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It was already mid October. The wind causing leaves to blow along the street and the subtle smell of cinnamon wafting throughout homes. One home smelling strongly of pumpkin and all spice as a woman stood there baking, humming a tune.

Mixing the pumpkin mixture and checking on the pie crust in the oven, Inko Midoriya smiled softly at the thought of her lover coming home to freshly baked goods. A few rented movies sat on the low coffee table in the living room and thick fluffy blankets on the couch. Everything was just about set. The ding of the timer drew the woman’s attention from the filling and to the oven where the crust was perfectly precooked. Putting the filling in the crust, it went back in the oven as she set a new timer.

Clapping her hands together she smiled brightly, “Finally, all done after this.” She let out a whoosh of breath as she sat down in one of the dining chairs and hummed quietly to herself as she pulled a book close to read while she waited.

It wasn’t long until the timer dinged again, jolting her from her novel. Dog earring the page, she sat it down and pulled out the pie. “Perfect!” Eyes sparkling at the perfect crust and overall immaculate pie. “If he doesn’t love it, I sure will~”

A gust of wind from outside rattled the windows a bit and a large grin split across her face, looking down at the pie, “He’s home.”


All Might felt the cold wind wrapping around his large frame as he vaulted himself towards his home. Large smile in place and a giddy feeling in his chest, it was one of the rare times he came home early enough to enjoy alone time with his partner. Inko had come into his life a bit early on once he returned to Japan from America. They met when she was first getting married to her now ex-husband Hisashi. He was a nice guy who tried his best in their relationship, however, some times it just didn’t work out. He was offered a job overseas and took it. In the long run, it put too much strain on the relationship since Inko was not allowed to go and too early did their new marriage end.

All Might felt his smile falter slightly at the thought of Inko crying to him and Hisashi sending back the signed divorce papers. They still talk which is good, he supposed. Honestly, he was hoping Hisashi would be smart and come running back, yet he didn’t. A small sigh escaped him as he jumped from another building; now here he was in Hisashi’s place. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy being there, oh no, quiet the opposite actually, but it wasn’t supposed to be that way and he knew it.

The last leap, bringing him home, he dropped down onto the roof of their apartment. Gusts of wind and leaves flew around him as he descended onto the roof. A quick look around and with a release of breath his body deflated slightly to reveal a man the same height and almost size as All Might, but with his own differences. Toshinori Yagi made his way to the staircase leading down and practically took them in threes. Making it to the third floor he unlocked the door with his key and opened it softly, “I’m home!”

The smells were the first thing to hit him the moment the door was opened. Next was the hunger in his stomach and his mouth watering. Inko stepped around the corner to peer at him with a smile, “About time, I thought you’d said four not five.”
“Aha, s-sorry, there was another villain on my way home...” he said sheepishly as he took off his shoes and set them aside.
She laughed and shook her head, “Of course there was.” She walked back towards the kitchen, “hurry and get cleaned up, I made dinner. I also rented those American movies you like.”
He let out a small gasp as he walked in and saw all the food and movies laying on the coffee table, “You spoil me.”
“Someone has too. Now hurry up,” she laughed some more.

It didn’t take long for him to get cleaned and throw on a more comfortable change of clothes. Walking back into the living room and ducking to miss hitting his head on the doorway, he sat down on the couch to watch Inko putting one of the movies into the VCR. He looked down at the food and felt his mouth salivate again. Beef teriyaki noodles, tea, and all the desserts a man could dream of. Small cakes of varying flavors and a freshly made pumpkin pie. What more could he want? He didn’t realize he was smiling until he felt a press of lips against the corner of his mouth. Blinking he looked at Inko, who was now sitting next to him.


“Hey,” he felt the smile grow bigger if possible, “This looks amazing..”

She huffed out a laugh, “I hope so, I didn’t have time to bake anything other than the pie, but I got the cakes from that little bakery you love so much.”

“Ah, I can tell they’re from there, you got my favorites too. Thank you my sweet,” he leaned in and placed a proper kiss on her lips.

“Well, let’s not let it get cold,” she handed him his bowl of noddles that were always made with extra spice just the way he liked it.

