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The Collection of Mika and Yuu’s Relationship

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Yuu could remember the very beginning of their meeting to the end of their relationship. Ah yes...before he died, he would love to remember all of these moments from beginning to end.

Yuu didn’t feel like moving whatsoever. Shinoa had been bothering him for the last hour about his new date.

How did this all happen? Well, let’s go from the beginning. Shinya and Guren were Yuu’s adoptive parents. Shinoa was his adoptive half sister? Yeah, something like that. Guren worked as a police officer while Shinya worked as a barista and babysitter.

When Yuu was seven, he was doing his usual thing and playing around. He could hear Shinya opening the door and talking to someone. Of course, the little boy didn’t care all that much until Shinya came back with another child his age.

“Yuuichiro, this is Mikaela. He’ll be staying with us for a few hours. I hope you two get along.”

Shinya left them for a little bit to prepare some food.

Yuu looked at the other child and blinked.

The other was wearing some shorts and a green shirt. His breath taking blue eyes were matched perfectly with his blonde hair.

Of course, Yuu thought Mika was a girl. Could anyone blame him?

“Where do you come from?” Yuu asked.

The blonde tilted his head. “My mom, says that I have Russian blood. Other than that, I don’t know.”

“I see. Do you want to play with me, Mikaela?”

The boy’s eyes lit up. “Ok! Also, just call me, Mika.”

“Ok then, Mika!”

They started playing pretend and house. The green eyed boy couldn’t help but blush when Mika smiled to him while wearing an apron.

“You can be the mom and I can be the dad. Teddy can be the son, and Shinoa can be the daughter.”

Mika blinked in surprise, but complied since he didn’t seem to mind getting the mom role. Yuu nodded and ran to find Shinoa.

Eventually, Shinya called for them to eat lunch and doted on them.

When it was finally time for Mika to leave, Yuu vowed to meet again. He waved to the prettiest person he knew.

. . .

Nowadays, Yuu was muttering about Shinoa’s relationship with Mitsuba. Shiho was also with Yoichi. Why did he have to be the only one without a date?! He was good looking. He had quite a friendly personality. Heck! He could even cook if he wanted to! Who doesn’t love a guy who can sorta cook?!

Then again, he had tons of love letters. He could settle with one of those girls. No, he wouldn’t do that. The black haired male already knew why he didn’t have a girlfriend. It was because of that girl way back then. He couldn’t let go of her no matter how hard he tried. They were childhood friends until Mika moved away. He stayed single because she, the prettiest person he knew, was still out there.

Mika was kind, responsible, and caring. There was nobody like the blonde.

Yuu pouted as Yoichi tried comforting him. The former left to catch his shift at the bakery cafe Shinya was working at.

He didn’t care too much about anyone there and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Then, something incredible happened.

The Vampires of the Alleyway, a popular goth local band, walked into the cafe.

Yuu’s jaw dropped when he saw them. It was surprising to say the least.

The Vampires of the Alleyway consisted of René Simm, Lacus Welt, Krul Tepes, and Ferid Bathory. Along with them, were two other people he assumed were friends of theirs. René and Lacus were holding hands and looking around, making a few comments here and there. Ferid and some other dude were talking about a certain book. Ferid was also flirting with a blonde who seemed all too casual.

It didn’t snap instantly as they were seated. For some reason, the blonde seemed familiar. Yuu got to the conclusion that the kid was related to Mika! This could be his chance.

Shinya was taking their orders until Yuu shoved him away and took over. The group was confused for a moment but dismissed it. Shinya pouted, but smirked as soon as he knew why Yuu did something like that.

“So what would you like to order?”

The random dude with Ferid started listing what everyone wanted. Yuu listened and secretly stared at the attractive blonde staring at the window. Was he some sort of model? Because damn, Yuu never thought a man could be so pretty. Lacus and Yoichi came close but they didn’t matter.

“And what name would you like me to place that under?”


“Alrighty! Your order will be coming out shortly!”

Yuu blushed when he saw the blondie turn around. The dark haired male smiled and left their table.

Shinya was grinning. “Do you have a crush on someone?”

“No! He just looks familiar, is all. He looks a lot like Mika.”

Shinya blinked in confusion. He then instantly knew what was happening and snickered. Yuu shouted at the older man.

. . .

The next day, Yuu was being bored like he usually was. He looked up to see his next customer. His face reddened.

“H-hello! What can I get you today?”

The other male laughed softly. “It’s my friend’s anniversary next Monday. I’m sure you’re familiar with Lacus and René. I’d like to order a custom made cake for them?”

Yuu pulled himself together and nodded. “Sure! What do you want it to look like? We have a cake chart to get a better idea.”

