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Sneak Mating

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Clint, of course, snuck in through the vent. To do this, he had to wait for Steve to leave the penthouse. This only happened because all of the eggs had somehow disappeared from the Tower and if Steve wanted to make his habitual morning omelet, he was going to have to go to the store to get more. So Clint hid in the vent while Steve pressed a kiss to a sleeping Tony’s cheek and told Jarvis he was running to the store and to keep a watch on things. The archer waited for a minute to make sure Steve wasn’t going to reappear for some reason and then slid silently from the vent into the bedroom.

The scent in the room, the scent that had been driving him nuts for the last hour, was light and sweet. Sandalwood lay heavy on the tongue, just beginning to turn peppery and rich. In another day or so the scent would deepen and fill the room with a maddening call to every alpha and beta in range. For now, at the beginning of the heat, the scent was enticing but not overwhelming. Still, Clint’s mouth watered in response and he shucked the shorts and t-shirt he was wearing as he hurried toward the bed.

Tony was lying on his side, curled up in the sheets and deeply asleep. A light flush stained his cheeks but his breathing was even and soft. Clint grabbed the sheet and gently tugged it down, a grin blooming as Tony’s body was revealed. He wasn’t wearing any nightclothes. The olive skin was soft and molded over lean muscle. “Oh yeah, baby,” Clint muttered approvingly, climbing onto the bed. He threw a leg over Tony to straddle his hips and leaned down to softly kiss his shoulder. Clint kissed down Tony’s arm and then moved to bury his nose behind the dark haired man’s ear. The omega’s heat scent filled his nose, alluring with pheromones, and Clint’s eyes practically rolled up into his head. He licked at the sensitive gland and Tony gave a little hum, sleepy brown eyes fluttering open.

Tony tensed in surprise. Clint shhhed him, lifting his hand up to curl around the brunette’s neck. “Hey, hey. None of that,” he soothed, pressing light kisses to the corner of Tony’s mouth. “It’s just your good buddy Hawkeye.”

Tony relaxed, eyes focusing on him. “Do you have a death wish?” Tony muttered as Clint nudged him onto his back. “Steve will beat you black and blue during your next spar.”

Clint licked behind his ear again and ran his hands along Tony’s sides. The omega’s breathing hitched. “So incredibly worth it,” the archer muttered. Tony rolled his eyes and tilted his head to give Clint better access. Clint kissed and licked down Tony’s throat, pausing to nibble along his collarbones. Tony moaned and when Clint grabbed his thighs, the brunette allowed him to part his legs. Clint settled between them with his cock already hard and standing at attention. Tony threaded his fingers through his short blond hair and the bond between them opened, throwing off sparks in their minds like a firework.

The archer kissed over Tony’s chest and sucked at his nipples, playing with the nubs while Tony made little sounds of pleasure in his throat above him. He licked the sensitive skin around the arc reactor carefully. Tony stroked across Clint’s strong shoulders and down his arms. He whined when Clint pulled him close, hitching the dark haired man’s hips up into his lap. Clint wiggled his fingers back and skimmed them over Tony’s entrance. The tiny bud was wet and hot. It relaxed as Clint pressed a finger in, crooking it up and searching for Tony’s prostate. Tony gasped and clawed at Clint’s shoulders with blunt fingernails as the beta found the tiny mound of nerves inside. Clint grinned in triumph and swept his other hand down over Tony’s belly and grabbed the omega’s cock, pumping lightly.

The heat scent became stronger and richer the more aroused Tony became, making Clint’s head spin and his heart pound. Tony’s cock hardened under Clint’s touch. The blond leaned up and began licking and biting mercilessly at the gland behind Tony’s ear, trying to get the dark haired man more excited. This was only the beginning of Tony’s heat and his body’s responses had to be encouraged. Clint slipped another finger inside his ass and rubbed hard at his prostate, grinning when a rush of slick spilt over his hand. Tony moaned and bucked his hips, grabbing at Clint’s shoulders and hair. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes wild and dilated. “Clint, come on!” Tony whined.

“Yeah, there we go. That’s the ticket,” Clint praised breathlessly. He glanced at the clock, knowing he only had a short window before Steve came back. Clint let go of the brunette’s cock and pulled his fingers out of him. He grabbed the omega’s hips and shifted, pressing forward. Tony moaned loudly as Clint penetrated him, his cock sinking deeply inside his slick heat. “That’s perfect,” muttered Clint. “Yeah, right there.” He slid his palms down Tony’s legs and hitched them up around his waist before slowly pulling his cock out and then snapping his hips forward.

