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We Are Not Your Ordinary Family

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Kyoka has a rough idea of what to expect when Yaomomo invited her over to study over break. Plenty of studying, for one. A lot of broken pencils and chewed up pen caps. And probably a foreign tea brand she couldn’t pronounce or two.


What she did not expect, however, was Jamming Whey sitting next to Yaoyorozu with a math textbook in front of him.


“Now, a squared plus b squared equals c squared, yes? And you’re solving for b, which means you should-oh, hello Jirou!” Yaoyorozu waved at her. “I hoped you wouldn’t mind if Kaminari was here. He approached me for help on his own, and I just couldn’t say no.”


I’m right here you know.” Kaminari frowned, but his eyes were alight with amusement. “Hey Jirou! Nice to see you. Math, right?”


Kyoka rolled her eyes. “At least you’re putting your three effective brain cells to good use.” She plopped down on a corner of the bed and pulled out her English textbook.




“It’s fine, she does this all the time. You subtract a squared, right?”


It continued like this for a while. Kaminari hunched over his Algebra homework, Jirou struggling through pronouns and antecedents, and Yaoyorozu flitting between them while simultaneously brewing Oolong and doing her own Literature homework.


“Done. I think.” Jirou said, sitting up. “Yaomomo, do you think you could check this?”


“Of course!” Yaoyorozu’s dark eyes scanned the paper. “Number three is wrong. And possibly number seven, I’m not sure. Other than that, I think you’re good.”


“Huh.” She gave number three a second pass. Ah, there was the error, she circled a preposition instead. Fixing her mistake, she returned her attention to number seven.


‘As the child watched the stars, they shimmered and spun.’ She had ‘they’ down as the pronoun, and ‘the child’ as the antecedent. ‘Shimmered’ obviously made more sense for the stars, but ‘spun’ seemed to better describe the child, so she figured ‘shimmered’ was being used figuratively. English rarely meant what was actually written down.


She rubbed her forehead. This assignment was going to give her a headache later.


“Alright, everything seems to be correct. Nice work Kaminari.”


“Woo hoo!” Kaminari pumped his hands in the air. “You are a godsend, Yaomomo! It’s even in your name!”


Yaoyorozu laughed. “You flatter me. Do you have anything else?”


He dug through his backpack. “Just science. Hey, Jirou, can I see your English?”


Jirou raised an eyebrow. “Why do you ask?”


“Just lemme take a look, please? It can’t hurt, can it?”


Jirou tossed him the paper, which he caught with surprising ease. His eyes quickly scanned it. “Yup, seven’s wrong. Surprised you didn’t catch that, Yaoyorozu.”


“Okay, smarty pants, then why is it wrong?” Kyoka snatched the paper out of his hands. Kaminari shrugged.


“‘They’ describes the stars. When did anyone ever describe a toddler as ‘shimmering’? And if it was about he kid, they probably would have used ‘he’ or ‘she’.”


Yaoyorozu looked at the page again. “I think he’s right, Jirou. Good eye, Kaminari.”


“No need to thank me!” Kaminari quipped before turning his attention to the science homework-and then spotting the time on Yaomomo’s needlessly fancy clock. “Crap, I gotta go, Mina asked me to play video games in the common room.” He haphazardly shoved his stuff into his backpack. “Thank you guys for the help! See you later!” He ran out of the room, swearing under his breath.


“...Well that was unexpected.” Kyoka made the correction and took a long drink of her tea. “Thank you for this, Yaomomo. I needed it.”


“It’s no trouble at all. I enjoy helping my classmates.” Momo smiled, pouring herself a cup. “And I also enjoy spending time with you, Jirou.”


“Then, can we just talk for a bit? I don’t have any homework left.”


“Of course!” Momo produced some hair ties from her wrist. “Would you braid mine? I would try yours, but I’m afraid it’s too short.”


“Sure.” Kyoka moved behind Momo, her deft fingers weaving through the black hair. “I like the new version of your costume. I hope it keeps Mineta off your back-or I guess, front.”


Momo giggled. “Thank you! I had been considering a zipper for some time, and now that I’ve finally added it, it feels so freeing. It’s nice to not have people...staring. Especially Mineta.” Momo giggled. “I like the update you made as well. Where did you get the idea for that logo?”


“It’s based of the one Dad and his old bandmates used. It’s my way of saying thank you to them. For supporting me.”


“That’s very noble.”


“I hope so. I thought it would be kind of corny.” Kyoka wrapped the final elastic around the braid. “Your hair’s done.”


Momo moved the braid over her shoulder and looked at the braid, running her fingers over the tight pattern. “It’s lovely. Thank you.”


There was a sharp knock on the door. “Yaoyorozu!” Iida. Of course. “Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero are making a mess of the common room, and I require your assistance to break it up.” He paused in his knocking, and they heard the squeaky sound of him rubbing his shoe on the floor. “I...hope I’m not interrupting anything.”


Momo turned to Kyoka, who shook her head. “Go help. I’ll wait.” She mouthed.


Yaomomo stood up and walked to the door, opening it and smiling at Iida. “It’s no trouble at all, Iida. I’m sure we can get them to calm down.” She turned back to Kyoka. “I’ll be right back. See you in a moment.”


“Ah! Jirou!” Iida bowed. “My apologies! I did not mean to interrupt you. I will be as efficient as possible in order for you two to resume your bonding time.” He speedwalked off, joints stiff.” Momo laughed, waved once more, and gently shut the door before racing off after Iida.


Kyoka smiled to herself as she took another sip of her tea. No, this was not what she expected when she had been invited over to study. But it was wonderful all, the same.

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Kyoka was sitting in her desk, playing with her phone and trying to mind her own business, which was hard with Bakugou grumbling in her ear, but, well, what are you going to do. On the whole, it had been a fairly uneventful Tuesday. No villain attacks, no giant projects assigned or due, not even much in the way of training. All Might (or Mr. Yagi, as he frequently asked to be called) had just had them run fitness laps. The reason for all this boring-ness was that Aizawa was out of town, tracking the source of some bad Trigger with a few old associates. Snipe , of all people, was their substitute.


After taking attendance, he had tried to kick his legs up onto the desk, and in the process, knocked over a ton of papers and that little cat-shaped coffee cup Uraraka had gotten their teacher for his birthday, which thankfully was made of very durable ceramic. He spent most of the class period whistling to a tune she recognized but couldn’t pinpoint, the sound eventually trailing off. When Midnight came in for class, she tapped his shoulder, and he lept up the chair like he’d been poked with a cattle prod. He skunked out of the room, proverbial tail between his legs, muttering to himself about sleepless night full of paperwork.


He was back now, to supervise the end of day study hall before they were dismissed to the dorms. He wasn’t lounging quite so much, instead working on his laptop, the screen vaguely reflected in the goggles on his mask.


And he was humming again. What is that song?


Kyoka plugged into her phone, trying to drown out the earworm in the background with good old fashioned Johnny Cash. She scrolled through the songs on her phone, before finally settling on one. She mouthed along to the music. Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fire ring. Bringing me the wild desire, I fell into a ring of-wait a minute.


Sneakily, she crept one of her jacks up toward the teacher’s desk along the ground, and yup-there it was. I fell into a burning ring of fire. I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher. Well I’ll be damned.


Just then, the bell rang, and Kyoka quickly retracted her jack so Shoji wouldn’t step on it. She pushed up from her chair and quickly strutted out of the room. Why am I so surprised? He’s a frickin’ cowboy, of course he likes old music. But she still wondered.


On Wednesday, he was playing “That’ll Be The Day I Die” by Buddy Holly.


Thursday had “Tambourine” by Bob Dylan.


“Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley on Friday.


Next Monday, he was gone.




Two months later, the students were all pestering Momo for gift wrap and boxes and ribbons, holding random knick knacks that were all some shade of brown and surprisingly beat up looking. Why? Snipe’s birthday was tomorrow. Fancy that.


“Nobody knows that much about him, so most of us are just getting cowboy junk.” Said Kirishima. “I’m getting him this old Clint Eastwood-looking poncho.”


“I’m getting him a new hat.”


“I’m getting dreadlock wax for him.”


“I’m getting a McCree figurine.”


“Wait, what? Me too!”


“We can’t give him three of the same figure!”


As Midoriya, Hagakure, and Sato huddled together to figure that mess out, Kyoka climbed up the stairs to her room and dug through her old record collection. She never used any of them, lacking a record player and all, but some of them were genuine antiques with some real collectors value. She grabbed Ring of Fire, That’ll Be The Day, Tambourine, and Jailhouse Rock, wrapped the up in some of Momo’s paper, and crossed her fingers that Snipe would at least have a wall to hang these on.




Hidetaka was surprised that his students had gotten him presents. As a substitute, he hadn’t spent much time with most of them in class, with the exception of big events like Super Move training. Ironically, this made him appreciate the gesture even more.


He neatly opened each of the presents finding a few ponchos, three hats, two cans of stuff for his dreadlocks. A McCree figure-how’d the kids learn about that nickname-with replaceable hands and everything. Monoma And Yaoyorozu had actually sent him real, live bullets. How they got their hands on them-Monoma in particular-was a question he didn’t really want answered.


Finally, near the bottom of the pile was a thin, rectangular box from Jirou, one of the Class 1-A kids. Peeling backs the paper, he saw the glossy, bright portrait of Buddy Holly. Don’t tell me…


Tearing of the the rest of the paper, he found four old records of some of his favorite songs, each one in a mint condition jacket with a note taped to the front.


Dear Mr. Snipe,


I noticed you listening to these songs in class when you subbed for us a couple months back. I hope you like them, and if you don’t, they’ll probably go for a pretty penny on EBay.


“You seem to enjoy that one.” Hidetaka set the records down  and turned to see Principal Nezu watching him and scanning the note.


“It’s easy to forget how observant those kids are, what with the goofin’ off and all.” Said Hidetaka, turning to the last three presents he had yet to open. “But sometimes they pay attention to the weirdest, litt’lest things.”


“I’ll remind you, we all used to be the children at one point or another.” Nezu sipped his tea, looking out the window at the high rises around them and smiling to himself. “And the young are always more qualified then it seems at first blush. Just look at the USJ Incident, or that fiasco at the training camp, for proof of that. I’m excited to watch them grow even further beyond. Aren’t you as well, Snipe?”


“Of course, Principal.” He smiled to himself and cleaned up the wrapping paper. “I’ll have to tip my hat to them next time I pass ‘em in the hallway. They deserve it.”

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Ochako checked her duffel bag one last time. Pajamas, check. Pillow and sleeping bag, check. Hygiene stuff, check. Positive attitude, double check!


“Uraraka!” Iida shouted. Ochako’s head snapped up. “I understand you are excited, but please focus on eating your dinner.” She stared down her meal, which, admittedly, was very good.


“I worked damn hard on that, Round Face!” Bakugou shouted. “Quite slacking off and eat your fucking food!”


Scared of making a scene-and Bakugou’s temper-Ochako started shoveling the rest of her food into her mouth.


“What are you even so excited about, anyway?” Shoji cocked his head to the side.


Ochako smiled. “The girls are going to have a sleepover!”


“Ooh, are you gonna have an org-” Half a dozen people glared at Mineta, who gulped and went back to eating his dinner.


“I hope you have a good time.” Deku patted her shoulder, and she resisted the urge to turn bright pink and start sputtering. She finished her meal as quickly as humanly possible, scooped up her duffel bag, shouted a quick ‘thank you’ at Bakugou to appease his temper, and fled to Mina’s room.


Mina was already there when she arrived, as was Tsuyu, who was lying half asleep on Mina’s carpet.


“Ocha! Glad you’re here.” Mina wriggled into her PJ top. “Is something up with Tsu? She’s been kind of...out of it.”


“Ghhhhhh…….kero kero…”


Ochako pulled her friend into a hug. “It’s the winter. Cold temperatures make her sleepy.”


“Thanks Ochako.” Tsu snuggles into her shoulder.


Just then, Toru came out of them bathroom in a tank top and fuzzy plaid pants. “What are we talking about?”


“Tsu getting sleepy in the cold like the frog she is.” Mina grabbed a nail polish kit from one of her shelves. “Now all we have to do is wait for Yaomomo and Jirou, and we can get started.”


Just then, there was a knock on the door. Toru pulled it open to reveal the girls in question. “Hey you two.”


“Hello, Toru.” Yaomomo dragged her overstuffed duffel bag into the room behind her. “I thought...since we were doing manicures...I could bring some supplies.” She finally managed to get the bag into the room. Ochako unzipped it to find more nail equipment than she thought could exist. Just how rich was Momo exactly?


“Jeez.” Jirou-who was only carrying a small backpack-leaned over to look in the duffel bag. “It’s like you stuffed an entire nail salon in here.”


“In retrospect, I may have gone a bit overboard.”


Toru picked up what looked like a medieval torture device and shook it in the air. “A bit? What even is this thing?”


“Why, my dear, that is a long-handled toenail cutter.”


“Gaah!” The girls all abruptly turned to the door, shocked, and prepared themselves for battle with an oversized grape, Tsuyu jumping up from her sleepy haze and Mina pulling out a foam dart gun from her mattress. Momo smiled brightly.


“Aoyama! I didn’t think you would make it.”


Aoyama tossed his head back. “But, mademoiselle, why would I? Ass soon as I heard what you were planning, I knew I had to help you sparkle!”


Mina lowered her blaster. “You’re here to help with the manis?”


“Why else would I come her Ashido, dear.”


“To spy on us.” Jirou looked about ready to put him in a hold. Ochako put a hand on her shoulder.


“If he just wants to join in, I don’t see a problem.”


“I agree with Ochako.” Tsuyu leaned against Mina’s bed frame. “So can we get started?”


“Absolutely!” Mina folded her legs up underneath her and clapped her hands together. “Everyone pool your polishes, and pick one you like.”


Momo, Aoyama, Mina, and Toru all dumped the varnishes on the floor, creating a small colorful mountain. Ochako rooted through before settling on a pale pink called ‘Eternal Optimist’.


“How apropos.” Toru quipped, leaning over to look. Her own polish was a metallic silver called ‘No Place Like Chrome’.


“Ocha! That’s so pretty.” Mina held up her own polish, a vibrant purple-pink called ‘Don’t Make Me Whine!’. Jirou had selected a deep brownish-purple called ‘Today I Accomplished Zero’, and Momo had picked a beige called ‘Fiji Weejee Fawn’. Seriously, who named these things?


“Thanks.” She said. She she started to unscrew the cap, when Aoyama seized her hands.


“Uraraka, dear, have you never done this before?” He sounded...less condescending than usual.


“, not really. Just painting my nails at home sometimes.” She remembered the near-empty bottle of baby blue tucked in a corner of her dorm, a present from her mom.


Aoyama smiled and struck a dramatic pose. “I have done this many times. I will assist you!”


He dug through the collection and pulled out some packets and tools, laying them out as if they were surgical instruments. Picking up a bowl, he held it up. “Hagakure, would you be a dear and fill this up with water?”


“You got it!” Toru scampered back to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Mina had started buffing the nails of a half-conscious Tsuyu, and Momo and Jirou were doing each other’s toes. Aoyama picked up nail clippers and a thin emery board, then gestured for her hands. He started by trimming her fingernails, then ran the emery board over the edge to smooth them out and shape them, until they were near-perfect ovals sitting on the edge of her fingers.


Just then Toru got back with the water. Aoyama took the bowl from her, set it on the ground, and guided her hands into the bowl. “Now, we let them soak for trois minute. Any longer and we’d damage the cuticles.”


As Ochako wiggled her fingers under the water, Mina tapped Aoyama on the shoulder and asked for help trimming hers, which he happily obliged, then checked her work on Tsu.


“Well, it’s not quite as magnifique as mine, but still serviceable. Very well, Ashido. Ah, that’s three minutes.”


Ochako pulled her hands out of the water and let them drip back into the bowl, not wanting to ruin Mina’s carpet. Aoyama dashed back into the bathroom to grab a hand towel, and gently dried off her hands. He grabbed a metal rod with a strange, vaguely spatula-like head, and pushed back her cuticles, careful not to tear them. He picked up a clear polish and put on a layer, then wandered through the others while her hands dried. He did the same after two layers of ‘Eternal Optimist’ and a final coat of clear. By the time he was done rubbing moisturizer into her hands, everyone else’s were done, too.


“Wooow…” Ochako wiggled her fingers in the light, watching it reflect of the dim lights of Mina’s room. “It looks so professional. Thank you, Aoyama.”


Aoyama laughed. “It is what my mother does for a living, you see. It is only natural I would pick up the skill.” He checked the clock again. “I believe it is time for me to go. Á demain, all. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” He bowed theatrically, and flounced out of the room.


“Well...that was...unexpected.” Jirou rested her chin in her hand, nails glinting in the light.


“We should invite him to sleepovers more often. He’s a better woman than any of us.” Toru joked. Her polish appeared to be floating in the air. When the others had mentioned how that might impede her, she had joked about ‘a special move for hiding them’. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.


“Totally.” Said Mina. “Now, who wants to help me clean up this mess?”

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Tenya was sitting in the common rooms of the dorms, studying. Just minding his own business. Not bothering anyone.


Didn’t stop Sero from leaping at him and wrapping his arms around his neck, clinging like a monkey.


“Iida! My man! Hey, ca-”


Sero! ” Tenya pushed him off of his shoulders. “Don’t randomly leap at people! It could surprise them and cause them to damage nearby objects. Not to mention grabbing by the throat. You could induce accidental asphyxiation!”


“Woah, woah.” Sero backed off, holding his hands up. “I’m sorry, I just wanted to get your attention.”


“Then tap me on the shoulder, or something similar.”


“Okay, okay, file that away for later. Can I tell you what I came here to now?”


Tenya sat back down on the couch. “Of course. What is it?”


“Well, ya see,” Sero scratches the back of his head. “You remember that race we did after we got back from our internships?”


“Yes. Why do you bring them up?”


“Well, you weren’t at your best then, ‘cause of the Hosu Incident, and Denki and I were talking. Now that your better, who would win? But we can’t just head down to the training ground, so we through, ‘Which one of us is faster, objectively?’ And Yaoyorozu overheard and got really excited about it, so now I’m wondering if you’d be willing to help?”




“Will you help Yaoyorozu figure out which of us is faster? Because she’s-”


“Of course! Why didn’t you say so?” Tenya shot up. “It is my duty to-”


“Okay, dude, I get it. Just come with me.”


Tenya followed Sero out of the building and to the small garden area in the back, where Yaoyorozu was scribbling in a notebook while Kaminari and Ashido talked, seated on the ground. Sero cleared his throat, and two heads perked up.


“Now way.” Kaminari chuckled. “You actually convinced him?”


“I wanted to help with the research project. Little convincing was needed.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever, Dad.


“Shut up, Denki.” Sero shoved his friend’s arm.


Kaminari rolled his eyes and sat back down next to Ashido. Yaoyorozu, meanwhile, was putting the finishing touches on some sort of diagram.


“Hmmm.” She muttered to herself. “This should work, provided the centripetal force of Sero’s swing dosen’t knock it off. Stronger plastic for the clasp. Oh, and some kind of hinge.” She frantically scribbled. “Yes, plexiglass all that’s left is the electrical impulses to program it.”


“Yaoyorozu, are you all right?”


“Oh, Iida.” She tucked a stray bit of hair behind her ear. “Yes, I was just working on the speedometers for the test. I wanted to make them as precise as possible, which is requiring more materials than expected.” She showed him her messy notes, which looked somewhere between Greek and Cuneiform.


“Um...yes...very interesting.”


“You don’t understand any of it, do you?”


“I’m afraid not.”


Yaoyorozu shrugged. “To simplify, it’s a lot of copper, quartz, and plastic.”


“Why did you put gemstones in the doohickey?” Ashido called.


“Well, quartz is very good at conducting precise amounts of electricity due to it’s piezoelectric properties-”


“Can we get started?” Sero pushed his hip off the doorframe and stepped up towards Yaoyorozu and Tenya.


“Yes, I do think this design will work.” She stuck her hand down the front of her blouse and pulled out two small grey devices about the size of a cell phone attached to what looked like grey zip ties. She fastened one to Tenya’s ankle and another to Sero’s wrist. “Now, to start. Iida, can you stand behind that white line there?”


Iida took up a starting position behind the line. “What now?”


“Just run to the end of the yard and back.”


“Got it.” Tenya took a deep breath to fill his lungs with vital oxygen, revved his engines, and then-




He rockets forward at breakneck speed toward the fence, dipping so low he puts a hand down to support himself as he turns on a dime and whizzes back to the start.


Kaminari blinked. “Dude. There is no freakin way you can keep up with that.”


“Shut up, Denki.” Sero flexed his arms over his head. “We’ll see about that. You ready Yaomomo?”


“Just grab that pole over there, and pull yourself up as fast as you can.” Yaoyorozu called over her shoulder as she unfastened the speedometer from Tenya’s ankle.


“You got it!” Tenya watched as Sero got into position, bent his arms back, and shot a roll of tape out around the poll Yaoyorozu must have set up earlier. “Everything good?”


“Go right ahead.”


“Wooo! Go Hanta!” Ashido pumped her fists in the air. “Show him how it’s done!”


Sero grinned and leapt into the air, moving in a colored blur through the air toward the pole as the taut piece of tape wrinkled and folded. He grabbed the pole with his free hand and made a full rotation with the momentum.


Sero detached the tape and looked back over his shoulder. “So, how did I do?”


Yaoyorozu cupped a hand around her mouth. “Get down here and we’ll check the speedometers!”


“Uh, yeah, about that.” Sero looked down from where the pole was attached-roughly at the fourth floor. “How do I get down, exactly?”




Getting Sero down took a combination of a cushion, Uraraka’s Quirk, and a lot of coaxing from Ashido and Kaminari. But after ten minutes of struggle, he was firmly back on solid ground.


“Oh, thank God!” Sero fell down on the ground, seemingly attempting to hug the Earth. “I never thought I’d be safe on the ground again!”


“You weren’t making it any easier.” Ashido rolled her eyes. “Can we look at the results now?”


“One minute, please.” Yaoyorozu plugged two USB cords into a computer, and then into the speedometers. After typing something in, a program was pulled up with two lines on a graph, one blue and one orange. “The blue line is Iida, the orange line is Sero.”


The graph spoke for itself. The both started at zero and, while Sero gained speed over time and Tenya had a single sharp drop-off (probably the turn), the highest point on Tenya’s line far exceeded Sero’s.


“Aw man, and I was really hoping, too.” Sero sighed. “Good job man. You really are the ‘Turbo Hero’.”


Tenya laughed. “That’s the idea. Thank you for an interesting afternoon.” They shook hands as Yaoyorozu quietly chuckled and unplugged the speedometers.”


“Told you you couldn’t keep up.” Kaminari teased.

“Shut up, Denki!”

Chapter Text

Shouto leaned against the wall corner, watching the excitement. The hum of activity was alive in the common room of the dorms. Koda, Hagakure, and Shoji were bringing armfuls of pillows and blankets downstairs, while Sato, Tsuyu, and a strangely helpful Bakugou (at least, by Bakugou standards) prepped dinner. Kaminari and Tokoyami were attempting to set up the gaming console, and Midoriya and Uraraka had found some books, at Iida’s request. On the whole, things seemed to be going well, but he didn’t have a real reference point.


He scanned the room for Yaoyorozu, hoping for her perspective, only to notice she was missing. She’s probably in the kitchen. He thought to himself.


Sticking his head in, he saw she was, in fact, speaking to Sato next to a tray of cupcakes. As she turned her head to the side, she saw him out of the corner of her eye, and waved at him.


“Todoroki!” She smiled at him. “Come on, we were just about to taste test these cupcakes.”


Todoroki walked up to the counter and hovered a hand over the tray. Sato nodded. “Just pick one and tell me how it tastes.”


He considered, before settling on a yellowish cupcake with blue frosting. Yaoyorozu picked a brown one with purple frosting.


Biting into it, she hummed with delight. “It’s wonderful, Sato. What do you think, Todoroki?”


Shrugging, Shouto bit into the cupcake-and tasted paper. He’d forgotten to unwrap it.


Bakugou snickered in the corner. “Of course Icyhot-” he was cut off by Tsuyu’s tongue lightly thwap-ing against his face. He growled, but said nothing.


Returning to the cupcake, he carefully pulled off the rest of the paper before taking an actual bite. It was sweet, moist, with creamy frosting that tasted vaguely like blueberries. “It’s good.”


Sato cocked his head to the side. “Just good? Nothing specific?”


“Do you need anything specific?”


“’s the blueberry frosting? Is it too strong?”


Shouto took another bite. “I can taste it, and the vanilla, if that’s what you mean…what are you doing, Yaoyorozu?”


She smiled at him as she placed the filled kettle on the stove. “I thought we might enjoy some chamomile tea, and Aizawa had this kettle, so, I thought we’d test it out.” She flicked the stovetop on, and the kettle began to quietly whistle...


An ice cold hand wrapped around his neck and squeezed. He tried to run away, but there were lead rings trapping his ankles, keeping him in place. Everything was shaky and jittery, he was five years old again. Your left’s unsightly. There was a dull sticky pain in his palms and a roaring in his ear and he couldn’t think straight and oh god why is this happening I need to focus I need to stop or he’s going to find me. Water filled up his throat, and he stood there, quietly drowning.



“Todoroki! Are you alright?” Katsuki’s head swiveled around to see what the fuss was about. Icyhot was standing ramrod-straight, thousand-yard-staring and sweating a lot. Ponytail tried putting a hand on his shoulder, but he flinched like he’d been hit. Big Mouth was awkwardly backing off, and Frogface looked on...well, he couldn’t tell, her face never did anything.


He followed Icyhot’s line of sight, and landed on the boiling kettle on the stove.


Wait, what was it he told Stupid Deku at the festival?




He jumped forward, only to feel something slimy wrap around his wrist. Without even looking, he grabbed Frogface’s tongue and heated his palm-not enough to burn, just make her stop and fucking think-and marched up to the door to the kitchen.


“Deku! Get in here right the hell now.”


Deku ran up to him, blubbering. “Kacchan, what is it? Is everyone alright? Did something hap-” He shut up as soon as he looked in the room, than god. He walked up to the stove, pulled the kettle off, and stood in between Icyhot and the stove.


“Todoroki.” He said. “Wherever you think you are, you’re not there, you’re at the dorms, and no one here is going to hurt you.” Ponytail finally figured out what was going on, and quietly slipped outside, bringing Big Mouth with her. Frogface sat on the counter, watching quietly, probably hoping to help. Whatever.



“Todoroki.” Izuku looked into his friend’s eyes, watching them dart around, unfocused. “Wherever you think you are, you’re not there, you’re at the dorms, and no one here is going to hurt you.” Not for the first time (and probably not the last) he cursed Endeavor. No one should have to go through this because of their own father.


“Mi-Midoriya.” Todoroki gasped, tugging at his collar and leaving rusty red smears on his shirt. “I’m s-sorry, I didn’t mean-”


“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. It’s not your fault. You’re just having a panic attack. Just breathe with me, okay?”


“O-okay.” Todoroki closes his eyes, and took a deep, shuddery breath in and out.


“That’s great, you’re doing great, Todoroki.” Midoriya smiled. “Is it okay if I put my hand on your shoulder?”




Izuku gently set his hand down, rubbing his thumb in small circles. He felt a tapping on his shoulders and turned around to see Tsu.


“Should I tell the others to quiet down?” She murmured. Izuku nodded, and she quietly shuffled out of the room.


“W-was t-that Asui?” Todoroku hiccupped. He was mostly just crying now, but Izuku wasn’t taking any chances.


“Yeah...don’t worry, she’s just going to tell the class to not freak out.”


“The class…” Todoroki’s head shot up. “I have to apologize to Sato. And Yaoyorozu.” Without another word, he darted out of the kitchen.


“Todoroki!” Izuku dashed after his friend, gnawing at his lower lip with nerves.



Shouto stepped into the common room, brain still painfully fuzzy around the edges. Immediantly, eighteen pairs of eyes swiveled over to him, and he suddenly felt very small.


“Todoroki.” Asui. She nodded sternly. “You don’t have to tell us the details of you don’t want too, but if something triggered you, please let us know so we can deal with it.”


He slipped past her and walked over to Yaoyorozu and Sato, staring at his feet. “I’m sorry I...panicked earlier. You two were just trying to be pleasant, I should have-” He was cut off as Yaoyorozu pulled him into a hug, quietly whimpering.


“If you have a reason to panic, which you definitely do,” She said “Then you have nothing to be sorry for.” She pulled back, meeting his gaze with dark, watery eyes and nodding.


There was a gentle pressure around his waist, and Shouto looked down to see Uraraka pulling him into a hug. Then Iida latched onto him as well, then Koda, and suddenly the entire class was pulling him into a hug.


“...I hope you’re alright…”


“...If you ever need to talk…”


“...No one will judge you…”


“...We’re here for you…”


Shouto smiled. He let Hagakure play with his hair while Ojiro bandaged the crescent Mark indents in his palms. He helped Shoji set up a massive pillow fort. An oddly quiet Bakugou restrained his yelling when he walked into the room. He didn’t really talk, but he felt...content. Like he was surrounded by a bubble of safety and calm. Like his father couldn’t touch him no matter how hard her tried.


Shouta was getting sick and tired of his kids (who he had definitely not taken a liking to, Hizashi) throwing wild late-night parties. But this was not the scene he expected walking into the dorms Saturday morning.


For one, Todoroki was in the middle of everything.


He had been covered by pillows and blankets, with Yaoyorozu curled up by one of his sides, while the problem child slept near the other. Actually, the whole class was arranged like this, winding around Todoroki in protective rings.


He performed a quick head count, just to be safe-and realized five of them were missing. Ashido, Kaminari, Sero, Kirishima, and Bakugou. He was going to check the kitchen, when he heard strange noises from outside. What the hell…


He stepped outside and quietly peaked around the corner to the back garden-where the members of the self proclaimed ‘Bakusquad’ were playing tetherball with the horribly disfigured metal stovetop tea kettle he had stocked the dorms with, suspended by a piece of giant tape.


“DIE, you shitty piece of metal!” Bakugou screamed to the sky, finally reducing the kettle to shrapnel confetti with a resounding BOOM . “How am I supposed to beat Icyhot if you keep fucking with his head!”


“Y’know, Bakugou, I really don’t think it’s the kettle’s fault.”




Shouta rolled his eyes and walked away, looking for somewhere to set up his sleeping bag. He had been sure, when he first met these kids, they were going to kill each other.


Now, he was sure if the opposite.


Chapter Text

Mina tapped her foot against the pavement in a steady rhythm, waiting for the others to show up. The only other person her was that quiet Class B girl she fought at the Joint Training exercise-the one with black hair. What was her name again? Kodi? Kodak? Something like that. She had tried to strike up conversation earlier, to no avail, and she was bored out of her mind. Curious, she decided to check the group chat


Girls of 1-A


God: Is everyone ready? I’m almost done.

Elphaba: I’m just grabbing my stuff

AlienQueen: im down here

Elphaba: but I’ll be down soon

DannyPhantom: how r u so fast????

AlienQueen: 3 lil brothers

Headbanger: i’m leavin the dorms now

Headbanger: b there in a minute

GayFrogs: I’m here

AlienQueen: Whos with you then

GayFrogs: Kendo Yanagi and Tsunotori from class b

AlienQueen: SHIT

“We’re at the wrong doorway!” She whipped her head around to Kodai-that was her name-and, without a word, pulled her up on her back and took off sliding across campus.


“Huh. This is nice.” Kodai monotoned.




“WE’RE HEEEEEEERE!” Mina slid into place in front of the south exit to campus-which was small, watched, and not marked on any maps. Sure enough, Tsuyu was speaking to Tsunotori, the blond horse-like girl, while Kendo sat cross legged with on the ground. Seeing them arrive, she waved, frowning.


“Yui! Why’d you go to the main entrance? I was worried sick!”


Kodai slumped down next to Kendo, leaning against her. “I’m sorry. I forgot.”


