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The New Pup

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Stiles picked up the ringing phone and pressed it to his ear. "Hello," he greated in a warm voice. "This is "Waggin' Tails Trainers", how can I help you?" Stiles had on his business voice as he propped his legs on the wooden office desk. Work had been slow lately and the thought of having a new pup to train made him excited with prospect.

"Yes, I have a friend and I was wondering if I could make an appointment for him by chance?" The man on the other side of the line sounded uneasy but at the same time, confident.

"Does your friend have a name?" Stiles asked absently.

"Oh! Yeah! It's Derek. Derek Hale. And I'm Isaac Lahey," the man- Isaac- replied.

"Well Isaac, is your friend Derek a pup in training?"

"Umm… yeah. I guess so. He has no real experiences but he gave me this number because he's too embarrassed to call himself. He's been looking into your… well services, and is interested." Isaac stuttered through the while thing. It was apparent that he was embarrassed to be making this call too.

"Ok. When day is Derek free? I can set up an appointment starting Thursday." It was now Tuesday and Stiles was already almost bouncing up and down with excitement over the new pup but knew it looked professional to wait.

"How about Friday? He's off work that day."

"That sounds good. Tell Derek I look forward to meeting him," Stiles told Isaac in an easy voice.

"Will do. Bye… I guess," Isaac said before he hurriedly hung up.

Stiles say back in his chair, face splitting with a smile. He couldn't wait 'till Friday.


The week passed slowly but around six on Friday a young, nervous looking man knocked on Stiles' door. He opened the door and motioned the man in. "Come in, come in!" Stiles beckoned the man back to the kitchen and they both took a seat at the table.

"You must be Derek," Stiles said with a warm smile.

"Yes, Sir," Derek nodded. He had dark brown hair and bushy eyebrows.

"You must be here about the training then, I assume?" Stiles liked to get down to the point. There was no use in small talk.

"Yup," Derek responded, looking down at his hands awkwardly.

"It costs $50 a day. I have a weekly discount of $320 if that's more what your looking for. I provide all equipment and food for however long you stay and we train every day. You will be in the dog mindset constantly so you need to think this through carefully before making a decision. You can safeword out any time but there are no refunds." Stiles laid it all on him at once and Derek had to think about it before responding.

"I was thinking about staying a week, maybe adding on extra days if I want." Derek responded slowly, sounding a little more sure of himself.

"I have a few guide lines though. Before we start the training I will preform an enema on you to thought clean you out. It's not as gross as you think it will be. If by chance you do get hurt I would of course be liable and will pay for whatever medical charges you have. Before we start I will go over everything I plan to do and you can object to anything you absolutely don't want to do. I promise you will be safe and well cared for while your stay here. I have a form for you to sign before you leave today. If you decide to follow through with the training I would like you to be here the same time next week so you have time to take off work and to think this over." Derek nodded along as he processed everything.

They talked about a few more details then Stiles had Derek sign a few forms. Derek went home shortly after and Stiles was left to wait out another week.


Making good to his word, Derek was knocking at Stiles' door six o'clock on Friday evening. He had nothing with him but his car keys and Stiles told him he could put them on the hook that was by the door.

Derek followed Stiles to the playroom and was shocked to see all of the toys he had stoked inside. Butt plugs with tails on the end, gags of all sorts, different leather bondage items; Derek was excited about what the week had in store for him.

Stiles explained to Derek that he would be using most of the items around the room so to look at them and tell him if he didn't want any used on him. Truthfully, Derek wanted to feel the influence of each and every toy in the room.

"You need to pick a safeword next. What shall it be?"

Derek thought before answering, "Bumble bee."

Stiles nodded before leading Derek to the bathroom. It was a huge, holding a bath, shower, a padded table, and a toilet. "Lay yourself over the table and grab onto the edges while I get you ready for the enema," Stiles commanded.

Stiles searched through a few cabinets before finding everything he needed. "Have you ever had an enema before Derek?"

