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A Kind of Magic

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The next morning, Cloud woke shortly after dawn and went out to see Sephiroth coming back up the beach, dripping water that glistened in the morning sun. The sight of it was enough to make him drool and he felt a tingle between his thighs. Then he noticed the machine bobbing in the water.

“Is that a jet ski?” he called out excitedly.

“I’ll take you out after breakfast. I only brought one out for now, but I’ll teach you to drive it.”

Cloud grinned and ran down the beach to greet him with a kiss. That got him hoisted up and hauled back to the porch where Sephiroth went at him with his tongue again, bringing him to a screaming climax before fucking him hard and fast. He was left sprawled mostly naked and entirely disheveled on the porch until Sephiroth came out with coffee and breakfast.

“Worn out already?” Sephiroth asked with a smirk.

“Nope. Just enjoying the moment.” Cloud pushed himself up and pulled up his pants, then paused as he felt the come leaking down his thighs and soaking into the fabric. “Does Mrs. Baxter do the laundry?”

Sephiroth laughed, clearly understanding where his embarrassment was coming from. “She does, and I assume she’s worldly enough to know what’s what. But she probably won’t mention it, at least not to you. If something’s particularly bad, just give it a rinse first. With the swimsuits and towels, there are plenty of wet things in the wash.”

After breakfast, Cloud got fitted with a life jacket and they went out to the jet ski. He rode behind Sephiroth and clung to him as tightly as he could as they zipped around, flying high on the waves they were creating. He was breathless and his heart was pounding a mile a minute when Sephiroth finally killed the engine far out from shore.



“Want to try?”

“Oh hell yes!”

Instead of trying to get around each other to swap spots, Sephiroth just jumped into the ocean and let Cloud slide forwards before climbing onto the back. He slid in behind him, enveloping him in his warm body. One hand slipped under the life jacket to splay over his stomach while Sephiroth explained how to operate the machine and the safety features.

Cloud drove at much slower speeds than Sephiroth, but once he got a feel for it, he did try pushing his speed a little. He didn’t have Sephiroth’s reflexes or strength, though, and worried about flying off or hitting something hidden in the water. But, he thought, Sephiroth was definitely paying attention and would take over if he needed to.

He gunned the engine, pushing it hard like Sephiroth had until they were flying through the water, bouncing higher and higher. One particularly high jump had him lifting out of his seat, but Sephiroth was a solid lump behind him and kept him from flying off. He slowed to a stop after that, though, needing to catch his breath.

“How’re you doing?” Sephiroth asked in his ear.

Adrenaline was pumping through his veins and Cloud grinned. “If I had a dick right now, I’d be so hard.”

Sephiroth laughed behind him, then grabbed his hips and pulled him back until he felt the unmistakable hardness against his ass. “Like that?”

Cloud ground against it. “Like that.”

A hand reached up and unzipped his life jacket, then undid the strings tied at the back of his neck, exposing his breasts. Sephiroth leaned around and sucked on his nipples while delving one hand between his legs to tease. In the distance, he could see what was probably a public beach, and as Sephiroth tilted him forwards and lowered his bottoms, he hoped that no one there would notice them and come out to see if they were having engine trouble.

Cloud jumped into the water to clean himself up after they finished, then drove them into shore where he waited on board the machine while Sephiroth fetched a big inner tube out of the shed. Sephiroth hauled him around on it, gently at first, then as he began to cut through his own waves, Cloud was sent bouncing higher and higher until he couldn’t hold on any longer and went flying. He hit the water with a painful smack, but when Sephiroth looped back to pick him up, the pain disappeared as he was helped up onto the jet ski.

"You're smooth with those cures," he said, laughing. "Can I pull you?"


"Well, yeah."

Sephiroth laughed and dove off, swimming with powerful strokes back to the tube. Cloud got himself settled and went over the instructions that were beside the ignition once more. When Sephiroth gave him a thumbs up, he gunned the engine.

Try as he might, though, he absolutely couldn't get Sephiroth to fall off. He supposed it was only to be expected, but it was still frustrating. Eventually he came to a stop and shouted back, "Let me win, just once!"

Sephiroth laughed and gave him another thumbs up, so Cloud took off again, going on tight circles to really build the waves up. A sharp turn in the opposite direction, and then the drag on the machine let up. Over his shoulder, he saw Sephiroth flying through the air before turning it into an elegant dive.

Grinning madly, he turned back to get him. He knew Sephiroth had intentionally let go, but he was willing to do so, and that made him happy.

"Want some lunch?" Sephiroth asked when he climbed back on.


Mrs. Baxter had been and gone. She had left a large mesh bag that was filled with various buckets and moulds and shovels, and Cloud quirked an eyebrow at Sephiroth.

"One castle building kit, as requested. Are you planning to take a nap again after lunch?"

Cloud eyed the buckets for a long moment, but nodded. "Yeah, I think so. Do you mind?"

