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Squad Shenanigans

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When Midoriya Izuku got into UA he felt like his dreams came true. He was a, previously, quirkless kid going to the same school as such pro heros as EraserHead, Present Mic, Vlad King, El Chupacabra, and so many more. It wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for his sensei All Might. During the last few months of 8th grade he met the number one pro hero All Might, and was given the great honor of receiving All Might's quirk. One For All. Midoriya trained long and hard to get into UA, and was overjoyed when he did. Midoriya was a short boy who was much more tan than his fellow students, since his dad was, supposedly, from somewhere in southeast asia he tanned very easily and got very dark. Gaining muscle during training made him short and stocky, and even though he looked quite "innocent" he was incredibly sarcastic. Having grew up being tormented by his childhood friend/bully Bakugou Katsuki he adapted to have a slick tongue.
He'd be training with his class, class 1-A, and someone would ask him a simple question, and would get a slick response back.

"Are you okay, Midoriya?"

Shoushi would ask with genuine concern,

"I don't know Shoushi, are your lungs okay from all those cigarettes you smoke?"

Midoriya would say with his usual dorky smile. He thought they would realize he was joking, but in reality it made him look like a dick. Which he wasn't at all. If Bakugou was there his class would realize just how much of a cry baby he really is. Midoriya was actually surprised that Bakugou didn't apply for UA. He would of asked, but he didn't ever have the chance considering all the training he was doing for All Might. With his sarcasm combined with him being anxious didn't make a lot of people want to be friends with him. He loved being the holder of this quirk, and he loved going to UA, but if he was being completely honest he was incredibly lonely.


Dark green eyes locked with violet eyes that had black sclera. Midoriya opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out, as he shriveled away in embarrassment. The dark skinned girl with the violet eyes continued to violently sketch out a skull on her piece of paper. Suddenly the bell rang, and Midoriya let out a breath he didn't know he was holding in. The girl stood up collecting her things,

"We will continue our project tomorrow, Izuku."

The girl said running her black nails through her afro like hair.

"Ah okay see you tomorrow Adachi-"


The girl cut him off as a boy who looked just like her walked over,

"Call me Jade,"

Izuku's eyes lit up slightly thinking he made a friend before his hopes sank again,

"I just don't want me and my twin brother to get confused."

Jade said waving a slight pity wave to Izuku before turning, and walking away. Midoriya sighed. Well. Time for lunch. Izuku pulled out a small teal bento box that his mother packed for him, and picked up the little sausages that looked like octopus with his chopsticks. He begin to silently eat. Alone. It was nice. Sorta. He wished he had friends. It would be better to eat with friends, if he had any. He would be able to make inside jokes with them, and they would share stories, homework, and food. Midoriya quickly and quietly finished his ehomaki sushi rolls so he could move onto his dessert. His mom, bless her heart, packed him two packages of a cake called tokyo banana. Right as he pulled out the small, adorable, package he heard the door of the classroom slide open.

"Yooooo Aizawa Sensei!"

Midoriya heard a laid back voice say. He looked up towards the door, and saw a tall lanky looking teenager. He had a broad chest with pale skin. His hair was black, his eyes were a bright blue, and he had three silver piercings on his nose along with a silver clip along his ear. The teen looked around the classroom before his eyes landed on Midoriya.

"Oh shit I guess he's not in here, but is that tokyo banana."

The teen pushed himself into the classroom, and made his way over to Izuku.


Midoriya glanced down to the package in his hand, then nodded.

"Sweet, can I have one?"

The teen asked straightforwardly. Midoriya was taken back for a second before he began sputtering like a fool,

"W-What? N-No!"

"What are you saving it for your friend?"

The teen asked glancing at his nails which were sloppily painted black. On his wrist was a name written in black sharpie ' Shiggy '.
Midoriya sat there for a moment. The way his lips were pulled into a nervous frown quickly faded, as he relaxed his shoulders.

"I don't have any friends."

Izuku mumbled, as he opened his package with the small banana cake in it.

"What's your name, kid?"

The teen asked. His eyes trained on the stocky green haired male.

"Midoriya Izuku."

Izuku mumbled, as he munched on his cake.

"Well I'm Dabi,"

Midoriya nearly choked on his cake realizing who this teen was. This was Dabi. Son of the pro hero Endeavor.

"Yup, let it sink in,"

Dabi smiled pulling a seat up in front of Midoriya.

"Alright, anyways let me make a deal with you. If you give me this cake I'll get you some friends."

Dabi smiled,

"Why do you want this cake so bad?"

Midoriya asked confused. Dabi rubbed the back of his neck his cheeks flushing slightly.

"My boyfriend is in a mood right now, and those are his favorite dessert, and I want to make him feel better. Plus you said you don't have any friends, and my, loser, brother Shouto happens to be part of an after school club at his lame high school. At this club I think this would be a good opportunity for a guy like you to make friends."

Dabi explained, as Midoriya sat there for a moment. This might be the only moment he has to make friends, and he didn't want to pass it up. He was anxious though. He was scared that no one at this place would like him, and this all honestly seemed pretty shady. He was used to being alone at this time of his life, and he was honestly considering just wallowing in his own self pity and loneliness instead of making friends. Midoriya took a deep breath, and glanced at the second tokyo banana in his bento box. Dabi sighed, as he stood up,

"I guess I'll go look for Aizawa, and see if he has any castella-"

Izuku cut him off by dropping the tokyo banana in front of him.


Izuku smiled,

"You have a deal."