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You seriously weren’t pumped about starting at a new school so late in the year, but there wasn’t really a lot you could do about it. Moving in with your Nan wasn't your first choice, but it couldn’t be helped. You and your little brother Kaito, were brought to Nan’s less than a week ago. And it was awkward.

Nan had pulled a few strings for you and enrolled you into a Hero course here in Japan. Apparently, it was pretty famous locally, it was called UA.

“I don’t want to go to this lame ass school,” you told her when she informed you of the news. You went to a good Hero Academy but you’d recently been accepted to one of the best Hero schools in the world, GHA, The Global Hero Academy. Some of the best heroes of all time went to GHA. And you were planning on joining their Hall of Fame, that is until Dad died. Then Nan uprooted you and Kaito and brought you to Japan.

“UA is the top Hero academy in the world, Y/n.” Nan said briskly, “You should be thanking me for getting Nezu to make an exception for you. Not that it was hard, with your skill he’d have been a fool not to allow you in. Even more of a fool to risk losing my business.”

You easily forgot how formidable your Nan was, she was the current CEO of a construction company that exclusively did work for Pro Heros and UA. She was short and had straight grey hair but damn she could fuck people up if she wanted. Her Quirk was Honesty, she could tell when people were lying, which again made living under her roof a challenge.

“GHA is the best school in the world.” You argued, “This has got to be some kind of joke.”

“No joke. You will go. And you will do well. Because you are my granddaughter and I have vouched for you.”

You huffed out a tch, and stomped to your room.

Every time you tried to bring up going back to GHA, Nan dismissed you directly. In her mind there was only one school for you to attend, and it was UA. So, here you were, one week later, dressing up in a tan-ish grey blazer and a blue skirt like some anime girl and walking out to catch your train to school. Over that week you had studied up on UA, they had something called a ‘Sports Festival’ where people showcased their quirks and got scouted for Pro internships, which was actually pretty cool, but the last years winner had to be chained to the first place podium to prevent him from hurting other people. You watched media coverage of what is now Class 2-A, the class you’d be joining, and their antics over their time at UA. They’d been attacked by actual Villains way more than once and the winner of the festival actually got kidnapped.

What the actual fuck had Nan signed you up for. These people looked crazy. You also used the week to study up on the Heroes here in Japan. Their number one Hero was All Might. He had some weird strength bolstering quirk that no one had named yet. All Might’s aesthetic was gaudy and extra, definitely not your cup of tea. You’d also read that All Might was recently in a huge fight with some mega baddie and lost his quirk entirely. Which you never thought could actually happen to someone. Their number two, now number one, hero was pretty cool though, his name was Endeavor and his quirk was Hellfire. Now that was bad ass. He seemed a little standoffish and stuck up but at least he wasn’t pretending to be anyone’s friend. After that you stopped researching Heroes, because it really didn’t matter, you knew that you would surpass those old farts in no time.

When your train arrived at your stop you grabbed your bags and walked toward the school. The scenery was beautiful, and the school’s archway was so massive that you could see it almost a kilometer away. You admitted to yourself that you were nervous, but you couldn't even begin to explain how much you hated the idea of being the ‘new girl’. You clenched your first and you affixed the Y/N’s Classic Resting Bitch Face. You took a couple deep breaths, you weren’t here to make friends.

You were here to win.

UA was fuckin massive. You were glad you decided to come 20 minutes early in order to avoid being late because you found your classroom with only five minutes to spare. You hesitated before walking through the door, listening to the conversation happening inside.

“An extra desk? Do you think Shinsou finally got approved to join 2-A?”

“21 students is going to make it difficult to pair up.”

Good God, you thought to yourself, this is going to be fuckin awful. They were hoping their other friend got enrolled in their class.

You straightened your jacket and opened the door. Inside was more chaotic than you had anticipated; people were sitting on desks, floating, and one dude was even hanging upside down from some kind of rope coming out of his elbows. People were laughing and screaming and there were even some explosions. But as soon as you took a step inside the noise shushed immediately. Now, you weren’t going to be intimidated by all of these people looking at you, you kept your chin up and your eyes glassy.  Whispers began to whip up.

“Who is that?”

“Do you know her?”

“How did she get enrolled so late in the semester?”

A higher voice said, “Her face kinda looks like yours from first year Todo.”

“That is definitely not a good thing.” ‘Todo’ must have replied.

You had no idea where to sit or which desk was yours so you just took the one in the front right corner. You pushed the chair back and propped your feet on the desk. You pretended to look for something in your school bag while you waited for class to start.  

But you were interrupted.

“That's my desk, you loser, get out,” a rough voice sneered at you. You didn’t need to look up to know it was that jack off that needed to be tied up because he got first place. When you did look up (and saw you were correct) you sneered back at him.

“Bakugou leave her-” a voice came out but you cut them off. You didn't need to be rescued.

“Ask nicely and maybe I will.”

The voices that had slowly been picking back up were quieted again. Apparently, nobody talked shit to this guy enough.

“EH?” his eyes widened. “You fuckin bitch.” His hands started popping, small explosions going off.

