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Here Lies the Abyss (variation – Ralph's and Anders' POV)

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9:42 Dragon – The Fade (Ralph's POV)

The mark ripped the Veil, and the little group fell in the Fade.

This experience was different from the previous ones, still was the same... Be careful! Suddenly he felt alone. Inexplicable fear flooded him. Hopelessness. It was paralyzing. He was eight again. Under the tree... felt coward. But... not... he was elder... This is the Fade! Don't let be fooled!... then what is that feeling? He looked around. The others... The others disappeared. He was alone. In the Deep Roads...

Someone arrived. Ralph didn't see the face... Larius? And then heard the well-knowing voice from the tortured face:

"Kill me, Love, the time came. You promised."

"No! You don't have to die! We'll find the cure, I promise"

"You should kill me, I beg you! Now, I'm able to say goodbye to you – later, I'll try to kill you... I... I can't stop it! Please love! I beg you!" Anders knelt before him. He never knelt before anyone.

"Don't ask me for it! I---" Ralph turned away.

Another ghoul arrived.

"Brother, he's right. Kill us! Kill us now!" And the ghoul kneeling down next to the other one.

"NO! It's not possible! This can not be true! It just another hallucination, another Nightmare. I saw enough."

"Then you'll not kill them? Well...You know... But this is the truth, and you can't prevent it. You can't defeat the Taint! Carver and Anders will die, like your family and everyone you ever cared about. Your father, remember? He died for you! And what did you? Enjoyed the life. And with whom? Oh, Aedan...!  The beautiful Cousland guy!  He's dead already, like your father... and you could have prevented his death. You had the choice, but you were too proud...  And Bethany... you sure, you were a good brother,  a good teacher? Then why she wanted to escape... from her life? And yes... Leandra... you've never let her too close to you. Oh, of course, you loved her ... but she knew when she died?"*

Suddenly he calmed down. NOT his fault. None of them is his fault. This is just a hallucination. And heard his own words. “Everyone is going to die once. Even you, by my hand. And I’ll enjoy it.”