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Letting Go

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Despite the incessant throbbing in his own dick, Jethro paused for a moment to take in the sight of Tony all stretched out in the bed, waiting for him. At thirty one years old the man had never been in better shape and even if he played at being immature, Jethro knew better. Tony had the maturity of someone twice his age which was even sexier than chiseled abs framed by the V that led down to the long, weighty cock, already standing at attention. Jethro’s fingers grazed across Tony’s muscled thigh and he watched as it quivered under his touch.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered quietly, too caught up in the moment to be his usual, demanding self.

“I am,” Tony replied.

“Wider,” Jethro prompted, “keep going.” His fingers danced along Tony’s inner thighs, coming teasingly close to his ball sac before traveling back down again, completely ignoring what he wanted to touch the most.

“I can’t,” Tony whimpered. Beads of sweat glistened on his forehead in the dull light of the setting sun.

“Yes you can,” Jethro soothed. He tugged Tony towards him and eased his legs back, pulling his hips in the air slightly and allowing him to open himself up even more. “There ya go,” he praised. “We’ll work on that.” His hands followed his eyes, roaming the body all laid in front of him. “Comfortable?”

“I am, actually,” Tony admitted. His legs were spread so wide he was practically doing the splits but the angle Jethro had moved his body to and some intensive stretching at the gym over the past several months kept the discomfort away. Under normal circumstances Tony would’ve felt vulnerable and exposed and it would’ve been a big turn off for him but with Leroy Jethro Gibbs kneeling over him, studying every inch of his body, the vulnerability and exposure couldn’t have been more exciting or a bigger turn on. “Fuck me,” he begged in a throaty whisper, trailing a single finger down the line that separated the two sides of Jethro’s six pack abs.

“I’m not ready yet.”

The feral smile on Jethro’s face told Tony he was in for a wild ride and sure enough, in no time at all Jethro’s head disappeared between Tony’s legs and he skillfully used his tongue and mouth to drive Tony to the brink before backing off and letting him cool down so he could do it all over again. He turned his body around, putting them in the 69 position and straddled Tony’s head, grunting in ecstasy when Tony opened his mouth and swallowed him whole.

With every nerve ending firing all at once, Jethro pulled himself out of the vacuum grip Tony’s mouth had on his cock and released Tony from his mouth. He turned once again, stealing a kiss as he got into position, desperate for a taste of himself on his lover and to share a taste of Tony with him. He reached for his dick, glistening with Tony’s saliva, and lined himself up. Tony’s legs were still spread as wide as possible on each side of him, his cock still standing at attention and his ball sac just loose enough to tell Jethro there was time to explore, to touch, to kiss and play.

Impatient, Tony reached between their bodies and guided Jethro in. The anticipation was getting to be too much. He was desperate for the sense of fullness, the feeling of completion their joined bodies always gave him. His hand fell away as Jethro breached his hole and Jethro instinctively buried himself balls deep inside Tony’s welcoming body.

Slow and steady quickly gave way to frantic and desperate, neither man able to get enough of the other one. A battle for dominance had them rolling around, fighting for control; anxious for relief but desperate to hold on at the same time. The struggle ended with Tony on all fours, clawing at the sheets and grunting out incoherent babblings as his cock emptied itself onto the bed below without his permission, Jethro literally fucking the cum right out of him. Jethro followed with a curse and a grunt of his own when he was sure his lover was fully sated.

Breathing heavy and with sore, achy muscles from the extensive workout, both collapsed onto the bed, letting their bodies regain control.

“I’m in the wet spot,” Tony mumbled into the pillow. His voice was slightly stressed from the weight of Jethro’s body on top of his but it was a position he’d always felt safe and secure in.

“You’re the one that laid in it,” Jethro teased. He captured the tip of Tony’s earlobe between his teeth and sucked gently on it making Tony squirm at the ticklish sensation even as a spark of electricity shot through his body.

“You staying?” Tony murmured, still caught up in the pure bliss of the moment.

“Not tonight,” Jethro answered. He eased out of Tony and rolled over beside him, giving them both an opportunity to stretch and catch their breath. “I have a project I’m trying to finish up.”

The truth was they very rarely spent an entire night together. One of them would usually end up at the other’s place each evening or arrive early in the morning to spend some time together intimately before work but fear of screwing up the best thing that had happened to them kept them from getting too close; too invested in the other one. Ducky had chastised them with sayings like ‘that’s no way to love’ and ‘you’d both be better off if you were all in’ and Abby just plain didn’t understand their almost standoffish behavior after the day she’d caught them with their pants around their ankles in her ballistics lab but it made sense to Jethro and Tony and they weren’t in any hurry to change it.

Tony pushed himself up onto his side and let his fingers play in the coarse hairs spattered across his lover’s chest. He loved the calm, quiet moments they shared after their lovemaking almost as much as he loved making love to the man. It was a state very few people ever got to see Jethro in.

After a few quiet moments, Jethro took Tony’s hand and rested it over his heart with his hand on top of Tony’s. “Am I gonna see you in the morning?”

“Depends on if my dick or my alarm clock wakes me up,” Tony answered with a soft smile. If his dick woke him up he headed to Jethro’s, if it was his alarm clock he headed to work.