“Well that’s dramatic.” You were proud of yourself for not flinching, small or not those explosions were loud and bright. Why was this dude picking fights so early in the day? And why hadn’t you just given him his desk back? The voice inside your head that always got you in trouble whispered, ‘because we didn’t want to look weak on our first day’. The voice of reason came in reminding, ‘maybe people would like us better if we didn’t antagonize them’ but it was a little too late for that.

But thats when you hear it. Laughter.

You turned to see four people losing their minds laughing. A pink girl, a yellow haired boy, a red haired boy, and the dude hanging upside down were all nearly doubled over.

The explosions quieted, “She’s in my fuckin spot!”

The pink girl walked over to you still laughing hard, “H-hi! I’m Ashido. I’m sorry no one stopped this asshole from being your welcome party.”

You quirked your lips up in a sort of smile and shook her offered hand, “I’m Y/n. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Don’t fuckin ignore me, ink for brains” the blonde boy snarled and you looked over to him.

“Are you talking to me? Ink for brains? Seriously? That's the best you could do?” You let out a snort, “You don’t even know me. Calm down.”

The laughing boys walked over to them, while the rest of the class seemed to watch dumbfounded.

“I’m Kirishima,” the red haired boy said giving you a 100 watt smile, you also recognized his voice as the one who tried to stop the exploding dandelion before you cut in. “This is Sero and Kaminari.”



“Calm down.” Ashido waved her hand in his direction. Ok. Maybe you were wrong about people not putting him in his place.  

You look at him and see that all the anger had moved from his expression to his eyes. Two crimson eyes bored into yours. He was a lot more intimidating when he didn’t talk or explode.

“So what's your quirk?” Kirishima asked casually.

Just then the bell rang and a man in…. Wait…. Was he wearing a sleeping bag??

“Sit down. Shut up.” the teacher said.

You finally stood up from Bakugou’s desk and walked up to the man with what you assumed was a sleeping quirk.

“Excuse me sir, I’m Y/n. -”

“I’ve been made aware of your situation. My name is Aizawa, I’m your homeroom teacher. There is a seat behind Todoroki for you. But don’t get too comfortable.”

You look around, who the fuck was Todoroki?

“The half n half in the back, ink for brains,” Bakugou mumbled to you. You look up to see a man with duel colored hair. You walked to the back of the class and sit down behind Todoroki.

“Pay attention.” Aizawa said. “We have a new student, obviously. That, along with the fact we haven’t evaluated quirks in a while, means we are going to be doing some sparring. Y/n, please stand and introduce yourself to us.”

You stand and straighten out your skirt. “My name is y/n. I am originally from England. My quirk is Irezumi.”

Your Nan named your quirk when it first presented itself. You were 6 at the time. It had been two years that people thought you were quirkless but your quirk was just super specific and hard to accidentally activate. You had drawn a butterfly on your arm, granted a terrible butterfly, and you felt a spark as the butterfly peeled off your skin as it morphed into a live butterfly.

Nan named your quirk Irezumi, because you control tattoos on your body and can make them real. You didn’t know what your mother’s quirk was, but your father’s quirk was Convince, so no one knows where Irezumi came from. Your younger brother, Kaito, was quirkless, but he didn’t mind too much. He was more of a lover than a fighter anyway. But he did admire heroes as much as the rest of the world did, and one day you hoped to be one of them.

“Thank you, Y/n. Welcome to this group of insane second years. I guarantee it won’t be boring. Sit down, please.” Aizawa sighed and looked at his clipboard. “Please grab your costumes and meet at Gamma Training Gym.”

You were about to raise your hand when Aizawa added, “Y/n, your old school sent us your costume registration form so yours will be in case 21.”

Holy shit. Holy SHIT! You had to force yourself to casually walk over to where people were grabbing their cases. You scanned the shelves looking for yours. 21..21..21…. There it was.

You bent over to grab it when you felt someone touching your back.

“Hey… the name is Mineta…..” A small purple boy said touching your lower back.


He started moving his hand lower.

“I’d advise that you stop that. Reaper hasn’t eaten in days….” You snarl quietly.

“What’s a Reaper?” Mineta whispered trying to sound sexual as he continued to move his hand.

Reaper lunged at the same time that Bakugou blasted the pervy grape to the other side of the room. Reaper, your King Cobra was half uncoiled from your wrist and had just missed the nasty purple boy. Bakugou looked down at the snake and raised an eyebrow, but said nothing as he hauled his case away.

You brought Reaper back and picked up your case. You couldn’t explain your excitement as you opened it at your desk. Inside was exactly what you’d hoped for. You shut your case and follow your class to the locker rooms. You spot the Pink girl, Ashido, standing next to those boys again and run to catch up to her.

“Hey!” You said, “What does he mean sparring? We just get to fight each other?” You can hear the excitement drip from your words and your classmates laugh.

“She sounds like Bakugou.” Sero laughed, “Yeah, we get to safely spar in a controlled environment. It is really tough though.”

“This is AWESOME!” You squeal.

Ashido wraps her arm around you, like the two of you had been friends forever, “Girl. You are going to fit in just fine here!”

You and Ashido split apart from the boys and head to the girls locker room. You finally got a real look at your costume.