Kendo made a noise somewhere between a laugh and a sigh, gently running some fingers through Kodai’s hair. “It’s alright. Accidents happen. I’m just glad you got here safely.” She turned to Mina. “Thank you for making sure she got here, Ashido.”


“We appreciate your assistance in relocation our companion to the appropriate locale.” Said Yanagi.


Mina winked a made a thumbs up. “My pleasure. Now we just gotta wait for the others-”


“We’re here!” She whipped her head arounds to see Jirou and Ochako, with the mushroom girl from Class B close behind. Ocha was doubled over and panting, face even more flushed than usual. She stumbled over before finally slumping against her friend. “Mina! I...ran down...three flight…of!


“Ocha…” Mina rolled her eyes, helping her friend lie down on the pavement without smashing her face into the ground. She panted up to the sky, chest heaving.


“Is she okay?” Mushroom girl bent down to peer at Ocha. “We wouldn’t want her to be in truffle.”


“She’s fine.” Mina waved at Yaomomo as she jogged up. “Now we just need Toru and your other classmates-Setsuna and Shiozaki, right”


“Yep.” Mushroom girl grinned, popping the ‘p’. “And my name is Komori, by the way.”


Mina had to clench her jaw to keep it from dropping. Komori gave a mischievous grin and skipped off to talk to Kendo.


“Hey, y’all!” Setsuna, the lizard girl, jogged up. Shiozaki trailed behind her, face bright pink. “Sorry we’re late. ’Zaki wanted to make sure her plants were watered.”


“It would be a shame to leave them because of a selfish desire to spend my time-”


“Lighten up, girl.” Setsuna gently punched her arm. “We’re having a night on the town with Miss Midnight. You could afford to be a little looser.”


“I...will try.” Shiozaki’s vines moved to cover her face.


“So now we just have to wait for Hagakure and-” Yaomomo was cut off by the sharp rustling of branches above them.


“I DID IT!” Toru cheered, tumbling out of the tree, bundled in a camouflage trench coat. “Mission accomplished. I am Invisible Girl, the stealthiest hero ever!”


“I knew you were there the entire time.” Jirou didn’t look up from picking at her fingernails.


Toru practically wilted. “ How!?


She dangled one of her jacks in front of her face. “I could hear your heartbeat, duh.”


“Curses!” She backbent dramatically, seemingly pressing a hand to her face. “Foiled again! Damn you, Kyoka Jirou, damn you!”


Mina grabbed her friend’s shoulders from behind in an effort to bring her down from her hysterics. “Girl, please, take a breather.”


“It’s no use, Mina. I must enact a rampage against that pathetic hero, Earphone Jack. I will enact my revenge, or my name isn’t Toru Hagakure!!”


“Fine. You asked for it.” Mina pulled Toru up, slung her over her shoulder, and tickled her stomach.


“M-Mina! Stop-p it!” Toru forced out through her giggles.


“Glad to see you girls are getting along.” Midnight strutted up like a model on a catwalk. “Ashido, could you please put Hagakure down?” She dropped Toru like a hot rock. “I’ll warm up the van.”


“Ms. Midnight, where were you?” Tsuyu cocked a head to the side.


“I’m a woman-I wanted to be fashionably late.” Midnight boarded the bus, turned the key in the ignition, and leaned back in her seat. “All aboard ladies. Let’s hit the town!” She winked “And outside of school, it’s ‘Miss Kayama’.”


“Woo hoo! Let’s go!” Setsuna pumped her hands in the air-and accidentally pulled her left arm out of its’ socket. “Oops! Don’t freak out, that happens!” She stepped onto the bus, arm floating behind her.


Yangai and Kodai looked at each other, shrugged, and stepped on in perfect unison. It was actually kind of disturbing. Kendo and Yaomomo stepped on arm and arm, Jirou trailing behind. Tsunotori skipped on with Komori, who was discussing something with Ocha-from behind you could barely tell them apart. Mina and Toru stepped on after them, with the still embarrassed Shiozaki bringing up the rear.


“Well, we’re burning twilight, girls. Let’s move!” Midnight-Kayama-gunned it, and the bus whoshed off into the evening.




As the bus pulled up, Mina pressed a face to the window, the neon lights blurring through the moisture.


“Alright everyone.” Kayama clapped her hands together. “Grab a buddy, and stay close. Let’s take a look around!”


Mina turned to Ocha, who grinned and linked their arms together. They disembarked with the others as their teacher moved the bus into public parking, and Mina immediately bee-lines for the makeup store.


“Come on, Ocha! I need foundation in my color, and this brand actually has it.”


Ocha rolled her eyes. “Okay, okay. Promise we won’t spend the whole hour here again?”


“You got it!”


Mina walked to the back of the store, where they had the ‘Peculiar Colors’. She wasn’t in love with the branding, but it was hard to argue with makeup that didn’t make her look like a B-movie monster.


Well, more like a B-movie monster, but whatever.


She ran her fingers over the glass bottles before locating the shade. Checking over her shoulder, she saw Ocha looking over a bottle of lip gloss. Apparently, she had picked up Midoriya’s muttering habit.


“It’s so pretty...but it’d take all my allowance...and Mom and, I should save it.” She set the bottle down, and turned around, smiling. “Find what you were looking for?”


“Yeah. You head out front, okay, I’m gonna check out.” Ocha nodded, and walked out of the store, arms swaying stiffly. Mina picked up the lip gloss and placed it next to her bottle of foundation on the counter. After paying, she slipped the gloss into her friend’s purse. “Anything happen?”


“No, so far it’s been pretty cool-”


“Ashido! Uraraka!” Momo ran up, Jirou at her side. “Someone’s trying to mug Kendo and Kodai!”


Instantly, Mina sprinted off through the crowd. Ochako, she could tell, was right on her heels.


Yaomomo guided them through the crowd, before they finally stepped into an alley, where the two girls were pinned up against a wall by a man in black with a hoodie and ski mask. “Alright, you two, hand over your wallets civilly and no one will be hurt.” Why did he sound so familiar?


“We’re not giving you anything!” Kendo spread her arms out, hands beginning to grow.


“Very well. In that case-”


“Hey, look.” Someone else appeared in the shadows, in a matching outfit. Mina could swear there was a flash of recognition in Kodai’s eyes. “Someone else to fund our malevolent escapade. You hear that boys?” Four more figures leered over the edges.


Jirou nodded at Yaomomo. “We’ll regroup with the others. You guys hold them off.”


Ocha’s pseudo-bloodlust (fighting spirit, if you would) started radiating off her in waves as she leveled into a fighting stance. “No problem.”


Mina pooled acid in her hand and grinned. “Let’s break it down! ” She zoomed up to the second figure on the ground and moved in for the uppercut, flinging open her palm and letting it spray. It wasn’t anywhere near her stronger stuff, but it was enough.


The criminal stumbled back, clutching his ski mask, before darting off down the alleyway. Mina was going to give chase when-


“THUNDER HORN!” Four horns shot over her shoulder, pinning him to the wall by his shoulders and trapping him. Vines shot across the ground and wrapped up the first mugger.


“Poor lost lambs.” Shiozaki murmured. She and Tsunotori were flanked by the rest of the girls, who were all preparing for a beatdown.


“Idiot hero! Thinking vines could stop me!” The mugger cut through them, lunged forward, and was immediately taken down by Ocha. He opened his mouth to say something, only to close it. She pivoted, allowing Kendo to grip him between her giant hands.


The other four criminals looked at each other, before one beefy guy jumped straight down, only to be wrapped in Tsu’s tongue and knocked out by a tossed...somthing from Yaomomo. Setsuna detached her upper head, and it shot above the alley. “Three others, all of roughly the same body type, one appears to have an appendage Quirk, nothing visible on the others.” She reported.


“Yanagi. Combo.” Kodai offered. Yanagi nodded, and Kodai began touching random pieces of garbage, making refrigerator-sized soda cans and banana peels.


“Closer, a litttle to the left-NOW!” Setsuna shouted.


Yanagi let them drop on two of the criminals, pinning them. Mushrooms started growing from the trash, further immobilizing the unfortunate criminals.


“Ha! Nice work ‘Mori!” Setsuna grinned.


“My spores mushn’t be underestimated.


“Now, just one left.” The final attempted theft climbed up the fire escape, when he was suddenly tacked by nothing.


“Screw all of you! Especially you, Jirou!” Hagakure called. “Tsu, can I have my clothes back? And the rope.”


Tsu tossed a bundle of fabric and a cord up. Hagakure tied up the their, wriggled into her shirt and shorts, and climbed down. As her feet touched pavement, Kayama ducked into the alley. “What’s going on here?”


“We took these guys down!” Setsuna reattached the top half of her head. “We were awesome.”


“Hmm. Officers will be here in a moment. I’ll take care of it. You girls head back to the bus.”


Mina saluted. “You got it.”


As they walked back home, she tapped Ocha on the shoulder. “Het, you should make sure that guy didn’t take anything while you were pinning him.”


“Oh, right!” She snapped open her purse, and her eyes went wide. “This is...did I?”


“Call it an early birthday present.” Mina gently elbowed her. Ocha caught her in a vice-like hug, hiccuping.


“Thank you so- hic- much!”


“Hey, hey, please don’t cry, I just wanted to cheer you up.”


“These are- hic- happy tears!”


They slipped back onto the bus. Fifteen minutes later, MIdnight stepped on.


“Alright, girls, everything's been taken care of.” She turned the key in the ignition, and- “Oh, I almost forgot. Come on up here boys, take your bows.”


The six men in black stepped onto the bus. One had holes in his clothes from Shiozaki’s vines, another was covered in Tsu’s spit. Two were covered head-to-toe in grease and smelled like old fish, the fifth had big holes near his shoulders, and the last did indeed have an extra leg.


There was an instant commotion. “Miss Kayama, should I pin ‘em again?’


“Uraraka, please.” Said the first mugger, pulling off his mask to reveal Iida’s face. “We’ve been roughed up enough for one night.”


Ocha’s jaw dropped. “No way.”


The spit-covered boy pulled off his mask and replaced his glasses. “Miss Yaoyorozu, I must applaud your throwing arm.”


She toyed with her hair. “Thank you, Shishida.”


The ones covered in trash were Honenuki and Todoroki. Setsuna high fived Yanagi and Kodai.


“Behold, it is I, returned from my masqueraded of the abyss of villainy to-”


“I know it’s you, Kuroiro.”


“May the darkness shield you, Tsunotori.”


“Hagakure.” The last thief pulled off his mask. “Did you really have to strip down?”


“Ojiro!” Toru flopped down in her seat, burying her face in her sleeve.


“Alright you guys, settle down. And would you two please sit near the back.” Kayama circled a finger around Todoroki and Honenuki.


“Mister Aizawa put you up to this, didn’t he?” Tsu rested her head in her hands.


Midnight grinned viciously. “You’ll have to ask him.”

Chapter Text

Dear Esteemed Classmate, Eijiro Kirishima,


You are cordially requested to attend a halloween festivity-in full costume if feasible-at 6 PM on the night of October 30th, in the common area of the 1-A Alliance Dormitory. If you cannot attend for any reason, please alert the host as quickly as possible, as food arrangements will be made according to attendance. Featured entertainment will include horror movies, a costume contest, and various party games. Thank you.


Your classmate, Fumikage Tokoyami.


Eijiro looked up from the black cardstock invitation that had been slipped in his locker. He almost didn’t want to know how Tokoyami had gotten them printed. Ashido and Kaminari were squinting at theirs, Sero seemed to be practicing juggling with his, and Bakugou was just lying on his bed, grumbling under his breath about ‘Stupid Bird Guy’. He could sense a need to break the silence.


“Well, I’m going. What about you guys?”


“Probably. Now I just need to think of a costume that’s cool enough…” Kaminari drummed his fingers against his leg.


“Definitely! I totally know what I wanna dress as.” Mina grinned. “What about you, Hanta?”


“I guess? Didn’t have any other plans.”


“There is no way in hell I’m going to some stupid party.”


“C’mon, Bakugou.” Eijiro sat his chin in his hands. “There might be a costume contest. And Midoriya’ll probably be there.”


“Oh, no fucking way I’m letting stupid Deku…” He stomped out of him, room, probably to start a shouting match. Eijiro sighed, running after his best friend.




Two hours before the party was set to begin, Fumikage was busy hanging decorations in the common room. Thankfully, Shoji was willing to lend an extra hand or six.


“Anything else you need me to take care of?”


“No, I believe this is it. You should go put on your costume.”


“Alright. I’ll be back down in a minute.” Shoji climbed up the stairs, passing Ashido and Sero coming down.


Ashiro was dressed in a ragged, black and teal striped dress and carrying a wooden club. Sero was in a black jumpsuit with a greenish skeleton on the front and matching face paint.


“Let’s get this party started!” She shouted, pumping her fists in the air. “What exactly is your costume, Tokoyami?”


Fumikage looked down at himself. Admittedly, it was a bit hard to read. “I am disguised as a malevolent spirit.”


“That...looks like your normal clothes.”




Sero cocked his head to the side, shrugged, and the two of them walked up to the snack table.


His classmates started to trickle in. Sato was covered in lime green body paint and wearing a pair of purple shorts. Hagakure has put on a sparkly flapper dress with a matching headband and bob wig, eyeliner and purple lips floating in the air. Ojiro, right behind her, was wearing old-fashioned European clothing, a tricorn hat, and an eyepatch. A parrot was attached to his shoulder, and he had tied a plastic hook to his tail. Mineta was in a white suit with gold trim and all the fancy stuff he couldn’t name.


“Girls always love Prince Charming.” He explained.


There were thunderous footsteps as a giant cardboard robot toy stomped downstairs. Mineta squeaked and dove under the snack table.


Fumikage stepped forward, spreading his arms. “If you be a possessed spirit, leave at once, for this is my domain.”


Dark Shadow popped out of his stomach. “ And if you’re that creepy One B kid, better get the fuck out of dodge before we tackle your ass .” He added.


The Optimus Prime waved his hands awkwardly, before pulling of the helmet to reveal Koda’s smiling face.


“Oh. You are very much welcome here, Beastamer.” He stepped aside to let Koda talk to Sato.


Shoji finally returned to the common area, now in his costume. His hair was spiked up, and a dark blue headband with a metal plate covered his left eye. He was wearing black pants, a dark blue shirt with a built-in facemask, and a puffy green vest. “I’m back. What did I miss?”


“We all showed up, and Koda scared the living daylights out of us.” Ojiro provided, before returning to his cupcake.


“Hm. Didn’t know you had it in you to be scary.” He nodded at Koda, before slinking off to the corner.


“Ah! Now the party has started. Je suis ici! ” Aoyama stepped down the stairs, and Sero nearly busted a gut trying to hold in a laugh.


“What’s so funny? I sparkle, no? ” He spun around, showing off his near circular ensemble. “And what’s sparklier than a disco ball?”


“If he can use his arms in it, I don’t see the problem.” Sato mumbled around a full mouth of pretzels.


“Exactly!” Aoyama took a seat in one of the chairs and struck up a conversation with Ashido about some fashion designer.


“Anything wrong, Tokoyami?” He turned at the voice to see Tsuyu, wearing a sparkly green skirt and a lavender tank top with shells sharpied on her chest. There was a fake sea star in her untied hair, which easily brushed against the floor. “Do you need me to stop Mineta?”


“No, just some technical difficulties.” He coughed. “I like your costume.”


She didn’t smile, but her eyes softened. “Thanks.” She stuck her tongue out to catch a centipede on the window, before flagging down Hagakure and Ojiro.


“Hey, Tokoyami.” Fingers snapped in front of his eyes, and he turned to see Jirou. “You in there, buddy?”


“Yes, I’m fine. Do not despair, my fellow lover of the music of darkness.”


“Good.” She stepped back, and he got the chance to look at her costume. She was wearing a blue jumpsuit with purple fabric attached to her arms, and a pair of batlike ears with the same color scheme were on her head. “I think I’ve found tonight’s winning costume.” She turned back to the staircase. “Come on Yaomomo!”


“...Are you sure about this, Jirou?”


“You look wonderful! Now come on.”


Yaoyorozu slowly walked downstairs, unintentionally drawing every eye in the room. She was wearing brown pants, a matching turtleneck, a wig made of fake 100 Yen bills, and a necklace with the American dollar sign dangling over her chest. “I’m a Dollar Tree.” She said, face as red as her hero costume.


A silence descended over the room. No one was really sure how to react. It was...bizarre.


“So what did I miss?” Thirteen heads swiveled to see Kaminari standing on the top of the stairs. He was wearing a half-done red button up and black vest with dark dress pants. Two tiny horns peaked out of his hair, and he was resting a blunt-ended pitchfork over his shoulder. “Wow, Yaomomo, didn’t know you had it in you. I’m gonna go help Mineta now.” He was walked over to friend, who was quietly morning over Yaoyorozu’s costume.


Yaoyorozu herself was still standing there awkwardly watching and toying with the pendant. “Are you...quite sure I look alright?”


“Do not worry, Yaouorozu. Your masquerade is both flawless and intentionally humorous.”


She smiled. “Thank you, Tokoyami. Yours is lovely as well.” She left to sample the candy apples.


“Are we late?” Said a cheerful voice. Standing over him were Iida and Uraraka, the former of whom was dressed as Frankenstein’s monster, and the latter looked like a witch, actually floating on the broomstick from the cleaning closet.


“No, not at all.” He replied. “How are you staying level?”


Uraraka giggled. “Oh, my weight balances it out. Come on, Iida, I wanna try some of those donuts.”


Iida rolled his eyes. “When are you going to create more healthy eating habits?”




“Oh, you think that’s cool?” Kaminari yelled, waving his hands in the air. “Check this out!”


He stuck his pitchfork in the air. His hair started floating up around his head, and an electrical burst shot up the weapon, crackling between the tips. “Ta-da!”


“Okay. That. ” Sato pointed at the pitchfork “Is cool.”


Uraraka blew a raspberry and flew herself over. Kaminari increased the voltage. Uraraka dipped in a roll. Back and forth and back and forth.


“They’re...going to be at this for a while, aren’t they?”


“Yes.” Iida shook his head. “I should go make sure there aren’t any accidents. I believe four people are left?”


“Yes.” Fumikage counted on his fingers. “Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugou, and Kirishima.”


“Oh, so we aren’t late.” Todoroki and Midoriya walked downstairs.


“Sorry. We had some trouble with the cape.” Midoriya was wearing a white sheet covered in patches and holes. Todoroki was in a fancy suit and cape, hair half slicked back with a trail of fake blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. “Is Uraraka okay?”


“She and Kaminari are having a...Quirk-off? Costume-off?” Hagakure scratched her chin. “I’m not sure how to phrase it, but whatever it it, Ura’s winning.”


“Hah! Take that!”


“No, she is not!”


Todoroki cocked his head to the side. “And they are doing this...why?”


“I think they’re just trying to show off, Todoroki.” The two pushed into the crowd.


“Don’t tell me Deku got her before me.” Bakugou slid down the banister, dressed in a green trench coat with a tail sewn into the back, normal street clothes, and a pair of ears sticking out of his head. “Eh, whatever. I’m gonna win this fucking contest so much, you’re all gonna-”


“Bakugou!” Kirishima shouted from the top of the stair. Something silver was tossed down at him, and Bakugou’s hand snapped out to catch it.


“No way, Shitty Hair!”


“C’mon! It’s not that bad!”


“Ugghhhh. Fine!” Bakugou ties it around his neck-‘it’ being a cherry red collar with a chain dangling from the front.


“Oh, so that’s why you wanted that.” Yaoyorozu pokes her head up from the buffet table across the room. “I assumed you were adopting a dog.”


Bakugou gave her the finger and huffed before thumbing over his shoulder. “It was that idiot’s idea.”


“Yeah!” Kirishima ran down the stairs and clapped Bakugou on the back. “Thanks man.”


“Kirishima.” Jirou stifled a giggle. “What are you wearing?


“It’s my Halloween costume! You like it!” Kirishima was wearing an old fashioned red and white plaid dress, with a petticoat and everything, underneath a bright red cloak with the hood pulled up and flattening his hair. “We’re Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf!”


“I can’t believe you fucking convinced me to do this.”


“Aw, come on, Bakubro, you look nice, and besides, maybe you might beat me in the costume contest.”


Pops and crackles punctuated the air. “All right, Shitty Hair, that’s it. YOU’RE DEAD!” He lunged forward, Kirishima dipping out of the way. Another strike, another dodge, and Bakugou started chasing a chuckling Kirishima around the room, shattering the windows and cracking the TV screen. Most of the class were holding back laughter. Then, Shoji met Fumikage’s eye, and it was all over.


He nearly fell over in a fit of squawking laughter, the rest of the class following suit. “I think...they’ve won...the contest.” He forced out.


“You’re DAMN RIGHT I did! Now all of you get back here so I can murder you!” Everyone started climbing over each other in an effort to get away.




A broomstick fell over Bakugou’s head as he was prodded from the side with an electrically charged pitchfork. He made an emasculating squeak, before falling to the ground.


“Aw yeah!” Uraraka and Kaminari high-fived and jumped in the air. “We owned him!”


“Pikachu...Pink Cheeks...your costumes aren’t gonna be so ‘pretty’ after this.”


Kaminari sucked behind her-not super hard, he wasn’t actually that much taller than her. “Rooftop?”


“Rooftop. Have fun Deku, Iida, we’re going into hiding for a few hours!” They bolted out of the room at top speed.


Fumikage watched the scene quietly, when Shoji put a hand on his shoulder. “Want me to grab that pumpkin piñata?”


“Just throw it at Bakugou. I think he needs it.”

Chapter Text

“You ready, Uraraka?” Mashirao lowered into a fighting stance, pulling up his fists and tail.


Uraraka grinned. “Ready.” Without another word, she launched forward, aiming a punch to his stomach. He swiveled, and got his legs kicked out from under him for his trouble. He pushed back onto his tail, before swiveling and nailing Uraraka in the shoulder.


She flinched, then tried to body tackle him. They grappled, but she slipped down, rolled between his legs, and pulled on his tail as she kicked him in the back, nearly knocking the wind out of him.


He thrashed his tail, knocking her back, and threw a flurry of punches. One made contact with her jaw, another hit her in her solar plexus, and she finally stumbled over, beat.


“Alright.” She panted. “You win. This time.”


“Your form is still too unstable. I’m sure Ashido could give you some pointers.” He leaned a hand down to help her get back on her feet. “You need an ice pack or something?”


“I’ll ask her.” Uraraka grabbed the stair railing and started to climb out of the dorm basement. “Thanks Ojiro. We should do this more often.”


“I’m sure we could work something out.” Mashirao’s friend wobbled up the stairs, and he finally got down to cleaning up.


The basement of the dorms had been intended for storage and emergency situations, but people had found other uses for it. The band had a tiny setup in the corner ever since the Cultural Festival, Midoriya kept the All Might merchandise he couldn’t fit in his room on a very well maintained shelf, and, of course, there was the sparring mat he set up in the basement to practice with. Uraraka had volunteered to be his sparring partner, and the rest was history.


“Oh, Ojiro. How are you this evening?” He turned around to see Tokoyami leaning against the wall and playing with the knobs on his guitar. He was probably going to practice.


“Pretty good, I guess. I just finished sparring with Uraraka.”


“Hmm. I admire your skill in hand to hand combat. It is a major weakness of mine.” He paused. “Are you alright if I practice? I am aware you enjoy peace and quiet.”


“I was just finishing up. Be as loud as you want.” He was interrupted by a big yawn. “Woah. I think I’m gonna hit the hay. Night Tokoyami.”


“Good night. Restful dreams.”


Mashirao pounded up the stairs towards his room, not really paying attention. Something about Tokoyami’s comment had struck a chord with him. Now that be thought about it, a lot of their classmates, whatever their Quirk, suffered at close range, because they either specialized in long range, or lacked control in close quarters.


As he laid down in bed and stared up at the ceiling, an idea began to form.




“So, what are we doing, exactly?” Todoroki managed around a yawn. Class 1-A had assembled at the school indoor training grounds Saturday on Mashirao and Uraraka’s orders. Unfortunately, the 6 to 8 time slot was the only one available.


“Combat training!” Mashirao smiled as he finished dragging the last of the mats into place.


There was a collective moan, and a very loud “Fuck no!”


“Oh, come one, guys. Almost none of you can even throw a punch-”


“Hey! I can just fine!”


“I’m not saying you can’t, Ashido, but the point is that a lot of you still suck at close quarters Combat. So we took it upon ourselves to correct that.”


Another whine.


“You don’t have to stay.” Said Uraraka. “But those that do are promised ice cream.”


The class rapidly changed their tune after that. The two demonstrated some basic punches and blocks, and paired their classmates up to practice.


“Now all we do is wait for someone to need help.”




“Welp, you’ve been summoned.” Uraraka clapped him on the back. “I’m gonna go help Sato and Koda. Good luck.”


Ojiro gulped as he walked toward Hagakure and Tsuyu.


“Tsu’s cheating!” Hagakure whined. “She keeps using her tongue.”


“It’s not my fault I’m using all my resources, kero kero.”


“Tsu, please no Quirks yet. It’s a good idea, but we want to start with the basics. Hagakure, I think you’ll be fine.”


Hagakure clapped. “You’re the best, Ojiro.”


“Oi! Plain face!” Bakugou shouted from across the room. “Tell Shitty Hair he’s doing it wrong!”


“Bakugou, I’m really sure this is just a misunderstanding.”


“Misunderstanding, my ass!”


“Bakugou, what’s wrong?”


Bakugou growled, letting off tiny explosions. “He keeps sayin’ I need to work on blocking. Why the hell would I need to block something if I can just blow it up?”


“Maybe you can’t use your Quirk for some reason.”


“Whatever! I still don’t need-”


“Villains play dirty, Bakugou. That’s why you learn to block.”


“Pfft. Like I wouldn’t see that coming.”


This is a stupid idea, but I don’t have a better one.


Mashirao sprang up, bullet quick, and kicked Bakugou in the jaw. He held back most of his force, but it was enough to jerk his classmate’s head a little. “Did you see that coming?”


“’re dead, Tailman.” You could hear Bakugou’s scowl, teeth creaking. “So fucking dead.”


“It’s true, you really are.” Someone mumbled.


“I don’t want to-”


“Then why’d you kick me? Get your ass over here, or I’ll turn your dorm room into a fucking disaster zone. And if you say one word, Shitty Hair, then I throw your punching bag out the window.” Kirishima, who has raised a finger in protest, abruptly backed down.”


“You know what?” He started to wrap his hands with the bandages he always kept in his pocket. “Fine. You want to fight, Bakugou? We can fight.”


They squared up on one of the mats, Bakugou cracking his knuckles as he blew off smoke.


“Aoyama, could you pass me that band?” Aoyama cocked his head in confusion, but tossed him the thick elastic anyway. He wrapped it around the end of his tail, then tied it to the base, so his tail was effectively pinned against his torso. It was a little cumbersome, but he’d work with it.


“What the hell are you doing?”


“Not using my Quirk. I expect you to do the same.”


“Aww yeah!” Hagakure jumped up and down. “You got this, Ojiro!”


“As soon as you’re done cleaning up your boyfriend’s guts, you’re next, Invisibitch.”


Heat bloomed in his face. “Wh-she is not my girlfriend!”


Bakugou shrugged. “She’s still dead. Now can we get started or what?”


Mashirao brought his arms up. “Absolutely.”


He circled, arms up, as Bakugou pounced. Each time, he deftly slipped out of the way.


There. He saw Bakugou stumble, and kicked a leg out, knocking him off his footing. He caught himself, and knocked Mashirao in the jaw. A slap on the wrist, a kick to the chin, they traded blows.


On the sidelines, Uraraka grinned.


“Ochako, what are you so excited about? Ojiro’s on the defensive.” Tsuyu linked her arm with her friend’s.


“Sure, but look at Bakugou. He’s putting everything into all of his attacks, but Ojiro’s being a lot more controlled.”


“He’s trying to make it an endurance match.” Midoriya pulled out his notebook. “Amazing. Ojiro’s managing to deflect a lot of the force back at Kacchan, but he’s still trying to take some of the blow to get him to let his guard down. He’s probably waiting for a single opening, kind of like his match with Uraraka at the Sports Festival, so he can do a take down as quickly as possible, and that’s probably why he’s not moving as much, too, he’s conserving energy…”


Uraraka rolled her eyes, tapped Midoriya’s Adam’s Apple to remind him to breath, and returned her attention to the fight.


Mashirao sidestepped Away from another punch. Bakugou was breathing enough now from using so much energy that he could hear it in his ear. Now.


He kneed Bakugou right between his legs before knocking him off balance and pinning him to the mat with his knees.


There was a moment of silence. Then, Bakugo grinned, before he descended into sharp, barking laughter. “All right, Tailman, you win this round. Don’t expect that to become a trend.” He took advantage of the easing pressure on his back to roll himself to his feet, before resuming his characteristic scowl and stalking off.


Ojiro turned to his classmates, watching with a combination of surprise and respect, and sighed. “So, how about that ice cream?”

Chapter Text

‘Twas a dark, stormy evening outside camp for the Warriors of Runehilda. Between the twelve men and women, spirits were high and ale flowing freely. The night of celebration was needed-tomorrow, they would begin their next journey.


“Haha!”  the Paladin cheered. “A job well done on our last adventure!”


The Barbarian rolled his eyes. “It was one measly dragon. Nothin’ special.”


“I’m just happy everyone had enough strength left after that climb.” Said the Druid.


“Tell me about it.” Added the Ranger. “I’m still sore all over.”


“I can cast a healing spell, if you’d like.” Offered the Cleric.


“No, it’s fine.”


“Ha!” The Bard thumped his bottle of ale down on the table. “Seventeen seconds! I win!”


“No way.” The Fighter narrowed his eyes. “I can top that, easy.”


He was about to start chugging when the Barbarian hit him over the head. “Quit it, you idiot.”


“Aw, c’mon, man. Winner gets my cool new scarf.”


“...Move over. You’re on.”


“GUUUYS!” The Wizard burst into the tent. “Someone’s coming!”


Instantly, everyone sober enough to do so grabbed their weapons. The Monk cracked her knuckles. “Let’s see what’s going on. Lead the way, Wizard.”


The party stepped out of the tent into the pouring rain and saw a lone cart, with a woman unconscious in the back and no animals to speak of.


“Okay, so what do we do?”


“I roll to seduce the lady!”


“You’re drunk in the tent, Kaminari. And also she’s asleep, maybe dead. I roll to check her for a pulse and belongings.”


You got it, Fumi ! Effective skill is...twelve!


The Rouge quickly bent down to inspect the woman, checking her pockets as he placed a hand on her sternum.


“She’s breathing, but it’s shallow. No belongings, either.”


“I’ll take her inside to Cleric.” Offered the Warlock. His magic flowed through him, and the woman floated up out of the cart, toward the tent.


As they re-entered, the Bard and Fighter stopped cheering for the red-faced Barbarian, turning to them. The Paladin immediately pulled over a cot to lay the woman on, and the Cleric readied her staff.


Alright, so that’s some minor injuries and the beginnings of a cold. What do you want to do?


“Alright, so if my math is right, two Light Healing rolls, with a total of eight or higher, should be enough to get her well.”


“Damn. So close.”


The Cleric’s staff glowed dimly, and the woman’s cuts and bruises faded to scabs and blemishes.


The Druid reached into a trunk “I’ll get her some warm clothes. Sorcerer, can you start a fire?”


“Sure.” The Sorcerer leaned down and pressed his palm to a small pile of kindling in the middle of the tent, setting it ablaze. “Now what?”


“Now.” Said the Wizard. “We wait.”


The woman immediately began to stir.


“Off a little there.” Joked the Bard.


“Can I seduce her now?”


If you want.


“Alright... shit.


“Hey, sweetie, can you see? Cause if not, there’s a light right here for you.”


The woman wrinkled her forehead. “I...can see just fine.”


Chuckles tumbled through the tent, and the Druid gently smacked the Bard over the head with her staff.”


“Ow! What was that for!”


“For being an idiot, kero kero.”


“Oh, thank goodness.” The woman sat up. “It is you! The Warriors of Runehilda! Slayers of beasts and protectors of the innocent.”


