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Kaminari Centric Writing Prompts

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Kaminari always had an interest in european stories and legends. However, one night, Jirou sees his door open. She peeks in and sees him peacefully on his bed. A book on the ground, she walks in to place it on the stand so it doesn't get ruined. She heard him mumbled, no, sing in his sleep.


“London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down…..”


Jirou glanced at the rythme the lyrics a lot more disturbing than it seems. Soon she found herself humming the tune too, with the lyrics.


“London bridge is falling down, my fair lady…….


Take a key and lock them up, lock them up, lock them up, take a key and lock them up my fair lady….”


The two teens were unaware of their own humming until Jirou heard voices behind her. Even then, she grew tired, and unaware, she kept singing softly, unaware of what she was singing. For some reason, it was mesmerizing. Voices grew clearer, they sounded like….


Young children…...


How will we build it up, build it up, build it up. How will we build it up, my fair lady?


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It was like slow motion, Kaminari shoved her out of the way of a concrete pillar. She watches it as it slowly crashed into him, instead of crushing him like she thought it might. He…..


The sound was that of stone hitting stone. His body fractured and broke into several pieces. His face cracked, as his 'body’ fell to the ground Jirou looked at it shocked and absorbed one detail.

Under the color that was his 'skin’ was bright, yellow, gemstone.

Citrine: mohs 7

Amber: mohs 2-2.5

Orthoclase: mohs 6-6.5

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Kaminari screamed as his quirk activated again with no warning. He was stuck, he was chained to something. His arms and legs were bound by metal chains and wires to something that hummed behind him.


He wasn't activating his quirk willingly anymore. It hurts more and more as time goes on.


He was a battery. He doesn't know how long he's been like this. He was in a single dark, metal room. Only time he leaves is for the bathroom. He's still bound to an extent then too. He doesn't remember though, not too much. His brain is being fried to the point of forgetting things.


He can't remember the sun, clouds, the wind, or the laughter he longs for.


A smile, a smile he remembers from someone, he can't remember who.


He forget them, it's been a long time. He heard them once.


Two years…….

CLAIMED: see notes

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Family Headcanons


Here are different versions on Denki Kaminari's family, which I personally enjoy.




Denki has a simple family with a stay at home mother, hero father, and an older sister who wishes to go into medicine.




Denki has one-two older siblings who are his guardians and protectors after their parents died.




Denki's family is very traditional, they own and take care of a few different shrines in the area. While his parents usually are busy with work and and hero duty, Denki learned about old folklore on the shrines from his maternal grandmother.

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Traitor Kaminari


“Everyone! There's someone I want you to meet!” Kaminari said excitedly. Everyone looked up as Kaminari pulled in an older individual through the door. They were about twenty, with dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, and well-built. He was dressed in a simple tee and a jacket with jeans and combat boots.


“Hello everyone, I'm Shokka Kaminari, Denki's older brother.” The man said.


“What's your quirk?” Bakugo asked, Shokka smiled a bit.


“Dude! That's a bit rude.” Kaminari said, Shokka smiled and patted Kaminari's head.


“I'm quirkless, Denki here was the lucky duck. Didn't stop me from becoming a cop though.” Shokka said.


“Really?! That's awesome!” Izuku said.


“Yep, I'm here to check on my bro and meet his classmates, see what their like. I'm here for a visit. Said I could have a spare room.” Shokka said.


“I'm happy to see you.” Kaminari smiled.




It was about 2am when Shokka's phone vibrated. He looked at the contact and groaned. He answered.


“What the hell is it?” Shokka hissed quietly as he got up to the middle of his room.


“How rude, didn't your parents teach you to respect your elders?”


“Yeah right, don't think about bringing them up.” Shokka said, everytime they call, his heart sinks.


“You've been a month late on your report. Things would've gone smoothly if you informed us of the rescue operation.”


“How was I supposed to do that?! They kept things under wraps long enough. They didn't tell the students anything, you can't expect me to get information like that.” Shokka sighed.


“Oh? I expect a lot from you. Information you said is your strong suit, was that a lie?”


“No! It's not, it's not, look. I'll try to get the information you want, just give me more time.” Shokka said.


“I give you a week. You are there personally yourself. Surely you can get the information you want. Especially with that quirk of yours.”


“Yeah right, my quirk is still limited. Very limited.” Shokka said.


“Oh? Is that another lie you just revealed? You know, I've gathered the profiles on the students there. One in particular is having an internship soon. Care to guess?”


Shokka froze, paled, and shook.


“Don't. You. Dare. Hurt. Him.” Shokka seethed.


“You are in no position to give me orders.”


“Why can't you leave him out of this?! He's all I have left.” Shokka said.


“Because, his quirk is powerful and a valuable asset if we want it to be. If you do your job, I will leave him alone. Just for your information, master has taken a liking to his quirk. Only reason we didn't take him yet is because of you. So consider this as a reward. Get us the information we want, and we will continue to leave your dear brother out of it. Understood?”


“I…… understood…” Shokka sighed.


“Good, don't forget, one week. Or else I'll consider the reward void.”