Sephiroth shook his head. "Not at all. I don't want you exhausting yourself. I do want to play a game in the afternoon, and we have dinner reservations at 7:30 in town, but I'm sure we can sneak some sand castle time in there."

"What game are we going to play?" he asked.

Sephiroth just smiled as he started the barbecue. "You'll see. It's one you like."

"That's a terrible hint. I like all the games."

Sephiroth made hamburgers and Cloud fixed a smaller salad than the day before for a side. There was some of his favourite beer in the fridge, and they had a nice lunch out on the porch. Cloud was fairly sure that he wouldn't want to have to sleep in a waterbed all the time, but for naps, it was great, and he felt well rested when Sephiroth woke him.

Downstairs, Sephiroth had laid down several towels on the floor, and there was a sheet covering some things on the kitchen island.

“Undress?” Cloud asked.

Sephiroth nodded and held up out a pair of boots and gloves. “Did you sleep well?” he asked as Cloud stripped off the boxers and tank top he had slept in.

“Yeah, it’s nice having time off and being able to relax.” He sat on a barstool to pull on the black, high-heeled boots and zipped the tight leather up past his knees. He looked at the size of the heels and then up at Sephiroth.

“Don’t worry,” he said, as if reading his mind as he knelt to tie the ribbon around his ankle. “You don’t need to walk in them.”

“I’d better not. Breaking my ankle isn’t how I want to spend my vacation, even if you can heal it.” Matching gloves went to midway up his upper arms, and he noted a D-ring on his left wrist and clip on his right.

“And your necklace.” Sephiroth stepped up behind him and fastened a red leather collar around his neck that locked into place. It had a D-ring that sat at his throat, and Sephiroth clipped a matching leash to it, then kissed Cloud gently. “Ready to begin? Just a couple of steps over to the towels.”


Without any further warning, Sephiroth jerked on the leash and pulled him to his feet. A hand at his elbow both steadied him and shoved him towards the towels. He stumbled forwards and Sephiroth controlled his fall onto the towels, which were slightly damp, then pulled his arms behind his back and clipped them together.

“On your knees,” he ordered, and Cloud struggled to rise. Another jerk on the leash helped him back upright, and he coughed as Sephiroth stepped out of his shorts, already hard. Seconds later, he was pushing past Cloud’s lips and giving him no time to adjust as he began thrusting deep into his mouth.

Cloud could only concentrate on breathing and trying to relax his throat while Sephiroth fucked him. He didn’t particularly like getting his face fucked, but Sephiroth never made it last long, and it was only a short time later that Sephiroth growled out a warning before coming deep in his throat. He got a few moments to recover, resting his head against Sephiroth’s hip as fingers stroked gently through his hair.

“Good girl,” Sephiroth murmured, then leaned down and unhooked his wrists. He gave them each a kiss before clipping them again in front, then pushed him gently down onto his back. Similar clips on the boots connected his calves to his thighs, keeping his legs bent, and Sephiroth spread his legs wide.

Cloud lifted his arms above his head. There was nothing solid nearby that they could be bound to, but he knew that Sephiroth liked them up and out of the way for scenes like this. He lay there calmly, waiting for whatever was coming up next. The blowjob had probably been just to blow off some steam, so the main event was likely still to come. He heard the sound of a lighter, then a few minutes later, Sephiroth knelt beside him.

He opened his eyes and watched as Sephiroth poured some oil over his hands and rubbed them together before cupping his breasts and beginning to massage him. “That feels good,” he whispered as Sephiroth worked the oil into every bit of exposed skin from his neck down.

“Good.” He used more oil than he would for a normal massage, and Cloud was feeling like he was ready for some oil wrestling by the time Sephiroth stood up again. He returned with a fat, white candle that was lit. “I’m going to test the temperature on your hip,” he said. “Tell me if it’s too hot.”


Holding the candle high above him, Sephiroth tilted it and let a small bit of the melted wax drip down onto his hip. Cloud gasped when it landed and a burning pain shocked the area for a brief second, then cooled into a tingling sensation.

“I think that’s fine,” he said. “Didn’t hurt too much.”

Sephiroth checked the area carefully, then nodded. “No indication that it’s going to blister. Remember that can change depending on a lot of factors, so let me know if it starts to be too much.”

Cloud nodded, then took a deep breath and closed his eyes, awaiting the sensations. It began on his belly, with sharp shocks that made him want to squirm away. Cooling wax ran down his sides and pooled in his belly button. Sephiroth’s hair followed, plucking at the edges of the hardened wax to add a different type of pain. He gasped in shock when something cold pressed against the skin between his breasts for a few seconds, then hot wax hit the same spot.

He moaned, fighting with himself to hold still when a section of hair slipped between his legs and began to rub between his labia. Sephiroth repeated the ice and wax treatment on his breasts, working towards the centres as Cloud grew more and more aroused. He was whimpering nonstop by the time wax splashed down onto his hard nipples. The feeling of it hardening over them went straight to his groin.

