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League of Babysitters

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‘Knock knock’

Pale, sweaty hands desperately knocked on a wooden door.

It creaks open.

Seems like someone has decided to abandon a baby at a villain’s hideout.








Sleeping peacefully in a basket curled up in an All Might blanket lies a newborn child, with wispy green curls that rests upon its pale forehead. Shigaraki Tomura’s eyes glared at the blankest with obvious distaste, hating everything related to the blond hero but for some reason his scowl softens when his eyes landed on the serene sleeping face adorned with light coloured freckles. Though, four on each cheek was darker than the rest, forming a peculiar geometric pattern. The boy scratched at his neck, dry flakes of skin fluttered onto the floor. He stood there for a good minute but eventually decided to drag the basket into the bar anyways.

The All Might blanket however, was not allowed in.

“Kurogiri, delivery.” He said, with his usual gruff voice. Setting the basket down onto the counter.

Kurogiri’s smoky hands stopped mid-wipe, seemingly shocked as his glowing yellow eyes widened a little. He eyed the small figure in the basket. “Leave it somewhere else. Such a thing has no reason the be here.”

Shigaraki doesn’t respond and instead, he hops onto a barstool, legs swinging in midair. Ignoring Kurogiri’s scoff of annoyance and stared at the small being, poking each freckle on its face while counting them in his head. The baby scrunched it’s face swats at the imposing finger.

Warm and squishy. Weird.

He then poked its nose a few times, the corner of his lips twitching up into a barely noticeable smile. With a loud sneeze, the infant’s eyelids fluttered open to reveal a pair of big shiny round emeralds that matches its forest green hair. Its green eyes stared into fiery red rubies. It blinked once, its round eyes crinkling into crescents as pink lips turned into an open, gummy smile. Shigaraki returned the smile with a manic grin, his red eyes glowing behind frosty blue hair. He reached out both of his hands to hold the baby’s grabby hands between his thumb and index finger, massaging and pinching the soft tiny palms. Shigaraki smiles wider as the baby let out tinkling giggles.

“Let’s keep him.” He says.

However, Kurogiri was quick to protest. “Shigaraki, this is not a toy for you to play with. We are going to turn this child in to the police office tomorrow.”

“Silly Kurogiri, you don’t get to order me around. I’m gonna tell Sensei that we’re keeping him. What I want, I will get.”

Before Kurogiri opened his mouth to retort, a raspy chuckle from the brat interrupted him. Shigaraki had a tinge of fondness in his eyes as he plays with the child. Kurogiri let out a reluctant sigh, yielding to the spoiled child. Damn him and damn Sensei for turning him into this.

He tried looking at the bright side thinking, maybe this was something Shigaraki needed.

However, he couldn’t help but be worried for the baby, such a thing does not belong in the company of villains.













Hah...hah....hah.. . .

A woman panted as she ran towards her home, her tousled green hair flowing against the wind. Her hands trembled and struggled to get her keys out of her purse to unlock her front door.

She rushed inside the apartment and slammed the door close as her legs became jelly and slowly slid down the door. She brought her legs up against chest and and let out a heart wrenching sob into her knees. Her soft cries echoed throughout the empty apartment, reminding her that she’s really going to be all alone from now on.



I hope taking Giran’s advice was really the right choice










“Of course, you may keep him. There might be some use for him in the future. Kurogiri, make sure he is brought up well,” All for one’s gravelly voice reverberated from the TV.

Of course, that brat will get his way as always.

“Understood, Sensei. I will assist Shigaraki to the best of my abilities.” Kurogiri replied with a bow.

With that, the the screen turned black.

Shigaraki noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the pocket of the infant’s romper. Pulling it out, he read out what was written.





“Please take care of my dear baby boy, Midoriya Izuku.”

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All Kurogiri could see was chaos.


He had returned from an errand and a mess had welcomed him home.


A mess.


In his bar.


There was flour covering every inch of the floor and Kurogiri is close fainting. This wasn’t what he signed up for when All For One asked him to join the league. How did he get stuck with being a babysitter for an insane spoiled child who can disintegrate anything with a touch of his hands.


“Ah, Kurogiri, you’re back.” Shigaraki was seated in a pile of flour next to a white blob with green ey- IS THAT IZUKU?!


“Care to explain what is going on here young man?!”


“Izu and I watched a penguin documentary and he looked like he wanted to play with snow.” Shigaraki answered and continued to pile up more “snow” onto Izuku, trying to make him into a snowman. Shigaraki didn’t seem to think he has done anything wrong.


Izuku sneezed causing a pile on his head to fall. Being the curious child he was, he grabbed a handful of flour to put in his mouth but before he could, Kurogiri had already snatched him up, making him drop the flour. Kurogiri frantically blew on Izuku’s face in a futile attempt at getting the flour off his face.


Izuku laughs from the gusts of wind tickling his face.


“Kuwooo......wahhh ahahah!”





There was a pause.





And then, there were tears. Kurogiri’s ‘it was worth being a dad this whole time’ tears. His little Izuku is all grown up now and his first word is his name. What a day to be alive.


“What the hell, that’s not fair! Izu! Say my name tooooo!”


“All right! Time to get you all cleaned up little man!” Kurogiri ignored the bluenette and headed towards the bathroom while cuddling little Izuku in his arms. 


“I fulfilled my duty of entertaining little Izu while you were gone and this is what I get?! Not fair!” Shigaraki stomped his feet and a puff of flour flew onto his face. The poor boy was going to need a shower too.

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The bell at the front door sounded and echoed throughout the bar as a man enters. A smog covers his face as he huffs out a cloud of smoke. Clacking of dress shoes were heard as the guest walks towards the counter. 


“Yo.” He said as he puts out his cigarette on the counter after he takes one last puff. A grunt came from Kurogiri as he swiftly wipes of the ashes from his counter, irritated.


“For what reason have you brought yourself here, Giran.” Kurogiri more so stated than questioned.


“Just came here to check if an important delivery has arrived at your doorstep. So, where’s he?”


“I’m afraid that you’re going to have to be more specific than that. He who?”


“Cmon Kurogiri, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. He. The babes. Midoriya Izuku, aka Midoriya Hizashi’s son.”


Giran smirks as Kurogiri’s eyes widened in surprise. That Hizashi had a son? He knew for sure that Giran had something to do with how the child had ended up in their custody. Just what is his plan, messing with that guy?


“Ahahaha. Kurogiri, I’d say that I’ve done a mighty fine job, having that naive woman personally delivering that child here. You see, Hizashi has the influence over the underground that we need to bring more comrades to our side doesn’t he? With that, I’m sure you’ve already figured out my plan?”


“Still, he has more people under him than us, how are you so sure that this plan won’t backfire?”


“Haha. Kurogiri, I’ve obtained valuable information about that guy. It seems that he is quite infatuated with a woman, so much so that he would do anything for her. Too bad she found out about his crimes and left him, leaving her son here just because I’ve gained a little of her trust.”


Giran bursts into laughter, finding it funny how easily someone can be so weakened by love. Ah, how foolish.


“All you have to do is to keep that child out of reach from him and he will be ready to do your bidding. Well, I’ll better get going now. Be sure to compensate me well for this.”


With that, Giran left the bar. Kurogiri decided that he will inform sensei about this. Surely he will be glad.


But somehow, he still had a nagging feeling in his chest, telling him that something will go wrong. Hopefully this gut feeling of his will be proven to be just him overthinking things.