The man only shook his head and looked around nervously. "It'll feel a bit odd at first but it's necessary. Tails are worn for long periods of time and I don't want you to get an infection. I take care of my pups."

Stiles lubed up a few of his fingers and started to work them into Derek. He instantly sprouted a large boner by the time Stiles was ready to put the tube in him. Derek moaned in discomfort and the long tube fed into his ass. "I'm starting to flow now, pup. Just hold into the sides of the table."

Derek did as he was told when he felt a sudden rush if water and jumped forward. "Shh shh pup. I've got you," Stiles whispered while running a hand up and down his back. The water flow abruptly stopped and Derek almost kneeled over with relief. "Hold it in for a second then I'll help you to the toilet." Derek nodded in agreement and just laid and waiting.

A few minutes latter the water had taken its effects and Derek was a whining mess from the cramps. Stiles helped him over to the toilet where he released immediately. "Good boy," Stiles praised while helping Derek off of the toilet.

Stiles led Derek back to the playroom and told him to kneel in the middle. He went to pick up a few items then brought them back to Derek. As Stiles put the supplies on Derek, he explained what they were and why he was using them.

"This is a collar. It's simple and just a black leather. It has a buckle to secure it in place and a matching leash." Stiles showed Derek the collar before slipping it on his neck.

"These are gloves. They both have a bar inside of them for you to curl your fingers around. They strap at the wrist with a buckle and you won't be able to get them off without help. They are simply to restrict any finger and hand movement." Stiles once again showed Derek the gloves before securing them on as well.

"This is a leather strap that folds your legs together. It will force you to only be able to crawl and you have to find your own balance." Stiles strapped the leather around Derek's ankles and forelegs.

"This is a cock ring. It will restrict any and all orgasm." Stiles tightened the ring around Derek's hard cock before picking up the last object. "This will be your tail. It's a rubber shaped tail that is attached to a small butt plug. Each day I'll change the plug to a new and bigger one. You have to inform me if you need to go to the bathroom so I can remove it." Stiles slowly inserted to plug into Derek's already loose ass.

"I have a gag I will latter be using but for now I want to know if something feels wrong. Other than that you are to remain silent unless I ask you a direct question or you need to go to the bathroom. You will from now on call Master and respect that I am above you. If you understand pup, nod your head."

Derek nodded and Stiles picked up his leash. "Try to keep up," he said as he started to walk. It took Derek a minute to get used to how his legs were tied but after a while he has in stride with Stiles. They walked a few laps around the playroom before Stiles abruptly stopped. Derek almost ran into the back of his knees but was lucky, and didn't. "Good boy," Stiles said as he bent over and pet the top of Derek's head.

"Why don't I get you some dinner then I can show you where you'll be sleeping. Tomorrow will be a long day so I want you to got lots of rest tonight." Derek nodded excitedly at the proposition and Stiles told him to stay while he got Derek his food.

Stiles came back a few minutes later with chopped up lasagna in a dog bowl. In the other hand he had another dog bowl filled with water. Stiles sat the two bowls on a mat in the middle of the floor and unhooked Derek's leash before telling him he could eat.

At first it was weird for Derek to have to smash his whole face in the bowl just to get to the food, but he didn't care after a while. He lapped up the water after finishing the lasagna. He then sat back on his heals quietly, waiting for further instruction.

"Let's clean your face up before you go to bed. Follow," Stiles simply commanded and turned for the bathroom. He wiped Derek's face down with a wet rag before leading him back into the room.

"You will be sleeping in this kennel at night," Stiles pointed to the steel cage in the corner. "If anything happens and you need help I will be able to hear you if you yell. There it a dog bed laid out on the floor of it already so it should keep you warm." Stiles walked a few paces forward, opened the cage door and said, "Hurry up pet! Get in."

Derek slowly crawled in and curled in a small ball that the cage would allow as Stiles closed and locked the door. "Goodnight pup," he said as he turned out the lights and left the room. Derek was left to his own thoughts about what the next day had in store for him.