The Monk smiled. “That’s is. Do you need help with anything?”


“Oh, yes, I…” The woman sniffled, before collapsing in on herself with tears.


“Oh, please don’t cry.” The Paladin kneeled down next to her. “We are here to assist you, no matter your troubles.”


“T-Thank you, g-good sir.” She sniffled into his breastplate. “I-It’s my village. A h-horrible Ogre has come and is h-holding it hostage, to d-demand gold from the governor! I w-was the only one t-to escape.”


“Well, you heard her!” The Ranger grabbed her bow and filled her quiver. “Let’s go!”


“Wait a second.” The Wizard raised his hand. “Are you sure we can make it.”


“What?” The Barbarian scoffed. “You think we can’t go on a walk?”


“I think we should wait until the weather clears up. What if we get lost in the storm?”


“Why are you suddenly scared of some fucking rain?”


“I’m not scared. Just concerned. We might-”


“Bakugou! Let go of Midoriya!”


“Shut the hell up, Four Eyes.”




“What the hell do you-”


“Sit. Down.”



“Thanks dude.”


The Warlock lowered his hand as the Barbarian slumped down unconscious. “I say we put it to a vote. All in favor of leaving now?” He raised his hand in the air.


The Monk and the Cleric raised their hands as well. After a moment, the Sorcerer, the Druid, and the Bard joined them.


“Ghhh…you’ll pay for this.”


The Bard gulped.


“It’s settled, then. Everyone grab your stuff and let’s get moving. Lead the way…”


“Ekari.” The woman smiled. “It’s Ekari.”


“Well, Ekari.” The Fighter smiled. “You’ve come to the right place.”


They loaded up onto their wagons, saddled their horses. “So, Ekari, which way to your village?” Asked the Rouge.


“About five miles west of here. Just follow the dirt road, you might see smoke.”


“You heard the woman. Let’s move out!” The Barbarian kept on his wyvern, and flew off ahead.


“Show off.” The Ranger scoffed.


“I still think this is a bad idea.”


“Don’t worry, Iida-we can navigate rain just fine!”


“It’s not the rain I’m worried about.”


The Druid and the Bard, perched on top of the wagon, scanned the woods for creatures. Inside the wagon, the Cleric continued to heal Ekari’s wounds, while the other eight hunkered down, alert.


“It’s quiet.” Said the Warlock. “Too quiet.”


“Stop being clichéd.”


“Well it’s true.”


There were three hard knocks against the roof of the cart, and the sound of a lure playing. As the melody reined through the air, it seeped into the muscles of the listeners, filling them with stamina.


The Ranger knocked an arrow, pushed back the flap of the tent, and let fly into the chest of the first Goblin. The Rouge followed up with a strike to the throat from his daggers, and the Goblin was no more.


The other two goblins looked at each other, before charging the group. The Wizard cast a barrier, blocking them for a few minutes, before slumping over onto his staff, already low on magic from the complex Spell.


Okay, so what’s your strategy?


“Well, If Tsuyu and Kaminari keep us buffed, Iida and I can probably take down at least one. And...Bakugou? Where are you?”


“Scouting ahead, Shitty Hair. Wasn’t it obvious?”


“What have we said about splitting the party?”


“Shut the hell up, Pink Cheeks.”


“I can take care of the last one. Let’s get this over with.”


The Sorcerer readied another blast of fire as the Bard played another melody and the Druid whispered an incantation. The Paladin and the Fighter glowed with a holy light and attacked the Goblin, slicing him through the stomach and punching him in the skull. As the light faded, the third goblin burned, filling the air with the scent of burning flesh. He rose a feeble hand, only for the Monk’s glowing fist to knock him down for good.


“Oh, goodness. Thank you for that!” Ekari poker her head out of the cart. “We’re only a mile or two away from my village.”


“Then we shall pick up the pace.” The Rouge lept into the front of the cart. “Hyah!”


Six minutes later, they pulled up to a village in the middle of a clearing, rendered splinters and rubble by the Ogre’s rampage. “I take it this is the place?”


“You would be right.” Ekari looked off into the middle distance, almost in a trance.


“One second.” The Druid drew a circle into the ground and whispered an incantation, before slumping over. A blue ripple surge through the air up to the sky. “That barrier...should keep him inside. It won’t break...for a day.”


“Perfect.” Ekari turned around-grinning wickedly. “I ought to thank you, Druid. You just made my job much easier. Now, if all of you could cooperate.” Her clothes ripped as she unfolded into a bloated green Ogre. “I’ll make this quick.”


“I knew this was fishy!”


“Why did we fall for it again?”


“Why is it always the hot ones?!”


“Is this not the fifth time you’ve used this trope?”


What can I say, I’m a sucker for the classics. Now, fight!


The Sorcerer immediately let loose a fireball, but the Ogre batted it away like it was nothing. The Fighter and the Monk came in for a twin impact, but were dodged and rammed straight into each other. The Thief threw his dagger as the Ranger shot an ice-magic tipped arrow at the beast’s feet, both aided by an accuracy-boosting chant from the Bard. The arrow froze the Ogre to the spot, but he twitched his head to dodge the knife.


Then, with one great swing of his club, he brought his club down right over the Wizard’s head. There was a grunt, and the club came back stained red. The Wizard slumped over, chest barely moving.


“No! Not Deku!”


He’s not dead yet. A Healing check might save him.


“How high?”




“We’re screwed.”


“Wait..Can I give her my last spell points?”


I don’t see why not. Roll to see how many you give her.


“I’ll give her some, too.”


“I will as well.”


“She can have all of mine.”


That brings the check down


“Come on come on come on…”




The Druid, the Bard, the Sorcerer, and the Warlock all lifted their hands, letting blur magic flow from them into the Cleric. She took a deep breath, threw her staff into the air, and slammed it down.


There was a blast like a flash bang, and the Wizard shot up, wound completely vanished. He quietly rose to his feet, pointed at the Ogre, and shot a blast of energy that made him collapse.


The Monk poked his ankle. “ he dead?”




“He’s not dead!”




The Barbarian soared in on his wyvern and chopped the Ogre’s head off his shoulders in one smooth strike from his cutlass.


“Nice save, Bakugou.”


“See, I told you he cared about us.”


“Tsh. Figures I had to do you extra’s job for you.”


As the Ogre’s body disentegrated and blew off into the wind, so did the town. It had all been an illusion, just to draw them into it’s scheme. Unfortunately, the Druid’s Barrier was still very real.


“I suppose we’ll spend the night here.” The Rouge splayed back on the ground, wrapped himself in his cloak, and passed out on the ground. The Cleric wasn’t far behind, stretching before lying down, snoring obnoxiously. Eventually, all the adventurers dropped like flies, and they slept the night away there in the clearing.




“I…” Yaoyorozu had turned bright crimson. “I do not snore.”


“You do.” Tsuyu flexed in her chair. “A lot. I’m gonna get some sleep now.”


“Yeah, me too. C’mon, Bakugou.” Bakugou rolled his eyes, but followed Kirishima and Tsu up the stairs.


Dark Shadow grinned visciously. “ You guys always fall for that! You’re supposed to learn, but no - ” He was sucked back toward Tokoyami’s chest.


“We’ll discuss this later.”


Dark Shadow gulped.


Jirou started packing up the gameboard. “Tokoyami, I’ll help you pack this up.”


“Much appreciated. The rest of you should probably get to bed.”


“Are we not going to applaud the man of the hour?” Kaminari gestured wildly as Shinsou, who already looked asleep in his chair. No, wait, he lifted his head to stare at the others.


“I just have two questions.” He drawled. “One; why is Bakugo into H and H in the first place, and two; how did you convince him to campaign with you?”


“Oh, Kacchan picked it up after I got into it when we were younger.” Midoriya smiled.”


“And as for how we convinced him…” Iida suddenly became very interested in a particular speck of dust on the wall.


Uraraka twiddled her thumbs. “Let’s just say there was in incident involving a pecan pie, and leave it at that.”

Chapter Text

“What do you think?” Toru swished her hips, letting the cream colored blouse float up around her midriff, showing off the cyan shorts. The sleeves fell from her shoulders, catching around her armpits and revealing the thick, shocking pink straps of her sports bra. She clicked the heels of her high tops, and waited for Mina’s approval.


“Hmm.” Her friend leaned forward in her chair. “No big seams. Does it feel okay?”


“Yep! No weird pressure or looseness.”


“Awesome.” Mina clapped her hands together. “I just had one other thing I needed you to try. One sec.” She dig around in the plastic bin in her closet that contained her work in progress designs. “Thanks again for your help.”


“You said it yourself, right?” Toru leaned to check the keyhole for prying eyes, before yanking off the shirt. “I’m, like, the perfect runway model.”


“And the perfect design assistant.” Mina pulled out the last article with a flourish. It was a lime green and pumpkin orange tiger striped sundress.


“Mina, I love you. But that thing looks like actual vomit.”


“It’s literally made of scrap! Form over function! It’s...what did he call’s in beta.”


“Fine.” Toru pulled the dress over her head. It looked disgusting, but admittedly had an appealing silhouette. It started tight, sleek against her torso, with an empire waist that flared out and made her want to twirl. “Excusing the horrible color, it’s not bad. The pattern is good.”


“Woohoo!” Mina cheered. “It looks good on you. Now, that just leaves…” she trailed off, sifting through the box. “Hehehe...everything is in place.”


“Are you okay, Mina?” Bakugou might be rubbing off on her.


“Don’t worry, Toru. Just putting together my plans for Saturday.”


“O...Kay. I’m gonna go now.” Toru awkwardly shuffled out of the vomit-dress, put on her t-shirt and yoga pants, and crept out of Mina’s dorm.




The following Wendsday, Toru sat down with the other students of Class 1-A for dinner. It was Iida’s turn to cook, which usually resulted in health food that might vaguely taste like something, and tonight was no exception-quinoa rice and broiled chicken with a side of broccoli. Ew.


She suffered through shoving the soggy vegetable into her mouth, making small talk with Tsu about an upcoming field trip to the USJ and ignoring Bakugou’s angry grumbling-in yet another passive-aggressive strategy to get him and Midoriya to get along, they had been forced to sit next to each other. Midoriya, bless his pure heart, looked about ready to melt through his chair.


Sensing the awkwardness of the silence, or maybe just because she could, Mina stood up and cleared her throat, drawing nineteen sets of eyes.


“My dear classmates. I’m sure many of you are familiar with a certain hobby of mine. One involving fabric and sewing.”


Sato sank down onto the table, folding his arms. “What does this have to do with your clothes, Ashido?”


“Well, you know how Midnight is always talking about presenting yourself? Well, I thought it was about time we took learning that into our own hands-”


“Get to the damn point already, Horny!”


Mina flushed a shade darker, but quickly regained her composure. “What I’m saying is-we are putting on a fashion show, and you all-”


Bakugou exploded the table so hard it nearly flipped, launching the quinoa at Koda’s face (he dodged). There was an uproar from the rest of the table to-some excitement, some dread.


“Wait, why are we doing this?”


“How do we even put on a fashion show?”


“As long as we look alright, I don’t see a problem.”


“What do we even-”


There was a bang as Iida thumped the table. Everyone clamped their mouths shut. He took a deep breath, then smiled broadly.


“I think it’s a wonderful idea! An excellent way to practice what we’re being taught. As long as the clothing is appropriate, then you have my full support, Ashido.”


Mina blinked, trying to take in what she’s been told. But then a wicked, excited gleam flashed in her eyes.


“Thanks, class pres. You heard the man. Let’s get started.”




The following day was a hectic mess of organizing, fittings, and preparations. Yaoyorozu was working overtime, Jirou and Todoroki by her side, in an effort to turn the basement into a runway. Midoriya was desperately trying to convince Mina to let him wear one of his ‘t-shirt’ t-shirts. He wasn’t getting anywhere.


“Mina, this is practice for being an identifiable hero! And these shirts are part of my identity!”


“Well then I should let Kiri wear his crocks, shouldn’t I?”




Toru sighed, lying rubber-limbed on Mina’s bed, tuning out the argument as best as she could. Then, her saving grace arrived, in the form of a knock on the door.


“Umm, Ashido?” Yaomomo! “We finished up in the basement. We were wondering if you wanted to appraise it.”


“Of course!” She turned to Midoriya, grabbed the scruff of his collar, and pulled him down to her eye level. “This. Isn’t. Over.” She stalked out of the room.


Toru sat up on the bed, cracking her neck as she wrung it out. “You might want to flee, Midoriya.”


He didn’t need another warning, and crept out of the room.




“You guys ready?” Jirou, already dressed in her outfit, was crouching behind a camera. One-third of the basement had been covered in a strip of red carpet, surrounded by purple. Behind the camera was all the technical equipment, and on the other side of the carpet, hidden behind a curtain apparatus, was the rest of the class. Toru’s head was the only thing poking out, watching the light on the camera.


“We’re good.” Mina called out from backstage. Jirou held up her fingers and mouthed three two one, before hitting a button on the camera, making the light blink orange as she crept backstage. As soon as the light flashed green, Toru took a deep breath, and started walking down the carpet.


Mina had put her in a sleeveless black mini dress, with pink and blue graffiti cutting up the right side. Black ballet flats, and thin white stockings to show where her legs are. No makeup or fancy hairdo-floating eyeshadow and bobby pins, admittedly, look a little weird.


She strutted down the path, making sure to keep her posture confident and relaxed, prying her fingers out of fists. She’s always nervous in front of people. When she reached the white tape line, she twirled a little, making sure the camera caught the peace-sign glove that matched the ones from her hero costume, right between her shoulder blades, in the same street art style as the ‘Invisible Girl’ climbing her right thigh and ribs. By the time she makes it back behind the curtain and Sato takes his turn on the runway, she feels like she’s run a marathon.


She slips back to the muted tension of the backstage, and is met with grins, quiet ‘congrats’, and a hug from Mina. One by one, her classmates, in what Mina is calling ‘Couture Merch’, take their turn down the runway. Yaoyorozu’s bright red crop top, patterned with Fe+3CI-1 and HC2H3O2 and NaHCO3 and a dozen others in bold black print. Iida’s lightweight running gear, each plane and joint covered in a hard, futuristic plate. Todoroki’s half blue, half red leather jacket, with studs shaped like snowflakes on one side and small embers on the other. Bakugou, in a torn up black jacket with explosions around the rips. Midoriya, in a plain pair of jeans and a forest-green t-shirt with the black outline of a fist punching towards the sky.


Last but not least is Mina, dressed in an asymmetric cut magenta dress, decently but appropriately v-necked, a slit peaking up to her left thigh, with splotches of toxic pink and blue covering her torso. As she reaches the end of the runway, she taps her foot on the ground, and Koda presses a big red button. The light go out for a second, then a second set him to life. Glowing in toxic yellow and green across Mina’s chest and stomach are the words ‘Alien Queen’.


She waggled brightly painted fingernails at the camera and Jirou sneaks back behind the camera through the shadows. “Thanks for tuning in.” She grins. The camera light flickers once, twice, and then blinks out.


“Phew!” Someone flipped on the basement lights, the real ones, as Mina stretched. “I dunno about you guys, but I am pooped! I’m ready to peel all of this off, and take a shower.”


“I can get behind that, ribbit.”


She blushed. “Thank you guys for doing this for me.”


Toru tackled her best friend in a hug. “You were right. This was good practice for the whole ‘putting yourself out there’ thing.” There were murmurs of agreement.


Mina smiled broadly, tears prickling in the corners of her black-and-yellow eyes. Then, her phone started buzzing on the table nearby. She grabbed it, read the text, burst out laughing, then held up her phone so everyone else could read it.


Itsuka Kendo: Tokage is wondering if you have any scaly fabric


Toru grinned.

Chapter Text

“So, why are we here, exactly?” Ojiro looked around the weight room. The school had an absolute ton of equipment, from machines with about four dozen buttons to two-pound free weights.


“Sato and I had an idea.” Mezo picked up a barbell. “Remember when you had us practice hand-to-hand a few weeks back?”


“Yeah. So?”


“This is the same concept, but for strength training. And hopefully with fewer fistfights.” He gave Bakugou a pointed glare. His classmate scoffed and stared at the ground.


He looked over the rest of the class. “Does anyone have any questions or concerns?” The floodgates opened.


“Do we have to use the big machines?”


“Can we take of out shirts?”


“Is this going to hurt?”


“How long are we doing this?”


“How the hell did you come up with this?”


“No, if you want, not if you’re careful, we have the gym for an hour but you can leave if you need to, and it just came up. Anything else?”


Jirou raised her hand. “Not a question, just a statement.” She cleared her throat. “I will only cooperate with this cockamamie scheme if I can play ‘Eye of the Tiger’.”


“Ooh, yeah! It’ll motivate us!”


Mezo smiled behind his mask, eyes crinkling. “It sounds like a good idea. Let’s get started.”




Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, You must fight to keep them alive…


The Bakusquad broke out into horrible off-key wailing to the chorus, broken only by Kaminari’s whimpers when he hit pull up number thirty-seven. Jirou, who was doing crunches with her jacks and tiny two-pound teardrop weights, rolled her eyes.


Mina and Uraraka were both doing push-ups, and they hit fourty at the same time by sheer coincidence. Their eyes met, and they immediately started dipping down at double-time, both wanting to show up the other.


Ojiro, meanwhile, was doing curl-ups from a bar next to Kaminari, hanging from his tail. Tsuyu was pulling off something similar with her tongue. Iida had loaded up a leg press machine and was resisting them temptation to use his engines. “Can’t pull my hamstrings, can’t pull my hamstrings, can’t pull my hamstrings…”


Mezo practiced his deadlifts in the corner while Sato did bicep curls with him. “I think our plan was a success.” He said.


“Indeed.” Mezo grunted through the next lift. “I’m happy we managed to get the class together to do this. Like Iida said, it’s important for us to work together and-pardon the pun-develop our strengths.”


Sato chuckled. “I didn’t know you had a sense of humor.”


“Stoic heroes can be as reassuring as cheerful ones.”


“I never said it was a bad thing.”


“Hey! Guys! Check this out!” Sero was doing crunches next to a wall, and using his tape like a pulley.


“That’s- huf -nice- puff -man.” Kaminari fell off his pull-up bar, face redder than Todoroki’s hair. “I need- whew -a break.”


“Same here.” Jirou set down her weights, gently massaging her jacks and wincing when she hit a sore spot.


“I’m good! Two hundred seventeen…” Ashido dipped back into another push-up.


“Me too! Two hundred nin-” Uraraka was interrupted when she and her friend were pulled to their feet by a stern Iida.


“Both of you must take a break! Hydration and proper rest is just as important to maintaining physical fitness as exercise! You could injure yourself if you over work.”


“Iida’s right.” Midoriya sat down on the ground. “When I was training for the entrance exam, I tried to push my body too hard, and it actually set my progress back.”


Fiiiine! ” Ashido threw her hands in the air. “If you insist.”


Aoyama shook his head. “Midoriya, mon ami, you still overwork yourself. I’ve woken up at night to the sound of you muttering through the walls.”


“Yeah, me too.” Mineta chugged from his water bottle.


“Guys!” Midoriya sulked as a cup of water was forced into his hand. “Thanks, Yaoyorozu.”


“Anytime, Midoriya. So, we still have an hour or so before we have to leave. Does anyone have any ideas?”


A bunch of people started making suggestions, so you couldn’t hear any of them. “We could-why don’t-but we-I can-”




Eighteen sets of eyes swiveled up and around to see Tsuyu with two fingers in her mouth, calmly watching the mess, leaning against the wall and clutching her styrofoam cup. “Could you all please stop? Kero kero. It’s impossible to hear you.”


There was a moment of silence, and Mezo was about to turn on speaker system and let the feedback squeal so his job for him, when one voice carried above the rest.


Hey, DEKU! THINK FAST! ” Bakugou grabbed a large twenty pound weight, which was glowing a suspicious orange, and chucked it at Midoriya. He fumbled, grabbed the handle, and winced, tossing it to Iida, who dropped it hard on the ground. Todoroki gently grabbed it with his right hand, and wisps of frost rose up as he cooled the handle.


“Bakugou! Why on Earth did you do that?” Iida was flapping his hands at near-Mach speeds, staring Bakugou down like he was interrogating a criminal.


Bakugou shrugged. “It was like, barely heated. Don’t get your boxers in a twist, Glasses.”


Iida’s hands curled into fists. “I don’t know why you thought throwing weights around was appropriate, but so help me-”


“What, you wanna fight? I’ll kick your ass so bad, Recovery Girl’ll be hopeless.”


“Don’t you dare insult a member of the faculty! I ought to report you- mmmff !” Midoriya grabbed Iida by the shoulders as Uraraka gently covered his mouth. Bakugou almost charged forward, but Kirishima grabbed his arm and shook his head. Bakugou growled, only for Kirishima and the rest of the Bakusquad to bunch around him and get him out of the gym. As they were leaving, Sero turned around on his heel.


“Sorry, Midoriya. We should’ve known he was off, but we didn’t realize he-”


“Hadn’t taken his meds? It’s fine.” Midoriya gave a weak smile. “Just make sure he takes them, and he’s doing alright. We’ll make sure Iida’s okay.”


Sero shook his head. “I’ll never understand…” He followed Ashido out of the room.


An awkward silence descended over the remaining students. Mezo sighed, shaking his head. “I believe we’re done here?”




“Anyone want to head back to the dorms and watch Aladdin?”


“Yes, please, let’s never come back here. I think this room is cursed.”


“Jirou, could you please unplug your music?”


“Alright, alright, I’m doing it!”

Chapter Text

Mr Aizawa? Why are we here? ” Koji signed. The class was assembled in front of an abandoned looking, three story warehouse, deep in Ground Beta.


“On the top floor of this building, inside a safe, are important documents. The whole building is crammed top-to-bottom with sensors and booby traps. Your job is to get in and out as undetected as possible. You have two hours. Good luck.” Aizawa grinned before stalking off toward the bus.


“Well, guys, gals and non-binary pals.” Sero cracked his neck. “We’ve stumbled into an ASTE.”


(‘ASTE’, short for ‘Aizawa’s Sadistic Training Exercises’, was Class 1-A’s way of saying ‘This is gonna suck.’)


“So, how do we approach this?” Yaoyorozu made a pair of binoculars, peering through the windows. “I can’t see anything.”


Koji turned around and whistled, waiting for some birds to arrive. When pigeons started gather on the telephone wires, he cupped his hands and whisper yelled up to them. “My avian comrades! I beckon you, observe the fortress we are to infiltrate as inconspicuous as possible.” The birds cocked their heads to the side, before darting off towards the building.


“Hmm…” Hagakure began to pull off her gloves. Her updated costume, refractive body armor the support course had made with the same stuff they’d used for Togata’s costume, didn’t need them any more than she still needed her old boots, but she’d decided to keep them in case people ever needed to see her.


“I think I can scout out the edges. I’m gonna follow Koda’s birds.” Yaoyorozu and Iida gave the thumbs up, and she took off, the only trace of her prescience being very faint indents in the grass around the building.


“So, while we wait for her, anyone have any ideas?” Kaminari scanned the building. “If I get in there, I could probably overload the security system.”


“But that would be noticeable, and the goal is to make it seem like we were never there.”


“Okay, then what do we do?”


“What if…” Midoriya brought a hand up to his chin, rapidly muttering a plan to himself. “What if we jump up to the top by climbing the building next door, enter the ventilation system, and climb down to the top floor. We could probably get the safe open by freezing it with Todoroki’s ice, or maybe Momo could make a gadget to crack it, or-”


“Shut up, Deku.” Bakugou grunted. Midoriya slapped a hand over his mouth.


“I dunno. Midoriya’s plan sounds pretty good to me.” Said a voice right next to Koji’s ear. He jumped, landing on his butt as Hagakure pulled her gloves back on.


“There’s a vent up near the top, but I don’t know how we’d be able to reach it, the outside of the building’s covered in sensors-maybe Ochako can float us? Also, Koda, your birds found a door into the basement.”


“...Where we can shut off the security system! Hagakure, you’re a genius!”


“I am? I mean, totally, yeah.”


“Does that mean I can do my thing?” Kaminari let lightning jump between his hands.






“All right.” Iida revved his engines. “Let’s get to work.”




As Uraraka lifted herself and six of her classmates up to the roof, Iida used gentle propulsion from his engines to move them into position. “Release!” She whispered, and the students dropped like rocked onto the roof.


Koji watched as, meanwhile, on ground level, Hagakure led the other half of the class through the grass, threading around dumpsters and between blind spots. Todoroki cracked the lock open with a burst of frost, and they quickly ducked inside. He turned his attention to his earpiece.


Okay, so where do we go from here?”


“I...didn’t get this far.”




“Hey! I haven’t learned lockpicking yet! And keep your voices down.”


There were clicking sounds, tapping, and a computerized hum. Nervous, Koji leaned over the building’s side, whispering to an ant colony tucked in the mother. “Insectoid allies! Please locate and remove as many booby traps as possible in the basement.” The ants scurried off.




“Ashido, pipe down! I’m gonna guess this is Koda.”


“You would be correct.” Tokoyami whispered into his mic. “They’re there to scout for and disable traps.”


Oh. That makes sense. Good, thinking, Koda.” Koji beamed to himself.


“ it! Here’s the generator! Do your thing, Kaminari.”


“Everyone, stand on this insulation shield.”


“Well, here goes nothing. Indiscriminate Shock, one-point-three millionBZZZZzzZz TTCKRaCKKKKKZZZ


Koji wrenched the receiver out of his ear, clutching it and trying to ignore the ringing. Tentatively, he brought it back up, only to be met with the buzz of static.


Awkward looks were exchanged. This was not part of the plan. Sato shrugged and pulled off the vent, gesturing. “Shall we?”


Uraraka shrugged, but hopped down the hole anyway. Iida looked like he was about to raise an argument, but was silenced by some glares. One by one, they descended through the rooftop.


They landed in a dark room, containing only a safe on a pedestal.


Aoyama raised his hand. “I’ll scale back down the fire escape, and retrieve the others. It appears we’re doing this the hard way.” Uraraka floated him back up to the rooftop, and he rushed off, punctuated by the sound of pounding footsteps.


Sato tried to pull the lock off as Tsuyu tugged at it with her tongue, but they weren’t getting anywhere. Dark Shadow crooked a finger and tried picking it, but that didn’t work either.


“...Yaoyorozu could probably make a dummy replacement.” Tsuyu tapped Iida in the shoulder. “Do you think you could kick it open?”


“I’ll give it a try. Sato, could you…?” Sato gently tossed the safe into the air, and Iida nearly punted it into the ceiling with a swift roundhouse. It dented, but didn’t break. And worse, it started beeping.


Outside attempts at access detected. ” It monotoned. “ Contents will be destroyed in two minutes.


“Damn. I’m going to help get the others.” Tokoyami whispered. He and Dark Shadow pulled their way out of the room.


Sato and Iida frantically whacked away, Tsuyu tried to crush it like a tin can with her tongue, and Koji stepped up to give it a hesitant stomp, but none of it did any good. “ Contents will be destroyed in ninety seconds.


Uraraka stuck her head out of the hole in the roof. “They’re almost here! Keep going!”


“Dang it, what does it look like we’re trying to do!”


Contents will be destroyed in sixty seconds.


“Come on, Deku, come on Mina, come on Yaomomo, come on Bakugou, for heaven’s sake…”


“Tsuyu, maybe wrap it the opposite direction.”


Oh my goodness oh my goodness. ” Koji couldn’t stop his hands from motoring through the air.


Contents will be destroyed in thirty seconds.


Ashido and Midoriya slammed down onto the floor, the former rushing forward to melt the lock with her acid and the latter anchoring a rope to escape with. Pink hands snatched the Manila folder out of the safe just before it was sprayed with some corrosive chemical that smelled like the locker rooms after an intense class, and was probably not something they wanted to stick their hands in.


As Yaoyorozu landed, Koji handed her the safe, and she turned it over in her hands, inspecting it. She pulled up one of the zippers on her jumpsuit, exposing her right side, and an identical safe fell out of her abdomen. She carefully set it down on the pedestal, and the group started back up the rope.


Todoroki welded the metal plate shut behind them, and Sero had put a replacement lock on the basement door after Jirou somehow fixed the security system’s fried wiring. Shoji was holding the whee-d out Kaminari over his shoulders in a Fireman’s carry, and the groups got out the way they’d come-with the addition of an ice slide for the roof group.


After melting the ice, they hid across the street in a shaded area and broke open the files. It was several blank pages, and one at the back with a single phrase written on it:


Nice work, kids. Now go run two laps around the ground and bring me this folder, and we’ll see about letting you go to the dorms.


“Have I mentioned I fucking hate our teacher?” Bakugou’s teeth were chattering, and Koji quietly tried creeping away from him.


Todoroki rolled his eyes. “Repeatedly.” He took off down the street, the rest of the class trailing behind.

Chapter Text



Rikido sighed and rolled off the sofa, exhausted. This was the third time this week.


“How did you do that?!”


“I don’t know! I was following the directions exactly!”


Midoriya and Iida were standing over a pan with a burning grilled cheese sandwich, smoke twisting its way up toward the ceiling and torturing the fire alarm. Rikido gently pushed them aside, pulled the smoking sandwich off the burner, and turned the stove off with a flick of his finger.


“S-sorry Sato!” Midoriya stammered. “W-we didn’t mean to-”


“It’s fine. Although, now that I think about it, it’s about time we do something to get your heads around a stove.”


“I...don’t think we’ve done this before.”


“Sero nearly blew up the toaster yesterday. And the day before that, Mineta sprained his arm trying to get the crackers. And the day before that-


“We get it, we get it!” The rest of the class filed in to find something to eat for dinner-Todoroki and Uraraka were already raiding the cupboards.


“We need cooking lessons. Maybe we can contact Lunch Rush or something…”


“I can do it.” Rikido raised a hand. “I mean, I’d need some help, but it’d save all of us a lot of migraines.”


“I can give you a hand.” Tsuyu started cleaning off the crusty pan in the sink.


“Alright. Then it’s settled. Tomorrow is Cooking Boot Camp.”




Rikido woke up the following day with a mission-but when he made it downstairs, Tsuyu was already setting up workstations at the dining table.


“Oh, hey.” She said. “I’m almost done with this part. Listen to my ideas?”


“I mean...sure…”


“We start off with some lessons in safety and how to follow a recipe, and then give them one to follow, so they make their own lunch.”


“Great. We can probably start in about half an hour. I’ll help you finish setting this up.”


The two assembled the other seventeen workstation (they had decided Bakugou didn’t really need the crash course) and, at eight o’clock sharp, Rikido started marching around the dorms banging a pot with a wooden spoon.


“Come on! Everybody up! Let’s get moving!” He made a point to avoid Bakugou’s room as he made the rounds, and groggy teenagers started fumbling down to the kitchen, like termites from the woodwork.


“Everybody take a seat.” Tsuyu gestured to the table. “And thank you for that, Sato.”


“Ugghhh…I wanted to sleep in…”


“You guys asked for this.”


“We didn’t know it would involved getting up at eight on a Saturday.”


“Okay, so, who can tell me what’s in front of you?”


“Uhh…” Hagakure shrugged. “A really unorthodox table setting?”


“Close. It’s most of the tools we have that you need to know about.” Rikido got out the ingredients for some pancakes as Tsuyu spent the next forty-five minutes walking his classmates through different kinds of knives and pans and such. When she gestured to him, he called the others over with a wave.


“So, when you’re baking or making something like pancakes, always start with the dry, then add the wet after you’ve mixed it.” His hands followed his moves as the others watched. “Make sure you’ve mixed it all together, then portion it out, as evenly as you can. I’m using an ice cream scooper, but a lot of stuff works.”


Soon, the smell of fresh pancakes filled the room, and the class watched grabbed a few and dug in.




“These are amazing .”


“Looks like you’ve got a fallback career of heroism doesn’t work out.”


“My family runs a diner-slash-bakery.” Rikido smiled as he washed off the dishes. “I always watched my parents and siblings and aunts and uncles and cousins work, so I picked it up pretty fast.”


“You must have a big family.”


