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Of course there was only one bed, because life was a cliché like that.

Annie side-eyed Armin, both of them freezing to the bone after the snowstorm caught them halfway through training. They’d known that the cabins were all around the forest, and were hoping to find one of their colleagues already there building a fire, but no — the place was empty, and they had to hurry to light the fire by themselves, and now…

Now there was only one bed in the boxy house, and they’d spent too long in those clothes. She could handle it, but he… probably couldn’t.

“We should strip,” Armin said cautiously, and Annie’s hum of agreement was more of a reflex than anything.

“Body warmth,” she said shrugging off her jacket, making sure to keep her eyes away from him.

Annie wasn’t sure if embarrassment was what she felt at the moment, or if it was excitement. She only looked at him when he moved, and in her underwear she watched Armin unfold the blanket that was by the bed.

“We can take turns to sleep,” he suggested, standing in just as many layers of clothes as she was. “But for now we should…”

He gestured between them and the blanket in his hand and she nodded, stepping closer and getting one of the blanket’s tips.

“Don’t you go thinking anything funny, Arlert,” she chided, flicking at his chest and he hissed, rubbing the spot.

“I won’t,” he replied, but there was a smirk playing on his lips when he opened his arms to welcome her in an embrace that she stepped into before the blanket was around the two of them.

They had one bed, alright. But this would make do.