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Everything Put Together Falls Apart

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Chapter 1:

"Here Ruby, a guy bought me this but I kind of already have one." A blonde woman stated as she held out a glass that Ruby just stretched out and gently grasped.

"Yang, my Mom will kill you if I'm late... andwill tear up the town looking for whoever gave me more than one glass." Ruby stated already loathing the loud music and people around. Making her wonder about what the reason was to have a party like this, or even why she allowed herself to be talked into this.

"Well, you haven't had one yet have you? So just drink up. I promise I won't give you another one. And why would your mom kill me? I'm loveable." Yang reasoned to her room mate as she wondered what was meant to make her so fearful of a woman.

"Yang, she nearly literally skinned a guy for taking the last of my favourite ice cream from a store down town." Ruby said trying to show her friend how serious she was in the situation. She didn't want to have another friend terrified away from her from talking with her mother. She really didn't want to have her roommate be too terrified to even look at her.

"I hate it when people misuse that word. But come on, drink up. I'm going to go look for Flynt. I feel like I should embrace the empty room tonight and he is really hot. Plus it gives me a chance to see how good a trumpeter is with their lips."

"I'll be here Yang..." Ruby said as she raised the glass to her lips taking a sip as she could see her blonde friend walk off. A single thought occurred to her as she just decided to down the drink given how it would mean she'd be able to sober up quicker before she got home to spend the weekend with her Mom.

Waking up, the first thing Ruby noticed was the pain in her head and the chill that spread over her body. Looking down at her frame, Ruby let out a gasp as she noticed the lack of clothes. Grabbing the side of her head, she tried to force her mind to remember what had happened the previous night.

All that came to her mind was the pain that filled her entire body with each second that seemed to radiate from between her legs and from her face. She didn't know what had happened but what she did know was she felt sick. A disgusting type of sickness as she could feel a slickness between her legs that was alien to her

As the wind blew again, Ruby shivered and knew that she had to get back home. Even if she had no idea where she was. She just had to get to a phone.

Standing up, Ruby had to ignore the pain that flared up her body as she looked around and noticed the ditch she was in. Wincing a little as she tried to cover herself with her hands the best she could, Ruby tried to walk up the small hill. Praying that there was someone nearby or even a phone she could use.

As she came to the top of the embankment, Ruby just smiled at the archaic sight before her. Limping a little towards the box, praying that the phone was still attached. It had to be. If not, Ruby had no doubt that she'd freeze to death before she'd be found by the looks of the road.

Balling a fist up in the man's jacket, Cinder delivered the other across his jaw sending him to the ground. "Now I want this clear to all of you. If it was one of your children, I would and have devoted the same resources. And now that mine is in need, if I find out any of you are backing out I will personally watch as you dig your own graves and bury you alive. Now get out of my sight unless one of you knows where she is. Am I clear?" Cinder demanded as she witnessed the group start to leave with the exception of the man currently bleeding on the floor in front of her.

"Get the fuck out Marcus, or I'll put a bullet into your skull right now. Or is the fights with your son causing you to develop a glass jaw?" Cinder rhetorically asked as she could see the man start to shift himself around to try and pick himself up. Cinder just shot him a glare as he started to lumber out of the room. As he stood in the doorway, the boss spoke up once again. "I'll bill you for the cleaning of the rug."

Once the door closed, Cinder gently grabbed the sides of her head and wanted to scream at how she had this terrible gut feeling all night that just increased as time went on. Something that she knew would lead to heads rolling, possibly literally if she didn't find her daughter soon.

As the urge to scream, the mobile on Cinder's desk started to ring causing her to groan as she reached up and noticed the unfamiliar number. Quickly swiping the answer Cinder raised the phone to her ear. "You have a collect call from..." As Cinder heard the robotic voice get replaced by the silence to be periodically broken by the sound of a sniffle followed by the sound of Ruby's name.

"Yes I'll accept the charges." Cinder snapped at the voice, all but demanding that her daughter be put on the phone. She needed to hear her daughter's voice. She needed to know why she was in tears and even where she was. As the ringing was replaced with the sound of air followed by some sniffling, Cinder could feel her heart break once again.

