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The Rose - Ground Zero

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"Bakugou Katsuki could always be described as a rose. Beautiful, sharp, and deadly. It only took a week for his petals to be ripped and his stem to be shriveled.”  



Katsuki’s  POV  


Bakugou Katsuki had led a basic life all throughout his childhood. With the basic dreams of a child: To be a  hero.  Another boy he knew, named Midoriya Izuku, shared the same dream of becoming a hero. Katsuki knew the boy because the boys’ mothers were friends, they almost didn’t have a choice in the matter. They grew up in the same neighborhood, and that was that. 

Out of all the neighborhood kids, Katsuki always took the lead. Whether it be getting them into trouble or exploring their little corner of the world. He was... Happy back then.  

“Let’s go kill the enemy!” The blond exclaimed, pointing to the gate with a sign specifically saying: ‘No Trespassing’. The others cheered at the declaration, following in almost immediately after. But he noticed something behind him out the corner of his eye. He watched the greenette hesitate assessing what was around him, before pumping his fists in the air and running after them. 

‘He didn’t follow blindly, huh?’  He wondered.  

It had been a lingering question in his mind. Would they just follow him if they led him into a ditch? He was smarter than any of them, no doubt about it. He was the best of the best, of course.  

He knew that even before he got his quirk.  

------ ---- 

After that, their mothers tried to push them to be friends, so they hung out quite often. He learned that Izuku had similar dreams. But, currently, he had nothing going for him. 

“You can read the last part of his name as Deku.” He said, pleased with himself. 

He watched Izuku frown. “Why are you being so mean to me, Kacchan?” He asked. 

“Cause, you keep whinin’ about how you don’t have a quirk yet! It’s time to work, if you wanna be a hero, got that?” The blond exclaimed, his fists shooting up in the air.  

After that, Izuku stopped whining, he became more determined than he ever had before, his eyes had shone when they watched all the fights All Might had one. They were.. safe back then. They were secure, and they acted as brothers, looking out for eachother.  

------ ---- 

We're gonna be heroes, Deku! Whether you like it or not! Got that?” He boasted to the greenette in the sandbox. “Don't forget what I told you! They were kindergartners then, still young, and bright-eyed. Waiting for the day they got their quirks.  

Izuku's eyes shone at what seemed to be the promise, his expression morphing into that of excitement.  “Just as soon as we get our quirks!” He shouted.  

Age four, the sound of popping from inside the classroom. Katsuki is staring at his hands in astonishment as tiny crackles are emitted from them. The first quirk in the class to arrive. He gazed at his classmates, pure glee and excitement that radiated from their eyes. Izuku, especially, was in awe.

That'll certainly grow into a powerful quirk! "Truly a hero in the making!" His teachers had praised him.


Izuku's POV

"That was amazing, Kacchan!" Izuku Shouted the same day outside. He sounded, genuinely happy  back then, for his best friend. “If I get my quirk, I hope it’ll be as good as yours!” He added. 

“When.”  Kacchan corrected the greenette. “ When you get your quirk. Don’t forget our promise, Deku.” The Kindergarten student smirked. Izuku nodded. “Right, Our promise.” 

Yet it seemed that young Izuku was right. “If” was the correct phrasing; as the promise was never fulfilled. It was only a few months later, that young Izuku had been diagnosed “quirkless”, and dubbed “useless” by the neighborhood children. 

“Sorry, kid, it’s not gonna happen.”   

Those were the words to temporarily shatter his dream.  

He was... Oh god...  

Don’t forget our promise, Deku."  Kacchan’s words rung in his head. Like the bell of the sanctuary, endlessly ringing. The words kept repeating in his head.  

He had broken the promise by default. 

It seemed had never heard of a child being quirkless, he was unaware someone could  be born without a quirk.  Kacchan stepped into the classroom, only to find all of his classmates talking about it. They were practically all centered around something, and something being  him.   

He was something, in his own eyes. He was quirkless, an alien in a super-powered world. A world of heroes. 

The greenette could hear all of their whispers, it’s not like they were trying to hide their disgust at him, not at all. 

I heard Deku is quirkless." “ Quirkless? Like, you can be born like that?” “That’s so stupid.” “I can’t imagine being him.” “Guess he’s useless after all.”  



Katsuki’s  POV  


Katsuki grit his teeth at the whispers. What did  these  idiots know?  


Deku ... doesn’t have a quirk? Does that mean we couldn’t become heroes together...? Heck no! He just needs to work harder to become a hero; that’s all!’  

He tried to convince himself. But... how could they work harder, if they wanted Deku to become a hero? He looked at the greenette, still stunned in the circle. His face was pale as a weak smile was frozen on it. The greenette’s eyes were red and puffy, as if he couldn’t cry any more tears.  

It made the blond angry to see him like this. Smartest kid he knew, being ridiculed for something out of his control. He wasn’t an extra, like the rest of him, he was better than this! 

------ ---- 

“Stupid Deku!” He stood up in the sandbox both he and Izuku were in. His teeth were bared in a fierce emotion that he himself didn’t know he could feel. It quickly got Izuku’s attention, as he looked up almost immediately. “Don’t think not having a quirk is gonna excuse you from our promise! Quirk or no quirk, we’re gonna be heroes! Got that?!” Katsuki shouted.  

It took a pause, before the greenette nodded, grinning. “Right, Kacchan. Our promise isn’t broken yet.” 

Fast forward several years later, at age eleven.  “Come on! Come on! Come on! You have to take down your opponents by analyzing their moves. That’s the only way you can take down your enemies. Not only when I’m not there to protect you from those damn extras, but for your hero training.” Katsuki barked, getting into fighting stance again. A clearing in the woods they had found last year, perfect for training. A look of determination was fierce and shining in Izuku’s eyes, as he struggled to get back up. 

“If you keep stumbling, how will you be able to take down a villain with a quirk better than mine, Deku? Even if it's not likely.” Katsuki kept yapping. “Are you ready?” He asked, as Izuku gained his stance again. His question was answered when Deku ran at him, imitating a war cry. He quickly dodged and threw his arm forward, one of his explosions detonating at Izuku’s side. It threw the greenette boy back again, but he regained his stance quicker than before. 

This time, he ran into one of the bushes, where Katsuki couldn’t see him. “Where are you, Deku, you better not have run away.” He murmured, scanning the area to find out where the coward might’ve run off to. That was before feeling a force land a blow to his head and tackle him. He tasted dirt as the force pushed his head into the ground, grabbing his left arm; rendering him immobile. 

“Where’d you learn that one?” Grumbled Katsuki. “Hero notebook eight!” the boy pinning him replied cheerily. “Figures....” The blond boy muttered. “Now, get off, Deku!” He barked, before feeling the weight that was his quirkless friend vanish as he stood up. It took a minute for Katsuki to get up, and he stumbled for a moment. He finally looked up to see Deku’s eyes shining. “How was that?” He squeaked. “Gives you the element of surprise, but it most likely won’t work the second time.” Katsuki said sternly, brushing the dirt off of himself. 

“Now, try something else.” Katsuki smirked.  



Age fourteen, the years had passed by quickly.Too quick if you asked Katsuki. They were in their last year of middle school now, after Day-in-Day-out training. In theory, it’d make both Katsuki and Izuku unstoppable machines. Yet, it felt as if they had just been going through the motions recently. There was no spark in their eyes when they sparred, no passion behind the scowling blond’s punches, nothing.  

He knew their classmates noticed, too.  


“Look, I think  Bakugou  finally gave up in trying to train Midoriya.” “Maybe he sees what the rest of us see, now.” “Maybe Midoriya just quit.” “Either way, he’s not going to the hero track.” “It’s for his own good anyway.”  

Katsuki bared his teeth. What the fuck did they know, anyway? The whispers continued, and it was all pissing the blond the hell off. He stood up. “Shut the fuck up, you damn extras! You won’t be saying this shit when we both go to Yuuei and you’re still stuck here in this miserable town as fucking Sidekicks to some busted D-Lister at most !” He snarled. 

That shut everybody up. 


Out of his shocked classmates, Izuku was the first to speak up. He stood up from his seat as well, putting a hand on the fuming blond’s shoulder. He smiled. 

“It’s fine, Kacchan.” Yet he seemed dejected from all of his classmate’s words.  

“It’s fine  my ass. Your attitude says otherwise. Fucking look at yourself.” Katsuki growled. He brushed off Izuku’s hand, before grunting. “C’mon. School’s over anyway.” The blond turned heel and walked away. 

------ ---- 

“Are we going to train today?” Izuku groaned as they were making their way back from the middle school. Recently, they had started to clean the dump-ground that was Dagobah Beach. It was an all-around junkyard, littered with waste at almost every inch. It was tough work for just the both of them. Yet, somehow, they managed to lift at least three things from the beach every single day.  

Katsuki let out a sharp laugh. “No, let’s take a break for the day. Use it wisely because this is the first and last one I'm giving you.” The blond teased. It made Izuku chuckle, even if it was only for a short while.  

Looking back on it, this was probably what started the worse week of Katsuki’s life.  

Perhaps if it had just been a normal day, if Katsuki had made the decision they would train that day. Perhaps the fall of Midoriya Izuku would’ve just been another day. The rise of Ground Zero would have no reason to happen. Yet fate, as Katsuki learned, would bite you in the ass at every turn regardless.  

“Are we walking home together?” Katsuki asked, after a pause in their conversation. Izuku only smiled. “It’s fine, Kacchan. Plus, If I need to, I can defend myself.” The quirkless teen laughed.  

“Whatever.” The blond rolled his eyes. 