The caller hung up, Shokka sat on the floor and was tempted to smash his phone. That bastard, how did he? He didn't even gather the information on recent internships yet. Not since Overhaul.


Shokka sighed, glancing at a picture of himself and Denki, Denki holding his acceptance letter to UA.


I'm sorry…...

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Kaminari got up after being harshly tossed to the side. The place was in ruin due to Bakugo's blasts at the villain and another's ability to redirect any form of energy, or something. He got up and looked at Kirishima. His eyes were blacked out, his form completely hardened. He was also crying.

“Red Riot! What the hell are you doing?!” Kaminari yelled, Kirishima tossed Bakugo aside into the concrete. Sero and Mina were trapped under a massive amount of rubble. Trying to melt their way out. He was by himself right now, against two villains, one with a redirect quirk, which means he can't use his gear, and someone who was doing something to Kirishima.

“He can't hear you. He's under my control. Attack!” Kirishima growled and launched forward. Kaminari jumped back and narrowly avoided his hardened skin, which took form of spikes.

“Snap out of it!” Kaminari yelled as he sent a small burst into his friend. Kirishima grunted, but stared back and attacked him. He punched Kaminari in the gut causing him to stumble back.

“Kiri-” Kaminari was cut off as Kirishima harshly grabbed his mouth, silencing him. The last thing he was was Kirishima's other hand coming in to attack him, and his now black eyes crying with a pained look.

Kaminari felt a sharp pain in his throat, and his vision darkened and his world went black.

But……. He wasn't dead…… he lost something else……

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It was a normal day at school, everyone got back from vacation and were ready to start back up on the classes. But, things didn't stay normal for long.

“Hey guys.” They heard Kaminari's voice slightly muffled as he walked into the classroom. Only, he was wearing a medical mask. The white fabric covering from his chin to above his nose.

“Kaminari are you sick?” Kirishima asked.

“I'm fine, just something minor. Should go away in a few days at most. Mom always tells me to take precautions though.” Kaminari said with a chuckle.


“Kaminari are you sure you can participate in the exercise? You seem like you should be in bed.” Aizawa said as he glanced at the electricity hero-to-be with his mask on. He was breathing a bit heavier.

“I'll be fine, I already saw Recovery Girl before the exercise. I'll be fine.” Kaminari said, Aizawa sighed.

“Fine, just, here. If this beeps, you must get off the field okay?” Aizawa said as he slipped something into his choker. It was a small metal device with a small speaker and a light.

“What does it do?” Kaminari asked.

“It monitors your internal signals. Breathing, heart rate, even brain signals. If something dangerous is happening. It'll beep.” Aizawa said.

“You sound very concerned teach.” Kaminari chuckled.

“It's my responsibility to look after you brats. I can't have you passing out or get disoriented on a field with dangerous quirks. Now go.” Aizawa said, the exercise was a joint training for both class A and B.


Kaminari ran across the field as he dodged a blade. The place was a warzone, he was currently teamed up with Kirishima, Bakugo, and Todoroki. He was with Kirishima, but both Todoroki and Bakugo ran off in different directions.

“To your right!” Kaminari yelled as he shot at their opponents with his electricity.

“Over here! Score!” Kirishima called as they ran up and grabbed an orb. Kirishima tossed it into a small bag on his waist. The goal of the game was to get the most 'points’ by gathering orbs and taking out other opponents. They currently as a duo had three.

“Good!” Kaminari said, he suddenly felt short of breath.

“Hey idiots! Over here!” Bakugo called as they ran to a covered area. Todoroki was there too.

“How many you have?” Bakugo asked.

“Three, we just got one.” Kaminari said, breathing heavier.

“I was able to get three as well.” Todoroki said.

“Ha! I got four.” Bakugo said, Kaminari felt a sudden pain. His vision blinked, a beeping sounding from behind him.

“Whoa! You okay?” Kirishima asked as he helped him up.

“I'm…. Fine…” Kaminari breathed, his vision was getting blurry. His breathing was more forced, he felt hot.

“Let's get you back. Aizawa told us.” Bakugo said as he suddenly grabbed Kaminari in a bridal style.

“I'm……..fine…….” Kaminari mumbled as he felt a headache coming.

“Sensei!!” Aizawa turned and saw Bakugo run back with Kaminari.

“Geez, here, go and continue. I'll take him to Recovery Girl.” Aizawa said as Kaminari attempted to stand up.

“Kaminari, stay still.” Aizawa said, the monitor was beeping like crazy.

“I'm……….Fine…….” Kaminari felt air rush out of his body and he black out.

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He was only seven when it happened, the accident. His entire family was killed, including him. He didn't know why, but he just knew, he still had a purpose here.

An imaginary friend, who would've thought this was it. Something like this was true. He's been their friend for years, they still haven't forgotten them. They knew better than to tell anyone as they aged, but, they grew up together essentially. Kaminari loved his kid, the one he was suppose to look after.

Now, they're here, at UA. About to start their hero training.

Kaminari smiles at them as they leave for the entrance exam.

“Good luck”

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The light faded and what was in Kaminari's place was not what they expected.