"Ruby... is everything alright? Just tell me where you are and I'll be there for you." Cinder said softly as she needed to be with her daughter she felt like she needed to be there for her.

Hearing a loud sniffle followed by the voice laced with tears from her daughter. "... I don't know... I don't remember anything... I woke up naked..." Ruby began as Cinder tensed her hand around the phone. She could hear the phone cracking from the strain in her hand. "... I don't know where my clothes are... I was in a ditch... and I'm in pain Mommy." Ruby cried out as Cinder felt like she wanted to break her phone then and there knowing that someone had targeted her daughter. A message that Cinder was going to be sure to deliver back twice as hard.

"Ruby... sweetie... look around the phone... there should be a name or number on it somewhere." Cinder said as she could hear her daughter sniffle loudly again. With each second it was paining Cinder more and more that she wasn't there.

"I'm in Patch... the number says three seven five... please hurry Mommy... I'm cold and I need you. Please Mommy." Ruby continued as Cinder stood up, knocking her chair down as she nearly ran out of the room.

Entering a near sprint as she ran towards the garage, Cinder stopped for a second once she noticed the green haired woman walking in. "Emerald, gather the men and I want every damn piece of information as to what happened at the party Ruby was at last night. And find out who Ruby had contact with so I know how many graves I need to dig. I need to go to Patch." Cinder said as she walked into the room.

Stopping for a second Cinder turned quickly on her heel to look at the woman. "Get Neo to draw a hot bath, and I don't care what but a hot soothing drink." Cinder stated as her the green haired woman nodded her head in understanding as she nearly ran towards the inside of the house as Cinder nearly entered a full sprint herself towards the closest car to the door.

Twisting the key resting in the ignition of her coal black charger Cinder simultaneously slammed the button opening one of the large doors. Shifting into gear, Cinder all but slammed her foot onto the floor. She knew that there was going to be damage to one of her prized possessions, but there was something far more important that needed her.

Wrapping her arms around her again, Ruby felt the cold take over her as she walked a bit away from the phone just so if someone that drove by that wasn't her mother wouldn't see her in this state. She didn't want it to get out that she was naked

She could feel the tears just barely being held back as she tried to preserve all the warmth that she could.

How long had it been since she hung up the phone? The pain in her body that only was racked more and more by the chill had her believe that it had been hours. Maybe even days.

Feeling another twinge of pain as she tried to force herself to remember how she got out this way, Ruby just wanted to scream. Opening her eyes, Ruby could feel the tears slip once she recognised the car driving down the road rapidly.

Sniffling again, Ruby started to walk out of her hiding place, she raised the hand covering her bosom and started to rub the tears from her eyes. Even if they seemed to increase as the driver door was flung open and her mother nearly jumped out of the car.

"I'm sorry Mommy..." Ruby muttered as she got wrapped in a tight hug. She knew that the tears were spilling freely now but that didn't matter. She was in pain and the only person who ever seemed to be able to remove any pain she was in was there.

Feeling the anger inside her flare ten fold at the sight of her battered, naked daughter, Cinder was positive that there was going to be at least one grave dug. She didn't care who or what was trying to send a message to her, but she knew for certain that there was going to be a trail of bodies out in the open if she was in a good mood.

"You have nothing to be sorry about baby girl." Cinder said calmly as she held the teen tight to her. Gently rubbing her back as she could feel her daughter just starting to break down once again. Entering into a near shaking type of crying as she just let the tears fall. "Let's get you home... it is freezing out here." Cinder said knowing that she really didn't want to leave her daughter for even a second, but knew that if she was going to stay out for much longer she'd be running a serious risk of dying.

Nodding her head, Ruby allowed herself to be lead towards the passenger door, knowing that she was a mess compared to her normally very composed mother. It was just making her feel worse about the situation. She hadn't been needed to ever be collected by her mom after she was drinking. Nor had she ever caused her mom to worry as much as she had.

As Cinder reached across and clicking the seat belt in place, she couldn't help but notice the state her daughter was in. The bruises, the blood caking parts of her body, the white substance seemingly stuck to her nether region.