It wasn’t long before Katsuki noticed he was being followed. The footsteps had been too loud and too consistent the entire time. He was about to ignite his explosions and throw it at whoever was trailing him before he heard a voice. 

“Heeeeyy, Katsuki.” One of them said. He ground his teeth together. He  recognized  that voice. He turned around to find himself face-to-face with two of his classmates. He addressed them and long-fingers and Sharptooth respectively, as he never bothered to learn their names.  

The blond rolled his eyes at the both of them. “The fuck do you want, you goddamn extras.” He growled.  

“Woahh, no need to be aggressive, Katsuki.” Long-fingers raised his arms in surrender, before Sharptooth piped up. 

“We haven’t hung out in a while, maybe we could go to the arcade, pick up some  ladies .” The shark-like teen winked at the last word.  

Unfortunately, these were the closest people he could call friends aside from Deku. Yet he would much rather prefer to spend his time with the greenette than these gang of losers.  

“Whatever.” He sighed. The two both cheered in unison. 

------ ---- 

“So, why do you always hang out with Midoriya over us? He’s quirkless.” Long-Fingers asked Katsuki when they reached a narrow street. It made Katsuki snarl as he turned around to face the middle-schoolers. 

“Because unlike the both of you, Deku actually has 2 cents in that half-wit brain of his, and actually has more ambition to become a hero than two of you combined in  general.”  It had always pissed the explosive teen off when people looked or talked down on  Izuku , when they were no better, or frankly speaking,  worse  than the  quirkless  teen. In frustration, he kicked a soda bottle filled with  disgusting  green liquid to prove some sort of point.  

Depending on the day you asked him, it was either the best or worst decision he had ever made. 

Yet it was that one decision that made it all go wrong. 

His two companion’s eyes widened in horror and mouths fell in shock at what he thought at the time was his own rage. 

“What are you gaping at, extras?!” He barked, igniting his quirk. 

Long-fingers only motioned to behind him. 

Katsuki spun around to see an oozing figure looming over him. He could hear the footsteps of his “friends” as they ran away. 

“What do we have here, an explosion quirk? This’ll certainly be useful.” The sludge monster mulled over.  

A cold chill ran down Katsuki’s spine, as he slowly stepped back, only to be seized by the ugly green villain. “Let go of me!” He barked at the fluid monster, igniting one of the explosions in his palm. Yet is only decimated a good chunk of the building beside him. His eyes widened in shock.  Shit. That’s not what he meant to do.  He was vaguely aware that he couldn’t breathe. 

But, he couldn’t just let this villain take him over. He had to survive this attack, no matter what. He had to be there for Izuku! He couldn’t die here, he needed to be a hero!  

“Escape is pretty useless, kid.” The villain chuckled in his demonic voice. “’Body’s made of fluid.” he said, before willing Katsuki to set off another explosion. 

For the first time in his life, he felt real fear.  

He was alone, and no hero was coming to save him.  

That’s when the rose inside of him began to wilt.  

Chapter Text

Katsuki was wilting, withering away from  what he was at full bloom. Spring would not come this year, if he had anything to say about it. Katsuki  was long gone anyway , after all.


Katsuki’s POV  


There wasn’t much going through Katsuki’s mind as he grappled with the villain whom he fell into the clutches of. Other than a fragmented sentence going through his mind. 

'Gotta.... survive... can’t die now  was his initial train of thought in this thick, slimy prison. This place absolutely could not be his demise. Especially not now. He had so much to live for, didn’t he? But he was suffocating, struggling, trying to control his explosions. But they kept firing, to the sludge villain’s will.  

His story would not end a tragedy. 

He absolutely refused.  

A crowd had gathered, as well as the heroes arriving on the scene. But they weren’t doing as much as he... thought they would. No, they were almost completely useless. Not even trying to evacuate the citizens, watching with beady eyes as he struggled. The heroes, pausing trying to figure out what to do. They were no fucking use, Katsuki had to try and take matters into his own hands. He continued struggling, trying to aim explosions at the villain’s form, but with actual fire behind them, they got worse.  

“Let me go! I’ll kick your ass!” He shouted to the villain, yet there was no response, only the detonation of more explosions. His palms hurt. 

His vision was blurring as he gaped at the civilians still gawking. 

What the fuck are you doing.... run away!  He screamed at them in his head. 

 “Fire and wood.... don’t mix!” He heard Kamui say, slinging around the area on his branches through the commotion. “Can’t get through... the street!” He heard Mt. Lady dramatize. “We’ll have... damage control... right quirk shows up!” Death arms shouted. 

So they were gonna sit and do nothing, then? Try and limit themselves to their abilities? Is this what being a hero is all about? He felt bitter towards them, alienated, even. Dumbfounded as another explosion rang throughout his ears, more glass shattering.  

“...Aren’t the heroes... anything?” He heard one civilian ask. “There’s a kid.... worried...” Another one replied. 


Yet they all stood back for the next one, smoke from the fires made making it next to impossible for him to see anything.  

Yet, through the chaos, he could make out the sound of footsteps, and Death Arms screaming: “What are you doing!” Someone was running towards him. Finally, somebody actually trying. Yet as the smoke cleared, his relief soon turned to horror as he saw a familiar greenette running towards the scene, screaming his signature war cry.  

Izuku did a spin and tossed his open backpack at the sludge villain, resulting for Katsuki to feel his recoil. He should be proud of his friend, yet he could only feel dread.  

He saw tears in the boy’s eyes as he ran towards his best friend. He finally reached Katsuki, desperately trying to drag his friend out of slime. 

“Deku... stay back... you’ll die...” He managed to grunt out between gasps of air.  

“Better me than you. You still have a chance at being a hero, right?” There was a sad smile on Izuku’s face, similar to the smile of that day almost a decade ago.  

“You again?!” The villain shouted, sounding annoyed. 

Wait, again? Did that mean....  

“I’ll make sure to get rid of you for good this time!” the villain shouted angrily, as a cold chill ran down Katuski's spine.

“Izuku-!” Yet he wasn’t able to finish his sentence, as his vision faded to white with the largest explosion he had ever made.  

----- ---- 

The first thing he noticed when he regained consciousness were that his ears were ringing; as his eyes fluttered open. The second thing he noticed was that he found himself facing the sky, laying in the rubble of a building. His muscles ached, along with the pain he felt on his jaw. It was the worst thing he had ever experienced in that moment, and he would’ve screamed out if it hadn’t been for the shock of what just happened. 

He managed to gather his thoughts enough to ask himself a single question. 


“Hey kid... alright?” A voice startled him. He blinked and squinted to see the pro hero Kamui Woods leaning over him. “...You stand?” Any other day, he would’ve felt relief, maybe if things had gone a little differently than they did, but no. Instead, he resented Kamui Woods; Death Arms, Mt Lady, everyone who showed up and didn’t even try to help him.  

The pain subsided for a moment and the ringing stopped, allowing him to croak out: “Where’s..... Deku....?”  

Kamui paused for a moment, before responding. “The kid who helped you? We... haven’t found him yet, but we’re still looking.” The young hero tried reassuring Katsuki.  

Bullshit, based on the heroes’ performance today, he absolutely knew they weren’t going to find the greenette. No, instead, he had to find Izuku himself.  

Adrenaline started pumping through the Blond’s veins, only one objective on his mind: find Deku.  

Strength he didn’t even think he had at the moment allowed him to get up, making him feel light-headed as he stumbled around.  

“Oi, Deku! Where are you, you bastard?!” He shouted, despite his throat screaming at him not to. The only thing he heard was his echo to the open sky.  
‘Hey, don’t worry, kid. We’ll find him in no ti-” Kamui tried assuring him again. 

“Deku!” He screamed, not listening to the hero trying to comfort him. Still no response. Tears started to gather in his eyes as he sunk to the ground.  

“Hey hey hey! Take it easy!” Kamui said as he rushed over to Katsuki. “The ambulance will be here soon.” He announced to the teenager, who still wasn’t listening.  

He knew that the heroes were just sparing his feelings. He heard the pause in Kamui’s voice after he asked the question of Deku’s whereabouts. He was  dead,  wasn’t he? All because a few shitty heroes did nothing. Barely even tried to stop  Izuku  from getting hurt.  They’d rather chalk it up to saying “we tried but we couldn’t save him”. No. Because of them, he’s only days away from them telling him that his best friend had died during the attack; that they weren’t able to find him.  

The tears came slowly at first, hot on his face, dropping into the rubble, one-by-one. He sniffled, letting both his emotions and mind run a million miles a minute. He was angry, he was upset, he was remorseful.  

“DEKU!” He shouted out one more time. Yet, the same as the other times; there was no response to his call.  

He let the wall break, as his slow tears turned into sobs. 

“We were go-ing to be heroes.” The blond choked out, despite himself. 

“Stupid Deku !” He stood up in the sandbox both he and  Izuku  were in. His teeth were bared in a fierce emotion that he himself didn’t know he could feel. It quickly got  Izuku’s attention, as he looked up almost immediately. “Don’t think not having a quirk is gonna excuse you from our promise! Quirk or no quirk, we’re gonna be heroes! Got that?!” Katsuki shouted.   

It took a pause, before the greenette nodded, grinning. “Right, Kacchan. Our promise isn’t broken yet.”  

“Hey, I'm sure we’ll find your friend in no time flat.” Kamui tried to assure him, and for a minute, Katsuki wanted to believe him. He wanted to believe that Izuku had just woken up in some debris. He would come stumbling over here and ask why he was crying. Yet putting all the evidence together, no such thing was true. Everything Kamui was trying to feed him was a lie to get him to calm down. From the hesitation in his voice, to the response –or lack thereof– from the greenette. 

