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DANGANRONPA 9: Despair’s Counterattack

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(PROLOGUE: Prisoners of the Unknown)







Whatever you call it it’s the same thing.....

I was Arrested......

For something that wasn’t my fault....



That’s what they all say......


I don’t even remember what I did.....


They sent me here.....


To this hell.....


The Ultimate Prison......

The Interdimensional Rehabilitation Academy

The T.I.R.A

I’m expected to meet here with 31 other inmates......

Each with special talents

My name is.......



......I don’t have one


I don’t mind.......

I don’t need an identity.......

I don’t have a talent either.......

Oh well......





I have an idea!

How come I be you for a while?


To show you......

What Despair......

All of us will be going through......

I’m You......




You: My name is (Your name). The Ultimate (Whatever You want). (insert your Bio here).
Yesterday I was in court. I was found Guilty but an anonymously named person paid my bail of one octillion dollars. But I still had to go to some form of Rehab.
So I went to this one small building that had T.I.R.A on the front, but as soon as I entered, I passed out.


(You wake up in a closet, a closet filled to the brim with shit based on your talent for the Ultimate Prison, you run out the closet only to enter into the place you passed out in, but oddly enough it turned Into a big, vault thingy. But there you saw something very peculiar.)





???: Hey look! Another one.

???: Excuse me Mr. do you work here?

???: look at him! Does he look like an officer!?

???: Stay back criminal scum!

???: So, counting him that makes 32

???: That seems like a good number of students.

You: what’s going on are you all inmates.

???: I believe inmates isn’t the proper term.

???: Ugh! Who cares?! It feels like prison.

???: come on it’s not that

???: *tch* so far.

???: HEY! Who’s this guy anyway!!! (Gender) looks like a pot smoker!

You: My names (Your first & last name) I’m the Ultimate, (Your Talent).

???: Hey! I have an idea! How about we introduce ourselves!

???: $&@#%

You: okay! Let’s start.

(You saw a short, pudgy, ginger haired boy with glasses. You figure you talk to him first.)

???: Hi I’m Carl.... Carl Wheezer and I’m known as...according to this label, I am the Ultimate Breeder!


Carl Wheezer, Yeah you’ve heard of him! He was the kid who was arrested for assaulting a Llama repeatedly for 1 year.

Carl: I love llamas! Which I think is the reason why I’m called the Ultimate Breeder.

A dirty thought disappeared in your mind as soon as it appeared.

You: So what do you like to do Carl

Carl: Play video games... um only the ones with CE ratings cuz my parents don’t let me do that....

You: how old are you?

Carl: 14

You: oh

You and Carl got a little closer today!!!

You saw a kid, probably 8-12 years old.
he was wearing a red towel on his back. Probably wanting to be a superhero. You decided to talk to him.

???: I’m Ziggy! And I am the Ultimate Cosplayer!!!!!!

Ziggy, that name sounds very familiar. Ah yes it’s that kid that won the costume contest from 2006.

Ziggy: yep that’s me! I can cosplay as thousands of characters! Currently, I am dressed as my OC, my Opposite Chum bucket!

You: I think you mean original character

Ziggy:........Nah, it’s Opposite Chumbucket. But anyway!!! My Oc is......ZIGGYMAN!!!!!

You: ........neat

You and Ziggy got a little closer today!!!

You saw a large, muscular purple man wearing golden armor. Most noticeably he has a golden glove. A shiny glove with several shiny gemstones. The man if you can even call him that, stated at you in a very stern way.

???: My name is Thanos, I am known across the Universe as the Ultimate Titan


Thanos, He was famous for stealing the infinity stones and using them to destroy half of the universes population. He is now in this jail for his crimes

Thanos: who are you?

You: I’m (You) and do you know where the work-

Thanos: that’s enough, if you don’t have anything important to say, leave me be.

You and Thanos got a little closer today!!!



(You saw a balding man in his late 50s. He had a yellow coat and orange pants. He looked at you with glee. You could tell he was a very cheery fellow. )

Milford: My name is Milford Meanswell, The Ultimate Mayor.


Milford Meanswell, you’ve never heard of him before.

You: Hey what are you in for?

Milford: Tax fraud. That and actually illegally downloaded government files on accident. But that’s neither here nor there. How are you?

You: I really don’t know, isn’t it kinda weird how there aren’t any guards or anyone else?

Milford: well I’m sure this is just a type of orientation, you know and hey look this place is perfectly guarded. Not only that but there also machine guns aimed directly at us...........

(His eyes burst open)

Milford: WAIT A SECOND?!?!?!

(He turned around and stood there petrified at the guns.)

You and Milford got a little closer today!!!

You saw a middle aged man in a tight blue shirt with an A Symbol in the middle of it. He was also wearing a silver swimming cap. He looked at you with a huge grin. His mustache and his eye mask glared into your soul (in a good way). You noticed that he was missing a tooth, but on closer examination, he just colored his tooth with permanent marker.

???: I am known as the MC Bat Commander!!!!!
Most people call me Commander cuz it really shortens the name a bit. Anyway, Coincidentally, I’m the Ultimate Commander!!!!!


Ah yes this guy is known for his musical talent and his crime fighting skills. He’s basically a modern 1960, Batman.

Commander: what are you in for you thug?!

You: Thug!?!? I was arrested for something that wasn’t my fault. I didn’t do anything wrong!

Commander: you too?!

You: what did you do?

Commander: well you see, me and the other Aquabats shot several bazookas into the Mexican border letting everyone enter the land of the free. So you see, I was arrested, however, I was doing something righteous.

You: oh wow, I agree this is a corrupt government.

You agree with his views, but what he did was very illegal and stupid.

You and Commander got a little closer today!!!

You saw a group of girls chatting with each other; All different anthropomorphic animals. One of them, a blue cat with a streak of blonde hair, noticed you and began to introduce herself.

???: Hi! I’m Katy Kat, The Ultimate Songwriter, for the best band known to the entire world!!!!


You: so your in a band? What’s it called?

Katy: We are Milkcan!!!!! We’re the girls from round the block! Gorgeous, Sweet, and we love to rock!!!!

???: y-yeah we’re Milkcan.

???: $&@!$&.....

Katy: oh yeah your right.... however this isn’t jail, this is just.... rehab.....

You: by the way if you don’t mind me asking what did you guys do to get here?

Katy: We kinda....beat the heck out of one of our rivals.

???: w-we put her in a coma for 15 Days.

You: You what?!

Katy: but she’s okay now.

You could tell that Katy is probably the energetic leader of the group.

You and Katy got a little closer today!!!

You decided to talk to the other one. This one was an orange, goat lady.

???: H-Hi, I’m Lammy, I’m the Ultimate Rockstar. Um.....How are you?


Ultimate Rockstar? You’d think that someone with that kind of talent would be a bit more uplifting.

You: So I’m assuming you and the other two were beating up this one Musician.

Lammy: What!? N-No! That how they were arrested! I was arrested for something completely different.

You: what’s that?

Lammy: I was an accomplice with this act of terrorism caused by a drunk pilot that crashed an airplane into an airport parking lot.

You: Jesus Christ!

Lammy: I d-didn’t know that he was going to do that!? I just wanted to go from point A to point B!

You: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

Lammy: No, it’s okay I’m fine now.

You think that Lammy has some issues

You and Lammy got a little closer today!!!



You tried talking to the other one. This one was a small yellow mouse the size of a football. Somehow, she had a stick of dynamite jammed into the top of her head. You looked down to talk to her, but...

???: $&@#%!

You: I’m sorry, What?

???: $&@#%!

You: I can’t really Understand you at the moment.

Katy: Ah! I forgot to tell you that she speaks in a different language. I’d pay attention if I were you. Once you listen to it closely, you can understand her completely.

You: oh okay let me try it. What was your name again?

???: (I’m Ma-San, the Ultimate Drummer, and even though I said it like 3 times already, I don’t really care).



You: Yeah....uh........ sorry about that.

Ma-San: (Nah, don’t worry about it. I’ve dealt with that all my life so I’m used to it).

You: if you don’t mind me asking, why do you have a bomb on your head?

Ma-San rolled her eyes

Ma-San: (I was born with it. And yes it’s effective. But that only happens if I’m under a lot of stress. However, The explosion is very small, and it only hurts me.)

You: wow! how much exactly.

Ma-San: (I’ve developed a tolerance to it. Now it only feels like a migraine than an explosion.)

You can’t imagine yourself going through that.

You and Ma-San got a little closer today!!!

You saw another group of anthropomorphic animals these ones however, resembled sea creatures. One of them walked away from the group to talk to you. It was a blue octopus wearing a brown shirt.

You: hi I’m (You)... and you?.....

???: Squidward Tentacles, Ultimate composer.


Oh yeah Squidward!!!! that guy got arrested for Burglary! He tried to sneak into his work and break into the patty vault.

You: Composer? You mean those guys in orchestras that wave the stick thingy around.

Squidward: well that’s just abundantly clear that you don’t know anything about music.

You: wait! yeah I do, I played the recorder in 4th grade.


This is getting awkward, You should really end this conversation

You and Squidward got a little closer today!!!

You tried talking to another sea creature.
This time, a crab.

???: Ahoy me Bucko! I’m Eugene Krabs, The Ultimate Sailor! But you can call me Mr. Krabs.


ah yeah, Mr Krabs!!! You remember him on the news. Apparently he was arrested for selling contaminated food to thousands of people.

Krabs: now I know what yer thinking, and why would I sell thousands of expired patties to thousands of bikini bottomites?

You: what’s the motive?

Krabs: MONEY!!!!!!!!! And I wouldn’t be as rich as I am, if it weren’t for my pride pupil.

You: who’s that?

Krabs: well he’s right over there. Go on introduce yerself.

You and Mr. Krabs got a little closer today!!!

He pointed to the last sea creature. It was a walking talking sponge person.

???: Hi! I’m Spongebob Squarepants! And I’m the Ultimate Frycook!!!


Spongebob: what are you in for?

You: I really don’t know...I just know it wasn’t my fault.

Spongebob: Well, me and my friend Patrick were arrested for stealing a balloon soooo..... here I am!

(You can tell that he is a very energetic person.)

Spongebob: Hey! Have you met Squidward and Mr Krabs yet?

You: yeah, are you friends?

Spongebob: Were more than just friends!!! We’re BEST friends!!!

Squidward: *tch* Yeah were soooo close.

Spongebob: You see!?!

You and Spongebob got a little closer today!!!

You walked away and ran into something, more like a someone.

???: Oh hello there! I’m Shrek I’m the Ultimate Royal Heir.


You: Shrek!? why are you here.

Shrek: I saved some wee children from a deadly prison, and apparently I blew up a train.

You: oh. Wait, why are you called the Ultimate Royal Heir?

Shrek: well since I married a princess and my inlaws are Royal, so yeah.

You: oh okay do you know where everyone else is?

Shrek: What do ya mean lad?

You: I mean the owners or the workers or whatever!?

Shrek: beats me but I’ll keep an eye out for any lad.

You and Shrek got a little closer today!!!

You then saw, a donkey.

???: Hi I’m Donkey! I’m the Ultimate Professional Wafflemaker!!! So how you doing man? I make waffles for a living.


You: Why Do you talk?

Donkey: I don’t know. But there was one time, when me and my man Shrek Crashed this one wedding where this midget got eaten by my baby girl. Some reason that got me in Here. But it was a forced marriage. Ah celebrity marriages, they don’t last a bit.

You: Your the Ultimat-

Donkey: Wafflemaker!!!! I love me some waffles. I got the best ones in town.

You: um okaaaay

You and Donkey got a little closer today!!!

You encountered a group of guys, human guys. One was in a wheelchair complaining to the others. The he stopped and introduced himself.

???: My name is Joe Swanson, Ultimate Police officer. Nice the meet ya.


You: wait Ultimate Police Officer? You must work here!

Joe: sadly no, I ironically got arrested for something my one of my friends did. And now all three of us are here.

You: All three?

Joe: Yeah, it’s fine. But hey why don’t you go talk to them, they won’t bite......

You and Joe got a little closer today!!!

You decided to talk to another one of Joes friends. This one wore a red Hawaiian shirt, and had an abnormally large chin.

???: Hiya I’m Glenn Quagmire, some say I’m the Ultimate porn star. Others just call me a creep.


You have a feeling you don’t want to know why he’s here.

Quagmire: You know just cuz of my talent, that doesn’t mean I’m here because of it.
I’m actually here for something my friend did. He’s over there if you want to know.

You: you don’t, you know, like me do you?

Quagmire: Oh hell no! I just got here! And besides, I probably can’t anyway.

You: Why’s that?

Quagmire: Security.

You: Ah that makes sense.

Quagmire: however if I were to hit on someone it probably be that kitty kat over there. *Giggity*

You and Quagmire got a little closer today!!!

You saw the other friend of joe and quagmire. He was very heavyset compared to the other two. He looked at you and puffed his chest out.

???: My name is Peter Griffin and I am the Ultimate Ultimate! So go away you fiend!

You: What? The Ultimate Ultimate? That’s not a title!

Peter: well it is now! And I want to be it!!!

Joe: Peter I don’t think you know what an Ultimate Talent is. Besides you couldn’t remember what it was, remember?

Peter: meaning I am the Ultimate Ultimate!

You: so how did you get in here?

Peter: well you see, me and my friends were dropping off my son Stewie at daycare and then all of a sudden there was a robbery! So naturally I went and confronted all the suspects.

Quagmire: You killed 25 children and crippled 5

Peter: Hey! we at least we found out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

You can tell that Peter Isn’t really the sharpest tool in the shed.

You and Peter got a little closer today!!!

You saw a kid probably about the same age as Carl, however this one looked very intelligent, and had hair the shape of a a pile of magnum dookie.

???: I’m Jimmy Neutron! The Ultimate Boy genius. And I have invented many inventions.


You: so why are you here Jimmy?

Jimmy: well actually why don’t you ask my weeaboo friend that.

You: who? Carl?

Jimmy: no! The other one, however do you want to discuss some of the theory’s of the space time continuum.

You: Thank you but I’m not really into that stuff.

Jimmy: oh, Okay, well how about we discuss the most recently discovered element in the second multiverse.

You’d think it be best to move on.

You and Jimmy got a little closer today!!!

You saw someone who looked like a mix between a monkey, and Quagmire.

???: Hey man! I’m Sheen Estevez, they call me the Ultimate Toy Collector! By the way you some purple flurp?


You: No thank you I’m good.

Sheen: Bummer man, but why this stuff is good. Hey you wanna know why I’m here?

You: sure go ahead.

Sheen: Jimmy planned a robbery.

You: He what!?!

Sheen: After renting a commercial property in the middle of the city and posing as landscapers, Me, Jimmy and and a couple of my buddies behind this enormous heist (excluding Carl) spent three months digging a 256-foot tunnel to a position beneath a bank. Then, over a weekend in August, we tunneled up through reinforced concrete into the vault of the Banco Central branch and managed to remove 3.5 tons of Brazilian real notes, much of which has never been recovered. 

You: Damn, no wonder why you two are here.

Sheen: I know what you mean (You). That’s why I decided early on to sabotage my highly scientific mind with cartoons and sugar.

That’s kind of depressing if you think about it.

You and Sheen got a little closer today!!!

You bumped into a morbidly obese weeaboo.

???: Hifumi Yamada. But if you want to call me by my nickname, "The Alpha and the Omega!" I don't mind.


Hifumi: By the way, how much do you know about the world of 2D art?

You: World of 2D art?

Hifumi: Well, in that world, I am well known and supremely well regarded as the Ultimate Fanfic Creator. I once sold 10,000 copies of one of my fan comics at a school festival. The event has passed into legend...Some of them didn't get it, of course, saying I'd "tainted" the event. How stupid can you be!?

