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A Kind of Magic

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Cloud blinked a few times when he woke to the sensation of his nipples being sucked on and played with, trying to sort out his confusion. One, it was dark, but he felt well rested, two, the bed was moving, and he hadn’t been so tipsy last night that he didn’t distinctly remember going to bed in the main bedroom, and three, Sephiroth was with him, which he had so far never been in the mornings.

“How did I get here?” he asked.

Sephiroth raised his head from his chest with what looked like a great effort. “I moved you just before dawn. We have plans for the afternoon, so there won’t be time for a nap. I wanted you to be able to sleep in. It’s time to wake up now, though.” He lowered his head back down and Cloud moaned in pleasure.

“That’s a good way to wake up.”

Sephiroth finished pushing his shirt out of the way, and by the time he finally sat back again, Cloud felt like his breasts were a feast for a predator. He was scooped up off the waterbed and carried back into the other bedroom, where Sephiroth stripped them both of their remaining clothes, then pulled out a dildo and a tube of lubricant. Cloud sank back into the covers and spread himself wide as Sephiroth resumed his feast between his legs.

His breath was coming up short when he felt a familiar prodding before a finger slid into his ass. He hadn’t expected that. Considering how much Sephiroth seemed to enjoy vaginal sex, he hadn’t thought he would want anal. But as he continued to lick and nibble at him, he began to stretch him until he was thrusting into him with three fingers.

Cloud was on the verge of coming when Sephiroth sat up and reached for the dildo. After coating it with lube, Cloud moaned as he thrust it in deep. “Feels different,” he murmured. He definitely didn’t think he would enjoy it as much as he did as a guy, but it wasn’t bad.

“No prostate, remember?” Sephiroth thrust it in and out for several minutes until Cloud had grown comfortable with its size, then he pushed it all the way in and lay down on his back. “Up on top. You need your morning exercise.”

Cloud was a bit confused as to what he was supposed to do with the dildo still in, but Sephiroth guided him gently into place, then Cloud felt his cock at the entrance of his vagina. “Oh …” he murmured as he sank down onto it. “Oh, Gaia, that’s so full.”

“Take a moment, just breathe.” Sephiroth held the dildo in place and rubbed his stomach until the overwhelmingness of it had faded. “Good girl. Fuck yourself.”

He did as he was told. Sephiroth held the dildo firmly in place as he bounced up and down so that both his cock and the dildo were driving into him at the same time. It felt incredible. He had never felt so full in his life. His hand got swatted away when he reached down to touch his clit, so he touched his breasts instead. Squeezing them was a comforting distraction from the sensations below.

His legs were burning, but Sephiroth didn’t let him slow his pace and kept him going until he felt like he was on the verge of orgasm again even with no stimulation to his clit. Pleasure suddenly shocked through him like lightning and his vision swam for a moment as he came hard. He noticed Sephiroth’s other hand between them, and realized that he was pinching his clit between his thumb and forefinger.

“Keep going,” Sephiroth growled roughly when he let go.

It was too much. Too much. He couldn’t, but he did anyway. He fucked himself on both phalluses until his legs just gave out. “I’m sorry, I—”

Sephiroth roughly flipped him over and straddled his chest, his wet, hard cock between his breasts. Cloud could only stare as Sephiroth squeezed them around it and began to thrust his hips, fucking his breasts like an animal in rut. It didn’t take long before Sephiroth began to spurt, getting come all over his chest and splattering up onto his face. Bracing his hand against the half wall, Sephiroth shifted farther up and held his softening cock to Cloud’s lips. Without hesitation, he opened and carefully licked until it was free of the various fluids on it.

“Good girl,” Sephiroth murmured with contentment. “That was well done.” He pulled back after a while and pushed the dildo that had slipped part way out back in. "Do you want a cure?"

Cloud nodded, not quite trusting himself to speak. That had been weird and intense for just after waking up, but good. His whole body ached though, and he had a feeling he'd just collapse if he tried to stand right away. He hoped he'd get a bit of a break before Sephiroth wanted more, though he couldn't think why else he would have left the dildo in.

The cure made it significantly better, even his legs stopped trembling once it was cast. Sephiroth quietly wiped him off a little bit and cuddled with him for a short while, then disappeared downstairs. Cloud could hear him cooking something, and soon the smell of fresh coffee and bacon began to fill the house.