He’d have to tell Inko himself that her son went missing in the attack. That he was gone. That the heroes couldn’t find him. It was all because Izuku decided to risk his own life to save Katsuki’s ass. He hated Izuku for being so goddamn stupid. He hated himself for not stopping him. If they had just gone to the beach like Deku asked, this never would’ve happened. But most importantly, he hated the heroes involved with the tragedy. In the end, they did nothing for Katsuki. They said they had saved the blond, but no. They didn’t save either of them.  

Damage control? We couldn’t find him? It was all utter bullshit.  

He hated Kamui, who was trying to comfort him. Making empty promises just to calm him down. The cameras wouldn’t be rolling here, the aftermath of the attack, where the heroes would’ve rescued the victim. Is this what happened when the cameras were off? The aftermath of every attack? Of course, there was always loss, wasn’t there?  

In the end, they were all so fucking useless. 

Somewhere, outside of his thoughts, he heard the sirens of the ambulance arrive. Yet, he was unbothered by them, as Kamui’s words all melded together into nonsense.  

“Stupid fucking Deku.” 

That was the last thing he remembered of that day. He was fatigued, and consequently passed out as the adrenaline wore off. 

------ ----

The week flew by in a blur; all the days melding together into one giant amalgamation of Katsuki’s own doing. Yet, one thing was still certain: none of them had any right to be called heroes.  

No. Only stupid fucking Deku, of all people.  

Both his parents and the doctor agreed that he should have the rest of the week off to recover from the attack. Allow his jaw to heal, and not being suffocated by his classmates with their prying questions right after the attack.  

Yet that only meant he would be alone in his spiral of thoughts.  

The blond subconsciously rubbed the aching part of his jaw that got the worst of the explosion. It was bandaged considerably. Everything was so mind-numbing and dull as he sat there. His back was pressed to his wall as he sat curled up on the floor.  

Everything felt so washed out to him, as if you had decided to hose down a watercolor painting only to leave the fading colors. No defining edges, only a blur of what it once was. Or a dying rose in late autumn. Not as pretty as it was in the spring, or even the summer months. Crumpled at the edges going all the way down to the brown stem; withered away by the seasons. 

He needed to escape; it was suffocating him being here. 

That’s why on that day, the blond grabbed his jacket, backpack, and his phone. Silently, as if he had never been there at all, he left. 

----- ---- 

The blond didn’t know how far he walked, only that he had just stopped. He had his hood drawn over his head as he strolled down the block, to keep from people recognizing him. The middle-schooler leaned on a building as he took in his surroundings. Where was he? It only took a moment for Katsuki to realize he didn’t know where he was. He felt a chill go down his spine, as he gathered that this part of town wouldn’t be welcoming to him, either.

Something big had to happen, just what?

Auntie Inko had always told him and Izuku that they had a real knack for seeking out danger. Maybe that’s why Deku had found him with that stupid villain. Is this what this was?  

His suspicions had only been confirmed as he heard the scream of a man just beside the building he was leaning on.  

Looking back, why exactly he had investigated instead of running away as fast as possible was unknown to him. His body had just moved before he could really think of a reason why.  

Though, when he went to investigate, he was only met with the aftermath. A chill ran down his spine as he took in the sight. The pro hero Teargas laying face-first in a pool of his own blood. Standing over the hero’s unmoving form, the Hero Killer: Stain.  

The blond’s eyes widened, as he backed away, trying to run away as fast as possible. What would he do? Though that only alerted the violent vigilante.  

“What are you looking at, kid?” The masked man snarled at the blond. It was only then that Katsuki regained his ability to speak; though I'm talking out of my ass.’ He silently thought to himself. 

“Do you think what you’re doing now is right?” The teen asked. There was a firmness to his voice, one that replaced the cold fear and feeling of animosity in him. 

The vigilante only spat on the ground, saying: “Justice ain’t served in right or wrong, it’s only served in justice.”  

“The fuck does that even-” though Katsuki’s rebuttal was cut off by a breeze that was stupidly strong enough to throw his hood off. He hissed, putting it over his head again, but the damage was already done, as Stain had already seen his hair. 

The ruthless vigilante’s eyes narrowed at the teenager. “You’re the sludge villain kid, ain’t ya?” he inquired. 

Katsuki only scoffed at the question. “What’s it to you?” he growled, training his eyes on the Hero Killer.  

“You should know more than anyone what I’m talking about. Tell me, what did the heroes do to save you, or your friend?” The vigilante asked. Katsuki winced at the mention of Izuku, but he realized the man was right, though standing over a corpse.  

“Nothing.” the middle-schooler spat, looking at his shoes. “They were all so- useless.” Katsuki’s words dripped with venom.  

Yet, somehow, this didn’t take the hero killer by surprise. Could the vigilante really understand what the child was feeling at this moment? Absolutely not. Yet, he could resonate with it; so he seized his opportunity. He saw potential in the blond, something he could mold and shape into a weapon with proper training.  

“Would you like to get revenge?” The vigilante asked.  

There was a pause as Katsuki decided his answer. Should he do it? If he did, he wouldn’t become a hero, like he wanted to. But if he accepted... 

He would be able to get revenge on those cowardly excuses the media called heroes. 

“Yes, I do.” Katsuki responded; and for the first time, he looked the Hero Killer in the eye. 

Stain grinned crookedly, as he asked: “What’s your name, kid?” 

Katsuki responded in kind, a sly smirk decorating his own features. 

“Bakugou Katsuki; I’d like to make those fucking cowards pay.”  

------ ---- 

"Go home and pack up your things. Meet me in this spot at exactly noon tomorrow, and I’ll be waiting. If you’re late, I’m moving on.” The hero killer told him.   

That night, he went home with a troubled conscience. On one hand, he was feeling overjoyed at the opportunity he was receiving. Yet, on the other hand, he was apprehensive if this was the best way to handle his pain.   

Yet, his chance to get what he wanted most in the world was so close to him, he could almost reach out and grab it .  

A slam as he closed the door behind him.   

“Where’ve you been all day, ya brat?” He heard his mother call to him from the kitchen.  

“Out.”he replied mindlessly, making his way to the stairs that led to his room.   

Though, for a second, he paused .   

If he does in fact join Stain tomorrow, he wouldn’t get to see his mother in  god  knows how long.   

“Goodnight, mom.” The blond boy said before walking upstairs and retiring to his room.   

If Mitsuki had felt something off about her son telling her "goodnight", she said nothing of it.  

He sighed, collapsing on his bed from the stressful day he had had, and letting sleep overtake him, just as the day overtook the night.  

------ ---- 

The next morning, he got up bright and early to pack his things. His clothes, his favorite Jacket, and some things for basic care.  

Katuski couldn’t tell you what he expected from training under Stain. Yet, the idea of it excited him. He was only minutes away from his goal. After this, he could never go back, as he'd be a fugitive. As he walked out the door, he realized if he left, he'd never be able to come back.

"We're gonna be heroes, Deku. Don't forget about our promise." 

The words rang in his head as he surveyed the first floor of his house. 

“Better me than you. You still have a chance at being a hero, right?”  

'If you walk out this door, you're throwing away both of your dreams.'  something in his head tried to reason with him, but he saw through it. He grew frustrated with it, even; because he knew it wouldn't ever be true.

'No, it was my dream. And that dream had Izuku in it.'   Was what he said to himself. 


A click.


He finalized his decision as he closed the door.

'This is my new dream, and it doesn't have Deku in it.'

------ ----

 True to Stain's words, he was exactly where Katsuki had seen him last.

"So you actually showed up, huh?" Stain rasped, quiet enough for Katsuki to feel that it wasn't meant for him. 

"'Fuck's that supposed to mean?" Katsuki spat at him. 

"Nothing. Come on, we have no time to waste. Follow me." The vigilante said, bounding down the alleyway just out of side.

Instead of retorting again, Katsuki only nodded, running after him.


Training with the hero killer was... interesting, to say the least. He had learned how to jump from building to building, or even in midair using his quirk; and he was taught the weak points of the human body, and where'd they be the most vulnerable. He got up at the ass-crack of dawn every single morning training his quirk, bounding from rooftops, and sparring.

Stain, or Akaguro (as he told Katsuki to call him) barely held back during training. That, Katsuki enjoyed. They also traveled around Japan, scoping out hero hotspots, and their patrol routes. Rarely by public transportation. Yet, after every mission was done, they retired to an abandoned warehouse. 

It also wasn't long after Katsuki left that news broke out the sludge villain kid went missing. In fact, he would be surprised if it hadn't. It didn't bother him as much as it should, he realized, but it only meant he had to be extra careful in public.
At least, for the next couple of months; in that time period they'd be bound to recognize him.


 ------ ----


It'd been barely a month since he started working with Stain, when Katsuki met him. The day was occasionally windy, yet, otherwise perfectly normal. It'd been a duo mission with Akaguro. With a hero that the public knew as Air Jet. It'd been tough, and Katsuki was pretty sure he would be stiff with bruises the next morning. Yet, in the end, Katsuki had been the one to deliver the final blow.

He'd been tasked with cleanup duty afterwards. He'd been halfway through dumping the body of the pro hero into the garbage bin when he felt eyes burning into the back of his skull, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. 

It could only mean one thing: 

Someone was watching him.


He snarled, spinning around to face the onlooker, only to see a panicked boy about the blond's own age, frozen to his spot.

His hair was pitch black and almost shoulder-length; his panicked eyes a similar shade of red to Katsuki's, with a scar going over one.


'This feels familiar' He thinks to himself.

"If you wanna go out and pretend that you didn't see this, turn around and keep walking. I won't say anything." Katsuki growled at the onlooker.