That's too bad about them. But selling 10,000 copies like that is definitely pretty remarkable.

Hifumi: The words of such idiots mean nothing to me. I am like Van Gogh--utterly underappreciated in my time. I am a soldier, serving night and day to destroy all mindless preconceptions about fan fiction. I'm sure if you were to observe my work, Mr. Naegi, you would comprehend its greatness immediately. For my work is filled with deepest meaning...

You: What...what kind of meaning?

Hifumi: It's about embracing our basest urges...

You don't think You want to comprehend it...

You: By the way, what are you in for?

Hifumi: Murder

You: Murder!?

You didn’t expect to see someone like Hifumi to be a convicted murderer.

Hifumi: Yes, however immediately after I hid the body, I blacked out. And the judge told me everything. Now, here I am.
But I am a changed man. Regardless of the motive I was given, I will not commit such a crime again!!!

You sure hope so....

You and Hifumi got a little closer today!!!

You saw another cat. But this one was old, black, had a red and white hat.

???: Hi Kiddo!!!! I’m The Cat in the hat! The Ultimate Illegal Drug Salesmen!!! But you can call me.........Cat........Look I’m not very good at the rhyming thing.


You think it’s blatantly obvious why he is in jail.

Cat: Hey kiddo! you wanna hear a drug fact?

You: uh no thank you.

Cat: did you know that the reason why weed is illegal is because it contains Tiny Hungarian cats! Aka....THC!

You: I don’t think that’s what THC means.

Cat: I would be the ultimate babysitter, but I chose the drug life.....And here I am!!!!

You think cat is criminally insane.

You and Cat got a little closer today!!!

You saw someone who looked eerily similar to Lammy, however this person was black and grey. She looked at you and rolled her eyes. She acted as if she was expected to introduce herself.

???: the name’s Rammy, I’m the Ultimate Metal Musician, Nice to fricking meet you.


She looks the type of person who would’ve been arrested for a bunch of small crimes. Examples being underage smoking, Illegal Trespassing, shoplifting, stuff like that.

Rammy: Look if you’re not gonna say anything worthwhile, then piss off!

You can tell that you and Rammy are gonna be great friends.

You and Rammy got a little closer today!!!

You saw another inmate. This one was wearing overalls that looked very uncomfortable, and his head looked like a faucet.

???: My name’s Ferb Fletcher, and you don’t know anything about this place, do you?


You: No I don’t, do you?

Ferb: That would be the point of asking. However that was a rhetorical question. No one here knows about this place.

You: what? How? Surely someone must’ve told them, right.

Ferb: sadly, no. Hey, what is your talent again?

You: Ultimate (Whatever), Why?

Ferb: I was just comparing your talent talent to mine, which is the Ultimate Engineer. Personally I’m am Quite impressed that a mere (Talent) would end up in place like this. So you have my respect.

You: Uh...thanks. You too.

You and Ferb got a little closer today!!!


You saw what looked to be a sweet old lady, she had snow white hair, and a large yellow coat.

???: Why hello there sweetheart, my name is Muriel Bagge, and I am the Ultimate Senior Citizen.



Wait a second Muriel Bagge, this lady was on the news last week. She was arrested for driving with her husband on a tractor in the middle of the city. However this woman was Mostly blind.

Muriel: Oh how nice to finally see more guests, especially since I live in the middle of nowhere.

Geez no wonder

Muriel: may I get a hug?

You: no problem

Muriel hugs you. You then feel the greatest sense of comfort known to mankind.

You and Muriel got a little closer today!!!

You saw another inmate in his late forties. He had a hunched back, and looked like a chicken.

???: I’m Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, I’m the Ultimate Evil Scientist. Nice weather we’re having today, oh I’m sorry I’m just starting to make conversation.


You: Evil Genius?

Doofenshmirtz: Of course! I am the most evil of the scientists. One day I will rule the tri-state area!!!!!!

You: that’s not a very good goal for a villain.

Doofenshmitz: Hey! That was kinda rude man!

You can tell that he’s not gonna make it far in villainy

You and Doofenshmirtz got a little closer today!!!

You saw a man wearing a grey tuxedo, and a bright red tie he looked at you with insanity.

???: Hi! I’m Peewee Herman, Ultimate Comedian! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!


(You read in an article once that this man was arrested for failure to pay taxes because he wanted to make his house more zany. And he filled his house with possessed, talking, props.)

Peewee: Hey (You)! Want to hear the word of the day?

You: okay, sure

Peewee: SASSAFRAS!!!!

You: Why is it sassafras?


You: what?

Peewee: whenever someone says the word of the day, you gotta scream very loudly!!!

(Yep definitely insane)

(You and Peewee got a little closer today!!!

(You saw another man who looked very insane. He had that look. A look as if he was plotting something.)

???: My Name is Denzil Crocker, I was the unfortunate fellow who was titled the Ultimate Failure.


You: Ultimate Failure

Crocker: However that is a lie!!!!
I should be called the Ultimate teacher for I have failed many delinquents.
Maybe the ultimate fairy catcher for fairies are an enormous pest that must be eliminated.

(Yep he’s insane too)

Crocker: Maybe I should be the Ultimate Child murderer! For I was arrested for the execution of Timmy Turner, Who was the Bain of my existence!!!

You: What!?

Crocker: I’d even say that the little bastard got what he deserved.

(This man is criminally freaking insane.)

(You and Crocker got a little closer today!!!

(You saw someone who looked completely sane. In fact he was just standing there drinking a beer and adjusting his glasses.)

???: My name is Hank Hill, and I am the Ultimate Propane salesmen. I worked with the company known as Propane and Propane accessories.


You: what’s a guy like you doing in jail.

Hank: Ugh! I was arrested for child endangerment. But I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

You: what did you do?

Hank: You see what happened was that I saw Bobby, My son, watching some guy on the computer playing Fortnite or whatever that damn games called And so I told him to play outside like normal kids. So naturally, when told me to piss off, I locked him out of the house. 9 hours later, an officer knocks on my door telling me that Bobby was kidnapped a minute after he was locked outside. He was rescued by some Canadian, only to be kidnapped by him! So I here I am and by golly how corrupt is this government!?

(Maybe he’s not that sane after all.)

(You and Hank got a little closer today!!!

(You......stepped on something, actually someone. You stepped on this pile of raw meat.)

???: Hi! I’m Meatwad! I am the Ultimate Gumshoe! Actually I don’t know what that means I was just told that I was.

You don’t know what the hell that thing is but you think it’s friendly.

You: I think a Gumshoe, is another name of a detective.

Meatwad: Oh yeah! That’s right! I love solving mysteries!

You: so, why are you here?

Meatwad: um....I was talking to a police man about hiring me... but sadly, I got arrested for interfering with him while he was busy shooting somebody.....and yeah.

You: .........okay then.

Meatwad: but hey I brought my Xbox so if you want you can come into my dorm and we could play some time!

(You and Meatwad got a little closer today!!!

(You saw another anthropomorphic piece of food. this time, it was an orange with arms and legs. He stared into your soul.)

???: Henlo, I eM iz Orang, D Uletemate Sureeel Meem. Doo u no what tiem it iz?


You: no? If you want ask...

Orang: D almitee OCTAHEDRON!!!!!!

(Definitely Surreal)

Orang: I gut prizin teim for mie crymz ugenst d yoonievurz.

(This man is bonkers......end of story.)

You and Orang got a little closer today!!!

(You saw a girl leaning on the wall tossing an 8ball in the air and catching it. She had grey skin, a cobalt jacket, and Scorpio sign on her shirt. She also had orange horns. You decided to talk to her.)

????????: l am Vriska Sekret, The Ultim8 Pir8,
And yeah I’m talking with a quirk, and personally I think it’s gr8

You: that explains your obsession with 8s

Vriska: now you’re probably wondering, why is this spider-like pir8 bitch In this little club, well the answer is simple....Murder! Anyway that’s no matter, I’ve learned my ways............
AHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I’m just messing with you dumbass!!!!!!!!

(Vriska kinda scares you a little.)

(You and Vriska got a little closer today!!!

(Finally, you ran into the last inmate, who looked the most sinister of the bunch. He wore a black trench coat, and a purple scarf. When he looked at you, his stare pierced into your soul, andThe scar on his eye didn’t help at all. You went to talk to him in fear.)

???: Kehehe, would you like to know my name? Others may see your courage as recklessness... However...I welcome it. In honor of your courage, I shall reveal to you my name. May you never forget is as long as you live! You may call me...Gundham Tanaka! The Former Ultimate Breeder!!!!Remember it well, for it is the name that will one day rule this world.


You: w-what are you in f-


You: Your what?

(Gundham pulls out four hamsters from his scarf).


(You........don’t know what to think)

You and Gundham got a little closer today!!!




You: so that’s everyone huh?

Thanos: possibly, 32 seems like a good cut off point.

Meatwad: Yeah 32 is my favorite number

Rammy: well no one gives a shit about what you think

Meatwad: dats mean

Muriel: anyway how about we all find who the authorities are.

Peter: yes!!!! from know on the 32 of us will become a tribe!

Quagmire: Peter you would make a terrible leader

Commander: If anyone I should be commander!

Ziggy: Yeah! Bat Commander!

Orang: how about me..

Sheen: No let jimmy be leader

Jimmy: Actually no how about we wait until we find some teachers or headmasters or anything. If not then we can decide leaders.

Joe: smart kid, come on let’s go find some teachers

Crocker: No! I should be leader I am a teacher!


Crocker: Or I was applying for a prison job....

Shrek: I thought you were the ultimate Failure.


Milford: Mr Crocker could you please not use profanity in here

Ma-San: *says all 13 profane words you should never use*

Katy: Ma-San!

Vriska: you gotta admit, that was kinda funny.

Ferb: Guys can we please focus on the elephant in the room

Rammy: Lard ass over there?

Hifumi: Not this fat guy! But some for some reason I’m getting deja vu.

Gundham: you too?

Hifumi: Yeah but there were 15—— NOOOOOOOOOOO!


Lammy: u-um What are you talking about?

Doofenshmirtz: And who?

(*Ding Dong Bing Bong*)

???: Ahem, This is an announcement for those who wants second chance. Now everyone, please enter the gym for this program to start! Oh I can’t wait! I can’t wait!


Jimmy: well come on guys let’s go

(You all gathered in the gym).

Squidward: okay, why are we all gathered here.

Vriska: you seriously don’t know.

Spongebob: we’re here cuz somebody is gonna help us not go to prison.

Ma-San: (Don’t you mean an officer?)

Katy: I think he means teacher

Ferb: according to my research this program has a headmaster instead of an officier

Meatwad: Wats a headmaster?

Hank: It’s kinda like the owner of the school

Carl: doesn’t the warden have the same job

Rammy: Who cares if he’s the headmaster, warden, or whatever! why the hell are we here?!

Hifumi: Ms Ram, this is a still a schooling environment. Meaning we are here for educational purposes.


Thanos: yeah but this isn’t like any prison I’ve seen.

Sheen: any school is a normal school for me

Cat: If this was a normal school, how come the windows are all blocked off

Peter: this place gives me the heebeegeebees

Lammy: Me too. I don’t like the vibes here.

Joe: The point is to be very cautious round here. Ya never know what could be lurkin about.

Lammy: That thought alone just scares me

Donkey: I don’t get the big deal. Despite the things you mentioned, this place seems pretty normal for an alternative for jail.

Milford: Yeah can’t we let’s just leave here and get something to eat.

Gundham: Not now Milford, According to San-D, Unfortunately I already know what’s going to happen, and you guys are gonna be mortified.

Jimmy: I highly doubt that

Commander: but He’s right though, we should really be a bit more concerned about this.

Vriska: Yeah, this is fine, we’re in this freaky school without any real memory of how we got here. Everything’s all peachy.

Lammy: U-uh I don’t know about this.

Milford: Yeah, I’m anxious about this whole scenario.

Mr. Krabs: There’s nothing to be afraid of lads. I’m sure everything’s gonna be okay.

Peewee: I beg to differ.

Rammy: ENOUGH!!!! Where’s the bastard who wanted to meet us here.

Quagmire: Yeah! Whoever you are, show yourself!

???: I’m already here.

You: huh?




(Suddenly a stuffed black and white bear appeared.)

???: I am Monokuma! And I am this school’s headmaster!

Katy: a teddy bear?

Monokuma: I’m not a teddy bear

Hank: BWAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! It can talk!?!?

Ma-San: (And that’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen all day?)

Squidward: who are you. Show yourself.

Monokuma: I just said, I’m Monokuma.

Milford: Why hello there, I’m Milford.


Ferb: Guys it’s probably just remote controlled or something.

Monokuma: Why Do you compare me to one of those playthings. The ones where you just use them for a while until they just break into itty bitty pieces, and you throw them away. If you think about it, that’s kinda like people.

Peewee: That’s a bit pessimistic

Thanos: Okay so, what are you, physically.

Monokuma: oh nothing special, just a remote control system that’s more complex than the Zelda timeline of course.

You: who’s controlling you.

Monokuma: ..............myself

Ziggy: Well then nice to meet you Monokuma. I can’t wait for our schooling to begin.

Monokuma: Oh me too!!!!! And don’t worry, because this semester will never end! In fact, you are going to stay here the rest of your lives!

Everyone went silent, “the rest of our lives?” This has to be a joke right.

Rammy: The Hell did you say!?

Spongebob: the rest of our lives?!

Squidward: No you idiot! Not here for the rest of our lives!

Monokuma: But it’s true. TIRA is now your home until the day you die!

Shrek: You’re kidding

Meatwad: No!

Ferb: Don’t be alarmed everyone.
I this is obviously a sadistic joke.

Lammy: Do you really think so?

Monokuma: Pupupupupupu

Hank: What’s so funny about this situation?!

Monokuma: it’s funny how people think that I’m joking, but I’m not. You are spending the rest of your lives here and that’s final. Isn’t that hilarious.

Commander: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Peter: Then how the hell do you expect us to get out of here then

Monokuma: I don’t

Orang: Hmm what a predicament we are in

Vriska: No shit this is a predicament

Lammy: Oh please Mr Monokuma, is there any way how to get out of here?

Monokuma: well, there is ONE way. In order to leave you must graduate.

You: How do we graduate

Monokuma: Oh nothing really that bad only if......

Monokuma: that person would murder someone.

Your heart stopped, every uncanny feeling you had turned to downright fear. Kill each other what the hell is he talking about!?

Hifumi: OOOOOH I SEEEEE, You’re doing the same thing as last time. WAIT WHAAAAAT!?!?!?!

Commander: your joking right

Carl: I don’t think he’s joking about this.

Monokuma: okay here’s some e-handbooks and the keys to your rooms, have fun!!!!!

He disappeared with those words looming over our Heads. Why? Why would someone do this to us I would almost prefer prison for what I did.

Peewee: I gotta go pee.

(Peewee ran out of the room. Slowly without conflict, you all walked Into your dorms and locked the doors. You leapt Into bed uneasy, no uneasy wouldn’t be a good way to describe it.
You were terrified. What other twists and turns does monokuma have in store for you?)




Chapter Text

CHAPTER 1: Despair’s Entry
(Daily Life)


*Knock knock*

You: Huh?

(You opened the door to find Shrek standing in your doorway)

Shrek: Hey lad, we’re havin a meeting in the dining hall to discuss our situation. It’s mandatory so they don’t think your part of this.

You: oh okay I’ll meet you there.

(You walked into the dining hall and saw everyone waiting on everyone else to arrive.)

Carl: is that everyone?

Milford: Not yet Carl we still need Eugene and Squidward

Mr. Krabs: sorry I’m late everyone

Spongebob: Mr. Krabs! You’re alive!!!!

Commander: of course he’s Alive why would anyone kill any of us. Unless... Squidward! Somebody killed squidward!

