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The Pirate Queen

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The knife slammed down into the table, tearing through the map. Smacking both of his hands against the table, Bakugou growled in frustration.

"The fuck are you idiots doing!?" he snapped.

Neither of the young officers wished to answer, too scared of the wrath they were certain to incur. Bakugou's red eyes immediately narrowed, his fingers trembling with rage as they dragged along the map and slowly curled into fists.

"Admiral..." Kirishima began softly. "You know how she is... we-"

"Let me fucking guess... you tried," he hissed. "You tried to catch her, even though the spot was marked perfectly on the map. Our informant gave us all the damn information you needed."

"W-We're starting to think they might not be as reliable as we think. Or... she's feeding information purposefully," Kaminari stammered.

"I should've gone my fucking self. I've got fucking Todoroki breathing down my neck. This pirate situation isn't getting any better and the last thing I need is him questioning what the hell we're doing over here!"

Bakugou flipped the back of his jacket up as he took a seat in the chair and rubbed his forehead. "This is the fourth time we've failed," he growled. "What the hell is happening?"

"Her ship is fast," Kaminari explained. "It's like it floats on water!"

"I know what her fucking ship is like," Bakugou hissed. "I still don't know where the hell it came from, but I know it's fast."

"Her crew is strong. Talented. They're the best of the best! I would almost guess you trained them yourself, they're so strong!" Kirishima snorted.

Bakugou's grip on the chair tightened. "Do you want me to pull my pants down so you can kiss my ass harder, Captain?" he hissed and Kirishima's face turned as red as his damn hair.

"N-No..." he stammered.

"I mean... they call her the Pirate Queen for a reason," Kaminari added.

"I don't care what people call her. I will dethrone her and behead her for all to see. No pirates will roam my waters," he hissed.

"Well... technically the waters belong to the Prince," Kaminari hummed softly.

"Does the ocean really belong to anyone?" Kirishima asked, tapping his finger against his chin.

Bakugou grumbled, squeezing his hands against the arms of the chair. "I'll kill you both..."

"S-Sorry, sir..." Kaminari laughed softly, rubbing his hand against his neck.

"Gather your crew, Kirishima," Bakugou muttered, pushing himself out of the chair. He reached towards the map and grabbed his knife. "We're going after her."

"But Bakugou... we don't even know where she is anymore! No one hasn't sent word, and we've been unable to track her ship at all..." Kirishima spoke quickly, rushing his words as Bakugou brushed past him.

"I don't care. I will find her ship and destroy it. If we kill the 'Pirate Queen', we'll set an example for all to see. Pirating will not be tolerated by myself or the Prince..." he growled.

"Since when have you cared so much about what the damn Prince wants," Kirishima folded his arms. "It could be dangerous and costly to take a crew out if you don't know where you're going."

"His coronation is coming up..." Bakugou growled, tucking his knife away. "He's spoken openly about making the waters safer for travel and exports, and I don't feel like listening to him yell at me when we can't handle one puny pirate ship! The guy is annoying as fuck." He spoke the last words quietly. Slandering the Prince's name was something he knew he could get away with in front of these two, but didn't particularly care to get in trouble if anyone overheard.

"Right... but getting rid of her isn't going to get rid of all pirates," Kirishima said. "With... all due respect sir, I think we should consider waiting-"

"WAITING!? I'm tired of waiting for you morons to get shit done when I could've done it myself months ago!" he snapped.

She appeared seemingly out of nowhere... Uraraka Ochako was the name provided to him when Prince Todoroki Shouto's ship was attacked on return from visiting his fiancée, the Lady Yaoyorozu Momo. The Lady was meant to travel across the sea for the coronation ceremony, but the prince was hesitant to have her do so with so many pirates on the loose.

As Admiral of the Todoroki fleet... Bakugou was in charge of taking care of this problem—namely Uraraka Ochako.

Pirates existed before her, but most of them were far too scared of the Admiral's fleet to actually try anything. He was respected amongst his men, and considered one of the best Admirals the fleet had ever seen. He captured pirates and protected the seas. It was his duty to do so, and he did a damn good job.