It seemed like he was shaking in his boots at the sight of Katsuki, yet the boy seemed almost sadder when he's said that.

The wind howled, making a stray newspaper outisde of the alley blow on by. Katsuki had struggled to keep his hood on, but in the end, the wind his won, and he let it fall back to his jacket.

"Wait.... y-you're...." The noiret managed to choke out.

"I don't need any of your fucking pity." Katsuki snarled, attempting to duck behind the nearest corner he could find. He was halfway there when the noiret kid spoke up again.


"That's... I wasn't gonna... I wasn't gonna say any of that." He said, almost quiet enough that Katsuki didn't hear him. It made Katsuki freeze, turning around to face the other teen again.

"Then what were you gonna say?" Katsuki mumbled, stepping a few meters to to the noiret than what he originally was.

The noiret kid took a deep breath, looking less frightened than he did before. Almost... nervous instead.

"I.... I was gonna say it wasn't really... manly for them to do that." He said quickly, almost unintelligible. 

"Hah?" What the teen had said was almost disorienting to Katsuki. Almost to the point he could barely think of an intelligent answer either. He'd mentally prepared himself for literally any other possible outcome. Yet, he somehow hadn't prepared himself for the teen to actually agree with him. Especially using the word "manly" while he did it.


The teen kept going on anyway.


"They just... let you sit there and suffer like that. They barely even helped your friend... they just... they had no right to call themselves heroes." He said, stopping for breath. "....Heroes, these days, they don't have what it takes to risk their own lives to save people. They... they care more about about their image not being damaged." He was looking down now, not able to look Katsuki in the eye. It was evident that he wasn't done, yet Katsuki was hanging on his every word.

Most of the time, the blond didn't even believe Akaguro meant what he was saying about this topic, yet, it seemed that this kid was actually saying it because he meant them.

He was finally able to meet Katsuki's eyes with his next words, yet it seemed like they were full of self-doubt.

"But... It's not like I'm any better." He let out a watery laugh. "I couldn't even step up for my classmates when they were attacked by a criminal. My quirk isn't suited for heroics, it's not flashy or cool, not like i can just-" 

"What's your name?" Katsuki said, interrupting the boy before he could put himself down even more.

"W-what?" The boy stammered, a bit taken aback.

"You heard me." Katsuki deadpanned.

"It's... It's Kirishima, Kirishima Eijirou." He finally said.

"Bakugou Katsuki, now what's your quirk?" He asked Kirishima.


It made Kirishima pale. It was like he was fighting himself for what he should say. It wasn't until he realized that Katsuki was still staring at him intently did he realize he needed to answer.

"U-uhm..." The noiret coughed, "It's better if i just show you."

With that, Kirishima's arm seemed to sharpen, or maybe harden just like rock. He punched the wall closest to him, leaving a dent that impressed even Katsuki. 

"Can you only harden that arm?" The blond asked him.

"Pardon?" The kid stammered.

"I said," Katsuki grit his teeth as he repeated his question. "Can you only do that to that arm?"

"No, I-" Kirishima began, before being interrupted by another voice.

"Hey! This is a loitering-free zone! You two should be in school!" A voice from behind Kirishima yelled. They both flinched, seeing as it was an officer.

As Katsuki's eyes widened in panic, the Kirishima kid immediately spun around and lunged for the officer.

Later, all the patroller would be able to recall from the encounter was a shock of blond hair, and then another boy lunging at him, before he was promptly knocked out with a blow to the head. 

Afterwards, Katsuki only scowled at the other teen. "You didn't have to do that." He huffed.

"No, no... It's fine. It almost felt... kind of natural." Kirishima half-mumbled, examining his hands incredulously. 

"Dumbass, he fucking saw you. If anything, you're coming with me now." Katsuki barked.


Strangely enough, Kirishima complied. 



 "What's the story with this one?" Stain asked, sighing as Katsuki dragged Kirishima into the warehouse.

It seemed that Kirishima's eyes widened in fear, as he plastered a nervous smile all over his face and waved.

"Dumbass caught me on cleanup duty. Apparently, he was skipping. We talked, but some shitty cop caught us and this motherfucker right here went and lunged for the guy. Fucker saw his face and everything." Katsuki huffed, seemingly annoyed.

It seemed like an eternity passed before Akaguro spoke up again, yet it was only a few moments, as he took a minute to process what the blond had just said. 

"It's his own choice, if he goes home, he'll face the consequences of defending a criminal; and now thanks to you..." Akaguro said, staring down Katsuki, " he knows our location, he'll rat us out for sure."

"But if he joins us...?" The blond asked, and another long silence followed, everyone getting the point. 

"Is he willing to? What's your name, kid?" The hero killer asked, zeroing-in on Kirishima.

The middle-schooler gulped, a look of uncertainty flashing across his face. Yet, it soon faded, replaced by a new one of determinaion.

"My name is Kirishima Eijirou, and I wish to join you and your work, Stain sir." 


With that, Riot, the 2nd apprentice of Stain had joined the crew.




"He'd be recognized if he went out in public as he is." Stain growled to them both one morning.

"Nope, I already got you guys covered." Kirishima smiled. A while ago, they'd raided the boy's house for his belongings. Kirishima went up to his bunk and brought out his backpack. Opening it up, he brought out both hair dye and gel.

Katsuki's eyes widened in surprise. He opened his mouth to say something, but Kirishima answered his question before he could say anything. 

"I got it last week, in case you were wondering." Kirishima told him, pulling his hand over his head in a sort of a dragging motion, signifying he'd worn a hood. Katsuki only rolled his eyes.


------ ----


"There... and.... done!" Kirishima exclaimed. He'd started dyeing it with Katsuki's help, and that was all well and good. Until he went onto what he intended to do with the hair gel. Which, if you asked Katsuki, was both horrifying and unnecessary. 

"It looks like shit." Katsuki said almost immediately after it was done.

"Whaaaaat? Noooo." Kirishima laughed.

"Seriously, if quirks didn't exist you'd stand out even more." The blond said, scowling.

"Really? I like it!" The now-redhead said, grinning. His joy was almost infectious. 

The blond only looked away, scowling even harder. "Dumbass." he mumbled to himself.


Only a month after the encounter, did they take down their first hero as a trio.

Two months after, they went on a duo mission without their teacher. 


Her roars her earsplitting, and it'd started raining somewhere in the middle of the battle. It didn't matter to Katsuki, though. He was focused on one thing and only one thing. 

He panted as his outfit loosely clung to his wet frame. Kirishima was currently engaged with hand-to-hand contact with the pro hero.

'Fuckin dumbass.'  Katsuki thought, grinning as the pro hero, Proud (fitting), roared in annoyance as her swipes seemed to do no damage to the teen. 

Kirishima only grinned.

"You both think you can take down a pro hero? You two are too stupid for your own good. You better scram before I make you scram." She said, her smile malicious, as she roared again.

It rattled Katsuki, filling his head with words of negativity.

'You couldn't even save him. What makes you think you're even better than the pros? If you go further, you'll die all for nothing. It's the end of the line for both you and Kirishima. It's time you admit that to yourself.' His mind screamed at him, as he sunk to his knees.

As his brain rattled off more sentences of despair for the teen, Katsuki suddenly remembered what the "hero"'s quirk was.


Courageous Lion: She has the abilities of a lion, and her roars give words of either encouragement or discouragement.

She was messing with him, and it was pissing Katsuki off. He jumped back up, ignoring what was going through his mind, only to see Kirishima frozen to his spot. His stare was blank, and his skin had unhardened.

"Finally..." The pro hero muttered, her claws unsheathing, as he readied herself.

The shock came later, the only thing on his mind was that Proud was about to go in for the kill, and his partner was the prey. 




She lunged.



"Ei!" He screamed, jumping in front of the other vigilante, letting off a huge explosion. It was a blur to him, a yowl from the pro hero as she hit a brick wall. 

When he came to his senses, he stood in front of Kirishima, his hand outstretched and twitching. In front of him, was Proud, who was slowly getting back up, groaning.

The blond turned back to his partner. "Are you alright, Eiji?" he asked.

"I'm fine. Is she defeated yet?" The redhead asked, though he clearly wasn't.

"No, not yet." He mumbled.

"Then why did you call me by my name?" The redhead inquired, causing Katsuki to pause as he slowly watched the hero get up and snarl at them.

"Because this bitch won't see the next sunrise." He said, glaring at the hero. She glared right back.

"You... you were gonna kill him, weren't you? Your full intention was ro rip him to shreds, wasn't it?!" The blond yelled at the hero, who only growled in response.

"You both had what was coming for you." She spat.

It made Katsuki's eyes narrow in disgust. "People like you deserve to fucking rot." The words bitter on his tongue.


He realized in that moment why this fight was different than all the others he'd experienced.


Because it was almost like he was fighting himself.






his palms crackled as he lunged at the pro hero, and her roar rang through Katsuki's ears, making the voices of discouragement amplified.

He ignored them, though. 


Because they were things he already knew.


------ ----


Katsuki heaved. He wasn't sure how long it'd been. The rain had stopped, as he loomed over the broken body of the pro-hero.

His partner right beside him finally unhardened, his hands covered in blood like they were gloves. He grinned at Katsuki, fighting for breath himself.

"We... we did it, Bakugou. Bakugou we did it." Kirishima managed to say in between breaths. Then, his partner was full-on smiling, his sharp teeth on display. Katsuki wasn't sure why, but he felt that the redhead was genuinely happy in that moment.

In fact, his joy was infectious enough for Katsuki himself to crack a small smile. He looked down to the ground as he said his next words.

"Yea, Kirishima. We did."


First duo mission: A success! 