"Your tits are great for fucking," Sephiroth commented cheerfully as he came up with a loaded tray.

"Um … thanks?" Cloud sat himself up a little bit, but the dildo shifted uncomfortably and he winced. The big bulb that kept it from going all the way in made him have to stay lying down.

"No, really. They're bigger than I thought they'd be, and nice and firm. Are you okay?"

Cloud blushed. "It's a bit … can—can I have an anal plug instead?"

Sephiroth frowned and set the tray down on the nightstand. "Sure you can, sweetheart. Is that painful to sit on?"


"Okay, lie back again."

Cloud spread his legs once more while staring at the ceiling. Sephiroth quickly switched out the dildo and eased a well-lubricated plug into him instead, which was far more comfortable. He pressed his lips to his mound gently, then helped him sit up.


"Much, thank you. It’s hard to eat lying down, and I'm really hungry."

"Sorry," Sephiroth murmured as he slid back into bed and set the tray between them. "I should have thought of that. I want to fuck you again while you're stretched, then you can take a shower and have some time to yourself. We'll be picked up at two for our afternoon appointment, and we'll go straight from there for dinner and drinks in town."

Cloud ate his breakfast, wondering what this mysterious appointment was going to be. When he finished, Sephiroth rooted through the cupboard he kept the sex toys in and pulled out a small, tapered vibrator. It was completely smooth, and not much bigger in diameter than his thumb.

"Up on your hands and knees for a moment."

Cloud did as he was told, and Sephiroth knelt behind him for a few minutes, playing with his breasts and rubbing his clit, generally getting him worked up. When he was starting to feel the increasingly familiar sensation of his body beginning to release its fluids, Sephiroth removed the plug, then sat, leaning against the headboard. He eased Cloud down, and Cloud's eyes fluttered shut as they both groaned as his ass was penetrated.

Sephiroth arranged him so he was leaning back against his chest with his knees on either side of Sephiroth's legs, impaled to the quick and unable to really move.

"Your job," Sephiroth whispered in his ear, "is to make me come without moving your body."

Cloud tried to wrap his head around that. Sephiroth could hardly thrust into him in this position either. How was he supposed to make him come? A light, ticklish sensation brushed over his exposed vulva and he clenched up a little in response.

"That's right. Just react."

"Oh …" Cloud breathed his understanding. He closed his eyes and relaxed into Sephiroth's embrace as the little vibrator teased and tickled. Sephiroth kissed and nibbled at his ears and neck, played with his breasts, and dipped his hand down to manually tease his clit and his entrance. Cloud gave a soft sigh as the vibe penetrated him, fucking in and out pleasantly, without the overstuffed feeling that had come with the full-sized dildo. His body twitched and shuddered with the sensations, and Cloud could tell that he was passing those sensations on to Sephiroth through his body's internal reactions.

He liked the little vibrator, he decided, and hoped that it would be one of the toys that Sephiroth let him play with on his own. So far, out of the new things, only the egg-shaped vibrator was on his permitted list, and while it was nice, he thought it was more fun when Sephiroth was in charge of the remote and could change the vibrations unexpectedly.

It was hard not to move at all with Sephiroth’s hard cock lodged deep inside his ass. It felt good, even if it wasn't what he was used to, and as he grew more and more aroused, he wanted to feel it pounding into him again. But if he knew anything by now, it was how to follow instructions, so he kept his body still as Sephiroth teased him to the verge of climax again and again. Finally, the vibration increased, as did the speed with which Sephiroth was fucking him, and his fingers returned to his clit.

He cried out as the sensations overtook him and his body began to convulse with pleasure.

"That's it, milk me," Sephiroth groaned in his ear.

Unable to do anything else, Cloud's felt his internal muscles working the stiff flesh inside him as it began to spurt. Sephiroth didn't let up pleasuring him, and though it grew too intense after the peak of his climax had passed, his internal muscles kept up their contractions until Sephiroth had had his complete satisfaction.

"Lovely." Sephiroth let the vibrator slip out and then lifted him off his softened cock and cradled him close. "Have a rest … half an hour, then into the shower before Mrs. Baxter gets here."

"Okay," he mumbled tiredly. "That felt nice."