He handed the other boy a laminated chart which featured flavor, size, shape, and so forth. Sapphire eyes looked curiously at it and nodded.

He started detailing what he had envisioned: a purple chocolate and strawberry cake with some crisscrossed black icing, with a skull and black rose to the side of the top. He had also wanted words that said happy anniversary.

Yuu had no trouble jotting down each detail. With that done, his customer paid for it.

The green eyed male knew this was his chance to ask. “Do you know Mikaela Shindo?”

The blonde blinked before giggling. It was honestly cute to watch but also kinda embarrassing. “Of course I do. Now that I think about it, you look awfully familiar.”

As he gave a thoughtful gaze, Yuu couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful and cute angel in front of him.

“Hey, you’re Yuu, right?”

Yuu beamed. “Yeah, that’s me!”

“Wow it’s been such a long time.”

This made Yuu confused. “I guess so. About Mika...”

“Um, Yuu-chan! I AM Mika.”

“Wait, what?”

The both of them went red. “Did you think I was a girl?”

“Wait, you’re a guy?!”

This shattered all of Yuu’s dreams for a moment. For a moment...

Mika was hawt tho, Yuu thought.

“I am a guy! Did I look like a girl before?”


“Can’t say I’m surprised...lots of people thought I was a girl.”

Then Shinya interrupted them. “Hello, Mika! You seem well today!”

“Thank you! I’m doing pretty fine. What about you, Shinya?”

Then, Guren burst in from the outside world. “Stop flirting with my husband!”

“Ah, sorry, Guren! I wasn’t flirting with Shinya.”

The older man sighed. “Don’t scare me like that Mika. Good to see you after all these-,”

Guren stopped and looked up and down. “You certainly look more masculine. You even sounded like a guy. I thought you would’ve been a dainty lady.”

Mika scratched the back of his neck. “I’m a guy.”

Guren shrugged. “I know. You sure did look like a girl back then though.”

All this did was throw Yuu out of the loop. He started shouting at his parents with a red face. Guren smacked him, kissed Shinya, and left.

Shinya laughed and got back to his business.

Yuu covered his face in shame. Mika chuckled and wrote something on a piece of paper. He took a ticket and left it on the counter before leaving.

Yuu looked at it and almost fainted.

It said:

Lol, here’s a free ticket to the show. The band’s getting a new member. Hope to see you there, and I assure you, I won’t be that damsel in distress that you thought I was ;)


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Mika was a bad boy.


Yuu had told Shinya that he was going out. Guren joked, saying, “Going out with Mika.”


Yuu left the chat.


The black haired male huffed as he walked to the venue. It was glorious to see that so many people were in line. He couldn’t get in through the front doors.


Then he saw the hottest guy there. Mikaela Shindo.


So it was definitely really cute to see Mika checking his texts with a scarf on his face and a light blush. The boy still looked just like a girl with that get up. Also, who dresses up with so much during the winter? Back then, Mika could handle it with shorts! Now he was underneath layers of outfits.


Then, those beautiful eyes that matched the ice found him. The innocent boy waved to Yuu. With that, Yuu’s thoughts ran wild. No wait, don’t do that. Mika’s a person. Get ahold of yourself. Still, he could imagine pinning the taller male to a wall.


“Hey, Yuu-chan! This way!”


The blonde ran ahead as Yuu started to follow. They were going to a side entrance with less people. Ah yes, the VIP spot everyone wanted. Mika didn’t seem to mind waiting.


“Why are you wearing so much?”


“’ll know in a moment.”


Well that was vague, huh.


Suddenly, their eardrums were blown to bits when the girls started squealing.




Yuu saw Lacus and René greeting the people in line. When the question popped up the ever so emotionless René grabbed Lacus’ hand.


“Sorry darling! I wish I could give you my number, but there’s too much going on!”


René rolled his eyes as he waved to another girl.


Paparazzi was everywhere as they greeted other guests. Mika laughed at Yuu’s expression. “You already know that they’re in a relationship. Can’t help but fantasize though, huh.”


“I mean, Lacus is pretty hot. Sometimes he comes of as a sweet looking person but then turns into a sassy and sedu-,”


Yuu stopped there. “I mean-I don’t- that was my first impression of him was all.”


Mika bursted out. “Don’t worry, everyone here thinks Lacus is hot. Pretty sure he won first place in a popularity poll or something like that. Ferid and René got second. René was actually half satisfied that Lacus was first, and half jealous because he didn’t want anyone to take his boyfriend away. Ferid on the other hand, went berserk on Lacus because he felt that he was the most fabulous one in the group.”


“Wow, that must’ve been pretty funny.”


“It was.”


