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Dishy Doctor's.

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Long before I became a dull Doctor
I was a real life Star-Ship Captain.
You were my Chief Medical Officer
We were both much younger then.

What can I say?
We fell madly in love
Had a passionate, secret affair.

We lost touch
So many year's ago
When you were replaced
And left The Enterprise.

Thats what made up my mind to leave too
It was my love for you
That drove me to become a Doctor.

The wife and family I have now
Would never understand
I could never reveal my true nature to them
Or anyone else at Medical College.

I can never give my family
What they really want of me
So I am giving myself
A dose of my own, Doctors orders
With a real wake up call.

When this agonising vacation is over
I am coming back to find you Phil
We will be, as we were back then
Two hearts beating together as one
Just as if they had never been broken
Dancing to the same rhythm
Like we had never been apart.

I still love you Phil
I always will
You and I forever
I promise you Phil
I swear it, on our Hippocratic Oath's...

The End.