Thanos: No not yet, for the Body Discovery announcement hasn’t been set off yet.

You: what?

Thanos: Haven’t you read the rules

Meatwad: uh I can’t read

Thanos: fine let me go over it one more time.

(Killing Game Rules)

(Rule 1: Once a Killing takes place, a class trial will take place shortly after. Participation is MANDATORY)

(Rule 2: If the Correct blackened is chosen, only the blackened will receive punishment)

(Rule 3: if the chosen blackened isn’t the correct real killer, then everyone besides the blackened will be executed and they alone will leave the School)

(Rule 4: any violence directed towards Monokuma is prohibited as well as the destruction of the security cameras.)

(Rule 5: Daytime hours are 7am-10pm; during nighttime you cannot enter the dining hall or the library.)

(Rule 6: The Body discovery announcement will play after 3 people (not including the killer) has found the body.)

(Rule 7: you are free to explore the school however and where ever you want.)

(Rule 8: Interfering with an execution/ punishment will not kill you, but there might be severe consequences to your body.)

(Rule 9: Rules can be added by Monokuma is necessary)

Thanos: there we go

Lammy: t-t-that’s so cruel

Hank: Yeah what kind of sick bastard made these rules

Crocker: someone who knows how to do robotics or something.

Rammy: Ugh, really is that all you care about? Look I’m just as annoyed about this situation as the rest of you. But which one of you asshats woke me up for this little reunion?

Shrek: well don’t look at me it wasn’t mine

Gundham: it was I who had this idea

Hifumi: Mr. Tanaka are you forgetting something?

Gundham: yes Hifumi helped too.

Ma-San: (But did you want us to meet up with each other?)

Hifumi: because....well......

Quagmire: Well, what is it

Gundham: Hifumi and I have played this game before.

Ziggy: No WAY!

Sheen: yeah but how? did you guys survive and now Monokuma wants his revenge on you or-


Hifumi: No.


Muriel: aaaw your hamsters look adorable

Gundham: H-h-HAMSTERS!?!?!?

Katy: Oh my goodness they’re so cute!!! you.

Joe: wait if you guys died in the previous killing games how are you guys still here?

Hifumi: I don’t really remember. The last thing I recall was me getting bashed in the head with a hammer

Gundham: I however, was executed by Monokuma for killing one of my friends!
There I was dragged to hell by Lucifer himself!!! Then, I woke up and then I was Told to enter here where I made my way into this chamber and that’s where I found you.

Ferb: excuse me gundham but what are monokumas executions like?

Gundham: kehehehe that is for you to wait and see.

Doofensmirtz: well I suppose it shouldn’t be too bad maybe a firing squad, or a hanging or something like that

Hifumi: oh poor Mr Doofensmirtz.

Carl: um Hifumi, what do you mean?

Hifumi: ah Mr Wheezer I was just like you once. Nerdy and Naive.

Peewee: But Hifumi, you still are!

Rammy: Hey Asshole! You didn’t answer my question! Why did you want to meet us all up!?

Gundham: Hifumi and I will help you.

Commander: Help us Escape!? Perfect! Now we have someone who knows all the routes in and out and what monokuma has planned!

Gundham: Not necessarily, if you have any questions about the previous games or anything else revolving the game please ask one of us.

Hifumi: But we will try to help with whatever we can!

Orang: wate, weer knot gunna esskape

Quagmire: Do you want us all to die here?!

Joe: easy Quagmire I’m sure he has a plan

Quagmire: NO HE’S NOT GOING TO HELP US AT ALL! How about we kill this bastard first!

Gundham: I did not say that did I? And if you’re going to attack me...YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!

Quagmire: Yeah what are you going to do, use your stupid little hamsters to kill me.

Spongebob: Guys can we please stop arguing.

Gundham: Glenn Quagmire! You have humiliated me for the first and final time!
You will rue the day you messed with GUNDHAM TANAKAAAAAAAAA!


(Gundham pounced on Quagmire while he counters by kicking him in the stomach.
Quagmire then gets on top of him and repeatedly giving blows his face.)

You: STOP!

Hank: BWAAAAAH!!!!!


Katy: Get of of him you creep!

Orang: worl staaaaaar

Vriska: is that even a thing anymore?

Hifumi: Mr Quagmire please!

Mr Krabs: Alright lads THATS ENOUGH!!!!

(Mr Krabs picked up Quagmire while Katy, Muriel, and Lammy help Gundham up.)

Lammy: oh my gosh! Are you okay?!


Crocker: well don’t just stand there answer us.

Gundham:............ it appears you all clearly don’t need my help

Katy: Ohnononononono! We do we do!

Muriel: gundham sweetheart, you’re all bloody, I have a first aid kit in my room if you need it?

Gundham: .........No.............I don’t......... *COUGH COUGH*

(Trails of red (pink) start to flow from his mouth.)

Quagmire: Go on....LEAVE!

Gundham: very well. For for those of you who have the courage to know, I...WILL...GUIDE YOOOOOOU!!!!!

(Gundham ran out the dining hall without a word.)

Peter: I’m still thinking of the tribe thing if anyone’s interested

Ferb: May I make an announcement.

Cat: go ahead faucet face!

Ferb: last night I had the courage to walk around the entire school in order to create a map of the first floor.

You: can we see it?

Katy: you did all that last night?

Ferb: Yeah I paced around the whole place a couple of times before I went to bed.

(MAP ADDED TO E-Handbook!!!)

Commander: well thank you Ferb! if we are gonna ecscape then we certainly need-

???: You Guys really are nincompoops are you?

(Squidward appears in the doorway of the room)

Spongebob: Squidward! You’re here!

Mr Krabs: See I told you he’s okay

You: Squidward where were you

Squidward: my room away from all the supposed nonsense. And apparently I was right in doing so

Vriska: goooood you’re such a prick

Quagmire: well it was all gundhams fault
He started it.

Katy: technically, no it was you

Milford: Guys can we all just please stop arguing.

Squidward: See just as I suspected, everyone’s at everyone’s throats. Which is why I isolated myself.

Thanos: I understand.........Coward

Squidward: heheheheheh lets see you say that when the first murder happens.

(Squidward left just as soon as he arrived)

Crocker: well I guess now we don’t have to worry about that asshole.

Commander: But come on look on the bright side at least we have each other

Donkey: yeah let’s have this breakfast meeting every morning!!!!

Milford: Splendid!!!

Donkey: OOOOOH! OOOOOH! I’ll make you guys some waffles!

Ziggy: YAAAAY!!!!!

Ma-San: (I’ll pass)

Lammy: y-yeah me too, I’m too stressed to think about eating right now.

Sheen: it’s okay you’ll get over it soon

Peter: I beg to differ! I’ll take a thousand!!!

Meatwad: Yeah me too!

(We all had a taste of donkey’s waffles that morning. All of Our bellies were bursting full of waffles when we left to do our own thing.)

(Free Time)

(Free Time)
(Can Visit all except: Gundham, Squidward,)

(*Ding dong bing bong*)

You: Well I guess that’s the 10:00 bell and
I bet I better get to bed. But.....I can’t stop thinking about this morning with Quagmire and Gundham, I feel that if a murder were to occur......... oh who am I kidding? They wouldn’t stoop that low......would they?

(You feel asleep)

(*Ding dong bing bong*)

Monokuma: Gooooooood morning everyone!!!
Nighttime is officially over. Get ready to start the day!

(You woke up to that sound of that stupid announcement. As you walked down to the dining hall. As soon as you entered you noticed that Gundham, Quagmire, and Squidward weren’t there.)

Crocker: that’s not surprising. After the events of yesterday morning, of course they wouldn’t want to show themselves.

Thanos: it appears that would be the case.

Doofensmirtz: Yeah. You think we should keep an eye on them. Ya know in case they want to kill each other.

Meatwad: Gah! I don’t want to talk about that. Hey donkey can you make us some waffles.

Donkey: Oh yeah! this guy knows what I’m talking bout!

Mr. Krabs: No way! Mister! SPONGEBOB!!!
Make us some Krabby patties!

Spongebob: Aye Aye Mr. Krabs!

You: but I agree with Doofenshmirtz, we need people to keep watch on them.

Joe: I’ll look around for Quagmire since we’re friends and all

Muriel: I will watch Gundham Incase he thinks of Anything bad.

Jimmy: Wait! Since everyone is here could you all please sign this role sheet for me.

Ma-San:(what for?)

Jimmy: just so I could take role every morning to make things easier.

(It was obvious that he was lying. but we all had no complaints and signed the paper.
Joe and Muriel quickly finished their breakfast And left.)

Ziggy: woah that was super fast!

Commander: yes but not as fast as I for I finished first.

Rammy: that’s not a big achievement dumbass

Peewee: What are you talking about this is a HUGE achievement! Commander Finished First!!!!

Sheen: well if we are gonna celebrate we need snacks. Hey Peter can you help me make some Cupcakes

Peter: Cupcakes!?


Milford: I would love some cupcakes but I am diabetic, so I can’t have those well I’ll be in my office if you need anything

You: wait office?

Milford: oh you haven’t seen it yet? Well in that case follow me!

(You followed Milford upstairs to the second floor of the first floor Into his supposed office)

Milford: So what do you think?

You: is this really your office?

Milford: yes and no, I just found it here and claimed it. But hey there’s a perk to this watch.

(Milford crumpled a paper ball and threw it out the window.)

Milford: see there’s a trash can directly below the window there.

You: wait where?

Milford: Outside.

You: WAIT...... OUTSIDE!

(You looked out the window only too unfortunately find the “outside” just a bunch of buildings with a giant dome surrounding the whole school grounds. The dome was painted with really shitty and wet drawings of Monokuma. There was also artificial bushes and trees.)

Milford: what do you think (you)

You: Wait what’s with the tower in the distance over there. And do the others know about this

(There was a small dilapidated Stone tower unknown to you.)

Milford: That’s just and old castle with nothing inside. All except a bunch of machine guns, deactivated bombs, some chainsaws and other stuff like that.
And No everyone else knew about it. They probably just never bothered to tell you for some reason. I didn’t tell you since I thought you already knew.

You: wait, is anyone guarding that building

Milford: no how come

You: Well if the tower is filled with weapons you would think that someone would be watching it know....someone plans to murder one another.

Milford: yeah.....YEAH!!!!
I should make an announcement about this predicament to everyone tomorrow morning!!!!! I shall start planning my speech right away! Goodbye (You), I’ll be out tomorrow morning!!!

Milford left the office without any dissatisfaction. You went back to your room right after.



(Can talk to anyone but Gundham, Squidward, Joe, Muriel, or Quagmire)

(*Ding Dong Bing Bong*)

(The nighttime bell. Time to rest. But you wonder.... What does Milford Have planned Tomorrow and will it prevent a murder from taking place. You hope so.)

(Ding Dong Bing Bong)

(You woke up to what you thought was the morning announcement. Instead, it was of the sound of Monokuma screaming on the monitor.)

Monokuma: EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Everyone meet the gym now before it’s too late!!!!!!

You: Gah!

(You immediately ran out your room thinking the worst. Did somebody die? Did somebody break one of the rules? Did somebody....... No. it can’t be. Can it?)

Orang: Wus poppin(You)? You heer dee annnuncemet?

You: Yeah! Where is everyone?

Orang: in da jim. Cum on leds goe

(You ran into the Gym terrified, fortunately everyone was there.)

Ma-San: (sooooo where’s the emergency?)

Commander: Yeah we need to find it!!!

Spongebob: Guys I’m scared

Ferb: is there something wrong with Monokuma

(And as if on Que)

Monokuma: Nope! I FEEL GREAT!!!!

Jimmy: wait a second there is no emergency

Monokuma: Correct!

Sheen: yeah why’d you do that?

Monokuma: there is is perfectly good reason. This our 3rd official day in the game yet with all 32 of you.....No one has died yet!

Rammy: Your point?

Monokuma: My Point is that I need to motivate you guys to start killing each other! So with that I Give you. YOUR FIRST MOTIVE!!!!!!

Doofensmirtz: is that the whole reason why you got us here?


Monokuma: Puhuhuhuhuhuhu. Yes but there is also a second reason to get you out of your rooms.

Muriel: Why Do you need us of of our rooms?

Monokuma: Because of the Motive!

Katy: But What IS the Motive?!

Monokuma: Puhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Monokuma: I’ve taken something very personal from you and will only give it back to you when the first blackened is discovered.

Thanos: The Gauntlet! You took the infinity gauntlet!

(Thanos ran out of the room looking desperately in his room)

Monokuma: Well What are you waiting for go find them! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

(You all ran into our respective rooms in order to find out what we lost. You burst into your room.)

You: okay what did you take from me you bastard.

(You realized that monokuma had taken your (your personal item[s]))

You: Dammit! He took (it/them).

(You then listened to the yells and groans of everyone else who had lost their items.
You then thought “is this really his Motive for killing someone?, I mean sure I liked my (Personal Item) but, we’re not going to murder anyone for something as stupid as that.........are we? Suddenly Cat’s voice boomed into your eardrums.)

Cat: ALRIGHT EVERYONE! Shut the hell up and let’s go to the cafeteria.

(You entered the cafeteria. Some more people didn’t show up compared to last time when only about 3 people weren’t there.
But surprisingly Gundham and Quagmire Were in the same room together without arguing. Well at least not at each other.)

Gundham: Do you not know powerful The Hell Hound Earring is. Only a mere mortal would be so naive.

Carl: I Need my inhaler!!!! Other wise i could die!!!!!

Vriska: well I need my dice!

Quagmire: well guess what? Monokuma took the one thing that I needed.

Squidward: what could it possibly be? It better be more important than my clarinet.

Ziggy: my Candy!!!! Commander, Help!!!

Commander: Calm Down Ziggy I’m sure you’ll.....wait.......My ALBUMS!!!!!! Where are they!!

Katy: yeah he took MY albums too

Lammy: and my guitar

Ma-San: (and my drum set)

Cat: And my Bong!

Joe: your Bong?

Cat: uuuuuuh my BONGOS! Yeah he took my bongos

Milford: everyone calm down I’m sure we could all move past this and live peacefully.

Hifumi: but my Princess Piggles Camera!?

Donkey: and my waffle iron!?

Orang: and my octahedron

(Everyone else ran in the room.)

Sheen: He took my ultralord!

Muriel: My picture of my family

Hank: yeah mine too

Jimmy: everyone!!!! I know, I know, I’m Missing my equipment too-

Ferb & Doofenzshmirtz: You Too?!

Jimmy: but you need to realize the only way that we get our stuff back is to-

Thanos: Murder eachother

You: ah!

Thanos: The bear took my infinity Gauntlet an artifact that could destroy half of the world. So killing someone wouldn’t be to hard.

Spongebob: you take that back!!!

Thanos: but I personally due to the game’s rules will not hurt anyone. And I highly doubt Mr. Squarepants, and Mr Krabs would kill anyone over a bubble jar, or a cash register. Would they.

Mr. Krabs: never! But I do miss my Cashie

Milford: yes that reminds me! The tower! The tower has highly dangerous weaponry that could easily kill someone. Which is why it needs to be guarded!

Katy: why didn’t you say that sooner. Anyway who’s gonna guard it?

Crocker: maybe Peter could.

Peter: yes! Ever since I lost my stolen military dog tag. I will devote myself to defending this with my life!

Joe: hang on Peter, I’ll help you defend. Alright so the two of us will stay the night over there so no one will take anything. In the meantime. Muriel and Hank you keep an eye out for Thanos Incase he thinks about anything.

Hank: alrighty then

Thanos: I just said I wasn’t going to.

You: hey guys? about outside, why didn’t any of you tell me about it?

Peewee: Oh! We thought you already knew!

Ferb: Hey! That reminds me......

Ferb: I Made a Map of outside as well.