His outfit for their appointment was a fitted T-shirt with a cute chocobo design, a pair of sturdy, but tight jean shorts, and sturdy sneakers. The tightness of the shorts, he figured, was partially to show off his ass, and partially to keep the new toy that Sephiroth had presented him with inserted. It was similar to the U-shaped one that he had been able to wear while Sephiroth fucked him. The part that went into his vagina on this one, however, was much larger, and it curved out towards his stomach. The part over his vulva was wider, giving it more coverage, but it lay flat under his panties and couldn’t be seen at all with the shorts on.

The were picked up by a Jeep this time, and it took them up a long and winding hill through the tropical forest. Sephiroth rode shotgun and pulled out his phone as they drove. Cloud gave a startled squeak when the toy inside him began to buzz, and he looked suspiciously at the man who appeared to be ignoring him. A rolling sensation began over his clit as the part inside seemed to wiggle back and forth. He leaned forward slightly and peeked over Sephiroth’s shoulder.

He had an app open on his phone. It was a simple layout with four bars divided into two sections. One was labelled ‘Clitoral Stimulation’, the other, ‘G-spot Stimulation’. The bars themselves had the same labels. The top one said ‘Intensity’, and the bottom was ‘Pattern’. Sephiroth was moving the settings up and down, and that corresponded with what the toy was doing to him. He groaned and leaned back, hoping against hope that Sephiroth didn't want to make him orgasm in front of the driver and began trying to think of ways he could work 'yellow' into a sentence that wouldn't seem weird.

They drove for around half an hour. The whole time, Cloud was clinging to the seat, trying desperately not to make any noise. At least it seemed like Sephiroth wasn’t going to be so cruel as to actually make him come, but by the time the Jeep came to a stop, Cloud was fairly sure that his panties were soaked through. The vibrations shut off with the engine, and moments later, Sephiroth opened his door.

“Doing okay?”

“That was torture,” he grumbled.

“But you didn’t feel sick on the road, did you? Even though it was winding and bumpy.”

“It was?” Cloud glanced back at where they had come from. That definitely wasn’t a smooth road. “Oh.”

Sephiroth chuckled and gave him a quick squeeze around the shoulders. “Sometimes I torture you for a reason.” He turned to their driver. “Thank you. I’ll call when we’re ready to be picked up.”

“You’re sure you’re all right with the equipment?”

“Yes, I know what I’m doing.”

“What are we doing?” Cloud asked as he looked around. The appeared to be quite far above the sea level now, and there was a large wooden tower of some sort nearby.

“Zip lining.”

“Zip lining? Like where we attach ourselves to a string and hurtle off high places? I can’t.”

“I think you can.”

“No, no, Sephiroth, I really can’t. Please don’t make me.” Cloud shook with fear as he looked at the tower. He couldn’t climb that thing. And he definitely couldn’t jump off it.

Sephiroth wrapped his arms around him and hugged him close. “I won’t make you, but I think you can be brave and face your fear. I will not let you fall, I promise. And I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”

Cloud nodded. He knew that by now, but …

“We’ll go on a very short one to start. Barely off the ground. You’ll be able to see how it works and how you’ll be held up. Can you try that?”

He looked at where Sephiroth was pointing and gave a half-hearted laugh. That was definitely the children’s one. It didn’t look like he’d be more than metre off the ground at its highest. “Yes, I think so.”

Sephiroth hooked him up with a helmet and a safety harness that fit well and looked solid. He then showed him the ‘trolley’ that he would be clipped into that would keep him on the string—Sephiroth kept calling it a cable. But … it did seem strong and well attached.

“It can hold my weight?”

Sephiroth didn’t even make a joke. “It can hold your weight without any problem. And you’re light enough that you won’t go as fast as someone heavier, like me.”

He clipped him into the trolley on the children’s course and, although it made Cloud feel like such a baby, Sephiroth stood on the low wall that was clearly meant for this purpose and lifted him off the platform, only gradually letting the cable take his weight.

“See? It’s got you,” he said gently when he finally let it take his full weight and was only touching him to push him along, which was necessary with no momentum.

“Yeah …” He actually felt pretty secure. His harness made it easy to stay upright, and there was a bar he could hold onto, which, in his head he knew wouldn’t help at great heights or speeds, but it made him feel better nonetheless.