A teenage girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, in Kaminari's hero costume. She woke up with a groan.

“Where am I? Guys?” Kaminari groaned as she looked at them.

“Whoa! What the heck happened to everyone?” Kaminari exclaimed.

“I feel like we should be asking you that question.” Jirou said, Kaminari walked up to her, they were about the same height.

“Dude! You are so cute as a girl!” Kaminari said, everything was perplexed.

“What the hell Sparky? You're the one that just changed into a chick.” Bakugo snapped, Kaminari looked at him.

“I was always a chick Bakugo. Even you noticed that, why is everyone the other gender?” Kaminari asked, completely serious.

“What do you mean I even noticed that?! What do you mean everyone?!” Bakugo yelled, getting a little ticked.

“You called me Peach when we first met dude. And I mean what I mean, when did you turn into a hunk?!” Kaminari asked, Bakugo actually blushed a bit.

“What?” Tokoyami asked simply.

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Chisaki 'Overhaul’ looked over some notes for the most recent production of the quirk nullification drugs.

“Boss, look what we found.” Chronostasis said as he dropped something on the ground. The thing let out a groan as it made impact.

“Why exactly did you bring him here?” Chisaki asked, before him was a young teen of sixteen, with blonde hair with a black lightning bolt. He was tied up with rope, gagged and blindfolded with white cloth.

“I wouldn't if I didn't see potential. This here is Denki Kaminari from UA. I caught him snooping around the building. I assumed he followed another member, I had another member take the phone to a different location to leave it disabled. I would've killed him, but his quirk is useful.” Chronostasis explained, Chisaki raised an eyebrow.

“Electrification, can absorb and release massive amounts of electricity, as well as wear it.” Chisaki recited.

“The recent events have been going well for us. I thought we could also use him here.” Chronostasis said, Chisaki didn't need an explanation.

Looks like he has some more experiments to run.

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Kaminari ran into UA, being late on the first day was not a good first impression.

A clicking resounded beside him.

“Be quiet! You're the reason I'm late.” Kaminari snapped lightly. The sounded let out a small hum as they dashed through the halls, people giving him curious looks.

“Class will start-” The door busted open as Kaminari stopped with a heavy breath.

“And you are?” Aizawa asked a he glanced at the newcomer.

“Names Denki Kaminari, I was able to enroll into UA after passing the exam.” Kaminari said, the clicking sounding in confirmation. Aizawa raised an eyebrow as he looked next to Kaminari.

“Care to explain why you have a small robotic cheetah with you?” Aizawa asked, the robot was slightly bigger than a golden retriever dog. The metal was a mix of copper and silver looking metal, it's eyes glowed a bright orange. It's tail had a plug at the end. It turned to Kaminari with an expectant gaze.

“This is Zappu, my mother's invention. He's also can turn into a power suit.” Kaminari said with a nervous chuckle.

“Yeah, it's kinda weird.” Kaminari said rubbing his head, the robot's eyes suddenly brightened and a hologram popped out. Orange in color, a faint hum sounding, showed the avatar of a boy, who looked similar to Kaminari, except for the clothes and lack of lightning bolt. He wore a skintight suit with what seemed to be plated armor.

“Don't call me weird! We live in a world of superpowers for crying out loud! I already apologized anyway.” The avatar snapped, freaking Kaminari out for a second. Aizawa stared for a few seconds.

“And you are?” Aizawa asked, Mineta's face was saying 'what the hell’ very clearly. Everyone was bewildered by the situation, even Izuku, who was excitedly writing things down in his notebook.

“Name’s Tau, I'm an AI who was created with Denki's electricity. Well, no, I was awakened by his electricity. Long story short, I was shutdown for who knows how long until his mother came along, she was helping investigate an old lab of some sort. Found nothing on my drive as I was hidden in the code. Denki accidentally ran his quirk through the drive, and since it was a current, I woke up and got sucked into his head.” Tau explained, everyone stared.

“Still weird.” Kaminari said, Tau sighed.

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A young teen of fifteen took a breath as he finished planting herbs.

“Cerau! Dear! Come inside, there are some people who want to meet you!” his mother, Pavia called.

“Coming!” The boy ran to the house. His mother and himself have been living in an old fashioned house, farming herbs and selling them. His father worked as a hero in the near city. They lived in Europe, it always made him wonder a bit. He was half Japanese, but looked more western than anything, especially with his hair.

He was adopted, they told him when he was young. His quirk was electrification, very useful. They found him in an alley, and decided to take him in. He never questioned things really, even when his parents told him he can ask all the questions he wants.

He always felt like something was off though. He couldn't place his finger on it.

“Yeah mom?” Cerau asked as he entered the house. He saw three heroes, who were big in Japan, some of the best: Ground Zero, Red Riot, and Earphone Jack.

“Heroes? What brings you guys all the way out here? My dad's in the city right now.” Cerau said, the heroes looked at him. For some reason, Jack seemed sad, Zero looked like he was about to collapse, and Riot, he looked both sad and relieved.