Yuu looked away, still embarrassed by what he said. “Ah...I’ve never seen you onstage with them. I think you would top Lacus.”


Mika smiled. “Of course I would. Lacus might be hot, but I’m hotter than him by miles.”


“OI! There’s no way you can be hotter than me, Mika!”


Speak of the devil, Lacus found them.


“I know, I know, I was kidding.”


The purple haired male huffed. “Good,”


“Not,” whispered Mika.


With a loud gasp, Lacus started ranting on how he was better. Mika thought that his pouting face was kinda cute. All the girls were confused about what was going on.


“Anyways, why aren’t you coming through the backstage door?”, Lacus muttered.


“I’d rather catch up with Yuu here.”


“Fine, you and your boyfriend could talk, ta ta!”


Lacus caught up with René and resumed his greetings.


“You could go backstage?”


“Yeah, I’m their friend and number one fan after all. Well...maybe not so much anymore.”




“You’ll see.”


Vague again!


“I didn’t know you came back to town.”


“Oh, yeah, I had to come since I’m moral support for The Vampires of the Alleyway.”






“It’s nice to meet you again.”


“Same here,”


“How long are you staying?”


“Until after summer of next year. That’s sort of when we start traveling on tours and stuff like that. I have to be there with them.”


“Why? How long have you known them?”


“Since middle school. Also, I kind of have to go with them for certain reasons you’ll see later.”


“Oh...ok then.”


Mika then got an idea and took Yuu’s ticket. He started scribbling some numbers and handed the ticket back.


“My number just in case you get lonely.”


“I do not get lonely!”


(Ahahahaha he did get lonely, Yuu remembered.)


“If that’s so, then I’ll get lonely.”


“You have your band friends.”


“They’re different, Yuu-chan,”




. . .


When they entered, Mika suddenly disappeared like a ghost. Yuu was extremely weirded out, but followed as the people guided him to his luxury seat.


Now...Yuu wasn’t into screamo.


This was an exception.


Their vocalists were singing with raw voices, which blew Yuu away. He had heard their tamer music through Shinoa, who was a big fan. Strangely enough, she didn’t buy tickets to go-...oh


There she was in the VIP seat with her girlfriend, screaming along to Lacus’ lyrics.


Speaking of Lacus, you wouldn’t expect someone with his type of personality and lighter voice to be screaming such heavy and low notes whilst playing a guitar. Ferid on the other hand, was sort of expected but why did he have to be so intense? Why did the main vocalists of a screamo band of have to be intense? Because screamo.


René was playing the base with skill, and Krul was drumming wile head banging to the tune.


After completing their opening song, Ferid made a grand announcement.


“Now, as you’ve heard from the rumors, there will be someone new joining! would be more accurate to say, two new people joining. Please welcome, Crowley, the werewolf vampire!”


From a side, Yuu could see the random dude who was tagging along with the band. The man came out as fans cheered.


“He’s kinda hot.”




“Of course, my Mitsu is hotter.”




Yuu snickered but continued to watch. Ferid wrapped an arm around the taller male and laughed.


“Better not think about taking him! After all, he has me to keep his bed warm all night.”


Yuu’s jaw dropped along with the fujoshis in the crowd.


“Now, now Ferid, I’m still single you know.”


“I knoooow.”


Ferid then looked back to the crowd. “Now, for our second new member! Mika, the wild cougar! I like to call him kitten.”


Then, Yuu’s jaw became dislodged.


“No way, I know that guy! He used to be a childhood friend!”


“No way,”


“No way,”


Yuu could honestly agree with all of that. Mika...he was perfect.


His beautiful hair framed his face too well, and his clothes were...interesting. He wore a sleeveless leather jacket on top of what seemed to be a skintight tank top that seemed to reveal his slim body. Now, he didn’t have abs, but damn, that body was good. His jeans were tight and daaaaamn that is a fine booty. Those thigh high boots didn’t help either.


Yuu knew...he was officially gay for Mika.


He felt something drip down his nose. He didn’t care all that much. 


That Russian, blonde cutie suddenly started singing and screaming all too beautifully as Crowley took the drums, Krul got out another guitar from nowhere, Lacus started focusing primarily on his own beautiful purple guitar, René being his usual base guitar playing self and Ferid...being Ferid. Lacus did do some of the “backing vocals” too.


This was when the dripping got really bad. Yuu left for the bathroom and stayed in there for a few minutes, cleaning the blood from his nose. The rest of the show was Yuu admiring screamo and becoming the biggest fan he could be. 


. . .


The next day, Yuu bought any and all of the limited edition merch before heading to work. 


A few hours later, Mika came in, seeking an update on the cake. Shinya told him that they have gathered all the ingredients and are now waiting for the best time to bake it.