“Tell my about it. I’ll show you a photo sometime.”


“Alright, so what do we do now?”


Tsuyu pinned a recipe to the fridge. “You take what you learned, and make lunch.”


“Awesome! Ramen!”


“I’ll grab the-hey, where’s the instant ramen go?”


“It’s been confiscated in the name of healthy eating.”




They started climbing over each other, scrambling for the materials. Laminate tripped, and then Todoroki tripped over him.


“Oh my gosh.” Uraraka bent down and helped them to their feet. “Are you guys okay?”


“I’ll be fine.” Todoroki brushed invisible dust off of his shirt. “Where’s the broth.”


“Right here!” Ojiro poured it into the pot. “We’re all set!”


“Now, we just add in the noodles…” Ashido carefully tipped them into the pot, holding her breath in anticipation.


“It’s just noodles, Ashido.”


Just noodles? Kirishima, I’m betrayed! How dare you?”


“What did I do!”


Kirishima and Ashido proceeded to get into a very loud argument about the sanctity of noodles as their classmates finished adding ingredients to the ramen.


Rikido shook his head. “Why are we like this?”


“Just lucky I guess.” Tsuyu had packed up the workstations and was setting the table for real. “Midoriya, can you help me with the bowls?”


“Oh, sure Tsuyu.” Midoriya grabbed some from the cupboards, and the two went to work.


Tokoyami cocked his head to the side. “It’s only just occurring to me how similar they look.”


“Actually...yeah, even beyond the hair.” Ojiro’s forehead wrinkled. “They’ve both got the same kind of facial structure.”


“And they both do weird things with their hands! Y’know, how Tsuyu holds them out like she’s a zombie, and Midoriya waves them in the air like Iida?”


Tsuyu frowned.“I’d appreciate if you didn’t call it weird, Toru.”


“Oh, gosh, I’m sorry, I meant good weird! Charming!” Hagakure dunked into her hands.” Me and my big mouth.


Yaoyorozu smiled and daintily whiffed the pot. “I think it’s done!” She turned towards Todoroki, who was leaning against the refrigerator. “Is something wrong?”


“If Tsuyu and Midoriya might be related...could she be All Might’s secret child as well?”


Midoriya turned flamingo pink. “Oh, not this again.”


Tsuyu rolled her eyes. “Todoroki, you’ve met my dad. Remember, he came to school a few weeks back? He brought mochi?”


“Maybe it’s best we let the theory run its course?” Iida placed the pot on the table, and began to serve it out, coils of steam rising from the bowls.


“Agreed.” Rikido pulled up a chair, and when everyone had been served, they dug in.


Admittedly, it wasn’t the best ramen he’d ever had-that honor went to his Aunt Saki. But for a bunch of beginners that had been burning grilled cheeses the previous evening, it wasn’t half bad.


Kirishima was about to tell a knock-knock joke when another pair of chopsticks dived into his bowl from over his shoulder. Bakugou brought the noodles to his lips and grimaced.


“Not bad, Extras. Not great, but hey, I don’t wanna puke.” He stomped off to the backyard to do his regular morning Quirk training. The students all automatically pulled earbuds out of their pockets, and returned to their meal.

Chapter Text

It was wintertime at UA, and with it came many things-Hot chocolate, communal viewings of Die Hard, costume updates, and, of course, snow. Lots, and lots, of snow.


So much snow that school had to be cancelled, in fact. It was nearly up to the top of the doors out of the dorm rooms, and most of the windows were at least half smothered in powdery white. The students response was to bundle themselves in thermal wear and plunge headfirst outside. Literally, in Hanta’s case.


“Pffffftttt.” He sprayed the snow out of his mouth while Mina and Denki pulled him up to his feet, laughing at him. “You two are insufferable.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’m gonna go build a snowman.” Denki raced off towards an untouched patch of snowy ground.


“Ooh! Me too!” Mina raced after him. Hanta rolled his eyes, but charged after them into the snow.


Five minutes later, they had gotten the bottom done, when Todoroki walked up. “What are you doing?”


The three shared a look. “Uh, making a snowman?”


“...Can I help? I haven’t done this before.”


Tokoyami’s head popped up from where he and Midoriya were investigating the possibility of Shoji making snow angels. “You’ve never made a snowman?”


“I never had the time.”


“Well then, we’ll have to make up for lost time!” Denki waved his hands in the air-accidentally flinging snow in Mina’s face.


She immediately tackled him, and soon they were rolling around in the snow-and knocking over the snowman’s bottom third. Todoroki immediately started packing a ball of snow. “This is how you do it, right?”


“Here, I’ll show you.” Ojiro guided Todoroki through making a snowman, while Aoyama ran inside to grab a scarf for it. Bakugou and Kirishima, meanwhile, were working on a fort.


“Make the walls higher-no, higher, not wider! And add in a peephole.”


“Bakugou, why are you talking to yourself?”


“I’m talking to you, dumbass!”


“Okay, okay, if you say so.”


“Kacchan, why are you building a fort?”


Bakugou whipped his head. “Why the fuck is that your business, Deku? And for the record, it’s in case-”


Then suddenly, someone-Hanta didn’t catch who-threw a snowball at the back of Bakugou’s head. Perfect bullseye.


“-That happens.” Bakugou rose to his feet, face eerily calm. “Alright. Whichever one of you extras did that is fucking dead.”


There was a moment of silence as the eighteen frightened teenagers looked between each other. (Kirishima was merely rolling his eyes, muttering “Here we go again.”). Then, seemingly collectively, they all turned tail and ran in different directions.


Hanta scrambled past Ojiro pulling a very confused Todoroki behind their half-built snowman-Mina was going to name it ‘Steven’-and flung himself behind a tree


He accidentally rammed into Jirou’s side, and she pressed a packed snowball into his hands. “Just in case.”


“Okay…” A wicked grin spread across his face. “How about this case!” He flung the snowball at Jirou, cuffing her on the ear.


She stared at him, almost like she was going to shout at him. Then, she smiled back. “Oh, you’re on.” She flung a handful of snow at him, and he dived out of the way, sprinting back across the lawn.


The rest of the class had broken down into full on chaos. Tightly packed balls of snow flew through the air-most just smashing on the ground, but some hitting their mark. Shoji, bless his soul, lunged in front of Tokoyami and Hagakure before they could get beamed. Uraraka had created a floating mine field of snow that Hanta had to dive under and crawl through, army style. Yaoyorozu was just popping out snowballs from her arm and passing them off to Tsuyu, who shot them with her tongue like a catapault. Mineta had rolled his sticky balls in the snow to create camouflaged traps. And Bakugou was flinging wildly in all directions, trying to hit everyone as quickly as possible.


Hanta was smacked in the back of the head and turned around to see a very sheepish Iida. “Oh, it’s on, man!” He scooped up a handful, packed it, and whipped it at Iida’s face.


They had probably been at it for about half an hour when Class 1-B stepped out of their back porch, everyone quietly taking in the snowy warzone.


When Bakugou noticed Monoma watching and barely containing his usual maniacle laughter, he got a doozy of an idea. He stomped over to Todoroki, whispered something to him, and got a nod in reply. The two went back to work on Steven, packing him bigger and wider as the chaos continued around him and 1-B watched quietly. Everyone else-almost subconsciously-picked up on their plan, and avoided them. Ten minutes later, they had made a snowball the size of a beach ball, covered in a thin layer of ice to keep it’s shape. And Monoma couldn’t hold it in any longer.


“I can’t believe the great Class 1-A is trying something as childish as a snowball fight! If they’re supposed to be so much better than we are, shouldn’t they at least be a little bit more mature? I mean, what-”


“EAT SNOW, ASSHOLE!” Bakugou, Todoroki, and Sato’s combined effort launched the mega-snowball directly at Monoma’s face. Bullseye.


Todoroki looked kind of sad. “Sorry Steven.”


Denki wiped away a fake tear. “He will be missed.”


Monoma was trembling with what seemed to be a cocktail of shock, rage, and perverse admiration. “Kendo...permission to execute Manuver Twenty-Seven.”


“Permission granted!” Kendo smirked, and enlarged her hands, extending one to Monoma, which he touch, growing his own.


Kaibara started drilling into the ground with his hands, kicking up whirlwinds of snow that Yanagi suspended and the others started making snowballs out of. Kodai touched each finished product, and Kendo, Monoma, Tetsutetsu, and Shishida (in his beast form) each grabbed one or two. In sixty seconds flat, seven snow-missiles twice the size of Steven were hurtling towards 1-A.


Hanta cupped his hands around his mouth. “INCOMING! SCATTER!”


They ducked out of the way just before the missiles landed. Iida started kicking away Uraraka’s minefield to defend them just before the second volley hit, and Hanta was dragged away to make tape-reinforced tactical rounds to hold the right flank.


What had started as Bakugou getting beamed in the head once divulged into a two-hour long, no-holds-barred slugfest that ended in a lot of wet clothes, fourth very cold teenagers, and one bloody nose (Kamikiri). They were all splayed out on the ground, out of breath and too numbed to care.


“That was epic, man.” Rin gave Tokage a fistbump. “We should do this again sometime.”


“We could invite Shinsou!” Midoriya day up. “And maybe Hatsume...she might have ideas for devices to launch snowballs.”


“Please, God, no. She’d bring a minigun.”


Kendo rolled onto her stomach. “Sorry about escalating things. That...kind of got out of hand. It just looked fun.” She might have been blushing, but her face was too red to tell.


Monoma’s head popped up, “What happened to avenging me!” He got chopped on the back of the neck for his trouble.


Kendo picked herself up and extended a hand. “Would you guys like to come inside? Awase can make you some of his signature cocoa.”


“Don’t expose me like that!”


“That sounds delightful.” Yaoyorozu grabbed her hand, and pulled herself to her feet. “Truce?”




A finger tapped Hanta on the shoulder, and he turned to see Mina and Denki wearing matching grins. “We told you making a snowman was a smart move.”


“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.”

Chapter Text

“I’m sure you’re all wondering what you’re doing here today.”


Nezu’s announcement was directed to the forty Hero course first years, who were standing assembled in four neat lines, heads twisting in confusion. “You see,” He continued. “Though UA receives government funding, that can only cover so much-there are extra expenses we can’t cover with such grants. And most of those debts are attached to the Hero course. So, every year, the first year Hero students work together to put on a fundraising event, similar to the Cultural Festival. Any questions?”


“Will we be working as a group or in two classes?”


“Can we ask for help from teachers?”


“What about upperclassmen?”


“Where did you get this idea?”


“Couldn’t you ask for donations from alumni?”


“Yes.” Nezu calmly walked off the stage, before turning back, almost as an afterthought. “It’s next Friday.”


The students all turned to look at each other, before Monoma stuck his hand in the air. “I wrote a sequel to my play-Harry Potter and the Jedi, Return of The Hobbit!”


“Yeah…no.” Kirishima wrinkled his nose. “You got any ideas, Bakugou?”


Bakugou gave an aloof shrug, then returned his attention to the game on his phone. Other groups started tossing ideas back and forth, before Todoroki raised a finger. “What about a circus?”


Eyes swiveled to him. Komori rested her chin in her hand. “A circus? Isn’t that a bit...old fashioned?”


“I thought that was good sometimes. Is this not one such time?”


“I mean…it could be?” Awase shrugged. “We could probably come up with some acts with our Quirks.”


Ashido shot to her feet and demonstrated her breakdancing. “I can do this!”


“Oh, me too!” Tokage did some ballerina spins. On pointe. In sneakers.


Jirou looked over at her friend. “Koda could probably find some horses or something.”


I know a friend in the outskirts of the city. He signed


“Then...who’s the ringmaster?”


Yaoyorozu smiled. “I believe one of our representatives should do the honors.”


Iida extended a hand to Kendo. “I believe you should do the honors. I would prefer to help with another act.”


Kendo shook his hand, then rose to her feet, doing her best snake-oil salesman impression. “Ladies, gentlemen, and others, step right up! We here have everything you ever needed in a night on the town! Watch these spectacular heroes in training give it all they’ve got in these death-defying stunts! Just one night, folks!”


There was some polite applause-and some moaning. “Alright, so it needs work! But we have a whole week to practice! Now, let’s get to work!”




By Monday, everyone had fallen into different acts and roles-from dancing to stunts to tech. All that was left was to put it all together-and find an appropriate location.


The school provided them with a big open field, and Yaoyorozu and Monoma were dispatched to construct a tent, which meant Sato was constantly running from the dorms to the site with high fat content snacks to fuel the assembly line. The others were practicing their acts in the school gym-Ojiro swinging from a trapeze, Ashido choreographing a ribbon dance, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu ramming each other into iron bars, the usual. And Midoriya, in all his nerdy glory, had been put in charge of the schedule.


He was currently standing in front of a cork board covered in notes, rough photographs, and red strings on thumbtacks. Itsuka was practicing her ringmaster spiel while he muttered and rearranged.


“So the trapeze will need setting up and removal Yanagi can probably help with that and we have to leave room for the spotlight with Kaminari and Aoyama I wonder what they’re making the podium out of maybe we could use it for emergency storage-”


Itsuka looked up from her notes. “Midoriya, are you okay?”


Midoriya turned pink and started waving his hands awkwardly, “Yeah, I’m fine. I just... do that sometime.”


“If you’re not too busy, do you think you could help me? I’m having trouble making the dancers introductions work.”


“Oh, sure! Can I see?” He leaned over and read her notes, quietly reading along. “How about something like…” he stepped onto a chair and grinned wide. “Come along all, see the amazing Mina Ashido and her troupe of ribbon dancers! They curl, they twirl, and they’re going to knock your socks off! Something like that?”


“...Are you sure you don’t want to be the ringmaster? Because that was really good.”


“Oh, no! I like helping out backstage! Plus I’d probably collapse in embarrassment if I tried.”


“Alright then.” Itsuka stood up and walked over to the board, reviewing what they had so far. “If you’re helping me, I’ll do what I can to help you. So, if we have the beastamer go on after the invincible men-”


They were interrupted by Iida zooming in. “I finished delivering the flyers.”


“How far did you get?”


“...The other side of town?”




Friday night, the air was full of palpable excitement and dread. The students put the last touches on everything backstage-an extra sequin here, a second harness there. Kuroiro quietly peeked through the shadows out at the crowd. “Full house.” He whispered.


Kaminari and Aoyama climbed a ladder to the roof area to man the lights. Aoyama moved them into position as Kendo walked up onto the podium in the pitch black. Kaminari put his hand on a panel, and grinned. “Let’s get this party started.”


Electricity crackled around his fingers, sending the current all around the lights ring and bathing the ring in a warm yellow glow. Standing on a tiny raise platform was Kendo, in full red and gold regalia, her hair rumbling down her back and half-hidden by a top hat. “Ladies, gentlemen, and viewers of all kind. This is the moment you’ve waited for! Now introducing, for your viewing pleasure, one night only-the UA Circus!”


Colors flared up as the ribbon dancers jumped out in sparkly blue unitards. Kirishima and Tetsutetsu, illuminated by a harsh red light, whacked each other with 2x4s and frying pans, making one woman in the third row faint. Ojiro and Tsuyu leaped across the trapeze over a Todoroki make pit of fire-which was really just a ring around the floor, the actual ground had a net in the way. And Shishida put on a surprisingly good untamed wildlife act with Koda.


It was a night of excitement, bright lights and colors, and daring thrills. So, when Toshinori, Aizawa, and Kan looked behind the tent after the show, they weren’t all that surprised to find a pile of unconscious teenagers.

Chapter Text

It happened when Momo was going downstairs one Tuesday night. She was having difficulty sleeping, so she was going to brew herself a cup of herbal tea. When she entered the kitchen, though, someone else was already at the cabinet.


“Oh, Todoroki.” He jumped, then turned around, holding his hands behind his back.


“Yaoyorozu. What are you doing up this late?”


She ignored that she could ask him the very same question. “I’m sorry if I startled you. I was going to make myself something to drink. Would you like some?”


“That...sounds nice.”


She pulled a packet of herbal tea out of the cupboards, and turned on the electric kettle. She and Todoroki watched the steeping beverage in awkward silence.


“Todoroki, is your hand alright?”


“...Of course. Why...wouldn’t it be?”


“It’s just that you’ve been holding it behind you this entire time.”


Todoroki looked like a deer caught in headlights, but then sheepishly pullled Out his hand. It looked normal, but he was clutching something odd.


“Isn’t that Midoriya’s mug? And why is there an adhesive absorbant strip around the outer lip?”


“I was hoping to collect some of his saliva.”


Momo turned fushia. “Wha-but-how- why? And couldn’t you just ask him to spit in a cup?”


“I tried that. I want it for a paternity test.”


That gave her pause. “Come to think of it...he’s never mentioned his father.”


“That’s because he’s All Might’s secret love child.”


And he had swerved right back into ridiculous territory.


“But how would you know that if-”


“I just do. There Quirks are pretty similar. And he said it himself-he takes after his mom.”


“That still seems a bit flimsy.”


“Just wait until I prove it.”


The green light flickered on the kettle’s handle, and Momo poured out two steaming hot cups of tea. She blew on the surface of hers as he finished attaching the strip to the outside rim of the cup, placing it so it’d catch the inside of his lower lip, but likely not get soaked with tea. After he was finished, he placed the cup back in the cupboard like nothing had happened, gave her a polite nod, then quietly walked back upstairs, leaving Momo alone with her confusion and tea.




Denki was going to go bother Shinsou (‘not here to make friends’, his ass) Wednesday afternoon, when he saw the most unbelievable thing ever.


Todoroki, class prodigy and son of the number one effing hero, digging in a waist basket. “Uhh…”


His head perked up at the noise, and swiveled around to meet Denki’s eyes. “Hello, Kaminari.”


“Did you...drop your phone or something?”


“I’m looking for one of All Might’s tissues.”


Okay, this was kind of creepy. Just back away, and hope he dosen’t iceberg your ass like Hanta. “What do you need that for?”


“His DNA. I’m confirming Midoriya is his secret love child.”


Okay, definitely a little more than ‘creepy’.


“How did you come up with that? They don’t even look that alike or anything.”


“They behave similarly. Quirks, self consciousness, even their outlooks on heroism. It almost makes too much sense. Why else would they seem to have a connect…”


Denki didn’t get to here the rest of his speech, because he was screaming down the hall in the opposite direction to warn Midoriya of their classmate’s insanity.




Two weeks after the incident with Kaminari, Shouto was sitting in the common room, waiting for the package that would hold the key to his theory. He had mailed Midoriya’s saliva (which was only slightly tainted with tea) and a tissue full of All Might’s blood in to a paternity testing service, and the results should be coming in today.


Just then, Present Mic came in with an armful of packages. “All right, little listeners! Let’s see what we’ve got.” He ran his eyes down a list. “There are letters for Sato, Asui, and Tokoyami. Packages for Koda and Yaoyorozu. And an I-don’t-know-what for Todoroki.” Success.


As the students walked forward to claim their mail, Todoroki wrapped his arms around the box and practically sprinted to his room. He settled down on the tatami mats, and cracked open the box.


Inside was a small sheet with the results of the paternity test.



“Oh. Darn.”


Shouto frowned as he lied down on his bed, staring up at the card and almost willing it to change. If they aren’t father and son…what exactly is going on with them?


As if to answer his question, someone knocked on the door. “Todoroki? Are you alright?” It was Midoriya. Uh-oh.


“I’m fine. Just give me a moment.”


“Does this have to do with the paternity test?...Kaminari told All Might and I what you were planning.”


Because of course he did. “Alright, you’ve caught me.”


Midoriya stepped into his room, hands wiggling awkwardly. “It came back negative, didn’t it?”


“Unlikely, but inconclusive due to contamination.”


“I told you we weren’t related. But…” he sighed, hair falling in his face. “I suppose I should explain or something.”


“Let’s get the facts straight-All Might’s not my dad. My father is working overseas as a financial advisor.” He frowned at the floor. “But All Might...even when I was really young I looked up to him like you might look up to your dad.” He realized his slip of the tongue. “Uh, not that Endeavor-”


“You’re fine. Please go on.”


“Right. And after I met him, and he started to help me learn how to control my Quirk,

I guess he did become something of a father figure to me.” His face turned an almost sickly shade of pink. “So, yeah.”


“I see. Thank you, Midoriya.” He reached behind his back and pulled out a notebook, crossing out Midoriya is All Might’s secret love child. “That’s one down. Next is ‘Shinsou is Aizawa’s secret love child.”


“That...actually makes a lot of sense. They both have atypical Quirks.”


“And ridiculous hairstyles,”


“And they love coffee.”


“Because they never sleep,”


“And the cats!”


As the two began to toss ideas back and forth, Yaoyorozu and Kaminari waited outside. “I think they’ll be in there for a while,”


“Probably. I’m gonna go warn Shinsou.” He stood up, rocking out the cricks in his neck.


Yaoyorozu brushed imaginary dust off of her skirt. “I’ll speak to Mister Aizawa.”


“Oof. Good luck.” The two ran/speed walked off towards the unsuspecting theory subjects.


“Wait...would this make Eri his little sister?”

Chapter Text



“Shinsou!” Kaminari leaped out from behind some shrubbery. “I found you!”


Hitoshi pulled his arms up too defend himself-and accidentally hit Kaminari in the eye with his elbow. “Oh, sorry.”


“No problem.” Kaminari pointed to his eye. “No harm done. So, how was your day?”


It had been like this almost every day since his transfer to the hero course second year was announced. Kaminari had come up with some pretty inventive hiding spots, too. “Nothing much. I have a science paper due next week.”


“Aw, man. I wanted to play the new Pokémon game with you. Win some, lose some, I guess.”


“I don’t have time for playing video games. I have to stay in shape and keep my grades up.”


“Dude, you’ve already got a spot. Chill. Take a break!” He slung an arm around Hitoshi’s shoulder. He pushed it away.


“I can’t. You’re all already so far ahead-”


“If I stop to take a break, I’ll get left in the dust.” Kaminari blew a shock of hair out of his face. “No wonder Midoriya likes you. You’re like his brother from another mother.”


“Whatever.” Hitoshi stomped off to his dorm room, itching to start on the paper-and then do some push-ups.


“Talk to you soon!”


“Yeah, yeah. Bye, Kaminari.”





Hitoshi was studying on the back lawn of the school, when Midoriya walked up to him, holding his notebook tight to his chest. “Hey, Shinsou.” He said. “I was wondering if we could talk.”


“About what, exactly?”


“See, I was thinking about your Quirk earlier, and I was wondering if you could tell me about it.”


Hitoshi rolled his eyes. “Why would I do that, exactly?”


“...So I could help you? I-I mean, it’s totally fine if you’d rather not, it’s your decision after all, I was just hoping to-”


“I’d be interested.”


You would?” Midoriya beamed so bright it got a little harder to see, and plopped down on the ground. “ Awesome! So, what can you tell me about your Quirk. That you’d be comfortable with sharing, I mean.”


Hitoshi gave him the rundown, Midoriya scribbling at light speed, occasionally interjecting with questions of his own. Half an hour later, he closed the book with a resounding thud. “Thanks for that, Shinsou. So, to start,  if you were to have your mask rebuilt, you’d be able to get a lot more range out of it.” He sketched something out on the page. “Sort of like this.”


Hitoshi took one look at the redesign and nearly doubled over chuckling. “Midoriya, that looks like a duck bill.”


“What?!” He swiveled his drawing around and turned scarlet. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry! I will think of something better, I promise!”


“Midoriya? I had a question.”


“Sure! What’s going on, Shinsou?”


“I was thinking-you have such fine intuition for things like this, you’re very intelligent, and your Quirk is so volatile...why’d you join the heroics department in the first place?”


“Because the heroes were the ones I looked up too. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but respect for the support and business courses, but I always wanted to just help people. Let them see my smile, and know that everything’s going to be okay. You know?”


“...I guess.” Hitoshi wrapped a hand around his chin. He could remember that feeling, of wanting to be a hero in the old, abstract sense, but over the years spite had made him dismiss such a though as childish. Maybe it was time he re-examine his priorities. “I have to go, Midoriya; Have a good day.”


“See you soon, Shinsou. And please, get some sleep.”


“I make no promises.”





“Ah, Shinsou. How are you this fine evening?”


Shinsou’s head swiveled up. He had been going on a jog through the grounds, only to find Monoma quietly reading a book in the tree. “Fine, I guess. How about you?”

“Oh, it’s been alright. Training?”


“Yeah. What are you reading?”


“Oh, it’s a story about two students chosen to be successors to a bringer of death, and the winner has to kill the other as their first act. But enough about me. Do you know which class you’ll be joining yet?”


“It hasn’t been finalized.” He pulled himself up into the branches, settling down across from Monoma. “Honestly, I’d be fine with either.”


“Don’t worry! With your skill, I’m sure you’ll end up in Class B! And speaking of skill, I was wondering if you could help me with something.”


“Depends on what you need help with.”


“I was hoping to take your Quirk out for a test drive this weekend.”


Hitoshi cocked his head to the side. “Why, exactly?”


“Because it’s useful, and I like you. You’re someone I can relate too, I suppose. But I already gave you that speech. Is it alright with you?”


“I mean, I guess…you free Saturday at two?”


“I will be.”


Monoma! There you are!” The two looked down to see Tetsutetsu looking up from the bottom of the tree. “Kendo sent me to find you. It’s cupcakes night! Oh, hi Shinsou!”


“Ah, Kuroiro’s red velvet cupcakes. They can bright down the mightiest of men-including me. Would you like to come over?”


“I’ll pass.” Hitoshi waved goodbye lazily. “See you soon, Monoma.”


“See you soon. Have a good day.” Monoma jumped down the three branches at a time, landing next to Tetsutetsu and walking off with him, leaving Hitoshi alone thirteen feet up a tree. Reminded him of his cats.





“Ooh, hey Shinsou!” Hitoshi has been working on his paper during lunch when a tray clattered next to him, followed by one of the hero course students he hadn’t remembered-the pink ones. Ashika? Ashado? Something like that. “Do you remember me? Mina Ashido? I wanted to talk!”


Oh, yeah, that was it. “Why do you want to talk, exactly?”


“Because I wanna get to know you better! Duh. So, tell me a bit about yourself.”


“...I like cats. And coffee. And the color orange.”


“Orange? Not purple? Huh. I like cats, too! Though I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker myself.”


“Then what do you prefer? Pink lemonade?”


“Mountain Dew, actually. But lemonade ain’t bad.” He face grew more serious, and she picked at her rice. “You’re not super experienced with friendship, are you?”


“So you talked to me because you wanted to do a psych analysis?”


“No, silly! I wanted to talk because you seemed like you needed a friend. And…” she turned a darker shade of magenta-was she blushing! “People were scared of you, growing up, yeah? I guess I can kind of relate to that.”


It took Hitoshi’s brain a second to put the words together. This incarnation off all that was saccharine and joy felt they were kindred spirits? What-no- what?


Ashido saw the concern written on his features, her face becoming more serious as she picked at her fingernails. “When I was younger, people used to tell me I couldn’t be a hero because I ‘looked scary’. Like an alien.”


“You’re not that weird.”


“I know, right! But it was a small town, kind of in the middle of nowhere, and you have to admit, I’m not the most typical girl, appearance wise. But the alien stuff was what stuck with me. I figured, well, I’d better own it! And thus, the alien queen was born!”


The bell trilled, shocking her out of her speech. She turned another shade darker. “Welp, gotta go! See you soon, Shinsou!” She walked backwards through the cafeteria towards the trash, shoveling food into her mouth and bumping into at least four people.


Hitoshi finished his food and packed up his stuff, but his head was still rolling around Ashido’s speech. Maybe they weren’t so different, after all.





“Where did he go?” Kaminari roamed the hallways outside 1-C’s room as Hitoshi hid behind an outcropping in the wall, working on his paper. “I could swear he was around hear…”


As he walked past the pillar, missing him entirely, Hitoshi grinned. “Hey.”


Kaminari nearly jumped out of his skin, electricity sparking around his head as he turned around. “Oh! Shinsou! Didn’t see you there!”


“Nice to see you too.” Hitoshi shoved his paper in his backpack. “Hey, I was wondering.”




“Is that offer from Monday still open.”


Kaminari stared at him blankly, before his face curved into a disbelieving smile. “ want to play Pokémon with me?”


“Sure. I have some time.”


“Yesss!” He pumped a fist in the air. “Absolutely! C’mon, I’ll show you my dorm.”


“I’m sure it’s hideous. Is Ashido into Pokémon too?”


“Yeah...why do you ask? When did you two become friends?”


“We aren’t-and neither are you and I.”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just you wait. And I’ll text her now.” Kaminari wrapped an arm around his neck, and Hitoshi allowed it. He still wasn’t friends with these two idiots-or Monoma, or maybe Midoriya. He had better things to worry about.


But then again, the paper could wait.

Chapter Text

“Oh, Tsuyu!” Sne turned around to see Kaminari flagging her down. “You’re going to the pool, right?”


“Yep. I was hoping to get some training done this morning. Were you going?” She’s already preparing herself for disappointment.


“Nope-just wondering.”


“Oh. Thank you Kaminari.”


“Have fun!” He jogged off to bug Kirishima, and Tsuyu hopped her way over to the school pool. It was currently empty-it was a chilly Sunday afternoon, not exactly prime swimming weather. Which was exactly why she was going. As much as she liked going with the others, sometimes she needed some time by herself to think, and she did her best thinking while swimming.


As she unbundled herself from her towel, the cold air hit her so hard the water was almost warmer. Almost. She did a few laps around the outside to acclimate herself, and then dove under.


Let’s there anything I’m forgetting to do? Homework, check. Make sure Ochako’s cold is getting better, check. Help Ojiro repair the hole in his wall, check. Double-screen Bakugou’s laundry, mend the whole in Iida’s pants again, help Aoyama remount his disco ball, check check check. I’m good.


“Ha...kero kero.” Nothing like swimming to help you unwind.  Especially after a busy weekend helping the people she cared about. Ochako had asked her why she did so much, once. “ You’ll spread yourself too thin.” She’d said.


Her response? “I can’t help myself.” And it was true. Maybe it was growing up with two very busy parents and two equally rambunctious little siblings-it was probably that, actually. She’d grown up quick. She had to.


She didn’t mind mothering, and her classmates probably needed some of it. Part of it was probably how fast she’d latched onto them. She loved Habuko dearly, but she was basically the only friend Tsuyu had growing up. Now, she had more than twenty-which seemed to have put her into overdrive.


She broke through the surface of the water, coughing and gasping for air. He head swiveled around, and she caught a glimpse of Yaoyorozu standing next to a pillar. “Oh, Tsuyu! I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’ll leave now.”


“No, it’s fine. You can come in.” She cracked a wry grin. “I don’t bite. I promise.”


“Oh, thank you. I’m sorry if I interrupted your personal time.”


“I was hoping to have someone to talk too, anyway. And it’s nice to see you taking a break.”


Yaoyorozu slipped under the water, her hair ballooning out like an explosion before falling in dark curtains stuck to her head. “You seem to need one as well. You’ve been awfully busy this last week. Ojiro accidentally knocked out his wall again, and Aoyama detached his disco ball, correct?”


“Yep. I could show you some repair work, if you’d like.”


“That would be lovely!” He face fell, and she sunk back into the water. “Tsuyu? I have a confession to make.”


Tsuyu frowned, and reached out to pat her friend on the shoulder. “Are you okay, Yaomomo?”


“Yes, I’m fine, I just-” She sighed, absentmindedly braiding the wet strands of her hair. “I came to talk to you alone, because I needed some advice.”


That caught her off guard. “People...don’t ask me for personal help that much. I’m usually too brutal.”


“That’s exactly why I wanted to talk to you.”


“Oh. Okay then. What do you need?”


“Well, you see-you know what, this will require some context. Is it alright if I...ramble for a bit?”


“No problem.”