“Turns out there's something none of us knew.” Pavia breathed, her own voice sounded with both confusion and sadness.

“What's wrong?” Cerau asked perplexed, why were there Japanese heroes here?

“Cerau Bolts, that's not your real name. It's not who you really are, least not back then.” Earphone Jack said, her purplish hair swaying as she pulled out a photo. She showed it to him, revealing a boy, who looks just like him, in a grey school uniform.

“Your name is Denki Kaminari, you've been missing for twenty years.”

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“Great work out there Kaminari! You totally beat his butt!” Kirishima cheered as the Bakusquad left the training grounds. They did a joint training again, and Kaminari beat Monoma's butt.

“Thanks guys.” Kaminari chuckled as they walked back to the dorms.

“You guys have anything planned for the weekend? The girls and I are doing some shopping!” Mina said.

“Just movies really, and video games.” Kaminari said with a shrug.

“Awww, you guys wanna do some shopping too?” Mina asked.

“Probably later, I'm pooped.” Kaminari sighed.

“Yeah, let's head back and get some rest. I could use a nap.” Sero said with a smile.

“You guys are weak! This is why I said early bedtime!” Bakugo yelled.

“Sure thing Dad.” Kaminari winked, Bakugo blushed.

“You idiot!” Bakugo went to explode Kaminari's face, which left a cloud of smoke.

“Geez, cool the volcano man.” Kaminari said fanning away the smoke.


“I'll see you guys in the morning!” Kaminari called.

“Have a good rest bro!” Kirishima called.

Kaminari closed his door and went to bed.

“Good rest indeed.” Kaminari mumbled as he closed his eyes.


“Good rest indeed, my what an interesting bunch.” A figure said as they opened their own dark blue eyes. The sat up and took a drink.

“Man, doing all that, even in a fake body, really takes it out of you.” The figure stretched and stood up. They went to a small area and made food.

“I don't think you would enjoy it. The more I see of that group, the more lucky I think you should feel. After all, no responsibilities, no school, isn't that a kid's dream.” The figure grabbed a small bottle of water and walked to a box that seemed to be electricity proof and smiled.

“The league was lucky as well that All for One contacted me so early.” The figure slid the plate of food into the box.

“My, you've been quite quiet have you?” The figure stared at the disheveled person in the box. Chained up, was a boy no older than sixteen, with dirty blonde hair and a black lightning bolt. Their clothes were worn, dirty and faded. Their figure was thin, and they remained silent.

“Denki Kaminari. I'm a amazed no one has noticed that you've been replaced with a fake all this time.”

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“Bakugo!” Bakugo heard Kaminari's voice as the blonde suddenly appeared and shoved him. Bakugo stumbled back as something, a glowing light, suddenly shot out from a villain and nailed Kaminari in his head, throwing the teen back into a wall.

“Damn it!” The villain seethed, before another grabbed him and vanished from the scene. Bakugo ran over to Kaminari, shaking him.

“Sparky! Wake up damn it!” Bakugo yelled, the teen coughed. He got up shaking.

“Bakugo, are you alright?” Kaminari asked, still facing the ground.

“Of course I'm fine idiot! Come on, we need to get to Recovery Girl.” Bakugo said, dragging the teen to stand.

“Bakugo?” Bakugo turned to face Kaminari, only to see his gold eyes glazed and look of confusion and fear.

“I can see anything.”

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Kirishima and the rest of the squad looked in horror and awe as the monstrous figure faded away and a small black and silver bulb fell and clicked on the ground. Out of the labyrinth and back in the normal world. Kaminari changed from his fantasy-esque ranger outfit to his school uniform in a flash of yellow light.

He took his golden ring and transformed it into an egg gemstone the color of citrine. Black mist flowing angrily inside. He took a breath and picked up the small bulb, he pressed it against the egg and the black mist got sucked out.

“Good job Kaminari, that was quite a tough, you're almost as strong as she was.” A voice suddenly spoke. They turned to see a white cat/fox like creature, they had pink eyes, pink spots on their extensions out of their ears, a blank face and a white tail.

“Kyubey, here.” Kaminari tossed the bulb and Kyubey caught it by opening a red circle in it's back.

“Kaminari, what is going on? What was that?! Who is that?! Who is that?! What did you just do?!” Mina exclaimed, breaking from her shock.

“It's, a bit hard to explain.” Kaminari sighed, geez was he bad at keeping secrets? Besides, weren't they watching a movie tonight? Why did they follow him out?

“Don't care, fucking explain sparky.” Bakugo said, what the heck did Kaminari just fight?

“Do not worry, I'll explain.” Kyubey said as he leapt from his perch and landed on a bench near them.

“Kaminari's a magical boy, or magi for short. His purpose is to fight witches that pose a threat to this world. His cousin, Mami Tomoe, was also a magi, sadly, she was killed during a fight about two years ago.” Kyubey explained.

“Magi also serve a secondary purpose, to help refuel the energy of this world. Originally, the magi only composed of girls during their second-stage of development, where they produce the most energy. However, with this world's creation of 'quirks’ the energy this world uses went up, girls alone wouldn't be enough. So, we started to offer wishes to boys during their second-stage and made them magi, they produced only a little less energy than girls. That alone is enough to refuel the energy used by quirks and some more.” Kyubey said.

