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a touch when acknowledged

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It doesn’t happen as much as it used to, Taehyung curled up next to him in bed, scrolling through photos while Namjoon reads or plays animal crossing. Seokjin walking in on them during the kissing that had become a common occurrence was enough to scare them off for months it seemed, though Seokjin had only proclaimed a loud “WOW” followed by a trail of raucous laughter down the hall.

Tonight though, Taehyung had thrown the door wide and plopped himself down beside Namjoon, manga in hand. Wordless, no made up explanation or uneasy tightness.

He doesn’t ask. They’ve all been a little stressed these days, Taehyung most of all. Probably just needs company, tired of the unspoken thing between them that never quite made it off the ground.

Fingers pet at his fuzzy Koya pajama pants. He glances down but Taehyung is still reading, head resting on his stomach. It’s comforting really, the soft touch up and down his thighs. He’s found himself doing the same thing with the soft fleecy material, but it’s better when it’s someone else, better when it’s Taehyung. Tension melts from his shoulders at every swirl and glide of fingers up his thigh, wide palm down to his knee, ticklish up toward his hip.

“Joonie hyung, I’m gonna touch your dick.”

The velvety words come out of nowhere. “You’re gonna- what?

“Okay? Just for fun.”

“I- what- yeah I- okay?”

The surge of blood at the shock makes him dizzy, heart pounding to keep up with the announcement.

Without any preamble, Taehyung does just what he said, finger and thumb running along his soft dick beneath the fuzzy pajama pants.

He tries to suppress the grunt in his throat but what else is he supposed to do when someone’s touching him like this? It’s unsettling, Taehyung has tossed aside his manga to watch the progress of his hand, smirking at the swell of the bulge in front of his face. Namjoon isn’t sure what he’s supposed to do, the words in his book are a useless blur but what is he supposed to do if he puts it down?

Taehyung pushes Namjoon’s legs a little wider and slides his hand down his pants, grazing blunt nails over his balls and hard cock, ticklish and muted over his underwear.

“Taehyung-“ he gasps, can’t take it anymore, book falling to the pillows.. “Why-“

He shrugs, turning to stare up at him. “It’s fun. I missed you. Feels good, huh hyung?”

A quick little nod of confirmation, fists clenching at his sides when Taehyung massages at his balls, long fingers skimming down to press a dull weight at his hole.

He whines softly and Taehyung smiles, turning back to nuzzle his face into the softness of his fuzzy purple top. He nudges it upwards and kisses his tummy, bites gently at the soft flesh and licks over the teeth marks.

Namjoon sighs, sneaks a hand up Taehyung’s t-shirt and plays with his nipple until he hears the sweet, low sound of a whine in Taehyung’s voice. He missed that sound, if he’s honest, missed it every day.

Taehyung nudges his pants down just enough for the swollen head of his cock to pop out the top and giggles.

It makes him shy, exposed in the bright light of his room so close to Taehyung’s face. They’d done this before a couple times, but not like this, always hurried and hidden beneath the blankets when they got each other too riled up from an hour of kissing.

Weirdly, the shyness turns him on, precum beading up as Taehyung watches and hums in satisfaction. One more glance back at Namjoon, Taehyung sticks his tongue out and licks it away. He lets Namjoon's cock push against his soft, wet lips, tongue just barely pressing and teasing at the tip.

“Tae,” he gasps, hips squirming beneath him. He moves his hand down to squeeze at Taehyung’s ass, cute little round thing.

He just hums again, head resting on his stomach, sucking and tonguing at the tip of Namjoon’s cock as he rubs at the soft fabric over his shaft. He takes his time and plays with him, watching and smiling to himself, tracing a fingertip over the curve of the thick head or giving it a gentle squeeze before taking it back between his lips.

Knowing at least two other people are home, he tries to stay quiet but it feels so good, the weird contrast between Taehyung’s wet mouth and the under-stimuation of being touched over fabric. It's half not enough and half too much, it has him struggling not to thrust up desperately for more pressure.