You: really? Thanks.

(The meeting ended and everyone else went there separate ways.)

(Free Time)

(Free Time)

(Can see everyone but Joe, Peter, Muriel, or Hank, or Thanos)

(*Ding Dong Bing Bong)

(It’s nighttime. As you lay in bed you think. Is someone really going to kill someone over something like that. No what are you talking about. No one would do that. We promised each other that we would all get out of here together did we...?)

(*Ding Dong Bing Bong)

(It’s morning, the first thing that you noticed was that there was a letter someone slid under your door. You picked it up and read it)


(“The morning meeting in the cafeteria has been cancelled today. The reason being was that nobody bothered to show up. You overslept. So you are excused. But we will have a afternoon meeting at 3:00 pm”)

You: What the hell?

(You ran out the door when suddenly...)

Meatwad: Did you cancel the meeting?

You: no I just woke up

Meatwad: Me too I overslept apparently. Or that’s what this note says.

You: Note?

Meatwad: Yeah here it is

(It was the same note you had)

You: did everyone get this note?

Meatwad: Yeah as far as I know it’s pretty suspicious

(You were thinking )

You: Where’s Joe and Peter

Meatwad: at the tower I tried to talk to them but they left a note on the door saying to meet back at 3:20 pm. it was signed by Joe so I trust him.

You: where is everyone

Meatwad: sleeping in. I was just getting breakfast. Till you showed up.

You: if that’s the case I have some time until then so I’ll meet you at 3:20

Meatwad: Okay will do!

(You went back into your room.)

(Free Time)

(Free Time)

(Can see anyone Exept Joe, Peter.)

(It’s 3:20 about time you find meatwad an-)

(Ding dong)

(Somebody rang the doorbell, it was meatwad)

Meatwad: you ready to go

You: Yeah, were did you say it was?

Meatwad: outside by the castle door.

(You and Meatwad walked outside to find the castle door still closed with the note still on it.)

You: It’s three where are the-

Joe: what are you guys doing?

(Joe Opened the door and saw you.)

Joe: what do guys want.

Meatwad: we can to ask about the note

Joe: what note? Peter and I haven’t left the castle all night.

Peter: Yeah we even packed energy drinks, beer and sleeping bags.

Joe: it was about 8 am when we both crashed.

You: what? You didn’t write this note?

(You gave Joe the note)

Joe: this isn’t either of our handwritings. This was on the door?

???: u-u-uh guys?

(Lammy, appeared in front of us she was in a panic)

Peter: oh hey Lammy whatcha need.

Lammy: I w-went into the office to get some paper and I s-s-s-saw......
Something horrible.

You: what!?

Joe: well don’t just stand there take us there!

Lammy: ok-kay

(No someone’s not- they didn’t- nobody- did they?)

(You ran after them and walked Into the office to find......)


(The place was a disaster. Papers and desks were thrown everywhere. There were even tiny holes in the walls.)

Meatwad: Who Did this?

Lammy: they even broke a window

(Lammy peeked out the window when suddenly....)


Joe: What’s wrong!

Lammy: th-th-th-the window!

(She pointed out the window her hands shaking. Her face was white like paper.)

Lammy: T-There

(You looked out the window......and what you saw was......something that you will never forget for the rest of your life.)




(When you looked out the window you saw.........Milford Meanswell, The Ultimate Mayor, cold, dead, body with the trash can on top of his head.)
























Chapter Text



You: What!

(It finally happened. The thing that we all feared from happening. A murder. And the one who was chosen victim was........our friend Milford Meanswell, who always tried to keep peace between us. Was nothing more than a lifeless corpse.)

Meatwad: Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Joe: dammit. So it actually happened

Peter: who would do this?

Lammy: *sob* Why? WHY!!??

(*Ding dong Dong ding!*)

Monokuma: A Body has been discovered! After a few moments after the investigation, a class trial will begin! Everyone please report to the office to start!

You: what was that!?

Joe: The Body Discovery Announcement. Which means Milford is confirmed to be dead.

Meatwad: No! Milford!!!!

(You heard stomping coming from the door
Suddenly everyone else burst through the door with Gundham leading them.)

Hank: What happened what’s going on-

Gundham: So It appears that a Murder Has taken place!

Katy: Lammy! Thank god you’re okay!

Quagmire: Joe! Peter! *Sigh* good you’re alright

Thanos: I need to ask, who was killed.

Ziggy: Yeah! who’s dead?!

Squidward: look around who’s missing?

You: Milford’s Body was found in the trash can outside.

Ziggy: NOOOOOOO! Not Mr. Milford!!!!

Commander: don’t cry Ziggy. We will find the person who did this and bring Justice for all!!!!

Monokuma: Good idea Commander!!!

Spongebob: Ah Monokuma!!!

Monokuma: Anyway, since all 31 of you are here, it means the Blackened is standing in this very room!

Donkey: No way! There’s no way any of us are killers we’re all friends, we’ll except gundham and quagmire-

Shrek: the point is we’re not gonna kill someone for something as stupid as our stuff getting taken away, like my Onion sack.

Monokuma: um... look out the window.

Crocker: anyway what did you want. To remind us that we will die Incase the true killer is not found.

Monokuma: yes! But I also wanted to give each of you guys...The Monokuma File!!!!!!

You: The Monokuma File?

Hifumi: it’s basically a summary of the corpse’s autopsy.

Monokuma: now as soon as the investigation time is up the class trial will begin!!!

Meatwad: wait since someone died, does that mean we get our stuff back, cuz I kinda want my Xbox back

Rammy: And my Pentagram! Where the hell is that!?

Thanos: Listen here, I don’t know what you are or who made you, but you clearly don’t know anything about what you have possessed.

Monokuma: Geez! I’ll give it back to you guys after the trial

Thanos: ........Very well

Monokuma: Anyway! Let the investigation begin!!!

(Monokuma left us with those words floating in our minds. You think you should start investigating right now.)


Meatwad: Hey can I help you out (You)

You: okay sure

Meatwad: Yeah they don’t call me The Ultimate Gumshoe for Nuttin. I’ll go look at the crime scene outside!

(Meatwad as well as a few others left.
You looked around the room and noticed on the floor that there were Machine guns everywhere.)

Peter: Ah sweet! lemme see one.

You: Peter that’s not a very good idea to-

(Peter pointed the gun at you)

Peter: Bang Bang Bang Bang- aw what!
This ones out of ammo!

Joe: Wait A second, they are all empty. All you need to kill someone as untrained as Milford is usually only one gun. Don’t you think it would be kinda overkill?

You: Yeah! Why would all the guns be empty, if all you needed to kill someone, was one...


(You looked at the Wall. there were bullet holes EVERYWHERE. Even on the wall up to the the broken window. On closer examination there are minute drops of blood on the pieces of glass still connected to the window where Milford fell. Very Interesting)


(You went up to Gundham who was staring out the window)

Gundham: Ah What a horrible Demise. I remember this same story. Byakuya, Mahiru, Ibuki, And Hiyoko each shared similar fates

You: Hey Gundham can you help me with this case since you’ve been to a class trial before.

Gundham: No, but If you wish I shall give a piece of evidence that I find very peculiar.

You: okay sure

Gundham: It was around 2:50 when Mirage Golden Hawk Jum-P one of my four dark devas of destruction, went missing therefore I went into the office lobby looking for him when suddenly, Milford burst through the door looking very horrified and cowardly.


Gundham: Milford! Do you know the Whereabouts of Mirage Golden Hawk Jum-P!?

Milford: I’m sorry about that but I’m afraid I’m in quite a pickle right now so um.... GOTTA GO!

(End of Flashback)

Gundham: He ran upstairs out of sight....LUCKILY! Jum-P was found!!!! And was reunited with the other dark devas!!!!

You: waits so Milford was in a rush, and he looked horrified? I wonder if that has anything to do with the case


(You looked by the window and saw a rope tied to the inside on a coathook)

You: huh? Is that a rope? Did someone tie this to go down out the window? Or did Milford do this?


(You were about to leave the room when you accidentally stepped on something.)

You: is that a crossbow!?

Peter: yeah you can buy one of those at the school store!

You: yeah but there’s no Arrow so, where is it?


(You left the Office building to go outside to find....

The body)


(Milford who did this to you? And why? You decided to read the Monokuma File)



The Victim is Milford Meanswell.
The time of death was around 3:00 PM.
The scene of the crime where the body was discovered is outside the office building. The cause of death are multiple sharp wounds found in the top of the head. The victim also has some small cuts on its arms and waist, and no traces of poison or any other chemicals were found.

You: wait cuts on the head?

(You decided to take the trash can off Milford’s body and when you did......)

(There they were. But what did it? When you looked into the trash can you noticed some type of wire.)

You: wait this is Barbed wire!?


You: wait didn’t the monokuma file state that Milford had cuts on his body, but that barbed wire had nothing to do with that? Did it?


Wait there’s something sticking out of his pocket.

You: is that a note?

“Meet me outside by the door to the office at around 2:45”

You decided to head for the castle to meet up with Joe.


When you entered the castle next door you noticed another rope by the second floor of the tower.

You went upstairs where all the weapons are to meet with Joe. But when you got there some of the weapons were gone. And specifically the machine guns. So who took them?


You: So Joe can you tell me what happened last night before you fell asleep.

Joe: well actually something pretty weird did happen last night. Me and Peter were keeping watch inside the tower when suddenly I heard something that something that sounded like a gunshot so we went to investigate. But we couldn’t find anything.

You: wait it sounded like a Gunshot?


You looked out the window from the tower when you noticed that there was an arrow stuck into the wall.

You: is that an arrow. Hey! the arrow has a rope tied around it....But why....


Joe: Hey (You) here’s that note that was connected to the tower door. If you wanted it.


Joe: Didn’t everyone else get similar notes like these?

You: yeah we did. but that’s pretty weird how somebody put that note there



You left the tower to look for more-

Jimmy: (You)!!!

You: Jimmy!

Jimmy with no context plucks a hair off your head.

Jimmy: hey can you sign these contracts for me.

You: Whyyyyyy

Jimmy: I’ll show you later.

You: Wait do still have that Role sheet from the other day?

Jimmy: yeah it’s right here

You: Can I borrow this I think it might come in handy in the case.

Jimmy: Sure go ahead


*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

Monokuma: Tiiiiiiiiimes up everyone! Now everyone please meet up in the room with the Big Red door at the end of the hallway. let the class trial begin!!!!!

So it ends here....I think it’s not enough evidence to find out who did it but it’s worth a sh-

Meatwad: Hey (You)! Guess what!

You: what is it Meatwad?

Meatwad: I did some investigating on my own and I found some pretty good stuff.

You: really what did you find.

Meatwad: I found A busted 8-Ball, and some Broken Glasses. And get this I already know who the killer is.

You: you really think that’s enough to find out.

Meatwad: yep! Meet you at the trial



You went inside and entered the red door to find...

An elevator.

As you and everyone else went down, a mysterious feeling was felt as the elevator was slowly descending.
You were getting more anxious at the sound of the elevator as it goes down.


The Murder of Milford Meanswell, who always just wanted to help us and bring order to the situation, was dead.

But one of us.....killed him in cold blood,

but in order to find that person. We must delve deep into A deadly judgment... A deadly deception...

A deadly betrayal... A deadly riddle,

a deadly defense, a deadly faith...

A deadly...class trial...!




















Chapter Text


Truth Bullets:
Monokuma File,
Milford’s Cuts,
Barbed Wire,
Bullet Holes,
Broken window
Machine Guns,
Gundham’s account,
Missing Weapons,
Joe’s account,
Milford Note,
Meeting note,
Castle note,
Role Sheet,
Tied Rope.


Monokuma: Lets begin with a basic explanation of the class trial!
If you can figure out whodunnit, then the chosen blackened will receive punishment, But if you Pick the wrong one...
I’ll punish everyone Besides the blackened and that person will leave the school.

You: So the killer really is one of us is it?

Monokuma: Of Course! Would I lie to you?

Cat: Okay everybody!!!!! Let’s go crime hunting!!!!

Rammy: Don’t be that one dumbass that’s optimistic about this situation.

Quagmire: Makes sense. Especially since we are in this killing game.

Thanos: Before we start, I ask the bear. If by any chance there is an accomplice in this case. Would they be executed as well if the culprit is found?

Monokuma: well you see.....You can have as many accomplices as you want! However, only the true blackened will be able to graduate.

Crocker: So in other words, if there is an accomplice, they would not benefit from helping the murder.

Ma-San: (So helping someone kill someone else would be completely pointless.)

Monokuma: Correct!

Doofenshmirtz: another thing, what’s that?


Doofenshmirtz was pointing to a sign with a picture of Milford with a pink X on it.

Monokuma: I didn’t want Milford to miss the class trial just because he died! So here he is!!!

Hank: that’s a bit messed up don’t you think.

Hifumi: Ah I remember my first class trial.

Gundham: kehehe I remember the very day you executed me monokuma, as a matter of fact it was the other day!

Ferb: what probably happened was you were revived and you remember the very moment you died as a more recent time than it actually was.

Jimmy: Nobody cares about that! Let’s start by discussing the Monokuma File. Now let’s ask...what did it say exactly?

Lammy: wh-what do you mean?

Jimmy: I mean, what did it say about Milford’s body?

Hank: well it was found in the trash can right.

Squidward: Yes but why was it in the trash can.

Jimmy: No, I mean how he died.

Milfords Body was found in the trash can but.... How did Milford die?


Jimmy: first we need to find out How Milford was killed.

Mr. Krabs: Well his body was found in the trash can outside.

Ma-San: (Maybe the culprit after killing him, decided to throw his body in the trash can?)

Crocker: but How did he die?!

Commander: the monokuma File says that Milford had small stab wounds on his head.... so the killer had some TINY KNIVES to kill him!


Actually, no. While investigating I found what killed Milford.

Cat: You found the murder Weapon!?

You: I took a look inside the trash can where his body was and I found some barbed wire sticking to Milford’s Head

Ziggy: Wait, it stuck to his head!?! Eeew!

Orang: dis musd meen dat D killer used the wire as a blunt forc objectoid

Jimmy: well actually... there is another thing about the body that was pretty weird to me...

Sheen: what do you mean jimmy?

Jimmy: look at the body again... there were also cuts on the torso as well.

Katy: oh yeah I see them!

Muriel: what on earth could have been the cause of that?

Thanos: he looks like he was cut by something prior to his death.

Doofenshmirtz: Yeah looks like it but with what?

The reason why Milford has all the cuts on him? Yeah.....YEAH..... I think I know the answer to this too!


Jimmy: let me ask this again.... does anyone know where he got those cuts?

Peewee: Sorry Jimmy not a clue!

Lammy: What if he cut himself on something?

Quagmire: wait I know! What if the culprit is the reason why!

Gundham: what do you mean the reason why?

Quagmire: what if he used the barbed wire... to BEAT HIM with it senselessly!


Wait Quagmire, Remember What I Said?

Quagmire: Yeah what do you mean?

You: First of all, I found the barbed wire right underneath the top of his head. At the bottom of the bucket.

Shrek: meaning the culprit must’ve put the trash can before he put the body there!

You: exactly!

Peter: But What about the cuts on the body?

You: remember the broken window by the office, aka Milford’s office.

Ma-San: (Wait! That’s it! Whoever the culprit was....he or she must’ve ambushed Milford, and pushed him out the window! Causing it to break, and all the while causing Milford to land in the trash can!)

Joe: Is that Reeeeally what happened?

You: from the looks of it, yes

Rammy: Yeah but WHO! Who The fuck is the killer?

Meatwad: I can answer that question!

You: huh?!

Meatwad: I did some investigating on my own and learned exactly who the culprit it.

Spongebob: Than tell us! Who is it!!!?

Meatwad: It’s Vriska

You: what?!

