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We Are Targaryens

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275 AC:

"What are you drawing?" eight-year-old Jaime already suspected the answer, but still could not hide the hurt in his voice when he voiced his question.

"Me and Rhaegar riding a dragon," replied Cersei. She saw no reason to lie to her twin. As their eldest and only sister, he knew she would one day marry their elder brother. Still, she could not help the twinge of guilt she felt.

"You know if you were elder I would marry you. But Rhaegar is the eldest and so I will marry him in a few years time," she explained.

"Still you could draw us riding a dragon instead."

"But, Rhaegar's the eldest. He would have to ride the dragon."

"Yeah, well there aren't any more dragons anyway, so your drawing is stupid," replied Jaime.