Yuu came over to talk, and trying to keep his cool. “Cool show last night.”




Shinya whispered something and winked.


“Wow, thanks Shinya. I’m on break now, let’s talk.”




They walked outside for a bit and BAM! Mika was pinning Yuu to the wall.


The latter always thought that he would be the one pinning, but this works too.


Mika leaned in. “Aren’t you just a sweet and innocent soul, getting all flustered like that?”


Yuu could’ve fainted. Instead, his nose started bleeding.


Then, Mika ruined the moment by sneezing like a cute kitten away from Yuu.


“Sorry, we have to do this audience participation thing next week on their anniversary and I couldn’t practice it on anyone else.”


“Really? Wow, you like playing with feelings.”


“Eh?! It was for immersion. If you knew, then you wouldn’t be as you know...realistic?”


“I see what you’re doing.” Yuu said as he wiped his nose.


“Sorry about that.”


“It’s fine.”


Not at all like the sweet child he knew back then.


“My break time’s almost over, I’ll be there to see you guys next week.”


“Oh! Let me-,”


“Nah, I can buy a ticket myself.”


“If you say so.”


After a few minutes of talking, Yuu went back to the coffee shop.


He couldn’t help thinking, I wish we could meet up more.


. . .


Turns out, the reason the concert was on the day of Lacus’ and René’s anniversary was so they can reveal their relationship status.


Yuu was not surprised. He was offered a slice of cake by Mika. It didn’t taste as good as the time he kissed Mika as a kid.

Chapter Text

It was in a playground after getting some ice cream. Shinoa and Mitsuba played on the slides while they sat at the swings. Yuu got Neapolitan ice cream while Mika got mint strawberry.


Mika dropped his ice cream because Yuu scared him. The boy felt guilty, so he let Mika have his. Then, Yuu dropped his ice cream after being careless. Mika looked to the bright side while Yuu pouted, wanting more ice cream. He then looked at Mika.

Of course! Mika ate some of the ice cream so he had some remnants in his mouth. Plus, Shinya would be happy to hear of his first kiss.

So then Yuu kissed Mika and tasted the ice cream in his mouth. It was really sweet. Neither of them spoke a word of this because of how embarrassing it was. This was also when Mika started I gay?

the end

Chapter Text

So, Yuu and Shinoa had hung out with the band members for a long while now. It’s been a month since the last concert. Surprisingly enough, Yuu merged his two friend groups together. Now, René and Kimizuki got along kinda well while everyone else died from the “drama”


There was this one thing apparent though. Lately, Mika’s hands had been full of scratches and bandages, which made Yuu worried. 


Speaking of Yuu, he had a major crush on Mika. Everyone seemed to know this already. Lacus and Shinoa tried urging them to kiss, but not even spin the bottle or a mistletoe would work for them.


Around now, was Christmas. The group was invited to Lacus and René’s apartment for a mini party. Their gothic decorations were fitting considering who they were. Everyone got cute little gifts as always. Soon, after a couple hours, things started getting messy.


Lacus and Ferid were arguing over some lyrics. Krul had sat out of the fight and instead talked to Mika. Yuu was envious, but he knew that Mika thought of her as more of a mom. Did he mention how young Krul looked? Yeah, she’s way younger than he thought.


Crowley was trying to calm the argument down while also sort of leaning towards Ferid’s sign of the argument. Yuu felt really bad for him, since he seemed to like Ferid. Ferid flirts with him, but it’s obvious he prefers Mika, which made Yuu’s blood boil.


Then there’s René who was legitimately neutral. He tried pulling his boyfriend away from the fight. How someone could remain so calm is a mystery. Honestly, he didn’t know how the two even got in a relationship. Lacus was so demanding and emotional, while René was the complete opposite.


Yoichi was also trying to calm the fight down. He and Kimizuki weren’t exactly successful in helping though. Mitsuba didn’t care. She was obviously more into Krul’s youth and beauty tips. Shinoa was enjoying the fight with popcorn.


Yuu was “reading”. Boring, right? Well, he kept glancing over at his crush. The other boy was beautiful and dangerous. That’s what made him so terribly in love.


Then, Mika had to leave. Lacus questioned this, but didn’t get any answers. The fight was suspended when he decided to curl up next to René. Ferid pouted and talked to Crowley instead. Krul eyed suspiciously at the door to their apartment and shrugged. She started talking to Mitsuba.


It’s been thirty minutes, and everyone was going home. Ferid, Crowley, Mitsuba, Kimizuki, Yoichi, and Krul had to leave. Shinoa was with Yuu. Lacus and René owned the apartment, so they didn’t really have to go anywhere.


Eventually, Yuu got worried about Mika and excused himself. 