Vriska: Pfft What!? I’m the culprit!?

Meatwad: oh yeah well Let’s see who’s laughing after I show everybody the evidence! Here is a busted 8-Ball that was found near the crime scene!

Vriska: Ah! You found my 8-Ball!
Wait busted? Aw c’mon who the hell did that!?

Meatwad: And thats not all, I also found these glasses at the crime scene! So yeah that proves it! Hey Monokuma! Let’s cast our votes!

Krabs: Hold on a second me bucko, is that really all the evidence you have?

Meatwad: aye aye Mr Krabs. It’s enough to prove that she’s the killer.

Is Vriska really the killer? I doubt it. But maybe I can prove meatwad wrong


Meatwad: yep you killed Milford Vriska!

Vriska: well he always was a freaking dope was he not! But no I’m not the culprit.

Meatwad: Yeah you are, the EVIDENCE proves it


Meatwad, you do realize that Anyone could’ve taken her 8-ball and smashed it on the ground last night right.

Meatwad: oh! Yeah. Wait....but it was her. what about Them glasses?

Jimmy: Yes you’re right! I forgot about those. They were smashed on the ground right!


Meatwad......sigh* I guess you’re right.

Lammy: But wait! That narrows it down a lot!

Ziggy: the killer wears glasses!

Commander: So all we need to do now is to find the alibis of everyone here that wears glasses! Good thinking Ziggster!

Ziggy: T-Thanks

Hank: These are highly expensive prescription glasses if these get lost I don’t know what I’ll do.

Crocker: Yes...these the only pair I have!

Muriel: I have multiple pairs but I was at the meeting at 3:00

Donkey: How do we REALLY know that the killer wears glasses, I mean it was just found on the ground where anyone coulda dropped em.

Ferb: How about we stop talking about who, and start talking about How

Cat: if you think about it The word how is the word who if you switch the letters around.

Thanos: Yeah....sure. Boy tell us what you need.

Ferb: let’s start with the empty guns found in the office.

Katy: oh yeah! I remember! Why would someone bring that many guns?

Vriska: And look at this! You saw how many bullet holes there were and how scattered everything was. Only a complete fucking dunce would not know how to aim at someone

The reason why the bullet holes were so separated, and how many there were guns on the floor.....


You: NOW I UNDERSTAND! What if maybe....the supposed culprit didn’t know how to use the guns, and that’s why they packed so so many. And You said so yourself Joe remember.

Joe: oh yeah! I think I do Remember something like that. The only thing that the culprit really knew about the guns were how to aim, and to shoot.

Carl: um yeah but... wasn’t there another weapon at the crime scene.

Crocker: there was?

Mr. Krabs: Yeah, you’re talking about the crossbow aren’t ya?

Carl: Yeah there was also a tied rope leading out the window

Ma-San: (did the culprit do that?)

Why was there a rope leading outside?


Cat: we gotta find the culprit, we must we must we must we must

Hifumi: but.....Why did the culprit use that crossbow?

Orang: what if maybe the killer....used the rope.... to climb down out the window!


Orang, I know this sounds very crazy but maybe the culprit. Used the crossbow for the rope

Orang: What are you takin bowt

You: what if the killer shot the rope from the crossbow.

Hifumi: how did he do that! That is physically impossible!!!

Doofensmirtz: wait I know how! He or she must’ve tied something from the crossbow and shot it out the window!

Spongebob: yeah but we didn’t find anything else tied to the rope.

Wait, I did find something that could’ve been tied to the rope.


You: I GOT IT!!!!! Maybe they tied an arrow to the rope?

Squidward: An arrow? Why would they do that?

Shrek: so that they shoot more easily with the crossbow! That’s why!

Gundham: even if they shot it from an arrow? where, in all nine realms of Hell would the arrow land.

Where did the arrow go?


You: I GOT IT! The arrow went to the tower window!!!

Quagmire: why would the culprit do something like that?

You: what if.....the culprit tied one side of the rope to the arrow, and the other one to the office!

Spongebob: wait if he did that then.....that must mean!!!

Thanos: you’re kidding me.

You: that the culprit used it as a rope to climb across and reach the weapons room! Then it would definitely be easier if you take the weapons

Commander: THATS A LIE!!!!!


Commander: There’s no way something as silly as that slim rope would carry someone across!
If that’s the case the killer would’ve been a tight rope walker! And none of us is the
ultimate circus act!

I did say that the culprit did climb across the rope. But I didn’t say anything about them balancing over it.

Commander: I see, I apologize, my bad.

Gundham: That might explain the missing weapons in the tower...however weren’t Joe and Peter Guarding the place?

Peter: yeah it was heavily guarded how did they get in

How did they get in?


Lammy: there’s no way anyone would enter the tower unnoticed! Because Joe is the Ultimate cop!

Katy: I don’t his his talent had anything to do with the case. Maybe he was so quick and quiet in doing so?

Donkey: or maybe there was a distraction involved?


Donkey, you’re right. I actually think that there was a distraction involved. Isn’t that right Joe.

Joe: actually,something else did happen last night. we heard something that sounded like a gunshot. But when we went to investigate there was nothing there.

Sheen: so what you’re saying is that you and Peter left because you heard a sound.

Squidward: and you let the killer inside!?

Joe: yeah I know, I messed up.

Quagmire: Wait Joe, what if what you heard...was the 8 ball?

You: (what)!?

Quagmire: we found this 8-ball smashed on the ground somewhere away from the buildings. Also we know that Joe heard something that sounded similar to a gunshot, all we really need to do to recreate that sound is by getting another one of Vriska’s balls, and bust them from a high place! *Giggity*

Ma-San: (You just HAD to make an innuendo out of that did you?)

Peewee: Who else but Quagmire!

Muriel: Anyway, if you think about it, it would make sense.

Gundham: something that would break if it were thrown off a high place. The 8-ball would definitely fit that criteria!

Jimmy: so we could now conclude that the culprit threw the 8 ball as a mean of distraction!!!

Thanos: and when it broke Joe and Peter followed it leading the culprit to be successful.

Muriel: there’s just something that bothers me about the rope. Why was the rope cut in half?

The reason why....


You: I GOT IT! Maybe the culprit broke the rope while trying to climb it.


Doofensmirtz: actually that makes a lot of sense! Especially if you see how much weaponry the killer stocked up on and the weight of the weapons were too much for them to handle.

Donkey: yep dat makes sense to me!

Meatwad: but there is something very confusing about last night.

Gundham: what else could there possibly be!?

Meatwad: what about that note on the tower door? I mean at first I thought joe wrote it.

Joe: I wasn’t even aware of that notes existence until (You) showed me.

Muriel: so it’s clear to say that Joe didn’t write that note

Peter: hey I didn’t write that note either

Ferb: anyway it is safe to assume that the culprit wrote that letter and put it on the tower door after they fell. However they might’ve also took this time to place that barbed wire in the trash since they were already there. Therefore they wouldn’t do that in the morning when everyone is awake.

Vriska: tch, Well that was pretty stupid of the killer to put it there, he was lucky that joe and Peter overslept that night.


If the rope broke, then the killer would drop leave something else at the scene. Which is.....


You: NOW I UNDERSTAND!!!! Wait you know how the rope broke right?

Lammy: Yeah what about it?

You: what if the killer accidentally dropped the glasses that we found? A.k.a. Their glasses!


Hifumi: wait, something doesn’t make much sense.

Crocker: what? we’ve been through everything have we not?

Hifumi: well whoever set up that note, and whoever wrote the notes under our you notice anything weird......

You: no they look the same to me

Hifumi: Well then, did you know.....that the penmanship both the notes.....are exactly the same!!!!!!!

Hank: You’re right! Why didn’t I notice that before?!!!

Ma-San: (So the killer wrote the notes for us to go to a meeting at 3:00, and according to the time of death....used it as a distraction for them to kill Milford)

Carl: so everyone who went to the meeting has an alibi?

Thanos: Most likely

Katy: oh my gosh!!!!!

Commander: I know!!! We are one step closer to finding Milford’s killer!

Katy: no not that. It’s just that I was there!

Sheen: wait where?

Katy: At the meeting you doofus!

You: Katy, This will help us find out the killer. So answer as truthfully as possible. Do you remember who was at that meeting?

Katy: actually, yeah! I remember! There weren’t that many people. Only, me, ma-San, donkey, Hank, Spongebob, Thanos, Muriel, Gundham, Hifumi, and Orang. However... at 2:50 someone left, but....that WASN’T THE KILLER!

Squidward: how can you be so sure?

Katy: because they weren’t wearing glasses! I don’t know if that helps or not but Im just letting you know.

You: actually, you just made the case a whole lot clearer.

Hank: Yeah but how? We don’t even know who left the meeting?

Who left the meeting?


You: Actually we do know who left the meeting isn’t that right Gundham!

Gundham: KeHeheheheheHAHAHAHA!!!CORRECT!!! However if you are planning on me being a suspect.....There is a perfectly good reason for why!

You: you lost one of your hamsters, right?

Gundham: HAMSTERS!? My four dark devas of destruction are more than just mere hamsters!

Rammy: just get on with it!!!

Gundham: HEED MY MESSAGE LAMB OF HELL!!!!! It was around 2:50 when I was looking for one of my devas since that one went missing. So I decided to check the office lobby. But when I got there I saw Milford burst through the door and ran into the office! He looked like he was in a rush, but the more I think about it... HE WAS BEING CHASED BY THE CULPRIT!!!!!

Doofenshmirtz: So the culprit cornered him into the office, and Milford thought that the only way to escape them jump out the window!

Joe: but unfortunately, the killer placed barbed wire in the trash last night and when he jumped; fell to his death.

Shrek: So Milford killed himself by jumping out that window.

You: No this was definitely planned out. And due to all the information we have, I think I know who the killer is.

Peter: you do?!

Quagmire: don’t just stand there tell us!

The killer of Milford Meanswell. The person who didn’t go to the meeting, the person who wore those glasses.............



You: Crocker? Was it you?


You: what?

Crocker: You can’t just say that just because I wear glasses, and that I wasn’t at the meeting?

Cat: he’s got a point there (You)

Crocker: and about that meeting, There was a perfectly good reason why I didn’t show up!

Squidward: and why is that l?

Crocker: because I didn’t trust the note I got!

You’re sure there was another reason for Crocker being the culprit but what?


Crocker: I’m not the killer!!!

Vriska: but you’re the only suspect we have.

Meatwad: well besides you Vriska,

Rammy: we already proved that it wasn’t her! Dumbass!

Crocker: But it wasn’t me! There was NOTHING ON THE BODY that proves it!


Actually, there was. There was a note inside Milford’s pocket.

Crocker: ngh

Mr. Krabs: That’s right It was telling him to meet up by the office building.

Commander: Where he was killed!!!!

Lammy: And look! The handwriting matches the other notes as well!

Peewee: He might’ve probably got that note instead of the one for the meeting!

Muriel: so is Crocker really the killer.

Crocker: Ah Muriel, OBVIOUSLY NO!!!!!

Ferb: how about we stop focusing on Crocker, for now. Instead how about we focus on what else was in the office. think about the bullet holes in the wall. What do you notice about the holes specifically?

The thing that Ferb is talking about.....


You: You’re talking about the position of the bullets aren’t you?

Ferb: Precisely

Crocker: so what?! The killer shot bullets in a 180 degree angle! He probably did this to make sure the killer killed Milford instead of just Injuring him!!!

Ma-San: (you just revealed exactly what you did, dumbass)


Katy: Hey! Leave Her alone you fucking pencil!!!

Doofenshmirtz: Guys there’s something a little odd about this case.

Peewee: What is it Doofy!!!

Doofenshmirtz: Doofy? Agh well anyway. What I’m trying to say is...did Crocker break the window or did Milford?

That’s is a very good question, who did break the window


Vriska: Obviously it’s Milford, because he fell out the damn thing.

Crocker: Yeah she’s right. And like the murder....It wasn’t me!!!!!

Hifumi: there is perfect evidence that shows, that Mr. Meanswell broke the window.

Hank: actually I think its Crocker who broke it. All we need to do is to check his hands for cuts.

Crocker: look at my hands! Are there cuts on them? No! There not.

Spongebob: what probably happened was, that Milford broke it, because of the cuts on his hands!!!!


You: NO THATS WRONG!!!!!!!
What if it was done on accident? While the killer was shooting the guns they might’ve accidentally shot the window.

Thanos: the culprit could’ve also been blocking the door, making the window the only route of escape.

Shrek: And because of that, Milford jumped out the window, cutting himself on the glass.

Lammy: he thought that is was safe but, that jump led to his death.

Crocker: So it was suicide!!! Making me not the killer!

Ziggy: but you are the reason it happened you meanie!!!

You: he’s right you are still the cause of his death and you did put the barbed wire there.

Joe: but wouldn’t it still be very easy to shoot Milford.

Peter: Yeah that’s a lot of guns. does Crocker know how to shoot one?

Crocker: yes I do!!!! All you do is shoot. S-H-O-O-T!!!!! SHOOOOOT!!!!! I’m a big boy I can do it!!!

But the reason why his plan failed...


You: I GOT IT!!!! It’s because of his talent!!!
The Ultimate Failure!!!!

Commander: Of Course!!!!

Crocker: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!

Katy: Wow! he’s gone completely bananas!

He’s desperate to prove us wrong. However we must do the same to him....


(Background Music: On a Mission-Hostile Groove)

it’s not me!

I didn’t kill him!

It was the work of theFAIRIES!!!!!

This is Bullshit!

Crocker: IM NOT THE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!





Yes you did, everyone, remember the role sheet that jimmy had all of us sign?

Jimmy: well most of us, I didn’t get Quagmire’s, Squidward’s or Gundham’s

Sheen: wait a second. Jimmy you told me that those were wavers for your DNA sampl-

Jimmy: WAIT- I MEAN...what do you mean by that (You)?

You: Take a look at all of the notes that you got this morning, now take a look at the Crocker’s name on the Role sheet. Notice anything specific?



Peewee: So that’s why those notes were there!

Cat: COWABUNGA!!!!!!

Meatwad: I’m confused.

Crocker: So am I! WHY ARE YOU ACCUSING MEEEEEE!?!?!?!?!!!!

You: Alright, Here’s an idea. Let’s go over the events of the case one more time, and maybe that should prove who the real killer is.....

Crocker: Nononononono!!!!!

You: this should prove it!!!!!!!!!

Let’s go back to the night before the murder took place. Milford told us that the tower outside was stocked with weapons that could be used for a murder. So because of this, Joe and Peter decided to guard it from others in order to prevent such from happening. But that didn’t stop the killer from making an attempt. So that night when the joe and Peter were in the tower, the culprit was in the office building. They stole one of Vriska’s 8-Balls not only to frame her, But to also make it a distraction to Joe and Peter. As planned, the killer threw the ball from the window away from the buildings, shattering it. Joe and Peter heard this and went outside to investigate. While they were searching in the front of tower, the culprit tied a rope to an arrow. And shot it from a crossbow. They had bought these items at the school store.

Before they shot it they tied the other end of the rope somewhere in the office. They probably used something like a coat hook. They did this to make a tightrope for them to cross.
When they entered the 2nd floor of the tower, they took some of the machine guns from the weapon room. The killer was prepared for the murder that they will soon commit.
However when they were climbing the rope back to the other side, the rope snapped causing them to fall down along with all their weaponry. This was when joe and Peter went back inside so they thought nothing of it. As for the culprit, as soon as they fell they ran to the trash can by the window, and place the barbed wire they had at the bottom of the can. They probably used this as a plan B Incase the shooting plan wasn’t successful. They also wrote a note on the front of the tower door saying to come back at 3:20 when the murder would’ve already be completed. But at the same time This is when they they made their most fatal mistake. When they fell, they had also dropped their glasses on the ground. But the killer not thinking it was a huge deal, picked up his weapons and ran back inside. This might’ve been from the fear of getting caught.

