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Lucifer walked out onto his balcony and rolled his neck as he looked around him.

Soft footsteps followed him out and wrapped their arms around his waist and snuggled against his back.

"Are you trying to start up another round woman? I thought I had tired you out after last night. I did steal your voice after all with all your screaming you did." Lucifer asked without turning towards her.

A croaky voice is heard speaking from behind him. "If I wanted to start another round. My hands would have gone lower Lucifer."

Lucifer turned around and looked down seeing no one was there. "Dam another daydream." He looked upwards with a shake of his head before he reached up and slammed his hands into the side of his head. "Get out of my head." He growled out as he kept on hitting his hands into his head as he sat down on the ground as he curled up on the balcony. "Why can't you get out of my head?"

Azarel stood on the roof of a nearby building watching her big brother break down again. She turned her head and looked at the males standing beside her. "Are you two going to help Lucifer or just stand there watching him break down again?"

The one male with short slightly curly red hair and bright green eyes spoke Scottish. "Aye lass we will do something for our baby brother."

The second male with semi-long black hair with a Native American look to him. "Gabriel there isn't much we can do for him. Besides forcing the woman to expect him but our father wouldn't want us to mess with the humans."

Gabriel sighed softly. "Yes, I know that Michael laddy. But really we can't have the devil even if its Samael himself. Have a mental breakdown. Now can we?"

Michael shook his head slightly. "No your right. But what are we going to do about them?"

Azarel waited for her eldest two brothers to speak. Her eyes kept watching over her big brother on his daily break down outside. "We need to bring them together again."

"That could make his problem worse little sister?" Michael said looking away from Lucifer's quiet sobbing and hitting himself to look at her. "We can only do so much for Lucifer we can't mess with fate."

"Was it fate's design to cause this to our brother?" Azarel asked snapping at Michael then.

Gabriel shook his head slightly. "You both are right." He sighed softly as he watched Lucifer pull out a demon blade and cut into his skin. He looked down when he saw a woman standing near the front door of Lux. "Azarel who is she?" He asked pointing at her.

Azarel looked at the woman her eldest brother was pointing at. "Oh, that's Ella she can see me." She said as she watched Ella walk into Lux. "She must be on her way to see Lu."

All three of them grew quiet as they turned their eyes back to Lucifer who was now curled up watching his blood come out of his slashes.

Lucifer sneered as he watched his wounds heal and close upon themselves. "Dam still doesn't work." He didn't move or twitch when he heard the elevator doors open and heard a woman walking into the building. "Go away Mazi." He barked out. "Or Linda I just want to be left alone is that clear?"

"Will a hug make you feel better?" Ella asked from the balcony doorway.

Lucifer looked towards the door. "Miss Lopez I don't think it will help at all. But thank you for the offer." He sat up on the floor as he looked at her. "You can report back to Mazi and Linda I am fine no need to worry about me anymore."

Ella shook her head as she walked closer towards him. "Your not." She said simply. "Chloe still will not talk to you?"

Lucifer shook his head slightly. "No, she will not. I stopped trying late last week." He sighed softly. "I tried texting and calling. But she will not answer me on either one. Not even if I told her we could meet up somewhere to talk."

Ella shook her head slightly. "You protected her. This is totally messed up man."

"How is everyone there?" Lucifer asked as he looked at her.

"Alright, we are working a big case. That seems a guy who died has come back to life and killed his whole family expect his children. His kids said his brother shot him in the heart and a second or two later. He popped back up and killed his brother brutely." Ella said looking at him.

"That sounds like something else is going on with that?" Lucifer said looking at her. "I'm sure you will solve how he is still kicking about when Chloe or Dan brings him in for questioning." He said simply.

"The confusing thing we found his blood proving he did die. But who knows anyway I thought I would come and check up on you. Since Chloe and Dan went to confront the murder." Ella said simply.

"Hopefully back up is involved there other then Douche bag Dan?" Lucifer asked with a slight smirk on his lips.

"No, they went on there own." She looked at her phone. "I better get going I have to check out another crime scene." She walked over and gave him a quick hug before she turned and left his loft then.

Lucifer stood up and rubbed his chin as he thought about what Ella just told him. He shook his head slightly and muttered under his breath. "DAM!" He quickly headed out of Lux and jumped into his car and started to drive. He briefly pulled his phone out at the stop when he saw Ella's text and smirked. It seems she had texted him where Chloe was heading and he texted her back a thank you. He put his phone down as he started to drive.

Elsewhere Chloe got out of the car and rolled her neck slightly. "I don't want to talk about it anymore Dan."

"Everyone is wondering why you cut Lucifer out, Chloe? Trixie said that Mazi moved out shortly thereafter having a talk with you." Dan asked.

"I said I don't want to talk about him again and I mean it, Dan?" Chloe said simply knowing she didn't want to talk to anyone after finding out that the man she was or still is madly in love with is really the devil himself. Or her one friend is really a demon and his former right-hand girl too. She didn't know who she could trust or if she wanted to keep them in her life. She did know not only did her daughter miss Lucifer a whole hell of a lot so did she. But she felt like what she was doing was for the best for her and Trixie."

"I got the back you got the front okay?" Dan said snapping Chloe into blinking.

"Yeah, sure?" Chloe said simply.

Dan headed around back.

Chloe busted in as Dan did into the back as they started to clear the main floor and the upper floors as well too. Once they were cleared they headed to the basement.

Dan lead the way as he stopped near the edge of the steps. They found the killer standing at a table with a body. He couldn't tell what the guy was doing over the body it wasn't good. "Stop!"

The man turned and gave them both a really creepy smile. "Welcome human's to our dinner."

Chloe went to open her mouth to speak when she felt something hit her on her head hard knocking her out then.

Dan turned to see a woman had snuck up behind them and had knocked Chloe out. It wasn't long before he to was knocked out as well.