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The Deadbeats Club

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*This fic heavily focuses on character study, complex relationships, and how their actions, directly or indirectly, impact each other.

**Sub-Plot Pairings will continue to have chapters/portions of chapters dedicated to them throughout this work.

Headway (Chapters 1-6)

  1. Summary: Changbin is neighbors with a hunter who has a penchant for harassing him.
  2. Themes: Slow Burn, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pinning, Overcoming Prejudice
  3. Warnings: Mildly Graphic Violence
  4. Pairings: Chris/Changbin

Neurosis (Chapters 7-?)

  1. Summary: Jisung learns what it really means to love - all by breaking hearts, having his heart broken, and having it repaired by a complete stranger.
  2. Themes: Unrequited Love, Forgiveness, Found Family, Love Triangle, Learning to Love, Pinning
  3. Warnings: Mentions of PTSD, Graphic Violence, Mentions of Sexual Situations
  4. Pairings: Jisung/Hyunjin, Jisung/Seungmin, Jisung/Felix
  5. Sub-Plot Pairings: Chris/Changbin/Woojin

Antithesis (Chapters ?-?)

  1. Summary: Hyunjin and Seungmin - the heartbroken and the heart-breaker - find love in the least likely of places.
  2. Themes: Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Found Family, Sacrifice
  3. Pairings: Seungmin/Jeongin, Hyunjin/Minho
  4. Sub-Plot Pairings: Chris/Changbin/Woojin, Jisung/Felix
  5. Notable Platonic Relationships: Jisung & Everyone, Jeongin & Minho