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The Gift of the Moon

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Destruction and death everywhere, that's the result of the Fourth Shinobi War. Families and friendships lost forever... all for the name of love. You see, all the moon goddess ever wanted was for Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki to pay for leaving her, for casting her away. Kaguya gave the phrase 'hell hath no fury like a scorn woman' a whole new meaning. All they needed was a therapy session for couples. Centuries of bad blood and betrayal and death could have been saved if someone had bothered to see underneath the underneath! I did... it seems that's something I excel at and turning my enemies into allies too. But what is all of that worth if I've lost the five elemental nations in the process?

"Naruto-kun" Kaguya called out, snapping me of my gloom for a second "I... we apologize for all of this. We know that words cannot bring you back all you've lost because of us but we offer you a gift, a second chance to make it all right" attentively I listen, hopeful "We can send you back in time, you and all the jinchuuriki. Two years before you graduated as a genin" my eyes almost popped out, was time travel even possible?! "We can also free te bijuu from their jails and give them a dimension where they can finally be free, like those toads you have a contract with. It won't mean you won't see them again, they'll simply turn from chakra spirits to contract animals. Each jinchuuriki will have their bijuu's contract and will be able to still talk to them in their own mental plane and you will still be the meeting point between all of them. You will also keep his red chakra and healing abilities, you can easily pass them as a kekkei genkai"

"Won't that raise suspicions? When suddenly all nine bijuu disappear from this plane of existence?" I questioned, happy that Kurama will finally be free but feeling that someone was simply not adding up.

"It will child, that's why Naruto Uzumaki needs to die for this plan to work out" Hagoromo answered me, regretfully. 

I froze, not understanding where this was heading "W- wh- what?! What do you mena I have to die datebayo?!" I screamed.

"You don't have to die, but Naruto Uzumaki does" Kaguya corrected me "We will craft a fire in which you'll die, everyone in Konoha won't think much about it. The villagers finally had had enough of the demon brat" I flinched at her words but did not negate them, she was right. Konoha back them, at least most of them, hated me "They will end up thinking that all bijuu are connected and if one died the other ones soon followed. We will create a whole new identity for you, planting false memories into everyone who lives in Konoha so they won't doubt a thing. But it is all your choice. Which is going to be your name, how you will look like, if we leave you in Konoha or somewhere else- in case you want to start hunting down Akatsuki"

Naruto Uzumaki would have to die... but then again everyone will come back alive. I can make a brighter future than this. No more Akatsuki, Danzo will go down and so the elders, Kirigakure's kage will be out of Obito's control and they can start rebuilding sooner, no more Fourth Shinobi War, no more Orochimaru which mean no betrayal from Sasuke... Sasuke would live and we can finally be together. I can finally be together with him without being guilty about not being able to give him a family.

"What is your answer child?" Hagoromo asked.

I looked up and faced both of them, these two gods who ruined my life but were giving me a chance to take it back... to make it better.

"Yes, I want to go back in time"

What else could I've answered?