They ate, chatting a bit in between when Toshi wasn’t hyper focused on the movie in front of them. Subtitles were put on for Inko, but she was only mildly interested in the movie. Laughing mostly as Toshi’s interest in the rather cheesy action movie. Finishing in the main course and moving onto dessert was an affair all on its own as Inko had to keep reminding Toshi to eat with the threat of turning off the TV. Finally, though, they both ate their fill and snuggled close, wrapped in fluffy blankets and watching another movie that proceeded the first one. Once the credits rolled around the two were sharing a soft and sweet kiss, mumbled thank you’s and muted I love you’s traveled between them. Hands were next into the mix of things and soft kisses turned into a more passionate love. The words turning more into honeyed moans and breaths of sweet nothings. The night was still young and their love was blossoming on the couch with each passing tick on the clock.

The wind rattled the windows...


The gentle sunlight streaming through the cracks in the blinds were what woke Inko from her sleep. You would’ve thought that the humming and smell of tea from the kitchen would’ve done the trick. She blinked blearily at the clock, trying to make out the time, knowing it to be around six if Toshinori was making his morning tea. Slowly, she sat up and rubbed her eyes, feeling an instant rush of cold that almost caused her to cover back up. Looking down she realized she lacked clothes and remembered the night before. Blushing slightly she glanced over at Toshinori who simply wore a t-shirt and underwear. She let out a huff as she looked around for her discarded clothes in a warm hand pressed against her back and equally warm lips pressed against her temple.

“Good Morning, my sweet,” came the rumbling, deep voice that could only belong to Toshinori.

A smile graced her lips as she turned and found his, capturing them and softly breathing out a good morning back to him. He helped her find her clothes but instead of letting her put them on, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to their shared bedroom. Connected was the bathroom and they both bathed away the night prior’s events. Giggles and kisses were shared in the shower as they bathed one another, Inko having rather a lot of fun washing Toshi’s hair and spiking it up like All Might’s with the shampoo. Once done, they began to dry off and get ready for the days activities. Toshinori having to go into work in an hour and Inko needing to be at hers within the hour.

“I’ll drive you today if you’d like, I let you sleep in so it’s my fault,” Toshi chuckled as he brushed her hair while she put on the barest hints of makeup.

“You don’t have to, I can make it in time if I fast walk.”

“But you’ll make it early if I drive, I really don’t mind. Let me, please?”

The please is what did her in and with a smile and a sigh came the: “Okay, Toshi.”

He drove her to work, kissing her in the car before she left. “You look beautiful. Have a good day my sweets.”

She most definitely did.


Toshi felt dizzy, fear was not something he was used to. Not this kind of fear at least. It felt as if their was a weight on his chest and a pulling feeling in his gut, almost like how one would feel if they were guilty or worried, but much worse in his opinion.


His mouth was dry, sitting on the couch his leg bounced up and down quickly, body wanting to, for once, run away from the threat. Although, this wasn’t a threat...right? His hands were over his mouth, holding his head up as his elbows rested on his knees. He felt sick, his stomach churning while simultaneously being in his throat all at once. Then, somewhere deep within his stomach, he felt what was akin to...butterflies?


His head snapped up and he looked at Inko’s worried and scared expression and he realized he messed up. Ignoring her after she told him something this big was a mistake. He should’ve reacted differently, she didn’t need to have anymore stress and worry on her shoulders.. especially now.

“I-“ he opened his mouth to speak, but his voice cracked. Clearing his throat, he tired again, “I don’t understand... how?”

Inko’s expression deflated as she sank down on the couch next to him, staring off into the direction of the kitchen, “I don’t know..”

“We- we were careful weren’t we..?”

“What are you implying Toshinori?” Her expression suddenly becoming harsher, her eyes cutting to him like blades.

“Ah! N-no! I didn’t mean that! I just.. We- I- I mean,” he fidgeted with his fingers and stared down at his legs, “I wore a c-condom..”

Silence followed that statement and they listened to one another’s breathing. Suddenly Inko stood and walked over to the kitchen. Toshi’s eyes followed her as she moved about, widening as she opened the lid to the trash and stuck her hand in it. “I-Inko, w-what are you-?!”

She paused and her eyes widened slightly as she pulled out the condom from almost a week ago. Holding up the piece of plastic Toshinori noticed at the same time she did, the smallest of cuts. Both of them realized that it was the cause of their current predicament as she dropped it back into the trash with a defeated sigh. Walking over to the sink, she washed her hands and then sat back down next to Toshinori.

Her voice came out almost a whisper as she spoke, “What do we do..?”