Sephiroth patiently took him through the children’s course, then back to the beginning again, where he was feeling brave enough to jump off the short platform and let it take all his weight at once. With the momentum from that, he got most of the way down the cable before slowing and needing Sephiroth to give him a push.

“Think you can manage a bit more?” Sephiroth asked when they had completed the course a second time. “Not the big one, but there are some other starter lines that you can practice on.”

Cloud looked between Sephiroth and the higher platform he was pointing to. It wasn’t as big as the looming menace they had arrived under, but still a big step up. But … Sephiroth was being so kind and understanding. He wouldn't get a better opportunity to work out his fear of heights, which he knew he needed to do.

“You really think I can?”

“I do. Cloud, you’re so very brave. I always think I know what your limits are, and then you go and surprise me. You just need to feel safe in order to do so. I’ll keep you safe, I promise.”

He steeled his nerves and nodded determinedly. “If I die, I’m going to haunt you.”

“You won’t die. Or even be maimed.”

“If I’m maimed, I’m going to poke you with my cane.”

Sephiroth nodded and gave him a hug. “I’ll accept that poking.”

They climbed up to the top of the platform together. It was high and open and much too high and easy to fall off of. He couldn’t do it. He started to tremble as a breeze picked up and was about to flatten himself on his stomach when Sephiroth clipped his harness to the tree the platform was built into. The very solid tree. It looked like it had been there for hundreds of years.

“You won’t fall,” Sephiroth said firmly and wrapped his arms around him. “We’re both clipped in. The ropes are strong. We will not fall. So let’s just wait and see if we can get used to the height.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, he did begin to get used to it. He didn’t panic when Sephiroth let go of him. Then he didn’t panic when he took a few cautious steps towards the edge. He was clipped to the tree. He wasn’t going to fall. After a while, it didn’t seem quite so high.

“Can—will you go down it and then come back? So I can see?”

“Sure,” Sephiroth said gently. “Will you be okay up here alone?”

Cloud gave another determined nod. “I won’t fall.”

“No you won’t.” Sephiroth kissed him, then unclipped himself from the tree and walked over to the cable. “Can you come see how I’m attaching it?”

He gulped, but nodded again and walked over on slightly less shaky legs. He watched carefully as Sephiroth explained how to clip in and make sure that everything was secure and working properly. It was reassuring to see, and it also distracted him from the huge drop he was standing next to.

“Okay, I’m all set to go.”

Cloud stepped back and watched tensely as Sephiroth jumped off the ledge with the confidence of someone who knew he wouldn’t die even if all the safety features he had just explained failed. It was so fast, but it also looked … thrilling. A bit. Terrifying too. But maybe exciting as well.

Sephiroth flew down the steep drop, then it evened out until he arrived at the bottom some distance off. Cloud watched him detach himself from the trolley, then Sephiroth began to jog back towards him.

He could do that. It wasn’t so bad.

When Sephiroth climbed back onto the platform, he gave him an encouraging smile. “Well? How’re you feeling?”

“Trying to decide if I want you up here to help me clip in, or at the bottom to catch me.”

“Well,” he said after a moment’s consideration, “I can clip you in, then just go to the bottom the slow way and catch you.”

“You’d do that?”

Sephiroth kissed his forehead. “I would do that, and I wouldn’t mind at all. Cloud, this is your vacation too, and I want you to have fun. If that means running back and forth all afternoon, then that’s what I want to do.”

“Not all afternoon. Just once. Just once, and then I’ll be brave.”

“Cloud, you’re up far higher than you like to be, in a far more vulnerable place than you like to be. You’re already being extremely brave.”

He gave Sephiroth a small smile. “It does look pretty fun. I guess I just have to get off the ledge.”

“Always the hardest step.” Sephiroth clipped him to the sturdy posts at the launch area, then had him attach himself to the trolley while Sephiroth explained and double-checked everything. “Okay, I’ll run down to the other end. Take as much time as you need, but don’t get too worked up about it. It might be easiest to just close your eyes and jump without thinking. I’ll be there for you. You won’t fall.”

Cloud took a deep breath and gave him yet another determined nod. He could do this. Sephiroth just jumped from the tower, which made Cloud laugh. It was good of him to go through all the safety rigmarole for himself, even though Cloud was certain that Sephiroth could just hold the handgrip and have no issues if he wanted. It hardly took him any time to get to the other end and climb up. He waved his arm, indicating he was ready.