Once she was sure her child was safe, Cinder closed the door and ran nearly to her side. Climbing in as she turned the heating on full blast, as she shifted the gears a single thought occurred. 'I swear if anyone touched you Ruby, they'll wish I killed them and sent their black souls to hell. It would be a mercy compared to the wrath I have in mind.'

Cinder gripped the wheel tighter as she started to press her foot down on the ground. She knew that the longer she wasn't able to get to the bottom of this, the longer people were allowed to breath that shouldn't be given that right.

Taking her gaze off the road for a second, Cinder frowned as she could see Ruby crying as she continued to try and cover herself for any extra source of heat.

Just the sight was enough to make Cinder feel a larger and larger twinge of anger. Her baby was hurt and she couldn't do nothing about it. The thought of it made her feel a little sick.

Shifting into the highest gear, Cinder reached across to gently place her hand over Ruby's smaller ones. She could feel her daughter's normally porcelain skin being cold to the touch, it just seemed to pain her that much more.

Biting her lip, to the point Cinder could feel the copper tasting liquid float into her mouth, Cinder knew she had to ask one of the hardest questions she ever had at this point. Even harder than when she was curious which way Ruby was sexually inclined.

"Ruby... do you remember anything from last night?" Cinder asked softly as she pained herself further to remove her hand from Ruby to shift into a lower gear as to turn the car.

Sniffling as she rubbed her eyes to try and remove the tears from fogging her vision, Ruby could just feel the disgust piling on further and further as she was with her mom. "No... nothing after Yang giving me a drink someone else bought her... I'm sorry Mommy." Ruby cried out as her vision was quickly fogged over once again. As she felt her mother's hand rest over her's once again. It was bringing some comfort to her but she knew that it wasn't going to help how she was feeling towards herself at this point.

"You have nothing to be sorry about. Nothing is going to make me think otherwise. You are my little gemstone." Cinder said as she could feel Ruby's shivering die down. "We're almost back, I asked Neo to get you a hot bath going... we'll get you cleaned up and a nice rest... and when you remember anything and want to talk about it you know I will always listen and make time for you." Cinder continued as she pressed the clicker for the garage as she started to drive up the secluded road.

As she started to slide in just as the door started to close, Cinder could still make out the tears slipping down Ruby's face. Just paining her even further. When the teen cried it always seemed to have that sort of reaction to her. Something she knew the cause of. It was because she couldn't protect her child.

What she did know was she could get revenge. Opening the car door, Cinder slammed it shut as she walked back towards Ruby's side and opened it for her. A small smile appeared as she could see the woman stopping her shivering as she unbuckled herself and started to climb out of the car.

Quickly walking towards the coat hooks, Cinder pulled one down that she couldn't believe she forgot making it hurt that much more at her making Ruby suffer. But at least she could give her daughter some decency now. Wrapping it around her body, Cinder at least picked up at the sight of door opening, revealing the tri coloured hair of one of her daughter's oldest friends.

Carefully wrapping the woman in a small one arm hug, Cinder started to lead her out of the cold garage and into the home. She was ignoring the way people were staring, she knew they were going to have their hands full in a matter of minutes. But right now her daughter needed her. "Neo, Emerald, Mercury with me now." Cinder demanded as she could see some more tears start to spill from her daughter. Leaning down as she lead the girl up the stairs, Cinder just had to make it better for her in any way she could. "It is for something else."

As Ruby nodded Cinder breathed a sigh of relief as she could see the steam emanating from the white bathroom. "Go in Ruby, I'll be in in a minute with some clothes for you." Cinder stated as Ruby nodded and started to shuffle into the room.

Reaching out, Cinder grabbed the door handle and closed the door as she turned around to face the trio that had followed her orders. "Get me this 'Yang' Ruby's is friends with. Because the evidence is screaming Ruby has been raped, and don't be gentle in getting her. Just make sure she is breathing and won't be dead from sitting tied to a chair in the basement for a few hours. And once that is done, tell the rest of the men, to go and do what I pay them to do instead of gawking at my daughter." Cinder snapped as the three nodded.

'I swear that woman best know exactly who bought her that drink, because if not I'm going to make her wish that I would just torture her.'