Yaoyorozu sighed and started picking at her nails. “As a young woman, I grew up with my father and mother, but they were often busy running the family’s hero support company. I have no siblings, so often, my only company were the house workers. But I always felt the drive to protect people. So I decided at an early age that I wanted to become a Pro Hero. And lately, it feels like my protectiveness has gotten a little out of hand-I do my best to help my classmates, but I’m worried I’m stifling their growth as heroes and people by doing so.” She looked up at Tsuyu and smiled. “So, I wanted to talk to you, because I saw you were someone else who did her best to help our classmates, and ask for your I hurting the people I care about by trying to take care of them? Is it wrong of me to-”




Yaoyorozu blinked in surprise. “ you believe that?”


“You said it yourself. You want to be a hero, and help people. You’re helping people. And heroes are heroes because they do the right thing.”


Yaoyorozu pried her body out of the fetal position. “Thank you Tsuyu. I needed that.”


Tsuyu smiled. “No problem.”


“I just have one more question. Why do you act so mothering?”


Oh. Tsuyu laid down on her back, floating around the water as her hair ballooned out around her. “I had to be. I take care of people on instinct.”


“I see.” Yaoyorozu pulled herself out of the water and wrapped her towel around her torso. “Thank you for the advice, Tsuyu. I will take it to heart. Enjoy your swim.”


She waved goodbye, Tsuyu returning the gesture and lying back down on the surface, quietly floating across the cool water, letting the quiet surround her.




Momo toweled herself off quietly in the locker room, rolling her friend’s word around in her head. She was still concerned, but her anxiety had settled down. She was surprised Tsuyu wasn’t asked for advice more often. Brutal honesty definitely had it’s benefits.


As she pulled on her blouse, her phone pinged.


Kyoka Jirou: u doin ok


You: Alright. I talked some things out with a friend.


Kyoka Jirou: im hurt girl. u can talk to me.


You: Would you like me to come over? I can help you with the keyboard maintenance.


Kyoka Jirou: sure. C U soon yaomomo


Momo smiled. She’d have to thank Tsuyu again sometime.

Chapter Text

“Alright young listeners, today we’re doing a group exercise.” Present Mic pulled out a box and dropped in twenty slips of paper. “You’ll be split into groups of five-one group will be defending a location, the other assaulting it. The goal is to hold out for fifteen minutes, or capture all of the defenders. Everyone grab one!”


Toru reached into the box, unfolding her paper. Drawn on it was a blue triangle.


“Alright, yellow triangle is attacking green circle, and blue triangle is attacking red circle. Get in your groups, and into position!”


“Blue Triangle, get the hell over here! Let’s kick their asses and get this over with.” Bakugou stick a fist in the air. Toru gulped. Tokoyami and Mineta trudged over, and Aoyama sighed, posing dramatically. “Really? This is what I’ve got to work with. At least there’s Bird Brain.”


“S-So what’s the plan, Bakugou?” Mineta nearly had to sprint to keep up with him.


“The plan is you trap them, then us three blow them to kingdom come.


“Uhh?” Toru raised her hand. “What do I do? I can’t exactly blow them up.”


“Distract them or whatever. And don’t die.”


“Is there a reason you’re leaving me out of this plan?”




The group arrived at the starting location, Bakugou readying his gauntlets as the air horn blew. Immediantly, he charged into the building, cracking the windows. Tokoyami used Dark Shadow to hurl Mineta up to the fire escape, before climbing up himself. Frustrated, Toru slipped off her gloves and ducked into the building.


She had never been happier for her new transparent boots-the floor was covered in broken glass. Probably Bakugou’s doing.


She rushed through the hall, one hand wrapped around the capture tape in her pocket. When she heard someone shout “Look out!”, she twisted around, and Aoyama ran straight into her, knocking the wind out of her and making them both tumble to the ground.


“Mademoiselle Hagakure?” He pushed himself up. “Are you alright?”


“Two for the price of one, huh? Nice.” Kirishima stooped over them and wrapped them up in the capture tape. “Sorry, you two. You’re comin’ with me.” Explosions went off in another part of the building, and he sighed. “I’ll have to make sure Bakugou hasn’t gone too far.” He started dragging them along, Aoyama quietly cursing in French, and Toru letting her head fall against her chest, happy that no one could see how ashamed she was.


When Bakugou charged in, and they officially won twenty minutes later, everyone gave her the cold shoulder.




“So, what’s the plan, kero kero?” Tsuyu vaulted over a piece of debris from another exercise that day as Mashirao trailed behind her. They were on team Yellow Triangle with Ashido, Sero, and Todoroki.


“We attack from all sides. Ashido takes the north, I take the south, Sero east, and you west. Hopefully, we’ll narrow them into a corner.”


Sero leaned back, the bones in his spine crackling. “What if we get captured?”


“Then do what you can to be a nuisance. Oh, hey, we’re here.”


“Todoroki?” Mashirao tapped him on the shoulder. “What do I do?”


Todoroki shrugged. “I don’t know. You weren’t part of the plan.”


“Todoroki…” Tsuyu got that Mom Look on her face.


“Oh. Sorry. I’m just...not sure what to do with you.”


The air horn blasted, and the other four charged into the building, while Mashirao watched, clenching his fists and climbing up the building into the second floor-where he immediately ran into Sato.


Fifteen minutes later, they had captured the building and stood around congratulating themselves on a ‘perfect run’, while Mashirao wriggled in his bindings as he watched from the corner.




Toru leaned against the railing on the roof, watching the older kids milling around on the ground. Togata and some third-year girl with green and purple hair were sparring. He was about to pin her when spiky crystals shot out of her skin like bullets, scratching up his face.


She smiled. Maybe someday that’d be her, pinning the villain to the ground.


She had come up her after the training exercise, to clear her head. She was feeling a lot-sadness, anger, guilt, and a strange hollowness in her gut.


“Hagakure? Are you alright?” She turned around to see Ojiro, looking downtrodden, closing the door.


“I’m fine! Don’t worry!”


“People only ever come up her to sulk.”


She sighed. “Well, I guess you’re down in the dumps, too, then.”


He walked over to stand next to her at the railing, putting a hand on her shoulder. “You can talk, if you want. I mean, I’m not a therapist or anything, but I can still listen.”


“I mean...if you don’t mind.”


“You’re my friend, Hagakure. Of course I don’t.”


“Okay.” She took a deep breath. “Do you ever get the feeling...nobody can see you?”


He looked down it his hands.


“It’s like nobody wants to listen to what I have to say, or let me help when it’s not spying or something, and I know it’s petty and stupid and-”


“I get it.”


“ what?” Her head perked up. Ojiro’s hands were clenched like he was praying in a white-knuckle grip.


“I get it. I know what you’re talking about. How people overlook you, or forget how you can help. It sucks .”


“Yeah...thank you for not making the obvious pun.”


“No problem.” Ojiro grabbed the railing and lept over, sitting on the edge. “So, what’s made this come up?”


“Earlier, in the training exercise, Bakugou said there was nothing I could do. And then I went in, and I tried to help, and I couldn’t do anything except get myself and Aoyama captured. I wanted to help so bad,  but no one told me how to. So I went and got us in trouble. And I know I probably sound stupid and self absorbed, but-”


“No you don’t. Of course you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with feeling insecure. And it’s not your fault Bakugou’s head is so fat up his ass that it’s looped all the way through his digestive tract.”


That made Toru snort with laughter, and pushed up onto the railing next to him.. “So what happened to you then?”


“Kind of the same thing, actually. I didn’t really get the chance to help, and then got captured.”


“Woah. Deja vu.” The stars started to break through the pink and orange sunset, the moon hanging in the sky, bright and almost full. “Guess we gotta stick together then. Have each other’s backs. Deal?” She held up a fist, pulling her sleeve in her fingers so he could see.


“Sure, Hagakure.”


She bit her lip. “You know what? Call me Toru.”


Ojiro blinked in suprirse. “Are you sure? We haven’t known each other that long.”


“I’ve known Mina for less.”


“Alright then, Toru. But you have to call me Mashirao, then.”


She grinned, putting on a playful, coquettish voice. “Okay, Mashi.


He turned cherry red, tail sticking almost straight up. “H-Hey!”


“Hay is for horses, Mashi.”


“Okay that’s it.” He playfully punched at her arm, and she dived away, the two chasing each other around the roll before they collapsed next to each other, staring up at the stars.

Chapter Text



Mei flailed her limbs around in an unsuccessful effort to get out from underneath the pile of scrap. When she finally grabbed the edge of her table and pushed herself up, she surveyed the damage.


Baby number 57-a tracking device designed to lock on to someone’s Quirk Factor. She must have crossed some wires.


She stretched her eyes wide, zooming in to check the circuitry, pulling out the fried wire with a set of needle-nose pliers and grabbing a replacement.


“Are you sure about this, Hatsume?” Her head perked up to see her classmate, Matsuda, watching her across the table. He was a tall, lanky guy, with blue-black hair and a tail like a flexible bee stinger. She’d taken a sample-with anesthesia, she wasn’t an animal-and fed the DNA into the tracker.


“Yep! All set. Take a stop in the bathroom and clean up your face. I’ll activate it in fifteen minutes!”


He sighed in relief, wiping at the spot on his face and trudging out of the room. She grabbed her water bottle and started chugging the iced coffee. It was precisely 2:19 in the morning, and she needed the caffeine.


Alright, here goes! She flicked on the tracker, and the screen displayed two dots-yellow was her current location, green was Matsuda. She hopped up, and was about to leave to chase him down, but she ran into someone on the way out.


Looking up, Mr. Power Loader was frowning at her, Matsuda cowering behind him. “Hatsume. What have I told you? The workshop closes at 9:30.”


“I picked the lock! I needed to test baby fifty seven!”


“And you can do that in the morning. We’re getting you to bed.”


He gently grabbed her forearm, and walked the students back to the 1-H Dormitory.


“Ugh!” Mei flopped down in bed, staring up at a ceiling covered in scorch marks and graph paper covered in plans for future babies. She was able to sit still for all of five seconds before she rolled over, sat down at her desk, and got to work.


It was a commission from a hero course second year who’d been impressed by her display at the sports festival. Her Quirk allowed her to extract water from organic bodies, and then control that water. She was looking for a more compact water bottle to replenish her fluids more easily, and Mei had been happy to help.


She pressed the cylinder down until it crumpled to the size of a hockey puck, then stretched it out again. Tubing inside the walls of the container allowed it to store a full bottle of water even when shrunk. She filled it up in the bathroom sink at started running tests.


She yawned. She’d have to pick up her coffee bottle in the morning. Pulling out her caffein pills, she knocked two back and guzzled the taste away by squirting the water in her mouth.


“Just a few more adjustment...I should finish up by a quarter to three.”


Her phone starting ringing. It was an Unknown Caller.


She hit the green button, and held it to her ear. “Hello?”


“Mai, it’s not working, it’s-Mai! Mei picked up! Hello sweetie! How are you?”


She smiled. “I’m great, Dad. How are you?”


“Oh, the two of us are just wonderful. Here, let me give you to your mother…”


“Mei, can you hear me okay?”


“Loud and clear, Mom!”


“Oh, lovely. The phone you gave us isn’t working, so we had to borrow the Shiota’s, and we were busy all day, so we couldn’t call earlier-”


“Next time I’m over, I’ll take a look at it. Anything else wrong?”


“, I don’t think so. How have you been?”


“Great! I got a commission for a second year!”


“Oh, that’s amazing! We’ll have to celebrate! After you look at the phone, we can take you to the diner!”


Mei chuckled. “That sounds great. Please, get some sleep. I’ll see you soon!”


“Pot calling the kettle black, young lady. Hahaha, see you soon!”




Mei set the phone down and stretched, yawning. Maybe some sleep wouldn’t be so bad. The bottles were finished, and the rest of her stuff had been unfairly locked up. Out of excuses, she flopped down into her bed, and was out before her head hit the pillow.




She was awake as soon as the sun hit her face. She stretched, cracking sore joints in her spine, before grabbing her water bottles and jogging off to the 2-A dormitory.


Her client was excited about the water bottles, and Mei couldn’t help but feel the same way. She had everything she needed at the moment-security, resources, and a stable source of funds. As soon as the payment was in the bank, she could get back to work on her tracker.


She yanked open the door of the workshop and powered on #57. The green dot was still blinking from last night. Zooming out, it was approximately over Matsuda’s dorm room. Yahtzee.


“Oh, you’re here already.” Power Loader was at the door, holding an armful of tools. “Did you sleep last night?”


“Only because you kept me from working on my babies!”


He set the tools down. “Hatsume, you can’t spend every second of your life working, even if you want too.”


“My babies aren’t just my work, Mister Power Loader!” She grabbed a screwdriver from the table and pulled off the back panel. “They’re my passion! I’m not working, I’m doing what I love!”


“You’re doing both. Now c’mon, you need breakfast.”


She shrugged. “I’ll grab something later.”


“This isn’t optional.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her away again. “You need to take care of yourself.”


“But I want to do more!”


“You can’t without this first. No one changed the world on an empty stomach.”






“Fine, fine. Breakfast it is.”

Chapter Text

“Why did I sanction this?” Aizawa sank lower in the bus seat, leaning against the window and trying to sleep.


“Because the kids needed a break, duh .” Present Mic teased, elbowing his friend. “C’mon, it can’t be that bad.”


“Yes it can.”


“Shouta, would it really kill you to loosen up a bit?” Midnight heckled as she flipped through the latest issue of Humans magazine. “You deserve a break, and a good night’s rest. There are more underground heroes than just you in Japan.”


“But not enough.”


She rolled up her magazine and fake smacked him over the head. “So help me God, I will make you relax if I have too.”


“Midnight, please.” All Might sighed, holding his head in his hands. “Not now.”


“Y’know, it’s weird watching them banter.” Uraraka said, looking up from her book. “It almost makes me wonder if they were like that at our age.”


“I wonder if they’ve grown much past that.” Jirou snarked, tossing a ball up and down as she reclined on the seat.


“Woohoo! Party time!” Ashido did a little dance in her seat. “We’re gonna swim, and make sandcastles, and play volleyball!”


“I can work on my tan!” Kaminari grinned. “The ladies won’t know what hit ‘em!”


“You pervert.” Jirou groaned, tossing her ball into his forehead.


“I can’t wait to get some swimming done. I wonder how my Quirk will function in water. Maybe I could propel myself.” Midoriya pulled out his notebook and started scribbling a diagram.


“As long as you don’t break your legs, too. Recovery Girl would be so mad.” Hagakure teased.


“Hey, I haven’t broken anything in months .”


“Does ‘anything’ include the vase three weeks ago?”


“Everyone shut up. ” Aizawa groaned. “We’re here.”


The self-driving bus pulled up to three cabins on the front of a beach. They had the entire shoreline to themselves for a mile in either direction.


“Alright-on the left is the boys rooms, girls on the right. The four of us are in the middle. Claim your beds, then do whatever. Just don’t kill anyone.”


The kids looked at each other and grinned, before speeding into the cabin. Bags were flung haphazardly onto beds, ripped open and disemboweled. Not five minutes later, Sato jumped into the water, classmate’s hot on his heels. “CANNONBALL!”


The combined splash nearly reached the teachers, who were watching a few feet back from the shoreline. Midnight had also changed into her bathing suit, an indigo bikini that covered more than they expected. She owned one far more revealing, but made the wise decision not to pack it on a trip with a bunch of teenagers.


Nearby, Kaminari unfurled a towel and plopped down on the sand, holding his arms up with a book to shield his face.


“You aren’t going to swim, Young Kaminari?” Asked All Might.


He shrugged. “Water and I don’t exactly mix well.”


“Ah. What are you reading?”


Kaminari tilted the book, the title reflecting in the light. “ The Complete Works of Langston Hughes.


Present Mic leaned forward. “I didn’t know you liked poetry.”


“I got it from my mom.” He leaned back down on his towel. “Let’s see, where was I- Wha!


Ashido has scooped him up in her arms, and was dragging him out towards the shore. “No buts! You’re swimming!” She tossed him into the water, and he paddled to the surface, hacking up seawater.


“Screw you.” He pouted cartoonishly, then swam away to bother Jirou.


All Might chuckled and walked over to grab Kaminari’s book. He’d hold onto it while his student was in the water.


“Midoriya! Please slow down!” Iida chopped at the water and was splashed in the face for his troubles. Midoriya was swimming back and forth so fast it was messing with the waves. “You might disrupt local wildlife, or hurt someone in the splash radius!”


“I might?” He screeched to a halt. “Oh, gosh, sorry, I wasn’t trying to-”


“Just control your speed and you should be fine. Trust me, I’ve been there.”


Midoriya nodded, and went back to swimming, a little less fiercely this time.


“Hey, everybody!” Hagakure pushed the stake into the sand while Yaoyorozu fastened the net. “Who’s up for beach volleyball?”


“Ooh! Me!” Ashido clambered out of the water and grabbed the ball, getting dusted with a fine layer of sand in the process.


“Ooh, this is gonna be good.” Mineta rubbed his hands together, and got socked in the back of the head by Jirou, who climbed out of the water and joined the game. Eventually, everyone got dragged up to join in, and they were about to start when Uraraka, who was serving, got tapped on the shoulder.


Present Mic smiled. “You listeners mind if Nemuri and I join in?”


“I...don’t think so?”


“Wonderful.” Midnight squared up on the other side of the net, Uraraka tossed the ball in the air, and the game was on.


All Might chuckled. “This Hughes fellow was talented.” He saw the group playing, and smiled. “Hmm, are you scared Bakugou will blow something up?”


Aizawa groaned. “I just. Want. To sleep. Is that too much to ask for on vacation, for God’s sake?”


“You agreed to chaperone, didn’t you?”


“Nezu thinks it’s an opportunity to practice social skills.”




“Mineta, how did you miss that?” Uraraka leaned over him as she picked up the ball.


In response, he pointed at Midnight. “You are insufferable.”




“Phew!” Sato flopped down on his bunk in the barrack. “That was awesome.”


“Indeed.” Tokoyami pulled out his book-a collection of HP Lovecraft stories. “We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves, as well as the people.”


“Todoroki?” Sero leaned down towards the bunk underneath his, where Todoroki was thousand-yard staring at the ceiling. “You okay, man?”


“I’m just surprised.”


“About what?”


“That was...more pleasant than anticipated.”


“Wait. You’ve never been to the ocean before?”


“There was never any time.”


Thirteen jaws hit the floor.


Meanwhile, in the girls room. Ashido grinning like a cat that had cornered a mouse. “Ocha. Truth or dare?”




“I dare you to walk into the other room and kiss Midoriya on the cheek.”


She spluttered and turned pinker than her hero costume, floating up to the ceiling.”


“Ashido, please!” Yaoyorozu frowned. “Something less...potentially inflammatory.”


“Fine, sure. I dare you a cartwheel in zero gravity.”


Uraraka rolled over in the air, limbs jerking as the adrenaline flushed out of her system.


“Alright, everyone. Bedtime.” Aizawa shouted from down the hall.


“Yes, Mr. Aizawa.”


He collapsed down in his bed, and had almost fallen asleep when Midnight started giggling. “Can’t wait for tomorrow.”



Chapter Text

A Novice Teacher’s Handbook-by All Might Toshinori Yagi.



Hello. Nice to meet you Thank you for picking up this book. It’s wonderful to know other people are entering the teaching profession career, and I’m honored to have a place in your development as an educator. For those of you who don’t know me, I am All Might, the former Symbol of Peace Toshinori Yagi, an educator at UA an esteemed high school-although how I ended up here is kind of embarrassing. I didn’t get this job through a lot of experience, I got it because I needed a way to save face and continue doing heroics connections I had to staff members-I had never had a teaching job before I was thrown into the deep end, and it’s given me a bizarre strange unique perspective on my career. I’ve been guided every step of the way by my incredible students and supportive colleagues, and now I’m writing this to help others interested in the job learn about it’s ups and downs. Obviously, you’re reading this, after all. Also, as my experience is an atypical one, I’ve asked some of my coworkers to comment and provide their own experiences. Together, I hope we can provide you with a better understanding of a very challenging and fulfilling career.


Chapter 1: Understanding Your Students.

I’m starting here because it’s what I struggle with most it’s probably the most important part of the job. As a teacher, your students are the most important part of the job. You’re there to help them better themselves and achieve their goals.


For starters, pay attention to them during class, especially if they’re doing work on their own. Everyone learns differently, and adapting so all of your students can get the most out of lessons is essential. Some of my students are visual learners, others do best with collaborative efforts. I try to give my students different ways to approach each lesson, but you may not have enough resources to do something similar. There are other ways to adapt your lesson to different learning styles, though.


  • Allow students to work in groups or by themselves on projects.
  • If students need a break to clear their head, try to let them have one.
  • Avoid making assignments seem like busywork-encourage students to think about the practical application of what they’re learning.



Of course, how you help your student will be tailored to your classroom, and your students various quirks eccentricities strengths and weaknesses. Another important thing to remember is that there is no one right or wrong way to teach. All teachers do what they can to help their students, and naturally, how they do that is going to depend on the individual. Everything you read in this book-or any book on teaching (or any other job, for that matter) is subjective not necessarily a great solution, depending on the student, or the school you work at. For example, some students may prefer to work on their own, but the development of teamwork and social skills is important in the world we live in, so it can be good to challenge students and encourage them to try new things. The point of school is to gain new experience, especially in places you might be lacking. I always do my best to encourage my students to go beyond push their limits expand outside their comfort zones and try new things. Though some are more stubborn than others.


A while ago, I was talking to a colleague of mine, who’s known for pushing his students hard. His explanation was sound- the line of work they’ve chosen the world doesn’t pull its punches, and they need to be prepared for struggles and disappointment. You don’t have to push your students to extreme degrees to help them to succeed in life, but encouraging them to do there best, hokey as it may be, is a good idea.


If you have difficulty getting in your student’s heads, consider talking to other teachers who’ve worked with them, or the school counselor. They’ll want to help you if your new-believe me, I know.


Chapter 2: Assignment Weight

What do I mean by that, exactly? Well, in simple terms, it’s how much weight you give any given assignment. It’s important to balance this right, so your students feel like your class is fair. Here’s an example:


60% Homework

30% Quizzes/Tests

10% Semester Final


This is the one I use, except classwork instead of homework. The balance you find will probably be based on what is is that your teaching, and how you teach it. If you have fewer tests, then you’ll probably want to give them more weight. Or maybe the final has more importance to your subject. Whatever works for you and your classroom.



“Wow, All Might.” Midoriya closed the lid of the laptop, smiling. “I didn’t know you were such a great writer.”


“I was top of my English class when I attended UA. It remains one of my proudest achievement.” Toshinori smiled and gently placed the laptop in his bag. “Anything else to say, kid?”


“I...don’t think so. I’m just impressed, is all.”


“Wonderful.” He hacked into his tissue before rising to his feet. “I’ll probably be working on it for a while. I still have a lot to learn about being a teacher myself.”


Midoriya also scooped up his backpack “You like this new job a lot, don’t you?”


“I do. I miss being able to charge into the battlefield fists first. But it’s just as rewarding to watch my students grow into their own Heroes.”


“Gosh. I’m not even sure where to start after I get out of school.”


Toshinori gave his successor a pat on the head, and it looked like he was about to tear himself to pieces by squealing. “You’ll do just fine, my boy. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Your grades speak for themself.”


He gripped the strap of his backpack tighter. “I have to keep working towards my dream. I don’t want to let you, or anybody else, down.”


“You’ve already impressed me, young man. Don’t worry about that. Just focus on being the best hero you can be.”


“Thank you, All Might. See you tomorrow!” He ran off.


“There is something going on between you two, isn’t there?”


He whipped around, and came face to face with Aizawa. “When did you get here? And why do you care?”


“I have my ways.” He shrugged his shoulder. “Nezu wants to talk to you. Something about the League.”


Toshinori sighed, and followed his colleague to the principal’s office. This was one part of the job he could do without.

Chapter Text

“Ugh.” Denki quietly groaned to himself. He lowered his head into his arms on the desk, tugging at his sleeves with a white knuckle grip. A freak thunderstorm was rolling into the city-and coursing through his body. Everything just felt so much . He couldn’t think straight-well, even more than usual, and he was counting the seconds until he could dash out of the room, get to somewhere open, and let out the excess electricity.


As the bell rang, he scooped up his stuff and was about to take off at top speed, when the intercom buzzed, and Nezu’s voice shot through the building and into his ears, making him flinch. “ Students, due to the incoming weather reports, all after school activities are cancelled, and students are to report immediately to the dorms for safety purposes. I kindly ask you to find something to do with your time that doesn’t involve electricity, to avoid lightning striking the school generator. Thank you, and have a good evening!” Bzzzzzt




Denki let himself be pulled along by the shuffle of his classmates toward the dorm, digging one hand into his pocket and using the other to send small shocks into his bag, at a voltage that wouldn’t  make it spontaneously combust. As soon as he reached the dorms, he dashed up to the stairs and grabbed a rubber stress ball, letting out a jolt that left stingy, prickly pain in his hands and fingers.


He could hear his classmates chatting downstairs, and was tempted to poke his head out and listen, when someone knocked at his door. “...Come in.”


Ojiro pushes the door open quietly. “Oh. Do you need help with anything, man?”


He shook his head. “I was just wondering...are you doing alright?”


“Yeah! Sure! I’ll be downstairs in a minute. Just taking a break.”


Ojiro cocked his head, then nodded slowly and gently closed the door.


Immediately, thunder rolled outside, an spams shot through Denki’s body, knocking the stress ball out of his hands. A plan started swirling in his head, and before he could think, he was pushing open his door room window and shimmying down the side of the building. As soon as his feet hit solid ground, he ran off into the storm, getting as far away as he could from his friends.




“Woohoo! Board game night!” Mina pumped her fists in the air. “Party time!”


The students of Class 1-A were scattered around the common area, almost all in their pajamas. Battery powered candles, courtesy of Yamomo, perched on every service-Tokoyami and Hanta had even suspended some with fishing line. And crammed in one corner was a truly monumental stack of board games. They were not short on options, and Kirishima was currently trying to maneuver Sorry out from the middle Jenga style. It ended with the whole pile collapsing on his face, and Bakugou laughing his ass off.


“Uraraka, I really don’t know about this.”


“Iida! Pajamas! Now!” Ochako shoved her friend toward the doorway. “It’s a rule with these things!”


“Very well.” He climbed up the stairs, clearly embarrassed. “I’ll be back in a minute. Bakugou, please don’t blow anything up.”


“No promises, Glasses.”




Jirou leaned forward on her kitchen stool. “Who the hell’s knocking at thi-”


She was shoved out of the way by Midoriya. “Oh, that must be him!”


Mina and the rest of the class crowded around the door, and Midoriya pulled it open to reveal Shinsou, leaning against the door frame. “Surprise, I guess.”


“Shinsou!” Mina wrapped her arms around him. “It’s great to see you!”


“Uh, thanks. Please let go.”


“Oh, sorry.” She dropped him, and backed off.


“Where’s Kaminari? He usually attacks me whenever I show up, too.”


Hanta hung his head. “It’s just a hug, man. And Denki’, I haven’t seen him all afternoon.”


Ojiro raised his hand. “I saw him in his room about ten minutes ago. He was acting weird pretty much all day, too.”


“Kaminari’s not with you?” The group swiveled to see Iida, now in his pajamas, standing on top of the stairs. “I checked his room when I realized he hadn’t come downstairs, but he didn’t answer. I assumed he slipped past me.”


“Did you check the bathrooms?” Asked Tsuyu.


Iida nodded. “It’s as if he’s vanished into thin air.”


Toru’s arms dropped. “So, if he’s not down here, and he’s not upstairs…”


“He’s outside.” Midoriya and Yaomomo spoke in unison.


“Occam’s Razor.” Muttered Todoroki-though he was mostly drowned out by angry, nervous shouts. Someone loudly cleared their throat, and everyone else shut up.


They turned to Tokoyami, who had quietly raised his hand. “I didn’t know if this would be relevant, but it seems so.” He leaned against the wall, staring at the floor. “When I was a young man, an acquaintance of mine had a Quirk similar to Kaminari’s. In turbulent weather such as this, she could become overcharged, and needed to deal with the excess electricity by discharging it in an open area.”


Mina’s brain swirled with confusion, and then everything clicked into place. Before she knew what she was doing, she had grabbed her raincoat and was opening the front door. Hanta got the message, and was close on her heels. Kirishima and Bakugou shoved their arms into coat sleeves-Bakugou grumbling about ‘damn Sparky forgetting how basic fucking communication works’ the whole time-and the four were about to plunge into the rain, when someone grabbed her arm.


Iida was frowning at her. “This isn’t a good idea. The teachers told us to stay inside for a reason.”


Mina frowned, and pulled her arm out of his grip. “What if Midoriya or Uraraka was out there? You’d save them, wouldn’t you?”


“I…”. He hung his head. “I probably would, yes.”


With that cue, the rest of the class grabbed raincoats and jackets, broke off into group of two or three, and plunged into the storm, shouting Denki’s name at the top of their lungs.




Mashirao and Toru peeled of from the others, moving past the rest of the fist year dorms. “Kaminari!” She shouted. “Please, shout if you can hear me! Kaminari!”


“He might not be able to hear you.” Mashi shook his head. “You don’t think about it, but electricity is freaking scary. I just hope he’s okay.”


“Me too…” Toru brought her arm up, shielding her face from the pounding rain. Thunder rumbled in the distance. “Should we check in the main building? He might have left to see Recovery Girl?”


“Who left to see Recovery Girl? And why are you out and about?” The two turned around, and came face to face with Ectoplasm.


The two looked at each other, before Toru cleared her throat. “Mr.’s about Kaminari.”




“Denki! C’mon, Denki, where are you?” Mina cupped a hand around her mouth, vision getting blurry as water rolled down her cheeks.


Kirishima was right beside her, using a flashlight Yaoyorozu has made to peer through the weather. “Kaminari! Kaminari, hello! Where are you?”


“Oi, Tempura Brain! This isn’t fucking funny!”


“Dude, I don’t think that’s very helpful.”


“Shut up, Soy Sauce.”


Lightning struck the top of one of the third-year dormitories, followed by a boom of thunder. They picked up the pace.


Mina took the flashlight from Kirishima, pointing it in all directions. And then, down a nearby slope, she saw what looked like a figure.


“Guys!” She shouted, before taking off down the slope. Just as she approached the shape on the ground, it flinched, and ripples of glowing electricity shot into the sky.


She leaned down, after the trembles and shocks subsided. Denki tilted his head, and looked up at her.


“M-Mina.” He choked out. “H-hurts.”


“I know, I know Denki. Just hang tight. We’ll get some help.” She pointed her flashlight in the sky, turned up the brightness as far as it could go, and started clicking. On-on-on, off-off-off, on-on-on. S-O-S. She’d never been more thankful for Present Mic’s Morse code lessons.


For two agonizing minutes, the group stood there in the pouring rain, Denki’s shivering, sparking form behind them. Then, Yaomomo and Jirou ran down the hillside, Midnight in tow. As soon as their teacher looked over the situation, she nodded, loosened her coat, and spoke to Mina in a grave tone. “You kids group back up and get back to your dorm. I’ll be over with him in a minute.”


The group nodded in unison, then marched back toward the dorm, Yaomomo making calls to the other search parties on her cell phone. For a moment, Mina stopped, turned around, and watched the cupcake and rose scented pink mist rise from below the hill.


Denki would be fine. Of course he would.




After he smelled the brownie and honey scent that tickled his nose, everything faded to fuzzy black. When he came too, there was soft, and it was warm.


Denki cracked his eyes open, watching his classmates rustle around. He felt someone pull the blanket up over his shoulders, and pulled away on instinct. The storm might still be going.


“Oh, he’s awake!” The others sat down on the other couches, and he reluctantly sat up, holding the blanket up near his shoulders.


“Umm...hi guys.”


Instantly, the room exploded, and he looked down at his lap. Of course you made things worse, idiot. Why can’t you stop and think for five fucking seconds before you do anything, one of these days you’re going to get someone hurt, you bas-


“You okay, man?” He looked to his right to see Jirou next to him on the couch. “Just breath, Kaminari. You’re gonna be okay.”


The room quieted down as Denki focused on pulling in deep breaths. He was usually able to ignore the stupid little voice in the back of his head, but something about tonight was getting to him.