The first thing you pulled out was a black bandeau top and black booty shorts. The material for the top and the bottom were made of a fabric that reminded you of both Kevlar and Spandex. You slip them both on, and they fit perfectly. You walked over to a mirror and assessed yourself. Most of your tattoos were exposed, which was important, and Reaper was slithering around your abdomen. You get a couple weird looks from some of the girls in class but no one said anything.

You go back to your case and pull out a black tool belt. It contained sharpies, medical supplies, and warming devices. With a quirk like yours the more skin you showed the easier and faster you could fight, however your quirk did nothing to combat the cold. You slide the belt on and take out the shoes next. You’d asked for plain black functional trainers, but they gave you some sort of combat boot. It looked great but you weren't sure about practicality. You would have to see how they fared today. And finally your accessories. You had black sunglasses and two black leather bands, one for your hair to keep it off your face and another which was more detailed for your arm. The detailing was a white cobra with his fangs out, you thought it looked bad ass for your Hero symbol.

You finished suiting up and looked over to Ashido who was waiting for you by the door.

“Monochromatic. I like it!” She said as the two of you walked out to the training gym.

“I also wanted to give you some information that would be helpful for your first day. Firstly, stay away from Grape Boy. He is an absolute perv and will try to feel you up shamelessly”

“Mineta?” you laughed, “He’s already tried. Bakugou blew him up.”

Ashido looked at you, surprised, “Bakugou? No honey, Bakugou is the Mr. blonde angry all the time.”

You raise an eyebrow, “Yeah. He walked over and exploded Grape Boy’s face.”

She looked genuinely confused, “Are you sure? Because that sounds nice… and Bakugou only does nice things if Kirishima is around.”

“Why Kirishima?” you ask. “Are they like a thing?”

She busted out laughing, “Oh My God. No way. Kirishima is as straight as they come. But they are bonded. I have no idea how or when but they are like brothers. Kirishima is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He makes Bakugou act a little more human.”

“Interesting.” You don’t really think through your next question before you ask it, “Is Bakugou single then?”

Ashido’s eyes turned into saucers as she looked at you. She shook her head slightly for some reason as if encouraging you to stop talking.

“What?!” you ask defensively.

Ashido pointed behind you, apologetically.


You turn around to see the four boys right behind you.  You were caught off guard with what you saw. You expected to see the dandelion garbage man that called you a bitch not even an hour ago, but what you saw was...Muscles. Broad shoulders. Defined pecs. And the mask made his hair look a lot less like a dandelion and a lot more like he’d just rolled out of bed. Was it suddenly hot in here? You looked at the other boys, Kirishima was literally shirtless (but had sleeves?) and Kaminari was shamelessly wearing a choker collar. But Bakugou was making you blush. What the fuck.

You were a little disgusted by that. His personality was trash, you've experienced it first hand. You were not going to like someone because they were hot.

Which Bakugou isn’t.


You made eye contact with him after what felt like forever, but was probably only 2 seconds. You found Bakugou’s eyebrows stitched together, staring at you like he was looking at you for the first time.

“What?” You demanded, refusing to be embarrassed, “It was just a question.”

Kaminari whined, “Are you serious? Bakugou?! Out of all people?!”

Bakugou punched the smaller boy in the arm. Hard.

“OWW!” Kaminari said, “I’m just saying…”

“I’ve literally known all of you for less than an hour. And honestly, all he did was scream at me this morning so I’m pretty sure he and I are on the same page.” You scoff and turn on your heel toward the gym. Ashido followed right behind you.

“My god, I’m so sorry they act like children.” Ashido rubbed her eyes, “They are my best friends but honest to god they are such… dudes.

You shrug, “Its cool. I’m just glad you understand”

The two of you entered the gym, it was a massive concrete space and most of the class was already there.

Aizawa sat on top of a concrete pillar, having discarded his sleeping bag, he wore all black, but you couldn't tell if it was a jacket and pants or all one jumpsuit. He also had a scarf… which was weird but you were slowly learning that nothing about this school was gonna be normal.

“Pair up. We will be doing 1v1 fights. Standard rules apply. You can only win if you get your partner out of bounds, KO-ed, immobilized, or if your partner gives up.”

“Y/n, you are going first. Please pick a partner.”

“Oh.” You said stupidly. You really didn’t know any names other than Ashido’s boys and Todoroki. Maybe pick Bakugou? Or maybe he was too advanced. You wanted to win your first battle, for sure.

“Uhh.. I’ll pick….Todoroki”

There were whispers around as the red and white haired student stood up. His hero costume was pretty bland, just a blue jumpsuit with a tool belt. A lot like yours actually. Ashido looked at you like she was deciding what kind of stone to use for your gravestone. What? You knew Todoroki was good. You’d watched the sports festival highlights. He was the ice boy.

You would be fine.

The two of you walked to the designated fighting area. Todoroki’s green haired friend pulled out a notebook and stared at you like he was going to write down every time you took a breath.

“I should warn you,” Todoroki deadpanned, “I won’t hold back.”

“I’d be insulted if you thought so little of me.” You grin fiercely.

Aizawa shouted, “Begin.”