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New Sensations

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This was your second hike today. Though you didn’t mind since you wanted to get out of your suburban neighborhood due to your boyfriend who you thought was perfect, ended up sleeping with his little brother’s nanny and you had just found out when his mom and grandmother were talking about it in hushed whispers at the grill out. It was then you decided to get out the backpack and filled it up with all you needed. A water bottle, some food, a flashlight, an umbrella just in case.

Then you were off. Only coming back to fill up on anything you might've run out of on the first hike through the woods. On your second hike, the sun was just setting. You had a flashlight and you still didn’t have the heart to go back home to that little hellhole of a suburb yet. The forest behind your neighborhood was lush with trees that practically reached the sky to you. You didn’t want to admit to yourself that it was easy to get lost in it since you had lived right in front of it for your whole life.

Walking through the forest felt new, it felt refreshing, and the air was so crisp to inhale. Making you almost forget that horrible weekend you’ve had so far.


Until your flashlight went out in the first 30 minutes of the second hike. Great, Fantastic, could this have gone ANY worse? Well no, it can’t cause you realized you’re also lost in the woods that you wanted to act like you weren’t lost in. You slid your phone out of your pocket, hitting the home button with your thumb. Your phone had no connection either and it was 8:30 at night.

At this point, it was time for Plan B. Trudge through the forest until you find civilization. The tiny twigs on the ground cracked under your shoes as you walked. Each crack and crunch making you more nervous that some Jason-esque character was about to come out at you and swing their weapon of choice around.

What a great time to vividly imagine things. Did you mention it was now pitch black outside? No? It is now. All these different factors just kept coming up as you tried to find your way back home. Honestly, it felt like you were going in circles, the more you walked the more lost you got. In fact, you feel like you’ve only gone deeper in.


Getting more and more exhausted as you went through. You decided to sit behind a tree, trying to relax somewhat in a horrible situation like this. You inhaled in shaky breaths and exhaled as you sat there, your back resting against the tree trunk. Taking in your surroundings, it wasn’t too bad. Trees and bushes with tiny berries sprinkled onto them. Relief started to trickle back into your psyche. Which was crushed when you heard bushes rustling. You quickly shot up from the spot you were sitting on. Slinging your pack over your shoulder ready to break into a full sprint or you wanted to break out into a full sprint.

There were three human reactions. Fight, Flight, and Freeze. You’re a freeze all the way around. “Keep it together, (y/n)” you thought to yourself. This would all be just a bad memory a few weeks from now.

What emerged from the bushes surprised you. It was a woman, much taller than you, dressed in black head to toe. Her mask stood out the most, the eyeholes two black voids on white with black lips drawn on. You stood there, looking into those soulless eyes.

“Who are you?” She asked. She seemed pretty no nonsense from her tone.

Standing there like a deer in the headlights you had to say something. “I’m...I’m uh…(y/n)”

She stood there, “(y/n). Hm.”

You felt as if it was a face off in a sense. “Are you a murderer?” you asked

The other woman tilted her head at that question. “Why?”

“The mask...The clothing...It feels weird.”

She pondered on it. “I don’t think I would say...murderer or killer. No no, more like...vigilante”

Oh, like that's any better. You slowly nodded your head at her explanation. Amazing how this hike in the woods was about you forgetting about your terrible relationship and into being stuck in the woods with some mad woman. At least you thought she was mad.

“Well, you’re not who I’m looking for anyways so, feel free to roam around. With caution of course. The three rules of survival and all.” She said as she turned on a heel.

That's it? She was just going to leave you here like this? Just letting you go? Something didn’t feel right. As if she was going to hunt you for sport later.

“Wait a minute, who ARE you looking for exactly?”

“I don’t think that’d be any of your concern.”

“What if I know him?”

“Hilarious. No one has lived to tell the tale. From the looks of you, you seem like some middle-class housewife and I don’t mean that kindly. I doubt you even have fighting experience.”

Wow, rude.

“I mean, I carry pepper spray..sometimes.” You trailed off, looking down at your feet. Okay, maybe she had a point.

“Exactly. However, I’ll humor you just this once since you actually were brave enough to talk to me rather than running back to your suburban home like a frightened school girl.”

“Um, sure let's hear it”

“If you find a ‘Jeff’ tell him his days are numbered.”

Isn’t Jeff just a regular dude name? Your friends were more into the whole crime thing than you were. Watching stuff like Criminal minds, Xfiles, and even Pushing Daisies as weird as it is.

“Alright..and who is this from?”


Jane… An interesting name for a “vigilante.” With that, she just wandered off into the dark abyss that was the forest. Leaving you there, still lost.

Guess it’s sleeping outside til the morning.