“What the shit do you mean by 'refuel energy’?” Bakugo asked, Kaminari sighed, grabbed his soul gem tightly.

Kyubey looked at him.

“Have you ever heard of entropy?”

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Partner Up!

“Take that!” Kirishima blasted a metallic rifle with bronze and silver coating, the rifle shit out a bright burst of electrical energy, making the monster explode into a burst of black energy and a red corrupted soul lied in its place. Kirishima tilted the rifle and the soul was sucked into the barrel. The gun turned bright blue and reformed out of Kirishima's hands, into a teen the same age with blonde hair and gold eyes.

“Whew! That was unexpected, I was not expecting to fight a kishin here.” Kirishima said.

“Good thing you were able to fire me, I was a bit worried I would be too heavy.” Kaminari said, according to their classes, they should not be able to handle each other since their soul wavelengths are pretty similar. The wavelengths go by the opposite attract rule. Mina guessed though that it's because they're good friends that allows them to partner with each other.

“Yeah, I mean, it's weird, the only person who could effectively wield you is your brother, and he's on a different mission. We need to find you a partner.” Kirishima said, he himself was also a weapon, a rare one that can change into two forms. A pair of metal knuckles and a mace. His Meister is Bakugo Katsuki, and he isn't ready to take on a second weapon partner just yet.

“I know, but everyone we tried so far doesn't work.” Kaminari sighed, he may be able to get along with everyone, but ironically cannot find anyone compatible with his wavelength. It doesn't help that his form is a rifle. Sure he could turn one whole arm into the barrel, but it'll be impossible to fire and hit anything. That's where he envies close-combat weapons a bit.

“There's still people to meet and try. Let's go.” Kirishima said with a smile. He wanted to leave here for now, recently, something has been abduction weapons. He wasn't sure why, but he knows it can't be good. Since Kaminari doesn't have a partner, he'll be by himself for a bit of time.

The two walked back the campus and Kaminari yawned.

“Man, why is finding a partner so hard???” Kaminari sighed. He hated being paired up with people for a specific mission. The only people he can think up with an 'opposite’ personality to his were already partnered. Todoroki is Midoriya's meister, Tokoyami's partner is Tsuyu, and Bakugo had Kirishima.

“I'm not sure, but c'mon, cheer up. You'll get a partner soon.” Kirishima said, and sure he did. After a bit of time, Kaminari found a partner and grew quite close with them.

“Alright! Soul Resonance!” Kaminari felt his wavelength even out with his wielder as they faced off against the witch. His rifle formed changed into a bigger, elegant version.

“Raiden’s Volley!” the rifle let loose a blast of lightning energy and the witch smiled.

“A rifle weapon, just who I need.”

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Kirishima knew something was wrong with Kaminari after he came back from his internship. He knew it too, for the past month Kaminari's been held up with daily visits to the infirmary and odd back pains.


“Kaminari? You alright?” Kirishima asked, the rest of the squad and Bakugo behind him.


“I'm fine, just a little uncomfortable. My back is being a pain.” Kaminari groaned as he lied on his stomach on one of the beds.


“Recovery Girl was unable to find anything? Or ease it?” Mina asked.


“No, nothing, it's just AGHH-” Kaminari arched his back in pain and curled into a ball. He was grunting a breathing heavily.


“Go get the teachers!” Kirishima exclaimed, Sero nodded and quickly ran out of the room.


“Kaminari, can you please-” Kirishima stopped as Kaminari screamed in pain again.


“It hurts….” Kaminari groaned, his back burned and he felt his skin being torn apart. It hurts so much.


“Oh my.” Mina covered her mouth as they saw small lumps form on Kaminari's back, on his shoulder blades. Kaminari was still screaming.


“Sparky! Just keep calm!” Bakugo yelled he went up and tore open the back of Kaminari's shirt and nearly gagged as he saw his skin being stretched out by whatever was inside.


“AGHHH!” Kaminari put force in his back, trying to get whatever it was out.


Suddenly his skin tore open, blood splattered the walls slightly as Kaminari took a breath of relief. The pain was reduced, it still hurt and ached, but not as bad as before. He was breathing heavily.


“What in the world?” Kirishima was speechless, all of them were. Kaminari was still curled up so his back was in full display.


Gold, rich golden blonde feathers lightly floated to the floor as what came out of his back were a pair of golden blonde falcon wings. They were as big as Kaminari, the blood slightly colored the feathers and his shoulder blades were red, still bleeding, but were healing surprisingly quick.


Chapter Text



Bakugo and Kirishima took defensive stances as they held tightly onto their lended enchanted weapons. A platoon of white cloaked vampires before them.


“I do suggest you get back.” Shinoa said calmly, as her scythe materialized.


“Like we will, these bastards need to die right?” Bakugo asked turning his attention. One caught his eye, both him and Kirishima. He was dressed in the white cloaked as the others, a hood over his head and face, however, he wore tall boots and had a rifle on his back. Having any other weapon besides a sword or other close ranged weapon was an oddity for vampires, but he also had golden blonde hair.