They'd picked out vigilante names the next morning. Not the night of,  as they'd both collapsed on their cots as soon as they'd gotten back to the base. Dead-tired but still genuinely happy.

Katsuki picked Ground Zero as his name, while Kirishima had chosen Riot. Just... Riot. Maybe the name meant something special to Kirishima. Katsuki never had the time to ask. 

It was evident that the other apprentice was still deeply shaken by whatever discouragement Proud had given him, but  whenever Katsuki had tried to ask him, the redhead would just avoid the question. But whatever it was, it was apparently able to make his unbreakable friend freeze. 

No matter what it was, the encounter had made them both closer. With the whole "saving your friend's life" thing. Which was fine, neither of them were complaining.

It'd made them both grow either way.



Katsuki had decided to look forward from the sludge villain attack, and start looking to the sky. 

But first, he had to complete some unfinished business.



"We'll be out all day, I have something to do." Katsuki announced to Stain. His mentor just grunted and waved his hand towards the door. He was looking through some casefiles, memorizing some hero's patrol route.

It'd be a long journey back too where he started, too long to take on foot.

If he'd been alone, he probably wouldn't have even mustered the courage to even come here.

But that was fine.


Because he had Kirishima with him, too.


------- -------


"How long 'til we get there?" Kirishima groaned, as the blond dragged him through his own city.

"We're almost there, Shitty Hair. Be fucking patient." 

"And where exactly are we going?"

"Somewhere from my past.  It's time i finally finished what I started." Katsuki answered, and Kirishima understood. This was a place that Katsuki knew from  before he even knew of the sludge villain. 

Whatever it was, he had to finish what he started.


------- -------


The parking lot wasn't deserted, which was strange to Katsuki, but it wasn't packed, either.

"Strange..." He muttered to himself, weaving through different cars.

'When I was here, this place was a ghost town. Nobody wanted to come here since it was such a junkyar-' 

He didn't get to finish his thoughts.


His mouth hung open in shock, as he surveyed the area.

It was completely clear, Dabogah beach was clean. In fact, you could even say it sparkled.

He jumped down onto the sand, which was soft under his feet.

A little girl played in the water, while two younger children built sandcastles. A young woman sunbathed not too far off on the shore, as if it were all just some regular beach.

Kirishima jumped beside him, and frowned.


"I don't understand, what'd you want to show me here?" He asked, but Bakugou remained silent.

It was as if the enormous trash heaps had never been there at all. They'd completely vanished, and Katsuki felt as if he'd been going crazy. Because he could've sworn that he and Izuku had left the beach in a state of ruin.


"This used to be a junkyard, it was me and Izuku's job to clean it up. The only people who knew about the project were me and..." Katsuki trailed off.

"You were the one who started it, maybe someone else finished it." Kirishima said.

"No, but he's dead, and other than me, he was the only one who knew about it." 


They were silent for a long time.


"While we're here, let's just be kids. No targets, no heroes, just us. It's a long way back, anyway." The redhead said, and Katsuki found himself nodding along to the idea.


He came here trying to fix what was right, but it turned out somebody had already done it. His only tie to this place was gone, and he could finally move on.


And you know what? That was fine by him.




Katsuki never thought of that encounter long, he didn't need to. His mission- the one he thought was set in stone, to be a hero, turned out false.The revelation that that his place was here, with Kirishima, Akaguro, and soon Iida took him by storm.

The night of the anniversary, he was leaning on the rail of a building, looking out onto the city. Iida and Stain were gone away on business, and they had left Katsuki and Kirishima to accomplish a duo mission together. 

"Ready to go, Ground Zero?" A familiar voice said from behind him, making the blond relax.


Even with his Bridges burned, ties cut, and only two friends that he trusted, Katsuki was content.

In fact, Katsuki only smiled as he got up from the railing and turned to face his partner.


"Ready as i'll ever be, Riot."


From that day, Bakugou Katsuki had wilted, but Ground Zero had rose.

Chapter Text

"Bakugou Katsuki had wilted, and only his thorns remained"


Katsuki’s POV  


“Ground Zero and Riot have a duo mission today.” Akaguro growled at them. Usually, Stain would not summon them at the table unless it was completely urgent. Such as missions. 

Akaguro slammed pictures down of a hero known as Mr. Brave. He plucked hair off his head and could manipulate it and harden it at will.  

Seemed easy enough, after all, Kirishima had a hardening quirk too. 

“Alright!” Said Kirishima exclaimed, pumping his fists in the air. 

“I’m giving you both earpieces, to contact me today. I’ll be off on recruiting business.” Akaguro said, handing them tiny, black devices.  

“Should be easy enough for us not to need earpieces, what are they for?” Katsuki smirked. 

“Just in case.” Akaguro assured, “Here are Mr. Brave’s patrol schedules, location, and known weaknesses. Study up, I have somebody to meet.” 


Katsuki only scoffed. This idiot was gonna be a piece of cake, two on one. 




Nobody expected Death Arms to be there too. They didn’t expect that son of a bitch to be patrolling in the same city that day. Bastards. Both of them... 

There was only one thing he saw before Mr. Brave collapsed, the hero's shattered jaw apparent. It was Death Arms. He was transported back to that day, with the Sludge Villain. His heart was racing as his eyes widened.  


For the first time since that day, he felt fear. His veins turned to ice. He froze as Death Arms was ready to strike Katsuki down. “Ground Zero!” Kirishima yelled. It almost happened in a flash, something Katuski could barely recall except for in flashes and random bursts of memory. 

Kirishima hardened, pushed Katsuki out of the way, and took the swing with a sickening crunch. He winced at the sound. Then, Katsuki was later told he lunged at Death Arms, his quirk crackling between his palms as he readied another explosion.  

Fear had turned to hate again.  


He was almost ready to give Death arms a blow to the neck when he swatted Katsuki away like a fly. He would be caught here, both him and Kirishima. The injured blond was almost sure of it. He struggled to get up and grimaced when he failed. Kirishima had saved his ass and it all would've been for nothing.  


Then, in a flash of what almost seemed like Deus Ex Machina, a familiar blur of red, black, and tan kicked Death Arms in the face. Then, he brought one of his silver swords down. Death Arms tried to swing Akaguro away but he quickly dodged like it was nothing. 

Behind him, a new face sped onto the scene. Somebody Katsuki had never met before, it seemed. His muscles twinged and almost gave out as he tried to get up, just like they had on that day. The newcomer was nothing more than a silhouette of dark blue, and he often gave kicks to Death Arm’s legs; clearly trying to unbalance him. 


“Your mission is completed, retreat to the base!” Stain seemed to yell to Katsuki.  

With that, he struggled up and reached over to grab a half-conscious Kirishima’s arm, running on only his adrenaline spike alone. Their mission had been completed, yet, they needed to escape before it was too late.  


Dazed and battered, he dragged Kirishima into the nearest pothole. They had taken down their target, but....  

Death Arms was still out there, no doubt fighting Akaguro and that other guy. Katsuki knew damn well he’d run after them once he got through the other two. The only way out was through the sewers. It was disgusting and it made Katsuki’s eyes water. Yet, he had to push through it. His mission was over, they were almost safe.  


So why was he cold-sweating as he dragged the faux redhead through the slush? Why were his fingers trembling as if they were in imminent danger? Why did he feel like he could accidentally set off another one of his explosions if he wasn’t careful enough?  


Was he scared? 


Kirishima groaned from behind him, as if still fighting to stay awake and keep up.  
“Hang on, Shitty Hair, we’re almost out of here.” Katsuki grunted.  


Then, an inkling of an epiphany was brought to his mind as he raced to the base. He felt more fear here than he did facing Death Arms.  

Everything else was a blur, and the only thought that crossed his mind was: 


Kirishima is a hero, too, just like Deku...’ 




Not much had happened in the week following, he woke up the day after the mission, his eye annoyingly covered by bandages.  

He stumbled out of his makeshift room to Kirishima’s, where he was sitting on his cot, completely swathed in bandages. Katsuki’s eyes raised in alarm. 


“Dude....” The redhead laughed, “I think you overdid it.” Katsuki must’ve looked utterly confused, so Kirishima filled him in. “Last night after we got back, you went and basically wrapped me up like a mummy. I managed to rip some of them off... Can you help...?” He asked, sounding too innocent for Katsuki’s liking.  


He rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”  




So here they were, laying on Kirishima’s cot; Kirishima reasonably bandaged. They had taken the bandages off his right eye, revealing a scar going over his eye prior. 


“Now we match!”  Kirishima  exclaimed gleefully, pumping his fists in the air.  Katsuki  only smirked and only rolled his eyes.  


They were lying on the cot, looking through recent articles. It was a pastime for both of them to do together. Ever since their first duo mission together, and their names as vigilantes became known. Honestly, Katsuki enjoyed it because he got to look up all the bullshit excuses and articles the press came up with. Plus, he gets to do it with the only person alive he would call his best friend.  


Kirishima laughing as an arbitrary article catched his eye. “Wait, let me see that.” he says, reaching for Katsuki’s phone.  

“Fuck off, Shitty hair, this is my phone.” The blond barked, holding it higher in the air so Kirishima couldn’t reach.  


Turns out, the article the readhead saw was something that was pure paranoia.  

Something about there being four Hero Killers, as if Akaguro fucking cloned himself. He chuckled himself, as had so much speculation in it, it wouldn’t be out of place on a villain subreddit. 


 That’s when they heard the entrance creak open. Katsuki immediately jumped up, dropping his phone on the cot.  


He went to peek and saw Akaguro. “I’m back... Eris.” Akaguro said. “Eris” was the codeword they all decided on in case somebody with a shapeshifting quirk- like some bitch that Katsuki would meet in the future –decided to infiltrate the warehouse.  