Tony groaned, tilting his hips up and meeting each of Clint’s quick, hard thrusts. Their coupling was fast and frantic. They didn’t have the time or patience to tease the sensations out of each other. The pleasure pooled low in their bellies, ready to bubble over. Clint’s cock dragged over Tony’s prostate with sharp, short thrusts. The archer was not gentle, pressing bruises into Tony’s thighs with his fingertips and keeping his movements rough and rapid. Tony panted and moaned. The pair raced as fast as they could to the final finish line.

Clint leaned down and sucked hard on the brunette’s collarbone, looking to leave a dark mark behind. The omega cried out and the heat running through his veins turned to fire. Tony arched his back and came, ribbons of white spurting from his cock. Tony clinched around Clint’s shaft as he shook and the archer grunted, working his length in and out of the slick tight heat.

Tony’s inner muscles rippled around Clint again and the blond gave a choked off shout as he released himself inside the omega. Tony twitched as he felt warm seed flood his insides, relaxing back onto the bed to catch his breath. His legs slipped down from around Clint’s waist and the archer rested his forehead over the omega’s heart, breathing warm and fast across his nipple. Tony shivered and ran his fingers through Clint’s sweaty hair. He wiggled his hips with a sigh and could feel the slight swelling bulge of Clint’s knot at the base of his cock. Tony chuckled. “Are you going to knot me?” he teased.

Clint groaned and dragged himself up. “You know I can’t.” The family pack bond they shared didn’t trigger the right hormones for knotting in betas. Only the mated alpha got that privilege. Clint pulled back until only the head and a few inches of his cock were still inside of Tony, rolling his hips gently. Tony jerked, eyes widening, and trembled as surges of pleasure swept over him. Swollen lips fell open in a long moan. Tony was extra sensitive after coming during heat, a biological trick omegas had evolved to make knotting with an alpha something to look forward to rather than just a chore to put up with after the main event. Every little movement caused an avalanche of mini orgasms for the omega that could go on and on as long as the stimulation continued.

Tony whimpered and writhed on the sheets while Clint grinned above him. The brunette was flushed and sweaty, shaking through the long waves of ecstasy. His half hard cock bounced as he trembled with each gratifying pulse of pleasure. “St… Stop!” pleaded Tony breathlessly after a while, kicking his heels against the bed. Clint took pity on him and carefully pulled out, the omega shuddering and moaning helplessly. The blond leaned down and pressed quick, firm kisses to his lips as Tony calmed down, sweet and pliant as Clint petted and caressed him.

Clint’s first warning was the whirl of the elevator and he leapt from the bed. Tony giggled as Clint pulled on his shorts, hopping across the room toward the vent. “What the hell!?” Steve’s shout was easily heard. The scent of sex and a foreign person in the penthouse had Steve storming toward the master bedroom like a mad bull. Tony grinned up at him from the bed. Steve lunged for the vent, just missing Clint’s foot as the archer scrambled into the tunnel. “I’m going to skin you alive, Clint! Wait until I get my hands on you!” threatened Steve. His only answer was laugher that echoed out of the shaft.

Steve looked at Tony sourly and the omega smiled, stretching on the bed and arching his back attractively. “Serves you right, Stevie bear. How could you leave your poor little omega all by himself? Why, anything could have happened to me!”

Steve snorted and rounded the bed to sit by Tony’s hip, leaning over him to press a kiss to his teasing mouth. “Like Jarvis would let anybody who wasn’t family in here,” he said. The bond bloomed open between them and wrapped their minds in warmth and love. Tony gave a quiet sigh, eyelids fluttered in pleasure. The bond with his mate made the omega feel safe and cherished and was the best sensation in all of creation as far as Tony was concerned. He would hear no arguments otherwise. Steve dropped his head and ran the flat of his tongue down Tony’s torso, licking up the cooling cum from his belly.

Tony yelped and giggled, ticklish. “What are you doing?” he demanded as Steve climbed onto the bed and eased the omega’s legs apart. Steve settled between them and ran his palms over Tony’s hips.

“You’re all dirty,” Steve said reasonably as he grabbed Tony’s buttocks and lifted him. “I’ve got to clean you up.” Then he ran his tongue along the cleft of his ass, licking away Clint’s semen that had leaked out of his body. Tony moaned, his weight resting on his shoulders as Steve pulled his ass up into the air. Then Steve pointed his tongue and stabbing it inside.