Yaomomo passed him a yellow and black stress ball. “Here. Designed to take over two billion volts. If you ever need to discharge during a storm again, it should do the job just fine.”


“T-thanks, Yaomomo.” He paused, squeezing the ball. “S-sorry I ran off l-like that. I sh-should have t-told you guys, or s-something.”


“Yes, you should have.” Aizawa was leaning against the wall nearby. “You ever try something like that again without teacher permission, you’re in deep trouble.”


“Yes, sir.”


“With that said, Recovery Girl looked you over while you were out. I’m...not mad you’re okay. As for the rest of you, I wish you’d contacted us before you went on your little excursion. Nezu called a curfew for a reason.” He nodded toward the door. “I have to go work now. Get some sleep, you have a busy day tomorrow.”


As soon as the front door shut, Denki slouched back over. The little mean guy was talking his ear off again. Then, Mina put a gentle hand on his shoulder. “It’s gonna be fine, Denki.”


“You’re not gonna get hurt here. Not while I’m around.” Mineta grinned and pointed at his chest.


“T-thanks, guys. I think I’m gonna take another nap now.”

Bakugou scoffed and made some kind of rude comment, but he didn’t really pay attention as he laid down on the couch and slipped back into unconsciousness. He would deal with tomorrow when it came. For now, he needed some sleep. Discharging that much was not fun.

Chapter Text

“Who the hell got a cat?” Bakugou shouted.


Todoroki leaned down and gently stroked the cat between the ears. “I found him while I was walking.”


“Her name is Mocha.” Koda signed, Jirou translating.


“I swear to FUCKING god.” Bakugou buried his face in his hands, and stormed out of the room.


“What’s his problem this time?” Tsuyu cocked her head to the side. “This seems like a really random thing to freak out about.”


Midoriya raised his hand. “Erm..Kacchan’s allergic to cats.”


“Oh. That makes sense.”


“If I may.” Said Iida. “I’m not sure we’re equipped to take care of Mocha, and he-”




“Thank you, Koda, she might have an owner somewhere.”


Jirou wrinkled her forehead. “How does a civilian’s pet cat randomly make it onto UA ground?”


Mocha rubbed against Todoroki’s left arm. “Very quietly.” He said.


Yaoyorozu sighed, created two cat bowls from her torso, filled one in the sink, and held her hand over the other. Kernels of cat food fell out of her palm. “She can stay here for now, but if we find her owner, we’ll return her.” Mocha dived into the bowl of food.


Bakugou rolled his eyes and sighed-which turned into a very undignified sneeze. “Fine, whatever Ponytail. Just leave me out of this.” He trudged up to his dorm room, sneezing all the while.


“She seems to like you, Todoroki.” Tsuyu leaned down next to him. “I wonder why.”


“It’s probably because he’s warm.”


“Ahh. She wouldn’t like me then. I’m too cold blooded.”


“I don’t know, Asui.” Todoroki smiled- smiled -a little bit as Mocha hopped onto Tsuyu’s lap, curling up and dozing off. “It seems you’ll get along all right.”




There were no other allergies or major complaints about keeping Mocha for the time being. Yaoyorozu could create a supply of food and toys as long as they needed, and missing posters emblazoned with Iida’s cell phone number were printed and shipped off to relatives in the city, with polite requests to hang them up around town.


Mocha seemed pretty apathetic about the whole thing, usually just sitting in the corner, watching with big green eyes as the teenagers went about their business. She spent most of her time with the quieter members of the class-especially Koda, for obvious reasons. The two of them were sitting in the corner one afternoon, talking about something or other, when Shinsou stuck his head in the room.


“Is that a cat?”


“Her name is Mocha.” Koda signed. Jirou-who was playing Solitaire at the kitchen table-was about to translate, but Shinsou nodded.


“She’s beautiful. Would she mind if I pet her?”


Koda turned to Mocha. “Would you be alright with you if Shinsou pet you?” Mocha meowed a response, and Shinsou got a thumbs up.


He knelt down next to her, running slender fingers over the thick, coffee brown fur of her back. She leaned into the touch, nuzzling up against his leg.


“She really likes you.”


“I have a way with cats. Loved them since I was young.”


“I’m not much of a cat person, but Mocha is wonderful.”


“Indeed she is.”


Todoroki’s head poked into the room. “Is something going on.”


“I’m introducing Shinsou to Mocha.”


“Ah. Does she like you alright?”


Mocha seemed to be tackling Shinsou-or at least, she was trying too. “You tell me.”


“...It seems like it.”


“Did you find anything on her?” Asked Jirou.


“According to Iida, nobody’s called. So she’s either not from Musutafu, or her owner’s a shut it.”


“I’d say it’s about twenty-five to seventy-five odds on that.” Chimed Shinsou. “How does a cat from another city end up on the streets. If she was staying with someone besides her owner, they’d watch her like a hawk.”


Jirou’s head poked up. “Fair point. You recognize her?”


Shinsou leaned down and scrunched up his forehead. “Maybe? It’s vague, but I do kind of feel like I’ve seen her before somewhere.”


Todoroki ran a warm hand down Mocha's back. “If you think of it, let us know. We don’t want her owner to worry.”


“I’ll be in touch.” He stood up and stretch. “And I’ll be in Ojiro’s room if anyone needs me. The two of us need to talk some stuff out.”


“Sports Festival?”


“Sports Festival.”


With that, Shinsou, pounded up the stairs to Ojiro’s room, Mocha returning to her place in Koda’s lap.




Two days later, while trying to get to sleep, Shinsou’s thoughts returned to the cat. Dark brown, green eyes, social, but not too much, really more of a hickory color but Yamada liked and I need caffeine…


He shot up in bed so fast he was a blur. “ Goddamnit .”




It happened at dinner soon after Shinsou’s visit. The students were eating chicken and vegetable wraps and working on their math homework, Mocha quietly nibbling at her food. Then, somebody pounded on the front door.


Uraraka popped up in her seat. “I’ll get it!” And opened the door. Aizawa brushed past her and leaned down in the kitchen, making a quiet whistling sound. Mocha’s head perked up, and she walked over to their teacher’s waiting arms. He gently picked her up, and she rubbed her face against his stubbly chin. “You kids mind telling my why you have my cat?”


Silence descended over the room. Todoroki raised his hand, staring at his lap.




“It was me, sir. I found her wandering just outside campus and assumed she was missing, or a stray. We didn’t mean to make you worried.”


Aizawa rolled his eyes and pushed his hair out of his face with his free hand. “And you didn’t tell me because?”


“We thought you’d take her to a pet shop or something. And she was really cute.” Midoriya replied.


“Well, at least you have good taste in pets. Shinsou told me about her being here yesterday. You’re lucky he did. I was going to ransack every dorm from top to bottom.”




His gaze was dagger-like. “Seriously. I...appreciate you taking care of her, though. Maybe she’ll be around to visit sometime. Get to sleep promptly.”


“Yes, Mister Aizawa.” The students chorused. Their teacher left, quieter this time, gently cradling the kitty in his arms.


Hagakure snorted. “Well, that was weird.”


“Finally.” Bakugou muttered. “I can stop sneezing every fucking time I leave my room.”

Chapter Text

Itsuka reaches out with a gigantified hand and yanked her friend out of the road. “What the hell were you doing? You could have gotten killed!”


Monoma was giggling deliriously. “I’ve finally done it! I’ve planned the perfect way to overthrow Class 1-A, one and for all! Mwahahahahahaha!


Oh, brother. Itsuka stuck the fist clenched around Monoma out in front of her, parting the way, and marched back towards the school. They were just doing a simple grocery run-what did she do wrong?


Tetsutetsu-who was carrying the groceries-finally caught up to them. “What the hell? Is he okay?”


“It’s a 1-A Episode. He’ll be fine. I think.”




“Jeez...this is a little over the top, even for him.” Tetsutetsu frowned. “Are you sure we shouldn’t take him to the doctor?”


“At this point, I’m considering it. I had to pull him out of the road”


What the fuck?


“My thoughts exactly.”


They arrived at UA, and made a beeline for the 1-B dormitory. Tetsu moved in between Monoma’s field of view and the 1-A dorm while they passed it, just to be safe. As soon as they stepped inside, Monoma shut up, and fell to the floor, winded.


Kendo shrunk down her hand and winched as the bones pinched, gently rubbing her palm with the opposite thump. Someone tapped her on the shoulder, and she turned sharply.


“Okay?” Asked Yui.


“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” She pointed a thumb at Monoma. “It’s him you should be worried about.”


“Alright.” She quietly walked up the stairs to her room, and flopped down on the bed. As much as she cared about Monoma, he could get on your nerves without even trying in the span of about thirty seconds when 1-A was involved. She buried her face in her pillow and sighed to herself. Just then, someone knocked at her door.


It was Shoda, twiddling his thumbs. “Um, Kendo?” He asked. “I was wondering if you could help me with something.


“Sure! What’s up?” She replied.


“I was working on the math homework with Tsunotori, and we heard something hit the ceiling. Could you check with us?”


“No problem.” She followed Shoda to his room, and found Tsunotori sitting on the floor, shaking slightly.


“I think there’s something in the vents.” She said. “I think it might be a raccoon.”


Itsuka expanded her hand and gently pulled off the grate. “Give me a boost?”


Her classmates obliged, lifting her up so she could look around with the flashlight on her phone. “Nothing looks out of the ordinary. Maybe it’s somewhere else in the vents?”




“I think that was Rin!”


The three ran up another flight of stairs and busted into Rin’s dormitory. He was standing on his desk. “Sp-sp-spider.”


“You’re afraid of spiders?” Giggled Tsunotori.


“Yes, okay! I’m afraid of spiders. Now will you help me kill it? It’s under the bed.”


“No problem.” Itsuka said, bending down to inspect. When she found the spider, she gently scooped it up in her hand, walked out onto the balcony, and let him go. “There we are. Perfect.”


“Thanks, Kendo.” Rin smiled and stepped off the furniture. “Promise you won’t tell anyone? Tokage’d torture me forever.”


“Your secret is safe with me.” She said. “Anything else you need help with?”


“Uuh…” His eyes darted around the room. “Can’t think of anything.” He started bouncing his leg. “I think I’ll just take a nap. Gonna get back to your homework?”


“Yep. See you, Rin.” She waved and made the trek back to her room, reclining on her bed and chipping away at the English assignment on her laptop. Bless Present Mic’s cheery attitude, but curse his deadlines.


She got a good, solid half-hour of work in, before she was interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Yanagi, head tilted ever so slightly. “I was curious if you were presently capable of assisting me with a particular task.” She said.


“Depends on the task, I guess. I suck a cello.” Itsuka quipped.


The corner of Yanagi’s lip turned up. “I was practicing with my Quirk, and inadvertently made a hole in the wall.”


“Now that I can help you with. Trust me, I’ve been there.”


Itsuka spent the next half hour coming up with a temporary solution to the wall problem, and calling Yaoyorozu to have materials delivered to fix it. Five minutes later, her friend showed up at the door with a spatula and a tin of plaster. “If you don’t mind my asking, why are you having a party?”


“Party?” Itsuka turned around. Yanagi shrugged, but she shrank back into her hair. She always did that when she was nervous. She set down the materials. “I’ll be right back.” She said. She gently pushed past Yaoyorozu, took the stairs two at a time, and perked around the corner to spot Shishida directing her classmates to set up what looked like a birthday party. But there weren’t any birthdays for another two weeks…


“Come on, hurry up! That wall will only distract her so long!” Shishida barked, balancing on a stool to hang a banner.


“Guys? What’s going on?”


Eighteen sets of eyes swiveled her way. “Err...Kendo.” Kaibara scratched the back of his head. “We...made you a party?”


Her eyes looked around the festivities-her vision was getting a little blurry. “This...this is for me?


“Tetsu and Shishido thought it up.” Said Tsubaraba. “You like it?”


“You guys really didn’t need to do this.” She said, voice quivering. “Why did you even-”


“We wanted to show how much we appreciate you.” Said Monoma, who was sitting on the couch. “This is the least we could do.”


“Oh...oh, you big doofuses. The whole lot of you.” She grinned. “Well, what are we waiting for? You made this party. Let’s enjoy it!”


“Umm. I supposed I should go now.” Yaoyorozu’s face popped around the stairs.


Class 1-A? Tonight? How DARE they!”


“That might be the best idea. Tell the others we said hi.”


Yaoyorozu nodded and quietly left, while Tetsutetsu bopped Monoma on the head.


Kendo popped one of Shiozaki’s homemade sugar cookies in her mouth, and the party was underway. How was she going to repay them?

Chapter Text

“Hey, kids!” Present Mic stuck his head inside the dorm’s common room. Everyone was there, save for Bakugou and Todoroki, who were doing their usual angsty thing, and Sato, who was baking cookies in the kitchen. “We’ve got a visitor today!”


Sero leaned over the back of the couch. “Who is it?”


“Nobody special.” A familiar looking guy with dark blue hair came into the room in a wheelchair. “Nice to meet you everyone! I’m Tensei Iida-Tenya’s older brother.”


Iida-Tenya Iida-immediately ran up to his brother and hugged him. “It’s wonderful to see you! But...”


“Why am I here exactly? Well, lately, I’ve had a lot more free time, so I decided to take a look around the old stomping ground. Gotta say, it’s changed less than I thought.”


“Still lots of annoying kids in the hall, though.” Grumbled Aizawa from outside.


“C’mon, Shouta, don’t be so down!” Chastised Midnight, dragging him into the room. “Today is supposed to be fun!”


“Then why’s we have this little get together? I just want to take a nap.”


“Then take a nap! I’m sure the kids won’t mind!”


Present Mic and Aizawa quickly devolved into bickering, while Midnight shook her head. “Know what else hasn’t changed?”


“I can guess, Nemuri.”


Uraraka leaned over to mumble in Shoji’s ear. “What’s going on?”


“I’m not entirely sure.” He replied.


“Oh, we were friends in high school.” Said Midnight, playfully punching Present Mic in the shoulder.


Tenya blinked in surprise. Twice. “Why has this never come up before?”


“I’ve been busy! And you never asked.”


His jaw hit the floor.


“Tensei, I think you broke him.” Aizawa rolled his eyes. “And he actually wasn’t annoying.”


“Up to your old tricks again, eh, Troublemaker?”


“Huh..buh..what the…” Tenya looked like he was going to pass out. “T-Troublemaker? Brother, they can’t be serious.”


“Oh, they are.” Aizawa grumbled. “The nonsense you three put me through…I get exhausted just thinking about it.”


“Gather round, little listeners.” Present Mic flopped down on the couch. “I’d like to spin you a ditty about us when we were your age. And Iida, you doing all right?”


Iida was staring blankly ahead, expression somewhere between shocked and mildly constipated. “I’ll be fine, I’m sure.”


“Very well! Now, this particular episode happened when we were bright eyed first years, like yourselves...




Hizashi shot like a bullet through the halls of the school, bumping into teachers and older students. He was racing towards a small patch of gravel in the tiny gardens behind the building. While rounding a corner, he crashed into someone at top speed.


“Ugh.” He grunted, rubbing his head and resituating his glasses on the bridge of his nose. Looking up through the tinted framed, he watched a girl his age with a rat’s nest of black hair and bright blue eyes gather her books. “Oh, hey Kayama. I was hoping I’d run across you.”


Kayama rolled her eyes and helped him up with a hand. “C’mon. Aizawa and Iida are already at the spot.”


The two walked the rest of the way there, avoiding a collision with someone less forgiving, before finally arriving at a small grove that had been decorated over the months with bean bag chairs and a makeshift scarecrow wearing one of their gym uniforms. No one had admitted to putting it up, and no one else had ever asked.


Aizawa was already lying on his back, eyes closed, face looking even more pale than usual. Kayama got a devilish look on her face, grabbed a substantially large stick, and swung it down hard towards Aizawa’s most sensitive area.


His foot moved up, like a puppet on a string, and caught the branch mid-arc. “You try that again, you’re dead.” He grumbled, before shifting on his side.


“What did I miss?” Asked Iida as he walked up the path.


“Nothin’ much.” Hizashi shrugged. “I’m not the one who called us here.”


“I had an idea. ” Said Kayama. She reached into her school bag and pulled out a bunch of paint brushes and acrylic paints.


Aizawa pushes off the ground and sat up. “What are those for exactly?”


“Since the scarecrow doesn’t have a face yet, I figured we should draw him one!”


“Well, we need something to paint it on first.” Said Iida. It was true-the scarecrow was just the gym uniform and some wooden stakes.


Hizashi looked around for a suitably large piece of bark, when he spotted something shiny and red in the forest. “Yo, look!” He grabbed it off the ground-it was an old discarded frisbee. “This would be perfect!”


Aizawa snatched it out of his hands, broke off part of the branch that had almost emasculated him earlier, and wedged it into the back of the frisbee. He used that, and a length of the weird bandage thing his tutor had given him, to tie the frisbee to the front of the scarecrow. “There. Do you have anything to put the paints on?”


“My oh my.” Kayama giggled. “Is Aizawa actually participating?”


“Shut up.”


Kayama grabbed some pieces of bark to use as pallets, and the four teenagers painted the scarecrow a face. It was lopsided, with a buck-toothed mouth and stringy teal hair, but it was better than no face at all.


Hizashi stepped back to admire their work, when he got an idea. Bending down, he dipped his brush into the yellow and signed his name on the scarecrow’s main pole in the neatest kanji he could make. “Nice.” He said to himself.


“Whatcha doin’?” Asked Kayama, leaning down. Her eyes scanned the message, the painted her own name on the pole in indigo. Iida followed shortly after with a blue as dark as his hair, and Aizawa was last with red.


“Great. Now if anyone finds this place, they’ll know we’re responsible for this monstrosity.”


“Don’t say that!” Hizashi mimed coveting the scarecrow’s ears. “You’ll hurt his feelings!”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever…”


Iida looked down at his phone as it beeped. “Oh, I gotta go.”


“What’s wrong? You’re dad dosen’t usually pick you up until-”


“Tenya fell down the stairs. They think he’s got his Quirk.”


“Oh. Oh.


“See you tomorrow!” Iida revved his engines and dashed off towards the front entrance.


“Well...that was unexpected.”




“After that, we all just kind of disbanded. It was a weird afternoon.” Finished Aizawa.


The kids attention was firmly on the younger Iida at this point. He seemed to be in very deep though. “I’m...still surprised you never brought this up. I don’t remember falling down the stairs.”


“Your engines had just grown in. You activated them without meaning too.”


“Hmm. I always did have trouble controlling through changes in altitude.” He chuckled. “Do you suppose the scarecrow’s still there?”


“Who knows?” Midnight shrugged. “I haven’t gone looking for it. It should be in the patch of woods across from the dormitories if it’s still there, though.”


“I see.”


“Now, I heard you kids have board games?” Tensei cracked his knuckles. “I oughta tell you, I’m a beast at Scrabble.”


What the hell is going on down here ?”




The day after his brother’s visit, Tenya was trekking through the dense patch of garden, following a trail of gravel that was long overgrown with moss and lichens. The trees lining it were in full bloom, pastel petals raining down gently. It looked like something out of a storybook.


He pushed a tree branch out of the way, and stepped into a grove.


Planted upright, in an old, fraying UA gym uniform, was a scarecrow with the names Shouta Aizawa, Hizashi Yamada, Nemuri Kayama, and Tensei Iida painted around the base.

Chapter Text

There was a stray dog in the kitchen. Nobody knew how it had gotten in, but there it was, eating all of Jirou’s Cheez-Its. She was peeking around a corner fuming and grumbling to herself.


Momo patted her friend on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, we’ll save them. Let’s see if we can find Koda.”


The two climbed up the stairs to Koda’s room and knocked on the door. Their classmate peeked his head and hands around the side. “Yes?”


“We were hoping you could help us with something. There’s a dog in the kitchen, and he’s-”


“Oh, that must be Leroy.”


Jirou scratched her head. “I’m sorry, what?”


“Leroy. I found him while I was walking around the edge of campus earlier. I guess he followed me back here.”


Her face fell in exasperation. “...Why?”


“Animals do that sometimes. I think it’s part of my Quirk.”


“Alright. Can you help us get Leroy somewhere safe that isn’t the kitchen?” Asked Momo.


“Of course!”


Momo called Aizawa, who in turn rang a local animal shelter (not before grumbling a lot, though). The three walked into the kitchen doorway. Leroy has finished the Cheeze-Its and had moved on to the package of chocolate chip cookies.


“Leroy, my canine compatriot!” The dog’s head turned, and he trotted up to Koda cheerfully. “I’m afraid this is goodbye, at least for now. We’re sending you to the local shelter. They can help you with your infection.”


Jirou’s hair nearly stood on end. “Infection?”


“His foot’s got some kind of infection. He must have stepped on something.” Koda replied, returning to sign language.


Just then, Principal Nezu and two shelter workers entered the dorm, “Thank you for alerting us, Miss Yaoyorozu.” He said. “These gentlemen will take care of everything. Mister Koda, I trust this won’t happen again.”


“I can’t guarantee that, Mr. Principal.”


Nezu grinned cheekily. “Well, let’s hope.”






As soon as Ochako heard the scream, she lept into action. Following it to its source, she saw Hagakure, curled up on top of the couch and writhing like there was a bug in her shirt. “What’s going on?”


“There’s...there’s a rat...a rat under the sofa…”


The creature poked it’s furry brown head out. “EEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!”


Mina poked her head in, rubbing her eyes. “Wha’s goin’ on? S’mv us are tryn’a nap here.” She groaned.


“There’s a rat under the sofa.” Ochako pressed her fingers together and floated into the air, wrapped a hand around Toru and pulled her up into the air, then maneuvered them back across the room. “Release!”


The nausea hit her, but she pushed it down. “I’m gonna go get Koda. Be right back.”


She ran up the stairs two or three at a time before stopping outside Koda’s door. She knocked, bouncing from foot to foot.


Koda opened the door, fingers stuck in the textbook under his arms. “Can I help you with something, Uraraka?”


“There’s a rat under the sofa, and it’s giving Hagakure the heebie-jeebies. Could you help us-”


“Rats plural.”


Ochako shook her head. “Rats what now?”


“Plural. The family that lives in my bed frame got out earlier. I was wondering where they’d gone.”


“There’s more than one?


“Yes. Hold on, I’ll go get them.”


Koda plodded down the stairs, Ochako opting to stay behind him. Mina and Hagakure were waiting downstairs, the former patting the latter on the back as she dug into the Rocky Road ice cream Todoroki had bought (don’t ask).


He gently set a hand on the floor, and two rats scurried into it, followed by three tiny baby rats. ‘Sorry’, Koda mouthed, before heading back upstairs.


There was more than one?!?!


“Oh, brother.”




Sunday morning, after Koji finished feeding the birds nesting in his closet, the baby deer camped out in the bathroom with a broken leg he was nursing, and his pet rabbit Doolittle, he went downstairs to get a snack. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, his classmates were scattered around. “Hey guys.”


“Sit down, Conehead.” Grumbled Bakugou. “This is an intervention.”


Hands trembling, he sat down on the couch next to Shoji, who gave him a comforting pat on the shoulder. “We’re not mad, Koda. We’re just a little…”


“Concerned.” Finished Tokoyami.


“Exactly.” Iida cleared his throat. “Koda, we’re a bit concerned about all the wild animals that keep showing up in the dorm.”


“They’re very nice animals.” Said Uraraka. “We’re just worried about them. What if they’re...uh...dangerous?”


“They’re not, I promise.” Koda signed, Jirou translating.


“We can’t be sure where they’ve been, Koda.” Said Yaoyorozu. “It’s a safety hazard.”


“I want to help them, though. I’ll keep them safe.”


“Then could you please not let them in the dorms?” Asked Sero. “We could build you, like, a shack or something in the yard.”


Mineta scratched his temple. “Would Mister Aizawa allow that?”


“If it kept animals out of the dorm? Probably.” Jirou shrugged.


“Would you be okay with that, Koda?”


Everyone turned to him, and his leg started bouncing with nerves. “I don’t see why not?”


Kaminari stood up and cracked his knuckles. “Alright. First, we gotta clear out the critters in there now.”


Yaoyorozu pulled a pen and legal pad out of her arm. “I’ll see if I can’t whip up a design. I believe there are hand tools in the basement. Ojiro, Midoriya, If you would?”


“No problem.”


“We’ll be right back!”


The two descended into the basement. Ashido tapped Koji on the shoulder. “Do you want help moving the animals outside?”


“That’d be nice, yeah.”


She smiled. “I don’t have a lot of experience with animals, so please tell me if I’m doing something wrong.”


Koji nodded, and led her upstairs. The birds immediately landed on his shoulders, making him smile.


He gestured for Ashido to hold out her arms, and she complied. He turned to the birds and whispered to them. “My avian friends, would you please accompany my classmate outside the door?”


The birds hopped off his arms and landed on her-though one of them tangled himself in her hair, making her giggle. “I’ll be careful.”


She walked out stiffly, arms spread wide, looking a bit like Iida. Koji chuckled to himself before opening his closet and gently scooping the deer-he impulsively decided to call her Artemis-up in his arms, cooing and checking the bandage before her brought her down the stairs. She gently nuzzled his chest before drifting off to sleep.


“Oh my.” Whispered Tokoyami when he saw them.


“There was a deer . In your room.”


“How did I miss that?”


“Her name is Artemis.”


“Classy. I like it.” Said Hagakure.


Yaoyorozu poked her head inside. “I have a plan!”


The students of Class 1-A spent the rest of the morning and half the afternoon building a small shack in the backyard. It was a lot of work, but twenty superheroes in training can do a lot when they put their minds to it. Especially when a few people from the next class over show up to help after a sandwich lunch.


It was small, but it was perfect. The birds perched themselves on a modified coat rack in the corner, while Artemis was laid on a section of the floor cushioned with leaves.


Tsuyu wiped the sweat off her forehead. “That was a lot of lifting. I hope you like it Koda.”


“It’s wonderful.” He smiled. “Now I just need to finish the math homework.”


Aoyama dropped a hammer on his foot. “ Monsieur, you said math homework, oui ?”




Some of his natural sparkle seemed to fade. “I must go.” He dashed back inside.


“Will he be alright?” Hagakure asked.


“It’s Aoyama. He always finds a way.” Ojiro replied.


The group started joking around-minus Bakugou, who was leaning against a wall grumbling to Kirishima. Koji quietly slipped inside his new hut to check the bandages on Artemis’ leg. He was always better with animals, anyway.

Chapter Text

Yuga sighed as he fell back gracefully onto the bed. He was finally done with the essay homework. Unfortunately, it was 10 the evening, and he had neglected dinner. His stomach growled painfully.


Sighing, he pushed himself up, put on his favorite fuzzy slippers-lavender, with sequined diamonds on the toes-and walked quietly out into the hallway.


As soon as he closed the door behind him, the walls began to rumble, like the building itself was breathing. “Aaaahhh!” He yelped.


He hurriedly walked downstairs, opening the fridge, and pulling out a wrapped block of Camembert cheese. He opened the silverware drawer to get a butter knife.


The silverware was covered in something sticky-looking and red. Yuga opted for a kitchen knife instead. “You’re just tired. You’ll be okay. Nothing is wrong.” He sat down, cut out a wedge of the Camembert, and was about to bite down on-


Something brushed up against his shoulder.




Yuga rocket up the stairs, took a sharp turn that nearly plunged his face into the ground, pulled himself into his room by the doorframe, locked it, and dove under the covers. He grabbed a flashlight, pointed it at the door, and was ready to bash the ghost over the head at any moment.


He stayed there until 2 AM.




“You doin’ alright there, Aoyama?” Eijiro turned toward the Frenchman as he trudged down the stairs, pale and with eyebags to rival Shinsou’s. “You seem kind of out of it. And your cheese is on the table.


Aoyama just sat down in the last empty spot at the table, and rested his head in his hands. When Uraraka slid his (frankly, stinky) cheese across the table, he ignored it. Eijiro’s blood ran cold.


“Okay, Frenchy, what’s going on?” Shouted Bakugou. “Is it some villainous shit? ‘Cause if so, you’d better spill the-”


Un fantôme.”


Jirou’s forehead wrinkled. “Uhh...what now?”


“A ghost. There is a ghost in the dorms.”


Mineta turned chalk white and jumped so high his feet were level with the tabletop. “G-gh-ghost? In the dd-dorms? You’re k-kidding, right?”


“I am afraid not, Raisin. I was awake last night, looking for a midnight snack, when I was attacked by some malevolent force!”


Iida frowned. “Are you absolutely sure? What happened?”


Aoyama told them the story, and when he got the the part about the red stuff on the silverware, Mina grabbed a towel and started wiping off the forks. “I was making a sandwich with raspberry jelly the other day, so I must have knocked it over with my elbow. So, no ghost.”


“The building shook, and something touched my shoulder. I don’t think that could be caused by jelly, Ashido dear.”




“Hello? Is everything all right?” The student’s attention turned to Kendo and Yanagi, who were standing the doorway. “We were wondering if you guys wanted to participate in a training project we were working on.”


“We’ve put much effort and strain into bringing it to fruition.” Yanagi said solemnly.


“We’re...ah...we’re a little busy right now.” Said Uraraka.


Kendo cocked her head to the side. “Why? What’s going on?”


“There’s a ghost in the dorms, according to Aoyama.” Todoroki deadpanned.


“A specter, you say?” Asked Yanagi, leaning forward. “A malevolent spirit?”


“...Yeah?” Kaminari began to sink behind the table in fear. Eijiro patted him on the shoulder.


“I believe I may be able to help you. My family had a long history of mediumship.”


“You’re serious?”


“I make a point to always be serious.”


“Huh.” Iida put his chin in his hand. “I’m skeptical about this ‘ghost’ business, but if it would put the others at ease, I’m alright with it. Will we need to get you anything.”


“Just sweep up a hardwood floor. I shall be back at nine pm sharp.” She bowed and walked out quietly.


“Uhhh...that was awkward.” Said Sero.




At exactly Nine that evening, the door to the dormitory swung open with a gust of conveniently timed wind, and Reiko stepped inside, carrying her black duffel bag. “Hello. I am here to communicate with the spirit.”


“Ah, good!” Midoriya looked up from the broom in the kitchen. “I just finished sweeping.”


She surveyed her workspace. “It will do. If anyone wishes to watch, summon the now.”


Midoriya nodded and ran up the stairs as Reiko placed her bag on the counter and began to work.


First was a large bag of salt, mixed with rosemary, lotus petals, and other herbs, which was sprinkled in a rough circle about two and a half feet in diameter. Next were thirteen candles. Six black and six white were placed in an alternating ring just outside the salt circle. The thirteenth was bright red and placed just behind her. Finally was the board-marked with the 26 letters of the alphabet and the words ‘YES’ and ‘NO’. A bit unorthodox, but easier to make than an equivalent in Japanese. Finally, she was ready.


And a good thing, too. Midoriya has returned, with the entire class in tow. “That’s everyone. You ready to get started?”


“Of course.” She placed her hands on the planchette. “If there be any spirits here, may they speak now.”


There was a moment of silence. Then another. Then a third for good measure.


“Speak now, or forever hold your peace.




Shh! Quit it, Bakugou.”


Reiko ignored the rude boy and closed her eyes, reaching out with the sixth sense she’d been taught by her parents as a girl. She found no traces of spiritual activity. “There is nothing here.”


“Nothing? You’re sure?”


“Absolutely.” She blew out her candles and packed her things up, grabbing the broom from against the wall to clean up her salt ring. As she left the building, though, she could swear she heard giggling on the edge of her senses.




Later that evening, after everyone else had retreated to bed, Kyoka was still up, pacing the hallways of the girl’s dormitory. She was firmly not a believer in ghosts, but she had the feeling something was up.


As she walked back up to the third floor, about to head to bed in futility, she heard something creaking behind her. Whipping around, she saw Hagakure’s door pushed open, and heard faint footsteps. Following them, she ran into an invisible wall that felt strangely like flesh. Groping around half-blind in the dark, she grabbed Hagakure’s shoulder-at least, what she thought was her shoulder-and shook. “Hey, hey! Wake up!”


“Guuuuh...Jirou?” An invisible hand pushed hers away. “How did I...oh, man! Not again!”