“Just close your eyes and jump,” he whispered to himself. “You won’t fall.”

His heart was pounding and he thought he might throw up, so before he could talk himself out of it, Cloud shut his eyes and leapt. He screamed as the wind whipped past his ears, and he barely felt it when the cable caught his weight and he went flying downwards. Seconds later, he felt the downward slope even out and he began to slow, then strong arms wrapped around him.

“Good boy. Good boy, you did so well. That was so brave of you.”

Cloud gave a sort of hysterical laugh and clung to Sephiroth. “It was so fast! I thought it would take longer.”

“Was it fun?”

“I think so … yeah,” he decided. “I think it was.”

“Good.” Sephiroth got him detached from the cable, then let him sink to the floor of the platform. He held him cradled in his lap. “Catch your breath. I’m so impressed with you.”

After several tries going from that platform, Cloud’s confidence began to grow, and he eventually found himself standing at the top of the tall platform, hardly trembling at all. He had grown to trust the cables and the carabiners and the solid construction of the platforms themselves. He had done it enough times that he trusted himself to clip into the trolley, but Sephiroth still walked him through it twice before detaching him and clipping himself in instead so he could go first and catch Cloud at the next platform.

Sephiroth flew off with a loud whoop and his braid whipping out behind him. He disappeared into the trees, then a short while later, the radio that was built into the platform crackled to life. “Whenever you’re ready, Cloud. I’ll catch you.”

“Okay.” He double-checked that he was secure, then checked three more times just in case. It was solid. The cable was solid. His helmet was strapped on properly and all the fastenings on his harness were exactly as they were supposed to be. His stomach lurched when he accidentally looked down, but he forced himself to look out at the horizon and the treetops until he calmed down. It was pretty up here.

He didn’t close his eyes this time, but leapt like Sephiroth did, with a confident yell. The scenery whipped by and his yell was swallowed by the wind. His eyes watered, but he kept them open, and he smiled when he saw Sephiroth come into view. He was waiting with his arms held wide open, and moments later, Cloud was enveloped in them. His heart pounded and the adrenaline sang through his veins.

“Holy shit, that was so much fun,” he gasped before smashing his lips to Sephiroth’s, feeling suddenly horny.

Sephiroth got him free of the trolley, then he was on his back on the platform being kissed fiercely. The buzzing between his legs started again and Cloud moaned, wanting to finish what Sephiroth had started in the Jeep. The way the part inside him moved made him feel incredible, and he wanted more of it. Sephiroth didn’t seem to want to take off his harness, but he touched him through his clothes, groping his breasts and rubbing between his legs, adding to the sensations from the toy. He used the harness to move Cloud around and pin him down.

Cloud found himself facedown with Sephiroth standing behind him holding the harness to keep him suspended when he felt the sensations begin to culminate towards their peak. The straps dug into him in strange places and he panted as the warmth between his legs grew and grew. He was feeling it deep inside his vagina, rather than centred around his clitoris like he always had when he came before. It suddenly hit him and he came, shuddering and groaning, helpless to do anything, suspended as he was. Pleasure surged through his whole body and every nerve thrummed with it as it went on and on.

The vibrations and movement inside him eventually slowed, and Cloud was let down to catch his breath, sprawled on the platform. It was then that he noticed that something had gone wrong. His shorts were wet. Soggy, even.

“Shit!” His face burned with shame when he looked down. He had pissed himself.

“What’s wrong?” Sephiroth knelt next to him and attempted to gather him into his arms, but Cloud pulled away.

“I … shit, I’m sorry.” He waved his hand towards the mess he had made of himself. There wasn't even a place where he could clean up, and he didn't have a change of clothes. “I didn’t even notice,” he whimpered.

Sephiroth’s eyes went wide when he noticed what the problem was, but to Cloud’s shock, he didn’t appear to be upset by it. Instead he reached between Cloud’s legs and rubbed the wet denim, then lifted his fingers to his mouth. “This isn’t urine,” he said gently after tasting it. “Come, let’s get you out of this and we’ll let your shorts dry a bit before we continue going down.”

“Then what is it?” Cloud asked, bewildered as Sephiroth effortlessly stripped him from the waist down and laid his shorts and panties out in the sun. He took the toy out and slipped it into his pocket.

