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A Book Of Bullshit I Make Instead Of Sleeping Oops

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Assume that mine are from Dark's perspective and he's talking to Starmine. If you're just here for the prompts and have no idea who Dark is that's okay too. All you need to know is that he is my son and I love him ashksslks

1. I love you.
2. You love fireworks.
3. I hate myself.
4. You love to sing.
5. I obsess over paradichlorobenzene.
6. You have beautiful blue eyes.
7. I have gleaming green eyes like a cat.
8. You sing the song Fire Flower.
9. I sing the song Paradichlorobenzene.
10. You care about me.
11. I hate coffee.
12. You have adorable freckles.
13. I should kill myself.
14. You have warm arms.
15. I like video games.
16. You love festivals.
17. I don't know what I sing for.
18. You like singing with me.
19. I hate rules.
20. You dance well.
21. I like black cats.
22. You smell nice.
23. I like chemicals.
24. You are beautiful.
25. I am toxic.
26. You care about me.
27. I can't stand my sister, Anti.
28. You are a strong swimmer.
29. I want to drown like the stray cat.
30. You kiss me softly when I'm sad.
31. I love how my hands fit in yours.
32. You love me despite me being broken.
33. I love you inside me.
34. You love me for who I am.
35. I am awful.
36. You cry when I say that I want to die.
37. I cut.
38. You kiss my wounds and cry for me.
39. I love your hands.
40. You can't save me from myself.
41. I drown in pain.
42. You are my everything.
43. I enjoy pain.
44. You kiss me roughly, just how I like it.
45. I sneak out at night.
46. You never gave up on me.
47. I need you.
48. You are my angel.
49. I crave death.
50. You would break if I died.
51. I don't understand.
52. You should hate me.
53. I bleed.
54. You smile at me.
55. I can't breathe.
56. You are mine.
57. I am yours.
58. You are gorgeous in bed with me.
59. I am your uke.
60. You can't deny me.
61. I want you.
62. You love how I taste.
63. I am in love with you.
64. You want me.
65. I want your body on mine.
66. You pin me down.
67. I moan your name.
68. You kiss my pale, scar torn skin.
69. I tell you how much I love you.
70. You make love to me.
71. I scream in ecstasy for you.
72. You are deep inside me.
73. I want your seed.
74. You leave beautiful crimson love bites.
75. I kiss you.
76. You groan in pleasure.
77. I pull you closer.
78. You kiss me harder.
79. I love the way you love me.
80. You can't look away.
81. I am entranced by you.
82. You hold me close.
83. I am cold.
84. You nibble affectionately on my ear.
85. I melt into your embrace.
86. You tell me how much you love me.
87. I can't express me feelings enough.
88. You are perfect in my eyes.
89. I am your lover.
90. You are my most precious possession.
91. I hold your hand.
92. You kiss my forehead.
93. I cry from my own self hatred.
94. You are always there for me.
95. I am not good enough.
96. You are my inspiration.
97. I will never leave you.
98. You deserve everything good.
99. I stay alive for you, my love.
100. You are all that I need.

so much for them being unrelated sentences oops-