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The Council of the Inevitable

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The Omega Timeline.

The heart of the Multiverse. The centerpiece of the realm. The bustling metropolis of a golden empire.

It was there that everyone would congregate from far and wide. Humans and monsters alike were always filling up its busy streets, street vendors selling goods, tourists and those new to the vast multiverse of possibilities regarding the magnificent place with a mix of wonder and overwhelmed terror in their eyes. Guards of every species stood by the streets, and every entrance and exit port was lined with security. Even with the perk of technical nonexistence, it was too risky to let anyone in without a background check, demanding ID, species, and the AU in which they originally came. However, even with the Omega Timeline Brothers as captains of the royal guard, the soldiers still found ways to slack off, whether that was getting pickled on the job, or discarding their stern, brave expressions they were supposed to don and chat amongst each other. It was a frequent thing, and as time went on, the number of times Dream requested to speak with the guards began to decline.

The Omega Timeline, for two hundred years, had been completely undisturbed from all outside forces and was a safe haven for all victims and peaceful residents alike, so naturally, people began to let their guard down. Thanks to Core Frisk, that universe is unique in the fact that it doesn’t exactly have any location. It’s everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, in a state of existence outside of any sort of realm in the multiverse. To get in you would have to be selectively approved to know of its main entrance, which was relocated every other day, somewhere so secure that it’s practically impossible to simply hunt for. And the system seemed to be working, anyway. The whole reason the timeline had been constructed in the first place was to provide refuge and shelter to those who survived HIM and his ruthless destruction. Although soon, one thing led to another and eventually, because more and more timelines began to join in the mix, it was decided that a sort of order was needed - a society to keep things in place. And one place - a sort of capital city - for this new, expanding and thriving multiverse of people. A way to impose the law, keep everyone safe and protect them from those with ill intent. The Omega Timeline was that place.

Because as more and more people came to live in the empty white void of a timeline, the more people began to visit. Homes were built and jobs were created without any supreme governing source besides Core Frisk, trying to keep all the citizens out of trouble. However, it was difficult. A lot of the people who called the Omega Timeline their home were fairly new to the AUs and suffering from severe shock caused from either the knowledge of such countless parallel universes or the grief that made their souls clench when they thought back to the loved ones that were lost to him. It was a lot to take in – and being torn away from your universe and watching your friends and family ripped into bits of stray code did not do good for anyone. Especially the Sanses, who were usually already depressed as hell. Even with the community of people surrounding them, sharing their experiences, this world did not feel like the world that was once lived in. So Ink, the vowed protector of these universes, decided to do them a favor.

A world was built from the ground up, building upon what had already been built there. The power of CREATION allowed Ink to create someplace that felt more like what all these monsters were used to. The white void no longer became a void but a gorgeous, thriving paradise of a city, divided into four major factions: Snowdin Town, The Hotlands, Waterfall, and Newest home. (For the sake of nostalgia, all the original names were kept to preserve the familiarity of the land, even though Ink was itching to give them more... creative titles.) Soon, the universe began to feel less like a prison and more like a true home. Snowdin was a vast crisp and snowy forest, with tall, strong pine trees that never swayed against the occasional wind. The town was peaceful, and you could always smell smoky firewood in the air, and handcrafted spirits from The Flaming Soul (The large-scale equivalent to Grillby’s in the classic universe.) Waterfall, equally as large, was a very popular destination to live and visit among tourists, for its ethereal beauty and tranquility was unmatched. Hotlands is where all the action happened. The Mettatons (Or whichever monster was the showstopper in their own universe) hosted an all-inclusive show where they talked about the news, did skits, and just generally entertained everyone far and wide. Something was always happening over there and you don’t have to look far to find it.

However, if those three-quarters of the realm were big, then the city of Newest Home was even bigger. A beautiful, grand, semi-circle of buildings from twisting, golden skyscrapers to huts with roads weaving in between every structure beautifully stood, never completely quiet. It was here that magic and technology met up with each other in beautiful futuristic harmony, allowing for stunning nightlife. The streets never went dark, and some form of party or event was always held. Rolling fields and hills with gorgeous flowers surrounded the city, and the tallest hill was a popular stargazing spot for couples and friends. It was dubbed “Ebott,” even though the actual Mt. Ebott was ten times taller.

As for the sky? Well, that’s where Ink did all of the work. Stars and strips of milky, nonexistent galaxies were painted across the sky in bold and vibrant hues, resulting in more colors than a viewing of the aurora borealis could offer. And during the day, beautiful cyclones of puffy clouds spun through the air. The moon changed in its cycle every night, and the sun beat down on them during the day almost like the real thing would. The only difference was that each celestial orb was fairly small – only twenty miles away instead of thousands or billions. They were mini orbs of artificial light, and even though the thought of that was slightly depressing, it still did the job that the real things could.