“You had a g-spot orgasm, which I didn’t expect you to do, or I wouldn’t have tried it away from home like this. I’m sorry.” Sephiroth gathered him up so he was lying on his back with his head in Sephiroth’s lap. He gently stroked his face as he explained. “When women are brought to orgasm by stimulating the g-spot, some of them will experience what’s called squirting. It’s not urination, but a release of a fluid that’s very similar to vaginal fluid. It’s completely involuntary, and perfectly natural. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Okay?”

Cloud gave a slow nod. “O—okay. I didn’t know that would happen.”

“No, of course you didn’t. It doesn’t happen with all women, and not all women can even have g-spot orgasms. Did it feel good?”

“Yeah,” Cloud admitted. “Way more intense than normal.”

“Good. Maybe we can try again at home with some towels in place to take care of the mess.”

“Yeah, that might be nice.” It would be interesting to try again when he was expecting it.

“And don’t worry about this. Your things will dry out quickly in this heat, and we’ll swing by the cottage to change before we go out tonight. It’s not a problem.”

“Okay, thank you,” Cloud said, grateful that Sephiroth didn’t think he’d done anything wrong.

Sephiroth continued to stroke his face and hair until the sun had dried his clothes and he was feeling much calmer.

"Do you want to finish the course?" Sephiroth asked once he was dressed again. "There are a few points along it where we can be picked up if you don't want to."

"No, I'd like to." Cloud gave him a small smile. "It's fun, and I think I'd like to get a bit more used to it before I forget that it's not so scary."

Sephiroth hugged him close and kissed him. "Then let's have fun."


Cloud did amazingly well on the rest of the course, and Sephiroth beamed with pride as he held out his arms to catch him on the last leg. A quick trip back to the cottage got him cleaned up and changed into fresh clothes, then they headed into town for dinner and drinks at a casual beachside pub. The music was loud and the food was mediocre, but it was nice being out at the sort of place Cloud might go to with his friends. When they'd had enough of that, they moved to a bar that was built out on the water and had swings instead of seats and a large glass platform for dancing to the live music.

The ridiculous, fruity, frozen drinks Cloud ordered for them were surprisingly tasty, and he enjoyed sipping at it while Cloud rested his head on his shoulder. They had snagged a wide swing they could both fit on and faced away from the bar, looking back at the beach. It was a bit of a tight fit, but that only made it better, in his opinion, however, and he kept one arm wrapped snugly around Cloud's waist.

"This is nice," he murmured, just as he heard someone comment that the person over there looked like SOLDIER First Class Sephiroth. He grumbled, wishing that he wasn't so recognizable. Another woman sighed, saying that it looked like the rumours were true and he wasn't single.

"Totally taken," Cloud whispered. "And madly in love."

"Madly," he agreed.

"I wonder if he'd be up for a threesome," someone asked. "I've heard he's really kinky, and that chick is hot. I'd make out with her for a chance to be with him."

Cloud giggled. "So what, she'd make out with me, but that's it? That doesn't seem very fair. Maybe I want to have some lesbian sex."

Sephiroth stopped with his drink part way to his mouth. "Do you want to have sex with a woman?" he asked.

"One of them?"

"No, me."

"Oh … ohhh …" Cloud lifted his head up and blinked at him. "That might be interesting, but I like cock."

"As do I," Sephiroth said. "I miss yours. What if, and this is just a suggestion, but what if we found someone we liked with a cock. Just a one time thing."

Cloud's eyes went wide. "A threesome? With me, a girl, you, a girl, and somebody else, a boy?"

"I would prefer to be female so I wouldn't be easily recognized. But know that this suggestion is in no way meant to indicate that I don't want to be with you or that you're not satisfying me. I love you and honestly, want to spend the rest of my life with you. I just wondered if it might not be fun."

Cloud bobbed his head, considering. "It might be fun. But wouldn't it be kind of mean? Like we're tricking some guy into having sex with us while thinking that we're girls?"

Sephiroth considered that for a moment. "I understand where you're coming from, but in my mind, if your physical body matches up with his expectations, it shouldn't make a difference. Like, if someone had sex-reassignment surgery, they shouldn't have to admit that they've done so with every partner from thereon out. Right?"

"Right …" Cloud sucked up the last of his drink with a loud slurping noise. "I'll think about it."