But Uraraka Ochako was different. She laughed in his face, speeding around his ocean in her ship, which appeared to float atop the water.

And she was immediately dubbed the Pirate Queen, for being able to constantly outrun various ships in the fleet.

According to reports, she never actually killed anyone. She stole money, jewels, and treasure, but she rarely harmed a soul. How she could do that was beyond him. In fact, her whole being was mystery to Admiral Bakugou Katsuki. Though Kaminari and Kirishima were two of his most trusted comrades from his early days in the fleet, they continued to prove if Bakugou wanted something done correctly, he had to do it his damn self.

Indeed, Pirate Queen Uraraka Ochako never had to deal with the Admiral Bakugou Katsuki himself, and he was going to give her a helluva time.

"Get your crew together," he hissed again. Just thinking about her made him want blow some shit up.


"Kirishima! Don't make me pull rank with you," Bakugou growled. "I will be getting rid of this... Pirate Queen once and for all!"

"I just really don't know if this is going to solve all the pirate problems we're dealing with..." Kirishima begged. "Let's at least try and get some word-"

"You're an idiot if you don't think I have some sort of plan." Bakugou snapped, cutting Kirishima off. He didn't wish to deal with the idiocy anymore.

Bakugou clenched his fists at his side. "She is the main problem… Uraraka... Ochako."


The ocean breeze was always calm in the morning, her brown locks brushing over her round, pink cheeks. The salty air tickled her nose and she hummed softly, enjoying the relaxing sway of the boat while she lay in the crow's nest.

"Captain!" A frantic voice called out and she shot up, her hair tossed about every which way.

She blinked, realizing the sun was far higher in the sky than she initially realized and she probably shouldn't have been lazing around all day. She gently stroked her finger over the golden locket around her neck. No, she was never one for being lazy.

"Captain!" the voice repeated, "Are you up there!?"

"Ah! Deku!" she called back, leaning over the edge. "I'll be right down!" Leaping forward, she grabbed one of the ropes from the sail and swung down, her body twirling around the large mast as she dropped to the deck.

Deku blinked, watching as she stood up, looking completely unfazed. "You know you can just call me Ochako if you want," she said. "I know I'm technically your Captain, but at this point, it's safe to say we're friends."

"But... you're the Captain," Deku mumbled, biting his lip.

"Oh, you and Iida need to stop doing this," she snorted. "I know you're ex-navy but we don't have to be so formal here!"

"I know, I know, you always say this!" he chuckled.

"And one of these days you two will listen!" she giggled. "Anyway, what's up?"

"A-AH! Right!" Deku gasped. "The Prince's fleet... word is... Admiral Bakugou isn't happy with you."

Uraraka couldn't help but smirk. "The Admiral himself?" she hummed, rocking back and forth on her feet. The sash around her belt swayed against her leg and she hopped to the side, bouncing in her boots. "I guess he's finally tired of sending his crew out to do his dirty work."

"Well... according to my sources," Deku began, flipping through the log book he held, "it seems the Prince's fiancée will be traveling across the sea for his coronation and their wedding very soon."

Uraraka's eyes lit up. "Oh?"

"U-Uraraka..." Deku stammered, already disliking the look in her eyes. Her entire crew was familiar with that particular look...

"Deku! Don't you realize the kind of treasure that would be on those ships?!" she said, rubbing her hands together.

"The second Iida hears about this he's never going to approve," Deku sighed.

"Mmm. I'm the Captain of the Uravity!" she laughed. "Iida's gonna have to do what I say!"

"I know..." Deku said, twisting his lips to the side.

She clasped her hands behind her, walking to the edge of the ship. "I know it's risky," she whispered. "But think... of all the people we could help with that money."

Deku walked to stand next to her, watching the small waves gently lap against the side of their large ship. He pursed his lips, nodding. "Yeah I know."

"Other people deserve that money more," she said. "It's not like I think the Prince or the Lady are bad people. As far as rulers go, they seem very... kind actually. But why can't we distribute it more..."