He walked through the building in search of his blonde friend. When he got to the lobby, he saw Mika talking to Krul who should’ve left a while ago. Confused, he hid behind of a plant and eavesdropped on them.


“I’m sure he’ll like it.”


“Are you sure?”




“Thanks for helping me sew some of the clothes.”


“Ah, it’s no problem Mika!”


Yuu knew they had a pretty tight bond, but sewing clothes?! Yeah, Krul was a fashion designer. She didn’t have to show it off to everyone.


Yuu went back to the room with jealousy in his mind.


Lacus lifted a brow. “Why are you so red and flustered? Sheesh, did Mika kiss you or something? Ooh, maybe he did some more fun than that.”


“Shut up, Barney the purple gremlin!”


The purple haired man sat up, which caused René to sit up as well.


“Hey! Just because I have purple hair does not mean I’m a creepy dinosaur!”


Shinoa laughed.


“This applies to you too! Honestly, you two must be siblings.”


The conversation was interrupted when Mika came back with a bag in his hand.


“Hey, sorry to barge in like this. Um, I realized that I forgot to bring one of the presents, so I needed to go back home to get some things.”


Yuu blinked when Mika gave the bag to him. He reached in and felt something very soft. He pulled it out and smiled. His present was a tiny plushie version of himself with green button eyes.


“I tried doing some sewing and this is what came out. Krul helped with the clothes.” Mika said sheepishly.


Yuu hugged Mika. “Thanks! It really means a lot!”


The blonde blushed. “I’m also making more plushies for the entire group, but I’m not finished with that yet. I thought that yours would be nice to do first.”


Shinoa smirked. “Indeed it is.”


René nodded. “It’s pretty cute. Not bad for a beginner.”


Lacus was adoring Mika’s creation, but he was also whining about how he didn’t get a miniature version of himself.


Yuu saw that Mika’s hands were healing. “Is that why you have so many scratches?”


“Y-yeah, I kept poking myself with the needle.”


Well isn’t that just adorable, his crush was embarrassed and blushing.


“Be more careful next time.”


“I will, I will. It was worth it though.”


Now it was Yuu’s turn to become red.

Chapter Text

They have been friends for a while now. 3 years before Mika left and 2 months after reuniting. Everyone was having a good time until Mika started avoiding Yuu. He seemed fine with Lacus and even Ferid! Why was he keeping away from the raven haired male.


Shinoa noticed that even she got to talk with him more than Yuu and started asking.


“What’s wrong Mika?~”


The blonde jumped. “Ah, nothing,”


“Really? You’re avoiding Yuu and your face gets so red around him! Do you like him?”






“No! I can’t. I don’t think he swings that way.”


Lacus enters the chat.


Mika leaves the chat.


Lacus adds Mika to the chat.


“He does. I heard you two talking in that line. He was talking about how hot I was!”


“You’re kinda feminine! It makes sense. I’m not.”


“But you kind of are Mika. Sometimes you’re a bad boy and sometimes you’re a cinnamon roll!”


Mika his Lacus in the head. “Shut up.”


The purple haired male instantly grabbed René. “Ren! He hit me!”


“Lacus, please,”


“Sorry sorry, you know I like messing with you.”


“I know, Lacus. Also, Mika, you should confess.”


“You too?!”


“Lacus and I confessed to each other at the same time and we came out fine.”


“But what if he doesn’t like me?”


Shinoa pouts. “He’s gay for you Mika.”


Krul enters the conversation. “Sweet Mika, make sure he doesn’t do anything to you. Men like him are a bit ehhhh interesting in bed.”




Yuu overheard the conversation. He impulsively went up to Mika and smashed their lips together.

Chapter Text

So now they were in a relationship. Yuu couldn’t help but go red every time he sees Mika in a barista apron.


Oh yeah, as a part time job for a bit, Mika decided to work at Shinya’s cafe. Sweet! 


His hair was tied back and he was leaning over the counter with his elbow. Right now, he was complaining about how Lacus and René were so in his face about their relationship.


Yuu knew that Mika could be both hot and cute.


Mika thought the same about Yuu. When Yuu wasn’t irritated by something, he was friendly and confident towards customers. 


After going silent about his minor problem, he was staring at Yuu going to take someone’s order at another table when an old lady coughed. Mika jumped and took her order before staring again.


Yuu was laughing and definitely happier.


They both ate one of Shinya’s cakes after work.

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I’m really afraid of abandoning this fic, so I’d like to have some requests for oneshots! This is so I can be a little bit more active with this story.

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I wish I could say that I was trying to work diligently on these fanfiction but unfortunately, I have not. I’ll try my best to get them up by...Saturday?