“Not what again?”


“Sleepwalking! I used to do this all the time when I was younger. Which means the thing Aoyama felt against his shoulder…”


“Was probably you, yeah.” Kyoka ran a hand through her hair. “C’mon. Let’s go see if we can’t find Aoyama’s shaking building.”


The two girls crossed over to the boys side of the dorm. When they reached Aoyama’s floor, the ground indeed started shuddering beneath them. Kyoka plugged her jack into the wall, sensing the vibration’s source. “They’re coming from over there.” She said, pointing to one of the doors.


“But that’s…Tokoyami’s room, isn’t it?”


“Only one way to find out.” She tried the door, only to find it was locked. After a quick run back to her room to grab a bobby pin, she crouched back down and wiggled it in the keyhole until the door popped open.


The two girls entered the room to the astonishing sight of Dark Shadow lying on top of his host, snoring loud enough to wake the dead.




“So, yeah.” Toru giggled, scratching the back of her head, as she and Jirou told the others over breakfast the following morning. “That’s what was going on.”


Iida nodded. “Hagakure, I would advise you to see Recovery Girl. She might be able to help you with this sleepwalking problem.”


“Already on it, Class Rep.”


“And as for Dark Shadow snoring.” He turned to his deputy. “I’m sure Yaoyorozu could cook up some sound proofing.”


“So long as I have Tokoyami’s permission.”


“Of course. I don’t want to disturbe anyone.”


Todoroki coughed. “This might be a bad time, but I had to tell you all something.”


Kaminari shrugged. “Sure man, what’s up?”


“I didn’t think this was important earlier, but I checked the footage last night.” He reached on top of a shelf and pulled down a black and grey contraption. A tiny security camera. “And before you all ask, no. I don’t have any others anywhere in the dorms. Yaoyorozu helped me install this one because people kept stealing each other’s food.”


“What does this have anything to do with sleepwalking and snoring, Icy Hot?”


“Nothing. But it has everything to do with the jelly in the drawers. I checked the footage last night out of curiosity. Ashido didn’t knock the jelly over-she put it in the fridge after she was done, and nobody got it back out.”


A chilly silence descend on the group. “How did the jelly get in the drawer?”


“There was only one opportunity-a brief window around nine-thirty in the evening, after everyone had gone to bed.”


“So who was it?”


“I don’t know. The reason that’s the only opportunity is because the footage is missing-there’s just static.”


Aoyama collapsed onto Koda’s lap, and Midoriya looked like he was going to explode.


Kirishima frowned. “I’d like to call a vote.”


“Go ahead.”


He raised his hand. “All in favor of never speaking of this again?”


Eighteen arms and a sweater sleeve shot into the air. “Lovely. I’m going back to bed.”

Chapter Text

Koji was watching a nature documentary in the main room of the dorms one afternoon, when Tsuyu tapped him on the shoulder. “Can I talk to you for a moment, kero?”


“Sure.” He replied, nodding. She got the message.


“You mostly talk in sign language.” She sat down next to him. “And that’s awesome, but I don’t know sign language. And it’s a little inconvenient to have to wait for Jirou to translate all the time. So I was wondering if you could teach me some sign language.”


After a moment of thought, he nodded, then pulled out his phone. ‘I’ll start with the alphabet.’


Tsuyu nodded, and he taught her A to Z and a few simple words. Twenty minutes after they started, Kaminari poked his head in. “What’re you guys up to?”


Tsuyu turned over her shoulder “Koda’s teaching me some sign.”


“Sweet! Can I join in?”


“I don’t know. If Koda’s alright with it.” She turned to him. Koji shrugged and patted the couch next to him. The lesson continued uninterrupted for the rest of the afternoon.




Sunday nights, at Iida’s insistence, were everybody-eats-together nights. Even Bakugou went along with the plan because he didn’t want to end up being nagged day in and day out. He had better things to do, and besides, he liked showing these extras exactly what good cooking tasted like. Tonight they were enjoying Western-style grilled chicken, perfectly crisp and juicy.


Kirishima shoved a big bite in his mouth and swallowed hard. “Thanks, Bakugou. Y’know, if the hero thing doesn’t work out, you could open a restaurant.”


“Explosion Murder Cuisine. I like it.” Said Ashido. The students bold enough giggled. Bakugou’s fork glowed red hot in his hand.


“Tsuyu, salt pass with you?” Asked Kaminari. Tsuyu rolled her eyes.


“Yes. And you ruined the order.”


She slid the salt across the table. Jirou scoffed. “I didn’t know you gave lessons, Koda.”


“I just asked him.” Tsuyu’s tongue flicked out and crushed a mosquito on the window.


“Eat the goddamn human food, Frogface.”


Tsuyu turned to Koji. “You wouldn’t happen to know any swear words, would you?”


Hagakure popped up to cover his eyes and ears-which didn’t work very well. “No! We cannot corrupt the cinnamon roll!”


He gently peeled her hands off. “You can teach them if you want, Jirou.”


“With pleasure.” She grinned, and tapped the sign for ‘B’ against her chin, pointer finger first. “This is the sign for bi-”


Ahem.” Everyone’s eyes turned to Iida, who was frowning like a disappointed parent. “While I can see the value of learning sign language, and would love to participate, I don’t think now is the time to learn foul language.” He ran a hand through his hair. “Can this please wait until after dinner?”


“...Yeah, sure.”


“Sorry Dad.”


Iida spluttered and turned pink, gulping down his water.




One week later, Saturday afternoon, the class was working together on more signs, with Koji and Jirou’s help. Iida has politely requested that they stick to signs with use out in the field. Bakugou argued swears were useful at conveying panic in a crisis. Ultimately, curses remained on the docket, despite Iida’s best efforts.


Koji has recruited Jirou, who in turn had recruited Yaoyorozu, who in turn had gotten as over enthusiastic as she usually did and had guide sheets printed out for all sorts of topics-the alphabet, basic tactical communication, manners, all sorts of things. The students varied in skill, and Hagakure had to wear her gloves for obvious reasons, but it all worked out pretty well. And best of all, Koda could now say at least basic sentences in sign without Jirou around and be understood. It was the best feeling ever.




On Monday afternoon, they were subjected to an ASTE of epic proportions. They were brought to a giant open field loaded with noise activated mines, and told to rescue a hostage in a cabin at the other side of the stretch of ground. There were an unknown number of hostiles inside.


Perfect timing.


They quickly made two teams-one to move towards the hostage, and the other to disable as many mines as they could. Yaoyorozu had been reviewing the footage of the Sports Festival again, and she had a plan.


So the speedier students walked around looking for mines, the sneakier ones, Koji included, crept up to the cabin. Hagakure peeked inside and relayed the information. “There’s two, one watching the dummy, one looking out. And lights.


“Thank you,” replied Yaoyoroxo. “Kaminari, if you would.”


“No problem.” He grinned and looped around to the back, pressing a hand against the fuse box and letting out a small jolt. The zap of the fuse box dying made some of the nearby mines hum, but they were safe.


Koji looked up towards the mine removers as they circled to the back of the building. They’de already gotten a good dozen out of the ground, and were digging up more.


One of the fake criminals stepped outside, looking around. When he got near the students location, Todoroki pounced, silently freezing him up to the neck. He was about to scream before he remembered he’d get blown to kingdom come, and resigned himself to letting his teeth chatter in misery.


The students crawled in the back window, Hagakure discarding her gloves again and creeping forward. She circled around, and as soon as she was behind him, gave him a swift kick between the legs. Koji couldn’t help but wince in sympathy. Ojiro finished the job with a chop to the neck, and he was out cold.


Sato picked up the woman playing the hostage, and shushed her by putting a finger to her mouth. She nodded, and they walked back quietly across no man’s land. Once they put her on the bus, the students met up behind it.


“That was great, you guys!” Ashido clapped her hands together. “I just have one question.”


“What’s that?”


“What’re we gonna do with all these mines?”


Yaoyorozu and Jirou grinned, and the former started pulling earplugs out of her hand. “You might want these.”


The class stood back in awe as Jirou plugged in to her hand speaker, aimed it at the pile and fired. They was a sense of satisfaction as the pile exploded so high it seemed to scrape the clouds, raining down pink mist. Koji smiled. He was so glad Tsuyu’d approached him.

Chapter Text

One night, Fumikage was lying awake, playing a game on his phone. A saccharin, pastel coated Bejeweled clone with adorable girls with innocent smiles on every edge of the screen. He only played it late at night, lest his reputation go down the drain.


As he finished another level, he heard something coming down the vents. Strange, unfamiliar music he couldn’t describe as anything but weird. While he couldn’t know exactly what room it was coming from, he did know it was awful annoying, so he blocked up the vent with an old hoodie, opened a window so it wouldn’t get unbearably stuffy, and went back to his game.


It was back the next night, though.




Tenya was...concerned.


One afternoon, while he was studying in his room, he opened the window in order to get some ventilation. He was just about to get back to his algebra book, when he heard it.


Music. Coming from outside.


It was psychedelic indie rock, he thought (Tensei was a fan of classic music). Who would be playing it full blast outside in the evening was another matter.


“Excuse me!” He shouted, sticking his head out the window. “I hate to interrupt, but could you please turn down the volume, or wear a set of headphones? Some people are trying to study, and the noise is distracting.”


The music got louder.


“Alright then. Have it your way.” He slammed the window shut. He’d have to find some other way to stay cool. “Time to figure out the air conditioner.”




On the other side of the dorms, Ochako had invited Tsuyu over to her room to chat and eat some tiny cakes she’d splurged on at the drugstore. They were giggling and munching on them with tea poached from Yaomomo’s room. Then, the noise started.


There was music playing from outside. Very weird, very loud music.


“Huh. I wonder what’s going on?” Tsuyu wondered out loud. She leaned out the window. Ochako following suit.


“I dunno.” She said, looking around outside. “Maybe they’re having a party?”


“Oh, hello you two! It’s been a while.” The two girls turned towards the voice. Togata was standing below the window in exercise clothing. “I was just on my afternoon jog. How are you?”


“Not bad, I guess.” Ochako played with a strand of her hair. “Do you have any idea what’s going on with that music?”


“Music? Hmm…” Mirio’s head swiveled around. “No, I’m afraid not. It appears to be coming from upward, though.”


“Up, huh?” Tsuyu tapped her chin. “Thanks for the help, kero.”


“You’re welcome! Have a good day!” He gave a friendly salute, and ran off.


Ochako sat back down on the floor and popped another cake in her mouth, savoring the fruity cream melting on her tongue. “You’re planning something.”


“Just wait.” Tsuyu sat down across from her. “I still need to work out the kinks.”




That evening, Kyoka was trying to get some sleep. She was trying, really.


But the noise.


The others had probably found solutions to block out the never ending assault, but not her. Even with heavy-duty, military-grade earplugs from Momo, her jacks posed a problem.

One of the benefits of her Quirk was her incredible sense of hearing. But it was a hindrance as much as it was a help. Say, if the dorm was constantly being bombarded by weird noises all night.


“Gggghhhhh.” She buried her face in her pillow. She could have wrapped her jacks in fabric or something-she did that when she was younger and saw fireworks displays or concerts with her dad-but that also gave her an uncomfortable rash.


Her phone buzzed.


ZapZoopZorp: cant sleep?

Headbanger: guess

ZapZoopZorp: me neither. To much in th brain yknow

ZapZoopZorp: Shinsous over here with me too. Wanna hang out?

Headbanger: sure, why not.


Secretly, she was pretty glad Kaminari had decided to text her. On top of being sleep deprived, she was bored out of her mind.


She grabbed her blanket, bundled it around her shoulders, and marched over to Kaminari’s room.


“There you are.” Her friend smiled. He was sitting on the floor, tossing the super stress ball Momo had made him up in the air, discharging slightly every time he caught it. “Can’t sleep with the noise?”


“Shut up.” She face planted on the bed. “It’s not usually this bad.”


“I’m investigating the music tomorrow.” Said Shinsou. “I’m not sure what’s going on. It might be a specifically designed gadget, or maybe a Quirk-”


“Quirk!” Kyoka shot up in bed. “Shinsou, you’re a genius?”


“I am?”


“He is?”


She lightly smacked Kaminari on the temple with her jack. “Shinsou, your Quirk lets you control people, right?”


“Yeah, so?”


“So maybe you could use it to put people to sleep!”


He rested his chin on his fist. “I don’t know. I’ve never tried it.”


“It’s worth a shot.”


“...Alright then. Ready?”


“I’m rea-” A cold, dense fog settled around her mind, slowing her thoughts and making it hard to focus.


Go to sleep. ” Said Shinsou, and her body reacted immediately. She was out before she hit the pillow.




The next morning, everyone in Class 1-A seemed...more irritable than usual. Though Yaoyorozu’s creations had helped them get some sleep, They were still grumbling, rubbing at their eyes, and snapping at each other. Even Bakugou had found a way to seem even more frustrated with everything than usual.


“That fuckin music kept me up until eleven.” He grumbled to himself, scarfing down a bowl of Wheaties.


“I’m just happy Yaomomo came around with earplugs.” Said Hagakure.


“Hehehe. Cam-” Mineta was shut up with a swipe from Tsuyu’s tongue.


“It’s a shame, really.” Iida sighed. “We had that exercise with B class today.”


“That’s it!” Ashido stood up so fast, she almost knocked over her Lucky Charms. “I know who’s responsible!”


“Huh?” Sero picked his head off the table. “How?”


“C’mon!” She counted off on her fingers. “Petty, annoying, designed to deter us against Class 1-B?! This can only be the work of one man!”






Kendo pinched the bridge of her nose as she chugged her tea. “What did he do this time?”


Shishida cleared his throat. “He, Tokage, and Bondo glued miniaturized speakers, courtesy of the support department, up around the rooftop edge of Class 1-A’s dorm. They’ve been playing non-stop since last afternoon, as well as the night before last.”


“Of course.” Said Honenuki. “He didn’t realize Class A has a student who can literally make anything, including military grade ear protection.”


“Or that the assignment today is a collaborative rescue effort at the USJ.” Added Awase.


Monoma started trembling. “...What?”


Kendo sighed. “Okay, new petition. Any requests of Monoma for the support department have to go through either me or Vlad King first. All in favor?”


Eighteen hands shot in the air.”


“Tokage, what the hell?” Tetsutetsu slammed a fist into the table.


“What can I say?” She grinned. “It’s kind of funny watching him struggle.”


Monoma slammed his face into the table. “Noooooo…..”

Chapter Text

Fumikage couldn’t sleep. That was nothing new. In fact, the dorms had their fair share of insomniacs. Kaminari usually didn’t get to sleep until midnight (Iida had guessed that was the reason for his less-than-stellar grades), Midoriya was occasionally seen wandering the halls at 2 AM when someone needed to use the bathroom, and Jirou was known to listen to music into the wee hours of the morning.


But this time was different. He had fallen asleep earlier-relatively quickly, at that-but as soon as he drifted off, flashes of memory shot through his head.


The forest alight with blue fire.


The bloody stump where Shoji’s hand had been.


The burning, sharp cold of being consumed by his own Quirk.


He had shot up in bed so harsh the blood rush made his dizzy, but he couldn’t get back to sleep.


He was rereading The Call of Cthulhu for about the billionth time, when he smelled something delicious.


At first, he was suspicious. It might be another one of Class B’s hairbrained schemes. He was still suspicious after last week’s incident. But then his stomach growled, and his curiosity won out. He followed his beak downstairs into the kitchen, to find a certain angry blonde grumbling and frying something, gooey and cheesy and sweet.


“Ah, Bakugou.” The other boy whipped his head around and snarled.


“The fuck do you want Birdbrain.”


“Nothing. I just couldn’t sleep.” He quietly got a glass of milk, and sat down at the table.


A terse silence fell between them, broken only by quiet sips and the sizzle of the grilled cheese sandwich on the pan. Fumikage has finished his glass, when a plate was set down across from him. One of the sandwiches, perfectly golden browned. “Bakugou?”


“I made two, idiot.” Bakugou popped down in the chair across from him with his own sandwich. “Just eat it. We don’t speak of this again.”


Fumikage nodded, and bit down on the sandwich. The warm, gooey cheese was savory and smooth on his tongue, broken by the crisp sweet-tart of apple slices. He ate slowly, watching Bakugou take angry bites out of the corner of his eye.


When he was done, he put his plate in the dishwasher. “Thank you for the food, Bakugou. Good night.”


“Whatever, Birdbrain.”


Fumikage rolled his eyes and returned to his room.


He slept very soundly that night.




Ochako was stuck in the dorms, sick. She wasn’t particularly happy about it, either. They had a training exercise with Midnight about hostage situations.


Then again, knowing Midnight’s usual approach to Hero work, maybe it was best she sit this one out.


“Guuuhhh.” She blew her nose with a honking sound. She was situated on her bed, surrounded by an ever expanding nest of used tissues and a large plastic bucket if she puked again. Iida suspected a mix of stomach bug and seasonal allergies, but she just called it Crappy.


She checked the clock. In about fifteen minutes, they’d be dismissed for lunch, and someone would bring her back her classwork. She’d have to make some food for herself, though. Maybe some toast.


Ten minutes. She grabbed her flip phone and 100 Yen store earbuds, turned on some J-Pop, and tried not to hurl as she waited for someone to get back. She was shaken out of her peace by someone kicking in her door.


“Aaaah!” She shot upward, limbs flailing, the earbuds getting dislodged. “Bakugou, what the heck!”


“Geez. If that surprised you, you’ve got a long way to go, Round Face.” He held up the wad of papers in his hand. “Glasses told me to give you this stuff.”


“Oh. Er..thanks, Bakugou.”


“Whatever.” He said, turning to leave. Ochako pushed herself onto her feet.


“Well, guess I should test my stoma-” A wave of nausea ripped through her, knocking her back down onto her flimsy mattress.


“...Wait right here, Round Face. Nobody benefits if you trip on the stairs and break your goddamn neck.” He stomped downstairs, leaving behind a very confused Ochako, who decided to return to her music.


Not five minutes later, however, she heard someone pounding up the stairs through the pounding beat of the song, and pulled out her earbuds. Tantalizing smells started curling under her nose.


Bakugou re-entered her room, carrying a bowl that he set down next to her schoolwork. It was the source of the aroma, and full of yellowish broth, noodles, and cut circles of bright orange carrot. Chicken soup, Western style.


“Bakugou...thank you so much.” She hesitantly smiled. “You really didn’t have to do that.”


“You think I didn’t fucking know that?” He scoffed. “I needed something to do to avoid going back to the extras. I would have done something even if you weren’t sick. Just eat the goddamn soup.” He stormed off, back to the main school building.


Curious, Ochako picked up the chopsticks and slurped up some of the noodles, before sipping the flavorful, savory soup. It was really good. And her stomach did feel a little better.




“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kaminari and Ashido were hugging each other and jumping in a circle. They had gotten their math test from yesterday back, and been excited to learn everyone had passed.


Eijiro watched his friends do their victory dance. They deserved it, really. That test was hard. Everyone else was excited, with one major exception. Bakugou, who had come in third place overall in scores-behind Yaoyorozu and Midoriya. He was stomping around the kitchen, grabbing bags and slamming cupboard doors.


Eijiro walked over with feet as quiet as he could manage. “You doin’ okay, man?”


“What do you fucking think?” He slammed the baking sheet on the counter and started measuring ingredients into a big bowl.


“I mean, you still came in third.”


“A true hero always comes in first. Like All Might.”


“I still think you might be a little obsessed with this. I mean, you’re super many either way-” He was cut off by a spatula leveled at his throat like a knife.


“One more word out of you, Shitty Hair, and it’ll be your last.”


“Okay! Okay!” Eijiro backed off. “Jeez, man. If you don’t want me around, just say so.” He walked away from the kitchen to hang out with everyone else.


Half an hour, after they’d put on an old movie, someone slammed something down on the coffee table. Everyone turned in surprise (or in Todoroki’s case, mild indifference), to see that the someone in question was Bakujin, and the something was a plate covered in snickerdoodles.


“Eat up, extras. I’m goin’ to my room.” He stomped upstairs.


“Oh, yeah! Didn’t Bakugou mention he stressbakes one time.”


“How do we know their not poisoned?” Whispered Mineta.


Jirou rolled her eyes. “He’s not that petty. I think.”


Nagakute grabbed one and bit down, the chunk of cookie vanishing. “Hey! These are pretty good!”


Curious, Eijiro grabbed a snickerdoodle and bit down. It was the perfect mix of crisp and chewy, spicy-sweet on his tongue, making the inside of his mouth buzz with pleasure.


“These are really good. Sato, you might need to ask him for the recipe. Kero kero.”


“I probably will, when he calms down.”


He quietly slipped away, wolfing down the rest of the cookie. He found Bakugou in his room, punching the wall just gently enough that it wasn’t damaged. His fist was about to connect again, when he noticed Eijiro standing in the corner. “The hell do you want?”


“Please stop punching the wall. You might get hurt.”


“You’re saying I’m weak?”


“I’m saying there’s metal beams and nails in the wall, and that’ll mess you up no matter how many you are.”


“Whatever.” Bakugou flopped down on his bed.


Eijiro smiled. “You do care about them, don’t you?”


“Why would I care about a bunch of extras?”


“Because they rescued you.”


Bakugou stared at him. Then he went back to staring at the ceiling.


Eijiro walked back downstairs, hoping to snag another snickerdoodle. You totally care, bro.

Chapter Text

It starts with Bakugou and Kirishima.


It’s evening in 1-A’s dorms, and the two were studying in Kirishima’s room. Well, Bakugou was studying-Kirishima was practicing with his punching bag. As Bakugou finished his essay, his friend took a break, brushing sweat-soaked crimson hair out of his face. “Anything else you need to finish up?”


“Nope.” Bakugou slumped over against the wall, pulled out his phone, and sighed. “I’m gonna just chill until curfew.”


“Alright then.” Kirishima went back to his punching bag. “Hey, Bakugou. Bakugou.” He had though of a joke that might actually get him to laugh. “Bakugou!” He grabbed a pillow and tossed it at Bakugou’s face. And immediately regretted it.


For a moment, Bakugou just sat there, stunned. Then, he started trembling, tiny explosions popping off of his hands. “You’re gonna pay for that, Shitty Hair.”


He grabbed the pillow and bashed it into the side of Kirishima’s face, putting so much force behind it that he was momentarily dazed. Kirishima grabbed another pillow to retaliate, the two colliding in midair. Bakugou knocked Kirishima’s pillow out of his hands…


...and straight into the face of Kaminari, who had opened the door, probably looking for entertainment. “Ow! What the heck, man?” He grabbed the pillow and held it high above his head. “Hiyaaaaaaa-ugh!” Bakugou had nailed him in the stomach.


“Don’t even try it, Sparky!”


Kirishima ducked out into the hallway while Bakugou and Kaminari duked it out. He had an idea, and he was eager to spread some mayhem. He was a teenager, after all.


Grabbing a pillow from an unoccupied room, he crept downstairs, where Midoriya, Iida, and Uraraka were talking quietly. Uraraka turned and saw him, grinning, but she didn’t rat him out.


He quietly crept up behind Iida. “Hey, Class Rep?”


“Yes, Kiri-” Wham!


Iida’s glasses had been knocked to the floor-but not broken, by some miracle. Their owner sat in his seat looking stunned.


“Don’t worry Iida!” Uraraka ran over to the couch and grabbed a pillow from right behind Todoroki (he didn’t even bat an eye). “I shall avenge you!”


She wound her arms back and swung in a wide are. Kirishima did the smart thing and ducked, which sent the pillow on a crash course straight into Midoriya’s face. “Oops! Sorry, Deku!”


Midoriya stared down at his feet, then picked up the pillow. When he looked up, he was grinning. He charged Uraraka, who grabbed another sofa pillow to defend himself.


“I’m...very confused.” Iida pushed his glasses back up onto the bridge of his nose.


“Just go with it.” Kirishima dove into the fray with his own pillow. Iida decided that, since no one was actually getting hurt, it was an acceptable class bonding activity. He walked upstairs to his room to decide on a pillow to use.


Meanwhile, Bakugou and Kaminari’s duel had moved into the hallway. The two bobbed and weaved around each other’s pillows, Bakugou maintaining the upper hand, but Kaminari keeping up. As they moved into the girl’s half of the dorm, the six of them poked their heads out of Hagakure’s dorm, where they were having their mandatory bi-monthly gossip session. Ashido immediately got the picture.


“Ladies, we’ll have to postpone.” She grabbed a pillow. “It’s everyone for themselves!”


She swung wildly, aiming for Yaoyorozu. Jirou lept into the pillow’s path to defend her friend, and grabbed a stuffed animal from a shelf to block herself. “Think we can take ‘em, Momo?”


Yaoyorozu generated two pillows from her arms and gave one to Jirou. “I believe so.”


Aoyama was dragged into the fight when he looked outside his dorm and saw Midoriya and Uraraka’s match. “Midoriya! Mon cheri, I must protect you-even at the expense of my hairstyle!” He grabbed a pillow and swung low for Uraraka’s knees, knocking her off balance.


Shoji looked down from the window is his room, watching Bakugou hold off Kaminari and Kirishima singlehandedly. “What’s going on?” Asked Tokoyami, who looked up from The Color Out of Space.


“A pillow fight, from the looks of it.” Shoji sat back down on the floor.


Dark Shadow emerged from his host’s abdomen and stared at him, with hands clasped and a pathetic, pleading expression on his face. “Please?” He begged.


Tokoyami rolled his eyes. “Why not?”


“Woohoo!” The shade grabbed the single pillow off of Shoji’s bed, and dove off through the crack in the dorm.


Sato and Koda stood back to back as Tsuyu peppered them from all sides, using her tongue to stay out of their range. Ojiro got a good hit on her by sneaking up on his tip-toes, but immediantly got knocked over the back of the sofa by a pillow thrown by a nude Hagakure. He landed next to Todoroki, who was still quietly absorbed in his book.


“Yo! Extras!” Bakugou’s voice nearly shook the building as he shouted over the PA system built into the walls of the dorm. “All down to the basement right the fuck now. And leave the pillows upstairs.” You could practically hear his grin. “I have a much better idea of how to use them.”


The students turned and looked at each other awkwardly, before all of them trudged downstairs to hear Bakugou’s plan.




“I still don’t think this is a good idea.”


“C’mon! What’s the worst that could happen.


“I dunno, we could get expelled?”


“Aizawa wouldn’t expel us for this-would he?”


“Eh, Nezu’d probably override him.”


“Good point.”


“Ehehehehe.” Mei Hatsume giggled. Rubbing her hands together. “Baby number one-o-eight, marks one, two, and three finally get to see some action.”


Shinsou ran a hand through his hair. “This is a truly stupid idea.”


The students of 1-A, plus their two guests, had gathered on their school’s rooftop with three miniature catapaults (made by Hatsume), and a true fuckton of pillow (that the students already owned, or which were borrowed from the other classes. Twenty two sets of eyes and three rocket powered launching machines were trained on Neito Monoma’s open dorm window.


“Ready?” Asked Bakugou, as he loaded the first pillow onto the center catapult.


“Ready.” Replied Sero and Tsuyu, who were manning the other two cannons.


“On Shitty Hair’s signal.”


Kirishima raised his arm, peering into the window with a pair of high-tech binoculars, feeling a little gross. “Fire!”


Twang! Thwip! Spring!


“What the hell?”

Chapter Text

Mina was drawing flowers on the common room windows with metallic glass safe markers, when the doorbell rang.


“I’ll get it!” She shouted to the air, dashing up to the front door. She was expecting one of their teachers, if possible a 1-B student.


Instead, it was a petite, heavyset woman with familiar green eyes and spiky dark green hair.


“Oh!” She said. “I’m sorry to interrupt you if you were busy. I was expecting my son-Izuku Midoriya?”


Mina scratched her head. “Ah, I think Midoriya’s taking a nap right now.”


Mrs. Midoriya frowned. “I see. I can wait out here-”


“Oh, no, don’t worry! You can stay in here, out of the sun.” Mina waved her hand. “I’m sure the others won’t mind.”


“Thank you very much, miss.” She smiled wearily and hitched up her purse on her shoulder. She walked as quietly as she could towards the couch, where she sat down like it was a bed of spikes.


“Sooo..” Mina twiddled her thumbs. “Are you...excited to see your son?”


“Of course.” Mrs. Midoriya smiled warmly, as if she was recalling a fond memory. “All his life, all Izuku wanted was to be a hero. When his-when his Quirk didn’t develop on time, we were sure he would never get the chance. But he never stopped studying his heroes, and look at him now.” She wiped away a tiny tear. “I haven’t seen him in two months, so I brought him something, too.”


“Never stopped studying, huh?” Mina tapped her chin. “That sounds like Midoriya, all right.”


“Hey, Mina! Don’t mind me, just gonna get my cracker-oh.” Denki looked up from his phone. “You’re new.”


“Very. I’m Inko Midoriya-you must be Kaminari.”


“My reputation precedes me.” He grinned. “It’s nice to meet you.”


“You as well.” Mrs. Midoriya smiled. “You both seem very nice. It’s comforting that Izuku has such pleasant classmates. I was very worried.” She pursed her lips. “Are you friends with Katsuki?”


Mina and Denki shared a look. “‘Friends’ is a strong word. He is slightly less hostile to us that everyone else. If you want ‘friend-friend’, I can grab Kirishima.” Said Mina.


“Oh, no. I wouldn’t want to be a bother! I just...want to make sure he’s doing okay. His parents have been so busy recently, so his mom asked me to check up on him. Is he doing alright?”


“As alright as he can be.” Denki cracked his neck. “I think the whole ‘getting kidnapped’ thing might have messed him up a little, though.”


Mrs. Midoriya bit down on her lip. “Of course. I’ll have to tell Mitsuki.”


“Where the hell are you Kaminari, where’d you run off too, Kiri’s having an aneurysm-oh.” Bakugou was standing awkwardly in the doorway. “Dunce Face, Shitty Hair’s looking for you.”


“Ah, goooot it.” Denki quietly slipped away. The tension in the room simmered as Mrs. Midoriya stood up quietly.


“Katsuki. It’s good to see you. I hope you’re well.”


“I’m fine, Aunt Inko.” He shot Mina a death glare, and she wisely kept her mouth shut.


Mrs. Midoriya walked forward to Katsuki and pulled him into a hug. “I’m glad. After everything that’s happened...gosh, I’m a little surprised your parents Ben let you come back to UA.”


“Eh. The old woman was more than happy to get me out of her hair.” He pulled away from her. “Guess you’re here to see Deku?”




“He’s off doing something with All Might, I think. Something about Quirk advice.” He rolled his eyes. “Dunno when he’ll be back.”


“Ah. In that case.” She checked the time on the wall clock. “Do you think you’d mind if I pitched in making dinner?”


Bakugou grinned. “ Mind? I think they’d kiss the ground you walk on.”


Mrs. Midoriya laughed. “I don’t think anyone would like that arrangement.” She pulled back her hair, looked around for some pans, and got to work.




Inko hummed quietly to herself as she turned on the stove. Katsuki has helped her find some things before going back to his room, but it was all arranged very intuitively. She was making katsudon, her son’s favorite, with the pork cutlets in the fridge. Gosh, I hope they weren’t saving those for anything.


As she poured rice into the cooker, she heard footsteps coming towards her. “Something’s cooking down he-who are you?”


She turned around to see two young women-a tall girl with a bushy black ponytail, and a shorter one with a jagged purple bob and stretched out earlobes. “I asked you a question.” Said the shorter one.


“I’m sorry.” She brushed off her skirt. “I’m Inko Midoriya-Izuku’s mother.”


“Oh.” Said the purple haired girl. “I apologize. I’m Jirou.”


“It’s very nice to meet you, ma’am.” Said the black haired girl, extending a hand. “I’m Momo Yaoyorozu.”


“Nice to meet you, Yaoyorozu.” Inko shook the girl’s hand. She seemed earnest, if a little awkward. “I was getting started on dinner for you kids. I hope it’s not intrusive.”


“Oh, not at all!” Said Yaoyorozu. “Here, let me help you.”