Inside, the culprit placed individual notes under our doors for everyone to meet in the gym during the time of the murder. However they placed a special note for Milford, the victim, telling him to meet at the office building at 2:50.

The next day, Milford went to the front of the office building to meet with the killer, when suddenly.....The killer started to chase him down. In a panic, Milford ran into the lobby. Meanwhile, several people met up in the gym. However somebody left the meeting to look for one their missing hamsters: Gundham.
He looked in the lobby, and it was then where he saw Milford. Milford then ran into his office to hide.

As soon as Gundham left, The killer ran into the office with Milford inside. This left Milford cornered in his own office. The killer tried to shoot him while spinning in circles, but because of their talent as the Ultimate Failure, they missed all of them. During this he accidentally broke a window. Milford, with that being his only chance of escape, jumped out the broken window. But that leap of faith, led him Head first into the trapped trash can, which led him to the culprits plan B. Killing Milford in the process.

And The mastermind behind this murder, the Ultimate Failure, Denzil Crocker!!!


Monokuma: are we done with the trial?

Spongebob: I believe so

Crocker: wait no!!! you don’t understand!!!

Monokuma: Alrighty then!!!!... please vote the person who you think is the blackened. Will you make the right choice? Or the dreadfully wrong one? What’s it gonna be? What’s it gonna be?!!!













Monokuma: it appears you are Correct!!!!!
The Blackened in this case, and The killer of Milford Meanswell, is none other Than Denzil Crocker, the Ultimate Failure!!!!!!!

Someone finally did it. One of our friends betrayed us.


Gundham: It appears you are chosen as the blackened!!!! Crocker! You must be terrified!!!!!

Crocker: THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ma-San:(What are you talking about)?


Commander: Geez man calm down!


Doofenshmirtz: What’s wrong with him?

You: it’s like he’s seeing something

Katy: why.........WHY!!!!!!?

Katy was on the verge of tears

Katy: Why did you betray us? Why did you kill Milford!!!!!?

Monokuma: really you don’t know?

Hifumi: of course we don’t know!?

Thanos: tell us his motive since it’s obvious he can’t.

Monokuma: Exactly! It was the Motive I prepared!!!!!!

Cat: the motive?

He must be talking about talking something personal from us....and using that to convince us to murder.

Muriel: Yes, you took something from all of us.

Hank: but what did you take from Crocker,


Shrek: what could possibly be so important that you’d kill someone for it.

Monokuma: I’ll show you!!!!!!!!!

Monokuma reached into his nonexistent pockets and pulled out some sort of megaphone/gun thing and gave it to Crocker.

Lammy: what’s that?

Crocker: Isn’t it obvious......IT’S MY FAIRY GUN!!!!!

Quagmire: you killed Milford over a goddamn toy!!!!

Crocker: ITS NOT A TOY!!!!!
The Fairies...... I see them...Everywhere I go, Fairies!!!!!!! The reason I’m here......I killed one of my students for their knowledge about them. After I was sent here....they stopped.....for a while....Until......HE.......Told me About HER.

Commander: who are you talking about?

Crocker: Milford........that afternoon in the dining hall....he told me what he lost....


Crocker: That Bear......he took my Fairy Gun!

Milford: yeah I can relate....

Crocker: but it’s fine....I don’t need it anymore....there aren’t any here.

Milford: Denzil, can I tell you something?

Crocker: go ahead.

Milford: I lost something important to me too. It was a picture, my favorite one.....
But thats okay! I got an another one to remind me of her.

And that’s when she showed me.....her

Milford: this is my best friend/girlfriend Mrs. Busybody.

That woman.......was a fairy!!!!!! The hair, the clothes, no doubt about it she was a fairy!!!!

Crocker: ngh..........

Milford: what’s wrong Denzil?

The Visions, the voices, they all came back!



Crocker and that’s why I did it. And now......

Crocker began to shoot the gun at us, but only small foam balls

Doofenshmirtz: I don’t get it.... I can’t see anything.

Squidward: he’s obviously delusional.

Monokuma: are you done?

You: what?

Monokuma: I do hope you know what’s going to happen to the blackened who disturbed the peace here...Riiiight.

Peter: NO...

Lammy: Y-y-you don’t mean...

Crocker: EXECUTION!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!

Monokuma: Yes indeed, you killed Mr. Meanswell and now you will be Punished!!!!

Crocker: No! Wait it wasn’t my fault! It was the Fairies who did this to me!!! Punish them!

Monokuma: Nope! You planned the murder, so you are still the blackened.

Crocker: No....NONONONONONONO!!!!

Crocker ran to the elevator door banging on it.


Monokuma: Now then! I’ve prepared a very special punishment for Denzil Crocker, The Ultimate Failure!!!

There here!!!!!













Monokuma: Now then WASNT THAT EXTREME!!!

Katy: Wh-wh-WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Spongebob: AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Commander: GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!



Orang: AhAhAhAhAhAhAhAh!!!!!

Carl: MOMMY!!!!!!!

Rammy: Hmph, I’ve seen worse.

Hifumi: yes that is the tragedy of the games trial.

Doofensmirtz: that’s a bit overkill don’t you think.

Gundham: Milford and Crocker not with us anymore. For Crocker is now in the fiery depths of hell!!!!

Ferb: what sick bastard would do something like that?

Mr. Krabs: obviously it’s that monokuma!

Monokuma: Nope! I’m just playing fair

Ziggy: Fair?! How the heck is this fair!?!

Vriska: Crocker Lost the game,
So he just lost. I mean hell, weren’t you just bitching about how he killed Milford?

Sheen: but-but-bu- I didn’t think he would be killed just like that.

Thanos: It was explained in the rules, remember?

Cat: Pssssh who the hell needs rules?

Squidward: Yeah who needs rules, Yeah, THAT! SO WE PREVENT THAT FROM HAPPENING!!!!

Squidward was pointing at the scene of Crocker’s execution.

Ma-San: (I think I’m gonna be sick).

Joe: MONOKUMA!!!! You’re a goddamn Psychopath!

Quagmire: it’s not gonna help. He’s just gonna laugh it off.

Peewee: I’m just gonna leave now.

Muriel: yeah me too.

Peter: fuck this. I’m out!!!

One by one everyone left the trial room.
No one said a word as we went up the elevator and into our rooms.

You: dammit! Why!?

Why are we here in this prison?

You looked at the security camera.

I know you can hear me you bastard!!!!

*Knock knock*

You opened the door

Monokuma: Special Delivery for (Mr./Ms You)!!!

You: Monokuma!?!?

Monokuma: one package coming riiiight up!!!

You opened the box unwillingly. It was the item that monokuma took from you. You are assuming that he is going door to door giving everything the thing they lost.

Monokuma: Next Up!!!! Mr. Thanos!!!!!

He disappeared as soon as he arrived.

You decided to ignore him and go back to sleep. Suddenly....

???: WHERE ARE THEY?!!!!!!!!!

Someone was screaming you ran outside to find.......

Thanos strangling monokuma.

















































Chapter Text



Chapter 2: A Symphony of Unease



Thanos: WHERE ARE THEY!!!!!!!!!

Monokuma: does it even matter that I have them anyway? And here I thought you were a stickler for rules....

Thanos: Quit with this nonsense! I will crush your head like an apple and take what’s mine!!!!!!

Monokuma: Violence against monokuma shall Not be tolerated!!!!! violated a school regulation! So.....GODLY ODIN!!! COME TO ME!!!! GODLY SPEAR GUNGNIR!!!!

You: n-n-n-no! NO! NOOOOO!!!!


You darted straight in front of Thanos as he dropped Monokuma to protect him from-

You: ANGH!



You were impaled.....

.....wake up...


.....I have faith in you.....

You woke up......

This would be the moment where you would be glad to realize that this was only a dream. Just a horrible nightmare...However......

This was reality.....

???: Hey! (Gender)’s awake!!!!

You woke up in a hospital bed in the nurses office. Everyone was looking at you in concern.

Sheen: Dude! Are you okay!?

You: W-What’s going on?

Quagmire: (You) you just got impaled! And not in the good way *Giggity*

You: IMPALED!?!?

Jimmy: Through the shoulder I may add.

Doofenshmirtz: Yes! And if it weren’t for my....DEIMPALMENTINATOR!!! I made You’d be toast.

You: I was impaled!?

Monokuma appeared out of nowhere.

Monokuma: Unfortunately yes!

You: what!

Hifumi: Yeah! 3 Days ago!!!

You: 3 Days ago!?!?!?!

Monokuma: What happened was that Mr. Thanos violated a school regulation! And being the stupid bastard you are ran in and tried to save him and here we are! So instead of him getting his punishment YOU got it!!!!!

You remember now....

Lammy: wait is it okay for him to do everything else?

Joe: what do you mean?

Ferb: she means like moving around and stuff like that.

Donkey: What about eating!? You can do anything on an empty stomach!!!

You got out of bed. You were okay, however your shoulder was screaming in pain. A pain that you would soon get used to.

Spongebob: Hey I’d go easy on that arm if I were you.

Vriska: You don’t say...

Muriel: well I’m just glad that you’re okay (You).

You: yeah me too. No one died when I was gone did they?

Joe: not that I know of.

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

Peewee: gooooooood night everyone! Hopefully everyone will have a great day tomorrow!!!!

As soon as peewee left, one by one everyone else did the same.

......except one.


You: Thanos? Why are you still here.

Thanos:............(You).....I appreciate what you did.....however you are a fool.

You: what?

Thanos: why.....why would you something so selfless to a monster like me......

You: it’s because you were gonna die!!! And I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt. And I swear to god I’m getting everyone out of this damn hellhole you saved appears you’ve made a grave mistake.....for the thing that I received from monokuma....The Infinity Gauntlet......Was Missing something very important......

You: what would that be?

Thanos: The Infinity Stones....After we put you in here.....Me and monokuma made a deal.....

You: What!?!?!

Thanos: the deal was that if I wanted the infinity stones back........I’d have to find them again......In this school.

You became annoyed suddenly

You: So you fought monokuma!? You could’ve been killed! What’s the significance of the Stones Anyway!?

Thanos:............They have the power to end this killing game


Thanos:.......good day....

Thanos left and went into his room. You decided you’d do the same....when you left the room you noticed that the school looked this the 2nd floor of the school? You decided to head downstairs....

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

It’s’d better head to the dining hall. When you entered, for whatever reason the feeling of dread rose in the room. Everyone was silent and unwilling to talk. You could tell that everyone probably hadn’t talked to each other for a few days.

You: are you guys okay?

Muriel: we’re fine, it’s just that....I don’t want to be betrayed.

You: Betrayed!? What makes you think that?!

Carl: considering Crocker betrayed us it’s not surprising.

Ferb: It is our duty to make sure that that does not happen again, as a matter of fact we should find a way out of here, although we tried the 2nd floor of the school, we found nothing of too much importance. So as of today’s goal we must find things to help us escape.

You: 2nd Floor!?!?!

Hank: oh yeah We forgot to tell (you) about the 2nd floor....

Jimmy: Okay! Let me explain! With this map that I drew!




Jimmy: Apparently every time that there is a class trial, another floor of the the building will open up. Every floor has an inside, which in this case had the nurses office that you were staying in, and an outside similar to the one on this floor. Makes sense?

Lammy: I know exactly what you mean but you’re wording was very confusing.

You: yeah I don’t understand what you mean.

Jimmy: okay! Why don’t you take this time to explore more of the second floor.

Donkey: in the mean time, let’s eat some waffles!!!!!

You went up the stairs and into the second floor. You passed the nurses room, since you already knew what was in there. You then came across a door which had engravings of music notes and other instruments. According to the fancy wording on the wall, this was the door leading to...”The Ultimate Songwriter Lab.”
You immediately thought about Katy, who was the Ultimate Songwriter. But....Ultimate lab? Does this have to do with her Ultimate Talent? and if so...does everyone else have one?
You went inside.....

You saw a huge stage surrounded by about 30 chairs with a small mosh pit in the middle. On the stage there was a familiar face, Katy, looking in awe as she looks from the stage.

Katy: (you)! Look at this place, Lammy would flip!

You: Yeah, this is neat!

You looked up from the stage.

You: Hey what’s that?

Katy: oh! That’s the scaffolding. It’s basically where the lighting, some cameras, and some props go if you’re that type of person.

You: oh I was just wondering. You know Incase...... something were to happen.
I wouldn’t preform anything in a thing like this.

Katy: Nah I wouldn’t think about it too much. And besides, I’m planning on having everyone in the audience by the time we’re preforming.

You: Why? to prevent a murder?.....

Katy: Nope Because we’ll ROCK THE HOUSE!!!! Heck I bet even Monokuma would come.

Monokuma appears.

Monokuma: like hell I will!

Katy: Ah!

Monokuma: Mrs. Katy, I have heard you sing, and to be blunt... it sucks!

Katy: What!? No Way!!!

Monokuma: but it’s true! I know that last night you were singing in the shower and good god! It sounded like scratching a shard of glass on a chalkboard!

He left

Katy: ..........

Katy was pissed. you’d better go before she begins ranting to you. You entered what looked like another ultimate lab. It had a giant, pink, heart shaped door. When you opened it, you were shocked.
You saw two completely different sides of the same room. One side was completely pink with Hello Kitty icons on the wall. The Most noticeable thing was the pink kingsized bed. The other side was nothing like the former side. Instead it was a bunch of cameras pointing toward the bed, and a bunch of monitors which displayed various areas in the school. I think it was obvious who’s lab this is.

Quagmire: welcome to the Ultimate Pornstar Lab!

Quagmire: Hey! (You)! Check it out.

Quagmire was sitting on the chair next to the monitors.

You: what did you see, and are these every room in the school.

Quagmire: nah only the ones on the first and second floor. I’m gonna go make a sandwich, you can look through the monitors to see all the stuff on the 2nd floor since you were unconscious for 3 days. We already know about everything here. See ya.

As Quagmire left you looked at some of the rooms on the monitors. There was another Ultimate Lab that was connected to the outside door. This was the Ultimate Engineers Lab, Ferb’s Lab. He was in his lab working on some sort of pipe thing, and by the look on his face, he seemed pretty happy. Spongebob was also there. He was helping him by handling him some tools. Things started off as normal when suddenly, spongebob accidentally pressed a button which dispensed a green gas. Ferb grabbed spongebob and ran out the room.

You: What is that!?

You looked at the next camera the one in the hall, this was of Spongebob and Ferb arguing. You decided to turn on the audio...

Ferb: I specifically told you to stay away from that button! Now I have to clean all that fire retardant since there’s no fire!

Spongebob: I’m sorry I didn’t know! Gosh! I didn’t-

Ferb: not only that! You got retardant in the inside over the air vents! Now everyone on the second floor is gonna have green powder in their vents!

You looked at the air vent in the room you were in, and sure enough, there was green powder in the vent. You looked in the other rooms, and there were there as well. Just like Jimmy said, There was also an outside area. It had a large pool and a greenhouse. Hell yes you’re going to the pool! The only problem is that Ferb’s Lab is connected to the outside door, so you’re
Probably gonna get covered in powder.
When you entered the lab you saw steaming puddles on the floor. You think it be best to avoid them.

You left the building covered in powder and saw the pool. Someone was in the pool already, this was Rammy, who was floating around the pool facing upward. The notable thing about her was that she wasn’t wearing anything at all. Of course you didn’t know that and when you saw, she immediately noticed you.


You: Oh! Sorry I didn’t-

Rammy: PISS OFF!!!! Or else I’m gonna bash your head into floor!!!

You ran into the green house while Rammy got out. You could tell she was looking for you so you needed another place to hide.

You: huh? Where does that go?

