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A Kind of Magic

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Cloud stared at the small bag he had packed with just a few clothes and toiletries. Sephiroth had already sent ahead more bags and trunks that he would have ever thought necessary for a ten day vacation. They would be there and waiting when they arrived in Costa del Sol. He got the impression that Sephiroth wasn't cutting corners, and supposed it made sense. The man rarely took time off, so when he did, Cloud figured he would want to make the most of it. Sephiroth was being very secretive about what his actual plans were for the trip, but Cloud was looking forward to it. Assuming he survived the flight there. That was the thing he was dreading.

The plan was to go to the airport separately. Cloud had his ticket and would go through security as a man, then they would meet up and Sephiroth would change him before boarding. They had done several more trial runs with the materia over the past couple weeks, and Cloud was feeling fairly comfortable in a female body. He was even sort of getting used to the disorientation that came with the change, but he still didn't like it. Sephiroth said it was painless, which was true, but it made him feel queasy and weird, so he was looking forward to being able to just remain female for the duration of the trip.

Cloud glanced at his PHS for the time and stood, swinging his bag over his shoulder.

"Heading out?" Hollister asked.

"Yep. Train's in fifteen."

"I'm so jealous. I want to go to a private cottage at the beach too."

Cloud laughed. "I'll send you a postcard."

"I want a souvenir! A nice one, not some cheap tourist trash."

"Yeah, yeah. Have a good break." He blew Hollister a kiss as he left.

The train took an hour to get to the civilian airport located just outside Midgar proper, and Cloud spent the ride trying to psych himself up for the flight. He'd never been in an airship before, but had heard that the flights were generally smoother than planes, and definitely smoother than the helicopters he was often sent in for missions. The ticket Sephiroth had given him didn't appear to have a seat assignment and he wondered if it was just a free for all. Gaia, he hoped he didn't end up puking or panicking. His only comfort was the knowledge that Sephiroth would be understanding if he did.

Getting checked in and through security was a breeze with no luggage to check. Upon seeing his ticket, the staff suddenly became very polite and helpful. It was an odd thing to be called Mr. Strife so formally. He wondered if they were in first class or something. Somebody carried his bag and took him to the front of the security line, then showed him to the lounge where Sephiroth had said to meet him. He was only waiting for a few minutes before a familiar face appeared in the doorway.

Sephiroth was wearing a pair of black slacks and a white, button down top that was untucked and open at the neck. His hair pulled back in a ponytail completed the casual look, and he beckoned to Cloud.

"No trouble getting here?" he asked as he led the way to a rest area where he swiped a card to let them into a small room with a bed and a shower.

"Nope. Are we in first class or something? Everyone was suspiciously polite."

Sephiroth laughed and shook his head. "You'll find out. Ready?"

"You bet." Cloud shut his eyes and tried not to grimace as he felt his body begin to change. He didn't think he'd ever be fully comfortable with it. The end result was worth it, however, and he cheerfully stripped out of his regular clothes while Sephiroth took out his outfit for the trip.

Sephiroth helped him with the bra. He hadn't quite gotten the hang of the hooks, and with actual breasts it was harder to put it on backwards and then spin it around. The matching panties that didn't require awkwardly stuffing himself into were cute with little bows on each of his hips.

"Oh, that's pretty," he said when Sephiroth held out a bright yellow sundress with a subtle pattern of pink flowers. "I don't know where you got your women's fashion sense, but I like it."

He spun around after pulling it over his head and inspected himself in the mirror. The neckline was quite high, but it scooped low in the back, barely covering his bra band. The skirt was quite short, but not embarrassingly so, and it flared out when he spun. He smoothed down his hair a bit and pinned the largest of his spikes down with a small clip that had a flower on it as well. They had decided against even attempting a wig. It wasn't like his haircut screamed guy, and Cloud thought it looked quite nice with the clip.

A pair of comfortable pink sandals finished the outfit, and Cloud had one final spin while Sephiroth folded up his clothes and put them in the bag.

"You look really nice," Sephiroth said.

"Yeah." Cloud smiled up at his partner. The only thing he didn't like about the female body was that it was a few centimetres shorter than he already was, which meant more craning his neck. "We make a lovely couple."

"Let's go, then." Sephiroth held out his hand and Cloud happily took it. He always loved it when he was able to be with Sephiroth openly in public, and twined their fingers together as they walked to the departure gate.

