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Concrete Revolutio is not mine.

Kikko doesn’t really care much of Earth’s traditions or celebrations. She read about some of it here and there, and that’s pretty much it. Never in her mind that she’ll one day ever celebrate one.

Which is why the invite to a Christmas party surprised her.

What surprised her more is that the fact that it’s held by the hitoyoshi’s household. Considering that none of them seemingly is a type of person who would held a party.

When she asked her co-workers about it, they said that it’s held almost every year ever since the Bureau started, and that it’s more of a feast rather than full blown party. When it’s about who’s idea was it, they straightforwardly said



Somehow, she suddenly felt motivated to research more about Christmas.


The day passed by, and the night has come. And so it was time for the party. Yesterday there has been a light snowfall so the city was covered in white. Kikko walked towards the Hitoyoshi’s house, wearing a blue coat since the snow made the air colder. As she goes, she looked around as the city’s been decorated with little multi colored lights. The environment’s a lighter brighter than usual, both figuratively and literally.

Even the Hitoyoshi’s house has been decorated too, as she saw when she arrived there.

She went to the door and then knocked it. She heard someone saying “I’ll get it” from the inside and before long the door opened.

“Ah, Kikko, you’ve finally arrived.” Said Jiro, with a slight and warm, smile on his face. “Please do come in, the others have arrived too.” As he opened the door to let her in. “Y-yes..” She stuttered. It’s a very rare moment to see Jiro happy, and let alone smiling, which is why she’s flustered when she saw him being like that.

As she went inside, she can hear chattering coming inside the house already. Assuming the amount of shoes on the front, it’s safe to say that everyone is there already.

She then move towards the dining room -after she hang her coat on the coat hanger-, and could hear the chatter becoming louder. When she entered the room, she could sees that all of the Bureau members is already there, with the chatter coming from the Professor and Hyouma.

The other thing that caught her eyes is the amount of food there is on the table.

Her eyes widen in awe. She didn’t expect it to be this much.

Her focus turned to something else, or rather someone, who is waving towards her. It was the maid of the Hitoyoshi’s family. From what Kikko heard, she’s been considered a family by the Hitoyoshi, so it’s no surprise that she’s invited too. ‘Who else would cook all of this anyway if it isn’t for her.’ Kikko thought. She then sees her motioning towards and empty seat next to her. Kikko understand what she meant and approach the chair and sat on it.

“How are you Kikko san?” The maid asked her. “Oh, I’m fine. How about you?” “I’m fine too. Well kinda tired since I have to make the foods.” The maid laughed a little. “You made all of this?” Kikko asked her, with a hint of amazement in her tone. “Eh? N-no way~!” She shakes both her hand. “I bought some of them from the store, while some of the others are brought by Hyouma san and Emi san.” She explained. Kikko let out an understanding “ohhh.”

Not long Jiro came to the room and sat on one of the chair. And so the party started. Everyone chat with each other, while enjoying the food that’s served on the table. Occasionally Kikko steal a gaze towards Jiro, and seeing how happy he is, it made her fluster again.

For once, she felt warm inside.


As the clock indicates that it’s almost midnight, everyone started to pack up. Kikko is the first one to go -since her apartment is quite far away- and said goodbye to everyone. As she approached the door, she hear someone calls her. “Kikko, you forgot your coat.” Jiro mentioned, -who is asked by the Professor to escort her-. She curses herself quietly before turning towards him to reply. “A-ah yeah sorry! I’ll take I-”

Before she can finish, Jiro is already walking towards her with her coat in his hand.

She mentally cursed herself again. ‘How could I let him bring my coat? It’s his house for crying out loud!’ she screamed in her mind. Just as she thought that the night could turn for the worse.

He approach her who is standing in front of the door to give her the coat. As he stands in front of her, he extends her hand which have her coat on it.”Here.” He said plainly.
She then took it and put it on. “T-thank you.” She said with embarrassment in her tone. She stood there awkwardly before heading back towards the door.