I’m so sorry for my lateness and lack of work on it. I have no excuses to share as all I can do now is try to fix this habit of mine. The upcoming chapters will be

  • Twin Soul AU
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The latter will be much easier to write so I am able to hold that one off for a little bit. The former is a bit harder but I’ll try my best to write it soon.

Chapter Text

The night was starting to wane as Yuu continued to dream. The vivid images in his head went on round and round.


First, there was a blonde male in white drinking some water from the pond across from him. Then, there were the sapphire eyes staring right into his own emerald ones. The overwhelming feeling of yearning began to rise in him. His heart was aching for something to fill the empty half that was missing. The closer he got, the more complete he felt.


The jet black haired male reached out to the other, about to yell something, but it all darkened.


Yuu woke up in cold sweat and let out a yelp. His sister, Shinoa blinked as she watched.


“What was that about Yuu?”




“Come on, I’m your sister, you can tell me anything!”


“Shut up, you’ll just make fun of me for it.”


Shinoa grinned. “It wasn’t a we-,”


Yuu choked on his saliva. “No! It was not that sort of dream, ok?”


“Then what was it? I’ll keep believing that I’m right and that you’re lying if you don’t tell me.”


“I forgot, ok?”


“No you didn’t. I can see it in your soul. You’re making such a big deal out of it.”




Yuu sighed to himself. He bit his lip for a moment. “I..had the same dream again.”


“Oh my goodness, who was it? Is she pretty?”


“I don’t remember much, but she’s really beautiful. All I could remember is short blonde hair and blue eyes. Like..really blue eyes.”




“Shut up.”


They went to school in a hurry, hoping to be on time.


. . .


Their homeroom teacher went on about respect and such but stopped to announce another thing.


“Today, we have a new student in our class. His name is Mikaela Shindo.”


Yuu looked up and almost stopped breathing. The new student had very light hair and eyes that shown like real sapphires. His milky white skin seemed smooth and soft.


Mikaela introduced himself and smiled. “You can call me Mika.”


Yuu felt immediate attraction towards him, and something deeper. Mika sat by Yuu and stared at him with his piercing eyes. For some reason, Yuu felt as if they were one in the same.


“Hey, Yuu, right?”




“Let’s talk sometime.”


. . .


A couple years passed right by, and Yuu was happily hanging out with the one who made him feel whole. made them feel like one person all together.


In a way, Mika always sort of knew what Yuu was thinking. They were different on so many levels yet felt closer and more attached than ever.


Yuu felt nervous about confessing, but deep down inside, he already knew how they both felt about each other.


. . .


There it was, a sunset by a pond. Mika was laughing and holding hands with Yuu.


“Hey, Mika?”




“I have something to tell you.”


“I know,”


“That’s good.”




They were silent for the longest time.


Mika spoke up as they saw the last of the sun drop.


“I love you too.”


“I know,”


They cuddled with each other, waiting for the next sunrise. In their dreams were a small pond. They were no longer on the other side of it, but rather in the middle. Their bodies and minds intertwined.

Chapter Text

Lacus looked at the apartment window. All of the other members of the Vampires of the Alleyway were away. Krul was doing her usual fashion gig. Ferid was on his date with Crowley. Mika was on his date with Yuu. Now, it was just him and René.


They cuddled with each other, not knowing what else to do. That was fine though. He’d rather spend some alone time with René anyways.


“Hey, babe?”




“Do you remember how we met?”




“Those were fun times, weren’t they?”


“Yeah, they were.”


. . .


How would Lacus describe his boyfriend back then? Uh...stoic. Just like he is now.


It was the first day of eighth grade. Lacus had been at the elementary school right by it, but René was just doing his own thing a few cities over during elementary school. His parents found a good job opportunity so they moved. René didn’t really care that much. He didn’t have much friends where he lived due to the fact that he simply didn’t care. The only real pain about moving was pack up.


They were in homeroom when they met. Lacus was toying with his paper airplane and René was listening to the lecture. At the time, Lacus was going through his gothic phase. Well, it’s not really a phase anymore now that he thought about it.


René was...fairly normal looking. He didn’t have the hairstyle he liked now. His hair was growing out though.


“Hey, René, right? I’m Mika. If you need any help, you can talk to me.”


“Psst, you,” Lacus was whispering to René. “Do you have a pencil I can use?”


The brunette sighed. So his classmate was one of those people. He had a feeling that he wouldn’t like this kid.


. . .


Turns out, he was right. Lacus was clumsy and loud. He was obnoxious and rude to everyone around him. Admittedly, René hated Lacus. That was until the light music club was formed during their sophomore year. Nobody wanted to join, but René was slightly interested in music. There, he met Krul and Ferid, two of his closest friends to date. Mika wasn’t as close then simply because he wasn’t in the club. The blonde was busy doing student council work.