“I brought another one.” Akaguro called out, eyeing Katsuki on the metal platform that led to the makeshift rooms.  


What did he mean, “another one”? Another apprentice? Another what? 


Turns out his suspicions were correct, as a guy about the age of him and Kirishima stood in the entranceway, following behind the man with the blood red scarf.  

He looked stiff, and he had dark blue hair and glasses. He looked like an aristocrat, and at that, the blond rolled his eyes.  


“What’s up?” Kirishima asked, exiting his room and going beside Katsuki.  

“There’s another apprentice.” He muttered, loud enough so the faux redhead could hear.  

“Really? Awesome!” Kirishima exclaimed, rushing down the creaky metal stairs to meet the new guy. Katsuki decided to follow more slowly, grumbling things like “Watch it, Shitty Hair.” 


They made it to the main floor, where the new kid stood in front of the pair. “Pleasure to meet you, I am Iida Tenya.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, before Kirishima responded to the nerd’s greeting. “Kirishima Eijirou! It’ll be so cool to work with you!” He piped up. 

Then, he gave Katsuki a look his mother often used to give him. Which translated into “Introduce yourself”. The blond huffed, “Bakugou Katsuki.” He said, stick his hands in his pockets.  

“This is Mercury, the third apprentice of Stain. He’s quite into the essentials, only packed his clothes.” Akaguro formally introduced Four Eyes. 


Turns out that was the guy that saved his and Kirishima’s ass against Death Arms. Katsuki would never admit this out loud, but he owed Iida. It made Katsuki respect Iida more than he ever would’ve if they had met under any other circumstance.  


That day was exactly when they became The Three Apprentices: Ground Zero, Bloody Riot, and Mercury. Thankfully they never encountered Death Arms in a back-alley like that ever again, once they healed. He also had to assure both Iida and Kirishima that ‘he could kick Death Arms’ ass for hurting Hair for brains alone now.’ Which led to Kirishima burst out laughing and Iida chastising Katsuki for his language. 


This was his life, living with the only few people he respects. Going on missions and feeling the rush of blood and adrenaline. Training with Akaguro. That’s how it was for months. Until... 


He was alone with Kirishima in the warehouse, of course doing their cherished pastime of reading villain conspiracy. Apparently, Akaguro and Iida had a mission together and that unfortunately left the pair together. Not like Katsuki was complaining, after somebody saves your ass and almost sacrifices themselves for it... The blond was never bound to take that lightly, never again.  


Kirishima was laughing at some conspiracy, something about robot built to spite Endeavor, Katsuki wasn’t paying attention. This time, Shitty Hair had been victorious in stealing Katsuki’s phone.  


Death Arms’ confrontation with Ground Zero, Bloody Riot, and a newly debuted Mercury was now publicized. To Stain, this was good news. Word got out to the public that were three people working under Stain, two of which brought down Mr. Brave, they could gather their own crowds and apprentices.  

But that was thinking way too far ahead in the future.  


Once again, he had heard the door open. Followed with “Eris” by Iida. Katsuki jumped up and out the door they had recently installed, to the metal platform, where he saw Akaguro and Iida. Four Eyes as stiff as ever.  

“Bakugou, I know you’re up there. Bring Kirishima down here, it’s important.” Akaguro stepped in front of Iida and said.  

Katsuki only nodded. “Shitty hair, Stain wants us down in two.” He called before climbing down the balcony.  


When they had both reached ground level, Akaguro told them some... interesting news. 


“We’re packing up. Some group called the League of Villains has requested us to join them.” The vigilante ordered the two apprentices who hadn’t heard the news.  

“Wait... we’re moving? Just like that?” Kirishima questioned.  

“They made us an offer that we couldn’t resist.” Iida shrugged, speaking up again. Unsurprisingly, Iida’s shrugs were as stiff as his unfortunate hand-chops.  

“In fact, their leader asked to meet with you, Bakugou.” Akaguro told him. 


Katuski let out a grunt of surprise. “Why me?” He asked suspiciously.  

“The leader requested you meet with him.” Akaguro said, and the way the noseless man phrased it, it sounded like an order. Who was this pretentious asshole who wanted to meet with an even more pretentious asshole? Whoever it was, they were too full of themselves. 





When Akaguro said that the leader would pay Katsuki a visit, he hadn’t anticipated what Akaguro had called a “visit”; was having an obsidian-colored portal open up below him when he was walking down the street. He was falling into oblivion for what felt like eternity, but was most likely only a few seconds in real time. 


The blond crashed onto a wooden floor, and his vision being immediately obscured by a blindfold. Then, he was forced into a chair. He tried lashing out to them, or using his quirk. Panic scorched his heart, where was he? Completely unaware he wasn’t being kidnapped, he started yelling. Well technically, he was being kidnapped- but we’re not here to debate technicalities. “GET THIS SHIT OFF OF ME! I’LL KICK YOUR ASS!” Katsuki thrashed in the chair.  

“Well, this isn’t working,” Somebody sighed, “Let’s try again when he wakes up. Poison Dart?” The voice sounded oddly familiar, yet he couldn’t place a face or a name to it.  

“Yes, sir.” Somebody who he assumed was Poison Dart croaked.  

He was restrained by Three muscular arms, and he felt something blunt prick his neck.  

“Was that the right dosage?” Asked the familiar voice.  

“Yessir, the one you asked for.” Poison Dart croaked. 


His breathing and mind slowed, yet he went unconscious thinking of the familiar voice. It was cold, as if there was something missing. Yet he knew it, and there was no doubt about that. 




Able to recollect his thoughts as he slowly awoke, Katsuki noticed a few things: 

a. He was still blindfolded 

b. He was now tied to the stupid chair 

c. There were restraints on his arms 

d. It sounded like there were a few more people in the room


Stain had always taught him acting in order to gain information; playing dead. Gather his thoughts on how he was going to escape, and kill whoever the fuck did this shit.  


“Are you sure he won’t just attack us again when he wakes up?” A high-pitched dramatic girl asked. 

“Ground Zero is smart. He’ll know when he’s outnumbered, he won’t risk his life for silly shit anymore.” The familiar voice answered, too confidently.  

“Wait, so you mean that’s Ground Zero?” Another girl asked. 

“Yes.” Said F.V. 

“You mean, the first Apprentice of Stain?” A male asked, incredulous. 

“Yes.” Replied F.V., sounding a bit annoyed. 

“But isn’t he like, super hotheaded or something?” The guy asked again. 

“Kaminari, if you keep asking these questions, you’ll be leading the patrol on the south side.” F.V. replied calmly. 

That warranted a whimper.  


“You mean you endangered my girlfriend when he almost lashed out at her?” The second female asked. 

“He was restrained by Shouji the entire time. Besides, Tsu-chan was completely fine and a safe distance away.” The familiar voice chuckled nervously. 

Then a pause. 


“What is it?” The high-pitched girl asked. 

“Oh my god he’s awake.” F.V. sounded, small, almost terrified. 

Another pause. 

“Get Shouji and Tsu-chan again.” F.V. ordered. 


Katsuki snarled. After some shuffling, the blindfold was ripped off his face. 

The blond noticed some things almost immediately. The fact that he was inside an orange-lighted bar; the fact that he was surrounded by people; and the fact they almost all looked like... Teenagers...? 


The first person his eyes fell upon was a brunette girl with her eyebrows furrowed.  

Another was a plum-haired boy who looked tired enough to be hallucinating right now. 

And a fearful bright blond, A greenette. A light blue-haired man with severed hands all placed strategically on his body was sitting on a bar stool. His eyes kept darting to the faces in the room, each holding a different emotion. 


The severed-hand guy stood up. “We... are the League of Villains.” He introduced. 


Then, it all made sense, the guys that Akaguro said would want to pay a visit to him. Was this guy their leader? No, there was someone else ordering them around, and it sure as hell wasn’t him. The Hand Guy’s voice was too giggly and insane, like a child’s voice.  


Katsuki let out a sharp, dry laugh. “So, this is what Stain calls a ‘visit’? Figures.”  

“I believe The Hero Killer has already informed you of the meeting?” The severed-hand man questioned. 


“Hardly,” Katsuki growled, “You have a lot of nerve to request an audience with me, you hand-fetishist freak.” 
That warranted a laugh from the bright blond boy; before being slapped in the head with the greenette’s tongue.  

The teenagers looked at him warily, and then themselves, before the bright blond spoke up again. 

“Shigaraki didn’t request the meeting with you.” He insured. 


Katsuki probably looked dumbfounded. Then who did? 

The purple-haired boy finally moved to leave. He called into a back-room.: “Sir? He’s ready to meet you.” 

A whimper. 

“Don’t pretend to act chicken now, he’ll kick your ass.” The purple haired-boy smirked. 


A sigh, then the creaking of a door. 









His eyes dried as he blinked in shock. It couldn’t be, it couldn’t be him. His hands started trembling. He thrashed, activating his quirk. It made everybody flinch and evacuate, except for him.  


“Wait... Kacchan!” The greenet boy called. 


His metal bonds broke as he lunged at the imposter.  

“You think this is fucking funny?” Kastuki snarled, “You piece of shit.” He pinned the green-haired boy down, blinking back tears. 

He was hallucinating for sure this time. He was absolutely sure.  

So, this is how fate decided to bite him back in the ass? 


Deku looked different, Katsuki realized. He had a scar on his jawline from the explosion that matched Katsuki’s. His hair had been grown out longer, and he had two diagonal scars on the bridge of his nose. His eyes.... a brighter green than they had ever been. 


