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Cherry Blossoms

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The first time Y/N laid eyes on Shoto Todoroki had been during UA’s college orientation. It had been like out of a movie or drama. He had stood up on the podium with a dark hair girl—she couldn’t remember her name. He wore a dark blue suit that made his mismatched color eyes stand out. His red and white hair softly waved in the wind, his stoic expression reflected his distaste of the situation.


He, and the other girl, had been tied for students with the top scores entering the university, so they had to make a speech. Y/N wasn’t sure how things worked in Japan exactly: she had recently moved in from the states. Her Japanese was great! Her history of their culture, education, politics and other things—not so much. So, she wasn’t sure why they were having a speech in the middle of July, where the heat was above one hundred degrees and her sweat made her clothes cling to her body.


Still, something about the way Shoto Todoroki stepped forward to the microphone and introduced himself to everyone captivated her. Maybe it was the way the cherry blossom petals flew from behind and made it like a scene out of a Korean drama, or the way his blue and gray eyes looked into the crowd as if he really wasn’t there—as if he wished he was anywhere but there. He reminded her so much of herself.


The second time Y/N saw Shoto Todoroki was during her calculus class. It had been midday and there’d been three minutes left on the clock before anyone was considered late, but he had opened the door and walked in without looking at anyone.


Y/N had been taken back when he had taken the seat beside her. She had openly started at him, but Shoto didn’t once look at her. It was like she wasn’t there at all. For her though, she knew he was sitting beside her. His whole presence overwhelmed her. It wasn’t that he wore very expensive clothes—his shirt was worth more than her whole outfit combined—or that he was handsome—which he really was—it was more of his expressions.


At first glance, Shoto looked like a passive and antagonist character that didn’t care much for others—or so she’d heard from her fellow classmates, since he was a popular subject to be spoken of between all of them. Still, the way he gazed out the window with a solemn look as the cherry blossoms danced in the wind, made Y/N believe there was something more to him than he lead on.


The third time Y/N saw Shoto Todoroki had been outside of the college grounds. Well...not exactly. It had been near the lounge area where a lot of the students gathered around during their off periods to hang out. He had been sitting on one of the shorter pillars—surrounded by a group of people. Y/N had blinked as she took a closer look. She had learned a lot of people tried to get on Shoto’s good side because he was super rich, handsome and his father was supposed to be one of the richest men in Japan.


Yet, even though his face reflected annoyance, his lips were holding back an endearing smile as an average looking boy with green hair and freckles wrapped his arms around his shoulders and told him something with a big smile. Another boy with black hair, glasses and too serious expression seem to reprimand the boy with green hair for his comment, but a girl with brown hair and dowey brown eyes patted his shoulder and stepped in.


“Don’t sweat it,” was the only thing Y/N was able to hear from the brown haired girl before the other boy with spiky blonde hair and an angry face cut in.


The green haired boy didn’t make it obvious, but Y/N was a connoisseur at reading people’s behavior, and she could tell the green haired boy was afraid of the spiky haired one—or something along those lines.


A red head with a smile that oddly reminded her of a shark commercial she’d scene a while back, stepped in and grabbed onto the blonde haired boy, said something and set everyone into a fit of laughter.


Y/N watched as Shoto Todoroki slowly let out a side of him she hadn’t seen in the times she’d seen him walking down the hallways or their previous encounters. The small smile turned into something more real and something more comforting.


Y/N couldn’t help smile herself as the group continued laughing on about something else. She tucked her books closer to her body and turned away. There was something about Shoto Todoroki that made her keep her eyes on him. He was an enigma and she wanted to know more about him.


The fourth time Y/N ran into Shoto Todoroki had been a shocking and heart wrenching coincidence. It had been a month into the first semester of college when she had discovered the door that lead to the roof of the university. She had spent some of her lunches and off periods there. Sometimes scheming over a book and other times reminiscing about memories from her home back in Texas. The good ones—which weren’t many.


So, a few weeks after she had a very bad day, she had decided to escape by spending some of her night at the college roof. It had been tough making her way through all the guards and security the school had, but she really needed somewhere where she could let her mind be free.


What she hadn’t been expecting was for the white and red head boy to be standing on the ledge of the roof, his arms spread out on either side of him as the stars and full moon shined on his pale skin. It was insane, but for that split second Y/N couldn’t help but admire how euphoric and gorgeous he was. His hair danced with the wind, his eyes glowed in the darkness like an alley cats’ and his lips were set into a small smile.


The moment ended when realization of the situation hit her. Y/N felt udder fear creep into her body as she realized what he was about to do.


Don’t do it!”


Y/N ran towards Shoto Todoroki with her right hand extended—prepared to pull him back with all her might. He couldn’t die. Shoto was so caught by surprise by her outburst that he almost lost his balance. If it hadn’t been that she had grabbed him by his jacket and pulled him back with all her might, they might’ve both toppled over.


She was breathing deeply as they both laid on the frigid roof ground. She took it as her chance to turn over on top of him and grab him by either side of his jacket.


You can’t die!” She found herself saying. For some odd reason tears started pouring down her cheeks and on to Shoto’s stunned face. “If you die,” she continued. “I won’t have a reason to live!”