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Star Quality

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Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived, to become youngest Head Auror in history

Fan favourite Harry Potter is hitting the headlines yet again with an amazing new achievement as he prepares for tomorrow’s Second International Harry Potter Day. We can exclusively announce that the handsome young bisexual bachelor, 20, is set to take on the role of Head Auror when his current boss retires in just two months’ time. Just how far will this young man fly?!

Harry is expected to take the lead in tomorrow’s anniversary events, and is likely to be accompanied by his constant companion, reformed bad boy Draco Malfoy, who is expected to receive straight Os in his upcoming N.E.W.T. exams. Are these two simply friends, or there is something more? When probed by this intrepid reporter, Harry simply replied, “No comment,” but his twinkling eyes and warm smile for the slim pure-blood blond, 20, said more than mere words.

Readers will be fascinated to find out what elegant outfit Mr Malfoy will be wearing at this year’s exclusive Ministry commemorations, although it’s likely that his father – former Death Eater Lucius Malfoy – will remain at home, along with his doting wife, Narcissa. The pair are rarely seen in public, although when questioned about their son’s close friendship with the wizarding world’s biggest catch, Mr Malfoy senior told this reporter exclusively: “I will love my son, no matter what.”

It was amazing the difference a year made, Harry thought as he stood in the Atrium of the Ministry and looked out at the guests at this year’s gathering for the commemoration of the Battle of Hogwarts. Last year, Hermione and Ron had practically had to drag him there. This year . . .

“It took me half an hour to get him out of bed,” Draco said to Hermione and Parvati, very low, but the eye roll still clear in his voice. “In the end, I had to cast an Aguamenti on him, the sod, and he had the nerve to complain that I was unfair! Me!”

“Next time, cast the spell earlier,” Parvati said firmly, which made Hermione giggle and Harry splutter.

“Hey! You’re meant to be on my side!” Harry said, feeling hard done by. He didn’t count Parvati as one of his closest friends yet, but he was getting there. She’d been an amazing friend in the wish world, and it had inspired him to get to know the real-life Parvati better. Well enough, now, that she’d told him, just the other week, that if he tried really, really hard then she might get over how he’d treated her at the Yule Ball in, oh, as little as ten or eleven years, tops.

He still wondered, sometimes, if the wish world still existed. Was Hermione a happy dentist somewhere right now, with her good-natured footballing boyfriend? Was a Muggle Draco Malfoy singing his songs even now, to an adoring Muggle Harry Potter? Or had the alternate reality simply popped when they’d left it, like a soap bubble? Harry supposed he’d never know.

“Why is Parvati meant to be on your side?” Draco protested. “Says who?”

“Me!” Harry said, and grinned at Draco, who grinned right back.

Harry didn’t think looking at Draco would ever get old. Maybe the Aguamenti thing might though. “I’ll tell Kreacher on you,” he threatened.

Draco’s eyes widened. “You wouldn’t!”

“I would,” Harry said.

“All right, you win,” Draco said easily, and he almost reached for Harry’s arm, before stopping himself, giving him another smile instead. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Thanks,” Harry said. He didn’t mind that they weren’t publically a couple. At least, not most of the time. He wanted to hold Draco’s hand, that was all. And was that any wonder, when Draco was so . . . well, Draco? Besides, anyone who mattered to Harry knew that they were dating; it wasn’t like it was a complete secret. It was just . . .

Mrs Weasley strode over and gave Harry a big, big hug, then pinched his cheek. “You’re looking well, dear,” she said, and beamed at him. “Congratulations about the job.”

“Thanks,” Harry said, grinning at her. He hadn’t expected it, but it was probably the third-best thing that had ever happened to him, after meeting Ron and Hermione at Hogwarts, and after . . .

“Youngest Head Auror ever!” Molly said proudly, her eyes tearing up a bit. “Your mum and dad would be so proud.”

Harry felt himself tear up a bit too.

“They’d be proud about you and your young man too,” Molly said, giving his arm a squeeze. “The world’s a funny place. I never thought I’d get over it when I found out, but I can hardly remember what he was like before, he’s changed so much. It must be love,” she said, still misty eyed. “You remind me of me and Arthur, back in the day. Are you and Draco planning on making things a little more public soon?” she asked delicately.

Draco – the first-best thing that had ever happened to Harry. “We mostly keep it private just to annoy Rita,” Harry said mildly, and turned to smile at Draco as he squeezed in, handing Harry a drink.

“Oh, Molly, have mine,” Draco said, handing her a glass of wine. “I haven’t touched it.”

Molly beamed at him. “Thank you, love,” she said. “Well, I won’t keep you, I’m sure you have mingling to do. Ginny and Dean send their love, and asked me to tell you they’re sorry not to see you this year. But you and Draco will join us tomorrow at the Burrow, won’t you?” “Of course,” Harry said, and Draco nodded, looking pleased but awkward when Molly reached up to kiss him on the cheek before turning and vanishing into the crowd.

Draco turned to Harry and opened his mouth, but then shut it again, looking a little hesitant.

“What?” Harry asked, taking a sip of his wine and then passing it over.

“Do you want to tell more people about us?” Draco asked bluntly. “I heard what you were saying to Molly.”

Did he? In some ways, Harry just wanted to be left alone by the world. Being famous had always been a bore, and the burden had never eased. The papers would always be talking about him, he thought, no matter what he did. But at the same time, Harry couldn’t help but feel a niggle of doubt in the back of his mind, like an itch he could never quite reach. Draco was the sole heir of the Malfoy name. He cared about shit like that, even though these days he tried pretty hard not to. Harry had no problem with the idea that Draco wanted to make his parents happy, but he found it hard not to believe that, however much Draco loved him – and he had no doubts about that – Draco might one day decide that his responsibility to his family was so great that he had to marry and produce a heir. He didn’t want to wonder if Draco’s desire to keep their relationship a secret was motivated by an awful future planning, but sometimes he couldn’t help it.

“Harry,” Draco said again, frowning now, “do you want to tell more people?”

“A little,” Harry admitted. “I know you prefer to be private though!” he protested.

Draco stared at him for a moment. Then he took a deep breath and, right there in the middle of the crowd, photographers and reporters everywhere, leaned in close to Harry and kissed him firmly on the lips. And then he did it again, for good measure.

Harry stared at him, shocked, and yet happiness was blooming in his insides, tendrils snaking throughout his body and twisting deep within his heart. Everyone was staring at them. It was horrendous. And yet . . .

“You can’t take it back,” Harry said, concerned that Draco hadn’t really thought this through.

Draco’s face changed: fierce, possessive, wonderful. “I never, ever want to take it back,” he said, and he reached over and took Harry’s hand in his.

And for a moment – a long, glorious moment – everyone else in the room just faded away, and all Harry could see was Draco.


Hours later, Harry and Draco sat on the roof of their house together, watching the meteor shower explode across the sky.

“Do you want to make a wish?” Harry asked, leaning his head against Draco’s, feeling his warmth, breathing in his scent.

“No,” Draco said quietly, looking up at the stars. “I have everything I could ever wish for.”