“Kacchan, please get back.” Midoriya said, Bakugo glanced at him, it was still strange seeing another version of Deku here. This world has their own versions of them, but sadly, they were all killed by a vampire noble at their home village. Deku and Mina were the only ones who managed to hide and escape.


“Like hell I will. I won't let some vampires stop me.” Bakugo said with a smirk. He rushed into the battle.


“I'll cover you!” Both Yoichi and Deku aimed their weapons and fired. Yoichi wielded a demon bow and Deku a pair of dual demon pistols. Bakugo smirked. He rushed at the vampires, the others close behind him and the vampire dispersed at lightning speed. Bakugo blocked an attack with his blade and laughed the vampire back with a punch. He caught something out of the corner of his eye and dodged a bullet as the rifle wielding vampire stood and fired at him.


Bakugo turned his attention to the rifle wielder. He seemed familiar, but not sure why. He launched at the vampire as the others handled the rest. He sparked a small explosion and sent it into the vampire's face pushing him back and sending him tumbling.


“Take that!” Bakugo breathed as he looked at the vampire. The hood fell down, resting on the vampire's shoulders, Bakugo took a sharp breath.


Blonde hair, black highlight, it was him, but instead of those calm, soft gold eyes, they were vibrant red, looking more reptilian with black slit pupils. His face was empty, no emotion expect just mild shock from the unexpected attack. Bakugo stood frozen as Kirishima ran to aid him.


“You alright! Don't fre-” Kirishima stopped in his own tracks as he glanced at the shocked vampire who remained still.








Kaminari sighed as he fiddled with his new clothes that he was forced into. When did everything go so wrong? First he was fighting a villain in a tech area with Bakugo and Kirishima, the villain opened some sort of blue light, he wakes up in a desolate wasteland that presumably was Japan, he's separated from his friends and he's kidnapped by vampires. Freaking vampires.


Apparently one of the 'vampire nobles’ took a liking to him. He had no idea why, everything was just one huge confused reality. Why were pulled into this mess.


“Least I'm not dead.” Kaminari thought, yeah, that's always an up. After all, the vampire can easily kill him even with his quirk.


His cell door opened, a vampire in elegant robes walked in and he was smiling.


“Hello there my little pet.” The vampire cooed, creeping Kaminari out enough to make him feel like he's in a horror movie. Spine chill and all.


“Eh, um.” Kaminari didn't exactly know how to respond to that, he's offended but do you really want to smack talk a vampire who could kill you in two seconds? Probably not.


“If you're sucking my blood, can you make sure the needles are clean?” Kaminari asked, he's not sure if the question was stupid, he just pulled out a line his mother said every time he got a shot.  


“Oh, that would be nice if I'm sharing you. But I'd prefer it very fresh.” Kaminari paled and gulped as he saw the vampire's fangs.


Dudes, if you are alive, please help, I'm screwed here by myself.


Chapter Text

Dollhouse (Fem!Kaminari)


Kaminari seemed a bit different, Kirishima noticed, everyone did. It was almost the end of their second year, when Kaminari made an announcement.


“I'm transferring to the hero school in Europe to finish.” Kaminari said, Kirishima noticed sadness in her usual bright eyes.


“Eh?! Girl! Why?!” Mina cried out, the two were always close. They noticed at Kaminari seemed a bit sad for the past few weeks, but whenever they asked her attitude flipped instantaneously. She smiled and had her energy back.


“My family would like me to be closer. Don't worry, we'll be in touch. I promise.” Kaminari said with a smile, few noticed the tears in her eyes that have yet to fall.


Three years later………..


Shishikura was on an abroad mission in Europe and was currently walking through the city, his official patrol time wasn't until later so he wasn't in his outfit.


“Oh! Bonjour! Comment ça-va?” Shishikura turned to see Aoyama walk toward him.


“Aoyama, what are you doing here?” Shishikura asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Visiting family, how about you?” Aoyama asked.


“Abroad mission, just to help the local heroes for a bit.” Shishikura said, the two suddenly saw someone with familiar long blonde hair dressed in an elegant dark blue dress, she almost looked like royalty. She looked familiar though.


“Kaminari?” Aoyama asked, she was beautiful. Kaminari jumped and turned around, her face was shocked.


“Oh! Aoyama, Shishikura, um, nice to see you.” Kaminari said, she seemed as chipper as ever, but something was different. They could tell she was scared of something.


“Kaminari are you alright? You just up and vanished, everyone's been worried.” Aoyama said concerned. Kaminari said she'd keep in touch, but after a month she just stopped texting them. No messages, no letters, no calls, all connection was severed. No one knew why.


“It's um, hard to explain.” Kaminari said, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear.


“Miss Denki, your mother is waiting in the car.” A taller man in dark clothing said, he looked like a bodyguard.


“Um, right, coming.” Kaminari sighed as she let her hand get taken by the man. They noticed that she had some kind of metallic bangle on her left wrist.