Well, he didn’t care all that much about them at first. The only reason he joined was to have something to make the days go faster and the club only had three members.


Lacus was fairly warm to him, surprisingly.


“I never thought you of all people would be interested in this.”


At first René thought that this would lead to a sarcastic remark, but then Lacus held a hand out.


“Welcome aboard though. Glad to have you here.”


Lacus was still annoying, but René started opening up to him after a little while without knowing it. The purple haired male was sarcastic as always, but there was another layer to him that was much nicer. He was dedicated to songwriting and even took over when Krul and Ferid were unavailable. There was always something to his lyrics that resonated with him, like how time flies past and slows down at the same time, expectations taking over, having no purpose, stuff like that.


Lacus was hanging out with his second girlfriend who was very...interesting. She wasn’t much of a goth but he suspected that she might dress that way to please his friend.


Krul and Ferid weren’t very big fans of her, but René didn’t mind. Speaking of Krul and Ferid, they actually became friends with René.


. . .


The first time Lacus really opened up more than he usually does was during the first semester of their junior year. It really unveiled a hidden layer that René never thought he’d see.


Ferid and Krul left early to spend time with family before the winter break began. René wasn’t particularly close to his parents so he decided to help Lacus clean the club room up. He had no idea why his companion was here though.


The violet haired male was silent for once in his life. Sure he was quiet when he was paying attention to their songs, but he was never completely silent. It was unnerving to have the only noise in the room be them putting stuff away. René was used to it when he was alone, but when he was with Lacus, there was always some sort of small one sided talk.


It was strange to see him so focused on cleaning.


René decided to take the initiative this time. “Lacus?”


It sounded empty and emotionless, which made René wince. The other looked up from his work.


“Oh? That’s new, you’re starting the conversation. Did you miss my voice?”


The brunette rolled his eyes. “Not really, it’s just that you’ve been quiet which is strange for you.”


“I wanted to give you a break is all!,” he was talking normally but there was something being held back.


“What’s wrong Lacus?”


Lacus’ grin fell. He stopped what he was doing. The windows were building up with snow, making the room colder.


“Nothing,” he got back to working.


René paused. “Aren’t you going to go home? Or go on a date with your girlfriend? Uh, Tomoe Saotome, right?”


“You’re more talkative than usual, Ren.”


“Please don’t get off topic.”


“You always see right through me, huh.”




Lacus sat down on a desk. He looked out the window as René walked to him.


“We broke up today. I told her that I just didn’t like her and she told my parents something she found out about, something I shouldn’t have told her when we broke up.”


“You’re leaving something out.”


Lacus glanced at him before looking back to the window. “I’d rather not vent.”


René had no idea why he sat next to Lacus. He had no idea why he decided to push on. If his friend didn’t want to talk, then he should’ve left it alone.


“You know I won’t judge you.”


Lacys hummed. “You know, you’re my best friend. If I told you this, I bet you would just quit the club. I don’t want to let Krul and Ferid Krul down because of a stupid secret.”


“This is the one time I want to hear you talk, and you refuse to say anything about how you’re feeling.”


“That’s ironic, isn’t it? You’re seriously talking more than usual, are you ok?”


René rolled his eyes. “Yes, now go on.”


Lacus was starting to zone out. “If you promise not to change anything after this, I’ll tell you.”


That was odd. Lacus never liked promises since he thought that they were childish things. Things were really weird today.


“I promise,”


Lacus shifted away from his friend, as if afraid of what was going to happen next.


“You know how I don’t have the best relationship with my family, right?”


The brunette nodded.


“There are many reasons they hate me so much, the goth phase, the slacking, my love for music, but the biggest one came up pretty recently.”


He stopped and made sure to not look at René before continuing.


“I’ve had three girlfriends and yeah, they don’t like that, but my girlfriends aren’t why they hate me. I’ve been trying to deny this thing all of my life.”


The brunette didn’t say a word as he waited for Lacus to continue.


“Ever since middle school, I’ve had a crush on someone, and it was so confusing. I had no idea why I would like this person. It was...messed up. I told my parents about him, and they started to yell at me and hit me for it.” He winced as he recalled some it.




“They told me I was messed up, that I was a spawn of Satan. Do you get it? You know why, right? Right?”


René did realize what he meant the moment he mentioned what his parents thought about Lacus’ crush.




“You probably know, huh. I’ll just say it so you don’t have to.”


Lacus stood up and took a few steps before turning to his friend.