She began chopping the vegetables, but her knife work was rickety. She hadn’t done this before.


She gently took Yaoyorozu’s hand and guided her through the motions. The girl smiled at her and chopped the rest of the veggies with clear, even strokes.


More of the students slowly trickled down. One tall boy with spiky brown hair and biceps the size of her head helped her make the eggs, but most of them just asked who she was and sat down at the table. When she finally set out the servings of katsudon, she was a bit worried about her son.


As if sensing her concern, a tall boy with glasses and blue hair-Lida? No, Iida-put a hand on her shoulder. “Midoriya and All Might’s conversations tend to trend long. You have little to be worried about.”


“Thank you, Iida.” She smiled and set the Katsudon dishes. “Now please, eat up.”


Chopsticks were poised in the air, mouths were opening, and the doorbell rang. “Hey everyone. Sorry that went so la- Mom?”


Her darling Izuku was standing in the doorway, eyes wide. Then, he ran towards Inko and practically slid into her.


“H-Hey!” He giggled. “Easy, easy. These bones aren’t quite as agile as they used to be.” She picked up his phone from the ground with the tiny invisible arms of her Quirk. “You dropped this.”


“Oh, yeah.” He turned around. “You made Katsudon?”


“I came to bring you this.” She reaches into her purse and pulled out an All Might figurine.


“My limited edition holographic belt buckle variant! I was wondering where I lost this!”


“Under your bed, silly.”


“Can you lose more figurines under your bed? Cause this is really good.” Sero chimed in around a mouthful of rice.


“Seems like we might have some competition, Sato.”


“Oh, it was nothing, Asui.”


“Call me Tsu.”


“What’s going on down here?” The last of 1-A’s students-a boy with mismatched hair and awkward posture-was standing in the doorway.


“Todoroki!” Izuku perked up. “I’d like you to meet my mom.”


Ah, that’s right. This was the boy who took her son out of the Sports Festival. She had been a little angry about him knocking her son unconscious and getting him to break several of his fingers, but he seemed like a nice enough boy.


“You don’t need to introduce me.” She smiled. “It’s very nice to meet you, Todoroki. Would you like some Katsudon?”


His eyes searched her warily, like he was a little afraid of her. Then, his posture relaxed. “I’d like that, yes.”


“Lovely!” She scooped up two more servings-only for Yaoyorozu to grab another and hand it to her.


“Please. We have an extra chair.”


He vision started stinging and getting watery. “You’re all so sweet. I’m sure you’ll make great heroes one day.”


Some of Katsuki’s friends started ruffling his hair while he growled, but she caught the twitch in the corner of his mouth.


Inko smiled, and sat next to her son. Sending him back to UA hadn’t been so bad after all.

Chapter Text

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Kaminari collapsed back on the couch. On the TV, a man in a suit slumped to his knees, a perfect blue bullet hole in the middle of his forehead. The words Mission Failed flickered across the screen.


“Dude, you just have to reason with him and not bring the gun. How is this so hard?” Sero ran a hand through his hair.


“I don’t do reasoning! We haven’t learned about hostage situation yet!”


“Which reminds me.” Tsuyu piped in from the kitchen. “We should ask Mr. Aizawa about that.”


“What are you thinking?” Ashido stage whispered. “You’ll give him ideas!”


“Yes…That’s the point...oh, you mean an ASTE?”


“Bingo. We haven’t had one in a while. I’m starting to get worried.”


“Hmmm. Fair.”


“What are you two up to?” Yaoyorozu peaked into the room. “I thought the video game party wasn’t until later.”


“We decided to get the ball rolling early.” Said Ashido. “But Denki keeps failing the first level.”


“Oh, may I try?” She sat down on the couch. “I haven’t played many video games, but I’m interested in learning.”


“Sure, why not?” Denki handed her the controller. The intro played again-the man was standing in an elevator, playing with a coin. Plink, plink, plink.


Yaoyorozu’s hands were clumsy and awkward on the controller, but the button prompt based gameplay was forgiving. As her character explored the hotel, Sato came downstairs and helped Tsuyu put together the snacks for the rest of video game night.


“Psychological instability...issues of abandonment...officers requiring medical attention…firm, but reasonable.”


“She’s caught the Midoriyas.” Sero put his head in his hands as Yaoyorozu’s character went outside on the balcony.


“What about me?” Midoriya, flanked by Iida and Uraraka, sat down on another couch.


“Oh, Yaoyorozu started muttering to herself.”


“Aaah. Wait, I still mutter?”


“Er, I don’t know how to break this to you, Deku, but…” Uraraka twiddled her thumbs.


“I still mutter…” Midoriya started to tear up. “I thought I’d finally kicked the habit…”


“Oh, nonono.” Uraraka trapped Midoriya in a hug. “I’m sorry, Deku. I didn’t mean to make you sad!”


“Let’s let the lovebirds work that out.” Muttered Ashido. She leaned onto Yaoyorozu’s shoulder. “How are you doing?”


“Okay, I think.” The screen read Probability of Success: 88%.




“I assume many others reach one-hundred percent earlier.”


“You’re doing way better than Denki, that’s for sure.”


“Gee, way to help my self-esteem, Mina.”


Ashido rolled her eyes and shoved Kaminari playfully, before returning them to the screen. Probability of Success: 100%. “Oh, I did it!” Yaoyorozu’s eyes sparkled. The hostage girl was released-and the criminal was shot at by snipers, revealing white plastic soaked in cobalt blue fluid. He sank to his knees. 


“You lied to me, Connor. You lied to me.” His voice distorted as the light in his eyes died. Mission Successful.


The shine in Yaomomo’s eyes looked suspiciously like tears. “I don’t...feel very successful.”


“Wait, you actually managed it?” Kaminari leaned over. “No way, nice work!”


“What’s going on down here?” Iida walked into the room, frowning. “I thought video game night didn’t start for another five minutes.”


“We thought we’d get the ball rolling early. Yaomomo killed it!”


“No, the snipers killed him.” She had tipped over onto her side on the couch. “I just let them.”


“Well, how about we change that and dance the night away?” Ashido waived a cartridge in front of their faces, and plugged it into the console. It started to load. “Tell the others we’re getting started now, please.”


“Of course.” Iida sped off around the dorms, gathering 1-A’s students in front of the TV. Ashido, Sero, and Kaminari pushes the couches and coffee table up against the wall to give them plenty of room to move. 


The game booted up, the minimalist menu playing the first listed song, as the students gathered in the common room. “All right, who’s up first?”


“No, who’s on second.”


Ashido punched Sero in the shoulder. “Who want to play first? We have four remotes.”


“I guess...I could go!” Hagakure raised her arm, and grabbed the controller. Watching things dangle around in midair as she held them would always be at least a little unnerving.


“Oh, why not.” Yaoyorozu smiled and grabbed controller number two. Three was quickly taken by Kirishima. 


“Dancing is super manly-having to coordinate all your movements so you don’t trip up. It’s kind of like fighting!” He punched the air. 


Controller number four was pushed into Iida’s hands. “C’mon.” Uraraka grinned. “It’ll be fun! And improve your coordination!”


“Very well. It can’t hurt.” Hagakure scrolled through the menu as her classmates heckled her from all sides, before finally settling on a fairly easy dance-it stared a man in a suit and fedora in front of Art Deco backgrounds, and was performed with a cane the entire time.


Kirishima threw every part of his body into every movement, popping and spinning with vigor. Yayoyorozu was more elegant, but controlled and contained. Iida hit the patterns and timing well enough, but he had a similar problem to Yaomomo. His movements were robotic and controlled, close to his body. He was probably trying to avoid looking too silly, but it kept his score low. 


Hagakure was, surprisingly, the best-a great balance of passion and control, despite the fact she did look a little ridiculous. They couldn’t see most of her movements, but what they could see was a decent mirror of the action on the screen.


She came in first, of course, with Kirishima a close second, and Yaoyorozu taking the bronze. They had all done very well, though, getting at least four stars.


“Oh yeah!” Hagakure jumped into the air, kicking behind her and nearly nailing Mineta in the eye. “Who wants some? Who’s next?”


“How about Midoriya and Bakugou?” Asked Todoroki.


The rest of the class turned towards him. “Are you serious? Do you want us all to die?”


“We won’t. Bakugou won’t take it seriously.”


“Oh, I’ll show you serious, Icy Hot.” Bakugou grumbled, and stood up. “Invisibitch, get us the hardest song you can.”


“Not until you apologize.”


“Just fucking do it!” 


“Fine, fine” Hagakure started looking around the menu. Jeez, fragile ego much? She thought.


The hardest dance in the game also happened to be the only one with normal footage and not a blown-out avatar with pure white skin. Just a man with a yellow glove, dancing to a K-Pop song, flanked by two women mimicking his moves.


Bakugou growled at the screen and snatched the controller out of her hand. Midoriya was shaking slightly.


Minus some initial getting adjusted jitters, the two didn’t do that bad. By no means did they perfectly mimic the images on the screen, but they got pretty close sometimes. Midoriya’s hand never stopped shaking, though.


When the song ended, and the results began to load, the entire class seemed to hold their breath. Then, the number flashed. The unthinkable had happened. They had the exact same score-down to the last digit. 7914.


Bakugou’s hands started smoking and crackling as the smell of caramel wafted through the room. Midoriya’s everything was shaking, and he booked it out of the room.


Todoroki frowned. “That may not have been the best idea.”


“You may be onto something.” Jirou rolled her eyes.


Hagakure picked the discarded remote off the ground and leafed through the menu. “Ooh! This one is my favorite!”

Chapter Text

“Mind telling me what the hell we’re doing here?” Setsuna balanced a pen on her nose. She was surrounded by practically the entire first year hero course, with two notable absences-the neurotic kid from 1-A and his girlfriend.


The door to the lecture hall opened, and Ashido stepped inside, wearing a camouflage shirt, khakis, and brown boots. She was holding a freaking riding crop, probably borrowed from Ms. Midnight. “I’m glad you asked, Tokage. Hello everyone. Thank you all for coming here today. How many of you know Midoriya and Uraraka?”


“Yeah, weren’t they on a date or something?” 


Ashido’s hands started dripping acid that hissed as it ate through the floor. “No. And that’s the problem.


She tapped the board, and the giant words written on it: ‘OPERATION IZUOCHA’.


“Uh, Mina?” Hagakure raised her hand...maybe. “This is great and all, but what does ‘Izuocha’ mean?” 


“It’s a port-man-toe.”




“Whatever!” Mina flailed her arms. “The point is, I’m sure you’ve all noticed Midoriya and Uraraka doing the mutual-pining tango. They’ve had the hots for each other since school started. And I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of it!”


She slapped the crop against the desk, jolting the sleepier students out of their stupor. “It’s about time we put a stop to this! Ladies and gentlemen, this is your mission, should you choose to accept it-get Izuku Midoriya and Ochako Uraraka to confess their feelings for one another. Codename: Operation Izuocha!” 


She slapped the table again. The handle was actually being damaged by acid leaking from her hands and damaging the leather. The sheer force knocked a projector screen down from the ceiling, and someone turned on the projector in the other room.


“Step one-”


“Forget it, Pinky.” Bakugou stood up and stalked toward the back doorway. “I don’t give a damn about your stupid fucking plan with stupid fucking Deku.”


“Oh, you’ll help her.” The door opened to reveal Midnight standing in the doorway, and the height difference between her and Bakugou made him awkwardly look at the wall. “Dear Ashido came to me asking for help. It is now an official. School. Assignment.” She grinned sadistically. “Anyone who choose not to participate, well...” The students could practically hear the crack of a whip.


“Okay, fine, whatever, what the hell!” Bakugou speed walked back to his seat.


Wonderful.” Midnight flipped her hair. “Now, Ashido, where were you?”


“Thank you, Miss Midnight.” Ashido smiled. “Now, step one…”




Toru snuck down the dorm room hall, wearing her hero costume sans boots and gloves. The smooth, reinforced material was infinitely more comfortable than the old design. She had resigned herself to being known as the naked invisible lady, but Togata had put her in contact with a designer who could work with Quirks like theirs-for that, she was forever grateful.


But never mind that. She had a job to do.


She perked around the corner, watching Ochako and speaking quietly into a radio. “Cinnamon is inside her roo,. Repeat, Cinnamon is in her room.”


“Sugar is on the front lawn, writing in his notebook.” Said Tokage. “Is everyone in position?”


A rapid fire series of “Yes”, “Copy”, and “Of course” came over the radio.


“Wonderful.” Mina cackled. “Proceed to Step Two!”




Fumikage sighed as he looked over from the tree he was perched extremely high up in directly over Midoriya’s head. Dark Shadow grumbled at his side. “Why do we have to help with this crap?”


“Because if we don’t, Midnight will surely end both our lives, using various instruments of painful torturer. And because you nearly got Jirou killed during the last H and H session.”


“Okay, fiiiiine.” Dark Shadow rolled it’s eyes. “Just be proud I didn’t use the disguise gimmick.”


“Iida finally got around to picking up Detect Evil. You can’t use the disguise gimmick.”


“Screw you!”


Fumikage leaned over the edge of the roof, watching Iida not so subtly tripped Midoriya, knocking him onto his stomach. Dark Shadow grabbed a small bottle of cologne from his pocket and sprayed a few spritzes over Midoriya’s neck.


“Huh, that’s odd.” Midoriya sniffed the air. “Iida, do you know about this?”


“What? Of course not.” Iida’s voice sounded even more robotic than usual, but it worked. I believe there may be some odd flowers in the area. Maybe that is the source of the odor?”


“I…never said it was an odor.”


“Oh! Yes! I assumed it was, given your sniffing!”




“Maybe we should go back to the dorms and get you cleaned up, in case someone is allergic!”


“Oh, yeah, good thinking!”


Iida and Midoriya walked back towards the dorms, and Fumikage spoke into his microphone. “Sugar is heading towards the oven. Yaoyorozu, you’re up.”


“Of course. Cinnamon will be in the oven in approximately two minutes.”




“Hmm…” Momo quietly knocked on the door. “Uraraka? Are you in there?”


“Oh, Yaoyorozu!” Uraraka opened the door. “What do you need?”


“I lost a lipstick of mine, and I was hoping you could help me find it.”


“No problem!” She smiled, and Momo felt the knot of guilt tighten in her stomach. “Where did you last leave it?”


“One of the bathrooms.”


“I’ll look around. Thanks for the heads up!”


Uraraka walked down the hallway, and Momo spoke quietly into her earpiece. “Cinnamon is on the hunt. Proceed to Step Four.”




As Iida led Midoriya back to the dorms, students around the dorms mobilized and entered bathrooms around the dorms, locking the doors behind them. Only the small, common bathroom was left untouched. As Midoriya leaned over the sink, washing off cologne, Uraraka was quietly walking from bathroom to bathroom, checking the locks. When she ended up at Midoriya’s bathroom, her cheeks got a little pinker, and her stomach filled with fizz. Much as she was worried about her career, she couldn’t really suppress it.


Quietly, she bent down and found the tiny coral lipstick tube next to the sink. She turned to open the door, only to find the doorknob jammed. Midoriya looked up from the sink. “Uraraka? Is something wrong?”




Shoto took his hand off from the doorknob, leaving behind an icy lump. “Now what?”


“Now.” Ashido grinned. “We wait.”

Chapter Text

“The knob is stuck.” Ochako pulled a hand off the strangely cold doorknob, biting her lip to contain a flurry of worried expletives. Midoriya was sitting on the ground, leaning against the back wall. “What do we do know?”


“Wait, I guess. I don’t have my cell phone on me-do you?”


“Nope.” Ochako slid down the door, settling on the cold tile floor across from Midoriya.


“Iida will probably realized it’s taking way too long, and find someone to help unstick the door. What’ve you got there?”


He pointed at her hand. Ochako held up the tube of lipstick. “It’s Yaomomo’s. She lost it the other day, and asked if I could look around for it.” She sniffed the air. “Why do you smell so weird?”


“Some kind of weird pollen got on me. I came in here to wash it off.”


“Ah.” An uncomfortable silence passed over the two. Ochako ran her finger over the rough grout between the floor tiles, and tried not to think about the way her cheeked were heating up. 


“Uraraka? Can I ask you something?”


“Sure, Deku.”


“...Am I doing alright at this? This heroism stuff?”


Uraraka has to blink the surprise out of her eyes. “What? Deku, you’re one of the best in the class. Are you feeling okay?”


“...I don’t know. I don't think so.”


All thoughts of her crush were forgotten. She shuffled over and wrapped her arms around Midoriya’s torso. “If you want to talk about it, you can. But if you don’t! I won’t make you.”


Midoriya bit at his thumbnail. “I do.” He decided, picking at his sleeve.


His hand drifted lower, to the cuff of his pants, and pulled it up. Ochako gasped.


Midoriya’s ankle was ringled with old, crisscrossed scars and picked-at skin. “I haven’t…” He swallowed hard. “I’ve been clean since middle school, but lately...I dunno.”


“Has something happened.”


“That’s the thing. I don’t know why, I just feel terrible.”


Ochako ventured a hand down to Midoriya’s scarred ankle, gently running her thumb over the skin. “I’m...not sure what to say, to be honest. But if you ever need to talk, or just to hang door is always open.”


“Even if it’s one in the morning?”


“You might have to wake me up first, but yes.”


The two chuckled, and Midoriya lied down on the floor, sighing at the ceiling. “Does this make me a bad hero?”


“What?” Ochako gently bopped Midoriya on the head. “No! Of course not! Deku, you’re an amazing hero, an inspiring role model, and a great friend.” She scooched over to sit next to him on the floor. “You have nothing to worry about.”


“But I am.” He grumbled to himself. “Why?”


“...Maybe it’s because of all of the other stuff?”


Midoriya sat up and looked at her like she was crazy. 


“Hear me out, okay?” She twiddled her thumbs. “You’re an excellent hero for...gosh, a lot of reasons, Deku, but a big one is that you’re always working. Maybe part of the reason you feel so crummy is that your not taking time for yourself.”


“I’m a late bloomer, remember? I have to keep working if I want to keep up.”


“What good is keeping up if you feel miserable?”


“I’m not miserable. Just kind”


“Deku. Take a break. Please.”


“...I think you might be right. Thank you, Uraraka.” Midoriya sighed and stood up, examining the door knob. “There has to be a way to get us out of here. But what?”


“Could we detach the hinges?” She examined the edges of the rather large door (most things in the dorm were rather large, given Shoji and Sato’s height.). “There’s nothing I can see blocking it from the outside. The knob’s just stuck.”


“The hinges are on the outside-the door opens out.”


“Fudge. Maybe detach the knob itself?”


“It’s worth a shot.” Midoriya started rummaging through the small bathroom cupboards. “Ah-ha!” He held up a tiny 100-Yen coin triumphantly. 


Ochako took the coin in her hands and began to unscrew the knob. It was painstaking work, but little by little, she made progress. Midoriya was using his thumbnail on the other screw.


The doorknob was still strangely cold-less so than before, but still. Ochako vaguely wondered if Todoroki had something to do with it. “Almost there.”


She grasped the teeny-tiny head of the itty-bitty screw, and gently twisted it the last third of the way out. “Got it. How’re you?”


Midoriya smiled, grabbed the handle, and wrenched the screw the rest of the way out. He gently let go of the handle...only for only half of it to clatter to the ground. The other half remained stuck in the door, and they heard a characteristic crackle in the air. Ice crept over the cracks of the door, sealing them in. “Dang it! Deku, What do we do?”


Izuku pressed his hand to his chin, staring at the door. Then, a glimmer lit up his eyes, and he grinned.




Mina watched as Todoroki finished closing the door with a durable sheet of ice. “I don’t think this can last much longer.” He said.


“Pfft. Don’t worry. We’ll be fiiiiiine.”


Someone’s muffled voice yelled from inside the room. “Detroooooooiiiiiiit…”


Oh, balls.


“SMAAAAAAAAAAASH!” Izuku flew into the door legs first, fracturing it into icy splinters. He flew straight through the door, and straight into the opposite wall, leaving a small dent.


“Deku!” Uraraka carefully stepped through the maze of splinters, and helped her (boy)friend get himself upright, before pressing her fingertips together. “Release!” 


A pink glow flailed up, and Midoriya settled to the ground. “I can’t believe you actually threw me.”


“Hey, it worked, didn’t it? You sure you’re okay?”


“Fine. See?” He held up his hand. “No splinters!”


“Phew.” Uraraka patted Midoriya on the shoulder, and turned toward Mina and Todoroki with a harsh glint in her eyes. “Now, for you two…”


“I believe the expression is ‘that’s my cue’. Good luck, Mina.” Todoroki quietly walked away. 


Mina gulped. “’re not madly in love?”


Midoriya turned flamingo pink, and looked away. Uraraka’s eyes from ‘I’m incredibly peeved’ to ‘I’m going to fucking murder you’. “No. We’re not.”

Chapter Text

“Woohoo!” Denki pumped his arms in the air. “Three points for me!”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Mina rolled her eyes. “I’m still winning.”


“Actually, I think Kirishima’s winning.”


“Shut UP, Hanta!”


Hanta sighed and marked another three tallies on his notebook under Denki’s column. Kirishima was in the front, closely followed by Ashido and himself. Poor Denki was in fourth, followed by Jirou and Bakugou in last, to the surprise of absolutely no one.


“I’m so going to at least get past you, Hanta. I will have that bronze donut!” 


“You can have it. I have the strange suspicion it’s going to suck.” Hanta gnawed on the end of his pencil. “Think we should bring anyone else in on this litter wager?”


“This late in the game? No way. We have, what, four weeks left?”




“Even better! Or, I guess, even worse.”


“What wager?”


The three turned around to see Tsuyu, watching them. “You said something about a wager.”


“Oh, yeah. Our Meme War!”




“Yep! We try to out meme each other.”


“What does that mean?”


“Exactly what it sounds like!”


Her head cocked slightly to the side. “Huh. Okay then, Ash-eat-toe”


“Ash-eat-toe?” Mina’s brow furrowed.”


“Yeah. That’s how you say your name.”


“ it isn’t?”


“Don’t be rude. I know what I said.”


“It’s still not how you pronounce my name.”


Tsuyu gently tapped her on the forehead with her tongue. “I need to check on the others. Aïda?”


Denki frowned. “I...think she means Iida?” The three watched her walk off.


“Did she just do what I think she did?”


“...Add her to the list. Now, Hanta.”




After Tsuyu was given 2 points, with 21 days to the deadline, Hanta kept an eye on her in the odd event she managed to wrack up any more. He was surprised-but he wasn’t sure if that surprise was pleasant or frightening.


Tsuyu had never seemed like someone involved in internet culture, but the following days made it clear she was sunk in it up to the tip of her oddly flat nose. The words to classic Vines fell out of her mouth as often as her characteristic ribbeting. The group chat was filled with the latest dank memes under her account. He checked in with other, smaller chats she was a part of, and found similar patterns there. And then there was the incident with Bakugou and Kirishima.


The two had been sitting next to each other on the side of the pool, talking and drying off after a long workout. He had been told to watch them via text, and they hadn’t minded as long as he kept his mouth shut (that was mostly Bakugou, though.) Then, Tsuyu, unnoticed by either of them, crawled along the rafter-like beams attached to the ceiling, carrying a small, black device. 


When she was perfectly positioned over the two of them, she dropped it, and it landed in the pool with a plink. Then, it started to play English audio on loop. His English was far from spectacular-Kaminari and Yaoyorozu he was not-but he knew enough to understand this.


“Two bros, chilin’ in a hot tub, five feet apart ‘cause they’re not gay! Two bros, chilin’ in a hot tub, five feet apart ‘cause they’re not gay! Two bros, chilin’ in a h-”


Bakugou’s eyes whited out, and he growled like an angry honey badger. The speaker was blown to tiny pieces of metal junk, and Kirishima slowly backed away. Hanta pressed his back against the wall, closed his eyes, and tried very hard not to hyperventilate.


“Who. The. Fuck. Did. This.”


Hanta hazarded a glance up to the ceiling. Tsuyu was gone, vanished into the either-or maybe escaping through the open window on the wall that hadn’t been open a few minutes before.


“Soy Sauce!” Bakugou shouted, stomping up to him. Hanta gulped. “Who the fuck did this?”


“N-not me.”


Bakugou leered at him for another second that stretched out into five minutes, before leaning back and scoffing. “‘Course it wasn’t. You don’t have the guts. I bet it was Sparky, or maybe Black Eyes.” He walked outside, still angry, but slightly less destructive looking. Hanta slid against the wall, sighing.


“Huh. That was weird.”


In the end, despite his best efforts-and a couple explosions-Bakugou was unable to locate the culprit. When the group gathered for dinner that night, Tsuyu looked over at Hanta with a conspiratorial twinkle in her eye. He was very careful to avoid her eyes for the next few days.




And then, there were the ducks. 


The morning after Tsuyu had unofficially joined their challenge, Hanta had found a small rubber duck on his sink. No biggie, someone must have left it there. The morning after that, there were two on his sink, and three more people reported mystery ducks. The following morning, half the class had been hit, and Hanta was starting to think that after eight long years of waiting, he was finally going to snap. For the next week or so, it became a kind of game to see how much the mysterious duck-leaver was able to get away with.


Eyes were cast in his, Denki’s, and Mina’s direction of course, but the recent incident with Class 1-B and the speakers meant most people assumed it was Monoma’s doing-a shallow attempt to aggravate them. 


Hanta knee better. Denki and Mina seemed to have forgotten Tsuyu as a candidate, but he hadn’t.


Thursday, with only ten days left on the countdown, on his way to the bathroom, he face planted on the dorm floor after his foot got caught on a rubber duck the size of a small dog. And then Ojiro landed on top of him, nearly breaking his spine in the process. The large ducks were scattered all around the dorm. And as the week progressed, they got larger and larger-exponentially so. 


The Friday before the countdown ended, Class 1-A returned from class in the afternoon to find and additional two stories of inflatable duck perched on the room. Nineteen jaws hit the pavement, and Tsuyu smoothly slid up next to Hanta. “So, do I get any points for this, ribbit?”


“Oh, you get more than points, Tsu. Far, far more.”




“Teach us your ways! Pleeeeease!”


Mina and Denki were kowtowing to a very confused-looking Tsuyu, who was sitting on the sofa eating a donut frosted with sticky gold icing that Sato had made for them. Bakugou had angrily demanded the silver donut as payment to forget the ‘two bro’ incident, and Mina had happily complied, leaving the two of them to split the bronze.


“I’m not sure how to teach you guys, to be honest.”


“C’mon, there has to be something.”


“Really, there’s only three things you need. Guts, an internet connection, and-”


“And? AND?!”


“And hella bitches.” Tsuyu grinned-actually grinned- dropped the rest of the donut down her throat, and walked away.

Chapter Text

Yuuga was sitting primly on the sofa, eating blue cheese. Blue wasn’t one of his favorites, per say-sharp cheddar was positively delicious, and nothing was better than a good Camembert-but Blue cheese had its own appeal.


He popped another wedge of tangy, crumbly goodness in his mouth and worked his way through the next problem on his math homework. Math had never been his strongest subject, but he was improving after being offered tutoring by Ectoplasm. Aizawa had been cagey as usual, but according to All Might/Mr. Toshinori, the class’s grades were up across the board.


Yuuga smiled as his thoughts turned towards his classmates. A strange, cacophonous mixture of personalities, temperaments, and abilities. And yet somehow, they worked together brilliantly. Not unlike Blue cheese.


He chuckled, and ate another wedge. He finished up the last problem and picked up the cheese board, migrating upstairs to the safety of his room.


The disco ball was looking a little dull, so he pulled an old rag out of its secure hiding place in his closet and went to work. It was almost perfectly gleaming, when there was a soft knock on his door. “Oui?”


Hagakure opened the door. “Hey, Aoyama. How are you?”


He smiled, and elegantly swept his hair back, “Wonderful! How are you?”


“Great!” She clapped her hands together. “I’ve been helping Mina with her very first commission!”


“Ooh, do tell!” 


She leaned in conspiratorially. “Kendo wanted a new blouse for her date next week. You’ll never guess who it is.”


“It couldn’t possibly be Monoma, could it?”


“Nope! I think she sees him as an annoying little cousin or something. It’s actually Tetsutetsu.”


“Ah, I see. That does make sense. They seem rather close.”


“I was wondering if you’d give your opinion on the blouse.”


Yuuga smiled. “But of course. Your room?”


She took him by the hand and pulled him through the dorms and plopped him on her bed. “Be honest, okay?”


The blouse was a brilliant cobalt blue, with a slightly opened collar and silvery-gray trim. It was a little loose in the chest area, but the quality was excellent. Ashido has certainly brought her A-game. “It doesn’t fit well, but it will.”


Hagakure made a gesture that seemed pouty. “ Fiiine. Anything else?”


“You might want to double-check your dresser.”


Hagakure turned around, made a strangled noise, and shoved the offending object in her sock drawer. “G-geez! A little tact!”


“You asked about anything else. And I’m not judging you at all.”


“Okay, fine.” She sighed, and started to remove the blouse. “Just...forget you saw it, okay? And please don’t tell Mashirao.”


“Hagakure, an old baby doll is nothing to be ashamed of.”


“It’s so embarrassing.” She pulled on her regular shirt, gently folded it up, and placed it on her dresser. “Nobody else keeps their old kids toys around.” She flopped 


Yuuga grinned, and leaned in to mutter in her ear. “Between you and me, Tokoyami has an old stuffed rabbit in his closet. Dark Shadow steals it whenever he has nightmares.”


Hagakure chuckled and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly. “Thanks, Aoyama. You always have the best gossip.”


“No trouble at all, Hagakure, dear. I am always eager to grace others with my radiant presence.”


She chuckled, breath warm through his delightfully frilly shirt. “Maybe I should get you to help if Kendo wants a skirt or something.”


“She strikes me as more of a ‘business slacks’ type of girl, but I would be honored to help.”


“EVERYONE! DINNERTIME!” Iida yelled through the dormitory.


“COMING, DAD!” Someone else shouted back as feet began to pound through the dorm, sending them into another round of giggles.


“I suppose we should join them, Mon ami?” He gallantly extended an elbow.


“But of course!” Hagakure giggled and linked their arms, leading him downstairs. He passed her off to Ojiro and took a seat between a very tired Tsuyu and an equally tired Todoroki. Dinner that night was chicken covered in all kinds of flavorful green stuff that made Uraraka recoil in horror, but did a lot to bring out the flavor in the bird. Sato was indeed a master of his craft.


Ashido shoveled another bite of chicken in her mouth and squealed with delight. “How do you do this, Sato? I must know!”


“Practice. And a crap-ton of tin foil.”


Yuuga tuned out the rest of the conversation to focus on the food and the thoughts wandering his head. His father would be returning home soon-he’d been in Marseilles for the past few months, visiting his parents. The trips were long, but not all too frequent, and in three days' time, he’d be back with a few giant bags of cheese. He’s buy other things too-breads and pastries and fish-but they would lose that je ne sais quoi on the plane ride. He’d have to sample those particular delicacies in person.


“Aoyama? Are you okay?” Someone’s fingers snapped in front of his face. His gaze followed up the arm, before finally landing on Uraraka’s face. “You’ve been zoned out for a while.”


He looked around. Almost the whole table had been cleared while he poked at his chicken. “Oh, do not fret. I was merely in deep thought.”


“Okay. Have a good evening, then.” She smiled brightly, and walked upstairs.


Yuuga sighed and finished his chicken. The sharp, tangy flavor had somehow dulled. When he’d finally eaten it all, he climbed up the stairs with as much posh as he could manage, and flopped down on his bed like a piece of rubber.


He looked out from between his fingers. A few specks on the disco ball were still there. 


The small mirrors tacked the the globe warped his reflection like a funhouse mirror. His features were blown into bizarre proportions. Sometimes that was how he saw his face in his head-warped and grotesque. Not pretty, not heroic, just wrong. Ugly and disgusting and wrong. Not like his classmates, and his family. Wrong.


His phone buzzed. A text from Hagakure.


GlassModel: U could rock that shirt betr than i did


He reached up and wiped off the last specks.