyung always calls him soft and sweet he isn't afraid to break him. He knows his bunny can take it.

He would gladly take anything Taehyung gives him.

"H-hyung!" Jungkook moans, Taehyung has been slamming into his prostate nonstop. He comes panting heavily and Taehyung fucks him through it only a little bit slower. He should be embarrassed but he isn't, actually he's quite proud of himself, even when all the emotions and pleasure it was just his second orgasm, he has managed to do well he thinks. He doesn't want to seem like he can't control himself though that's the truth he can't control himself, not when he's with Taehyung.

And he hates to admit it but he's a bunny after all and his libido is high. Really high but he still manages to be good.

He's good, he's a good bunny. He thinks has he throws his head back in the pillow, loud moans leaving his lips.

Taehyung has never told him to hold back though, quite the contrary, he wants to see his bun wrecked.

So he keeps thrusting into him, maybe the overstimulation is a bit too much but Jungkook's moans doesn't seem of pain so he keeps going. He wants his bun coming again, he feels like he owns him so much in all the aspects. In the mating aspect, he's going to give him everything he can right now.

Jungkook have never had a partner to take care of him and add the fact that he's been in love with Taehyung since they were children to that. Taehyung feels like he has been neglecting him.

He grabs Jungkook's cock firmly in his hand and Jungkook moans grabbing Taehyung's hand and trying to make him release his dick.

"Tae," He moans. "N-no. I won't be able- it's too m-much. I'm going to-"

Taehyung hushes him with a kiss. "It's okay, baby. Don't hold it back."

Taehyung starts pumping his hand then, slowly at first so Jungkook gets used to the feeling then he goes faster.

"Hyung~" Jungkook whines and there are tears in his eyes, Taehyung knows his baby is overwhelmed but he can see he still wants it. He knows because even when he was trying to say he didn't wanted to come again so quickly he keeps pushing back into Taehyung's dick and then back to his hand.

Taehyung's other hand is griping Jungkook's hip tightly, it's probably gonna leave a bruise but Jungkook loves it. To be marked by his hyung. His mate.

Jungkook moans at the thought, Taehyung and him being linked forever.

Taehyung can't help the hard grip he has in Jungkook's hip, not when the bunny is clenching so deliciously tight around him. Jungkook's dick twitching in his hand. Taehyung can feel the new slick coating his dick inside and it's so hot, so perfect. Knowing that Jungkook is so ready, so willing, making a mess because he can't control it. Taehyung loves it, how slick is dripping down Jungkook's thighs and how it gets on Taehyung when he pushes into him.

It's a total mess and he loves it.

"H-hyungie- Ah... Ah! Ah!"

Taehyung loves seeing his bunny like this and the truth is that he isn't that better himself. It takes a lot of willpower to not come when Jungkook is clenching so tight around him, when it's so hot inside but he can't come yet, he wants more of Jungkook.

The soft moans coming out from Taehyung's lips fill Jungkook's ears deliciously, they can barely be heard but Jungkook's bunny ears catch them loud and clear. He feels delighted knowing Taehyung is enjoying this as much as he does. Taehyung loves him as much as he does.

"Hyung, ki— Ah..." He stops when Taehyung kisses his neck.

"What baby? What do you want?"

"K-kiss, TaeTae. Kiss me."

Taehyung suppress a laugh. Jungkook is just so cute so Taehyung can't help but tease him. He gives butterflies kisses all over his neck and chest and Jungkook starts squirming, his skin is so sensitive specially in the hazed state he's now.

"But I'm already kissing you?" Taehyung questions teasingly.

"N-no, in the lips, TaeTae. L-lips."

Taehyung does kiss him because who could deny Jungkook anything?

It's a chaste kiss, just soft lips against each other but it seems to be enough for Jungkook because when Taehyung pulls away and looks at him he's smiling.

"I love you, hyung." Jungkook says and Taehyung feels his heart get so warm it might melt.

"I love you, too. So, so much, my angel."

Jungkook buries his face in Taehyung's neck then and sucks gently leaving a mark, not so dark but still there.

When Jungkook looks back at him his eyes are unfocused. Taehyung stops and grabs his face in his hands.

"Hey bun, are you okay? Are you tired?" Taehyung asks sweetly stopping his movements for a moment, always careful of his baby's wellbeing, though it's very unlikely for Jungkook, a bunny hybrid, to be tired already.

That seems to bring him back because he's now looking at Taehyung with a frown.

Jungkook huffs. Obviously offended.

"Hyung, I'm a bunny. I'm okay."

Taehyung chuckles and he can't help it, he kisses him. Another chaste, lovingly kiss.

"Yes, you are."

With a very powerful trust Taehyung picks up his pace. He keeps pumping Jungkook's cock slowly. Still hard and twitching in Taehyung's hand.

Jungkook screams, enjoying the attention, slightly painful but still delicious.

The loud slapping noises of skin on skin were so dirty, obscene but they only turned Jungkook more. It was a reminder of how real it all was.

Taehyung could feel his climax approaching, he was ashamed, he wanted to give Jungkook more but the feeling of finally being together was too much. The heat of Jungkook around him, how he was so eager for him.

When Taehyung starts pumping Jungkook's cock faster, Jungkook whines. He kisses him, swallowing all his pretty sounds, it's sloppy and uncoordinated but is what it's needed at the moment. Taehyung's thrusts get rougher and erratic, not being able to keep his pace anymore. The warm feeling in his stomach intensifies and when his orgasm finally hits him it's almost overwhelming.

He breaks the kiss, panting on Jungkook's neck, soft grunts leaving his lips.

Jungkook can feel the hot spurts of cum filling him and that brings him over the edge as well. It's too good, so good, it's perfect. Taehyung filling him up so full of his cum.

He moans, voice broken but it's a sound of relief. He feels sated finally having Taehyung's cum in him. It's such a dirty thought, partly his hybrid talking. The animalistic side of him feeling sated after finally being mated. After being bred.

Taehyung isn't a hybrid he can't bite Jungkook and claim him but Jungkook can't help but think this count as much as a bite mark does.

When Taehyung tries to pull out Jungkook stops him, hugging him he hides his face in Taehyung's neck. He doesn't know why but he doesn't want Taehyung to pull out.

"Bunny?" Taehyung asks. Even in moments like this Jungkook manages to be cute.

"Just wait a bit hyung, please."

"Okay, love. Anything you want." Taehyung smiles and slowly turn them around so Jungkook is laying atop him.

Jungkook is so, so comfortable. He's sticky, he should feel dirty and gross but he doesn't. He's just so, so happy. He shouldn't fall asleep but he can't help it when Taehyung is softly petting his head.

When Taehyung sees that Jungkook fell asleep he doesn't have the heart to wake him, they'll have to leave the sticky mess for tomorrow. He tries to pull out slowly so Jungkook doesn't wake up but Jungkook makes a whining noise still fully asleep, tail twitching. He pets it softly, comforting.

He doesn't want to wake his baby, he's tired and so is Taehyung, the position is a little bit uncomfortable but they fall asleep like that. With Taehyung still inside of Jungkook.

He ignores how he can feel his come combined with Jungkook's slick dripping down onto him.

Nothing else really matters when he has his baby bunny in his arms.