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Max sighed as he heard yet another one of his coworkers grumble about something, starting a whole new argument. Hating people in general, he was ready to bounce after the first hour of mindless babble. The meeting going on for several more hours was not something he expected. While the chairmembers bickered back and forth, he checked his phone, suddenly feeling it buzz in his pocket.

How’s the meeting going?

Max smiled at his boyfriend’s message, feeling some happiness. Leave it to Neil to always brighten his day. As another worker raised their voice, he frowned and prepared a message back:

I want to stab everyone. Repeatedly.

Stashing his phone in his pocket, Max looked up again. It seems the debate between his companions had escalated to the point of almost screaming. Rubbing his fingers against his forehead, Max looked down to see another text from his partner.

Remember there’s no coffee in jail.
Or me. I’m not heading there either.

Letting out a faint laugh, Max stashed his phone in his pocket before grabbing his coat and standing. As attention was directed towards him, he shrugged apologetically.

“Sorry guys, but I have to leave,” he stated, heading to door. “Health issue.” The patrons nodded understandingly and resumed their conversation without him. Max smiled as the door closed behind him, blocking out all of his coworkers noise. The ‘heath issue’ may be him not killing them (great for their health) but he didn’t see the need to mention that.

Smiling, he thought of his boyfriend and the motivation his message left him. Man, he couldn’t wait to head home tonight.