Their tickets got them ushered past the other people who were waiting to board, and Cloud took a nervous breath as he walked onto the huge airship. He could feel the hum of the engines through his feet. To his surprise, they walked past the first-class lounge at the front of the ship that had a forward view. He caught a glimpse of the fancy pod-like seats that reclined and the full-service bar where high class people were already milling around.

He sighed in disappointment as they continued past, then blushed when Sephiroth chuckled next to him. Had he been that obvious? He hadn't meant to seem ungrateful. Sephiroth was paying for everything, after all. He opened his mouth to apologize when Sephiroth spoke.

"You'll note that we're not headed for the economy section either, my dear."

A flight attendant wearing tails greeted them at the bottom of a flight of stairs that had a velvet rope and a sign saying 'restricted access' in front of it. "This way, sir, ma'am." He unclipped the rope and let them through. Cloud's heart pounded in anticipation as Sephiroth nudged him to go first and he climbed the steps.

A loud gasp slipped from his lips as he reached the top and opened the door. This was … this was … he didn't know what this was, but it sure as hell didn't look like any airship cabin he'd seen before.

Sephiroth chuckled again and gave his ass a pat, pushing him further into the cabin. "Go look around if you want."

Huge windows circumferenced the cabin, giving them a 360-degree view. Right now it was of airport workers and luggage trucks, but he could just imagine what it would be like while they were flying. Instead of the single person pods from the first-class section, there were several big, cozy-looking pods that two people could snuggle up in and look at the view. An actual bed was placed near the bow of the ship, covered in plush looking blankets and pillows, and Cloud knew in an instant that he'd be able to sleep forever in a bed like that. A bottle of wine was chilling in a bucket next to a small table with two glasses on it. He heard the flight attendant saying something about not using the hot tub during take-off and landing and he spun around.

"Hot tub? There's a hot tub?"

The flight attendant smiled and gestured to his left. "Welcome aboard the Honeymoon Cabin of the Midgar Air Service's Enterprise, Miss Strife. I hope you have an enjoyable flight. If there's anything we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to ask."

Cloud frowned at how he had gone from mister, to ma'am, and now he was apparently a miss, but then he spotted the hot tub. It was set into the floor right next to the window on the port side. Unlit candles were placed strategically around it, and there was another stand for a wine bucket next to some fluffy towels. Robes hung from hooks set into the frames the windows were set in. There were chocolates and little snacks dotting the cabin, and a bar area held all manner of drinks.

"I thought I'd be the luckiest—girl alive if I got to see what first class is like," he breathed in awe.

Sephiroth walked up behind him and kissed the top of his head. "The flight attendant is gone, you can refer to yourself however you want. Do you like it?"

Cloud craned his head backwards so he was looking at Sephiroth upside down. "Do I like it? Sephiroth, this is amazing! I just hope I can enjoy it."

"I hope you can as well. A couple drinks might help with your fear of heights, and an esuna should help if you're feeling nauseous."

"You brought esuna just for that?" He was touched that Sephiroth had made such a consideration.

"I did. And if you need a hand to hold or body to cling to, I'm here."

"And if we crash, will you land first and catch me?"

Sephiroth laughed. "Of course. Princess style. I'll even make sure to catch your skirt so your underwear doesn't show." He kissed his forehead, and then let go to walk over to the table. He filled their wine glasses and held one out to him. "Cheers, Cloud. Let's have a good vacation."


Cloud was in heaven.

Taking off wasn't so bad with a glass of wine in his system and Sephiroth's strong arms cuddling him close in the disgustingly comfortable pod. The spell Sephiroth cast had quickly settled his stomach, even as they lurched skyward, and he was able to enjoy the sight of the ground getting smaller and smaller.

Once they were in the air, Sephiroth poured them each another glass of wine, then changed into a robe. Despite the trial runs they had done in the time leading up to their vacation, they hadn't actually had intercourse yet in his new body. Cloud had felt a bit selfish for asking to wait, but he wanted it to be special. Sephiroth had agreed willingly, but from the look he was giving him, it appeared that the man was done waiting. That was just fine by him. A cabin like this enroute to their first ever holiday together was certainly a special enough time and place.

"Undress, sweetheart, and lie back in the pod," Sephiroth ordered as he sipped at his wine.

Cloud slipped off his sandals, then pulled his dress over his head. He wasn’t really putting on a show, but he tried to make it look good. He dropped the bra and panties on the floor, then sat down and propped a pillow behind his head before tilting the pod back.