The omega howled. “This is unfair!” Tony cried as heat rolled deep within him. “You are so mean! Oh my fucking god!” Steve curled his tongue and scooped out the cum inside, swallowing and diving back in for more. Tony’s hole twitched around the intruder and he moaned as the stimulation caused a flurry of delightful convolutions. Steve nibbled and licked, fucking his tongue inside the brunette with quick thrusts. Tony’s cock jerked and pulsed, a pool of semen leaking onto his belly. His whole body shook as shocks of pleasure traveled up his spine. He arched his back and tossed his head on the bed with loud moans. Finally, the omega sobbed for breath and raised one hand to blindly slap at Steve’s arm.

Steve pulled his mouth away, turning his head to kiss Tony’s inner thighs as the omega shivered and shook. The blond carefully lowered Tony and crawled up to lay alongside him. He gathered Tony into his arms and leaned down to nibble at the gland behind his ear. Steve breathed the earthy sandalwood scent of his lover and smiled, nuzzling the omega as Tony calmed and blinked sleepily. Tony tilted his head back but Steve pulled away. “Not happening.”

“Steve,” Tony complained. “I don’t care! Kiss me!”

“I do care. Still not happening,” Steve said sternly. Tony pouted in response, red lips pursed appealingly. Steve chuckled. “Jarvis, run the bath please.”

“As you wish, Captain.” The sound of rushing water started in the bathroom. Steve stood and slid his arms under Tony’s back and knees, lifting him from the soiled bed. Tony grumbled at him but Steve ignored the brunette. The huge bathtub was quickly filling was warm water, steam rising from the surface. Steve carefully lowered Tony into the water. The omega hissed as sore muscles came in contact with the warm liquid and Steve brushed his dark hair back soothingly. He settled Tony into the bath to soak and relax and then hurried back out to strip the bed and put on clean sheets. His face scrunched up in disgust as he stuffed the dirty linens down the chute. The alpha then brushed his teeth and undressed, Tony’s heavy lidded brown eyes watching from the tub. His lips curled lustfully as Steve pulled his boxers off, revealing his hard cock standing proudly.

“Scootch up,” Steve muttered and Tony sat up so the larger man could slide into the water behind him. Steve eased Tony back against his chest and the omega sighed, laying his head back on Steve’s shoulder and tilting his head up for the much awaited kiss. They kissed lazily, twining their tongues together.

Tony hummed low in his throat. “Minty,” he praised as they paused to breath. He pressed himself more firmly against Steve’s front, easily able to feel the blond’s hardness against the small of his back. “Someone is excited,” Tony teased.

“Can you blame me? You’re beautiful,” Steve muttered, kissing along Tony’s shoulder. The omega smiled and rolled his hips, pressing himself against the blond’s hard cock. Steve moaned and Tony grabbed the sides of the tub to lift himself up, shifting backwards. Steve caught Tony’s hips before he could succeed in getting the blond’s cock inside of him. “It’s too soon,” muttered Steve. “You’ll be sore.”

“I can take it,” replied Tony. He wiggled but Steve wouldn’t let him maneuver the hard flesh into his body. “This is what heat is for, Steve. I’m built for this. Come on!”

“Your heat is only just starting,” Steve retorted. He leaned down and sniffed at the omega’s neck, licking at the sensitive gland. Tony shivered and moaned. The heat scent was growing and deepening into the musk of dark earth and spicy pepper. The omega’s heat was starting but not yet to the point where the need to mate would be all consuming, driving both omega and alpha into a frenzy. “No, not yet,” Steve ordered, forcing Tony to sit on the tub bottom again.

“Meanie,” Tony pouted. He slumped back against Steve’s chest and let the blond kiss apologetically along his shoulder. Then the smaller man grinned and pressed the curve of his ass back against Steve’s erection again, slowly rolling his hips.

“Tony,” warned Steve, his voice hitching at the end.

“I’m not doing anything,” Tony said innocently, rubbing his ass over Steve’s cock. He wiggled until he had the blond’s hard length sliding smoothly between his buttocks. The alpha wrapped his arms around Tony’s waist and breathed hotly against his neck, nibbling at his throat. Tony tilted his head and let Steve worry a bruise onto his skin. The blond’s hard cock slid warm and smooth against the soft skin of Tony’s ass. The water in the tub splashed gently and Tony’s half hard member bobbed in the liquid, the low burn of early heat warm at the base of his spine. He sighed softly and made little sounds of pleasure in his throat that only made Steve’s blood run hotter.