The teenager started up at him, before dissolving into thin air. Katsuki stared at the wooden floor in confusion, before getting up. 


Horrible Mistake, Kacchan.’ He heard in his head a voice not his own. 


Then, in a flash, he was gripped by his head and pushed into the floor. Ultimately pinned by a weight now on him. 




“Come on! Come on! Come on! You have to take down your opponents by analyzing their moves. That’s the only way you can take down your enemies. Not only when I’m not there to protect you from those damn extras, but for your hero training.”  Katsuki  barked, getting into fighting stance again. A clearing in the woods they had found last year, perfect for training. A look of determination was fierce and shining in  Izuku’s  eyes, as he stumbled to get back up. 

“If you keep stumbling, how will you be able to take down a villain with a quirk better than mine,  Deku ? Even if it's not  likely. ”  Katsuki  kept yapping. “Are you ready?” He asked, as  Izuku  gained his stance again. His question was answered when  Deku  ran at him, imitating a war cry. He quickly dodged and threw his arm forward, one of his explosions detonating at  Izuku’s  side. It threw the  grenett e  boy back again, but he regained his stance quicker  than before . 

This time, he ran into one of the bushes, where  Katsuki  couldn’t see him. “Where are you,  Deku , you better not have run away.” He murmured , looking all around the area to where the coward might’ve run off to That was before  feeling a force land a blow to his head and tackle him. He tasted dirt as the force pushed his head into the ground, grabbing his left arm; rendering him immobile. 

“Where’d you learn that one?” Grumbled  Katsuki . “Hero notebook eight!” the boy pinning him replied cheerily. “Figures....” The blond boy muttered. “Now, get off,  Deku !” He barked, before feeling the weight that was his  quirkless  friend vanish as he stood up. It took a minute for  Katsuki  to get up, and he stumbled for a moment. He finally looked up to see  Deku’s  eyes shining. “How was that?” He squeaked. “Gives you the  element of surprise, but it most likely won’t work the second time.”  Katsuki  said sternly, brushing the dirt off of himself. 

“Now, try something else.”  Katsuki  smirked. 


Tears pricked his usually-dry eyes.  

“Deku...?” Katsuki croaked. 

“In the flesh, Kacchan.” Deku grinned from on top of him. 

“You have a quirk... you can’t be-” He was cut off by glowing, before he was sent into a flashback. 




The first thing  Katsuki  saw was  Izuku  being flung into a strange room via portal. 

It wasn’t like the bar  Katsuki  was in now, the floors were quartz, and there were wires everywhere. He realized that they all lead to one place. A chair.   


Deku  furrowed his eyebrows once he regained posture. His jaw was obviously wounded and caked with blood.  

“Where’s  Kacchan ?” He asked determinedly. 


Kastuki  soon realized what  Deku  was staring ahead at.  

There was a person in the chair with wires leading up to him. 


The chair spun around. 



It revealed who  Katsuki  could describe as the victim of a tragedy involving detonation. 


Deku  visibly flinched at the sight of the man. 


“Greetings,  Izuku . Long time no see.” The man... smiled? 


A chill visibly went down  Izuku’s  spine as he faced the man. 

“H-how do you know my name? Where am I? Where’s  Kacchan ?” He asked, his voice getting more firm. 

“Why, that’s no way to greet your father.” The figure said. 


Hisashi -” 

Midoriya  Hisashi  is not your father . He was who  Inko  told you your father was, to keep your from asking questions.”  


Izuku gulped. “What do you want from me?” 

“Let me formally introduce myself,” The disfigured man sat up, “My name is All for One, and you’ve inherited my quirk.” 


“A quirk? But I’m  quirkless .”  Izuku  said, fearfully. “Maybe you have the wrong guy. I’m pretty plain looking. Perhaps the wrong family? Because when I was four, I was diagnosed without a quirk and...” He started mumbling again.  Katsuki  rolled his eyes. 


Izuku .” The man-All for One-said calmingly. 

The green-haired boy  flinched and  looked up again. 

“Have you ever tried... to take another person’s quirk?” All for One asked him. 


“It’s impossible.”  Izuku  deadpanned. 

“But it’s not.” The disfigured man... grinned...??? 

“Doctor, bring the prisoner to me.” All for One called to an unknown person.  


After a few seconds of deathly silence, a man was shoved out, fear shown evident in his eyes. 

“This is a patroller we caught at the edge of our territory in  Kamino . He was lurking near the base. So, we picked him up. For the past few days, we’ve been trying to decide his fate.  But now.... you’re here, my son....” All for One trailed off.  


“Feel it in you, and take his quirk. It’s very useful. Able to send people back into memories, communicate telepathically, read emotions.” All for One grinned hungrily. 


Deku  meekly stepped forward.  

He closed his eyes, stepping in front of the prisoner. 


The  greenet  winced as small bursts of what looked like purple-green lightning enveloped his skin. 


Then, his eyes opened. 




Instead of the soft green they used to be, they were bright, almost glowing.  

It sent a chill down  Katsuki  spine.  

The prisoner backed away, a gag over his mouth. His eyes displayed pure terror as  Izuku  hungrily stepped forward. 


His hand reached out to the prisoner. And, in a burst of purple-green lightning, it was all over. 




Katsuki’s eyes widened as he was brought back to the bar. 


“It’s called All for One. Both my quirk, and my father. I can take away quirks, use them for myself, or give them away. Pretty cool, right?” Deku chuckled, yet it sounded dry. 


Katsuki realized that Deku was sitting lazily on a bar stool, while the blond was still sprawled out on the floor. He sat up, his vision blurring with tears. 


“Deku....” He croaked. 

The first person he would ever call a true hero was right in front of him. 


Midoriya Izuku was alive.  

He was safe. 

And he was a hero. 


The sobs came softly, still sat on the floor. Clutching his chest as his tears spilled onto the wood. 

They were there for only a few minutes, but it seemed like eternity. Emotions of greif, relief, regret, guilt, they were all there. Before being washed away in silent tears. 


“You bastard, why did you leave me like that?” He croaked, once he was done.  

“You ran away before I could talk to you.” Izuku replied simply. 


His cheeks almost flushed with embarrassment. “Dumbass.” He smirked, trembling and  getting up. Deku’s eyes brightened. 


“So,  Kacchan , would you like to join the League of Villains?”   





It was now mid-spring, and it had only been weeks ago Akaguro and his apprentices had joined the League. 

They’d moved from the abandoned warehouse to the inn upstairs of the bar.  

Katsuki finally had a room again. One next to Kirishima’s. 


Crazy-stupid placing allowed Katsuki to finally do a crazy-stupid thing.  


Dear Shitty Hair, 


I never got to thank you for saving  

my ass with Death Arms formally, so here’s this: 
Thanks, it was pretty manly, I guess.  

Let’s go out for coffee on Sunday, 

unless that  fuckwad   Giran  sends 

us on an impromptu mission again. 


~ Katsuki 


He slid the note under Kirishima’s door and then walked downstairs, where he met up with Giran.  

He sat down at a bar table, flexing his fingers. 

“Alright, listen closely. Me and Kirishima want no missions on Sunday unless they’re from fucking Akaguro himself....” 





The week flew by quickly. Before he knew it, it was Sunday.  

He stood outside Kirishima’s door, hood strategically placed over his head. 

The door flung open, revealing a bright red-head with his hair in a ponytail. 

Nothing too formal. A white shirt, black jeans, and a black jacket that looked oddly familiar.  


“Is that my....” He trailed off. 

Kirishima shifted nervously before changing the subject.  

“We taking the backroads or what?” Kirishima laughed. 

“Are you trying to change the fucking subje-” 

“Let’s go!” Kirishima laughed again, dragging Katsuki to the nearest exit. 




It was all going fine, Katsuki had led Kirishima to a nice coffee shop on a main road. It was cozy, and had a lovely view of outside. It was pretty pleasant. 

He was deep in thought, thinking about Bloody Riot’s debut and fluffy redheads. 


That’s when he heard the crash. 

He practically jumped up and dropped his phone, looking out onto the main road. 

A villain attack? 
At this time of day? 


What kind of dumbass would-? 





Outside was Shock Screen, also known as Kaminari, in full costume, fighting the Pro Hero Snipe out in the middle of the street. 

What a fucking dumbass. 


Wait, there’s another person seemingly combatting Snipe as well? 
Again, dumbasses. 


“Shitty Hair, we have to go. Code Double Yellow.” He mumbled to the faux redhead, still sipping on a macchiato. 

Kirishima paused, before looking outside in confusion. 

His expression almost immediately turned into a mix of recognition and exasperation. 


Katsuki rolled his eyes as him and the other customers inside the coffee shops evacuated. 




Not long afterwards, Kirishima and Katsuki had changed into their villain costumes. 

Something designed Specifically for Code Yellow was something their mechanic Hatsumei had invented herself. 

There’s a chip in your ear, that when you tap it, you automatically change into your villain costume.  

They always draw straws for who tests Mei’s inventions, and it turns out it was neither Katsuki nor Kirishima’s lucky day. 


Ground Zero immediately lept onto the scene, followed by Bloody Riot. 




It had turned into an almost all-out brawl in the middle of the street. As it turned out, Gunhead was also in the area. Fucking perfect. That meant Kirishima, Katsuki, Kaminari, and an unknown guy were being shot at, at almost all times.  

He leapt at Snipe to try and have his stupid bullets explode in his face. That never worked, it only warranted a projectile launched into his shoulder. 

While Kaminari had shot at Gunhead with stun projectiles, Kirishima had to harden so they wouldn’t hit random strangers or his friends. It was cooperative chaos, only expected to be gifted by Kaminari and his antics.  