"The view's so pretty," he commented, taking in the gorgeous landscape they were passing.

"Mmm, yes." Sephiroth didn't even glance at the window as he agreed. "It occurs to me that we never had a follow-up test to the lesson I gave you. I'd like you to show me what you learned. Spread your legs nice and wide so I can see properly."

Cloud blushed and tried to quickly go over the names of the parts in his head. He remembered vulva because it had surprised him so much, then there was a something major and a something minor. "You could have told me there would be a test," he grumbled.

"Pop quizzes are more fun." Sephiroth sat opposite him and gave him a look, silently telling him to get on with it.

With a hard-done-by sigh that he didn't mean, Cloud bared himself to Sephiroth's gaze and began. He didn't do badly, at least, apart from the more technical names. Sephiroth punished his mistakes by not allowing him to touch himself for a minute or two while he explained again and made him repeat it. Shortly after he was allowed to move on to touching his clitoris, Sephiroth stripped off his robe, exposing his stiff erection, and had him shift slightly further down in the pod.

Cloud trembled in anticipation when Sephiroth knelt between his legs and leaned down to kiss him. The cockhead at his new entrance made him moan with desire.

"Don't stop touching yourself," Sephiroth murmured moments before pushing in.

It felt absolutely incredible. There was a slight bit of pain with the initial thrusts, then it turned to nothing but sheer pleasure as he continued to rub the tiny nub while Sephiroth pounded into him.

Sephiroth held him close again when they came down from their respective climaxes. Cloud blushed at the thought of the flight attendant finding the inevitable come stain on the fabric, but he supposed it was expected in a cabin like this that was obviously meant for sex. He blushed again when his stomach rumbled loudly.

Sephiroth just laughed and rubbed his belly. "Go get the other robe. I'll call for our dinner service."

Dinner was nothing short of divine. He didn't know what half of what he ate was, but it was as good, if not better than what he had eaten at some of the best restaurants Sephiroth had taken him to. A third glass of wine helped keep his nerves at bay, though with how smooth the flight was, it was almost a non-issue. He curled up on one of the dry pods with his chocolate mousse and grinned when Sephiroth joined him for another cuddle.

"I'm happy we waited," he confided. "I know it's silly, but I felt like I was kinda losing my virginity again and I wanted it to be special."

"It's not silly," Sephiroth murmured. "We rushed into having sex fairly quickly when we started dating. I'm glad we had a chance to take it a bit slower this time. You're still feeling good about being female?"

"Yeah, it just felt really natural, not weird. So different from sex as a guy, but still good."

"Good, I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I'm happy we waited as well."

"Which side will the sun set on?" he asked. Sephiroth would know without having to think about it.

"Funnily enough, it's the side with that very tempting hot tub. Would you like to test it out?"

He groaned, overwhelmed by the happiness he was feeling right now. He could hardly believe this was happening. "Yes," he moaned.

Sephiroth curled around and kissed him deeply. "I'm going to have them bring up some champagne and fruits for while we're in the tub," he said when he pulled away, leaving Cloud slightly breathless and aching for more again.

He waited patiently, sprawled decadently in his pod like he was Rufus Shinra while the staff cleared the dinner things, lit the candles, and brought up a bottle of champagne and a tray of assorted fruit. When they were gone, he slipped out of his robe again and approached the hot tub. There was a small sunken section of the tiled area with a drain in the floor and a shower head hanging next to it, so he took the opportunity to rinse the come off of himself, then stepped into the hot water.

"Oh, this is perfect." The tub had grooves and places to rest his feet so he wasn't floating all over the place. In the water, he could barely even tell that they were moving. The landscape out the window seemed more like he was watching an enormous TV rather than the world going by.

Sephiroth had clipped his hair up so it wouldn't get wet, then stepped into the tub next to him. Cloud's breath caught when he saw that he was erect again. He was so beautiful, and Cloud felt heat pool in his belly, wanting to take that organ into his mouth.

"Can I open the champagne?" he asked, partially to distract himself, partially because he'd never done it before and wanted to try.

Sephiroth just smiled before lowering his head and taking a breast into his mouth. Cloud gasped and moaned as he sucked on them, moving back and forth and back and forth. Finally, he sat up with a satisfied smile, leaving Cloud flustered and wanting. "Yes, you may pop the cork."