“I’m gay! Yeah, I’m a gay guy who’s had three girlfriends! I dated them even though I felt nothing for them. I wanted to feel something, but every time we kissed, I felt disgusted in myself! All so I can fucking prove to them that I’m not gay. I lied to myself but deep down, I knew the truth. They were fine with me until they found out again that I was the disgusting fag that they knew I was. My own parents kicked me out because my fucking ex girlfriend told them. I’m just so lost now. I don’t know what to do with the mess I call my life. I’m never going to get to college or have a career. I’ll just be the huge disappointment I was back then.”


The outburst certainly surprised René. It was something he never thought he’d hear.


“I understand if you hate me or whatever. I just don’t know what to do with myself.”


René stood up and made his way over to Lacus. He pulled him in and embraced him for a bit. The moment was extremely awkward, but the violet haired male didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he relaxed a bit.


“Lacus, there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t define who you are as a person. If you like a guy, there’s nothing wrong about that, you idiot.”


“Ha ha, thanks,”


It didn’t really change anything, but Lacus was comforted by his best friend and crush.


. . .


Their high school graduation was fleeting. Lacus just couldn’t believe that this was the end of their high school lives. Maybe he’ll continue to stay at Ferid’s house until he can afford his own home. Luckily, MgRonalds paid pretty well for him, so maybe he’ll get there soon.


The band had accepted some new people over time, but now the original founders of the group had to share their goodbyes. Ferid, Krul, Lacus, René, and even Mika went to get some ice cream. The blonde became one of their fans who helped with fundraising. They became decent friends.


Anyways, the five were in a park, doing their own thing until they had to leave. Krul and Mika went home and Ferid waved to Lacus and said that he’d be in the car to drive them home, winking at Lacus.


The entire band and Mika knew about Lacus being gay and accepted him for it. Ferid confessed to it too and started flirting with Lacus which landed them in a relationship. It wasn’t the best out there, but neither could complain.


Ever since, Lacus told René his secrets, the brunette had felt strange, questioning his own life and sexuality. He was a bit spiteful towards Ferid when he heard about their relationship, which confused him. Later, he accepted it and tried his best to help Lacus with the relationship.


Here they were, at a park, eating some ice cream. Lacus with chocolate and René with taro ice cream.


“Can’t believe we’re done with high school.” Lacus laughed.




“Where are you going for college?”


“I don’t know,”


“Hm, me and Ferid are applying for the Progenitor’s University of Japan.:


That place didn’t seem like Lacus’ thing, but Ferid’s. It was a place of high ground, for rich or higher class people. On rare occasions, you can get in with excellent recommendations from teachers. Lacus had none of those, but Ferid had all of them.


“Huh, is Ferid paying for you?”


“Yeah, I don’t really want to go, but Ferid insisted on it. Heck, even Krul is going. She said that she might get you and Mika to come along.”


René shrugged. “I don’t want to apply. That place isn’t goal.”


“I guess you’re right.”


. . .


René had no idea why, but Lacus was sleeping in his dorm for the night. The violet haired male told him that he dropped out of the other school and was ridiculed by his family.


“What about Ferid?”


“We broke up. He and I just didn’t work out.”




“It’s fine, we broke up on mutual terms.”


Mika was going to the same college as René and happened to be his roommate, so he comforted Lacus a bit. Krul and Ferid had drifted away from their minds after that.


Lacus was enrolled in the same college as René and Mika, still getting money from Ferid. The two were still friends, but they don’t talk much.


One night in the dorms, Lacus was extremely drunk. Mika and René had to carry him back to their rooms. At the party, Lacus was complaining about his life and everything wrong with it.


René let him have his bed and decided to sleep on the floor. Mika went out to get some breakfast for tomorrow.


René woke up in the middle of the night, hearing sobbing. He sat up and looked at Lacus who was curled up, muttering to himself.


“Hey, have you slept at all?”


The boy’s face was red from the alcohol. He shook his head.


“You should.”


“My biggest regret…”




Lacus huffed and leaped towards René, giving him a sloppy kiss. This filled something in René’s life. It was electric.


René didn’t know how he felt.


. . .


The two got further away until the brunette finally came to terms with why he felt so empty, why he didn’t like Ferid. René went to Lacus’ room and knocked on the door. He saw the purple haired male open up. He was about to shut the door, but René put his foot at the door.


“I just want to talk.”


Lacus opened back up and let him in. They sat in the cramped space in silence until René spoke.


“Lacus, I like you.”


The other boy was trying to process this, but René went in for a small kiss. They both melted into it, not needing any words.


. . .


Everyone had reunited when Mika reintroduced them to each other after college. They were friends again and made their own band with Mika as their moral support.


. . .


Lacus hummed. “Ren, do you still cringe at yourself from back then?”


“Shut up Lacus,”


“Fine,” they shared a kiss before going to sleep.

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