“Hey, hey, Ground Zero, is it?” The unknown guy asked from under his dark gray hoodie and mask. Katsuki only grunted in response. “Keep firing explosions at Snipe, I'm gonna try something.” The masked guy almost looked like he was.... grinning? Strange.  

The only reason Katsuki hadn’t said ‘Fuck you, I do whatever I want!’ was because he had no other option. So, for once in his life, he did exactly what a complete stranger told him to do. 


A crowd had started to gather as he detonated an explosion in Snipe’s face, then jumped back. Static and Bloody Riot had successfully stunned Gunhead to the point he was stumbling over his own feet, rendering him almost useless. Especially since he could barely move his arms. 

Katsuki decided to use his quirk to almost fly, and land just a few centimeters above Snipe, where he then proceeded to fire an explosion in the bastard’s face. That’s when he saw the hoodie guy really did have a plan. He rolled up his sleeves and white... tape...? Shot out of his elbows. It wrapped around Snipe’s arms and legs, completely rendering the guy immobile. 


Katsuki guessed that was both him and the hoodie guy’s cue to run, so he bolted. 




It wasn’t long before he caught up with Kaminari and Kirishima, the hoodie guy trailing behind them. Panting, on shady block, near the sewers. Thankfully, not in full costume.  

Katsuki was the first to speak after they had all caught their breath. 

“Hey Kaminari, one question: What the fuck?” He almost hissed. 


That warranted an apprehensive chuckle from the only person Code double Yellow could ever come from. Leaning against a wall. 

That’s when the hoodie guy stepped forward, ripping off his mask. There was- unsurprisingly –a smooth smirk on his face.  

“Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Duct Tape, and I’ll take the blame for anything and everything that’s happened in the past hour.” 


“Ah, I’m Kirishima! Nice to meet you!” Kirishima smiled, pumping his fist into the air. He gave Katsuki the same motherly glare he did introducing themselves to Iida. The blond grit his teeth. “Bakugou.” Was his only answer. 


“Remember when Giran sent me on that mission this morning?” Kaminari laughed. “He was the mission. This is Sero we’re keeping him.”   




So it’s the smoker’s fault. 


“Remind me to kill Giran next time I see him.” Katsuki snarled. 




They had arrived at the bar pretty uneventfully. Everyone involved still exhausted with fighting heroes and then running all the way back. 


Katsuki was still quite angry about it, the entire day had been ruined. He walked upstairs to the hallway, Kirishima following not far behind. 

Once he reached their rooms, he stopped. This guilt was killing him. Katsuki turned around and sighed, facing Kirishima. 

“Sorry whatever... that was got ruined today.” The blond half-muttered. 


He expected the redhead to say something like: “It’s okay bro, wrong time wrong place.” Yet, once again, Bloody Riot had caught Ground Zero off guard. 


His eyes lit up. “Are you kidding? That was awesome, Bakugou! We should go again sometime.” the redhead pumped his fist in the air again.  


Katsuki’s features softened. “Yeah. We should.” He said, before walking into his room and closing the door. He sighed and flopped face-first on his bed. ‘we should go again sometime.’  




If you asked someone who knew him who Bakugou Katsuki was, they’d respond accordingly. “Katsuki? He died in Junior High. He was such a brat.” 

Yet, if you asked someone who Ground Zero was, they’d wince. “Ground Zero? That Hero Killer apprentice? He and his squad killed Backdraft. Do you have a deathwish?” 


Maybe they were right. Brash, hotheaded, bratty Katsuki died in the Sludge Villain attack. He had bloomed, wilted, and rose again. 


Toxin! Help me burn through his stupid costume!” Ground Zero barked at the energetic pink-skinned girl. 


It was like he was flying through the air. When he came too close to the ground, he detonated another propelling blast. From his view he saw a melee between Riot, Scotch Tape, and Kamui woods. Static had gotten information from one of Kamui’s sidekicks of his nightly patrols. He turned into this specific backroad every night. This would be quick and easy. 


A hunger flamed in the ash blond’s eyes to see this bastard dead. Riot’s hardened hands almost cut through, but the hero was slippery. Using his branches to swing his way up top of a building. “OH NO YOU DON’T!” Ground Zero shouted indirectly to Kamui, propelling himself with explosions.  

Ashido followed behind, using her acid to burn footholds into the building.  


This is it. This is what all that time training would lead up to. This moment on a rooftop chasing after Kamui Woods. 


He screamed, a pulling the pin on his gauntlet. 


You know how you create explosions using sweat?” Hatsume asked him one day. 

“Yeah? What’s it to you?” He snapped. 

“Imagine if you could store it, bigger, better explosions. Think of it!” She bolted downstairs.  

She then bolted up, holding two green gauntlets as if they were her most prized possession.  

“Try  these  babies on for size.”  

Something designed to explode in great fire. Huh. 


The blast was almost instantaneous, and the sound deafening. It made him fly back and land almost at the edge of the building. The largest blast ever made with his quirk? No. Enough to kill an injured person with a wood quirk? Hell yeah. 

It gave the rooftop scorch marks, which Katsuki was kind of hoping against. He felt dizzy from it. Yet, when he regained his balance, what he saw on the other side was Kamui woods, smoked and defeated. 


He walked over, adrenaline leaving his veins. The wooden hero was alive, but not for long. Ground Zero decided to have mercy on the guy, as told by Kirishima. The ash blond ripped off his mask in front of the hero.  

“Remember me, you bastard?” was what Katsuki snarled.  

Both recognition and fear flashed through the hero’s dazed eyes.  

“Guess my own karma is catching up with me....” Kamui muttered. “Visit your parents sometime, Bakugou. They’re still looking for you even after we stopped.” Was the last thing the god of the woods ever said.  


Tears blurred his vision, but he wiped them away. He backed away from the burnt corpse, returning to his squad. 


“It’s done.” He answered the unspoken question. 

It was Mina who teared up first, attacking him in a hug. Then Kirishima, and suddenly, he was at the bottom of a dogpile. “We’re so happy for you, Katsuki.” The horned girl sniffed. 

If it were any other time with any other people, he would’ve shouted at them. 

But these were the friends he made in the League, and he was too goddamn exhausted to care. 




When they arrived back at the ward, everybody was watching the news with an intense look in their eye. Izuku the first one to spot them. “They’re back!” He shouted, causing the place to erupt. “Kurogiri! Make us drinks, we’re celebrating this shit!” The greenette ordered.  
Meanwhile, the rest of gang A rushed over to Katsuki and his squad, showering them with questions and praises.  

“Congrats on taking someone down in the ranks.”  Shinsou. 

“Gimme the deets!” Hagakure. 
“Great job; and you did it-” A cough, “Without me.” Jirou, who was sick, and should be resting.  


Katsuki only gave a small, tired grin. “I need some air.” He said, waving, and walking away the party.  




Katsuki really enjoyed climbing up the rooftop at night. It was the closest he could ever come to hiking these days. From here, the only noise was the distant ambience of the bright city. It was serene, almost. Peaceful.  


He did it. He took down Kamui Woods, the final hero he got revenge on. He stared wistfully up at the sky, taking deep breaths.  


The blond jumped up, ready to attack as he heard footsteps. But he saw a familiar shock of over-the-top red hair and relaxed.  


“Figured I'd find you up here.” Eijirou laughed, sitting down right beside Katsuki. The blond only grunted, sitting back down. 

There was a comfortable silence between them for a few minutes. Listening to the sounds of trucks and distant music. 


“So, what’re you gonna do after this?” Eijirou said, breaking the silence. 

“Hah?” Katsuki asked, looking back at the redhead. 

“You know, you finally got Kamui Woods. Are you gonna leave the League?” the faux redhead questioned. 


The ash blond paused, before turning back to looking at Eijirou again. No. He’d gone too far to just become a civilian again. Besides, he’d be abandoning Deku, Eijirou, and, he’d be damned to admit, the rest of the Zerosquad. Just because his goal had been achieved, doesn’t mean he couldn’t have new ones.  


What if I don’t become a hero, Kacchan?” A young Izuku once asked him. 

“Small chance with  me  training you, but I guess I'll do whatever you decide to do.” A young  Katsuki  folded his arms, his brow furrowed. 

“What if I decide to become a nurse?” The  greenette  giggled. 

“Then I'll become the best goddamn nurse you’ve ever laid eyes on. That’s a promise.”  Katsuki  barked, extremely confident in his decision. 


‘Best goddamn villain you’ve ever laid eyes on, huh?’ The ash blond thought to himself, before responding. 


He smirked. “Dumbass, that doesn’t mean I'll quit the League. Besides, it’s going to make you all mopey, and nobody wants to deal with that.” Katsuki looked up wistfully again. “Plus, I made a promise to Deku years ago. I won’t be leaving for a while.” 


It made Eijirou visibly brighten, almost annoyingly. “Really? That’s awesome, Katsuki! Like, really good news.”  

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t shout it from the streets, Riot.” Katsuki rolled his eyes. 


They sat up there for a long time, making small talk. It was peaceful, maybe even more than it would’ve been if he was a hero right now; as Kaminari had unfortunately taken up.  


“Ready to go back down, Ground?” Eijirou asked him after a while. 

Katsuki gave the redhead a small smirk. “’Sure as hell am, Riot.” 



Bakugou   Katsuki  could be described as a rose. He was fully bloomed before the sludge villain attack. When he met stain, he began to wilt. When he met  Kirishima , he was shriveled. When he was reunited with  Deku , only his thorns remained.   

Yet, when he joined the league, he regrew.  Bakugou   Katsuki  was dead, but Ground Zero was in Full Bloom.