“I'll get in contact again, I will.” Kaminari said before she vanished from sight.


The two were confused, but they lost them soon. Aoyama went to a shopkeeper to ask.


“Have you seen a tall blonde girl in a blue dress, accompanied by a tall man in dark clothing?” Aoyama asked.


“You mean Denki Kaminari?” The lady asked, Aoyama was a little shocked but more things were important.


“Yes, um, how is she here? I thought she was training to be a hero.” Aoyama said, this time the lady looked surprised.



I see things that nobody else sees.


“A hero? The daughter of the biggest tech company owner in the world? There's no way he would let her into such a profession, even if she wanted to. That girl, her family is very private, but no less are elegant and the picture of perfect. A proper lady, besides, she's going to be the image of the company and she has a younger brother to look after. He's turning fourteen this year. She has too many responsibilities to go into such a dangerous profession.” The lady explained as she pulled out a magazine.


Picture! Picture!

Smile for the picture!

Pose with your brother won't you be a good sister?


It was a picture, Kaminari was now in a smooth crimson and mahogany colored dress, her hair done in a low braid over her left shoulder. She had her signature smile on her face, in front of her was a shorter boy with blonde hair and purple eyes. He looked around their age back at UA, just younger. On her left, next to her was a big man with short dark hair and gold eyes. He wore a dark three piece suit and in front of him was a woman with her light hair in a bun, her eyes were purple and she was dressed in a lavender dress.


“Today was one of their days they left their mansion. After all, everyone needs a breath of fresh air.” The lady said.


“Thank you.” Aoyama breathed, both of them knew, something was terribly wrong.



I see things that nobody else sees.


Kaminari sighed as she plopped into a chair in her big room. She wanted to change out of the dress but she would be attending the party later that evening. Mom would yell at her again.


“Sis? Are you okay?” Her little brother, Kyle looked at her concerned.


“I'm alright, are you? I'm sorry I left for two years.” Kaminari said, taking him into a hug. Suddenly the door opened.


Uh-oh, she's coming to the attic, plastic
Go back to being plastic


“Denki, Kyle, the party is in half an hour, get ready.” The mother ordered, Kaminari flinched slightly as took her brother into a tighter hold.


“But I'm already-” Kaminari tried to say.


“No buts! Let your brother go, the maids will be up. You will be the pearl of this event, you go that?” Kaminari sighed, she let Kyle go and her mother pointed him to leave the room and back to his own.


“Yes mother.” Kaminari curtseyed as her mother left the room.


Places! Places!

Get in your places!

Put on your dress and put on your doll faces


Kaminari walked down the steps of the mansion and already saw the room filled with people. Her dress was changed again to one of a dark violet. Her hair in a low braid.


“Oh my, Mrs. Kaminari, is this the daughter you told me about?” A man asked, he was also dressed in formal wear. Kaminari never bothered to learn their names, they only ever meet once. Her mother smiled proudly.


“Yes, this is my angel, Denki dear come down.” Despite her sweet sounding words, there was an impatient tone. She walked down and curtseyed.


“It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Kaminari said, her voice soft and realistic. The man smiled, grabbed her hand and kissed it.


“The pleasure is mine dear. Denki, seems more like a boy's name don't it?”


“Possibly, my husband picked out the name. I think it suits her quite well.”


Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains


Kaminari smiled again as she wandered around the party aimlessly. Luckily her brother was just socializing with some other children that were present. Most likely all for the same reason.


She was called to her father's side, and he placed a hand on her hip to make sure she doesn't try to run off. She was his win, his trump card, a prize. Despite everything, her family was rather old fashioned. She would be head of the company when he dies, since she is the oldest. However, her father is all about making deals. She was a doll, a prize to be won. Her attempt to become a hero and take her brother with her once she graduates failed. He thought she left for a business class in Japan. He was very mad when he found out what she wanted to do.


No one never listens, this wallpaper glistens

We'll be a perfect family


Aoyama and Shishikura made their way to the mansion. The guards let them in thanks to their hero badges, but they couldn't entered the main building. He opted to look through the windows. They saw her, with her father, with her smile.


Go back to being plastic


However, they could tell, this time her smile wasn't genuine.


Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains


A smile she gave her friends so many times. It's become a habit, a natural look on her. Now even she can't tell if her own smile is genuine.


Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains


The chances of her father letting them go is zero. She can't abandon her brother again, she won't. She didn't see her two friends just outside the window.


Everyone thinks that we're perfect
Please don't let them look through the curtains


They didn't know what to think, something was wrong. Kaminari looked in trouble, yet that smile. It looked so natural, can they be sure? Why else would she not contact them in years?

Please don't let them look through the curtains


Kaminari sighed, the party was finally done. She was put into her nightgown by some insistent maids. Her hair was still damp as she looked out her window. She didn't have a phone anymore, instead on her wrist was a bracelet, one she couldn't remove herself. She could open a panel in it to call a guard, or a maid, but it's main purpose was that it had a tracker inside.


Her brother was put to bed. He is going to get up early and be tutored by one of the many private tutors her parents hire. She doesn't remember the last time she's seen a hero.