You looked at a door inside the greenhouse and saw.....


The Lab of the Ultimate Drug Salesmen......

Cat: Hi (You)!!!!!!!

It was as a giant meth lab. There were tables covered in Meth, Heroine, Cocaine, Weed, NyQuil, Asprins, Needles, Bongs, Hookahs, crack pipes, and god knows what else. There also was a refrigerator filled with Funyuns and Little Debbies, probably filled with pot. But the worst thing was the smell. It smelled like someone lit skunk spray with a lighter.

You: Cat? Is this your lab?

Cat: Yesiree! I got the pot! I smoke the coke! And I inhale the bales of weeHEEHEED!!!!

He is probably high as we speak

Cat: Hey Can I ask you something.....

You: yeah okay what?

Cat: Can I escape with you?

You: what do you mean?

Cat: put this on your tongue......

You: what is it?

Cat: It’s a Little

You are sure it’s LSD but you’ve got better things to do

You: I’m gonna go, I think Rammy needs me.

You ran out the greenhouse and ran to your room.

(Free Time)

(Free Time)

Can visit anyone alive But: Rammy

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

You: I better get some sleep,

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

Monokuma: Ahem, Normally I would tell everyone good morning and stuff like that, however! I want everyone to meet in the gym immediately.

You: Why does monokuma want us?

You entered the gym.

Vriska: okay, we’re here, where is he?!

Muriel: perhaps he is late

Peewee: Late!? HAHAHAHA! But he’s the one who set up this meeting!

Gundham: perhaps we shall wait a little longer.

We waited for a while. minutes passed, but minutes turned into hours.

Joe: where the hell is he!?!?

Ziggy: come on monokuma! We’re waiting on you!

Monokuma: What?! Waiting on me!?!?! I’m the one waiting for you!!!!

Hifumi: what are you talking about?

Hank: it’s been three hours!?!?

Monokuma: you’re missing someone.

Orang: Whomst r Wii mizzing

A door could be heard opening.

Commander: Hello everyone! What are you guys doing here?

Rammy: we were waiting on you dipshit!

Commander: what are you talking about?

Ferb: monokuma gathered us here 3 hours ago!!!

Monokuma: yes! Did you not here the announcement!?

Ferb: where were you!?

Commander:............OOOOOOOH!!!!! Yeah sorry about that. I didn’t listen because I thought it was just the morning announcement.




Commander: what’s up! What did you want monokuma!?

Monokuma: okay! Now that we’re all here (Finally), I want to give you all something.

Lammy: What is it?

Monokuma each passed us individual letters.

Monokuma: Puhuhuhu! Don’t read em out loud though.

You opened your letter. Inside was a small sheet of paper that read.......





“The MC Bat Commander is a Brony.”



You: what is this?


Monokuma: I’ve given each of you highly personal information about one of your classmates!!!! Why? Because it’s the motive!!!!! And here’s the real kicker....
All of you have forgotten about your own info!!!!

You looked at everyone else in the room. Most of them had surprised expressions on the faces. But out of those expressions, your personal information, The thing that you forgot......someone was reading it!!!!!

Monokuma: have fun!!!!!!

He disappeared. Everyone was silent. And then, that silence broke.

Katy: everyone! I have an announcement to make. Please follow me to the dining hall.

Muriel: Why? Is it because of the motive?

Katy: yes and no, just follow me everyone!

You: yes and no? What’s she talking about?

You as well as everyone else entered the dining hall.

Sheen: okay what do you think about the motive?

Meatwad: mine says that “Squidward Tentacles actually likes Spongebob.”

Spongebob: Really!?!?!?

Squidward: Um...........No! That’s a farce.

Spongebob: Great! These secrets might good secrets! Let’s see.....mine says that “Muriel Bagge is severely blind.”

Muriel: I thought I wasn’t.

As she walked away she bumped into a table.

Spongebob: um....okay, Mr. Krabs What’s yours?

Krabs: I don’t wanna talk about mine lad.

Rammy: how come, could it be cuz you had mine, Mr. Fucking Ballers.

Krabs: eh what are ya talking about!?

Rammy: “Eugene Krabs stole money from a church.” You’ve got balls man.

You: What!?

Krabs: that’s why I’m in here right?! Hehehe, WRONG!

Spongebob: mr. Krabs how could you?!

Krabs: It wasn’t my fault they took me money!

Doofenshmirtz: Hey! You’re probably gonna go to hell like that girl over there did

Lammy: wh-what!?

Doofenshmirtz: Yeah look at your secret: “Lammy Lamb went to hell.”

Lammy: I don’t remember anything li-.......Oh yeah.....I think I did..........Hey do you have my secret? Since I......have yours.

You: what?

Lammy: Yeah look. “Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz was arrested and put in the T.I.R.A. for killing a platypus that belonged to someone else.”

Doofenshmirtz: wait......OH YEAH! Perry the platypus! Yeah I accidentally killed him.

Ferb: As in...My pet YOU were the one who killed him. That was a dick move.

Doofenshmirtz: I’m sorry I forgot about that!

Jimmy: Wait! That’s why you’re in TIRA?!

Doofenshmirtz: Yeah I remember that NOW.

Jimmy: is there Anyone else that doesn’t remember why they are in here?

Ziggy: me, Ferb, and Rammy are the only ones.

Jimmy: Ziggy, I have your secret. Is it okay if I reveal it to you?

Ziggy: sure! I wanna know what I did to get here!

Jimmy: “Ziggy is addicted to shoplifting and is the reason why he is in the T.I.R.A.”
Do you remember now?

Ziggy: ......sadly.......yes....

Commander: Ziggy!? Shoplifting!?!?!

Ziggy: I vow that I, ZIGGYMAN!!!, will change my ways for good!

Jimmy: Anyway, have you noticed that Lammy and doofenshmirtz have each others secret?

Hifumi: now that you mention it..... I HAVE!!!!

Gundham: Are you saying that whoever’s secret we have, that person as our secret as well?!

You think that maybe Since you have Commander’s secret. He must have yours!

Jimmy: Correct Gundham. I’ve also deduced that some of our secrets are the reason why we are here. And since all of us but Ferb and Rammy know exactly why we’re here. whoever has Ferb and Rammy’s secrets...speak now or forever hold your peace.

Rammy: Listen here Krabs! If you tell my secret, I will fucking murder you!!!

Krabs: AYE AYE! Please don’t kill me, If you do, me daughter will inherit me money!!!!

Jimmy: okay then...what about Ferb who’s secret did you have?

Ferb: I’ve received Cat’s


Cat very comically ran out the dining hall.


Ferb: calm down its fine, it’s best I don’t remember why I’m here.

Joe: hey Katy, you wanted us to meet with you so, what did you want?

Katy: Okay everyone! Listen up! I know we are all probably doubting each other due to the motive, and we’re all a little on edge after Milford and Crocker died. So I decided to ease up everyone’s mind a bit.

Peter: how are you gonna do that?

Katy:....well you see.....

Katy grinned like the Cheshire Cat and flash could be seen in her eyes. Suddenly with no explanation, she jumped on top of the table.

Katy: A CONCERT!!! Staring the sexy! Hot! And Dynamite group! MilkCan!!!!

You: a concert?

Vriska: What’s the hell is a concert gonna do?

Katy: Hearing our band play will bring joy and peace throughout the school!

Ma-San: Katy, we can’t just have a concert out of the blue. These things take time, like about two weeks to set up. You of all people should know this!

Katy: Normally we’d spend a week finding a place to preform and that costs. We also spend days making advertisements and tickets, Leaving us the rest to find which songs to play. We have my Lab which has all of that for free and everyone is here now so that would be a heck of a lot easier. That gives us about two days minimum.

Ma-San: (I don’t know)...

Lammy: C’mon Ma-San, If we set everything up now, we should be all set by the night after tomorrow.

Commander: if you guys are preforming.... I would gladly volunteer to make a crossover!!!

You: I’ve actually never heard either of you guys play, so I’m pretty interested.

Donkey: yeah this concert sounds freakin fun man!

Meatwad: I can’t wait for that day!

Ferb: I Agree, it seems pretty good to me

Katy: see Ma-San, everyone wants a taste of MilkCan, so please...?

Ma-San: ............HehHeh, I guess you’re right...C,mon guys, let’s go set this up!

Most of the group: Yeah!

Katy: Let’s go

With the MilkCans leading them, the people who wanted help set up the show went to Katy’s Lab.

You however went back to your Room.


Can visit anyone alive except: Katy, Lammy, Ma-San, Commander, and Rammy.

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

You Lay in bed having a feeling of excitement, you can’t wait for that concert. You drift into sleep.

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

You woke up. Some people are helping with the concert and you don’t plan to disturb them.


Can visit anyone alive except: Katy, Lammy, Ma-San, and Commander

You got hungry so You went to the dining hall in a good mood. However, only Vriska, Ferb, And Thanos, were around.

You: hey guys. Where’s everyone else?

Ferb: they’re with Katy in the Songwriter Lab. They are all having a meeting about tomorrow night, and what’s gonna happen at the concert.

Vriska: Basically they’re hyping the concert to everyone else.

You: Why aren’t you guys going? I thought participation was mandatory?

Vriska: I’m still going to the concert I’m just not going to the meeting. I guess you could say I want them to surprise me. (Like that’s even possible).

Ferb: I’m not attending the concert due to the fact that something happened the other day. Spongebob was helping me fix one of the leaking pipes of hydrochloric acid in my Lab. And accidentally, he bumped into the fire alarm and dispensed green fire retardant. Now instead of going to the concert, I am staying in my Lab, not only cleaning the retardant, but also cleaning the acid in my room.

Ferb doesn’t realize that you saw what had happened on quagmires monitors.

You: Anyway why aren’t you going Thanos?

Thanos: I’m not associating with it.

You: what? Why!?

Thanos: I have better things to do. More important things to do.

He looked at his glove and left the room.

Vriska: He’s still upset about his stupid glove?

Ferb: Well The explanation is quite simple actually. He’s looking for the Infinity Stones.

???: BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!

Gundham appeared from in the kitchen


Monokuma appears

Monokuma: yes!!!! the infinity stones are hidden somewhere in this very school.

Gundham: then tell me! Where are they located?! Even a mere hint would help me!

Monokuma: how about a wager. I’ll give you the location of one of stones....only if.... I get to blare everyone’s secret on the monitors!!!

You: WHAT!?

Ferb: Gundham don’t do it! You’ll only make matters worse!

Vriska: Nah! Wizard man! Do it! I wanna hear everyone’s secret!


Monokuma and Gundham shook hands.

It is a deal!!! Now tell me where one of the Stone are.

Monokuma: a deals a deal! so here’s the location of some of the stones!!!

He whispered in Gundhams ear.

Monokuma: there are 5 people here that already have the stones.

Gundham: understood, please continue.

Monokuma: However, The Mind Stone is somewhere in the school.....wait.....Gundham... there’s something in your ear.....wait nevermind it’s just wax......gross....anyway, I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s faces!!!!!

He disappeared.

Gundham: ..........KEHEHE! Then my quest for unlimited power has begun! Go my four dark devas of destruction! Help me find them!

Gundham ran out the room in excitement

Ferb: THAT FOOL!!!!!

You: What has he done.....

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

You: an announcement?

Vriska: Ah shit somebody get the popcorn.

Monokuma: ahem, attention all inmates...Since a killing has not happened yet...I shall read some more of your secrets out loud.....AHEM!!!:

Ma-San’s family is on the poverty line

Glenn Quagmire is a rapist

Peewee Herman does Crack Cocaine

Peter Griffin beats his children

Gundham Tanaka is a Remnant of Dispair

Joe Swanson is in a failing marriage

Sheen Estevez was a criminal before his inrollment in the T.I.R.A.

Hifumi Yamada has a thing for Lolitas

OOOH here’s a juicy one: Katy Kat is a lesbian

Hank Hill is homophobic and racist

Shrek was abandoned as a child

Carl Wheezer has a thing for llamas

Donkey Made love to a dragon

Thanos Killed his daughter

Orang has committed mass genocide

Despite being in his 20’s Spongebob Squarepants does not have a drivers license

And finally...
Meatwad is connected to Illegal experimentations

However, if you did not here someone’s secret, please consider this chart. It is a list of the people who had their secrets swapped.

Anyway....have fun!!!! But first......

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

That was the nighttime announcement.

Everything became silent, a tense feeling in the air hit. you and everyone else slowly went to bed.

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

The morning announcement, but you didn’t get up. You didn’t want to get up because you feared everyone would go against each other now that monokuma revealed everyone’s secret. However.... tonight’s the concert. I hope the MilkCans and everyone else aren’t too upset about their secrets being revealed. Your stomach was rumbling, and you noticed the clock, it was 1:30. You completely lost track of time. You were hungry.

When you entered the dining hall what you saw shocked you....

everyone was there laughing and joking. Eating Krabby patties made by spongebob. They then noticed your arrival.

Squidward: Hey you! How’s it going?

You: Squidward you’re surprisingly happy today what’s up.

Squidward: I’m excited for the concert! Not cause I want to but because I can’t wait to compare MilkCan’s talent with mine.

Hifumi: Whatever you say.

Shrek: Anyway, tonight’s gonna be great for you, but I don’t want to listen to all this noise lad.

Donkey: Aw c’mon Shrek it can’t be that bad, and if you don’t like it, you can throw tomatoes at them!

Shrek: ..........ya know, maybe I will stay.

Ferb: I’m gonna stay in my lab. I might’ve gotten rid of the toxic last night, but there’s still a bunch of retardant that needs to be clean.

Spongebob: Yeah, sorry about that...

Ferb: it’s fine, accidents in the lab happen all the time.


Spongebob: Aye Aye!

The atmosphere was a lot happier. Even Thanos was laughing (sarcastically) at Gundham while he was explaining his quest for the infinity stones. enthusiasm was coming from everyone all except one.....

Katy: Hey Ma-San, Whats wrong? You barely touched your hamburger.

Ma-San: ..............

She looked very agitated almost scared. The dynamite from her head was lit and she was sweating.

Doofenshmirtz: Yeah, you alright?

Ma-San:..........(there’s something that you’re all overlooking)

Peewee: What are we overlooking?

Ma-San: (the possibility that someone......will try to kill one of us.....)

Once again, the room went silent

Cat: HA! Like that’s gonna happen!

Ma-San: (You said that when Milford had his fucking head bashed by Crocker!)

Katy: Ma-San calm down it’s okay, you’re fuming again.

Ma-San: (ngh....NNNGH.....GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!)









A small burst of flames engulfed the dining hall




She blew up. She blew up She blew up She blew up!!!!!!!

Lammy: Everyone, Calm down, this is completely normal.

Joe: nothing about this is completely normal!

The smoke cleared we saw Ma-San, who surprisingly not burnt. However her dynamite on her head was split in half and Katy was picking up the remnants of it.

Katy: c’mon, let’s get you some bandages and some rest.

Ma-San: (agh! Shit! my’s fine....)

Meatwad: is she gonna be okay? And what about the concert?

Lammy: it’s okay, she’s been practicing enough already, and she’s been through these things before.

Ma-San:( I don’t know about that one chief)

The girls left the the room as Commander spoke up

Commander: well you know what they say... the show must go on!!! Everyone!!!! Meet at the gym at 11:00 PM!

He left the room as another person began to speak

Quagmire: You know what! She’s right! There is a possibility of a murder! So therefore...I’ll stay in my Lab all night, so I can make sure that nobody gets hurt.

Peter: ah sweet! Can me and joe come!?

Quagmire: Remember What happened LAST time.....

Joe: I SAID STOP Bringing that up!!!!

You continued your eating your meal and went to your room. You’re worried about Ma-San, but you think she’s gonna be fine, after all you got something to to tonight.