"I'm hardly in a state to do that now!" he protested, but reached for the bottle anyway and grinned as he got the wire off and aimed the bottle away from himself. "Is it dangerous to have it pointed at the window?"

Sephiroth chuckled and shook his head. "The bottle hasn't been shaken, so there won't be a great explosion. And if the windows were so weak as to not be able to withstand a champagne cork hitting them, we would not be aboard this aircraft."

"Okay, here we go then!" He worked the cork part way out, then braced his thumbs against it and pushed. To his great embarrassment, he gave a small squeak of surprise when it finally came out with a loud pop and landed in the water. Sephiroth just kissed him again before holding out the glasses.

He sipped slowly at his, not wanting to get drunk, and Sephiroth pulled him into his lap to feed him little pieces of fruit. A hand crept between his legs after a while and began to gently rub, gradually bringing him more and more pleasure until he peaked again, shuddering and trembling in Sephiroth's arms. They cooled off in a section of the tub that had a partition separating it from the main tub. The water in it wasn't as hot, and it made him feel less light-headed.

Sephiroth levered himself out of the tub after a while of just sitting and waiting in comfortable silence as the sun got lower and lower. He returned with a glass of sparkling water and what looked like a whiskey. The water was for Cloud, and he smiled gratefully as he crawled back into the other tub. Sephiroth gathered him into his arms again, but just held him this time, stroking him gently and planting small kisses on his head while they watched the sky begin to glow red and orange.

"This reminds me of the ball," he said softly once the brilliant colours had faded into darkness. "I had so much fun that night. And then you told me you loved me. I don't know whatever made me think I had misheard."

"I never thought I'd find someone as wonderful as you. When you showed up in that dress … that's when I knew for sure. I could hardly believe that you were willing to go to such lengths to be with me." Sephiroth sighed and rubbed his back. "One day," he murmured. "One day soon, I'm going to be brave and come out, I promise. Until then, thank you so much for understanding."

Cloud twisted a bit so he could give Sephiroth a tight hug. "I'll wait as long as you need. Can I give you a blowjob?"

Sephiroth burst out laughing. "Well, that's certainly a change of topic."

"You looked really hot when you got into the tub. I've been waiting so patiently, but even I have limits."

"I'd hate to try your patience." He pushed himself out of the tub and sat on the edge with his dripping wet semi in full view. "Go ahead."

Cloud grinned and knelt on the bench between his legs. He moaned happily as he licked the water from the rapidly stiffening organ and took it into his mouth. He loved the noises he could make Sephiroth make. Knowing that he could make the strongest man in the world tremble with need gave him a rush like no other.

"Cloud …" Sephiroth moaned as he came.

When he pulled away, Sephiroth immediately swept down to kiss him, then scooped him up and lifted him out of the water. He was roughly dried off before being deposited on the bed, where he sank back into the pillows while Sephiroth spread his legs and lowered his head between them. He vaguely wondered how soundproofed the cabin was, or if the whole airship was being treated to his cries of pleasure as Sephiroth did unimaginable things with his tongue and lips and fingers, bringing him to orgasm again and again until he collapsed, completely exhausted.

He woke with a start when something bumped, and looked around in a bit of a fright until Sephiroth appeared at his side, fully dressed again.

“We’re here,” he said gently. “Hurry and get dressed.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep.” He had been tucked into the cozy blankets at some point and had one last snuggle into them before getting up.

Sephiroth just shook his head. “You were tired and I thought it would be better if I let you sleep through the landing. It’s not like there’s much of a view coming in at this time of night.”

He finger-combed his hair, and Sephiroth helped him with his bra again. He stopped him, however, when he went to put his panties on. Cloud blushed and spread his feet apart as Sephiroth pushed a slicked-up, bright pink, egg-shaped thing deep into his vagina. A loop of coated string hung outside his body—he assumed to take it out with. With that, he was allowed to pull his panties up while Sephiroth took out a flat pink disc and pressed a button, starting a low vibration through his core.

“Dress now, and we’ll go before they start knocking. That should stay in without a problem, but tell me if it's uncomfortable or if you feel it slipping out.”

“Okay.” He quickly pulled the dress on and got his sandals sorted while Sephiroth sipped at another whiskey and watched him hungrily. “Is it okay?” he asked once he was dressed. “Can’t see the string?”

“No, it looks fine. Let’s go.”