That is, until a voice stopped her.

“Well now, where are you going, Kikko? You can’t just leave him like that.”

They both then turn towards the source of the voice. Which is Hyouma, with the rest of the member behind him after hearing his voice. “Seemingly today is your lucky day, Jiro.” He continued. Both Jiro and Kikko shares a look of confusion. “What do you mean, Jaguar-san?” Jiro asked him. Hyouma simply replied by pointing above them, which they both followed by looking up.

Above them, hangs a Mistletoe.

Both of them stared at it blankly. She recalled that if there’s two person who stand under the Mistletoe, they have too….

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds passed, before the realization kicked in.

“EEHHHHHH???” Kikko screamed, with her face turning red as a tomato. She can’t… it’s not…. this can’t be real, right?

Turns out, the night CAN get worse.

‘Is this really happening? Do I really get to kiss Jiro senpai? But shouldn’t I be happy? Aghh, but it’s still embarrassing!’ Her brain said in a jumbled mess. She tried to talk but all that comes out is stutters from her. “It’s the tradition kid, you have to do it.” Hyouma said again while rising his shoulders.

God how she wants to kill him then and there.

Although still a jumbled mess, Kikko finally are able to talk. “B-b-b-but… I can’t….. he don’t….” She mentally hope that Jiro would help her by refusi-

“I don’t mind.”

“Yes! See! He don’t mi….” Her voice drops completely as she figured out what Jiro said.

She froze. He didn’t just say that…. right?


She then slowly turn her head towards him.

His eyes narrowed towards the other side, with a hint of pinkness on his cheek.

“I mean, if it’s just a little kiss, then I am fine with it.” he said again.

His words does help her, while at the same time it doesn’t.

“B-but you don’t understand!! For girls, their first kiss is important you know!” Kikko half yelled, before her voice died down at the end, while her pointer finger push against each other. She can’t stare at him, so she looked towards his foot instead.

“Is this your first kiss Kikko?”

She could feel an impending doom nearing. And it’s closer than she thought because suddenly Jiro closes the gap between them and stand directly in front of her.

“Then I’ll do my best for you to like it.”

As he put his hand on both of her cheek, Kikko didn’t fight back. She looked at those gold colored eyes, slowly inching towards her, before closing her own.

It was not long, but for her, it feels like forever. Those soft lips, touching her own. It was soft, and warm kiss.

As he pulled back, she opened her eyes. “Jiro san….” She muttered. As they both separated, he asked. “Was it… good?” he asked sheepishly. “Y-yes…” she replied, not fully grasping yet what just happened.

Few seconds have passed, and Kikko suddenly realized it.

Jiro kissed her.

Jiro kissed…

‘Kissed…..’ Suddenly her eyes widen, and her face goes red once again. Worried due to her silence, Jiro asked her. “Kikko… are you okay?” He didn’t manage to do anything more, as suddenly the door slams open, followed with Kikko running outside as fast as she can. Along the way she put her hand on her face to hide her embarrassment.

Once she reach her apartment, she opened and closed the door with a slam. She stand with her back on the door while trying to stop her hyperventilation. The slam was so loud it made Ullr hopped to the front quickly. “Hoshinoko?! What happened?!” He asked, which of course comes without a reply as Kikko tried to calm herself.

As her heart beat steadily drop to a normal rate. She slide off the door to the floor, recalling and rewinding what happened at the end of the party before. “Can you tell me what happened now, Hoshinoko?” Ullr asked again, as he hopped to her side. She stays quiet for a while, before touching her lips and smiles. “A miracle happened.” She said without looking at him. This of course confused him.

She then stood up, and change her clothes to her pajamas, the clock strikes midnight.

At her bed, she again rewind that moment again and again. It was short, but surely she’ll never forget it.

As she drift off to sleep, she contemplates to celebrate more of Earth’s tradition with Jiro.