One corner of Jethro’s mouth curved up into one of his trademark smirks. His tongue poked out and wet his lips before he leaned over and pressed his lips to Tony’s. Tony let his hand trail across Jethro’s chest, around to his back and glide over his ass as the man rolled over and climbed out of bed.

“You got any plans tonight?” Jethro asked as he headed for the bathroom.

“I’ve got a date with my DVR,” Tony answered. “I need to watch some stuff so I can delete it and make room for more stuff. It’s a vicious cycle.”

Jethro returned, a washcloth in one hand cleaning his dick and a lighthearted look on his face. Few people truly appreciated Tony’s humor but he tried to make sure he was always one of those people. “Pretty ballsy telling your boyfriend about your date with someone else.”

“I’m a ballsy kind of guy.”

“Yeah,” Jethro agreed, his eyes moving to Tony’s balls, “yeah, you are.” He tossed the washcloth to Tony so he could clean himself up then started collecting his clothes which had been trailed through the apartment. Once he was dressed a still naked Tony joined him at the front door and the two shared one more kiss before he left.


“I take it by that ridiculous grin on your face you had a good night last night?” Tim teased lightly from across the bullpen.

“I’m a DiNozzo,” Tony informed him, “DiNozzo’s rarely have an off night and last night was certainly no exception.”

“You make me sick,” Tim said with mock disgust.

“I think jealous would be a more accurate way to describe what you’re feeling. You really should let me be your wingman. I can help you, McLoveless.”

“That’s a scary thought.” Tim’s gaze shifted to nothing in particular, as if he were considering the option and every way it could go wrong.

“No time for that now,” Gibbs commented as he strolled through the bullpen, over to his desk. “Someone left a mess for us to clean up at Rock Creek Park. Dead guy and an injured Marine.”

“The Marine kill our dead guy or were they both attacked by a third party?” Tony asked, grabbing his backpack from behind his desk.

“We’ll find out when we get there,” Gibbs answered.


A handful of gawkers had already gathered at the crime scene and more were filtering in, curious about what had happened. Gibbs disappeared towards the uniforms for a briefing, leaving Tony and Tim to get the gear out of the truck.

“Do you ever get used to it?” Tim asked, peeking around the van door at the crowd of people.

“Being the center of attention?” Tony joked. “Having your own version of paparazzi follow you around?”

“I was being serious, DiNozzo,” Tim said with a playful roll of his eyes.

Tony peeked around the door on his side of the truck then looked back at Tim. “Part of making it in our profession is learning to work with an audience, Probie,” he replied. “Just ignore ‘em and focus on what you’ve gotta do. ‘kay?”

“Got it,” Tim said.

The two grabbed the gear and equipment they would need to process the crime scene and headed off to find Gibbs just as Ducky was pulling up in the ME van. Jimmy had been given a few days off to study for the test he had to pass that would allow him to start advancing in his profession.


Tony was busy photographing the crime scene while their injured Marine was being looked at by the paramedics when he got the uneasy feeling that he was being watched. He did his best to shrug it off, attempting to follow the advice he’d just given Tim, but the feeling only grew stronger as it followed him. He paused, stood up tall and carefully scanned the crowd of onlookers for anyone who looked out of place. No one seemed to be paying much attention to him until he looked closer and found a set of eyes focused solely on him. Tony had the man’s undivided attention and even got a disturbing smile out of him when their eyes met.

Stone faced and unrelenting Tony continued staring at the man until he realized who it was that he was staring at. It had taken a moment to place the face he hadn’t seen since childhood but as soon as his brain made the connection his stomach dropped and he thought he might be sick.

“DiNozzo,” Gibbs barked.

“Boss,” Tony said, turning a little too quickly and ending up dizzy.


“Uh, no, Boss,” Tony lied, swallowing hard. He hoped his face didn’t reflect how he felt.

“Our vic’s name is Simon Harding,” Tim said, joining the group. “Originally from New York City, he moved here five years ago and opened a restaurant in downtown DC. The business has been struggling but the guy’s got a hefty nest egg stashed away. I can’t find any connection to our Marine. Staff Sergeant Christopher Tatum spent his summers in New York City as a teenager but other than that they have nothing in common.”

Tony’s eyes grew wide as he listened to the familiar names his colleague was spouting off. His stomach dropped lower and lower, his fingers grew icy and all the blood drained from his face as a memory from childhood was suddenly and violently at the forefront of his mind—something he’d never confronted; something he never wanted to think about again.

“DiNozzo,” Gibbs said, oblivious to his senior field agent’s sudden change in demeanor, “talk to our vic. McGee—”

“No,” Tony interrupted.

Gibbs stopped, turned and got right in Tony’s face. “Excuse me?”

“No,” Tony said shaking his head.

Tim watched in horror and complete shock and did the only thing he could think to do—try to save Tony from their boss’s wrath. “Uhh, I can talk to Tatum,” he offered.

Gibbs turned to face Tim, unsure how to react to Tony’s sudden disregard for his orders or what to think of it. When he turned back around again Tony was gone, the camera he’d been snapping pictures with on the ground where he’d been only moments earlier.