Taehyung whines when he squeezes his ass too hard and pulls away, crawling around to straddle Namjoon’s hips. “Wanna kiss you,” he mumbles, grinding their cocks together once before leaning down to sweep him up in a kiss.

He’s always loved the way Taehyung kisses, theatrical and bold like he’s copying the movies he’s seen but he does it so good, sensual and full of intention. When he comes he falls apart, messy and helpless but his kisses always burn like embers.

Namjoon grabs his ass and holds him in place, grinding up against him as their tongues swirl together. Hands on his chest, Taehyung leans up so his hips have a better angle. “Cute in your pjs,” he pants, a little smile on his face, lids heavy, long hair mussed.

“You’re cute all the time,” he counters, massaging his cheeks apart and letting his fingers brush over Taehyung’s rim.

That warm giggle that he loves trails off into a moan, pretty bottom lip bitten between his teeth as he arches his face to the ceiling. He settles into a rhythm that could only be described as erotic, something about Taehyung so bright and fatal, lithe body poised gracefully on his as it follows the rock of his hips, smooth, warm skin such a nice contrast to the bright white of his giant t-shirt.

For a second, Namjoon could almost pretend they were really fucking, and the thought makes him groan loud enough to startle himself and whip his gaze to the door in fear. Taehyung laughs and takes him in a kiss again to shut him up, and it’s so good, so good to wrap his arms tight around Taehyung and kiss him like there’s nothing else on earth to do.

“I wanna see your face when you come,” he murmurs when Taehyung’s hips start to stutter.

Distracted, he nods and lifts up just in time for Namjoon to see the delicate frown of his brows and his lips rounding into a pouty O before he comes with a hiss, satisfied smile glimmering around his eyes.

“So fucking pretty, Tae,” he whispers before shyness gets the better of him.

Gaze unfocused, Taehyung smiles wide and lets his hair fall across his face. He scoots back a little and shoves Namjoon’s purple Koya shirt up to his chest, pulling out his rigid cock and pumping hard, watching Namjoon’s reaction through his bangs.

Normally he’d be embarrassed, he thinks. The squelchy sounds and the way his chin looks laying down like this and the cutesy pajamas and not knowing what face he makes when he comes but with Taehyung, it’s always easy. Easy to be, easy to fuck up and laugh, easy to try things because they feel good in the moment.

“Come on, Joonie hyung,” sincere anticipation, maybe a little teasing. Entirely too delicious in that rich voice.

He comes across his stomach on a low little grunt, only barely having the presence of mind to look down and see the way Taehyung’s long fingers look covered in it.

“Fuck,” he whispers, entranced with his wet cock pushing through Taehyung’s fist one last time. "So good."

“See? You missed me right?”

A funny question when they see each other hours a day and live in the same apartment, but it’s true, he did. He nods and sits up to kiss Taehyung again, pulling his shirt off over his head to keep it clean. He pouts at his pants that didn’t quite make it through unscathed.

“I just got these,” he whines.

Taehyung looks deeply satisfied, grinning down at him. “I know. I saw your selca and knew I had to come mess them up.”

"You're a brat," he laughs, and then frowns. "Taehyung do you...? I'm sorry we just kinda... stopped. I did, I did miss you."

Those big warm eyes go wide with a bit of sadness, but he smiles quickly to cover it up. "It's okay. I figured, you know, it's harder for you to do stuff you're not supposed to. But I just..." he shrugs. "I needed you."

He smiles and kisses the freckle on Taehyung's bottom lip and the one on his nose. He can tell when Taehyung wants someone to tug out and un-knot the feelings he has a hard time giving words to. Now isn't one of those times. He kisses the nose freckle again and goes for the one right under his eye, grinning when Taehyung yelps and pulls away.

"Let's not stop this time?"

Hair tucked behind his ear, Taehyung nods and gives him a smile like the sun.