But the most imposing structure sat in the center of the semi-circle, a grand edifice that reflected the starry sky like a clear pond. It was as elegantly constructed as the Taj Mahal, but as tall as the Empire state building, with its massive double doors sitting upon a superfluous number of stairs. It was the Council Building, where the meetings were held, where the galas were hosted. Although a very overwhelming and threatening thing to see for the first, every citizen knew that behind those doors was a benevolent circle of leaders – those who they can confide in when things became difficult. They are the ones who possessed more power than anyone else, even having the Creator within their ranks. They were the Elites, The Angels, willing to protect everyone from harm’s way.

Well, almost everyone, that is.

A lone figure sat underneath a large oak tree atop Ebott, waiting patiently, hiding in the shadows. He sighed, eyes darting around him nervously. No one was out at this time, but he kept stealing glances anyways – he had to be on guard. Intertwining his fingers nervously, he took a deep breath in and drew his gaze up to the stars, trying to relax.

He had always loved the stars. Something about them made his breath hitch in wonder every time he looked at them. Perhaps it was because he had never had the chance to ever really see them in his life – just looking at them now was risky, and if he was caught, there would be major consequences. Maybe it was the feeling of being a small part of something big – a microscopic piece to a beautiful interconnecting puzzle. That probably wasn’t it – he didn’t like clutter, and the universe was filled with it. Then again, he was a mystery and he had come to acknowledge this fact long ago. He would never truly figure himself out.

He took a breath of the cool air and hummed a single note to fill the silence. Well, he tried to hold a single note. His voice ended up curving up and down octaves, like someone who couldn’t tune an instrument properly, jumping from one place to another sporadically. He didn’t mind. He had long been accustomed to the way his voice sounded, so it calmed him more than anything.

Newest Home could be seen from the top of the hill. Lights were on in almost every building, and a faint blur of voices mixed with general commotion drifted up through the wind to meet him. He had never seen the city up close, and he wanted to but was scared. He was promised by someone very close that soon, he could wander the streets without the chance of being harmed or avoided fearfully. That would be the day, wouldn’t it? Besides had been, what, 2 months since he’d done any damage? He didn’t know if he could keep up this “good streak” he was on if he wasn’t getting anything out of it.

He tapped his fingers together anxiously, waiting. He didn’t have a watch with him, so he had no idea how much longer he had to wait. Squinting up at the moon, he attempted to judge its position in the sky. Was it maybe… ten? Eleven? Or did the moon rise in the opposite way, and he was six hours too late? Time was an interesting thing to try and keep track of when timeline hopping.

It didn’t matter. He knew that he had to wait, and then he’d be taken home. He wished they would hurry. His eyelids were starting to get droopy.

“Hey, buddy.”

A voice behind him made him jump. At once he was on his feet, arms out on either side of him, ready to summon an attack at a moment’s notice. It took him a moment to recollect his thoughts and calm himself, watching the figure in front waving their hands in front of their face, telling him to back off. It was hard to see clearly, but that voice was unmistakable. They hid behind the thick tree trunk, putting a finger to their mouth.

“Calm down, it’s me!” said the being in a frantic whisper. He lowered his hands and glowered at them half-heartedly.

“I told them that I needed to leave early tonight, and they didn’t question why,” the mysterious figure said, rubbing the back of their neck. He couldn’t see them too well, but it was obvious they were blushing. Soft misty rainbows began to glow across their cheeks

“Of course they didn’t,” he snorted, rolling his eyes. “Naïve, the whole bunch of ‘em, especially that guy Dream. I mean, you could convince him that the end of the multiverse was tomorrow, and he’d go running for the hills.”

“I know, right? It’s pretty funny. Oh, have I told you about the time I gave him a Christmas present signed “Santa”?

“Yeah, you did. When he went around for an hour trying to figure out who Santa was?”

“Yup! The number of times you can pull the wool of that guy’s eyes is astounding…”

“Tell me about it.”

The sound of their faint, obligatory chuckles slowly died away, and the figure behind the tree scuffed their foot awkwardly along the ground, avoiding eye contact.

“So…” they said. “How have you been?”

“Lonely and genocidal.”

He could see their glowing, mismatched eyes do a loop around their head as they sighed, exasperated. “Wow, no drama over here,” they muttered.

“Okay but maybe it’s not THAT bad anymore but – hey!” He was cut off by a high-pitched giggle that made his face flush. God, this was annoying.

“Let’s go inside, I know you’ve been waiting, and I don’t want to stay out in the open much longer. Someone might see us.”

He sighed and took their fingerless-gloved hand. “Fine, whatever. And you’re sure your place is hidden from Core Frisk’s sight?”

The gloved fingers tightened around his. “If I wasn’t, you wouldn’t be here, silly! Let’s go.”

He grumbled half-heartedly and with a silent flash, both disappeared, leaving the hillside empty, the only sounds being the whistle of the wind through the tall grass.