Soon Steve was moaning into the omega’s ear loudly and rocking his hips in a counter rhythm, pressing himself against Tony. The pressure built in Steve’s groin, tightening his stomach. “That’s right,” muttered Tony softly. “Let me make you feel good. It’s okay. Just keep going.” Steve was panting into his neck, his movements sharp and short. Tony sped up, sensing the blond was close, giving the alpha a place to rut against. A heaviness gathered in Steve’s balls and made the tip of his cock leak. Then Steve let out a loud groan and jerked franticly against Tony ass. Tony grinned as he felt Steve’s cock pulse and spurt warm cum onto his lower back, the blond’s thighs trembling. “See? That wasn’t so bad.”

“You are evil,” growled Steve, breathing hard. Tony yelped as he was pinched on his hip as punishment.

“Waa! Abuse!” complained Tony. He flicked water over his shoulder in retaliation and Steve chuckled. Steve splashed to rinse away his cum and leaned back against the tub, pulling Tony to rest against his chest. The omega settled his head in the crook of Steve’s shoulder and relaxed.

Steve grabbed a wash cloth off the counter and worked up a lather of soap. He then wrapped his arms back around Tony, who was dozing by this point, and rubbed the cloth over his arm. Steve worked down the omega’s bicep and forearm and picking up his hand to gently clean each finger one by one. Tony breathed gently as Steve washed across his chest, paying special attention to the arc reactor, and then down his other arm to massage and clean his other hand. “That’s it. Just relax,” Steve muttered, pressing a kiss to Tony’s temple. “Let me take care of you.”

Steve curled his arm around Tony’s waist and pulled him onto his side. The omega grumbled, turning his face into Steve’s shoulder. “Sorry, baby. Sorry,” Steve apologized. “Start draining the tub, Jarvis,” he ordered. The drain clicked open and the water level dropped slowly. He ran the cloth down Tony’s back and then scrubbed between his buttocks, rubbing away dried slick and old semen. Tony gasped and squirmed as Steve cleaned him down there. The omega’s body was sensitive from his approaching heat and the fibers of the cloth made his skin tingle and prickle. By now the water level was low and splashed only a few inches over their legs.

“Steve!” whined Tony as the blond rubbed the cloth down behind his balls. He pulled his leg up and grabbed the arm Steve had around his waist.

“I gotcha,” Steve mumbled, grinning. He circled the soapy cloth over Tony’s hole and then farther up to roll his balls in his palm. He hitched the brunette up higher and slid his other hand down the omega’s belly, wrapping his fingers around Tony’s cock. Steve pumped Tony’s cock and he moaned and writhed against the blond’s chest. The alpha muttered encouragement into Tony’s ear while the brunette pleaded breathlessly for ‘faster’ and ‘more’ until his whole body shook and he came with a broken groan.

Steve gentled his touch but continued to tease the omega. He ran his fingertips lightly along Tony’s shaft and teased at his abused hole with the washcloth. Tony’s eyes rolled into his head, gasping and whimpering as his hypersensitive body rode the thin wire between pleasure and pain. His cock jerked again, pulsing out another squirt of cum. The pleasure burned through the omega’s veins and his body tightened like a spring under the torment. Tony grabbed hard at Steve’s arm and squirmed, his nerves firing wildly under Steve’s caresses. Tears leaked out of his brown eyes and his breathing grew short. Tony clawed at Steve’s bicep, shaking his head hard, and Steve finally stopped.

Tony went limp in Steve’s arms, panting and trembling, and Steve tossed away the washcloth. He used his hand to scoop up the last inches of water and rinses away as much of the soap as he could. “Good baby,” the alpha muttered soothingly. “You were so good for me. I love you.” He tipped Tony’s head up by his chin and kissed him deeply while stroking gently down his side. Tony shivered and parted his lips so Steve could slip his tongue inside and claim every inch of his mouth.

Steve got them out of the tub and into the shower, rinsing off the soup and quickly washing Tony’s hair. The omega let Steve manhandle him under the spray drowsily. Tony felt wrung out and his limbs were aching pleasantly. He yawned as Steve guided him out of the shower and wrapped him up in a big fluffy towel. Steve dried Tony, ruffling his dark hair into spikes, and then carried the dozing brunette to the bed. He pulled away the damp towel and tugged the covers up. Tony sighed into his pillow, curling up under the blanket and breathing easily. Steve leaned down to press a kiss to his lips, nuzzling behind his ear for a lungful of rich spicy scent, and then headed for the kitchen to make his interrupted omelet.