"And this is why you're the Queen," he smirked, gently tapping his fingers against the book.

"Please, I'm not a Queen," Uraraka replied quickly, her pink cheeks flushing. She waved her hand back and forth. "Deku... I just want to help people, even if it's not the most, uh, legal way to do so!" she laughed. "This is... what I'm good at. Might as well embrace it right?"

Uraraka never expected to be the 'queen of the pirates'. In fact, she never planned on doing much of anything. As the daughter of poor farmers, she expected to inherit the land and work for her parents for her entire life.

However, it all changed when her village was attacked by a band of rogue pirates. They plundered the land, stealing everything from the poor. The only thing left from her village Uraraka owned was the small golden locket she wore around her neck. And, being the young girl she was, Uraraka was taken by the pirates.

Assuming she would be sold off, Uraraka wasn't going down without a fight. She impressed the captain at the time through her diligence and hard work as a kitchen girl and lookout. So instead, he took her under his wing.

Uraraka learned quickly to follow his instructions if she did not wish to die. She watched silently as they stole money and greedily hoarded it for themselves over and over. Poor folk were left even poorer, and Uraraka knew she couldn't let it stand.

She made a pact with herself; if this was to be her life, she would find a way to make it good.

When the captain finally died, Uraraka was one of the first to strike up her sword. After spending years practicing her swordsmanship skills, she struck down his crew, banishing them from what was now her ship.

The Uravity.

It was then she assembled her own crew of like minded people. Her mission was a simple one. They stole from the wealthy and gave it back to the poor. And though what they did was illegal, she knew it was also right.

It was why so many people chose to join her.

She smiled at Deku. "I just... want to do what's best for people like my parents. People who deserve to be... taken care of."

"I know," Deku nodded. "And while you may not consider yourself a Queen... we all know you're one of the kindest, most thoughtful people around."

"Maybe," she giggled. "But I still could go to prison!"

She turned her gaze back out the sea, watching the waves rise and fall gently. The open ocean was a strange entity. One moment it was like this, calm, soft rolling waves, and then next it could eat you alive with it's angry storms and thrashing waves. But, right now, enveloped by the salty sea air and bright sun, Uraraka never felt more alive.

This was her home. Her ship was a beautiful thing, and Uraraka had come to respect the water surrounding them. Even if she didn't technically choose this life, she like to think it chose her.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with what you do-well, okay..." Deku hummed, rubbing the back of his neck. "There are some things wrong but... I do think... helping people... even if you are stealing... is a good thing."

"Well... I don't ever want anyone to live like I did... like my parents did," she whispered.

"At this rate they won't," Deku said gently.

"Right!" Uraraka clapped her hands together. "If anyone needs me, I'll be in my quarters. Got lots of planning to do! And tell Iida, I won't be changing my mind," she called out, waving to Deku as she hopped down towards the entryway to the living quarters. Knowing Deku, he probably wouldn't tell Iida a thing and by the time they approached the ships, well, it would be far too late to turn back.

She stepped into her quarters and placed her long jacket over the chair. She smoothed her hand over the map laying on her desk. "The Admiral, huh," she whispered. Was she really so infamous the Admiral had to come after her himself?

Uraraka had never met the man, but she heard stories. He was young, but he climbed the ranks with his sheer tenacity. He was apparently an unstoppable force, that she indirectly stopped. She couldn't imagine he liked her very much, and she reveled in the fact.

Going after the ships the Lady Momo would be traveling with was a risky move. Surely, she would be guarded by various navy ships. Thinking it over, Uraraka could only assume it would be a trap.

A smirk pulled across her lips. "All the more reason to go."


"I don't like it," Todoroki huffed, folding his arms across his chest. "You'll be putting the Lady in direct danger. She is my fiancée and I wish for her to be protected."

Bakugou clicked his tongue. "We won't be putting anyone in danger. The entirety of the royal naval fleet will be there."

"And why should I have any faith that you can keep her safe when you haven't been able to catch this woman?" Todoroki stated bluntly.