“Gaia.” The hair was still just teasing him, and he needed more. He heard Sephiroth set the candle down, then his fingers joined his hair, feeling his entrance. “Please, please,” he begged when they pulled away.

He yelled in shock when, rather than the warm cock he was hoping for, something ice cold pushed into him and began to pump in and out. His eyes flew open and he lifted head to see his wax covered body and Sephiroth kneeling between his legs, fucking him with a glass dildo. The coldness of it penetrated his core and he whimpered. “No …”

“Warm it up if it’s cold,” Sephiroth said callously.

Cloud dropped his head back down, fighting now to keep himself from closing his legs and trying to keep the cruel thing out. It was gradually warming from his body heat, but not fast enough. The hair tickling his clit wasn’t near enough to distract him from the discomfort. Half a minute or so later, however, Sephiroth pulled it out and Cloud moaned in relief when it was replaced with what he really wanted. His cock seemed so hot in comparison, and his arousal immediately surged again. He strained against the clips on his legs, trying to wrap them around Sephiroth’s waist and keep him in place.

Sephiroth thrust slowly, letting him feel the full length of his cock moving in and out. At the same time, Cloud felt cold metal press against one of the chunks of wax on his belly, and he gasped as it was peeled back, pulling at the sensitive skin beneath.

It was completely overwhelming. Sephiroth continued to slowly fuck him as he peeled off all the wax, giving him the bizarre mixture of pleasure and pain that he loved so much. The section of hair that was playing with his clit began to work it in earnest when Sephiroth peeled back the wax that coated one of his nipples, and the sensations came to a head when he did the second. He writhed beneath Sephiroth, who began to pound into him faster, screaming out in ecstasy as it overtook him.

Sephiroth let him hook his bound arms around his neck and leaned down to kiss him as his climax followed.

“Good girl,” he murmured as he slipped out. “That was good.”

Sephiroth blew out the candle and unclipped his limbs before hoisting him up and carrying him to the bathroom upstairs. He got him out of the boots, gloves, and collar, then cradled him in his lap while he gently washed away the remaining wax and oil.

“Did you put that thing in the fucking freezer or something?” Cloud asked.

“Yes. Was it too much?”

“No,” he grumbled. “Just unexpected. I liked the change from cold to hot with the ice and wax.”

“And did it feel even better when I fucked you?”

Cloud glared between narrowed eyes. “You’re mean. You know it did, but it was really cold!”

“There’s a raft in the shed. How about I pump it up and anchor it out in the water so you can relax in the sun and warm up?”

He considered the offer for a moment. “As long as you cuddle with me when you’re not bringing me drinks.”

Sephiroth laughed and gave him a tight squeeze, then shut off the water. “Yes, master. Anything for you.”

He put on a comfortable swimsuit and Sephiroth coated him in sunscreen again, then carried him outside to the beach. He was placed in a comfy chair while Sephiroth inflated the raft and got it anchored out in the water, where he spent the remainder of the afternoon with the SOLDIER at his beck and call, drinking cute cocktails and cuddling until they had to go get dressed for dinner.

Sephiroth had chosen his dress, which was made of silk and went past his knees, but had a high slit up his right thigh.

"Should I be wearing makeup?" he asked as he looked at himself in the mirror. He looked good, and definitely female, but not terribly feminine.

"You can if you want. I brought what I got you for the ball and we can get more, but I think you look good the way you are and don't care what anyone else thinks."

"It takes me a long time to put it on," he said with a sigh.

Sephiroth finished buttoning his shirt and turned to him. "Cloud, if you want to wear makeup, you can, and we can arrange things so you have enough time to do it properly. Or if you want to for nights out, we can go early and go to a makeup artist."

Cloud blushed and considered his appearance. "I ... I do like wearing it."

Sephiroth gave him an indulgent smile. "Then how about ... Tuesday. We're busy tomorrow. Tuesday afternoon, you can go get your makeup done and have a proper lesson at the same time. I'll buy what the artist recommends, and you can experiment. Does that sound good?"

"That sounds great! What are we doing tomorrow?"

"That's a surprise. You'll either love it or hate it, but I know you'll worry if I tell you in advance. I will tell you that many, many people do it."

"Is it something I'm going to have to be brave for?"

"Yes, but you're a brave person. And it's okay if you can't or don’t want to. You know I won't force you."

That was reassuring, at least, and Cloud finished getting ready without worrying too much about it.

The limo picked them up again, and Sephiroth made them drinks, though Cloud didn't have time to finish his in the short time it took to get them to the heart of Costa del Sol. They had dinner at what seemed like a very exclusive restaurant. They had a romantically dark corner that looked out over the sea, and the waiter brought them course after course of delicious food and drinks.

"It's fine to get a bit drunk tonight," Sephiroth murmured when Cloud looked nervously at the third glass of wine he'd been given in a short amount of time. "I'll get you home safely and won’t take advantage."

Cloud smiled and leaned up to kiss Sephiroth's cheek. "You never do."