Can visit anyone but: Katy, Ma-San, Lammy, Quagmire, and Commander.

*Ding Dong Bing Bong*

The nighttime announcement! You’d think you should be able to-


Someone’s at the door who could it be?

Ziggy: (You)!!!!! C’mon! The show’s in an hour! C’mon!!!!!!

Ziggy basically grabbed your wrist and ran to the Songwriter Lab. When you entered, surprisingly only two people were there, Commander, who was dressed as a One Man Band, and......

You: Ma-San?

Ma-San: Yeah I’m here, I started feeling better after a while and my dynamite healed.

You don’t know how that works but you’re just glad she’s safe.

Ziggy: COMMANDER!!! I can’t wait till everyone Gets here!!!

Commander: I know neither can I!!!!

We waited until everyone who wanted to come showed up. the first group of people were those very eager to see the show.

Spongebob: I’M READY!

Orang: MII 2!!!

Peewee: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! It’s the word of the day!!!! 2!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Peter: Peewee, it’s not the day anymore.... it’s the word of the night!



The next group of people we’re those who just wanted to see the concert to ease their minds of the killing game.

Muriel: Oh! How exciting! It’s been years since I went to a concert!

Doofenshmirtz: Yeah me too Since ya know I’m into evil and stuff like that.

Sheen: Hey Carl! What do you think the types of music we gonna listen too?

Carl: Hopefully lullabies my mom used to sing those.....

Joe: I doubt there’s going to be lullabies here, this is coming from the Ultimate Songwriter, Drummer, and Rockstar! This will be great!

Shrek: Damn, I wanted to throw onions at em!

Krabs: I’ve got something even better than onions! FREE TOMATOES!!! only $1.00!!!

The next group of people were those who either shown up fashionably at the last minute or didn’t really care.

Hifumi: well! if it isn’t the supreme overlord of ice!

Gundham: Kehehehe, It appears that the alpha and the omega has arrived! However let us enjoy the festivities and let our camaraderie be unknown.

Vriska: You Do realize that you just revealed yourselves.

Gundham: Mindfang.....What brings you here on the eve of the concert......

Vriska: what if I just wanted to show up.

Squidward: could you morons be quiet. I’m trying to listen to the show

Hank: the concert hasn’t even started yet.

It was almost 11:00 from the look on Ma-San’s face she was pretty anxious. Until.....

Katy: Hiiii sorry we’re late!!!

Katy and Lammy entered the Lab in a rush.

Ma-San: (where were you guys!? The shows about to start any second!!!)

Lammy: our dorms!

Katy: yeah....I put on my wrong costume....

???: Just Fucking get on with it!!!

Rammy burst through the doors.

Meatwad: Hey Rammy! Wait I thought you You weren’t gonna come?

Rammy: I’m only staying for the stupid MilkCan segment, but when the Aquabat or whatever the hell its called segment plays I’m out of here.

Meatwad: Butbi thought you said you hated Mil-

Rammy: SHUT UP!!!!! (yeah)




The lights shut off......


And then.......



Katy: ARE.......YOU.........READY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ma-San: For the sexy.....

Lammy: HOT.......

Commander: AND DYNAMITE GROUP........

All four: MilkCan!!!!!!!!!







Everyone there was having a blast.

Rammy: HEY!!!! That’s my song!!!! You’re using it without my permission!!!!!!! (thank you so much omg o3o) Fuck this!!!!

She left the lab.

After the MilkCan songs had completely was time for an intermission while they prepared the songs Commander wrote.

Then the last of the people invited came.

Jimmy: Hey Guys! I heard your music from my room! And it sounded pretty sweet!

Ferb: Yes, It did help me clean the retardant faster. So now what? Is it it over?

Commander: NOSIREE!!!!!!
It’s now time to continue what we started!!!! GET READY






........what the heck?

.........Wha-Wha-WHAT IS THIS!?!?


Katy: this isn’t the sign....

Ma-San: this is......






Donkey: what? What’s happening?! Is this part of the show?

Joe: I doubt it!

Commander: T-T-TURN ON THE LIGHTS!!!!


Doofenshmirtz: Hold on let me find the switch.

The lights turned back on.......

Ziggy: Commander!!!! Are you okay?

Commander: ZIGGY!!! Don’t come in here!!! It’s-

Hifumi: it’s what!?!?!





*Ding Dong Dong Ding*


Monokuma: A Body has been discovered! Now, After a few moments after the investigation, a class trial will begin! Everyone please report to the Ultimate Songwriter Lab to start!

You: No.....not again....Who?-WHAT!?-WHY!?!?!!!!!

Those thoughts raced through your head as once again another one of your frien-

You: NO! Impossible! Katy! Commander! Ma-San! Open the Curtains now!!!

Lammy: *sob* o-o-okay.

Lammy opened the curtains....and when she did.....Once again the curtains of hell.....showed you a horrid sight.....
















It was like something out of a horror movie, what you saw......was your friend.......The Cat in the Hat....Hanging from the scaffolding....

Chapter Text

You: DAMN IT!!!!!

Another body, another victim, and another friend lost. This time The Cat in the Hat...The Ultimate Drug Salesmen....

Ma-San: (Of course).

Carl: “of course?” WHAT DO YOU MEAN OF COURSE!?

Squidward: well since there was a concert in a killing game, it would be expected at this point.

Meatwad: But Why Cat?! He was pretty cool.

Hank: He was drug dealing scum! Out of all of us, he should’ve died.

Vriska: and besides, what did he even do!? He just smoked pot all the time and when Milford died he didn’t even help with the trial!

Hifumi: But he was still our friend....

The room went silent.

Joe: yeah you could say that.

Ferb: regardless we still have to find the person who did this.

The doors of the lab burst open.

Quagmire: WHO IS IT!? Who was Murdered?

Peter: over there!!!!

He pointed towards the hanging body.

Thanos: I find it predictable that someone who was so useless suddenly gets himself killed.

Rammy: I leave for 20 minutes and this bullshit happens.

Katy: He helped us with the gig. Now he was killed.

Muriel: Oh dear, Why must we do this?

Monokuma: cUz iTS A gAmE!!!!!!

Donkey: no it’s not

Monokuma: yes it is-OOOOOOOH!!!! It’s The Cat!!!!! This should be interesting!!! Maybe you can beat him like a piñata!!! Maybe there’s candy inside!!!!

Jimmy: What do you want? Lemme guess another investigation?

Monokuma: order to do so you need......THE MONOKUMA FILE!NUNBER 2!!!!

Commander: did you just say “NUNBER”?

Monokuma: Yeah, That’s what I said, The monokuma file nunber 2!

Peewee: I think it’s supposed to be “Number.”

Monokuma:..............There is a hanging dead body right behind you and you are too busy focusing on an error that I may or may not have made. That’s a pretty retarded thing to do. Now then, I’d start the investigation if I were you. This trial will come sooner than you thiiiIIINK!

He left as soon as he finished.
Everyone had already started swarming around the body. Meatwad was beating the cat with a mic stand.

You: Meatwad!!!! What are you doing!? Stop!!!

Meatwad: But monokuma said that there was candy inside. I could go for some twizzlers.

Vriska: if monokuma told you to jump of a cliff would you do it?!

Meatwad: probably, if there’s candy down there.

Vriska: nevermind...I’m going to my room....investigating...

You: Well I guess it’s best to investigate with the Ultimate Gumshoe then.

Shrek: speaking of, could I investigate with you guys? I’ve been hanging round with cat days before his death and I could help you guys out a bit.

Donkey: OOH OOH!!! PICK ME!!!! I wanna help investigate!!! Yeah! Shrek and Donkey, finding the killer all right!!!

Shrek: DONKEY!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Or else I’ll squeeze the jelly from your eyes and-

You: guys! It’s okay the more help the better.

The four of you decided to start investigating.


Shrek: First things first we need to read the monokuma file, and find out how he died.

Donkey: yeah that’s a good idea Shrek.

You checked the Monokuma file.



The Victim was The Cat in the Hat.
The victim's body was discovered hanged from the scaffold above the stage in the The Lab of Katy Kat, A.K.A. The Ultimate Songwriter Lab. The estimated time of death is 11:20 p.m. The victim was hit with a blunt object twice, both in the testicular area. Because of this the victim experienced severe testicular rupture resulting in death. Aside from that, the body has no other external injuries other than a red mark on his neck.

You: Wow, that’s gotta hurt,

Shrek: Ah Man! His balls got CRUSHED lad!

Meatwad: His Balls? Lemme see this dead body! Mmmmmmmm. Nope he hung himself. Too bad though.

You: Meatwad did you read the monokuma file?

Meatwad: I done told you I can’t read can I?


Shrek: wait the monokuma file says that cat was hung from the scaffold above the stage right? Therefore there’s gotta be a shitton of clues above the stairs.

Donkey: then what are you waiting for let’s go!!!!!!

You went backstage to climb up to the scaffold. Actually it wasn’t really a scaffold at all, It was more of a loft area of the stage, basically The area on top of the stage used for lighting and stuff. However this was made of wood and some steel girders at the bottom. Anyway, you’ve never been up here so you might have to ask Commander who’s been up here many times before.

Commander: SO THATS WHERE IT WAS!!?!?!?!?!

He Was pointing to a giant white circle with a black letter A in the middle.

Commander: Somebody broke The Aquabats logo!!!!! This is BLASPHEMY!!!!!

You: Why is there a giant version your logo up here?

Commander: well, originally it was for my segment in the concert, so it was hung up to pully machine over there. However, instead of the was Cat’s Bod-HOWEVER, THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE WILL PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID TO THIS MOMENT OF AWESOMENESS!!!!

You: How does that pully mech work anyway?

Commander: I don’t know! I just tied the A to a random wire, hoping that it would work.

Shrek: speaking of...who were the people that helped set up the concert?

Commander: well, it was Me, Katy, Lammy, Ma-San, And Cat!

You: wait.....Cat helped set up? Okay I think tha-

Commander: Also I’ve noticed that the color of this side of the scaffold floor is a lot darker than I remembered.........WAIT A MINUTE! It’s wet!!!!!, I guess Katy must’ve cleaned it using the mop and bucket over there.

You: wait lemme see that bucket....what the-The waters red(pink)? Why is that?


You noticed Ferb, who happened to be looking through the vents.

Ferb: Damn It! I forgot to clean the retardant out of the vents! Oh well, maybe afte-Hey! (You) come check this out!

You looked inside the vent, and saw the green powder Ferb was talking about but....are those footprints? Inside the vents?


Donkey: heyyyy (You)!!!!! I think I see the murder weapons.....

You: yeah where are they!? wait, “they”?

You looked at were donkey was pointing and you saw a bloody knife and a bloody Baseball Bat.

You: wait where did the culprit get these from?

Donkey: as far as I know, the knife is just a kitchen knife, but I don’t know where they would get a bat from.

You: Maybe in the shed by the pool? I’ll have to check that out later.


Another thing you saw was this huge, black, metal thing in the corner. What’s this doing here.

You: Is anvil? Hey Commander, was this Anvil here last time you checked up here?

Commander: No, actually I don’t know how it got up here, or even where it came from, I mean there used to be one in the pool shed, but I haven’t been there in a while.

You: Now I definitely need to go check that area.

You closely at the anvil and you saw a bunch of small, white, hairs sticking on to it.

You: Why would the anvil be covered in hair?


You noticed that there was something crumpled on the floor. You revealed it and noticed that it was a cut up poster of MilkCan, you doubt that Katy would allow such thing to happen to her poster but when you were about to leave the scaffold, you stepped in something, an opened med kit?


You went downstairs to talk to one of the MilkCans, Ma-San who immediately noticed the poster.

Ma-San: (Aw come on! That was the only poster we way!)

You: what? What is it?

Ma-San: (You) this whole scenario would make you think I’m the killer if I told you but I’m not going to.

You: Ma-San, we need every bit of information we could find to get a clear picture of what happened. So please tell me.

Ma-San: .......Okay, I already knew that a murder was going to happen tonight. That’s kinda the reason why I freaked out this morning, so do you suspect me?

You:, not yet anyway.

Ma-San: (I didn’t know who was gonna die or when, I just knew it was going to happen eventually. Because of this I told Cat to guard us from on to of the scaffold and if he spotted something, he would’ve dropped a sandbag, which he didn’t, so I assumed everything was alright. Until now.)

You: May I ask, how did you know there was gonna be a murder?

Ma-San: This morning, when I woke up, I saw a note cut up from that poster you had. Here it is:


You: that explains..... a lot


You looked on the ground, there was an X marked with pink tape directly where Katy was Standing on the stage during the concert.

Ma-San: that’s weird, I didn’t put that there, and Katy and Lammy weren’t around when I was setting up.

You: that is weird...


You guess you should start exploring th-

Quagmire: Hey (You)? Look I need you see something.

You: What is it did you find something involving the cameras?

Quagmire: Yeah, just come in my Lab real quick.

You both left Katy’s Lab and into Quagmire’s.

Quagmire: Okay two things, one, I saw something right before the concert. It was camera in the pool shed.

You: What happened in the shed?! It’s already missing an anvil.

Quagmire: Watch this...

He rewinded the monitor that showed the shed.

You: when did this happen, about 10:45...OH! Shut up! Look!

You looked on the monitor and saw...........

You: Katy and Lammy? What are they doing here?

Quagmire: Watch!


Lammy: K-Katy.....I don’t know about right now.... The show starts in like 15 minutes!

Katy: Hun it’s okay. That’s plenty of know.....If we hurry.....

Lammy: .....OwO.......I guess you’re right...

Katy: I know I say this every time....but.....
You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to-

Lammy: NO! I want to!!!! It’s just....we haven’t done this in public before......

Katy: I feel you, and if you wanna stop, just say the word!

Lammy: S-Seesaw, right?

Katy: Of course.....Now.....lemme take off your cloth-

You: WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!


Quagmire: All right!

You: god not even the most basic chemicals could clean out my eyes.

Quagmire: Yeah I saw the whole thing! In Person! Too bad I left when the power went off...

You: wait the power went off?

Quagmire: Yeah it came back on in the middle of the concert. Basically, Before the concert I left to go to the pool shed, when I came back, the power in my lab turned off. I just thought that the breaker overloaded since the concert was getting set up. so until it came back on, I stood out my Lab and watched for trouble. Well at least I went to the pool area and watched my movie in 3D baby! Giggity Giggity!

You: Shut up!...Wait when you were outside your lab, did you see anything?

Quagmire: Nah, sadly. However...I did see a blue and orange blur hopping up and dow-

You: I’m leaving


You left the lawn and went outside to the pool shed. By doing this you confirmed that the anvil was not there. However as you left the shed you saw some weird scratches on the concrete leading to the school door. You think that would help.



Monokuma: Ah...another murder, another trial, another investigation, I actually don’t know who did it. JUST KIDDING!!! I do!!! But I won’t tell you...unless we have a trial!!!! Everyone! Go to the elevator in the red door and let’s get this party started!!!!

It’s time.... you don’t know if you have enough evidence, but you should be able to figure out a pretty good conclusion.

You went to the elevator, everyone else was already there. Just like last time a tense feeling was in the air. Everyone was quiet...all except one...

Hifumi: I already know who did it.

You: YOU DID!?!?!?! Who!?!?

Hifumi smirked

Hifumi: I’ll tell you at the trial....

As the elevator went down...once again that clunking sound of the elevator engulfed the room. The feeling of grief- No dispair....was rising as you went deeper....

The Murder of The Cat in the Hat, Who Might not been the smartest, actually he was baked the whole time you knew him...Regardless he was still your friend.

But one of us Killed him in cold blood....

but in order to find that person. We must delve deep into A deadly judgment... A deadly deception...

A deadly betrayal.... A deadly riddle.....

a deadly defense, a deadly faith...


A deadly...class trial...!