Clenching his fists by his side, Bakugou bit down hard on his lip, not wanting to say anything rude to his Prince. Why the fuck was this asshole in charge?

Todoroki stepped down from his throne, glaring at Bakugou. "I need to get the Lady Momo here. We are to be married soon and I wish for her to be by my side during the coronation," he explained. "However, having her travel in this very public fleet doesn't seem like such a good idea. I don't... like it."

"I can assure you," Bakugou said, his voice slipping through his grit teeth, "nothing will happen to your woman. This is a good fuckin' chance to catch this bitch. Don't let me lose this opportunity Todoroki," he growled.

"Hm..." Todoroki hummed, pressing his finger against his chin. "I don't wish to put the Lady in danger, but I do recognize the problem this... Pirate Queen is causing," he sighed. "I believe the best solution would be to use a decoy ship. The Lady can travel in the smaller ship far behind the main fleet."

"You're not such an idiot after all," Bakugou muttered.

Todoroki was quick to roll his eyes. "I really shouldn't allow you to speak to the Prince like that-"

"Shaddup Half and Half!" Bakugou snapped. "I'm getting shit done for you, you should be fucking grateful!"

"Bakugou..." he muttered.

"We'll do the decoy ship plan. I'll send one ship with my strongest men to escort your woman, and the rest of them will follow the decoy. I'll stay with the decoy and finally take that bitch down."

A smirk pulled across his lips. What he didn’t tell the Prince was that he thought Uraraka would be smart enough to guess this would be their plan. He would stay with the Lady and keep her safe himself. Todoroki didn’t need to know Bakugou expected Uraraka to find Momo’s ship.

"I swear," Todoroki hissed, stepping towards him. "If anything happens to Momo because of your goddamn plan, I will kill you."

"Calm down," Bakugou said, rolling his eyes. "Nothing is going to happen to your damn woman!"

A sigh slipped from Todoroki's lips. "I really wish you wouldn't talk to your Prince like this."

"Oh shove it," he snarled, folding his arms across his chest.

Ignoring Bakugou's obnoxious behavior, Todoroki walked past him. "Everyone knows the Lady will be traveling to me. It isn't exactly hidden information. The 'Queen' will obviously go after the decoy," he lied quietly. "I do believe this is our best option for us both to get what we wish. Lady Momo will arrive on the mainland safely, while Uraraka Ochako is apprehended and taken into your custody.

"I will hang her and make an example of her for all pirates to see. I will not let her make a fucking fool of us any more," he hissed.

Todoroki raised his eyebrow. "A harsh punishment."

"Would you want me to spare her?!" he frowned.

"Not necessarily. Though I guess... I am curious what you think of the rumors."

"The fuck you talkin' about Prince" he asked angrily.

"They say she only takes treasure from wealthy ships, and apparently she redistributes the money among... poorer citizens. That's why they call her a Queen."

"What Queen has ever done shit like that?" Bakugou snorted.

"Touche," Todoroki nodded. "I wonder where her moral compass falls exactly. Apparently she hasn't even killed anyone."

"Does it matter?" Bakugou growled. "She's committing crimes! She's stealing! Shouldn't you be more concerned with this? Shattering your order or whatever the fuck?"

"Hm," Todoroki twisted his lips. "Maybe I should be. However, I am more concerned with violent pirates."

Bakugou resisted every urge to slap him. "I'm going to fucking kill her. She might be 'a good person', but that doesn't mean all pirates who follow after her will be as good," he hissed.

"...Keep Momo safe." Todoroki stated flatly. A tired sigh left his lips. "And if you catch Uraraka, do with her what you will."

"Oh, I fuckin' will," he growled, storming out to leave Todoroki alone in the throne room.


"The Admiral probably thinks I'm not very intelligent," Uraraka began with a laugh. She ran her finger over the edge of her locket, pursing her lips.

Ashido raised her eyebrow leaning against the desk. "What makes you think that?"

"Well there's no way the Prince would simply send his Lady across the ocean so publicly. He's practically asking for her to be attacked!" she said.