Toshinori pausing, “What do you want to do?”

Inko looked at him, “I’m not- I can’t-“

He knew before she said it, placing a hand on her leg he shook his head, “I would never ask that of you.. I’ll still be here, Inko. I’m not leaving you.” He let the smallest of smiles show through, placing his hand from her leg to her stomach, “I think, maybe it was meant to be this way,” he looked up at her through blond lashes, “I’ll always be at your side, my sweets.”

There were tears in her eyes as she let out a hiccup of a sob before falling into Toshinori’s arms and cried against his chest. She was crying not because of the future, but because of the uncertainty of it all. This was going to be a new beginning for them, Toshinori knew. He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding and smiled shakily as he stroked Inko’s hair, ‘I’m going to have a family.’ He thought to himself with the barest hint of a smile.

The wind rattled against the windows and the sunlight filtered in through the blinds.


July fifteenth was the day she felt something wet and slick drip down her leg. A shout fell from her lips when a particularly strong contraction hit her. Stumbling and waddling over to the tub she sat down and held her hand to her stomach, ‘So much for the relaxing shower I was looking forward to.’ She thought to herself with a frown. ‘Oh great, did I just pee myself from the contraction? Ugh, now I have to clean it up-‘ her thoughts came to a halt when she heard thumping feet and a burst of wind as Toshinori’s Quirk brought him to the door with super fast speed.

His face was flushed and eyes wide with fear, looking around for the villain that was a simple puddle of water(?) on the floor. His eyes finally locking onto Inko siting naked on the lip of the tub, “Inko, what’s wrong? Did you.. did you p-“

“No! I- I don’t think I did!” She was blushing furiously, “I just, I was about this shower and I-“ she looked at the puddle. “It was like a pop, and-“

The realization dawned on their faces the moment she said it, she looked at Toshinori with wide eyes, his own equally as wide. He immediately ran into their bedroom grabbing their prepared hospital bag that he insisted on making a month before Inko’s due date. Meanwhile, Inko grabbed her clothes sitting on the edge of the tub and began to dress, carefully and slowly, the contractions making themselves known. Toshinori ran back in with a huge smile on his face and a look of fear in his eyes, the smile trying to mask how he truly felt. He helped her dress and gently helped her to the living room to sit while he gathered the last bit of things they needed.

“Okay, we got extra clothes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, snacks, money, wallets, keys, your purse, um, oh god, your pillow,” he ran back into the room and came out with a pillow, blanket and a few books for Inko. “Okay, I think this is everything, oh gosh okay, anything else? Baby?” His voice was shaky with what she assumed was excitement and fear.

Another contraction and she felt anger wash through her like a tidal wave, “Hospital, Toshi!”

“Ah! Right!” He grabbed all the stuff and blinked out of her sight, another rush of wind and he was back, sans bag and pillow. “O-okay, careful. Do you want me to carry you? The stairs may be too much. Oh gosh,” she rolled her eyes, he was supposed to be the calm one.

“J-just- ah fuck- just get me there,” she ground out.

“Ye-Yeah, okay!” He tenderly lifted her into his arms and carried her down the stairs, making sure to take it slow as to not jostle her too much.

She held onto his neck and kept the breathing exercises in mind. She glanced up and saw his face, the smile was still there and his eyes were glistening a bit, ‘Maybe he’s more excited than scared,’ she thought to herself before another wave of pain hit her.

Now in the car, she realized he was doing the goddamn speed limit. This was her final straw, “Toshinori. So help me god. I will fucking kill you if you don’t go any fucking faster so we can get your goddamn son OUT!”

The fear was back, Inko was almost sadistically happy to see. He drove faster.

Getting to the hospital was a lot less fanfare than she thought, they were quick and methodical in their procedures. It wasn’t long before a nurse and doctor were in a labor room with her, checking her dilation. Toshinori stood beside her, fidgeting and touching and trying to soothe her. It wasn’t working, ultimately he just stood next to her and held her hand. Inko squeezed during each contraction, it felt like days when only an hour and a half passed before she was being told to push. Toshinori kissed her forehead, wiping the sweat away. Squeezing his hand and bearing down down to push, suddenly, Toshinori’s insistent praises fell silent. She felt of wave of pain and relief wash over her.

The wind was silent, the sunlight was dimming into night, and a baby was crying.