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The Road To Recovery

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What was daddy doing to papa? Why was papa screaming and crying? Why was daddy saying bad words to papa? Why was daddy hitting papa? Why was daddy and papa naked?

Why did daddy say that he needs to see this? Why did daddy say he needs to see his papa learn his place in their home?

He didn’t want to see this. It was scary. It was confusing.

Daddy was being rough. Daddy was being mean. Daddy was real angry.

His papa was bleeding now from his mouth because there was a big cut on his lips where daddy punched him. His papa had blue and purple patches all over his body. His papa had big and small lines too. His papa looked so small. His papa looked like he would break in half at the way daddy pushed his legs up.

Why was daddy bumping papa like that?

Why was papa's tear filled blue eyes looking at him like he was scared?

His legs were shaking and so he sat down by the corner. When daddy hit papa again making papa scream, he hid his face in his palms.

He cried.

He cried because he was afraid. He cried because he was confused.

He cried because he didn’t want to see what his daddy was doing to his papa.


His body was in complete agony. His heart was completely shattered.

His son was in complete shambles.

And there was nothing he could do.

He was helpless against his physically powerful husband who was currently destroying his body, heart, mind and soul before their own 4 year old who was ordered to watch.

Something his husband had ordered his son to do for the very first time.

He couldn’t take his eyes off his baby who was now huddled in the corner, cowering and clasping his teddy bear to his chest while burying his face into the palms of his tiny hands.

His heart wept as he caught his little sons trembling form and heard distraught sobs.

He pleaded through the brutality, “Please Luke stop! Our son!” He tried pushing at his husbands chest.

To no avail, Luke backhanded him, making his head snap to the side, feeling the metallic taste of blood flood his mouth. His husband barked, “You shut your mouth whore!”

His husband bent him further, his spine feeling like it was almost snapping against the hard surface of their living room floor where his husband decided to punish him for returning a simple hello to their new neighbor.

His husband was a jealous and harsh man who lived by the blows of his fists.

And like most abusive relationships, he didn’t know the real man his husband was until it was too late.

He cried as a particular hard slam tore a yelp out of him, pain instantly shooting from his hole up his spine as something wet started dripping from within his abused channel. Oh God, he's bleeding even more now.

“Papa!” Jack screamed in fear. “Daddy stop!”

His husband continued his thrusts, sneering at his son with anger, “You will learn to shut your mouth when daddy is teaching your papa manners little shit! Don’t make me come over there and teach you a few manners by the strap of my belt!”

He knew he had to put up an act to keep his son safe. His son was only behaving this way because he saw and heard the pain he was in. For the sake of his baby's safety he needed to pretend.

He smiled shakily at his son, ignoring the pain of his husbands thrusts. He hugged his husband close, “It's ok baby. Papa is ok". He closed his eyes briefly before opening his eyes and nodding at his son who got the message.

The little one closing his eyes and hiding his face back into the palms of his tiny hands.

From that moment till his husband finished inside of him, he never made a sound.

Albeit, deep inside him, he knew it was time to make a sound.

It was time he fight for himself. It was time he fight for his son. It was time he ends violence in his life.

The only task was how does he and his son Jack escape this hellhole safely?