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Early Bird, Night Owl

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Jimin woke up with Taehyung’s body pressed against his back, pleasantly warm, smelling like strawberry shampoo and fresh coffee. He blinked a couple of times, slowly. His eyelids were heavy, slumber not wanting to let go of him despite his efforts, and after a few seconds of fighting against it, he closed his eyes again.

Taehyung squirmed closer behind him, impossible closer, hot breath on Jimin’s skin rising chills up his spine. It took him a few long seconds to notice anything that wasn’t Taehyung’s firm chest rising and falling against him, but once he did, it was hard not to think about it. There were soft fingers drawing the path of his v-line, following the line of his underwear, up to his happy trail and down again, repeating the process until Jimin started to feel tight inside his boxers. He hummed, a tiny thing that sounded a lot like a purr and felt Taehyung smile against his nape. The fingers started to circle his belly button.


Jimin was too drowsy to answer with words. He pushed his head back against Taehyung’s shoulder and sighed at the feeling of Taehyung’s mouth on his neck. Taehyung left a kiss just under his chin, on his Adam’s apple, near his collarbones, and up to the sides of his throat until he finally reached that patch of skin under Jimin’s ear that made his toes curl under the covers.

Taehyung’s hand lingered on the waistband of Jimin’s boxer, pulling at the cloth as a silent question. Jimin bit his lip and nodded, cock already half-hard and heavy between his legs.

There was something about mornings that made Taehyung horny.

It had taken Jimin a few months when they first started dating to notice the pattern. It didn’t happen all the time, but it happened often enough that he knew it was a thing . A Taehyung-thing. Jimin never really questioned it and Taehyung never brought it up. Taehyung woke up with an itch he needed to scratch and jerking off Jimin was the only way to find release. It had been fun back then—Jimin always giggling like an idiot when he woke up, and Taehyung was giving him that kicked puppy look that hadn’t work on Jimin since he saw him in his Naruto pajamas—and it was still fun now; fun but different. Now, Jimin’s body craved his touch more times than not. Now, his days weren’t just as good whenever Taehyung hadn’t made him come in the morning. Now, after almost three years of being together, it was a Jimin-and-Taehyung-thing, just like almost everything else in his life.

Taehyung’s hand disappeared from his line of sight only to come back wet with saliva a second later. He didn’t put his hand down Jimin’s boxers right away like Jimin was expecting him to do. Instead, he played with the hairs of his happy trail, a knowing smile pressed to his throat, and enjoyed the way Jimin’s body shivered with want against his.

Despite the fact that Jimin was aching, liquid warm slowly bubbling in his stomach and making his skin shine with cold sweat, he didn’t rush Taehyung. He let Taehyung tease him, let the tremors of anticipation roll down his thighs until his mouth was softly panting against sheets that smelled of them.

Finally, finally , Taehyung’s hand slipped inside his boxers and wrapped around him, squeezing his base before he started to stroke him slowly but steady. Jimin made a sound between a whimper and a sigh and tilted his head back, giving Taehyung more skin to mouth. Taehyung didn’t pass the opportunity: he attached his lips to where his neck connected with his shoulders and sucked, hard and with intentions of bruising.

Jimin bit his lip and pressed his thighs together.

It had taken them a couple of embarrassing first times to learn the other’s body; to learn how to touch and when to stop, how to steal shocked groans and softs ‘please don’t stop’ from each other’s lips. Jimin liked to remember the first time he made Taehyung come untouched— the pure, gold ecstasy that was written in Taehyung’s foggy eyes and all because of Jimin, all because Jimin knew how to take him apart just to build him back together again right after with just the right touches at the right places.

Jimin was a perfectionist, in every aspect of his life. Taehyung? He was more of a gentle lover, and Jimin had never been with everyone like him. Taehyung liked slow, and unprompted, and zealous. He touched Jimin like they were the only two people in the world, and the sun was going to set fire to the earth; he touched him like he wanted Jimin to know he was loved more than he was desired. He touched Jimin like Jimin wanted to be touched: like a golden god, too greedy for his own good.

Jimin hissed at Taehyung’s teeth sinking into the already bruised skin of his neck and tried to kick Taehyung’s shin with his foot, receiving a low chuckle and a thumb pressed against his slit as an answer.  

Jimin hissed again, this time for a very different reason.

It was easy to lose track of time when they were like that: together, engrossed in each other. Everything was quiet except for the brush of Taehyung’s knuckles against the fabric of his boxer and the heavy puffs of air leaving Jimin’s mouth every time Taehyung played with the head of his cock. It felt good. Too good.

Taehyung’s hand was hot and big, a little rough but always gentle, while he moved it up and down Jimin’s shaft. All the way up, then all the way down. Repeat. Jimin’s breathing quickened every time Taehyung’s hand slid down to play with his balls, lazily rolling them on his palm, squeezing them when he felt Jimin start to get impatient. A teasing finger caressed Jimin’s perineum one, three, four times, until the head of his cock began to dampen his boxers and his heart was beating loud in his chest, but not loud enough to drown the soft praises falling from Taehyung’s mouth.

“I love how wet you’re for me, Mini. Always so pretty. I’d touch you all day If I could, only to hear you say my name like that.”

Whatever nonsense was about to come out Jimin’s lips was quickly muted when Taehyung took his mouth in an eager kiss. Jimin groaned and placed a hand at the back of Taehyung’s head, pulling him in. Taehyung kissed him like it was a reflex—like filling his lungs after being underwater. They were open-mouth kisses with teeth too sharp, and a little too much tongue, uncoordinated, and messy and everything that made Jimin’s lower regions heat up with want.

So close. So good.  

He pulled away with a groan, but Taehyung didn’t let him go too far. They panted against each other’s mouths, Jimin’s eyes closed in pleasure, Taehyung’s eyes open with adoration.

Jimin’s hips bucked up, a choked sound ripped out of him when Taehyung pressed himself harder against his back and took Jimin’s cock back into his hand, smearing the pre-cum down its length and tracing the vein with his thumb.


Taehyung didn’t speed up. Jimin wasn’t waiting for him to do it, but that didn’t make it less provoking. Taehyung loved to drag things out, see Jimin fall apart, warm and soft, between his arms as if he was touching him for the first time—It was the reason Jimin was always late to work (not that he ever tried to change it).

“’m close,” he mumbled, pushing his ass against Taehyung’s hardness and feeling satisfied with the hiss against his neck. “Taehyungie…”

Taehyung’s teeth were back on his neck, tender but thrilling, just like the rest of him. He started to jerk him off a little faster. Not by much, but enough to push Jimin over the edge. He fucked into Taehyung’s fist while Taehyung continued to stroke him up and down, twisting as his hand slid down to the base, just the way Jimin liked it. It was uncoordinated and on this side of too desperate but it was perfect. Oh, so perfect, yes, yes, ah, please—

"It's okay, Mini, let go."

Jimin’s back arched, nails digging into the skin of Taehyung’s arm as the heat in his groin finally uncurled and a rush of golden ecstasy spread through his body. It’s over just as soon as it hit him, leaving him whimpering against the sheets, limbs feeling like jelly while he tried to calm his breathing.


Taehyung smiled and pressed a kiss to his shoulder before taking his sticky hand out of Jimin’s underwear and wiping it on the sheets. He ignored Jimin’s wrinkled nose and wrapped his arms around his middle, humming contently.

“Taehyungie, I feel gross."

"Five more minutes.”

Jimin snorted, smiling despite himself. He did his best to try and ignore the uncomfortable wetness between his legs for a little longer and let himself enjoy Taehyung's warmth, knowing full well that he was going to be late to work once again.