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Missing Melody..

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Denki Kaminari has a list of problems. His life in general had spiraled into this chaotic mess he could never work through since Freshman Year at university. Though most of these problems had been around for awhile, he had consistently pushed them aside.

Save them for another day he always murmured to himself, For the future Kaminari... that guy could figure it out.

That had not been the case, future him knew less than what the past him had known.

His issues weren't terrible, they had resolved themselves honestly by the end of his first year in College.


He just had a strong appeal for theatrics. The most pressing issues had been adapting to the University life, his parents separation, and being in love with his best friend.

The first two had resolved themselves though the pressing issue of being in love with his best friend had not.

Not even close.

Also no, he did not mean Eijirou Kirishima. That poor red headed idiot was all heart eyes for their ridiculously ill mannered friend Katsuki Bakugou. He assumed rude and brooding was Kirishima's thing after the first couple of months the two had started dating, but it was never his.

His thing had been and always would be Kyouka Jirou.

Denki frowned at his reflection in the communal bathroom mirror, it was early so no one other than a couple seniors wondered in sleep deprived and alcohol poisoned from their adventures in the night time. The mess of his hair didn't want to cooperate today just like any other day.

It had a mind of its own and stuck up in certain areas, the golden blond contrasting against the raven black streaks. Running a hand down his face, he attempted to wipe the frown off his face but it was impossible.

Kaminari had been thinking, and thinking never left him in a good mood. Trying for another resolution he brought out the good ol' finger guns pointing them at his reflection,

"Be the best you can be, you're great."

"I've witnessed a lot of pathetic things in my life but that, dunce face, was the most pathetic shit I've ever seen."

He inwardly groaned at the familiar rumble of a voice.

"I'm surprised a heathen such as yourself rises at dawn... I've always imagined you to burn up at the sight of light."

Kaminari now pointed his frown at something other than himself, the new victim of his ill mood was Bakugou.

Despite what others thought, Bakugou wasn't a bad person. Short tempered? Sure.

Completely disgraceful when it came to correctly expressing genuine emotions? Absolutely.

He was still a great friend nonetheless and also kept Kirishima content.

Which counted for something.

"That's because I don't have shit for brains and remember my deadlines when it comes to picking class times for the next semester." Bakugou sneered as his shoulder rammed into Denki's pushing him aside as if there wasn't twenty other perfectly empty mirrors for him to choose from.

"Kirishima got stuck with the same morning classes as me," Kaminari's retort was short a hint of teasing flowed from his tongue.

"Yeah but Kirishima is my shit for brains, its different. I can't give him hell for it so I take it out on you."

Denki let out an annoyed sigh before his brows pitched forward as his eyes wondered over the other male who stood beside him.

"It's Saturday though , I'm only up because I haven't slept."

Not a lie, but also not the whole truth.

"Well I hope you're ready for band rehearsal dumb ass."

Bakugou turned to face Kaminari then, he stood a couple inches taller and for some reason that made Denki feel so small. Especially under the weight of the other males scarlet glare.

Wait... had he said band rehearsal?


Katsuki just shook his head before pressing the tip of his index finger against the other males forehead pushing lightly,

"I'm telling you...shit for fucking brains. You better hurry up and get to Kyouka's dorm, the girl is literally going to drag your ass if you're late."

Denki didn't wait, he was half way out the bathroom with Bakugou's voice trailing him followed by a chuckle.



Kyouka Jirou has a list of problems, of course they were minimal issues.

She had overcome most of it. The biggest issues had been a break up she had went through half way through her first year at University followed by the constant nagging of her insecurities. Jirou had always been an overly anxious girl, always self doubting. Her friends had been a big resolution to this but they were also the largest issue, at least one of them was.

"Jirou, Light of my life, color to my soul, my muse, the sweet sweet missing melody to my heart I am so terribly sorry for being late."

There it was, that problem.

Her annoyingly precious best friend. He was such an idiot that she had to hold herself back from striking him in the back of the head multiple times whenever they spent time together.

Denki Kaminari was a problem all together because other than being an idiot he had become her idiot. The two of them had been friends since they were children, it had always been just the two of them before they added one more, then another, and finally just multiple as the years passed by.

It wasn't the friendship that had become a problem, it was the feelings that had bubbled up from it.