Everyone was well aware of how much the Prince seemed to adore the Lady Momo. Though they were betrothed at a young age, the two seemed close and happy, at least to the public.

"I believe this grand fleet they've set up is a decoy."

"Well," Ashido sighed, "you did say the Admiral is out to get you."

"Mhm. I think he's trying to set up a trap. He probably plans to have one ship with guards following behind this main parade of ships," she said, pointing on the map where she believed the ships would be.

"I agree, it is obviously a trap." Iida said, moving his hand up and down rigidly. "I think we should avoid this altogether."

"Boooooring," Ashido snorted. "Ochako, why did you let these losers join our crew again?" she asked, leaning towards Iida to bop him on the forehead.

"Ashido! I would like to ask you to refrain from hitting me on the forehead," Iida scoffed, folding his arms across his chest.

"Because Iida and Deku are good people. They're both very intelligent and I trust their opinions," Ochako smiled.

"Yeah Mina, calm down," Sero teased, nudging her side.

"Do you plan to follow the smaller ship?" Iida asked, ignoring Ashido and Sero playfully arguing in the corner.

"Mmm..." Deku tapped his chin. "It might be a good idea to send another ship towards the main fleet as a decoy."

"But we don't have another ship," Ashido was quick to point out.

"If we had another ship, I would agree with you," Uraraka nodded, adjusting her hat on her head. "But as it stands we only have the Uravity. I don't want to involve another crew and have to potentially split treasure with them! Or have them take it for themselves..."

Admittedly, Uraraka wasn't very trusting of other pirates.

"Right..." Deku muttered sadly. "Then, we should head directly for the Lady Momo's ship. I do think it'll follow behind in case of ambush. It's most likely safer farther back."

"You're right," Uraraka said, and slid their small boat replica across the map, pushing it towards the back of the fleet she drew up.

"Do you think the Admiral will be with the fleet?" Sero asked, "Or will he stay with the Lady?"

Deku twisted his lips, looking deep in thought. Of her entire crew, Deku and Iida were the only two to actually have any sort of contact with the Admiral. Deku always spoke highly of him, though he also explained Bakugou never was very well liked in the fleet. "I don't know..." he admitted. "The thing is... he's very intelligent. It just depends on how smart he thinks you are, Uraraka. Given your history... I have a feeling he'll be with the Lady."

"Then we'll prepare for a battle," she said.

"I still say it might be best if we all... stay away from this. Other ships will be around and the navy will be completely distracted with this task... wouldn't it be a good idea to go after others right now?" Iida suggested.

"That would probably be the safe thing to do." Uraraka nodded sagely, then giggled. "But since when have we ever done the safe thing?"

"That's my girl!" Ashido cheered.

"Prepare the ship," Uraraka said. "We don't have much time and I want to be sure to make it to the ship route by dawn."

Iida rubbed his hands together. "Are you sure this is what you want to do?"

"Positive," Uraraka nodded. "I'm not scared of the Admiral and I'm not going to back down from his very obvious challenge!"

"You are a brave woman, Uraraka," Deku stammered. "The Admiral is strong and a talented tactician. He's young and climbed the ranks due to his ruthless ways and intelligence."

"Yeah? Well... he could be an old fart and I'd still go after him," she giggled. "I'm not scared of him! We're the best pirates on this ocean, and I refuse to be scared off by some Admiral who has been too lazy to come after me himself until now."

Ashido laughed. "I know you're both kinda new here, so maybe you don't fully understand why Uraraka is the Pirate Queen?" she smiled, rocking back and forth on her feet. "But she's gonna kick the Admiral's ass. Just you watch." She winked, tossing her pink hair back over her shoulder, as she followed Uraraka out of the main cabin.

"You really don't have to call me a queen," she said, shaking her head, making her way towards the front of her ship. She wasn't scared; in fact the challenge really did excite her. Things had been getting a little boring as of late. "I will be showing The Admiral I'm a force to be reckoned with!" she smirked, looking out over her crew.

"Hoist the sails!"

And with Uraraka's command, they were off.