Go back to being plastic

We'll be a perfect family


Chapter Text

Two Sides of the Same Coin


Bakugo took a breath as he stood up, the building they were scouting completely obliterated. Standing before him was a figure with black hair and a blonde highlight. He wore a dark hoodie and pants and had a medical mask finding most of his face. Kaminari was unconscious between Bakugo and the unknown assailant while everyone else was just regaining consciousness but were scattered around.


“May I ask who I'm turning to dust?” Bakugo asked, like hell he's going to let this dude off scott free. The figure smirked.


“Just call me Tsuin. Now here's a little interesting tidbit. Do you know that Kaminari Denki isn't fully human?” The figure asked.


“What now?” Bakugo went to just blast him to unconscious, but, he couldn't move.


“I wouldn't if I were you. My quirk allows me to change direction or stop movement of any object, including electricity. I'm afraid you and your friends won't be moving for a bit.” Tsuin smirked, he walked over to Kaminari's unconscious body and smiled.


“Tsuin is just an alias. After all, Denki and myself are one in the same.” Tsuin said.


“What the fuck does that mean?” Bakugo asked, trying to break from his imaginary bonds.


“Don't you find it strange that Kaminari Denki never showed any negative emotions except for sadness or guilt? Isn't strange how his quirk has such a huge backdraw that it makes his quirk null? That he's able to get along with everyone he comes across? Why he got so many offers from the sports festival even though his performance was bad, and his drawback? How he never gets angry, or grudgy besides some playful teasing?” Tsuin was asking questions Bakugo never considered, he just thought it was because of Kaminari's personality.


Kaminari was just a guy who was able to get along with whoever they meet, and electrical users are always in demand no matter the drawback just because of how much techology and electronics are used daily. He was chipper, happy, and a dumb goof. What could Tsuin be enticing? What the hell does he mean they're one in the same?


“Let me tell you a secret, the Kaminari Denki you know is half of the original. All of his positive traits, memories, emotions, and personality, even his childish intelligence. The original Kaminari Denki is not the one you know, you know his positive half.” Tsuin pulled off his facemask and Bakugo felt his heart stop and questions run through his head.


Tsuin looked just like Kaminari, his eyes were bright purple, hair was dark, but that face was Kaminari's it's like the idiot just dyed his hair and put on some contacts. But his expression, despite having Kaminari's face which is usually filled with innocence and happiness, his was filled with malice and a sadistic grin.


“I'm Kaminari Denki's negative half or opposite to an extent. I am the embodiment of all of his hatred, anger, jealousy, most of his sadness and guilt, his dark desires, and his intellect. While the positive half is all sunshine and rainbows and dumb, my intellect is straightforward and advanced. That's why you have nowhere to go.” Tsuin said.


“Why? Why wait all this time? I get it that you're trying to reunite with your other half and become a full person again. Why as a villain, if the two of you were separated from the same being, surely someone could've helped.” Bakugo said, geez he sounded like Kirishima.


“Because, I like this half. I like this control, this feeling. I'm not going to be pushed back into a neutral consciousness, no, when I absorb Denki's positive half, my negativity will overpower it. Erasing it from existence and I'm all that's left. I've been growing much more than he has, my negativity is enough to help cause the damage you see.” Tsuin said, gesturing to the ruins around them.


“Even if I don't take immediate control, I'll have the will to slowly take over. Either way, the Kaminari you know will be gone, and it's unstoppable.” Tsuin said, he dropped something to the ground and put on a gas mask.


“Don’t forget, we are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.” Bakugo felt drowsy, Kaminari was still unconscious, well, considering the bastard's quirk he couldn't tell if he was awake or not.


“Sleep Tight.”

Chapter Text



They felt like time stopped, confused and utterly shocked at what just happened.


They were fighting a villain, in a large warehouse area. Whatever happened, caused a huge blast and they found their bodies hitting cold sea water. It quickly engulfed them, were they going to drown? Their body was still in shock and they had their eyes closed. The motion of the water felt soothing, they felt like they were going to pass out. The air in their lungs quickly getting less and less.


Suddenly, lips planted on their own. A relieving breath of air flowed into their lungs. They felt their head being taken above water, but they still felt very much under it. No wind, still dark, no crashing waves or noises, everything was still muffled.


They finally recovered ever so much from their shock, the mouth slowly removed itself from their and they opened their eyes. To see those familiar golden orbs and hair, the black highlight shining.


Only this time was that they had fins, webbing like fins were behind his ears. Golden scales the same color as his hair shining on his neck and parts of his face. They got a good look, their head was in some sort of dome. They saw his golden tail swim quickly through the waters, he was moving quickly. They saw something long and pointed shoot through the water from above them.


Still tired, they let themselves get dragged by him. Why was he like this? the relieving breath of air he gave them made their heart pounding. A kiss, it was a kiss. Was this a dream? They may never know. They heard him, speaking softly albeit muffles from the water. That cheerful voice, now comforting as they swam.


“Breathe slowly, you'll be fine. I promise.”  


Why was their heart pounding?