Jirou felt swallowed up by them, at every flirtatious remark that prick made on others or even on her but that wasn't the least of it. It was the anger that formed in her chest like a fire, every time Kaminari acted as if he was perfectly fine.

That cheerful mask always hiding the true emotions that only she could decipher.

He never knew she could tell, all the nights they would lay out under the stars talking about anything and everything.

Kyouka noticed those tired lines, the pinch between his brows telling that his mind was somewhere else though he was there with her.

Her biggest problem was that she felt that this happened because she had neglected him during the mess of her break up and the emotions that had dragged her back into that shell of doubt.

Jirou had come so far when she ended up building that wall back up around herself... brick by brick.

Denki had been there, working against her.

As she built, he removed but when he went back to tear down another, a newly laid brick was there.

Jirou knew this process must have tired him out. She knew because he stopped tearing and began building his own.

"You're late." Her voice was soft, quiet as she squinted around the florescent lights of the girls dormitory hallway. She heard his apology, and his sweet teasing words choosing to ignore them as she shoved a guitar case into his waiting arms.

"Let's go."



Kaminari's mood had done a complete 360 rotation from how he had been feeling this morning, his lips now pulled upwards in his usual goofy care free smile. The male had accepted the guitar case without complaint, carrying it as he fell in step with the female beside him.

He always forgot how tiny she was compared to him, when they were younger the difference had never been by a lot.

Denki had always been short and scrawny. Though when middle school hit, he ended up getting this surprising growth spurt leaving Jirou behind. Not that it ever mattered to either of them, Jirou never brought up the differences.

Neither of them ever brought up when Jirou had finally, how did her parents call it at the embarrassing family meeting 'become a young lady' either.

Yes he had been present for the subject. Mostly due to always staying night after night with her family.

It wasn't that Kaminari had a terrible home life, it had been quite the opposite which was worse. His parents never argued because they never spoke. There was just this burning tension always, as if everyone had to walk on eggshells.

He couldn't stand it, so he stayed for days upon days with Jirou and her family.

They never cared, and the two of them had shared a bed for years until her parents decided it was no longer decent for them to do so. That didn't change anything, when he was made to sleep on the couch Jirou had always found her way out to the living room.

Kaminari would then take the floor and allow her to sleep on the couch. Their arms always outstretched, hands intertwined as they slept with distance between them but their hands always joined.

Hand holding had stopped in High School, but sometimes, when their sleepovers of two had become sleepovers of three that included Kirishima. Their hands always found each other but never touched, just hovered near one another.

"Did you get a good nights sleep?" His words were light, waiting patiently for a reply.

His shoulder bumped hers , not too much. It was a light bump nearly just a brush to remind her of his presence. Jirou had kept her eyes focused ahead of her, hands twirling a black pair a headphones since they had started in direction for the courtyard where they would meet the others.

"I didn't mean to keep you up late talking about pointless crap... I'm sure you didn't care about hearing of whatever Shinsou had going on, I just had no one else to speak to about it.

He winced at his own words, that sounded terrible. As if he only went to her when he had no other choice.

That was far from the truth , he went to her before he even bothered with other choices.

Jirou had been his only choice since grade school. They had scraped enough knees, caught enough stag beetles, and fought off enough bullies for one another to count for a lifetime.

Jirou completed him, rather it was romantically or just platonic.

She was a piece that made up the code which was Denki Kaminari. If she ever decided that she was sick of his antics, Kami didn't know what he would do.

A piece of you would be hollow , you'd lose a key aspect of yourself.

The words taunted him as they passed other students who seemed to be leaving campus or going to the library to study. He would have to do that later as well.

He hoped Midoriya would still be willing to help him with History.

"Ji? You okay?"

Jirou looked up at the sound of her name, "Hmm?" It was a low hum as that lazy expression found his before she was scooped up from her feet.


Her shrill scream was loud as Bakugou ran, throwing her on top of his shoulder as she hung there beating her fist into his back.

The others were approaching their meeting spot, Kirishima had migrated to stand beside Kaminari. Holding out a closed fist to the blond in greeting, Kami responded by bumping his own against his friends.

They stood, watching as Jirou chased down Bakugou swatting at him with rolled up music sheets as he dodged her grinning manically.

Shouting a subtle yet filled with caring affection, "Try harder gremlin."

Something ached inside of him, Jirou had bonded with others over the years.

He had known that, but now there was problem... His feelings were the problem.